Nanoindentation induced acoustic emission monitoring of native oxide fracture an

2019-06-28 15:51:06

monitoring film films emission oxide

责任者: Daugela, A.;Kutomi, H.;Wyrobek, T.J. 单位: Hysitron Inc., Minneapolis, MN 55439, United States 来源出处: Zeitschrift fuer Metallkunde/Materials Research and Advanced Techniques,2001,92(9):1052-1056 摘要: Native oxides significantly modify surface mechanical properties of metals. Hardness and Youngs modulus derived from quasi-static nanoindentation are not sufficient to characterize thin oxide films due to substantial substrate effects. An in-situ acoustic emission (AE) monitoring of nanoindentation is introduced for thin oxide film characterization. The proposed method is a synergy of localized indentation contact AE monitoring and advanced digital signal processing algorithms. Experimental data on W(100), Cu covered by native oxides and Ni-37 at.% Al alloy that undergoes stress-induced martensitic transformation are presented in terms of advanced statistical and energy methods. A new method is proposed that combines nanoindentation with in-situ AE monitoring and enables characterization of oxide fracture, film thickness and film delamination and phase transformation. 关键词: Oxides;Thin films;Fracture;Martensitic transformations;Acoustic emission testing;Indentation;Nanotechnology;Algorithms;Digital signal processing;Tungsten;Copper;Nickel alloys;Statistical methods;Nanoindentation;Acoustic emission monitoring;Native oxide;Thin oxide films