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基于FDTD的建筑物内场强分布计算/Calculation of EMF in the Building with FDTD Method
同步发电机定转子绕组接地故障及其保护的研究/Studies on Stator and Rotor Ground Fault and its Protectio
AA航空公司晚到过站飞机地面保障现场业务/Business Process Reengineering Study of the Turnaround Grou
太阳能辅助地下水源热泵系统模拟与实验研究/The Simulation and Experiment of the Solar-assisted Ground
大气参数地面模拟信号产生器的研制/ Development of ground-based simulator of air data
有限囚禁势BEC的基态与激发态的性质/Ground state and low-excited states of a Bose gas in a finite
柔性基础下水泥粉喷桩复合地基试验研究及有限元分析/Experimental Study And Finite Element Analysis Of DJCM
高架桥系统环境振动评价与减振分析/Study on Evaluation of Environmental Vibration and the Analysis
高速公路软基处理智能决策支持系统研究/Study on Intelligent Decision Support System for Expressway G
预应变土工织物加固路堤下软基的研究/Research on the highway soft ground reinforced with prestraine
应用土工格栅处理道路软基的分析与研究/Analysis and research on application of treating highway soft
柔性基础复合地基力学性状的分析研究/The analysis and research on mechanical behaviors of the flexi
复杂地下洞群开挖的有限元仿真计算/The finite element methods emulation calculation for complex un
智能分析方法在轨道动力学中的应用研究/Research of the intelligent method in the analysis of track d
基于神经网络的软土路基最终沉降量的分析研究/Research on the final settlement of soft-clay ground based
地源热泵地下换热系统温度场分析/Thermal analysis of ground heat exchangers for ground source hea
硅片自旋转磨削面型的研究/Investigation on Ground Wafer Shape in Rotational Grinding Method
土液化横向扩展中的桩土相互作用分析/Nonlinear Analysis of Pile-Soil Interaction in Lateral Spreadi
Semiclassical approach to the ground state and density oscillations of quantum d
Phases of neon, xenon, and methane adsorbed on nanotube bundles
Surrey global networking groundstations; Gathering data from constellations
Treatment Technology: Nano-scale iron for dehalogenation
Hexacyanometalate molecular chemistry: Heptanuclear heterobimetallic complexes;
Abnormal temperature dependence of photoluminescence from self-assembled InAs qu
Hierarchical self-assembly of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots
Evidence for a radical mechanism in monolayer formation on silicon ground (or sc
Cooperation between onboard executive and planner on ground and its demonstratio
Nonlinear optical properties of tetrapyrazinoporphyrazinato indium chloride comp
Prediction of an excitonic ground state in InAs/InSb quantum dots
Vibrational modes of silicon nanostructures
Solvent effects on the optical limiting action of C60 solutions
Quantum-dot ground states in a magnetic field studied by single-electron tunneli
Electron-phonon interaction in spherical multilayer nanoheterostructures
TICT and triplet states of triarylpyrylium cations
On the importance of quantum mechanics for nanotechnology
New chains of boron and boron hydrogen
Spin splitting and even-odd effects in carbon nanotubes
Magneto-optical effects in photoluminescence of Si nanocrystals
Degeneracy of the ground state of the system of interacting magnetic moments and
Conformational energy and dynamics of 9-ethylfluorene
Photodissociation of ClNO2 at 235 nm
Oscillation modes of two-dimensional nanostructures within the time-dependent lo
Spectroscopy of nanoscopic semiconductor rings
On the states of orientations along a magnetically inhomogeneous nanowire
The fine structure of excitonic levels in CdSe nanocrystals
A semiclassical approach to the ground state and density oscillations of quantum
Quantum-classical crossover for the biaxial spin model with field applied along
Non-Kramers freezing and unfreezing of tunneling in the biaxial spin model
Proton transfer reaction of 4-methyl-2,6-diacetylphenol and an analysis with AM1
Dilation-induced phases of gases absorbed within a bundle of carbon nanotubes
Kondo effect induced by a magnetic field
Electron-phonon interaction in semiconductor spherical quantum dot embedded in a
Self-consistent theory and simulation of quasiuniform states in thin rectangular
Coalescence and electron activation energy in CdTe/ZnTe nanostructures
Exchange coupling in the magnetic molecular cluster Mn12Ac
Spin correlations in the ground state of hexanuclear magnetic ring Fe6
Ground-state tunneling in Mn12-acetate
He(11S)-He(23S) collision and radiative transition at low temperatures
Toward a tetravalent chemistry of colloids
Grinding of nanostructural ceramic coatings: damage evaluation
What is the ground-state structure of the thinnest Si nanowires?
Localized helium excitations in 4HeN-benzene clusters
On the reaction of N and O atoms with carbon nanotubes
Electron correlations at nanoscale
Helium molecules within carbon nanotubes
Polarization of an exciton in a ZnO layer using a split gate potential
Depleted semiconductor quantum nanowire in an electrolytic medium
Optical spectroscopy of isolated and aggregate hexabenzocoronene derivatives: a
Nanocrystallized cores for ground fault circuit breakers
Modeling photoinduced fluorescence enhancement in semiconductor nanocrystal arra
Ground states of adsorbates on single-walled carbon nanotubes
Effect of strong coupling magnetopolaron in parabolic quantum dot
First-principles calculation method for electronic structures of nanojunctions s
Fractional flux periodicity in doped carbon nanotubes
Molecular scale structure formation by folding
Quantum confinement phenomena in nanowire superlattice structures
Vibrations of closed-shell Lennard-Jones icosahedral and cuboctahedral clusters
Ab initio spin dynamics applied to nanoparticles: canted magnetism of a finite C
Laser cooling of a nanomechanical resonator mode to its quantum ground state
1D exciton spectroscopy of semiconductor nanorods
Analysis of the time-domain antenna operating adjacent to the ground
Novel geometric ordering of ferroelectricity
Magnetization reversal of a nanoscale ferromagnetic disk placed above a supercon
Focusing ground-state xenon in a pulsed optical field
Superconductivity in the intercalated graphite compounds C6Yb and C6Ca
Four electrons in a two-leg Hubbard ladder: exact ground states
Many-spin effects in inelastic neutron scattering and electron paramagnetic reso
First-principles calculation for electronic structures of nanojunctions suspende
1H-NMR studies on spin dynamics in molecular nanomagnet V15
Quantum phase transitions of spin chiral nanotubes
Electronic and mechanical properties of planar and tubular boron structures
Ground-State energy of the electron liquid in ultrathin wires