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铜箔软连接件全自动新型精冲系统及其计算机控制的研究/Research on a New Type of Automotive Precision Blankin
气氛下铌酸铋微波陶瓷及其与铜共烧的研究/study of biNbO4 microwave ceramics in different atmosphere a
电冰箱换热器以铝代铜电偶腐蚀与焊接特性的实验研究/Research on the Experiment of Galvanic Corrosion and We
纳米材料改性酚醛树脂及非石棉高性能摩擦材料/a phenolic resin modified by nano-sized materials and non-
战术固体火箭发动机用钼渗铜材料的研究/Study of Copper-Infiltrated Molybdenum Material for Tactics S
铜箔软连接件全自动精冲过程PLC控制及其通信仿真/PLC Control and Communication Simulation for Fully Auto
铜的肠道上皮细胞毒性和对大鼠的亚急性毒性研究/Adverse Effect of Copper on Intestinal Epithelial Cells a
等离子体浸没注入对Ta薄膜的改性及Cu/Ta-X/SiO2体系失效机理研究/The Improvement of Ta Thin Film by Plasma
铜表面绝缘介质的生长工艺研究/The Study of Dielectric Layer on Copper Surface
铜盘管企业季节性成品库存问题研究/The study of seasonal inventory in the Level Wind Copper Tube
单分散金属纳米颗粒的制备与性质研究/Preparation and Properties of Monodisperse Metal Nanoparticles
三脚架型稀土及铜、银金属配合物:合成、结构及性质/Lanthanide, Copper and Silver Complexes with Tripodal L
剑尾鱼硫酸铜中毒与体内蓄积的病理学研究/Pathological Studies of Tissue Accumulation and Intoxicative
高置换率叶绿素铜钠盐的工艺条件研究/Studies on the Processing Conditions of Sodium Copper Chloroph
不同铜源对肉鸡肝脏线粒体功能的影响/The Effect of Different Copper Sources on the Function of Live
铜对肉鸡肝细胞线粒体膜通透性、生产性能、血液指标及组织病理学变化的影响/Effect of Copper on Liver MPTP, Performance,
增城市朱村镇农用地Zn、Cu、Pb、Cd的空间变异研究/The Spatio-temporal Variability of Soil Heavy Metal
CO气敏材料的制备及气敏性质与催化性质的研究/The study on preparation and gas sensitivity and catalyti
铜与不锈钢的真空钎焊/Vacuum Brazing of Copper and Stainless Steel
对称用户数字线接入卡软硬件实现/The process for SDSL hardware and software
炼铜废渣-诺砂试制经济型压制地面砖的研究/Study on the low-cost pressing floor tiles with copper slag
碳纤维增强Cu-Ti3SiC2复合材料的制备和性能研究/Study on fabrication and properties of carbon fiber
Ti3SiC2弥散强化铜基复合材料的制备和性能研究/Study on fabrication and properties of Ti_3SiC_2 dispe
武钢大冶铁矿硫化矿物的浮选电化学及电位调控浮选试验研究/Experiment study on flotation electrochemistry and p
沪铜期价影响因素的实证分析/Empirical analyze for the determinants of SHFE’s copper futures pr
铜配合物生物活性的微量热研究/Microcalorimetric study on the biological activity of the copper
Cu/C/Ti3SiC2复合材料的制备与烧结性能研究/Study on fabrication and sintering properties of Cu/C
铜山口铜矿铜中矿浮选新工艺研究/Study on the new flotation process of coppers middlings in tongs
CO气敏材料的制备及气敏性质与催化性质的研究/The study on preparation and gas sensitivity and catalyti
牛市格局下的铜加工企业期现结合操作策略研究/Study On Hedging Strategies For Copper Processing Companie
我国铜期货市场功能实证研究/Empirical analysis of the functions of copper futures market in Ch
Nature of nanostructured Cu-Fe-O alloys produced by copper-steel sliding Part I:
X-ray pattern simulation in textured nanostructured copper
Structure and thermal stability of CuCo and CuFe alloys prepared by mechanical a
Formation of polymerized thin films during laser assisted molecular beam deposit
Chemisorption of molecular oxygen on copper clusters studied by jellium and MO-L
Element composition of nanocrystalline copper powders produced by electrolysis
Supramolecular fibers from a liquid crystalline octa-substituted copper phthaloc
Influence of copper on the structural characteristics of carbon nanofibers produ
Annealing behavior of silver, copper, and silver-copper nanoclusters in a silica
Influence of in-process copper incorporation on the quality of diamond-like carb
Characterization of nanocrystalline copper powders prepared by melting in a cryo
Blue shift of plasma resonance of copper nanoclusters embedded in LiF
Cuprous Tris(tert-butoxy)siloxy Complexes and Their Thermolytic Conversion to Co
Synthesis and characterisation of copper(II) hydroxide gels
Electrical conduction in nanocomposites of copper in silicate glasses
Synthesis of the SiO2: Cu0n nanocomposite by the laser distillation method
Polyoxyethylene intercalation in lamellar copper iron sulfide
Preparation of small copper particles of high catalytic activity using a rotatin
Preparation of Copper Sulfide and Gold Nanoparticles Dispersed in Hydroxypropylc
Optical properties of copper-doped silica gels
Mechanism of copper deposition on silicon from dilute hydrofluoric acid solution
Preparation of nanocrystalline copper by electrodeposition
Grain stabilization of copper with nanoscaled Al2O3-powder
Electrolysis precipitation of ultrafine copper powders from aqueous copper chlor
Lattice Monte Carlo simulation of nanophase compositions and structures in irrad
Adhesion interaction between electrolessly deposited copper film and polyimide
Study on microhardness of bulk nanocrystalline copper
Effect of compression of a stearic acid monolayer on interfacial binding of copp
Syntheses of copper nanoparticles in gelified microemulsion and in reverse micel
Copper geochemistry and availability in cultivated soils contaminated by a coppe
New approach to the fabrication of a self-organizing film of heterostructured po
Radiation induced synthesis and characterization of copper nanoparticles
Synthesis and characterization of copper sulphide nanoparticles in aqueous surfa
Friction and wear of polyarilate, impregnated by copper complex in supercritical
Fabrication of nano-sized particles of metallic copper and copper sulfide in Lan
Copper nanoclusters in amorphous hydrogenated carbon
Study of Cu2+-poly(itaconic acid-co-acrylic acid) complex and copper-polymer nan
Defect of nanocrystalline copper and silver
Impurity-suppressed sintering in copper nanophase materials
Eutectic freeze crystallization: application to process streams and waste water
The molecular dynamics simulation for the structure and properties of nanocrysta
Recognition and substitution in reactions of macromolecules with nanoparticles
ECD matures
On the nucleation and growth of voids at high strain-rates
Network of conductive clusters in copper-doped diamond-like carbon
Synthesis of nanosized copper powder by an aqueous route
Small angle scattering study of dendrimer-copper sulfide nanocomposites
Electrochemistry of nanocrystalline copper
Co-sputtering C-Cu thin film synthesis: Microstructural study of copper precipit
Influence of copper addition on the structural properties of sputtered multilaye
Investigation of possibility to get superplastic state of nanostructured copper
Comparison of the deformation behavior of ultra fine grained copper produced by
Formation of nano-crystalline structure at the interface in Cu-C composite
Controllable magnetic properties of layered copper hydroxides, Cu2(OH)3X (X = ca
Mechanochemically synthesized NbC cermets: Part I. Synthesis and structural deve
Redox processes in polynary copper oxides and copper oxide/mesoporous silica com
Voltammetric detection of nanomolar levels of hypoxanthine in the presence of co
Origin of the red color of satsuma copper-ruby glass as determined by EXAFS and
Copper matrix composites reinforced with nanometer alumina particles
Diamond-like two-phonon absorption in hydrogenated amorphous carbon modified wit
Preparation of composite nanometer-sized particle (I)
In situ studies of deformation and fracture in sputtering copper film
Electrochemical micromachining
Preparation and tribological properties of nanometer copper borate as lubricatin
Facile nanoparticle synthesis within a polar polysulfone active matrix
In situ tensile studies of nanocrystalline copper film
Comparison of static polarizabilities of Cun, Nan, and Lin (n less than or equal
Elongated Copper Nanoparticles Coated with a Zwitterionic Surfactant
Nanoparticle Production by copper(II) acetylacetonate vapor decomposition - the
Amorphous hydrogenated carbon doped with copper as antifungal protective coating
Graded nanostructures produced by sliding and exhibiting universal behavior
Copper thin coating deposition on natural pollen particles
Modelling and analysis of UV laser micromachining of copper
Studies of copper corrosion inhibition using electrochemical quartz crystal nano
Electrochemical behavior of copper in weak alkaline slurry during CMP
Consolidation of mechanically alloyed Cu-In-Ga-Se powders
Synthesis of organic monolayer-stabilized copper nanocrystals in supercritical w
Characteristics of copper particles supported on various types of graphite nanof
On the stability of electrochemically generated nanoclusters - A computer simula
Strength of nanoscale polycrystalline copper under shear
Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers and films of alkylated tetraazacrowns containing me
Electrochemical Metal Deposition on Carbon Nanotubes
Sub-surface deformation in vibration cutting of copper
Spectrophotometry study of aqueous salt solution in carbon dioxide microemulsion
Electrodeposition of silver-copper bimetallic particles having two archetypes by
Synthesis and characterization of copper-doped carbon aerogels
Photodestruction of dichloroacetic acid catalyzed by nano-sized TiO2 particles
Study of friction reduction by nanocopper additives to motor oil
Nanohardness mapping of the curved surface of spherical macroindentations in ful
Preparation of Cu-Al2O3 nano-composite powders by electroless copper plating
Preparation and characterization of alumina cored metallic copper microspheres
Effect of nano metal powder on the thermal decomposition characteristics of HMX
Copper-organic coordination polymers with porous structures
Preparation of copper powder by glycerol process
Electrochemical synthesis of copper nanowires
Investigation of the reaction of copper(I) with 2,9-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline
Dipolar response of metallic copper nanocrystal islands, studied by two-step nea
Xanthate capping of silver, copper, and gold colloids
Thermal activation of copper carbonate
Nanohardness of copper in the vicinity of grain boundaries
Selective kinetic spectrophotometric determination of copper at nanograms per mi
Accumulation of intensive plastic deformations in copper under hydroextrusion wi
Conversion of uniform colloidal Cu2O spheres to copper in polyols
Copper penetration into porous ultra-low-κ methyl silsesquioxane during se
Antiferromagnetic bubbles around nonmagnetic impurities
Emerging technologies in extraction and processing of metals
Electrochemical behaviour and physical properties of Cu/Co multilayers
Band alignment on a nanoscopically patterned inorganic-organic interface
Single-crystalline scroll-type nanotube arrays of copper hydroxide synthesized a
Surface characteristics and adhesion performance of black oxide coated copper su
A stretch for strong copper
Importance of copper in powder metallurgy
Electrochemical copper deposition in etched ion track membranes. Experimental re
Transient electrochemical processes during Cu-Ni deposition
Influence of bias voltage on copper nitride films deposited by reactive sputteri
Synthesis and characterization of novel copper/polyaniline nanocomposite and app
Strength and ductility of ultrafine grained copper: Modelling and experiment
Microstructure and mechanical properties of Cu doped TiN superhard nanocomposite
Catalytic modification of polymer chains in copper sols stabilized by poly(N-vin
Sintering of copper nanopowders under hydrogen: An in situ X-ray diffraction ana
Preparation of sol-gel nano-composites containing copper oxide and their gas sen
Leaching of copper(I) sulphide by sulphuric acid solution with addition of sodiu
Nanoindentation tests on single crystal copper thin film with an AFM
Microcontamination of silicon wafer surfaces by copper and silver
Anodic aluminum oxides template-assembled copper nanowires and TEM characterizat
Copper sulfide flakes and nanodisks
Effect of structural parameter on field emission properties of semiconducting co
Helical carbon nanofibers prepared by pyrolysis of acetylene with a catalyst der
A novel method for preparing copper nanorods and nanowires
Quantitative evaluation of copper clustering process by Lattice Monte Carlo simu
Study on preparation of nano copper powder by microemulsion and its application
Preparation of copper nano-wires by template synthesis method
A method for the synthesis of spherical copper nanoparticles in the organic phas
Nanosize effect in grain boundary migration of copper
Tensile deformation and fracture behavior of Cu-0.54A12O3 dispersion strengthene
Copper oxide catalysts supported on ceria for low-temperature CO oxidation
Preparation of phenolic resin modified by nano-copper using in situ co-producing
Phenolic resin modified by nano-copper and its applied behaviors
Influence of copper on quality of hot strips by EAF-CSP process
Tribological properties of softy metals copper powder inside greases
Crystallography and precipitation kinetics of copper sulfide in strip casting lo
Rf-GDOES depth profiling analysis of a monolayer of thiourea adsorbed on copper
Rational Design of Nanostructured Copper-Zinc Oxide Catalysts for the Steam Refo
Anisotropic copper nanocrystals synthesized in a supersaturated medium: Nanocrys
Unidirectionally aligned copper hydroxide crystalline nanorods from two-dimensio
Silver and copper nanoclusters in the lustre decoration of Italian Renaissance p
Adhesion of rubber compounds to nano-copper-coated iron plates as studied by AES
Influence of cathode oxide films on copper nucleation during electrodeposition
Metal-to-nonmetal transition in copper nanoshells grown on copper oxide nanopart
Effect of molecular mass of poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) on hydrolysis of lactam gro
A recyclable nanosize aminoarenethiolato copper(I) catalyst for C-C coupling rea
Molecular dynamics simulations of the preparation and deformation of nanocrystal
Low power RF sputter deposition of oriented copper ferrite films
Interfacial redox processes under CO/O2 in a nanoceria-supported copper oxide ca
Supported foam-copper catalysts for methanol selective oxidation
Cyanide recovery by ion exchange from gold ore waste effluents containing copper
Nanolayer barriers for inhibition of copper corrosion
One-dimensional assembly and selective orientation of lander molecules on an O-C
Formation of silver and copper nanoparticles upon the reduction of their poorly
Spectroscopic evidence of a novel array ac fabrication within the alumina templa
Thermal interface properties of Cu-filled vertically aligned carbon nanofiber ar
Positron annihilation characterization of nanostructural features in high nickel
Nanostructure formation in pure copper deformed by rolling
Using an ICP-based strip system to perform resist and barrier-layer removal in c
Investigation of copper removal mechanisms during CMP
Tribological properties of nano copper powder dispersed by additives of lubrican
Annealing behaviors of different alumina concentration dispersion strengthened c
Preferential growth of copper and aluminum films under biaxial strain
Manipulation of Cu subsurface interstitial atoms with scanning tunneling microsc
Templatation and stabilization of amino-terminated poly(amido-amine) dendrimer i
Preparation of copper nanorods and nanowires by hydrothermal reduction
Preparation of nanometer-scale copper and nickel compound powder by hydrogen DC
Preparation of nanostructured copper-chromium oxide and its catalytic effect on
Study on abrasive effect in copper chemical-mechanical polishing
Optical properties and synthesis of copper sulfide nanorods by solid-state react
Investigation of interface between copper and carbides coating deposited by HVOF
Aluminizing solid RE element with pure copper and composites preparation by inte
Investigation of tribological properties of nano-Cu as additives in PEG-400
Influence of impurities on the sintering densification in nano-Al2O3 powders coa
Low-than-room temperature effect on the stability of CuO nanofluid
Non-isothermal crystallization behavior of low-density polyethylene/copper nanoc
Influencing factors on the uniformity of copper coated nano-Al 2O3 powders prepa
Relationship between the morphological structure and mechanical properties of co
Preparation and characterization of CdS nanoparticulate films sensitized by tetr
Synthesis of copper nanowires under a direct current electric field
Hollow copper micro-amygdalae with porous shells
Preparation and stability of copper particles formed using the template of hyper
New size effect in the catalysis by interacting copper nanoparticles
Reduction of the copper ion to its metal and clusters in alcoholic media: A radi
Copper-silica nanocomposites tailored by the sol-gel route
Optical absorption in composites containing copper core-copper-oxide shell nanos
Analytical characterization of bioactive fluoropolymer ultra-thin coatings modif
Fabrication of a composite powder and its application as an active brazing alloy
Dodecanethiol-protected copper/silver bimetallic nanoclusters and their surface
Energetics of copper nanowires
Alloying with copper to reduce metal dusting of nickel
Laser absorption in short-lived metal and nanoplasmas
Large-scale synthesis of high-quality ultralong copper nanowires
Site-selective direct photochemical deposition of copper on glass substrates usi
N2O temperature-programmed oxidation and EXAFS studies on the dispersion of copp
Copper(I) halide nanoparticle-dispersed glasses prepared by copper staining
Surface adsorption of PEG and Cl- additives for copper damascene electrodepositi
Synthesis of spherical nanosized copper powder by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
Interaction between copper nano cluster and edge dislocation under shear strain
Electrodeposition of copper and cobalt nanostructures using self-assembled monol
Copper deposition on fullerene nanostructures
In situ investigations of structure-activity relationships of a Cu/ZrO 2 catalys
Surface adsorption effects on the lattice expansion of copper nanocrystals
Synthesis and characterization of PVP stabilized Ag/Pd nanoparticles and its pot
Is it possible to correlate a collection of copper nanocrystals with their optic
Growth of nanometric CuGaxOy structures on copper substrates
High affinity binding between copper and full-length prion protein identified by
Influence of copper on chromate conversion coating of aluminium alloys
The characteristics of nickel-electroplating on copper substrate in CO 2 supercr
Degradation of aqueous carbon tetrachloride by nanoscale zerovalent copper on a
Copper as a selective catalyst for the epoxidation of propene
Electron microscopy characterization of mechanically alloyed and hot consolidate
Microscopic characterization of surface morphology of nanostructured copper
Kinetics of interaction of lead and copper with acid liquors over oxidizer
Physicochemical properties of nanocrystallite copper ferrite prepared by a novel
Copper nanowires broken into nanospheres by Rayleigh instability
Various carbon nanofiber-copper composite films prepared by electrodeposition
ZrO2 and Cu/ZrO2 sol-gel materials spectroscopic characterization
Fabrication of copper matrix composites reinforced by single-walled carbon nanot
Characterization of the viscoplastic behavior of nanocrystalline metals at HCV d
Synthesis of nanoparticles using vapor-phase decomposition of copper(II) acetyla
Structural and electrical characteristics of copper doped soda lime silicate gla
Optical properties of copper nanoparticles in soda-lime silicate glasses
Spectroscopic observation and ab initio simulation of copper clusters in zeolite
Studies on mechanical behaviour of nanovolumes of high-purity copper
Thermal stability of compounds formed by the adsorption of copper(ii) ion on MoO
Copper-based nanowire materials: Templated syntheses, characterizations, and app
Ab initio calculation of endohedal fullerenes with copper and silver clusters
Nickel sulfide and copper sulfide nanocrystal synthesis and polymorphism
Diffusion of copper in nanoporous dielectric films
Chloride ion effects on synthesis and directed assembly of copper nanoparticles
Mechanical properties of ECAE nanocrystalline copper and nickel
Deposition of copper into thin ice buffer layers on MgO(1 0 0) produces uniform
Adhesion of chemical vapor deposited boron carbo-nitride to dielectric and coppe
Displacement synthesis of Cu shells surrounding Co nanoparticles
Materials progress: Copper/carbon-nanotube composite manages high heat
Combined numerical simulation and nanoindentation for determining mechanical pro
The effects of plasticity on adhesion of hard films on ductile interlayers
Voltammetry of copper sulfide particles and nanoparticles: Investigation of the
Metal-nitride composites obtained by alloy milling under nitrogen gas
Fatigue of nanocrystalline copper
Cu2O quantum-dot particles prepared from nanostructured copper
Scanning-tunneling profilometer investigation of the evolution of the surface re
Softening of the elastic modulus in submicrocrystalline copper
Production of nanocrystalline copper in a flow system
An image processing approach to corrosion configuration of pure copper and fract
Low temperature electrical behaviour of nanocrystalline silver and copper grown
Synthesis of nanosize metallic and alloyed particles in ordered phases
Elastic/plastic effects during very low-load hardness testing of copper
Linear and nonlinear transmission of CuxS quantum dots
Structural changes in a copper alloy due to helium implantation
Mechanisms for optical nonlinearities and ultrafast carrier dynamics in CuxS nan
Lasing characteristics of a large-bore copper vapor laser
Examination of melting phases of copper and a new model of the liquid
Preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline copper powders
Diffusion of copper in nanocrystalline Al-7.8 at%Ti-0.3 at%Fe alloy prepared by
Change in the shape of copper nanoparticles in ordered phases
Improvement of oxidation resistance of ultrafine copper powders by phosphating t
In-situ observations of classical grain growth mechanisms during sintering of co
Temperature dependence of hardness of nanocrystalline copper in low-temperature
Nanofabrication of small copper clusters on gold(111) electrodes by a scanning t
Size-dependent icosahedral-to-fcc structure change confirmed in unsupported nano
Synthesis of nanocrystalline and monodispersed copper particles of uniform spher
Molecular dynamics simulation of crystallization of liquid copper clusters
Quantum oscillations in a confined electron gas
Mechanical properties of Cu/Ag multilayered composites
Evidence for crystallographically abrupt grain boundaries in nanocrystalline cop
Thermal stability of submicrocrystalline copper strengthened with HfO2 nanoparti
Deformation characteristics of nanocrystalline copper and nickel at low temperat
A new approach to the fabrication of a self-organizing film of heterostructured
Solid solubility of carbon in copper during mechanical alloying
EMF measurements on nanocrystalline copper-doped ceria
Large third-order optical nonlinearity of nanocluster-doped glass formed by ion
Modification of the electron spectrum and vibrational properties of amorphous ca
Numerical investigation of mechanical behaviour of nanocrystalline copper
Electrical resistivity of copper-silica nanocomposites synthesized by electrodep
Nanotubes formed by detonation of C/N precursors
Measurement and improvement of the adhesion of copper to polyimide
Rich chemistry of copper in crystalline silicon
The structure of copper-doped amorphous hydrogenated carbon films
Syntheses, molecular structures and properties of copper selenide nanoclusters
Charge displacement induced by intercalation of graphite-like nanoclusters in am
Fabrication and optical property of copper nanowires in nuclear track membranes
Plastic deformation of nanocrystalline Cu and Cu-0.2 wt.% B
Anomalous two-phonon absorption and copper-assisted diamond nucleation in amorph
Formation of size-quantized copper immobilized in Langmuir-Blodgett films of 2,4
Morphology of nanometer-thick electrolytic copper layers investigated by atomic
TEM and SEM studies of radiation blistering in helium-implanted copper
Sintering and crystallite growth of nanocrystalline copper doped tin oxide
Gas sensitivity of composite Langmuir-Blodgett films of Fe2O3 nanoparticle-coppe
Effect of antimony oxide on the deposition and dispersion of metallic copper nan
Studies of aggregation of copper phthalocyanine nanoparticles
Low temperature inorganic chemical vapor deposition of Ti-Si-N diffusion barrier
Copper in α-C:H films: low temperatures
Superplastic extensibility of nanocrystalline copper at room temperature
Surfactant-assisted growth of crystalline copper sulphide nanowire arrays
Seed-mediated growth method to prepare cubic copper nanoparticles
Formation of oxide nano-particles into oxide materials by ion implantation
Investigation of wet chemical-treated poly(tetrafluoroethylene) surface and its
X-ray diffraction analysis of thermal behavior of nanocrystalline copper produce
Elemental composition and electrical properties of (a-C:H):Cu films prepared by
Valence state and local atomic structure of copper in Cu-implanted silica glass
Mechanically alloyed nanocrystalline iron and copper mixture: behavior and const
Growth behaviour of straight crystalline copper sulphide nanowires
IR spectroscopy of copper-intercalated graphite nanoclusters in amorphous carbon
The microstructure and tribological properties of copper surfaces implanted with
Nanometer-scale copper electrodeposition from an on-chip source
Nonlinear optical properties of solgel-derived glasses doped with copper selenid
Electron transport in the carbon-copper nanocluster structure
A simple fiber-optic pin for detecting a shock-wave front
Interfacial conduction in silica gels containing nanocrystalline copper oxide
Microhardness of bulk and higher density nanocrystalline copper obtained by hot
Cu-Ni alloy nanocluster formation by ion implantation in silicate glasses: Struc
Mechanical properties of nanoscale copper under shear
Nanocrystalline copper with a superplastic extensibility at room temperature
A physical insight into the gas-sensing properties of copper (II) tetra-(tert-bu
Luminescence from copper nanoparticles
Codeposition of nanocrystalline aluminides on a copper substrate
In situ study of deformation of nanocrystalline copper
Synthesis of Cu0/Cu(II) substituted magnetite nanocomposites in aqueous media
Binary molecular layers of C60 and copper phthalocyanine on Au(111): self-organi
Molecular mechanisms of self-organization in friction. IV. Autooscillations duri
Giant magnetoresistance in Cu-Co films electrodeposited on n-Si
Measurement of creep rate sensitivity of copper at room temperature by using nan
Hierarchy of defect ensembles on the surface of loaded copper
Effects of cyclic and monotonic prestraining on the stress corrosion cracking
Atomistic simulation of tension properties of nano crystal copper wire under sur
Nanostructured copper filaments in electrochemical deposition
Particle size effects on the electrochemical performance of copper oxides toward
Determination of size and concentration of copper nanoparticles dispersed in gla
Depth dependence of hardness in copper single crystals measured by nanoindentati
Structure refinement and hardness enhancement of titanium nitride films by addit
Stress corrosion cracking susceptibility of ultra-fine grain copper produced by
Deposition of conformal copper and nickel films from supercritical carbon dioxid
Synthesis of silver and copper nanoparticles in a water-in-supercritical-carbon
Partially reduced cuprous oxide nanoparticles formed in porous glass reaction fi
Ship-in-a-bottle synthesis of copper phthalocyanine molecules within mesoporous
Failure of Ni/Cu laminated nanostructures
Solvent effects on copper nanoparticle growth behavior in AOT reverse micelle sy
Surface chemistry of copper nanoparticles and direct spray printing of hybrid pa
Compressive behavior of an electrodeposited nanostructured copper at quasistatic
Microstructure and hardness of copper powders consolidated by plasma pressure co
Nanoparticle formation via copper (II) acetylacetonate vapor decomposition in th
Mass transfer models for the electrodeposition of copper with a buffering agent
Natural formation of nanostructures: from fundamentals in metal heteroepitaxy to
Pulse plating of cobalt-iron-copper alloys
Copper and copper oxide nanoparticle formation by chemical vapor nucleation from
Processing of amorphous carbon films by ultrafast temperature treatment in a con
The effect of preparation conditions on the ultrafine copper powder characterist
The Coster-Kronig process used to study the transition of metal nanoclusters int
Oscillations of ultra-thin copper nanobridges at room temperature: molecular dyn
Theoretical study of Cu-Au nanoalloy clusters using a genetic algorithm
Structures of cylindrical ultrathin copper nanowires
Atomic-scale simulations of copper polyhedral nanorods
Self-regulation of the cathodic reaction kinetics during corrosion of AlCu alloy
Irradiation induced dissolution of Cu and growth of Ag nanoclusters in Cu/Ag ion
Molecular dynamics simulation study of the melting of ultra-thin copper nanowire
Mechanical characterisation of laser surface alloyed aluminium-copper systems
Metal nanocluster formation in silica films prepared by rf-sputtering: an experi
Chloroform vapour sensor based on copper/polyaniline nanocomposite
Nanoscale copper particles derived from solvated Cu atoms in the activation of m
Influence of I- anions on the formation and stabilization of copper nanoparticle
Organization of copper nanoclusters in Langmuir-Blodgett films
A novel hydrogen sulfide room temperature sensor based on copper nanocluster fun
The influence of potassium bromide on the properties of nanocrystalline copper h
Spontaneous generation of charged clusters of a few nanometers during thermal ev
Fatigue crack nucleation of pure copper single crystals in 1 M NaNO2 aqueous sol
Nano-scale copper-coated graphite as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Stress corrosion crack propagation behaviour of ultra-fine grained copper produc
Nanostructuring of a sodium dodecyl sulfate-covered Au(111) electrode
Field emission from crystalline copper sulphide nanowire arrays
Characteristics of thin films of hexagonal boron nitride mixed with copper contr
TBPP molecules on copper surfaces: a low temperature scanning tunneling microsco
Experimental viscosity measurements for copper oxide nanoparticle suspensions
Sonochemical synthesis of copper selenides nanocrystals with different phases
Optical absorption of copper nanoparticles dispersed within pores of monolithic
Preparation of copper monosulfide and nickel monosulfide nanoparticles by sonoch
Synthesis of copper oxide nanoparticles using carbon nanotubes as templates
Size effect of copper precipitation particles on electrochemical nanoscopic galv
Electrode modification by electron-induced patterning of self-assembled monolaye
Fabrication of an amorphous carbon tube from copper oxide whisker
Preparation and microstructure of nanoscale TiB2/Cu in-situ composites
Preparation and properties of TiB2 nanoparticle reinforced copper matrix composi
The effect of SiO2/Al2O3 molar ratio in mordenite upon the optical appearance of
Lattice Monte Carlo simulation of copper clustering process
The quantitative correlation of nanoscopic and macroscopic measurements of adhes
High-temperature stability of a nanostructured Cu-Al2O3 alloy
Interfaces in copper nanoconnections
Influence of magnesium and aluminium ions on the copper a.c. deposition into alu
Using atomic layer deposition to prepare future-generation copper diffusion barr
Characterisation of cobalt/copper multilayers obtained by electrodeposition
Simulation of chemical mechanical planarization of copper with molecular dynamic
Hyper-Rayleigh scattering studies of silver, copper, and platinum nanoparticle s
Electroforming of copper structures at nanometer-sized gaps of self-assembled mo
Synthesis and electrode properties of nanocrystalline lithium copper iron oxide
Fabrication of palladium-based microelectronic devices by microcontact printing
Nanocrystalline grain structures developed in commercial purity Cu by low-temper
High abrasion resistance with sparse mineralization: copper biomineral in worm j
Influence of consolidation parameters on the microstructure and hardness of bulk
The influence of copper nanopowders on microstructure and hardness of lead-tin s
CuO nanowires can be synthesized by heating copper substrates in air
In situ structure evolution from Cu(OH)2 nanobelts to copper nanowires
Kinetics-limited surface structures at the nanoscale
Ion-induced chemical vapor deposition of copper films with nanocellular microstr
Signs of progress with packaging Cu low-k chips
Electrochemistry of Cu3N with lithium
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Cosolvent-assisted spray pyrolysis for the generation of metal particles
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Nanoparticles to improve mass transport inside deep recesses
DNA-templated construction of copper nanowires
A no-power microcircuit
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Influence of temperature on tensile and fatigue behavior of nanoscale copper usi
Analytical electron microscopy and focused ion beam: complementary tool for the
Preparation of carbon nanotube encapsulated copper nanowires and their use as a
Synthesis of well-ordered CuO nanofibers by a self-catalytic growth mechanism
Nonlinear absorption of visible light in silicate glasses doped with copper nano
Pt electrodeposition on a copper surface modified with 3-mercaptopropyltrimethox
Sol-gel derived silica films with ultrafine copper, copper sulfide and copper se
Controlling copper reducibility in mordenites by varying the SiO2/Al2O3 molar ra
A maximum in the strength of nanocrystalline copper
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Strength of Ta-Si interfaces by molecular dynamics
Effects of doped copper on electrochemical performance of the raw carbon nanotub
Nonlinear optical susceptibilities of copper- and silver-doped silicate glasses
Diodelike behavior in glass-metal nanocomposites
Electrical resistivity of copper containing solid krypton precipitates
A nanoindentation study of copper films on oxidised silicon substrates
An investigation of smooth nano-sized copper seed layers on TiN and TaSiN by new
Photochemical formation of copper nanoparticles in poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone)
Supercritical fluid preparation of copper nanotubes and nanowires using mesoporo
Growth of self-assembled copper nanostructure on conducting polymer by electrode
Growth mechanisms of copper nanocrystals on thin polypyrrole films by electroche
Photoluminescence of embedded copper nanoclusters in soda-lime glass
Molecular-dynamics study of mechanical properties of nanoscale copper with vacan
Electrical characterization of electrochemically grown single copper nanowires
Nonlinear properties of composites based on dielectric layers containing copper
Structure and thermostability of fibre-like submicrocrystalline copper
Field emission from amorphous-carbon nanotips on copper
Rietveld refinement study of nanocrystalline copper doped zirconia
Electrochemical copper deposition in etched ion track membranes
Nonlinear absorption in dielectric layers containing copper nanoparticles
Effects of nanofiber treatments on the properties of vapor-grown carbon fiber re
Semiempirical dynamic phase diagrams of nanocrystalline products during copper(I
Pd nanoparticles as a new activator for electroless copper deposition
Preparation, structure and mechanical properties of nanostructured copper-carbon
Molecular dynamics simulations of ultra-thin Cu nanowires
Chemical- or radiation-assisted selective dealloying in bimetallic nanoclusters
Effect of fractal-matrix resonators on the structure of copper films
Melting and breaking of ultrathin copper nanobridges
Origin of positive charging of nanometer-sized clusters generated during thermal
A pulsed low-hardness X-ray source for radiography in explosive experiments
Is the anion the major parameter in the shape control of nanocrystals?
Stress-induced optical anisotropy in polycrystalline copper studied by reflectio
Copper in glazes of renaissance luster pottery: nanoparticles, ions, and local e
Structures of ultrathin copper nanowires encapsulated in carbon nanotubes
Surface magnetism of nanocrystalline copper monoxide
Preparation and granularity control of nanosized copper particles by flow-levita
Nanometer-scale switches using copper sulfide
A microwave assisted heating method for the preparation of copper sulfide nanoro
Electrochemical characteristic of chemical-mechanical polishing of copper with o
Molecular dynamics simulation of uniaxial tensile deformation and shear deformat
Electroless copper plating on difficultly deposited substrates by using glyoxyli
Influence of crystalline state on internal friction frequency spectrum of copper
Novel complex-assisted photochemical route to the phase control of nanocrystalli
Formation of nanostructured copper filaments in electrochemical deposition
Carbon nanofiber-copper composite powder prepared by electrodeposition
Oxidation behaviour of copper nanorods
Hydrogen embrittlement and electrochemical corrosion behaviors of Cu-IF and micr
Sonochemical synthesis and characterization of copper monosulfide nanoparticles
A simple hydrothermal route to nanocrystalline CuS
Controlled manipulation of a single molecular wire along a copper atomic nanostr
Measurement of Youngs modulus and residual stress of copper film electroplated o
Synthesis of copper oxide nanomaterials and the growth mechanism of copper oxide
Formation of CuO nanowires on Cu foil
Helical carbon nanofibers with a symmetric growth mode
Multi-wall carbon nanotube as a new infrared detected material
Oxygen plasma generated copper/copper oxides nanoparticles
Multichannel electrochemiluminescence of luminol at a copper electrode
Shape-controlled synthesis of copper sulfide nanocrystals via a soft solution ro
Investigation of the mending effect and mechanism of copper nano-particles on a
Ultrahigh strength and high electrical conductivity in copper
Copper nanoparticles encapsulated in multi-shell carbon cages
Novel crosslinking of high-order and multiple copper twins in advanced microelec
Study and optimization of CMP slurry used to tantalum barrier layer of copper in
Preparation of nano sized copper powder by supercritical drying technique
Spontaneous formation of periodic nanostructured film by electrodeposition: expe
A green hydrothermal route to copper nanocrystallites
A transparent coatings for copper surface protection
Electroless plating of carbon nanotube with copper
Rapid synthesis of copper nanoparticles by sodium hypophosphite reduction in eth
Synthesis and characterization of copper selenide nanocrystallite in a reverse m
Effect Of Cu2O on the fabrication of SiCp/Cu nanocomposites using coated particl
Preparation and characterization of anti-oxidation copper nanopowders
Strain-induced orientation of copper oxide nanoislands through decomposition of
Crystalline plasticity on copper (001), (110), and (111) surfaces during nanoind
Application of the quartz crystal microbalance for the investigation of nanotrib
Collections of copper nanocrystals characterized by different sizes and shapes:
Nano-copper powder produced by chemical reduction under ultrasonic field and its
Synthesis and magnetic properties of CoPt3 nanoparticle assemblies containing co
Synthesis of novel copper sulfide hollow spheres generated from copper (II)-thio
A new colloidal precursor cooperative conversion route to nanocrystalline quater
Effects of preannealing on the diffusion barrier properties for ultrathin W-Si-N
Peanut-shaped nanoribbon bundle superstructures of malachite and copper oxide
Heat transfer enhancement of copper nanofluid with acoustic cavitation
Study on the nanoindentation via atomic force microscope and molecular dynamics
Analysis of the tribological mechanisms arising in the chemical mechanical polis
Nanostructural characterization of the dehydrated (NIPA/SA + additive ion) gels
Role of additives for copper damascene electrodeposition
Cu nanowire structures inside carbon nanotubes
Effect of trace elements on tensile behavior of ARBed, high-purity copper
Copper nanocluster diffusion in carbon nanotube
Effect of laser-ablated copper nanoparticles on polymerization of 1,1,3,3-tetrap
Reduced copper diffusion in layered silicate/fluorinated polyimide (6FDA-ODA) na
Carbon nanofiber-copper composites fabricated by electroplating
Fracture behaviors of nanowire-coated metal/polymer systems under mode-I loading
Electrochemical codeposition of copper-strontium hydroxide films from dimethylsu
Size effect of nano-copper films on complex optical constant and permittivity in
Formation and growth of copper nanoparticles from ion-doped precursor polyimide
Microstructure of Cu-TiB2 nanocomposite during spark plasma sintering
XPS analysis and atomic force microscopy observation of micro-liquids adsorbed o
Structural analysis of Cu-Nb filamentary nanocomposite
Bulk conductive polymers prepared from nylon-6/6,9 copolymer/CuCl2 compounds
Copper tubes prepared by electroless deposition in ion track templates
Quadrupole effects in 63Cu NMR spectroscopy of copper nanocrystals
Fabrication and characterization of semiconductor CuCl nanocrystals
The nanoindentation behaviour of hard and soft films on silicon substrates
Magnetic size growth in nanocrystalline copper ferrite
Hybrid solar cells based on porous Si and copper phthalocyanine derivatives
Effect of stacking fault energy on plastic deformation of nanocrystalline face-c
Real-time spectroscopic ellipsometry study of ultrathin diffusion barriers for i
Integrated dielectric trench-depth measurement for dual damascene
Magnetic manipulation of copper-tin nanowires capped with nickel ends
Patterning conductive copper by nanotransfer printing
Length-scale-based hardening model for ultra-small volumes
The effect of Al2O3 nanopowder on Cu electrodeposition
Deformation twinning in nanocrystalline copper at room temperature and low strai
Grain-size effect on the deformation mechanisms of nanostructured copper process
Preparation of copper nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes by electroless plating m
Development of an electrodeposited nanomold from compositionally modulated alloy
Effects of microstructure on the mechanical properties of copper films for high
Synthesis of copper sulfide nanorod arrays on molecular templates
Some aspects of the characterization of decorations on ceramic glazes
Silver and copper nanoclusters in the lusture decoration of Italian Renaissance
Optical absorption of copper nanocluster composite soda-lime glass synthesized b
Antifungal activity of polymer-based copper nanocomposite coatings
Characterisation of decorations on Iranian (10th-13th century) lustreware
Electrochemical synthesis of copper nanotubules in etched ion tracks in polycarb
Production of copper and brass nanoparticles upon laser ablation in liquids
Three-dimensional self-assembled monolayer (3D SAM) of n-alkanethiols on copper
Nanolithography by means of an electrochemical scanning capillary microscope
Copper nanocolloids in MgO crystals implanted with Cu ions
Photoluminescent properties of copper-doped zinc oxide nanowires
Novel synthesis of copper nanoparticles: influence of the synthesis conditions o
Shape-controlled synthesis of copper colloids with a simple chemical route
Optical properties of transparent copper nanorod and nanowire arrays embedded in
Corrosion behavior of copper/LDPE nanocomposites in simulated uterine solution
Corrosion behaviors of nanocrystalline and conventional polycrystalline copper
A novel application of the CuI thin film for preparing thin copper nanowires
Preparation of single-crystal copper ferrite nanorods and nanodisks
Obtaining ultra-long copper nanowires via a hydrothermal process
Tensile properties of copper with nano-scale twins
Electrical conductivity and photoreflectance of nanocrystalline copper nitride t
Biomimetic synthesis of copper group sulphide nanocrystals and their photoelectr
Synthesis of CuO/SiO2 nanocomposite material using adsorption method
Fabrication of the nanometer Al2O3/Cu composite by internal oxidation
Fabrication of copper ferrite nanowalls on ceramic surfaces by an electrochemica
Photoelectrochemistry of pure and core/sheath nanowire arrays of Cu2S directly g
Microstructure and properties of copper matrix composites reinforced by nano-SiC
Synthesis of copper sulfide nanotube in the hydrogel system
Hydrothermal fabrication of copper sulfide nanocones and nanobelts
The manipulation of Cu subsurface interstitial atoms with scanning tunneling mic
Magnetic properties of copper as a constituent of nanobridges formed between spa
Contemporary golden-like lusters on ceramics: morphological, chemical, and struc
Fabrication of copper oxide nanofluid using submerged arc nanoparticle synthesis
Some structural and optical properties of copper and copper oxide nanoparticles
Cu-alkali ion exchange in glass: a model for the copper diffusion based on XAFS
A heterostructure composed of conjugated polymer and copper sulfide nanoparticle
Raman signature modification induced by copper nanoparticles in silicate glass
Speciation of nano-copper collected in molecular sieves from chemical-mechanical
Reliability studies of narrow Cu lines
Nanocomposites of metallic copper and spinel ferrite films: Growth and self-asse
Synthesis and characterization of ion-crafted nano/micro field ion emitters
Cementation-induced recovery of self-assembled ultrafine copper powders from spe
Mechanical and structural properties of electrodeposited copper and their relati
Characterization of copper-cementite nanocomposite produced by mechanical alloyi
Atomistic simulation of nanoindentation into copper multilayers
Preparation and characterization of a conjugated polymer and copper nanoparticle
Optical properties of planar structures containing oxidized copper nanoparticles
Selective attachment of 1,4-Benzenedimethanethiol on the copper mediated Si(111)
Ion synthesis of copper nanoparticles in sapphire and their modification by high
Synthesis of CTAB-IPA reduced copper nanoparticles
Electrically conductive composite powders and compounds produced with solid stat
Morphosynthesis and ornamentation of 3D dendritic nanoarchitectures
The influence of the alumina barrier-layer thickness on the subsequent AC growth
Effect of ac electrodeposition conditions on the growth of high aspect ratio cop
Surface plasmon effect in nanocrystalline copper/DLC composite films by an elect
Silver and copper clusters and small particles stabilized within nanoporous sili
Studies on mechanical behavior of nanovolumes of high-purity copper
Nanocomposites TiB2-Cu: consolidation and erosion behavior
Selective electroless copper deposition on aluminum nitride substrate with patte
Fabrication of a bionic superhydrophobic metal surface by sulfur-induced morphol
Resistivity and Seebeck coefficient measurements of a bismuth microwire array
Effect of trace phosphorous on tensile behavior of accumulative roll bonded oxyg
Heat-resistant epoxy-silicon hybrid materials for printed wiring boards
Fundamental verification of ultraviolet-excited abrasion and polishing character
Vickers hardness and deformation of Ni/Cu nano-multilayers electrodeposited on c
Structure of copper oxide particles produced in an electric field
Out with the old in with the new
Influence of stacking fault energy on nanostructure formation under high pressur
Performance comparison between carbon nanotube and copper interconnects for giga
Ultrahigh strength and high ductility of bulk nanocrystalline copper
On the measurement of lattice parameters in a collection of nanoparticles by tra
Nanostructured electrochemical sensors based on functionalized nanoporous silica
Structure and properties of electrocodeposited Cu-Al2O3 nanocomposite thin films
Growth and characterization of copper nanoclusters embedded in SiC matrix
Electron-hole pair relaxation dynamics in binary copper-based semiconductor quan
Synthesis of assembled copper nanoparticles from copper-chelating glycolipid nan
Novel silver nanostructures from silver mirror reaction on reactive substrates
Cleaning options for copper/ultralow-k structures
Molecular dynamics study of a nano-particle joint for potential lead-free anisot
Nanometer size copper particles in copper chromite catalysts
Neutron diffraction studies of nuclear order in silver at pK temperatures
Mechanisms for optical nonlinearities and ultrafast carrier dynamics in CuxS nan
Tensile and fracture behavior of free-standing copper films
Enantioselective synthesis of copper(I) bipyridine based helicates by chiral tem
Fractal growth of copper in a gel medium
Photothermal dynamics at the surface of copper phthalocyanine solid revealed by
A method for synthesizing large quantifies of carbon nanotubes and encapsulated
The initial stages of the growth of copper on a (1x1) and a (root 31x root 31)R+