Sonochemical hydrolysis of Ga3+ ions: Synthesis of scroll-like cylindrical nanop

2019-06-20 00:55:45

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责任者: Avivi, S.;Mastai, Y.;Hodes, G.;Gedanken, A. 单位: Bar-Ilan Univ, Ramat-Gan, Isr 来源出处: Journal of the American Chemical Society,1999,121(17):4196-4199 摘要: The sonochemical reaction of an aqueous solution of GaCl3 led to the formation of gallium oxide hydroxide rolled up in a scroll-like layered structure to give cylinders 80-120 nm in diameter and 500-600 nm in length. Small amounts of metallic Ga were incorporated with these tubes. A mechanism for this reaction has been suggested where the reaction takes place in a shell surrounding the collapsing bubble. 关键词: ;