Size-dependent continuous binary solution phase diagram

2019-07-27 18:55:21

phase size components dependent

责任者: Liang, L.H.;Liu, D.;Jiang, Q. 单位: Key Laboratory Automobile Materials, Jilin University, Ministry of Education, Changchun 130025, China 来源出处: Nanotechnology,2003,14(4):438-442 摘要: Size-dependent solution phase diagrams for binary systems are established based on models of size-dependent melting temperature and melting enthalpy of components and a newly developed model for the size-dependent interaction energy. The results show that as the size of the components decreases, the temperatures of solidus and liquidus curves drop and the two-phase zone becomes small. As the size of the components decreases to a critical size, the two-phase zone deteriorates into a curve where the liquid phase and the solid phase are indistinguishable in structure and thus the phase numbers transform from two to one. 关键词: Nanotechnology;Phase diagrams;Solutions;Melting;Enthalpy;Binary solutions