Preparation and use of membranes with potential-controlled functions

2019-07-01 00:28:45

potential applied conducting PANI membranes

责任者: Piletsky, S.A.;Kurys, Y.I.;Panasyuk, T.L.;Goumenyuk, A.;Sergeeva, T.A.;Karim, K.;Piletska, E.V.;Elskaya, A.V.;Turner, A.P.F. 单位: Inst. of BioScience and Technology, Cranfield University, Silsoe, Bedfordshire, MK45 4DT, United Kingdom 来源出处: Instrumentation Science and Technology,2001,29(5):383-391 摘要: A new type of membrane with potential-controllable functions was prepared by grafting polyaniline to the surface of track-etch Nucleopore membrane with a vacuum deposited gold layer (PANI-membranes). Because of the cylindrical shape of these pores, a nanocylinder of the desired conducting material is obtained in each pore. A potential applied to PANI-membranes governs the properties of the conducting layer, such as charge and its distribution, conformation, and density and, hence, controls the diffusion rate of substances through these membranes. The variation in diffusion rates of different substances with different potentials applied to PANI-membranes provides the basis for the application of these membranes in separation processes and sensors. 关键词: Polymeric membranes;Conductive materials;Cylinders (shapes);Sensor data fusion;Nucleopore membranes