High temperature oxidation of nano-sized Fe-75Cu coatings under low oxygen press

2019-07-10 06:37:13

Fe scale low Oxygen oxide

责任者: Li, Yuanshi;Niu, Yan;Wu, Weitao 单位: Lab. for Corrosion and Protection, Inst. of Metal Res., Chinese Acad. of Sci., Shenyang 110016, China 来源出处: Cailiao Yanjiu Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Materials Research,2002,16(6):561-564 摘要: The oxidation behavior of nano-sized Fe-75Cu coatings, prepared by sputtering deposition, was studied at 600 and 800°C under low oxygen pressures, by which only Fe can be oxidized. The results show that a continuous iron oxide scale formed beneath an external copper oxide scale on the Fe-75Cu coating oxidized in air, but an exclusive external iron oxide scale was present on the same coating when oxidized under low oxygen pressures. The mechanism was related to an enhancement of the outward diffusion of Fe due to the nano-sized nature of the coating, and also as a result of the low oxygen pressure in the environment, which decreased the rate of inward penetration of oxygen through the metal matrix. 关键词: Protective coatings;Temperature;Nanostructured materials;Pressure;Copper alloys;Oxidation;Iron alloys;Nanosize;Low oxygen pressure;Iron oxide scale;Sputtering deposition