Grain size-dependent magnetism in fine particle perovskite, La1-xSrxMnOz

2019-06-11 01:57:31

grain size dependent magnetism perovskite

责任者: Zhang, Ning;Yang, Wei;Ding, Weiping;Xing, Dingyu;Du, Youwei 单位: Nanjing Normal Univ, China 来源出处: Solid State Communications,1999,109(8):537-542 摘要: The grain size-dependent magnetism in fine particle perovskite, La1-xSrxMnO3 (0.1<x<0.55), has been investigated. For the samples with different concentrations, different grain size-dependent magnetism has been observed. Meanwhile, different grain size dependencies of lattice distortions and structure phase transitions have also been observed for the various doped samples. The phenomena suggest a structure-coupled change of magnetism in the double exchange perovskite. 关键词: Perovskite;Lanthanum compounds;Grain size and shape;Magnetization;Phase transitions;Nanostructured materials;Magnetism;Crystal lattices;Lattice distortions