Chemical processing of nanostructured cemented carbide

2019-06-02 01:49:37

Co processing materials carbide nanophase

责任者: Kim, B.K.;Ha, G.H.;Lee, D.W.;Lee, G.G.;Ahn, I.S. 单位: Korea Inst of Machinery and Materials, Kyungnam, South Korea 来源出处: Advanced Performance Materials,1998,5(4):341-352 摘要: Chemical processing is becoming a vital component in the economic development of advanced engineering materials. Our research group on chemical processing has been focussed on the development of process to produce nanophase cemented carbide. It is a much more direct route for making WC/Co than traditional processing methods, and offers the potential for lower cost production of novel materials with homogeneous nanophase microstructures and improved properties. This paper addresses the scientific and technical issues relating to the chemical processing of nanophase WC/Co composite powder and their sintering. 关键词: Nanostructured materials;Nanotechnology;Powder metallurgy;Sintering;Tungsten carbide;Cobalt powder metallurgy;Cemented carbide;WC-Co composite