Coagulation peculiarities and fractionation of nanodispersed titanium dioxide hy

2019-07-26 22:47:10

dioxide coagulation HCl hydrosol

责任者: Pavlova-Verevkina, O.B.;Shevchuk, Yu.A.;Nazarov, V.V. 单位: Inst. of Physical Chem., Moscow, 105064, Russian Federation 来源出处: Kolloidnyj Zhurnal,2003,65(4):516-519 摘要: A coagulation of nanodispersed TiO2 hydrosol mainly consisting of individual anatase nanocrystallites stabilized with HCl was studied. It was shown that only a part of a dispersed phase coagulates when a certain amount of HCl was added to the sol, and larger nanocrystallites are settled first. The procedure for the separation of the sol into the fractions of various dispersity was developed. 关键词: Sols;Titanium dioxide;Nanostructured materials;Hydrochloric acid;Crystals;Coagulation;Hydrosols;Nanocrystallites