Nanotomography: Ellipsometric spectral tomography of surface nanostructures meta

2019-07-24 17:15:38

Metal inner surface Spectral chemical

责任者: Kotenev, V.A. 单位: Inst. of Physical Chemistry, RAS, Moscow, 117915, Russian Federation 来源出处: Zashchita Metallov,2003,39(4):437-448 摘要: General methodological and mathematical aspects of using tomographic approach to reconstructing the inner structure of surface layers and films on the most abundant nonuniformity types characteristic of heterogeneous physico-chemical nanosystems are discussed. Spectral ellipsometric measurement of light reflected from a nonuniform surface nanolayer allows substantiating spectral-tomographic principle and reconstructing the inner structure of the layer by solving an integral equation of the 1st kind. Principles and mathematic fundamentals of ellipsometric spectral tomography are presented, which may be used in nondestructively monitoring the distribution of physico-chemical properties over the bulk of nonuniform metal-oxide surface structures. 关键词: Nanostructured materials;Tomography;Oxides;Nondestructive examination;Metals;Integral equations;Ellipsometry;Nanotomography