Gate oxide leakage due to temperature accelerated degradation under plasma charg

2019-06-03 22:44:16

charging degradation plasma low oxide

责任者: Brozek, Tomasz;Chan, Y. David;Viswanathan, Chand R. 单位: Univ of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA 来源出处: Microelectronics and Reliability,1998,38(1):73-79 摘要: Plasma-induced gate charging and resulting damage to the gate oxide during fabrication of submicron devices becomes a serious yield and reliability concern, especially when oxide thickness and device dimensions shrink to the nanoscale region. In this paper experimental results from plasma damaged submicron MOS transistors, namely low-level gate leakage and degraded charge-to-break-down characteristics, are analyzed with respect to conditions of electrical stress. It is demonstrated that wafer temperature is a crucial parameter for charging-induced oxide degradation due to plasma processing. Laboratory experiments simulating plasma charging showed that low-level oxide leakage is the result of oxide breakdown after electrical wear-out under low-level injection conditions. High field stress, performed at 150 °C, confirmed that elevated temperature during plasma processing strongly accelerates oxide degradation and even at low-level stress leads to the effects observed in plasma damaged devices. 关键词: MOSFET devices;Semiconductor device manufacture;Leakage currents;Thermal effects;Electric breakdown of solids;Plasma applications;Gate oxide leakage;Plasma charging;Temperature accelerated degradation