Multiple Andreev reflection in a carbon nanotube quantum dot

2019-07-26 00:54:14

The carbon electron quantum dot

责任者: Buitelaar, M.R.;Belzig, W.;Nussbaumer, T.;Babic, B.;Bruder, C.;Schonenberger, C. 单位: Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, United Kingdom 来源出处: Physical Review Letters,2003,91(5):57005-1 摘要: A study was performed on the multiple Andreev reflections in a carbon nanotube quantum dot. The position and magnitude of the subharmonic gap structure were dependent on the level positions of the single-electron states. The single-electron states were adjusted with a gate electrode. 关键词: Semiconductor quantum dots;Carbon nanotubes;Energy gap;Electric conductance;Electron transport properties;Magnetic fields;Subharmonic gaps