Calamitic liquid crystals as nanoscale analogues of a block copolymer

2019-08-04 07:06:26

liquid Chi block Japan copolymers

责任者: Yoneya, Makoto;Araya, Kotaro;Nishikawa, Etsushi;Yokoyama, Hiroshi 单位: Yokoyama Nano-Struct. Liquid C.P., ERATO, Japan Science and Technology Agency, Tsukuba 300-2635, Japan 来源出处: Journal of Physical Chemistry B,2004,108(24):8099-8101 摘要: The micro-segregation picture of a block copolymer was applied to a low molecular weight liquid crystal (LC) to clarify the similarities between them with respect to structured mesophase formation. Calamitic LC molecules were regarded as block compounds composed of a rigid anisometric core terminated by flexible chains. Then, the incompatibility parameter χXcore-chain and volume fraction/core were considered analogous to χXAB and fA in A-B diblock copolymers. Fedorss method, which was originally used for polymers, was utilized to estimate χXcore-chain and fcore. We found good correspondence in the χ versus f phase diagram between block copolymers and block LCs. 关键词: Liquid crystals;Nanostructured materials;Block copolymers;Segregation (metallography);Phase diagrams;Self assembly;Parameter estimation;Nanoscale analogues;Mesophase formation;Anisometric cores;Flexible chains