Mechanical properties of sol-gel derived Surlyn/[silicon oxide] nanocomposites

2019-06-11 18:40:23

different distribution silicon oxide Surlyn

责任者: Mauritz, Kenneth A.;Start, Paul R. 单位: Univ of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, USA 来源出处: American Chemical Society, Polymer Priprints, Division of Polymer Chemistry,1999,40(2):717-718 摘要: Through the control of reaction conditions, such as temperature and permeation time, the distribution of a silicon oxide phase within a Surlyn matrix can be controlled. The effect of this distribution upon mechanical properties is also of particular interest and is being investigated. Surlyn/silicon oxide nanocomposite films with different silicon oxide distributions would be expected to show different mechanical behavior, such as differences in modulus. 关键词: Plastic films;Copolymers;Polyethylenes;Acrylics;Silica;Swelling;Diffusion in solids;Plastic deformation;Strain;Stress analysis;Sol-gels;Elastic moduli;Nanostructured materials;Polyethylene-co-methacrylic acid