Etching to obtain atomically flat 6H-SiC (000-1) surface after annealing in nitr

2019-08-04 09:05:16

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责任者: Harada, Masashi;Nagano, Takayuki;Shibata, Noriyoshi 单位: Japan Fine Ceramics Center, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya 456-8587, Japan 来源出处: Journal of Materials Research,2004,19(6):1730-1735 摘要: The etching process of the 6H-SiC(000-1) surface was investigated to obtain a flat surface by removing scratches due to polishing. An atomically flat surface with a step-terrace structure without scratches has been obtained by removing the graphite layer grown on the substrate after annealing in N2 at a temperature of 1900 °C for 6 h. The step height corresponds to that of a 6H-SiC unit cell. In contrast, a rough surface was observed on the Si face, 6H-SiC (0001), using the same process as for the C face. © 2004 Materials Research Society. 关键词: Silicon carbide;Etching;Surface structure;Annealing;Nitrogen;Polishing;Removal;Graphite;Thermal effects;Surface roughness;Carbon nanotubes;Epitaxial growth;Interfaces (materials);Nitrogen ambient;Atomically flat surface;Step terrace structure