Automated ultrasonic arterial vibrometry: Detection and measurement

2019-06-23 06:51:39

measurement noise detection ultrasonic Imaging

责任者: Plett, Melani I.;Beach, Kirk W.;Paun, Marla 单位: Seattle Pacific Univ, WA, USA 来源出处: Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering,2000,3982():370-378 摘要: An imaging system for detecting and measuring tissue vibrations with amplitude excursions as small as 30 nanometers has been developed using ultrasound quadrature phase demodulation methods similar to those of ultrasonic color flow imaging. The system uses wavelet analysis for sensitive and specific detection, as well as measurement, of short duration vibrations amidst clutter and time-varying, colored noise. Vibration detection rates in ROC curves from simulated data predict greater than 99.5% detections with less than 1% false alarms for signal to noise ratios greater than/equal to 0.5. 关键词: Medical imaging;Ultrasonic imaging;Ultrasonic measurement;Spurious signal noise;Signal to noise ratio;Vibrations (mechanical);Ultrasonic arterial vibrometry