Preparation of tetragonal CaO-ZrO2 nano-powder by chemical coprecipitation metho

2019-07-27 16:00:25

chemical oxide Jian coprecipitation zirconium

责任者: Liu, Jian-Ben;Ruan, Jian-Ming;Zou, Jian-Peng;Li, Ya-Jun;Luo, Feng 单位: Lab. for Power Metall., Central South Univ., Changsha 410083, China 来源出处: Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China (English Edition),2003,13(3):600-604 摘要: With zirconium oxychloride, nitrate of lime and ammonia as raw materials, nano-powder of CaO-ZrO2 was prepared by chemical coprecipitation method. By use of azeotropic distillation processing, chemical coprecipitation precursor was obtained. Phase transformation of the precursor was observed at the temperature of 593.81°C and 1234.56°C respectively with DTA analyses. Phase structure was analyzed through XRD and Raman spectra. The average particle size of tetragonal zirconium oxide powder was 9.8 and 43.7 nm after calcination at 600 and 1100°C respectively which was tested by TEM and BET analyses. Furthermore, the influences of the doping of nitrate of lime and the average particle size of zirconium oxide on the stability of tetragonal zirconium oxide were also discussed. 关键词: Zirconium compounds;Nitrates;Nanostructured materials;Phase transitions;Precipitation (chemical);Zirconium oxychloride;Chemical coprecipitation method;Azeotropic distillation processing;Tetragonal zirconium oxide nanopowder