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分步压印光刻工艺中的等离子刻蚀工艺研究/Research on the Process of Plasma Etching in the Step Imprin
微流体压力检测实验台中的硅微通道加工工艺研究/Fabrication Technology of the Silicon Microchannel in Mic
0.13um栅极刻蚀工艺研究/0.13um gate etching process
湿式化学蚀刻在半导体工业中的应用/The application of wet etch in semiconductor manufacturing
IC制程中氮化硅薄膜及相应氧化硅膜腐蚀工艺和机理研究/The mechanism research for Nitride wet etching and co
硅基MEMS三维结构湿法腐蚀技术研究/Study on technique of wet etching for 3D structure of MEMS on
Silicon nanostructures produced by laser direct etching
Spectral and structural features of porous silicon prepared by chemical and elec
Sub 10nm silicon field emitters produced by electron beam lithography and isotro
Structure damage in reactive-ion and laser etched InP/GaInAs microstructures
Nanoscale scanning tunneling microscope patterning of silicon dioxide thin films
Chemical etching of silicon: smooth, rough, and glowing surfaces
Perpendicular giant magnetoresistance using microlithography and substrate patte
Nanoscale scanning tunneling microscope patterning of silicon dioxide thin films
Chemical etching of silicon: smooth, rough, and glowing surfaces
Perpendicular giant magnetoresistance using microlithography and substrate patte
Pattern transfer of electron beam modified self-assembled monolayers for high-re
Pulsed excimer laser etching of La0.75Ca0.25MnOx thin films
In situ pattern etching of GaAs by trimethylindium and H2O2 gases with electron-
XRD and XPS characterization of superplastic TiO2 coatings prepared on Ti6Al4V s
Surface morphology of (NH4)2Sx-treated GaAs(100) investigated by scanning tunnel
Dry etching and induced damage
Optical properties of reactive-ion-etched Si/Si1-xGex heterostructures
Nanolithography using fullerene films as an electron beam resist
Nanofabrication on n-GaAs surface using a scanning tunnelling microscope in a Ni
Use of electron beam exposure and chemically enhanced vapor etching of SiO2 for
Scanning tunnelling microscopy of diamond deposition at the nanometre scale hole
Logarithmic normal distribution of particle size from a luminescence line-shape
Nanoscale silicon field effect transistors fabricated using imprint lithography
Low-temperature dry etching of GaAs and AlGaAs using 92-MHz anode-coupled chlori
Nano-composite resist system: a new approach to nanometer pattern fabrication
Nanoscale etching of resists in view of a mechanistic framework
Reactive plasma processes for the fabrication of nano-dimensional semiconductor
Fast atom beam etching of glass materials with contact and non-contact masks
Laser-induced decomposition and ablation dynamics studied by nanosecond interfer
Chemical etching of porous silicon in diluted hydrofluoric acid
Formation of 10 nm Si structures using size-selected metal clusters
Etching fabrication of silicon nanostructures using deposited metal clusters as
Effects of annealing on oxygen depth profiles and chemical etching rates of ther
Holographic nanopatterning of the organic semiconductor poly(p-phenylene vinylen
Fabrication of silicon nanowires
UHV-ECR etching and in-situ analysis of wide bandgap II-VI nanostructures
Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-δ nanobridges prepared by a self-limiting wet ch
Fabrication of Si nanodevices by optical lithography and anisotropic etching
Effect of post-anodization chemical etching on porous silicon investigated by me
Low-pressure etching of nanostructures and via holes using an inductively couple
Fabrication of ordered arrays of silicon nanopillars
Optical properties of n-type porous silicon obtained by photoelectrochemical etc
Growth and characterization of nanoscale 3C-SiC islands on Si substrates
Blue luminescence from photochemically etched silicon
Nanometer-scale patterning fabricated by selecting local oxidation of silicon su
10-nm Si pillars fabricated by plasma etching using self-formed masks
Microfabrication of a fluoropolymer film using conventional XeCl excimer laser b
Evolution of a Surface-Roughness Spectrum Caused by Stress in Nanometer-Scale Ch
AFM study of the topography of natural MoS2 following treatment in an RF-oxygen
Selective etching of semicrystalline polymers: CF4 gas plasma treatment of poly(
Novel methods of nanoscale wire formation
Nanoscale patterning of Au films on Si surfaces by atomic force microscopy
Study of loading effect during electron-beam exposure and etching process in pho
NANOJET: Nanostructuring via a downstream plasmajet
Structure definition technique for 25 nm lines of silicon and related materials
300mm oxide etching system and CUD
Damage in III-V semiconductors from very low-energy process plasmas
Hydrogen-plasma etching of ion beam deposited c-BN films: An in situ investigati
Preparation of a 10 nm thick single-crystal silicon membrane self-supporting ove
In situ atomic force microscopy of implanted silica during chemical etching in a
In situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of etch chemistry of methane-base
Surface reconstruction of silicon and polysilicon by Nd:YAG laser etching: SEM,
Microstructure and photoluminescence spectra of porous InP
Metallographische Untersuchung weisser Schichten auf Eisenbahnschienen
Structural and spectroscopic characterization of porous silicon carbide formed b
Meeting deep silicon etch challenges for silicon MEMS devices
Dip-Pen Nanolithography in Registry with Photolithography for Biosensor Developm
Etching and Aging Effects in Nanosize Au Clusters Investigated Using High-Resolu
Gas plasma etching of PEO/PBT segmented block copolymer films
High precision etching of Si/SiO2 on a high-density helicon etcher for nanoscale
Electroluminescence from a current-emitting nanostructured silicon device
Suppression of secondary electrons from diamond by whisker formation
Critical tasks in high aspect ratio silicon dry etching for microelectromechanic
Silicon micro XY-stage with a large area shuttle and no-etching holes for SPM-ba
Self-organized etching technique for fabricating a quasiregular array of MnAs na
Fabrication of subwavelength-size aperture for a near-field optical probe using
Highly selective reactive-ion etching using CO/NH3/Xe gases for microstructuring
Development of Nano Probes for Electrical Measurement of Biomolecules
Etched single-ion-track templates for single nanowire synthesis
DNA nanopatterning with self-organization by using nanoimprint
In-plane refractive-index anisotropy in porous silicon layers induced by polariz
Chemical etching behavior and mechanism of undoped GaAs in tartaric acid - Hydro
A broad beam ion source used for planar sputter-etching of shallow layers from f
Colloidal lithographic nanopatterning via reactive ion etching
Study of dry etching for GaN and InGaN-based laser structure using inductively c
Chirality separation and tuning the electronic structures of carbon nanotubes
Editorial: MEMS and microsystems engineering
Ozone etching of a highly asymmetric triblock copolymer with a majority polydien
An alternative process for silicon nanowire fabrication with SPL and wet etching
Deep-ultraviolet-microelectromechanical systems stencils for high-throughput res
Synthesis and lithographic applications of highly metallized cluster-based polyf
Two-dimensional ordered porous structures for photonic crystals obtained using d
Investigations of the Ga+ focused-ion-beam implantation in resist films for nano
Formation of complex Tungsten-Silica microstructures by Ar+ laser processing
Surface functionalization of silicon nanoparticles produced by laser-driven pyro
Preparation of luminescent silicon nanoparticles by photothermal aerosol synthes
Scanning tunneling microscopy studies of oxide growth and etching on Si(5 5 12)
Fabrication of nanoporous nickel by electrochemical dealloying
Large area nanolithographic templates by selective etching of chemically stained
Near-field optical nanopatterning of crystalline silicon
Fabrication of silicon-based multilevel nanostructures via scanning probe oxidat
Preparation of Co-passivated porous silicon by stain etching
Copper nanopattern on Si O2 from sputter etching a CuSi O2 interface
Chemical fabrication of Al2O3 nano-trilobes
Nanoair-bridged lateral overgrowth of GaN on ordered nanoporous GaN template
Methods to fabricate nanocontacts for electrical addressing of single molecules
Porosity-induced effects during C4 F8 90% Ar plasma etching of silica-based ultr
Deep reactive ion etching for pillar type nanophotonic crystal
3D micro-fabrication using combination technique of nano-scale processing and ch
Simple cubic three-dimensional photonic crystals based on macroporous silicon an
Nanoholes formed by Au particles digging into GaAs and InP substrates by reverse
Direct nanoimprinting of Si single crystals using SiC molds for ordered anodic t
Helical Nanoholes Bored in Silicon by Wet Chemical Etching Using Platinum Nanopa
Picoliter volume glass tube array fabricated by Si electrochemical etching proce
Fabrication of rhenium nanowires by selective etching of eutectic alloys
Selective formation of porous layer on n-type InP by anodic etching combined wit
Selective etching of epitaxial MnAs films on GaAs(001): Influence of structure a
Natural lithography of Si surfaces using localized anodization and subsequent ch
Electrochemical etching using surface carboxylated graphite electrodes in ultrap
Porous silicon formation by HF chemical etching for antireflection of solar cell
Improvement in light-output power of InGaN/GaN LED by formation of nanosize cavi
Reactive ion etching of a 20 nanometers tungsten gate using a SF6 N2 chemistry a
Generally applicable self-masking technique for nanotips array fabrication
Realization of sub-micron patterns on GaAs using a HSQ etching mask
4 inch lift-off process by trilayer nanoimprint lithography
Toward the formation of three-dimensional nanostructures by electrochemical etch
Shape change of self-organized NbOx nanopillar arrays by high density plasma etc
Microfabrication of diamond thin films
Blue luminescence from porous layers produced by metal-assisted chemical etching
Profile evolution of Cr masked features undergoing HBr -inductively coupled plas
Opening of aligned carbon nanotube ends via room-temperature sputter etching pro
Etching submicrometer trenches by using the Bosch process and its application to
Squid-magnetometry on ferromagnetic Ni-nanowires embedded in oriented porous sil
Controlled fabrication of silicon nanowires by electron beam lithography and ele
Fabrication of silica nano wires on the internal perimeter of narrow bore fused
Size-reduced silicon nanowires: Fabrication and electrical characterization
Etching of carbon nanotubes by ozone-a surface area study
Amine-assisted facetted etching of CdSe nanocrystals
Fabrication of 3D gold nanoelectrode ensembles by chemical etching
Bismuth spheres grown in self-nested cavities in a silicon wafer
Intersubband quantum-box semiconductor lasers: High-power, efficient CW sources
Matrials science: On-wire lithography
Fabrication of thickness-controlled silicon nanowires and their characteristics
Control of apex shape of the fiber probe employed in photon scanning tunneling m
Selective growth of indium oxide and pattern etching of GaAs by an in-situ proce
Nanometer modifications of non-conductive materials using resist-films by atomic
Fabrication of sub-100 nm GaAs columns by reactive ion etching using Au islands
Evidence for quantum confinement in porous silicon from photoluminescence measur
Formation of Si/SiGe nanostructures by selective low pressure VPE
Fabrication of silicon nanostructures through scanning probe anodization followe
Fabrication of 10-nanometer-scale GaAs dot structures by in situ selective gas e
Nanoscale lithography with electron exposure of SiO2 resists
Fabrication of large arrays of metallic nanowires on V-grooved substrates
Resolution enhanced scanning force microscopy measurements for characterizing dr
Optical properties of CdTe/CdZnTe wires and dots fabricated by a final anodic ox
Unraveling nanotubes: field emission from an atomic wire
Photothermal etching of C60 single crystal induced by laser irradiation
Plasma etching in microdevice fabrication: thin film and process integration asp
Pattern transfer: self-assembled monolayers as ultrathin resists
Laser direct writing of oxide structures on hydrogen-passivated silicon surfaces
Self-assembled monolayer resists and nanoscale lithography of silicon dioxide th
Large and irregular shift of photoluminescence excitation spectra observed in ph
Si microstructure etching in freon mixtures containing oxygen and hydrogen
Characterization of large-area arrays of nanoscale Si tips fabricated using ther
Study of dry oxidation of triangle shaped silicon nanostructure
New etching procedure for silver scanning tunneling microscopy tips
Electroluminescent device based on silicon nanopillars
Quantum dots in quantum well structures
Polarization phenomena in the optical properties of porous silicon
Processing independent photoluminescence response of chemically etched porous si
Fabrication of sub-10-nm silicon lines with minimum fluctuation
Si nanostructures fabricated by anodic oxidation with an atomic force microscope
Etching of self-sharpening {338} tips in (100) silicon
Dry etching of polysilicon with high selectivity using a chlorine-based plasma i
Nanoscale etching of GaAs surfaces in electrolytic solutions by hole injection f
Fabrication of nanometer-size Si wires using a bevel SiO2 wall as an electron cy
Nanostructure fabrication in silicon using cesium to pattern a self-assembled mo
Surface etching of 1T-TaS2 with the UHV-STM
Scanning probe nanolithography of conducting metal oxides
Reproducible fabrication of a fiber probe with a nanometric protrusion for near-
Highly anisotropic silicon reactive ion etching for nanofabrication using mixtur
Fabrication of nanometer-size Si quantum wires
Quantum size effect does not yield photoluminescence in nanometer silicon crysta
Acceptor depletion in p-type porous silicon
Fabrication of silicon nanowires
Dry etching of InP using a CH3Cl/Ar/H2 gas mixture with electron-cyclotron-reson
Formation of ordered nanocluster arrays by self-assembly on nanopatterned Si(100
Submicrometer shadow mask fabricated by anisotropic wet etching and focused ion
Holographic nanopatterning of the organic semiconductor poly(p-phenylene vinylen
Nanotechnology-growing in a shrinking world
YBa2Cu3O7 nanobridge rf squid
Low energy electron beam stimulated surface reaction: selective etching of SiO2/
Study on thermal oxidation of Si nanowires
Mechanism of shape-formation for 3D periodic nanostructures by bias sputtering
Dry etching and consequent burring regrowth of nanosize quantum wells stripes us
Submicrometer transmission mask fabricated by low-temperature SF6/O2 reactive io
Lateral etching and filling of high aspect ratio nanometer-size cavities for sil
SiO2 and Si nanoscale patterning with an atomic force microscope
Layer-by-layer etching of GaAs (110) with halogenation and pulsed-laser irradiat
Spontaneous and laser-enhanced halogen etching of GaAs(110)
Bromine etching of mesoscopic structures on Cu(210): a scanning tunneling micros
Coherent detection for observation of domain inversion
Size dependence of the dissolution of ZnO nanoparticles
Plasma processes in micro- and nanoelectronics. 2. New-generation plasmochemical
Nanometer-scale patterning fabricated by selective local oxidation of silicon su
Patterning of octadecylsiloxane self-assembled monolayers on Si(100) using Ar(3P
Nanometric aperture arrays fabricated by wet and dry etching of silicon for near
AFM characterization of the structure of Au-colloid monolayers and their chemica
A wet chemical method for the determination of thickness of SiO2 layers below th
Strongly photonic macroporous gallium phosphide networks
CH4/H2 plasma etching of IV-VI semiconductor nanostructures
An AFM study of the topography of natural MoS2 following treatment in an RF-oxyg
Combined laser and atomic force microscope lithography on aluminum: Mask fabrica
Fabrication of ordered arrays of silicon nanopillars
Nanomachining of (110)-oriented silicon by scanning probe lithography and anisot
Quantized tunneling current in the metallic nanogaps formed by electrodeposition
Wet-etching fabrication of multilayer GaAlAs/GaAs microtips for scanning near-fi
Aligned diamond nanowhiskers
Fabrication of extremely narrow metal wires
High-density nanoetchpit-array fabrication on Si surface using ultrathin SiO2 ma
Fabrication of semiconductor nanostructures by nanoindentation of photoresist la
Fabrication of nanoporous single crystal mica templates for electrochemical depo
Nanoscale patterning of Si/SiGe heterostructures by electron-beam lithography an
Wet etching of GaN grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Si(111)
New polymer materials for nanoimprinting
Electron-beam direct writing using RD2000N for fabrication of nanodevices
Fabrication of microreactors for dehydrogenation of cyclohexane to benzene
Fabrication of a novel scanning probe device for quantitative nanotribology
Fabrication and transport measurements of YBa2Cu3O7-x nanostructures
Fabrication of a nanostructured diamond honeycomb film
STM tip-induced nanoscale etching on the H-terminated n-Si(111) surfaces under t
Atomic fluorine beam etching of silicon and related materials
Scheme for the fabrication of ultrashort channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field
In situ diagnostics of plasma processes in microelectronics: the current status
Removable template route to metallic nanowires and nanogaps
Surfactant-enhanced control of track-etch pore morphology
Photoluminescence study of Nd:YAG laser-etched silicon
Formation of metallic surface structures by ion etching using a S-layer template
Nanostructuring of tips for scanning probe microscopy by ion sputtering: Control
Novel patterning method for the electrochemical production of etched silicon
Spectroscopic investigations of porous silicon prepared by laser-induced etching
Selective ultrahigh vacuum dry etching process for ZnSe-based II-VI semiconducto
The phase behavior of multicomponent self-assembled monolayers directs the nanos
Fabrication of silicon utilizing mechanochemical local oxidation by diamond tip
Single-crystal aluminum nitride nanomechanical resonators
Strength predictions for interlocking microridges fabricated with different geom
Miniaturization of silicon nanopillars below 10 nm by NH4OH, KOH and HF wet chem
Monocrystalline silicon carbide nanoelectromechanical systems
Formation of GaN self-organized nanotips by reactive ion etching
Deep reactive ion etching: a promising technology for micro- and nanosatellites
Controlled nucleation of silicon nanocrystals on a periodic template
Microfabrication and magnetoelectric properties of high-magnetoresistance tunnel
Silicon-on-insulator processes for the fabrication of novel nanostructures
Inductively coupled plasma etching of InP using N2/H2
Morphology of InGaAs/GaAs quantum wires prepared by highly controlled deep-etchi
Imprinted electrically conductive patterns from a polyaniline blend
Three-dimensionally controlled size-reduction of silicon nanopillars by photoele
Kinetic physical etching for versatile novel design of well ordered self-affine
Mechanism for oxidative etching in carbon nanotubes
Using polydimethylsiloxane as a thermocurable resist for a soft imprint lithogra
Reactive ion etching of quartz and Pyrex for microelectronic applications
Luminescence properties of Zn nanowires prepared by electrochemical etching
Fabrication of ordered arrays of silicon nanopillars at selected sites
Ellipsometry studies on the effect of etching time in porous silicon
Nanostructuring surfaces by ion sputtering
Nanodimensional changes in the structure of ion-irradiated silicon crystals at a
AFM study of dry etched cleavages of the AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs heterostructures
Electrical and noise characterization of suspended silicon wires
Negative crystals of silicon carbide
Poly-Si gate patterning issues for ultimate MOSFET
Pulsed plasma deposition of super-hydrophobic nanospheres
Fabrication of spin-current-induced domain-wall-nucleation device in planar conf
Nanoscale electron beam lithography and etching for fully depleted silicon-on-in
Nanopatterning of alkyl monolayers covalently bound to Si(111) with an atomic fo
Highly selective etching of deep silica components using electron cyclotron reso
Nanofabrication of grid-patterned substrate by holographic lithography
Sample refinement and manipulation of silicon nanowires a step towards single wi
Design, nano-fabrication and analysis of near-infrared 2D photonic crystal air-b
Etching of colloidal InP nanocrystals with fluorides: photochemical nature of th
Formation of Al dot hexagonal array on Si using anodic oxidation and selective e
Fabrication of ZnTe nanohole arrays by reactive ion etching using anodic alumina
Nano-patterning for patterned media using block-copolymer
A simple method of mesa fabrication on DBR containing heterostructures
FinFET process pushes gate lengths below 50 nm
Silicon nanofabrication by electron beam lithography and laser-assisted electroc
2D-confined nanochannels fabricated by conventional micromachining
Rectification and voltage gating of ion currents in a nanofabricated pore
Nanoimprint lithography for fabrication of three-terminal ballistic junctions in
Electrochemical etching of sharp tips for STM reveals singularity
Ultrahigh-density, nonlithographic, sub-100 nm pattern transfer by ion implantat
Complementary study of defects in GaN by photo-etching and TEM
Nanometer scale protuberance and groove processing of silicon by mechano-chemica
Gallium nitride nanorods fabricated by inductively coupled plasma reactive ion e
Silicon nanostructures fabricated by scanning probe oxidation and tetra-methyl a
Plasma etching for purification and controlled opening of aligned carbon nanotub
In situ growing and etching of carbon nanotubes on silicon under microwave plasm
Fabrication of alumina nanotubes and nanowires by etching porous alumina membran
Fabrication of nanoporous gold nanowires
Nanofabrication of photonic crystal membrane lasers
Large fluorocarbon ions can contribute to film growth during plasma etching of s
In-plane bandgap control in porous GaN through electroless wet chemical etching
Corrosion-related interfacial defects formed by dissolution of aluminum in aqueo
X-ray optics fabricated by deep reactive ion etching (invited)
Fabrication of nanomagnetic probes via focused ion beam etching and deposition
In-plane control of morphology and tunable photoluminescence in porous silicon p
GaN nanotip pyramids formed by anisotropic etching
Formation of fine near-field scanning optical microscopy tips. Part I. By static
Dependence of morphology on miscut angle for Si(111) etched in NH4F
Lithographically cut single-walled carbon nanotubes: controlling length distribu
High aspect ratio etching of atomic force microscope-patterned nitrided silicon
Nanoheteroepitaxy of GaN on a nanopore array Si surface
Electrochemical etching of individual multiwall carbon nanotubes
Nanoscale gap fabrication and integration of carbon nanotubes by micromachining
Control of SC1 wet cleaning process for nano-scale gate oxide integrity
Nanoscale electron-beam-stimulated processing
Nanoparticle formation induced by low-energy ion bombardment of island thin film
High-speed focused-ion-beam patterning for guiding the growth of anodic alumina
Anodic silicon etching; the formation of uniform arrays of macropores or nanowir
Microstructure fabrication in ball semiconductor by anisotropic etching
Femtosecond laser fabrication of nanostructures in silica glass
Luminescence of GaN nanocolumns obtained by photon-assisted anodic etching
Evolution of geometry of masks for technology of integrated circuits
Morphology and photoluminescence studies of electrochemically etched heavily dop
Photoluminescence and AFM characterisation of the initial stages of porous silic
Fabrication of nickel oxide nanostructures by atomic force microscope nano-oxida
Control of InP surface nano/microrelief morphology for optoelectronic applicatio
Microcircuit tailoring in ferromagnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn)As
Development of a niobium nanosuperconducting quantum interference device for the
Laser-controlled photoluminescence characteristics of silicon nanocrystallites p
Nanolithography using protease etching of protein surfaces
Influence of sequential etching on YBCO films deposited by PLD from a nanostruct
Study of the dislocation structure involved in a nanoindentation test by atomic
Preparation and study of the optical properties of porous graphite
Patterned arrays of porous InP from photolithography and electrochemical etching
Controlled surface nanopatterning with buried dislocation arrays
Pronounced switching bistability in a feedback coupled nanoelectronic Y-branch s
Nanofabrication of a sub-wavelength size aperture using anisotropic inductively
Lithography-free fabrication of sub-100 nm structures by self-aligned plasma etc
Optical and electrical properties of Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 layers
Plasmachemical etching of wave-ordered structure formed on amorphous silicon sur
Nano-structuring of silicon and porous silicon by photo-etching using near field
Self-assembled nanoholes and lateral QD bi-molecules by molecular beam epitaxy a
Characterization of the structure of porous germanium layers by high-resolution
A micromachined nanotweezers integrated with a thermal expansion microactuator
Nano-mechanical method for seeding circular-shaped etch pits on (100) silicon su
Formation of porous silicon by metal particle enhanced chemical etching in HF so
Nano-etching using nanodots mask fabricated by bio-nano-process
Oriented single-crystal diamond cones and their arrays
Highly selective and high rate SiO2 etching using argon-added C2F4/CF3I plasma
Progress of scanning probe lithography and study on scanning plasma etching tech
Effect of SiO2 fence on atomic step flow in chemical etching of Si surface
Plasma applications for biochip technology
Plasma etching carbon nanotube arrays and the field emission properties
Multiple high period accuracy gratings fabricated by holographic exposure and io
Microfabrication of nano-scale feature lines
Microstructure of Al2O3-SiC nanocomposity ceramic coatings prepared by high velo
Nanostructuring of Mo/Si multilayers by means of reactive ion etching using a th
Perforation of an ultra-high strength steel penetrated by shaped charge jet
Fabrication and field emission of silicon nano-crystalline film
Modulation targets in Rayleigh-Taylor instability experiments for the ICF study
Application of microwave plasma technology to inertial confinement fusion target
Reducing photocurable polymer pattern shrinkage and roughness during dry etching
Atomic-scale analysis of hydrogen-terminated Si(110) surfaces after wet cleaning
Nanofabrication of InP/InGaAsP 2D photonic crystals using maskless laser hologra
Maskless pattern fabrication on Si(100) surface by using nanoindenter with KOH w
Fabrication and field emission property studies of multiwall carbon nanotubes
Nanosize fabrication using etching of phase-change recording films
Batch bulk-micromachined high-precision metal-on-insulator microspires and their
Morphological variation of multiwall carbon nanotubes in supercritical water oxi
Carbon nanotube shuttle memory device
Nanopatterned magnetic metal via colloidal lithography with reactive ion etching
Fabrication of carbon-nanotube field-emitter array using polymer insulator
Local etching of insulator-coated carbon nanotubes towards passivated nanoprobes
Bilayer resist method for room-temperature nanoimprint lithography
Generally applicable self-masked dry etching technique for nanotip array fabrica
A 7-nm nanocolumn structure fabricated by using a ferritin iron-core mask and lo
Formation of graphite nanocones using metal nanoparticles as plasma etching mask
Sub-100 nm organic light-emitting diodes patterned with room temperature imprint
Modeling of a nanoscale oxide aperture opening for a NSOM probe
Ferroelectric single crystal recording media fabricated by polarization controll
Ultrathin channel vertical DG MOSFET fabricated by using ion-bombardment-retarde
Nanometer trench fabricated by atomic force microscopy
Photoinduced patterning of gold thin film
Fabrication of indium phosphide compound photonic crystal by hydrogen iodide/xen
Study on etching profile of nanoporous silica
Beam study of the Si and SiO2 etching processes by energetic fluorocarbon ions
The effects of chemical etching of porous silicon on Raman spectra
Magnetic nanodot arrays patterned by selective ion etching using block copolymer
Highly regular nanometer-sized hexagonal pipes in 6H-SiC(0001)
Nanopatterning of diamond films with composite oxide mask of metal octylates in
Requirements of neutral beam source regarding gas pressure and neutral angle for
Scanning probe field emission current measurements on diamond-like carbon films
Nanoimprint mold repair by Ga+ focused-ion-beam direct etching
Structural and optical features of nanoporous silicon prepared by electrochemica
Nanoimprint lithography using novolak-type photoresist and soft mold at room tem
Nano-processing of transparent materials by focussed femtosecond laser pulses fo
Patterning of nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide arrays by using sol-gel processin
Fabrication of conducting Si nanowire arrays
Electrochemical behaviors and hydration properties of multi-wall carbon nanotube
Thin film silicon nanoparticle UV photodetector
Synthesis of open-ended, cylindrical Au-Ag alloy nanostructures on a Si/SiOx sur
Nanoscale GaN whiskers fabricated by photoelectrochemical etching
Plasma etching transfer of a nanoporous pattern on a generic substrate
Lateral ordering of microfabricated SiO2 nanotips
Patterned nanoporous poly(methylsilsesquioxane) thin films: a potential high den
Gallium-driven assembly of gold nanowire networks
Cross-sectional AFM study of etching kinetics of oxidized porous silicon
DPN-generated nanostructures made of gold, silver, and palladium
Atomistic modeling of morphological evolution during simultaneous etching and ox
Interfacial void model for corrosion pit initiation on aluminum
Challenges of pattern transfer for ultra-low-k OSG film Aurora™ ULK
Dry etching and sputtering
Fabrication of nanostructured polymeric surfaces for biosensing devices
Eliminating sidewall damage during etch process for ultra low-k film
Porous SiGe nanostructures formed by electrochemical etching of thin poly-SiGe f
Interaction of fine Fe particles with structural defects on {111} faces of synth
Laser-induced etching of Cr-O doped GaAs and wavelength dependent photoluminesce
Microfabrication of piezoelectric MEMS
1-D nanochannels fabricated in polyimide
Field emission properties of carbon coated Si nanocone arrays on porous silicon
Defocusing detection of geometric sizes in micro-machining
Photoluminescence properties of C+ implanted epitaxial Si annealed in hydrogen a
Deformation localization and recrystallization in TC4 alloy under impact conditi
Several new ion etching technologies of fabricating deep submicron/nanometer CMO
Control of deposition channels in nanosphere templates for high-density nanodot
Formation mechanism of alumina nanotubes and nanowires from highly ordered porou
Phase transformations associated with micropitting in rolling/sliding contacts
Bonded planar double-metal-gate NMOS transistors down to 10 nm
Surface nanoscale periodic structures in congruent lithium niobate by domain rev
Nanoindentation response of a single micrometer-sized GaAs wall
Resist nano-modification technology for enhancing the lithography and etching pe
A hybrid approach to nanoelectronics
Adsorbed layer etching of fused silica by excimer laser with nanometer depth pre
GaN nanocolumns formed by inductively coupled plasmas etching
A polysilicon nanoelectrospray-mass spectrometry source based on a microfluidic
Self-assembled GaN:Mg inverted hexagonal pyramids formed through a photoelectroc
Well-aligned silicon nanograss fabricated by hydrogen plasma dry etching
Precise etching of fused silica for micro-optical applications
Fabrication of silicon and germanium nanostructures by combination of hydrogen p
Radicals transport modelling in NANOJET
Fabrication of aligned TiO2 one-dimensional nanostructured arrays using a one-st
Focused ion beam-based fabrication of nanostructured photonic devices
Cross-linked PMMA on porous silicon: an effective nanomask for selective silicon
Precise etching of fused silica for refractive and diffractive micro-optical app
Plasma etching of nano-structured precursor-derived ceramic composites
Field emission from hydrogenated amorphous carbon nanotips grown on Cu/Ti/Si(100
Self-formation of GaN hollow nanocolumns by inductively coupled plasma etching
Nanoimprint process using epoxy-siloxane low-viscosity prepolymer
Characterization of prototype silicon pitch artifacts fabricated by scanning pro
Density control of carbon nanotubes and filaments films by wet etching of cataly
Synthesis of diamond films and nanotips through graphite etching
The mechanism of the ion beam inhibited etching formation in Gallium-FIB implant
Cementation-induced recovery of self-assembled ultrafine copper powders from spe
Fabrication of silicon dioxide nanocapillary arrays for guiding highly charged i
Micro and nano structurization of semiconductor surfaces
Pulse duration dependence of femtosecond-laser-fabricated nanogratings in fused
Nanoscaled niobium trilayer technology, using temperature controlled pattern tra
Investigation of optical properties of nanoporous GaN films
Micro- and nanostructures for cryoelectronics
Template assisted assembly of cobalt nanobowl arrays
Controllable fabrication of SiGe/Si and SiGe/Si/Cr helical nanobelts
Polarization-selective etching in femtosecond laser-assisted microfluidic channe
Technology for fabrication of nanostructures by standard cleanroom processing an
Simultaneous growth of well-aligned diamond and graphitic carbon nanostructures
Comparative study of plasma-induced and wet-chemical cleaning of synthetic fiber
Low frequency noise in silicon nanogaps
Spatially resolved cathodoluminescence of GaN nanostructures fabricated by photo
Nanoscale chemical etching of near-stoichiometric lithium tantalate
Study on ECR dry etching and selective MBE growth of AlGaN/GaN for fabrication o
Fabrication of versatile nanocomponents using single-crystalline Au nanoplates
Fabrication of sub-wavelength-size aperture for near-field optical probe
Nanoscale topographic evolutions of SrTiO3 (001) surfaces
Room-temperature operation of current switching circuit using integrated silicon
Fabrication of subwavelength aluminum wire grating using nanoimprint lithography
Etching efficiency of polymethacrylates for monochromatic low energy ion beams
Fabrication of Si nano-pillar array through Ni nano-dot mask using inductively c
Selective etching of metallic single-wall carbon nanotubes with hydrogen plasma
The fabrication technique and electrical properties of a free-standing GaN nanow
Nanoimprint of glass materials with glassy carbon molds fabricated by focused-io
Fabrication and properties of under-gated triode with CNT emitter for flat lamp
Nanopatterning of perovskite manganite thin films by atomic force microscope lit
Nanoimprint and nanocontact technologies using hydrogen silsesquioxane
Electrochemical etching of silicon through anodic porous alumina
Step control of vicinal 6H-SiC(0001) surface by H2 etching
Study of neutral-beam etching conditions for the fabrication of 7-nm-diameter na
Maskless pattern fabrication on Pyrex 7740 glass surface by using nano-scratch w
Removal of aspect-ratio-dependent etching by low-angle forward reflected neutral
Fabrication of self-ordered nanohole arrays on Si by localized anodization and s
Fabrication of 3-D microstructures with a catalytic surface composed of an ion-i
Topography evolution of Si (001) substrate fabricated by Ar+ ion beam sputter-et
Photonic crystal point-shift nanolaser with ultimate small modal volume
Nanofabrication of InGaAsP periodic 2D columns with square and hexagonal lattice
Highly conductive nanolayers on strontium titanate produced by preferential ion-
Tuning photonic crystal nanocavity modes by wet chemical digital etching
Electrochemical machining with ultrashort voltage pulses: modelling of charging
Cutting single-walled carbon nanotubes
Faceted and vertically aligned GaN nanorod arrays fabricated without catalysts o
Focused electron-beam-induced etching of silicon dioxide
Fine ZnO patterning with controlled sidewall-etch front slope
Batch preparation of linear Au and Ag nanoparticle chains via wet chemistry
Microfabrication and application of high-aspect-ratio silicon tips
Focused ion beam nanopatterning for optoelectronic device fabrication
Micropatterning organosilane self-assembled monolayers with plasma etching and b
Design and fabrication of a hybrid nanofluidic channel
On-wire lithography
A model for the etching of nanoporous silica in C4F8 plasmas based on pore geome
Photolithographic route to the fabrication of micro/nanowires of III-V semicondu
Si nanostructures fabricated by electron beam lithography combined with image re
Spontaneous anisotropic chemical etching as a nanostructure surface modification
Novel fabrication method of Si nanostructures using atomic force microscope (AFM
Sub-10-nm Si lines fabricated using shifted mask patterns controlled with electr
Investigation of the electronic and atomic structures of nanocrystalline Fe75.5C
Investigation of thin-film transistors using a combination of focused ion beam e
Depth inhomogeneity of porous silicon layers