Structure characterization of nanosized cerium oxide particles prepared by homog

2019-08-01 12:46:23

particles precipitation obtained oxide Cerium

责任者: Yuan, Wen-Hui;Bi, Huai-Qing;Wei, Chao-Hai 单位: Res. Inst. of Chem. Eng., South China Univ. of Technol., Guangzhou 510640, China 来源出处: Huanan Ligong Daxue Xuebao/Journal of South China University of Technology (Natural Science),2004,32(4):52-56 摘要: A novel synthesis method based on homogeneous precipitation using cerium (IV) nitrate as the starting material was developed to prepare ultrafine cerium oxide particles. Properties of the obtained samples were characterized by XRD, DSC/TGA, TEM and BET area measurements. A structure of fluorite cubic phase of the prepared samples with a BET specific surface area of 101 m/g was obtained. XRD results show that the prepared particles are of a large lattice parameter, which indicates that the particles are very small. Moreover, the DSC/TGA measurement results show that the weight loss of the particles is about 16.84%, manifesting that the molecular formula of cerium oxide compound is CeO2·2H2O. It is also indicated by TEM that the particles obtained by the homogeneous precipitate method are spherical-like, with an average particle size of about 10 nm. The sols obtained from CeO2 particles are of the highest CeO2 mass concentration of more than 170 g/L and are stable for more than four weeks without any precipitation. 关键词: Particle size analysis;Cerium compounds;Structure (composition);Characterization;Precipitation (chemical);Synthesis (chemical);Surface testing;Lattice constants;Nanosized particle;Cerium oxide;Structure characterization;Homogeneous precipitation;Cerium nitrate;Preparation