Phonon Generation in a Current-Carrying Nanowire

2019-06-16 12:32:26

electron quantum distributions phonons Oslo

责任者: Totland, H.;Galperin, Y.M.;Gurevich, V.L. 单位: Department of Physics, University of Oslo, N-0316 Oslo, Norway 来源出处: Physica Scripta T,1999,79():83-84 摘要: Spectral and spatial distributions of phonons generated in a quantum wire by a transport current are investigated as a function of the voltage across the nanostructure. We start with consideration of the simplest case of a uniform quantum wire which connects two thermal reservoirs. Then the role of the leads is discussed. It is shown that both spectral and angular distributions of emitted phonons depend significantly on the bias voltage. Thus studies of the phonon generation gives information both on the electron-photon coupling and on characteristics of the electron spectrum. 关键词: ;