Kinetics of the heterogeneous reaction of HNO3 with NaCl: effect of water vapor

2019-06-08 07:30:54

The reaction HCl NaCl HNO3

责任者: Davies, Julia A.;Cox, R. Anthony 单位: Univ of Cambridge, Cambridge, Engl 来源出处: Journal of Physical Chemistry A,1998,102(39):7631-7642 摘要: The kinetics of uptake of gaseous HNO3 on thin films and crystallite grains of NaCl has been studied in a coated wall tubular flow reactor coupled to a quadrupole mass spectrometer. A rapid gas-solid reaction occurs with release of gaseous HCl. Uptake coefficients were measured at room temperature with a range of partial pressures of HNO3 and H2O in the flow tube. γ values decreased with increasing HNO3 concentration (4 × 1011 to 700 × 1011 molecule cm-3) and increased with H2O over the range 2 × 10-4 to 10 mbar. The results were interpreted in terms of a mechanism of the reaction HNO3(g) + NaCl(s) -> HCl(g) + NaNO3(s), which involves ionization of adsorbed HNO3 molecules aided by surface-adsorbed water followed by reaction of H3O+ with Cl- and desorption of product HCl molecules. The results allow estimation of the reactive uptake coefficient for HNO3 on sea salt aerosol under atmospheric conditions. 关键词: ;