Fabrication of subwavelength-size aperture for a near-field optical probe using

2019-07-25 21:28:05

using size etching oxide dependent

责任者: Choi, S.S.;Jung, M.Y.;Kim, D.W.;Kim, J.W.;Boo, J.H. 单位: Department of Physics, College of Natural Science, Sun Moon University, Ahsan, ChungNam 336-708, South Korea 来源出处: Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures,2003,21(1 SPEC):118-122 摘要: A subwavelength-size oxide aperture on A cantilever array was fabricated using various processes such as alkaline etching, stress-dependent thermal oxide growth, directional ICP etching, isotropic HF etching, and metal sputter deposition. Wet chemical etching of alkaline solution using the double layer of silicon nitride and SiO2 as an etch mask provided an inverted pyramid or a V-groove shape due to the anisotropic crystal orientation dependent etching. After the V-groove formation, stress-dependent oxidation at 1000°C was performed and resulted in a thicker oxide on the inclined Si(111) surface than the bottom Si(100) surface, regardless of the pattern size. 关键词: Semiconductor device manufacture;Semiconducting silicon compounds;Optical sensors;Nanotechnology;Plasma etching;Silicon wafers;Solutions;Crystal orientation;Oxidation;Photolithography;Masks;Dry etching;Scanning electron microscopy;Subwavelength size apertures;Silicon oxide;Microfabrication;Near field optical probe;Anisotropic etching;Isotropic oxide etching;Wet etching