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生物活性人工骨支架快速成型工艺及人工骨降解机理研究/Rapid fabrication of bioactive artificial bone scaffol
假肢接受腔快速成型工艺研究/Prosthetic Socket Fabrication Based on Rapid Prototyping
基于可降解聚合物的微结构热压成型工艺及实验装置研究/Research of Hot Embossing Molding Process and Experime
电弧喷涂快速模具母模制备与背衬强化工艺研究 /Master Pattern Preparation and Backing Strengthen In Arc
镁基复合材料的制备与性能研究/Research on The Fabrication and Properties of Magnesium Matrix Co
微机控制离子自组装薄膜镀膜机/Research and design of microcomputer controlling ionic self-assem
Fabrication of silicon nanostructures with a poly(methylmethacrylate) single-lay
Fabrication of ultrafine SnO2 thin films by the hydrothermal method
Fabrication of ultrafine SnO2 thin films by the hydrothermal method
Fabrication and characterization of platinum nanocrystalline material grown by e
Fabrication and performance of NiAl nanocrystalline powder
New approach to fabrication of nanostructures
Proximal probe-based fabrication of nanostructures
Fabrication of quantum nanostructures for the measurement of thermoelectric phen
Fabrication and investigation of nanostructures and their application in new las
New type of organic-inorganic multilayer: Fabrication and photoelectric properti
Fabrication, characterization, and the photoelectric conversion of the nanostruc
Replication technology for holograms and diffractive optical elements
Thin films and nanolaminates incorporating organic/inorganic interfaces
New approach to the fabrication of a self-organizing film of heterostructured po
Electrochemical fabrication of large arrays of metal nanoclusters
Education and solar conversion: Demonstrating electron transfer
Fabrication of multipurpose AFM/SCM/SEP microprobe with integrated piezoresistiv
Fabrication of Si nanodevices by optical lithography and anisotropic etching
Electrolytic thin layer scanning tunneling microscope: fabrication and first res
Novel fabrication technique of T-shaped gates using an EGMEA and PMIPK multi-lay
Fabrication of monolayers containing internal molecular scaffolding: Effect of s
Novel nanofabrication process for InAs/AlGaSb heterostructures utilizing atomic
Nanostructured probes for scanning near-field optical microscopy
Supercritical drying for nanostructure fabrication without pattern collapse
Fabrication technology of ultrafine SiO2 masks and Si nanowires using oxidation
Nanometer scale fabrication of self-assembled monolayers: Nanoshaving and nanogr
Three-dimensional micro fabrication technology about manufacture of micro system
Fabrication of parallel-plate nanomirror arrays for extreme ultraviolet maskless
Nanoengineering of particle surfaces
Excimers: Ready for the next generation
Better process protection with automated gas monitoring/purification
Micropatterned vertically aligned carbon-nanotube growth on a Si surface or insi
Fabrication of air bridges using electron beam lithography
Synthesis and characterization of nanoporous gold nanowires
Fabrication of photonic band gap crystal using microtransfer molded templates
Plasma-surface interactions
Spin-torque transfer in batch-fabricated spin-valve magnetic nanojunctions (invi
Fabrication of novel biomaterials through molecular self-assembly
Precision nano-fabrication and evaluation of a large area sinusoidal grid surfac
Controllable fabrication of fiber nano-tips by dynamic chemical etching based on
Applications of vacuum technology in aeroplane industry to fabricate electromech
Wettability of poly(ethylene terephthalate) substrates modified by a two-step pl
A top-down approach to fullerene fabrication using a polymer nanoparticle precur
Heteroepitaxal fabrication and structural characterizations of ultrafine GaN/ZnO
Advanced techniques for the fabrication of square spiral photonic crystals by ch
Nanoscale periodical structures fabricated by interference photolithography
Micro and nano-fabrication of biodegradable polymers for drug delivery
DNA self-assembled parallel computer architectures
Rapid robot reproduction
Micro/nano-fabrication of condensed matters by near infrared femtosecond laser p
Research progress in fabrication of ceramic coatings
Exploration of fabricating MAY foils using electro-spinning method
Study on the key technologies of carbon nanotube tip fabrication
Novel 3-D device fabrication process in micro-electronic mechanical system based
MicroChannel fabrication in PMMA based on localized heating by nanojoule high re
Fabrication of silicon submicrometer ribbons by glancing angle deposition
Scanning probe microscopy for silicon device fabrication
New methods of fabrication of metal-matrix composites on the base of usage of na
Membrane microcantilever arrays fabrication with PZT thin films for nanorange mo
Bottom-up fabrication of carbon-rich silicon carbide nanowires by manipulation o
Polymer-nanofiller composites: Transparent materials with a refractive index gre
Minute wiring technology using nano-sized particles
Fabrication of 3D polymer microstructures using electron beam lithography and na
Focused ion beam fabrication and properties of nanoscale Josephson junctions for
Photonics research: Two-dimensional silver patterns produced from nanoparticles
Profs goal: Fabs for the masses
Multi-step electron beam technology for the fabrication of high performance diff
Topas-based lab-on-a-chip microsystems fabricated by thermal nanoimprint lithogr
Microreplication in a silicon processing compatible polymer material
Using the nanostructure of segmented polyurethanes as a template in the fabricat
Hands-on classroom photolithography laboratory module to explore nanotechnology
Relative risk analysis of several manufactured nanomaterials: An insurance indus
Maskless fabrication of polythiophene patterns by photochemical conversion of re
Microfabrication of three-dimensional bioelectronic architectures
Novel fabrication of micromechanical oscillators with nanoscale sensitivity at r
Fabrication of patterned arrays with alternating regions of aluminum and porous
Multicomponent patterning of layer-by-layer assembled polyelectrolyte/nanopartic
In-situ fabrication of freestanding single-walled carbon nanotube-silicate compo
Photon STM: from imaging to fabrication
Steric and substrate mediation of polymers formed within single molecular layers
Fabrication of silicon nanopillars containing polycrystalline silicon/insulator
Formation of Sb nanocrystals in SiO2 film using ion implantation followed by the
Replication techniques for diffractive optical elements
A new approach to the fabrication of a self-organizing film of heterostructured
Application of nanofabrication technology to vacuum microelectronics
High-efficiency subwavelength diffractive element patterned in a high-refractive
Nanometric fabrication by light and its applications
Electron-induced gasification reactions in the fabrication process on graphite s
Development of contact scanning probe lithography methods for the fabrication of
Fullerene-derivative nanocomposite resist for nanometer pattern fabrication
From micro- to nanofabrication with soft materials
Periodic nanostructures
A soft lithography approach to the fabrication of nanostructures of single cryst
New technologies for silicon-on-insulator
Nanostructure fabrication using pulsed lasers in combination with a scanning tun
Fabrication of highly ordered anodic porous alumina and its application to nanof
Electrochemical fabrication of highly ordered semiconductor and metallic nanowir
Exposure characteristics and three-dimensional profiling of SU8C resist using el
Analysis on electric-field-fabrication with STM in air
Femtosecond two-photon stereo-lithography
Fabrication and lateral electronic transport measurements of gold nanowires
Laser microprocessing for nanosatellite microthruster applications
Field enhanced fabrication of metallic nanostructures using millisecond-pulsed s
Fabrication of microfluidic devices for AC electrokinetic fluid pumping
Design and fabrication of colloid-based vertical nanoscale devices
Fabrication of thin Si diaphragm
New fabrication technique for nano-MOS transistors with W = 25 nm and L = 25 nm
Fine pattern fabrication on a polymer plate by direct imprint lithography
Scanning tunnelling microscope fabrication of arrays of phosphorus atom qubits f
Nanoscale fabrication using single-ion impacts
Micro devices integrated with microchannels and electrospray nozzles using PDMS
Molecular recognition-mediated fabrication of protein nanostructures by dip-pen
New millennium frontiers on precision engineering
Polarity dependence in pulsed scanning tunneling microscopy fabrication and modi
Simple fabrication scheme for sub-10 nm electrode gaps using electron-beam litho
Nonlithographic fabrication of lateral superlattices for nanometric electromagne
Angle-resolved nanosphere lithography: manipulation of nanoparticle size, shape,
Self-assembled fabrication of aluminum-silicon nanowire networks
Determination of image placement accuracy due to EUV mask fabrication procedures
Zero-bias anomalies in electrochemically fabricated nanojunctions
An arrow shaped silicon tip for polymeric nanofiber fabrication
Fabrication approach for molecular memory arrays
Rapid fabrication of a poly(dimethysiloxane) microfluidic capillary gel electrop
Integrated nanoscale silicon sensors using top-down fabrication
Using self-assembly for the fabrication of nano-scale electronic and photonic de
Positioning in nanometers
A nanochannel fabrication technique without nanolithography
Room-temperature Si single-electron memory fabricated by nanoimprint lithography
Microstructure fabrication in ball semiconductor by anisotropic etching
Femtosecond laser fabrication of nanostructures in silica glass
Simultaneous frequency conversion and beam shaping for optical-tweezers applicat
Nano-aperture fabrication for single quantum dot spectroscopy
Nanostructure fabrication using block copolymers
Atomic wire fabrication by STM induced hydrogen desorption
Fabrication technology for improving pattern quality in focusing waveguide grati
Development of SPM nanofabrication system in air
Rational design and fabrication of ZnO nanotubes from nanowire templates in a mi
Functional nano-array materials: fabrication, properties and applications
A new technique for fabrication of nanodevices - nanoimprint lithography
Measurement technology in MEMS production
A new method for fabrication nano-porous aluminum grating array
Study and prospect of Si-based optoelectronics
Modulation targets in Rayleigh-Taylor instability experiments for the ICF study
Application of microwave plasma technology to inertial confinement fusion target
Superstructures of self-assembled cobalt nanocrystals
Shape precompensation in two-photon laser nanowriting of photonic lattices
Characteristics of nano-electrostatic actuator fabricated by focused ion beam ch
Controlled fabrication of Mo-seeded Si microcones by Ar+-ion bombardment
Photoinduced patterning of gold thin film
Fabrication of an electronic test platform containing nano via Holes for molecul
Submicrometre-scale fabrication of polycarbonate surface using a scanning microp
Sub-100 nm T-gate fabrication using a positive resist ZEP520/P(MMA-MAA)/PMMA tri
Using sonochemistry for the fabrication of nanomaterials
Image placement issues for ITO-based step and flash imprint lithography template
Facile, on-demand electronic nanodevice fabrication from photo- and electro-acti
Initial study of the fabrication of step and flash imprint lithography templates
Novel fiber Bragg grating fabrication method with high-precision phase control
Fabrication of SOI-based nano-gratings for Moire measurement using focused ion b
Triangular profile imprint molds in nanograting fabrication
Direct fabrication of composite and ceramic hollow nanofibers by electrospinning
Nanometric superlattices: non-lithographic fabrication, materials, and prospects
Basic structures for photonic integrated circuits in silicon-on-insulator
Advanced techniques for the fabrication of square spiral photonic crystals by gl
Nanotechnology instruments: the state of the art and development prospects
Polymer nanocomposites for aerospace applications: fabrication
Line-edge-roughness measurement of critical-dimensions in semiconductor fabricat
Fast fabrication of large-area nanopore arrays by FIB
Interface lithography: a hybrid lithographic approach for the fabrication of pat
Direct-write subwavelength structuring with femtosecond laser pulses
Fabrication of silicon dioxide nanocapillary arrays for guiding highly charged i
Technology for fabrication of nanostructures by standard cleanroom processing an
Nanophotonic waveguides in silicon-on-insulator fabricated with CMOS technology
Optical fabrication of nano-structured biopolymer surfaces
Direct fabrication of micropatterns and three-dimensional structures using nanor
Design and fabrication of diffractive optical elements by use of gray-scale phot
Embedded micro-channel fabrication using line-scan stereolithography
Geometry and procedure for benchmarking SFF and hybrid fabrication process resol
The Nanostructured Origami™ 3D fabrication and assembly process for nanopa
Advanced prototyping using step-and-flash imprint
Direct sub-100-nm patterning of an organic low-k dielectric for electrical and o
Fabrication of ceramic microstructures via microcasting of nanoparticulate slurr
Self-assembled architectures and the temporal aspects of computing
Nanoscale superconducting THz hot electron bolometers fabricated with UV lithogr
Mask fabrication towards sub-10 nm imprint lithography
Modeling and simulation for a nano-photonic quantum dot waveguide fabricated by
The directed-assembly of CdS interconnects between targeted points in a circuit
Achromatic wave plates for optical pickup units fabricated by use of imprint lit
Nanofabrication with step and flash imprint lithography
MEMS fabrication based on nickel-nanocomposite: film deposition and characteriza
Low-power MOEMS components for active optical systems
Sub-10 nanometre fabrication: molecular templating, electron-beam sculpting and
Top-down structure and device fabrication using in situ nanomachining
Roles of low energy electrons in the fabrication process using scanning tunnelli
Optical near-field lithography on hydrogen-passivated silicon surfaces
Application of carbonaceous material for fabrication of nano-wires with a scanni