Development of nano-meter motion control in Japan

2019-07-05 06:39:21

control motion positioning precision Japan

责任者: Shimokohbe, Akira 单位: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Precision and Intelligence Lab., Midoriku, Yokohama 226-8503, Japan 来源出处: Revista Brasileira de Ciencias Mecanicas/Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences,2002,24(4):312-317 摘要: Production machines for next generation LSIs such as 4G-DRAMs and-for large liquid crystal displays such as 0.5m×0.5m size, and information equipment such as magnetic hard disks and DVDs must have the positioning accuracy of a nano-meter order. To realize such a high degree of the positioning accuracy, not only precision machine elements and mechanisms but also high precision sensors, actuators and controller design techniques becomes crucial. This paper introduces recent topics of precision positioning and motion control technology in Japan. 关键词: Control system synthesis;Motion control;Position control;Precision engineering;LSI circuits;Dynamic random access storage;Liquid crystal displays;Magnetic disk storage;Precision positioning;Nanometer motion control