Suppression technologies of HCI generation from solid-propellant combustion

2019-06-06 10:39:37

generation AP HCl propellant produce

责任者: Kubota, Naminosuke 单位: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Kamakura 247-8520, Japan 来源出处: Explosion,1998,8(2):83-84 摘要: Ammonium perchlorate (AP) is used as a major component of solid propellant rockets. Though AP has superior characteristics as an oxidizer and is a stable material and is also relatively inexpensive, large amount of hydrogen chloride (HCl) is produced when AP burns. It is strongly recomended to suppress the generation of HCl in order to keep environment clean. In this report, several promising methods which are under examination are described: reaction of AP and NaNO3 to produce NaCl, reaction of AP and Mg to produce MgCl2, and adaptations of new propellant formulations without AP. 关键词: ;