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LK航空公司飞机维修基地生产处业务流程的分析与改进/The Analysis and Improvement on the Production Dept. o
基于Lagrangian-Eulerian描述的制备色谱理论研究/Theory Research of Preparative Chromatography B
基于过程模式的企业管理系统开发研究/Research on the Development of Enterprise Management System Ba
用功能语法的及物性理论研究名人政治演讲的汉译/Decoding Translation Process: A Study of Transitivity of
用功能语法的及物性理论研究名人政治演讲的汉译/Decoding Translation Process: A Study of Transitivity of
工作流过程描述与重用方法研究/Research On the Description and Reusing Method of Workflow Proces
Levy测度方法在破产问题中的应用/The application of Levy measure in ruin problem
p-adics上Levy过程的一些时间估计/Some Time Estimates of Levy Process on p-adics
ETL若干关键技术研究/researching on key technologies of ETL
NS电器营销流程再造及组织结构优化分析/The analysis of marketing business processes reengineering a
基于离散抽样的OU型过程的统计推断/Statistical Inference for Discretely Sampled Processes of Orns
随机环境中的分枝过程/On Branching Processes with Random Environments
经验过程、U_过程和非参数统计中的一些问题/Empirical process, U-peocess, Resampling and Treatment for
近50年来思贤滘区河床演变分析/The Analysis of the Channel processes in Sixianjiao in Recent fi
基于BPEL4WS的业务流程设计方法的研究/Research on methods for designing business processes based
生物法脱氮新工艺/New concepts of microbial treatment processes for the nitrogen removal
大时滞系统的智能复合控制研究/Research on Intelligent Multiple Control for A Large Deadtime Sys
High resolution surface characterisation using STM light emission techniques
Hybrid processes involving membranes for the treatment of highly organic/inorgan
Synthesizing and processing advanced materials
Impact of new guidelines for disinfection by-products on drinking water treatmen
Dephasing processes of coherent exciton migration in mixed aggregates with barri
Current and future applications for membrane processes in the dairy industry
Method of yield evaluation for pressure-driven membrane processes
On the role of disclinations in relaxation and deformation processes in nanostru
National report - USA
National report - Sweden
Comparison between new carbon nanostructures produced by plasma with industrial
Nonequilibrium processes in materials processing
Particle science and technology: a new beginning
Recovery and reuse of chemicals in unhairing, degreasing and chromium tanning pr
Quality improvement of recycled chromium in the tanning operation by membrane pr
Nanocharacterization of semiconductors by scanning photoluminescence microscopy
Supramolecular templates as porogenes
Treatment of whey effluents from dairy industries by nanofiltration membranes
Understanding and control of the erbium non-radiative de-excitation processes in
Microelectrodes for studies of localized corrosion processes
Engineering surfaces - a philosophy of manufacture (a proposal for good manufact
Virus removal in a membrane separation process
Mechanical mixing and the development of nanocrystalline material during the sli
Radiation-induced catalysis on oxide surfaces: Degradation of hexachlorobenzene
Physicochemical processes
In the name of particle formation
Calixarene resists for nanolithography
Limiting factors in the production of deep microstructures
Carbon nanotubes. High-strength reinforcing compounds for composites
Tunable quantum tunnelling of magnetic domain walls
Distribution kinetics modeling of nucleation, growth, and aggregation processes
Stabilized landfill leachate treatment by combined physicochemical-nanofiltratio
Microelectrodes for corrosion studies in microsystems
Treatment of aqueous effluents of the leather industry by membrane processes - a
Flame synthesis of nanoparticles
Computer-aided simulation for optimizing nanofiltration processes
Polishing and purification processes in semiconductor wafer processing
Solvent-induced modulation of collective photophysical processes in fluorescent
Upgrading conventional treatment processes for water quality improvement - A pil
Efficient design and optimisation of two-stage NF processes by simplified proces
Distillation vs. membrane filtration: Overview of process evolutions in seawater
Adsorption-desorption noise in micromechanical resonant structures
Experimental evidence for sub-3-fs charge transfer from an aromatic adsorbate to
Novel applications of membrane processes in soil cleanup operations
Oxide surfaces as environmental interfaces
Joining research and education: Where must it go? How must it change?
A review of pressure-driven membrane processes in wastewater treatment and drink
Plasmamodifikation von Polymermembranen
Luminescence and visible upconversion in nanocrystalline ZrO2:Er3+
Reuse, treatment, and discharge of the concentrate of pressure-driven membrane p
Advances in Materials for Medical Devices
ACHEMA 2003: World Forum for the Process Industries
Stability of nanostructured materials
Multiphoton processes in molecular and nanostructured materials and their photon
Hydriding processes of Mg and Zr alloys by reactive milling
Nanoreplikation im Verbund
Interfacial redox processes under CO/O2 in a nanoceria-supported copper oxide ca
Single and regular hydrogenation and oxidation of carbon nanotubes: MNDO calcula
Nano and quantum systems of informatics
Growth processes, structure peculiarities and intergranular magnetic interaction
Photochemical reactions and photophysical processes
Kinetic monte carlo-molecular dynamics approach to model soot inception
Nucleation and growth processes of α-Fe nanocrystals in amorphous NdFeBCoD
Polysaccharides as a template for silicate generated by sol-gel processes
DNA codes for nanoscience
Optical detection of picosecond processes of formation of free carriers and prim
Fabrication technique for preparing nanogap electrodes by conventional silicon p
Growth mode during initial stage of chemical vapor deposition
Interplay between Auger and ionization processes in nanocrystal quantum dots
A survey of endocrine disrupting chemicals in sewage and a preliminary treatment
Designing catalysts for clean technology, green chemistry, and sustainable devel
Efficiency of membrane processes for taste and odor removal
Comparison of SAR (sodium adsorption ratio) between RO and NF processes for the
Dynamics from picoseconds to nanoseconds of trehalose in aqueous solutions as se
MOCVD of hard metallurgical coatings: Examples in the Cr-C-N system
Crystallization and nanofiltration, partners in minerals processing
Statistical model for analysis of nucleation in electrochemical processes
The role of radiative and nonradiative relaxation processes in the generation of
NILCom [registered trademark] - Commercialization of nanoimprint lithography nan
Molecular dynamics model of ultraviolet matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionizat
Direct detection of hole migration processes in polymers by means of picosecond
Auger relaxation processes in semiconductor nanocrystals and quantum wells
Probing interface properties of nanocomposites by third-order nonlinear optics
Time-resolved measurement of nonradiative processes by using laser interferometr
Results from the Mars Pathfinder camera
Time-resolved VLEED from the O-Cu(001): atomic processes of oxidation
Spontaneous formation of arrays of three-dimensional islands in epitaxial layers
Synchrotron radiation stimulated process-present status and future prospects
Study of ion beam assisted deposition of Al/AlN multilayers by comparison of com
Subpicosecond optical sampling spectrometer using asynchronous tunable mode-lock
Dynamics of the inclusion complex formation between molecular nanotubes and flex
Ultrafast shock-induced orientation of polycrystalline films: Applications to hi
Photodynamic properties of green fluorescent proteins investigated by fluorescen
Luminescence processes in amorphous hydrogenated silicon-nitride nanometric mult
Anion intercalation into highly oriented pyrolytic graphite studied by electroch
Thermodynamic effects on the kinetics of vacancy-generating processes
Artificially ionized region as a source of ozone in the stratosphere
Optical sampling four-wave-mixing experiment for exciton relaxation processes
Nanoelectromechanical systems
Future requirements on micro- and nanomeasurement technique-challenges and appro
Study of laser-produced plasma by means of ion diagnostics at the IPPLM, Warsaw
Thermal-spraying of polymers and polymer blends
Processing nanostructured materials: an overview
Application of m-connected sequences for modeling noise processes
SiGe nanostructures: new insights into growth processes
Statistical analysis of the magnetization processes in arrays of electrodeposite
Fabrication of the nano-structure and its applications
Dielectric spectroscopy of glass-forming materials: α-relaxation and exces
Atomic description of elementary surface processes: diffusion and dynamics
Dielectric relaxation and transport in porous silicon
New millennium frontiers on precision engineering
A model for formation of dust, soil, and rock coatings on Mars: physical and che
A new approach for studying mechanical properties of thin surface Layers affecte
Multiple time scale simulations of metal crystal growth reveal the importance of
Thermal challenges in MEMS applications: phase change phenomena and thermal bond
Smart tools for future cutting processes
Photoinduced electronic processes in silicon: the influence of the transverse De
Quantum rigidity of microscopic bonds
Exciton relaxation processes in colloidal core/shell ZnSe/ZnS nanocrystals
Anelasticity study on motions of atoms in the grain boundary regions in nanocrys
Comparison of secondary ion emissions from carbon nanotubes under bombardments o
Proton dynamics in the perchloric acid clathrate hydrate HClO4·5.5H2O
Equilibrium and kinetics: water confined in carbon nanotubes as one-dimensional
Coexistence of two different energy transfer processes in SiO2 films containing
A new approach of the photoinitiator reactivity
Structuring knowledge on nanomaterials processing
The restaurant at the end of the random walk: recent developments in the descrip
Nanomanufacturing processes: a critical review
Electrochemical behaviors and hydration properties of multi-wall carbon nanotube
A model dielectric response function for metallic nanotube ropes
Front-end wafer cleaning challenges
Comprehensive study of noise processes in electrode electrolyte interfaces
Mechanical characterisation of powders using nanoindentation
Evidence of a shift between one- and two-photon processes associated with benzen
Quantum dynamics in strong fluctuating fields
Hybrid bendable stamp copies for molding fabricated by nanoimprint lithography
Influence of surface processes and external fields on transfer phenomena and pha
Reducing time in batch cleaning
Micro- and nanofabrication processes for hybrid synthetic and biological system
Phonon-assisted excitonic recombination channels observed in DNA-wrapped carbon
Kinetics of chemical reactions in restricted geometries
Composites obtained via matrix and pseudo-matrix processes (polymerization and n