CdS nanocrystal/chelate polymer hybrid systems: Controls of optical and morpholo

2019-06-12 03:01:23

The polymer CdS nanocrystal photoirradiatio

责任者: Yao, Hiroshi;Takada, Yukako;Ito, Ayumu;Kitamura, Noboru 单位: Hokkaido Univ, Sapporo, Jpn 来源出处: Polymer Journal,1999,31(11 pt 2):1133-1138 摘要: Photo-controlled synthesis of CdS nanocrystal/polymer hybrids was demonstrated on the basis of in situ reaction between Cd2+ and S2- in chelate polymer microparticles under monochromatic photoirradiation. The hybrids were characterized by absorption microspectroscopy, optical microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. In the presence of oxygen, photoirradiation on the reaction mixture resulted in photodissolution of CdS and this also rendered photoflocculation of the crystals in the polymer. This demonstrated that the morphologies of the nanocrystal in the polymer host with a layer-by-layer dispersion structure can be controlled by an appropriate choice of the irradiation conditions. In the presence of an electrolyte (i.e., NaCl) during the hybrid formation, flocculation of CdS was suppressed. The spectrum responsible for photodissolved CdS exhibited a prominent peak at around 468 nm. The results were reasonably explained by competition between formation and photodissolution of the CdS nanocrystals. 关键词: Nanostructured materials;Semiconducting cadmium compounds;Semiconducting polymers;Morphology;Photosynthesis;Dissolution;Agglomeration;Electrolytes;Quantum theory;Cadmium sulfide;Photoflocculation;Photodissolution;Quantum size effect