Nanomaterials for solid oxide fuel cells

2019-07-14 11:47:24

high fuel cells SOFCs oxide

责任者: Oljaca, Miodrag;Maric, Radenka;Shanmugham, Subu;Hunt, Andrew 单位: MicroCoating Technologies, Atlanta, GA, United States 来源出处: American Ceramic Society Bulletin,2003,82(1):38-40 摘要: Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) present an efficient and ecologically acceptable way to simultaneously generate heat and electricity with theoretical efficiency as high as 70% and with low emissions. However, widespread commercialization of SOFCs is limited by their high operating temperature (>800°C) and high system cost. In particular, one of the strategies for SOFC cost reduction is to lower the operating temperature through the use of a thin electrolyte membrane on a porous electrode support. 关键词: Solid oxide fuel cells;Electrolytes;Electric conductivity;Grain boundaries;Sintering;Microstructure;Chemical vapor deposition;Anodes;Nanomaterials;Combustion chemical vapor condensation;Proton exchange membrane