Comparison of attrition milled, nanostructured, powder-compaction techniques

2019-06-13 05:28:24

The processing nanostructured compaction

责任者: Rawers, J. 单位: U.S. Dep of Energy, Albany, OR, USA 来源出处: Nanostructured Materials,1999,11(4):513-522 摘要: The efficacy of compaction techniques for iron-based nanostructured powders was compared. Compaction processing conditions varied from room temperature to 1000 °C; Pressures from 50 MPa to 20 GPa; and times from a few seconds to three hours. The resulting compact microstructures and grain sizes were dependent upon processing variables, especially temperature, but were independent of the processing technique. The advantages and limitations of each technique are discussed. 关键词: Iron powder;Nanostructured materials;Compaction;Grain size and shape;Crystal microstructure;Hardness;Hall-Petch