Nontraditional methods of material machining in Japan

2019-06-24 15:32:37

machining methods field Japan considered

责任者: Kovalenko, V.S. 单位: Kievskij Politekhnicheskij Inst., Kiev, Ukraine 来源出处: Elektronnaya Obrabotka Materialov,2000,(3):4-12 摘要: In article the last achievements of the Japanese developers in the field of laser, electrodischarge, electrochemical, ultrasonic, biological and other nontraditional methods of material machining are considered. Some developments in the field of micro- and nano-technology are shown, the data on a number of the national programs are given, some features of organization of scientific researches at universities and firms of Japan working in the field of development of nontraditional technologies are considered. It is noted that the exceptional results were achieved in the field of micro- and nanotreatment by means of the laser, electric-discharge, electrochemical and ultrasonic methods. The article is based on the authors experience of work in Japan as a Visiting Professor of Okayama University in 1999. 关键词: Micromachining;Ultrasonic applications;Research;Nanotechnology;Laser applications;Electrochemical cutting;Electric discharges;Biology;Biological machining