Detection of nonequilibrium phonons by the exciton luminescence in CdMnTe-based

2019-06-11 23:32:33

based quantum phonon exciton phonons

责任者: Scherbakov, A.V.;Akimov, A.V.;Yakovlev, D.R.;Ossau, W.;Landwehr, G.;Wojtowicz, T.;Karczewski, G.;Kossut, J. 单位: Russian Acad of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia 来源出处: Physica B: Condensed Matter,1999,263-264():501-503 摘要: Exciton luminescence of semimagnetic semiconductor quantum well structures based on Cd1-xMnxTe is used for the first time as spectrometer for acoustic phonons in the subterahertz region. The principle of such a phonon spectrometer is based on the changes of the giant Zeeman splitting of the exciton states in the presence of nonequilibrium phonons which by means of direct spin-phonon transitions raise the temperature of the spin system of Mn ions. The detection of the well known phonon spectrum of losses at a crystal helium interface is demonstrated. 关键词: Nanostructured materials;Semiconductor quantum wells;Phonons;Excitons;Luminescence;Spectroscopy;Semiconducting cadmium telluride;Nonequilibrium phonons;Zeeman splitting;Spin-phonon transition