Preparation of ultrafine monodispersed indium-tin oxide particles in AOT-based r

2019-06-17 15:19:53

particles TiN oxide indium microemulsions

责任者: Kim, Dae-Wook;Oh, Seong-Geun;Lee, Jong-Dae 单位: Hanyang Univ, Seoul, South Korea 来源出处: Langmuir,1999,15(5):1599-1603 摘要: Monodispersed ultrafine indium-tin oxide (ITO) particles were prepared in AOT-based reverse microemulsions with indium nitrate and tin chloride dissolved in water droplets. The particle size distribution, calcination rate, chemical composition, and electrical resistivity of pellets manufactured with particles were measured and compared with analogous measurements of particles formed by bulk precipitation method. ITO particles formed in microemulsions showed a narrower size distribution, faster calcination rate, and lower electrical resistivity. It was also confirmed that tin molecules are doped into the indium oxide homogeneously rather than forming a discrete tin oxide domain in indium-tin oxide particles formed in microemulsions. 关键词: Indium compounds;Microemulsions;Tin compounds;Particle size analysis;Calcination;Electric conductivity measurement;Doping (additives);Sulfur compounds;Indium tin oxide;Ethyl hexylsulfosucccinate;Indium nitrate;Tin chloride