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C/SiC/ZrO2陶瓷基复合材料的制备和性能/Preparation and performance of C/SiC/ZrO2 ceramic compos
三维碳纤维预制体/陶瓷复合材料的制备及性能研究/Preparation and Properties of 3-D Carbon Fiber Preform /
多孔氧化铝模板的制备以及应用探索/Preparation of Porous Alumina Template and Its Application
复合银催化剂的制备及其在多碳醇选择性氧化反应中的催化性能/Synthesis and characterization of complex silver ba
ISSG在集成电路中的应用/ISSG process
用于醇液相氧化的绿色新催化体系研究/New Green Catalysis Systems for Liquid Phase Oxidation of Alco
SPM在电子材料及其制备工艺的表征与分析中的应用研究/Application study of characterization and analysis on
水稻乙醇酸氧化酶催化与调节特性研究/Catalytical and regulatory property of glycolate oxidase from
新型钼系催化材料绿色催化氧化研究/The study of green oxidation catalysis based on new molybdenum
小城镇污水处理方案技术经济分析/Technical Analysis and Economic Comparison of the Projects to Tr
负载NiO的KA_2Nb_3O10(A= Ca, Sr)制备及其光催化降解酸性红3B的研究/
铸造Al-Si合金微等离子体氧化陶瓷膜的获得及其特性研究/Acquisition and research on property of micro-arc o
水解酸化—生物接触氧化法处理水溶性染料废水的试验研究/Experimental research on treatment of printing and dy
四磺酸基酞菁镍用作直接甲醇燃料电池阳极助催化剂的研究/Research on nickel phthalocyanine-tetrasulfonic as co
新型钼系催化材料绿色催化氧化研究/The study of green oxidation catalysis based on new molybdenum
3D C/SiC复合材料的环境氧化行为
Enhanced oxidation resistance of nanocrystalline FeBSi materials
Oxidation behavior of aluminum nanopowders
Role of the oxygen molecule and of the photogenerated electron in TiO2-photocata
Oxidation behavior of aluminum nanopowders
Role of the oxygen molecule and of the photogenerated electron in TiO2-photocata
Covalent micro/nanocomposite resistant to high-temperature oxidation
Impact of new guidelines for disinfection by-products on drinking water treatmen
Influence of moisture on the oxidation rate of iron in NaNO3 and KNO3 melts
XPS investigation of surface oxidation and reduction in nanocrystalline CexLa1-x
Device fabrication by scanned probe oxidation
Low temperature UV oxidation of SiGe for preparation of Ge nanocrystals in SiO2
v(Si-H) absorption band as a sensor of the oxidation of a silicon carbide surfac
Purification and characterization of buckminsterfullerene, nanotubes and their b
Ultraviolet light emission from oxidized porous silicon
Oxidation and crystallization of an amorphous Zr60Al15Ni25 alloy
On the catalysis of ferrous sulphate oxidation in autoclaves by nitrates and nit
Oxidation protective carbon layer for magnetic particles by surfactant reduction
Oxidation kinetics of amorphous, polycrystalline, and nanocrystalline Co33Zr67 a
Low energy synthesis of an [NZP] material using oxidation of metals
Kinetics of enhanced thermal oxidation of silicon carbide using amorphization by
Size and pressure effects in the oxidation of nano-Fe
Nanocrystalline ceria sol-gel coatings for high temperature applications
Electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol on polypyrrole film modified with platinu
Oxidation-induced toughening and strengthening of Y2O3/SiC nanocomposites
Synthesis of the alumina nanoparticles in the process of metal oxidation in ther
Effect of nanocrystallization on the selective oxidation and adhesion of Al[vv 2
Oxidation and antioxidation of nanocrystalline powders of Nd-Fe-B
Characterisation of high temperature oxidation of Nd-Fe-B magnets
TEM and IBA study of the thermal oxidation of V following high dose He implantat
Nanostructuring of laser-deposited Ti films by self-limited oxidation
Preparation of nc-Ge embedded in SiO2 matrix and observation of visible photolum
Oxidation of fullerenes by ozone
Integration of wet oxidation and nanofiltration for treatment of recalcitrant or
Influence of oxidation on optical diffuse reflectance spectra in nanoscale silic
Electron-beam-induced oxidation for single-electron devices
Development of catalytic combustion technology of VOC materials by anodic oxidat
Cyclic oxidation of Ni-La[sb 2]O[sb 3] composite coatings electrodeposited on ni
Oxidation of MoSi2/SiC nanolayered composite
Surface nanocrystallization of 310S stainless steel and its effect on oxidation
Effects of nanoparticulate SiC upon the oxidation behavior of C-SiC-B4C composit
Hypothetical microbial consortium that stabilizes oxygen-gradient in chemosynthe
Electrochemical oxidation of Y-Ba-Cu-O high-Tc superconductors
Influence of crystallographic orientation of nickel surface on oxidation inhibit
Nano-oxidation of vanadium thin films using atomic force microscopy
Basic mechanisms of an atomic force microscope tip-induced nano-oxidation proces
Electrochemical modifications at the nanometer scale on Si(100) surfaces with sc
Selective gas-phase oxidation at oxide nanoparticles on microporous materials
In situ and ex situ ellipsometry comparison of the interfaces of Si and GaAs res
Early stages of high temperature oxidation of an Al-0.5 wt% Mg alloy
Nanolithography by local anodic oxidation of metal films using an atomic force m
Two-dimensional nanowire array formation on Si substrate using self-organized na
Phase separation of ZnFe2O4-Fe3O4 solid solution during low temperature oxidatio
Preparation and enhanced photocatalytic oxidation activity of surface-modified C
New cation-deficient vanadium-iron spinels with a high vacancy content
Novel nanofabrication process for InAs/AlGaSb heterostructures utilizing atomic
Si nanostructures fabricated by nanoscale local oxidation using an ECR plasma ni
Oxidation reaction during sliding wear influencing the formation of either amorp
Nanometer-scale patterning fabricated by selecting local oxidation of silicon su
Morphology of nanoscale deposits of ruthenium oxide in silica aerogels
Oxidation of nanocrystalline Mo-Si-N and nanolayered Mo-Si-N/SiC coatings
Titanium nanostructures made by local oxidation with the atomic force microscope
Mechanical properties and oxidation behavior of Ti-Si-N films prepared by plasma
Properties of phenoxyl radical of dehydrozingerone, a probable antioxidant
Load-Independent Friction: MoO3 Nanocrystal Lubricants
Reactive dye house wastewater treatment. Use of hybrid technology: Membrane, son
Effect of microstructure change on oxide formation of sputtered Ni-3Cr-10Al nano
Electrochemical properties of polyalizarin violet modified electrode and its ele
Electrochemical properties of capillary electrophoresis-nanoelectrospray mass sp
Nanometre-scale oxidation of silicon surfaces by dynamic force microscopy: Repro
Physicochemical processes
Electrocatalysts in anodic methanol oxidation
Promoted graphite oxidation in the presence of Cs trapped between basal planes
Influence of the nanostructure and morphology of (VO)2P2O7 on its catalytic reac
Scanning electron microscopy study of carbon nanotubes heated at high temperatur
SiC/Si3N4 Nanocomposites with Excellent High-Temperature Long-Term Behaviour
Air oxidation of a nanocrystalline Cu-10 wt%Ni alloy at 800 °C
Novel technique of nanometer-size fabrication by using conventional photolithogr
Core-shell gold nanoparticle assembly as novel electrocatalyst of CO oxidation
Oxygenation of hydrocarbons using nanostructured TiO2 as a photocatalyst: A gree
Anodic characteristic during anodizing of electron-beam evaporation Aluminum fil
Studies on electrocatalytic performance of titanium oxide electrode modified wit
Electrocatalytic oxidation of NADH at the self-assembled monolayer of nickel(II)
Modeling gold nanoparticles: Morphology electron structure, and catalytic activi
Heterophase mechanisms of thermal oxidation of polymers. Novel horizons
Supported micelles in biphasic oxidation catalysis
Size effects on the electrochemical oxidation of oxalic acid on nanocrystalline
Studies in treatment of disperse dye waste: Membrane-wet oxidation process
Supported chromia catalysts for oxidation of organic compounds the state of chro
Metal sols as a useful tool for heterogeneous gold catalyst preparation: Reinves
Gate oxide prepared by nanometre silicon wet oxidation at low temperature for Si
Advances in the catalysis of Au nanoparticles
Oxidation properties of hydrogen-terminated Si(001) surfaces following use of a
Aluminizing coating and aluminizing-Y2O3 coating deposited by pulsed spark
Electrocatalytic oxidation for formic acid and formaldehyde on platinum implante
Internal oxidation technology and kinetics of the alloy Cu-Al
Oxidation kinetics of an amorphous silicon carbonitride ceramic
Surface control of oxidation by an adsorbed RuIV-oxo complex
Leaching of amorphous V- and Ti-containing porous silica catalysts in liquid pha
Deposition of hydroquinone-thiosulfate on gold by means of anodic oxidation
In situ XPS study of the oxygen passivation process in vapour-condensed nanocrys
Oxidation of a three-dimensional polymeric iron(II) complex with sodium nitrite
Transformations in cobalt amalgam - from a homogeneous Co amalgam to nanocrystal
Air oxidation at 600-800°C of two nanophase Co-50wt% Cu alloys prepared by m
Catalytic activity of CeO2-ZrO2 mixed oxide catalysts prepared via sol-gel techn
Theoretical study of structure and Raman spectra for models of carbon nanotubes
Enhanced nano-oxidation on a SC1-treated Si surface using atomic force microscop
Probing Mass Change Characteristics in Nanostructured Gold Catalysts
Patterning of solid surfaces by photocatalytic lithography based on the remote o
Oxidation of diazinon by anodic Fenton treatment
Gas-phase photo-oxidation of organic compounds over nanosized TiO2 photocatalyst
Studies of catalytic aerobic oxidation with nanostructured amorphous metals, all
Photo-oxidation effects on mechanical properties of epoxy matrixes: Youngs modul
Nanoparticle spinel catalysts for heterogeneous oxidation from allylic alcohols
Anodic oxidation of hydrazine at carbon nanotube powder microelectrode and its d
Aqueous chemistry of transition metals in oxidation state (I) in nanodroplets
Moderate temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline Co3O4 via gel hydrothermal oxi
On better understanding of dispersion-separation mechanism in internal oxidation
Electrooxidation of small organic molecules on mesoporous precious metal catalys
Grain size effects on the oxidation of two-phase Cu-Fe alloys
Nitrosation of the oxidation products of hexabenzylhexaazaisowurtzitane
Gold supported on surface acidity modified Y-type and iron/Y-type zeolite for CO
Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy Study on the Photophysical Behavior of Q
Oxidation of rapidly solidified Mg87Ni12Y1 alloy
Kinetic model for FE(II) oxidation in seawater in the absence and presence of na
Controlled Purification of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films by Use of Selecti
Surface Chemical Control of Mechanical Energy Losses in Micromachined Silicon St
Kinetics of diesel nanoparticle oxidation
Correlation of alkane oxidation performance with STM and tunneling spectroscopy
An investigation of nanostructured vanadia/titania catalysts for the oxidation o
Selective oxidation of single-walled carbon nanotubes using carbon dioxide
Mesoporous polyhedral cages and shells formed by textured self-assembly of ZnO n
Fabrication of mesoscopic devices using atomic force macroscopic electric field
Chemiluminescence investigation of thermo-oxidative degradation of polyethylenes
Liquid phase oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons using highly ordered Nb and NbCo
AuPD bimetallic nanoparticles on TiO22: XRD, TEM, in situ EXAFS studies and cata
Oxidation kinetics of nickel nanoparticles from chemical reduction method
Reliability improvement of rapid thermal oxide using gas switching
Formation of atomic-scale germanium quantum dots by selective oxidation of SiGe/
Zeolite-confined nano-RuO2: A green, selective, and efficient catalyst for aerob
Highly enhanced photocatalytic oxidation of CO on titania deposited with Pt nano
Modulation of electrode performance and in situ observation of proton transport
On the re-oxidation of silicon(0 0 1) surfaces modified by self-assembled monola
Preparation of methanol oxidation electrocatalysts: Ruthenium deposition on carb
Purification of single walled carbon nanotubes by thermal gas phase oxidation
Partial electrochemical oxidation of phenol on ceramic-based flat-sheet type ele
Minute current detection during anodic oxidation by atomic force microscope at h
Mechanism analysis of AFM tip induced oxidation of Ti in air
Photocatalytic oxidation of cyclohexane over TiO2 nanoparticles by molecular oxy
Effect of grain size on the oxidation behavior of Cu-20Ni-20Cr alloy
Present situation and development of nanomachining based on scanning probe micro
Nickel electroless deposition process on chemically pretreated Si(100) wafers in
Anodic oxidation of ethanol on inorganic membrane-based electrodes
Hybrid process of microarc oxidation and hydrothermal treatment of titanium impl
Electrochemical oxidation of ethylene glycol on Pd-CeO2/C catalysts
Controlled synthesis of platinum catalysts on Au nanoparticles and their electro
Ethanol electro-oxidation with Pt and Pt-Ru catalysts supported on carbon nanotu
Direct oxidation of propane to acrolein over MCM41 -supported MoVTe mixed oxide
Effect of nano-size nickel particles on wear resistance and high temperature oxi
Effects of conductive polyaniline (PANI) preparation and platinum electrodeposit
Purification of CVD synthesized single-wall carbon nanotubes by different acid o
Copper oxide catalysts supported on ceria for low-temperature CO oxidation
Optimal particle size for reaction rate oscillation in CO oxidation on nanometer
Preliminary research on the liquid phase oxidation of natural graphite flakes an
TiO2 supported nano-Au catalysts prepared via solvated metal atom impregnation f
The effect of micro-morphology of Bi2O3 on catalytic properties of Co/Bi catalys
Magnetic nanostructures fabricated by the atomic force microscopy nano-lithograp
Ethanol electrooxidation on a carbon-supported Pt catalyst: Reaction kinetics an
Oxidation reactions of Zr-based metallic glasses
Partial oxidation of polyvalent oxygen substituted compounds on nano-scale gold
Position-specified formation of epitaxial Si grains on thermally oxidized Si(001
On the mechanism of low temperature oxidation for aluminum particles down to the
Well-ordered ultra-thin Al2O3 film formation on NiAl(1 1 0) by high-temperature
Hierarchical nano-structuring of metal oxide catalysts - Part 1: Influence of na
Photo-oxidation of Polypropylene/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites. 1. Influence of
Electro-oxidation of methanol diffused through proton exchange membrane on Pt su
Ni/SiC: A stable and active catalyst for catalytic partial oxidation of methane
Low-temperature cyclic oxidation behavior of MoSi2/SiC nanocomposite coating for
Low temperature selective CO oxidation in excess of H2 over Pt/Ce-ZrO2 catalysts
InP patterning using contact mode and non-contact AFM lithography for quantum do
Formation and size control of ZnO nanowires on Al-Zn-Si-Fe alloy by directed mel
Electrochemically grown tin oxide thin films: In situ characterization of electr
Multiple layer local oxidation for fabricating semiconductor nanostructures
Sol-gel derived Pt-Ir mixed catalysts for DMFC applications
Electrochemical oxidation of methanol on Pt nanoparticles dispersed on RuO2
Mechanochemically activated nano-aluminiurn: Oxidation behaviour
Anodic oxidation of formaldehyde on Pt-modified SnO2 thin film electrodes prepar
Synthesis of manganese ferrite nanoparticles in macroporous styrene-divinylbenze
Methane oxidation over nanocrystalline LaCo1-xFe xO3: Resistance to SO2 poisonin
Nanocrystalline CeO2 increases the activity of Au for CO oxidation by two orders
Oxidation of CO and C3 hydrocarbons on gold dispersed on oxide supports
Supported foam-copper catalysts for methanol selective oxidation
Activity and stability of rare earth-based hydride alloys as catalysts of hydrog
FTIR study of the ethanol electrooxidation on Pt(100) modified by osmium nanodep
Two-dimensional electron transport through a barrier prepared by tip-induced oxi
Structural features and catalytic properties of Fe-Co oxide nanosystems in CO ox
Effect of the Cu electrode formation conditions and surface nano-scale roughness
Catalytic activity of CuS nanoparticles in hydrosulfide ions air oxidation
Deactivation of nanosize gold supported on zirconia in Co oxidation
Modification of Au/MgO catalysts used in low temperature CO oxidation with Mn an
Electrochemical detection of carbohydrates at carbon-nanotube modified glassy-ca
A Mechanistic Model for Mercury Capture with In Situ-Generated Titania Particles
Surface Oxidation States in Si/SiO2 Nanostructures Prepared from Si/SiO2 Mixture
Solution redox chemistry of carbon nanotubes
Oxidation of alkylsilane-based monolayers on gold
Porous tin oxides prepared using an anodic oxidation process
Methanol reactions over oxygen-modified re surfaces: Influence of surface struct
Preparation of SnO2 nanowires by AC electrodeposition in anodic alumina template
Study on CO selective oxidation catalysts in hydrogen-rich gas
XPS study on MWNTs surface treated by anodic oxidation
Electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol on the glassy carbon electrode modified w
Study on oxidation kinetics of carbon nanotubes by temperature programmed oxidat
Needle-shape ZnO nanopowder prepared by two-step oxidation of zinc nanoparticles
Effect of grain refinement on the resistance of 304 stainless steel to breakaway
ZnO nanoparticle films prepared by oxidation of metallic zinc in H 2O2 solution
TS-1 oxidation of aniline to azoxybenzene in a microstructured reactor
Controlled electrochemical oxidation for enhancing the capacitance of carbon nan
Kinetic analysis of oxidation of carbon nanotubes, C60 and graphite using mechan
Restructuring and redispersion of silver on SiO2 under oxidizing/reducing atmosp
Characterization and CO oxidation catalytic behavior of CuO/CeO2 catalysts
Fabrication of titanium oxide nanotube arrays by anodic oxidation
Simple fabrication of nano-sized NiO2 powder and its application to oxidation re
Gold nanoparticles in mesoporous materials showing catalytic selective oxidation
Nanosecond laser-induced photochemical oxidation method for protein surface mapp
Mechanical behavior and oxidation resistance of Cr(Al)N coatings
Oxidation of Ni-toughened nc-TiN/a-SiNx nanocomposite thin films
Tailoring of epitaxial CoSi2/Si nanostructures by low temperature wet oxidation
Atomic force microscopy local oxidation of silicon nitride thin films for mask f
Electrochemical oxidation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and its application t
One electron oxidation induced dimerization of 5-hydroxytryptophol: Role of 5-hy
Promotion effects in the oxidation of CO over zeolite-supported Pt nanoparticles
Violet luminescence in Ge nanocrystals/Ge oxide structures formed by dry oxidati
Preparation of noble metal supported carbon electrodes using photochemically red
Room temperature oxidation kinetics of Si nanoparticles in air, determined by x-
Preparation and chemiresistive properties of nanostructured materials
Oxidation kinetics of ion-amorphized (0001) 6H-SiC: Competition between oxidatio
Modeling and experimental validation of sharpening mechanism based on thermal ox
Role of stress in the self-limiting oxidation of copper nanoparticles
Bimetallic Pt/Pd diesel oxidation catalysts: Structural characterisation and cat
Electro-oxidation of methanol on gold nanoparticles supported on Pt/MoOx/C
Localized electrochemical oxidation of thin Nb Films in microscopic and nanoscop
Liquid phase oxidation of glycerol over carbon supported gold catalysts
Size-dependent electrochemical behavior of thiol-capped CdTe nanocrystals in aqu
Solvent-free oxidation of primary alcohols to aldehydes using supported gold cat
Effect of gold coating on local oxidation using an atomic force microscope
Preparation of nano-gold in zeolites for CO oxidation: Effects of structures and
A survey of endocrine disrupting chemicals in sewage and a preliminary treatment
How bimetallic electrocatalysts does work for reactions involved in fuel cells?:
High catalytic activity for CO oxidation of gold nanoparticles confined in acidi
Growth mechanism and characterization of chemical oxide films produced in peroxi
Gas-tight alumina films on nanoporous substrates through oxidation of sputtered
The oxidation of water by cerium(IV) catalysed by nanoparticulate RuO 2 on mesop
Nanocluster iron oxide-silica aerogel catalysts for methanol partial oxidation
Conformal anodic oxidation of aluminum thin films
NaFeEDTA decomposition and hematite nanoparticle formation in supercritical wate
Nano-crystalline ceria catalysts for the abatement of polycyclic aromatic hydroc
Characterization and photooxidative behaviour of nanocomposites formed with poly
Low resistance AL2 O3 magnetic tunnel junctions optimized through in situ conduc
Photooxidation of ethylene-propylene-diene/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Silver nanostructured catalyst for modification of dielectrics surface
Kinetics of oxidation in various forms of carbon
Catalytic soot oxidation in microscale experiments
Photo-oxidation of sPP/organoclay nanocomposites
Chemical composition of GaAs oxides grown by local anodic oxidation: A spatially
Understanding the difference in oxidative properties between flame and diesel so
Immobilization of myoglobin on phosphate and phosphonate grafted-zirconia nanopa
Synthesis of pillared clays containing Al, Al-Fe or Al-Ce-Fe from a bentonite: C
The formation mechanism of aluminum oxide tunnel barriers: Three-dimensional ato
Modification of carbon composites by nanoceramic compounds
Selective catalytic oxidation of ammonia to nitrogen at low temperature on Pt/Cu
Platinum catalysts supported on MWNT for catalytic wet air oxidation of nitrogen
Removal of phenol and derivatives from aqueous solutions by electropolymerizatio
Multilayer growth of conductive polyaniline: A two-pot, alternate, oxidation and
Ion beam analysis of the dry thermal oxidation of thin polycrystalline SiGe film
Sonochemical oxidation of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Low-temperature activation conditions for PAMAM dendrimer templated Pt nanoparti
Magnetically induced carbon nanotube-mediated control of electrochemical reactiv
Thermal oxidation profiling of single-walled carbon nanotubes
PtRu/carbon nanotube nanocomposite synthesized in supercritical fluid: A novel e
Oxidation of nanomolar level of Fe(II) with oxygen in natural waters
5-Hydroxytryptophan as a precursor of a catalyst for the oxidation of NADH
The PCO process for photochemical removal of mercury from flue gas
Effect of polymorphic phase transformations in Al2O3 film on oxidation kinetics
Microstructure, composition and oxidation resistance of nanostructured NiAl and
Synthesis and oxidation behavior of nanocrystalline MCrAIY bond coatings
Catalytically active gold: The role of cluster morphology
Bromine mediated partial oxidation of ethane over nanostructured zirconia suppor
Electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol: Carbon-supported gold-platinum nanoparti
Selectivity issues in (amm)oxidation catalysis
The influence of a cerium additive on ultrafine diesel particle emissions and ki
X-ray absorption spectroscopy and CO oxidation activity of Au/Al 2O3 treated wit
Catalytic oxidation of CO by aqueous polyoxometalates on carbon-supported gold n
Synthesis of TiO2 photocatalysts in supercritical CO2 via a non-hydrolytic route
Oxidation of nanometer-sized iron particles
Nanometer-scale oxidation of Si(100) surfaces by tapping mode atomic force micro
Nanoscale oxide patterns on Si(100) surfaces
Nanometer-scale field-induced oxidation of Si(111):H by a conducting-probe scann
The influence of moisture on the oxidation rate of iron in NaNO3 and KNO3 melts
Effect of sodium nitrate and sodium peroxide deposits on high temperature oxidat
Chemical approach to nanofabrication: modifications of silicon surfaces patterne
Carbon nanotubes as removable templates for metal oxide nanocomposites and nanos
Wet oxidation of amorphous and crystalline Si1-x-yGexCy alloys grown on (100)Si
Laser direct writing of oxide structures on hydrogen-passivated silicon surfaces
Light emission from germanium nanoparticles formed by ultraviolet assisted oxida
Characterization of large-area arrays of nanoscale Si tips fabricated using ther
Room temperature operated single electron transistor by STM nano-oxidation proce
Photoluminescence peak energy evolution for porous silicon during photo-oxidatio
Study of dry oxidation of triangle shaped silicon nanostructure
Nano-trenched local oxidation of silicon isolation using island polysilicon grai
Current-dependent silicon oxide growth during scanned probe lithography
Nanostructured metal oxide clusters by oxidation of stabilized metal clusters wi
Metastable cubic and tetragonal zirconium dioxide, prepared by thermal oxidation
Characterization of laser synthesized silicon nitride powders with nanoscale by
Nanooxidation using a scanning probe microscope: an analytical model based on fi
Microsecond photoluminescence decay and oxidation of porous silicon
Fabrication of nanometer-size Si wires using a bevel SiO2 wall as an electron cy
Electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol on platinum nanoparticles electrodeposite
Microfabrication of oxidation-sharpened silicon tips on silicon nitride cantilev
Improvement of oxidation resistance of ultrafine copper powders by phosphating t
Cyclic oxidation of Ni-La2O3 composite coatings electrodeposited on nickel and F
Effect of nanocrystallization on oxidation resistance of TiAl intermetallic comp
Synthesis of nanoparticles of aluminium oxide in oxidation of metal in thermal p
Studies of the oxidation mechanism of yttrium implanted chromium using XAFS and
Photo-oxidation of germanium nanostructures deposited by the cluster-beam evapor
The effect of nanocrystallization on the selective oxidation and adhesion of Al2
Resonantly excited photoluminescence from porous silicon: effects of surface oxi
Oxidation resistance of sputtered Ni3(AlCr) nanocrystalline coating
Electrochemical oxidation of La2CuO4 in fused nitrates
Effect of some sodium salts coatings on the high-temperature oxidation of Nimoni
Synthesis of nanostructured goethite and magnetite particles from the oxidation
Time-resolved VLEED from the O-Cu(001): atomic processes of oxidation
Fabrication of nanometer-size Si quantum wires
Hydrogen solubility in Pd/Al2O3 composites prepared by internal oxidation of Pd-
The nanocrystalline ceria sol-gel coatings for high temperature applications
Oxidation kinetics and mechanisms of ceramic-carbon composites. I. Modeling for
Solid state electrochemical characterisation of nanostructured silver prepared b
Optical measurements of oxidation behavior of silver nanometer particle within p
Single electron transistor fabricated by the STM/AFM nano-oxidation process
Stress effects induced in SiGe strained layers by low-temperature ultraviolet-as
Oxidation in wire HVOF-sprayed steel
Current-induced local oxidation of metal films: Mechanism and quantum-size effec
Direct evidence of the formation of Al2Au nanocrystals at the alloy-film interfa
Structure and oxidation patterns of carbon nanotubes
Understanding scanned probe oxidation of silicon
Study on thermal oxidation of Si nanowires
Ratios of ferrous to ferric iron from nanometre-sized areas in minerals
Oxidation-induced strengthening and toughening behavior in micro- and nano-compo
Local oxidation of silicon surfaces by dynamic force microscopy: Nanofabrication
Wet oxidation of amorphous Si0.67Ge0.25C0.08 grown on (100) Si substrates
Oxidation behaviour of alumina-silicon carbide nanocomposites
A study on the oxidation and carbon diffusion of TiC in alumina-titanium carbide
In-plane gates and nanostructures fabricated by direct oxidation of semiconducto
Atomic transport across the interfaces during the formation of ultrathin silicon
Optical properties and luminescence mechanism of oxidized free-standing porous s
STM studies of the characteristics of the surface fabrication process using chem
A simple and complete purification of single-walled carbon nanotube materials
Chemically assisted oxidation of silicon nitride
Oxidation behavior of sputtered Ni-3Cr-20Al nanocrystalline coating
Nanometer-scale patterning fabricated by selective local oxidation of silicon su
The effect of nanocrystallization on the oxidation resistance of Ni-5Cr-5Al allo
Oxidation kinetics of sputtered Ni-5Cr-5Al nanocrystalline coating at 900°C
Effect of long-term oxidation on creep and failure of Si3N4 and Si3N4/SiC nanoco
GDOES depth profiling analysis of a thin surface film on aluminium
Efficient polymerization of aniline at carbon nanotube electrodes
Effects of the final oxidation step on N and O distributions in silicon oxide/ni
Oxidation behavior of nanocrystalline Al alloys containing 5 and 10 at.% Ti
Magnesium surface segregation and oxidation in Al-Mg alloys studied with local p
Oxidation behaviour of nanocrystalline Fe-Ni-Cr-Al alloy coatings
Energetics of the oxidation and opening of a carbon nanotube
Characteristics of dielectric layers grown on Ge by low temperature vacuum ultra
The oxidation state of Fe(100) after initial oxidation in O2
Cyclic oxidation of sputter-deposited nanocrystalline Fe-Cr-Ni-Al alloy coatings
Local electric-field-induced oxidation of titanium nitride films
Preparing anode material for lithium ion secondary battery by liquid-phase oxida
Research toward designing high activity catalysts for fuel cells: structure and
Nondestructive characterisation of alumina/silicon carbide nanocomposites using
Synthesis of nanocrystalline nickel oxide by controlled oxidation of nickel nano
Effect of thermal oxidation on indentation and scratching of single-crystal sili
Air oxidation of two nanophase Ni-Ag alloys at 600-700°C
Nonlinear spectroscopy of CuFexSy semiconductor nanoparticles
Si nanoparticles as a model for porous Si
Electrical properties of the Ta-RuO2 diffusion barrier for high-density memory d
Oxidation behavior and effect of oxidation on strength of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposit
Oxidation of phosphated iron powders
Adsorption and catalytic properties of single-wall carbon nanohorns
Effect of oxidation on single-wall carbon nanotubes
Improved oxidation resistance of silicon nitride by aluminum implantation. I. Ki
Influence of sample oxidation on the nature of optical luminescence from porous
Effect of Ti on the high-temperature oxidation of sputtered nanocrystalline coat
Intermediate valencies of vanadium cations appearing during oxidation of vanadiu
Probing nanoscale photo-oxidation in organic films using spatial hole burning ne
Scanning probe microscope tip-induced oxidation of GaAs using modulated tip bias
Air oxidation of two Fe-Cu nanocrystalline coatings at 700°C and 800°C
Oxidation behavior of a sputtered Ni-5Cr-5Al nanocrystalline coating
Kinetics of scanned probe oxidation: Space-charge limited growth
Quantifying the oxidation of AlN using electron energy loss spectroscopy
Gallium nitride quantum dots in a silica xerogel matrix
Purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes by using ultrafine gold particles
Oxidation behaviour of aluminide microcrystalline coatings produced by high-freq
Nanometer-scale conversion of Si3N4 to SiOx
Oxidation resistance of sputtered Ni-5Cr-5Al nanocrystalline coating
Spontaneous ordering of oxide nanostructures
TEM structure of (PyC/SiC)n multilayered interphases in SiC/SiC composites
Photoluminescence from nanocrystalline silicon in Si/SiO2 superlattices
Ultrathin gate oxynitrides grown using fast ramp vertical furnace for sub-130 na
Wet oxidation of Ti34Si23N43 thin films with and without pre-annealing
Magnetoresistance enhancement in specular, bottom-pinned, Mn83Ir17 spin valves w
Surface defect site density on single walled carbon nanotubes by titration
Oxidation behavior of sputtered Ni-Cr-Al-Ti nanocrystalline coating
Nano-oxidation of silicon surfaces by noncontact atomic-force microscopy: Size d
Effect of grain size on high temperature oxidation behavior of Cu-60Ni alloys
Effect of grain size reduction on high temperature oxidation of binary two-phase
High yield purification of multiwalled carbon nanotubes by selective oxidation d
Abnormal infrared effects and electrocatalytic properties of nanometer scale thi
High-temperature oxidation of two-phase nanocrystalline Ag-Cr alloys in 1 atm O2
Investigation of tip-induced ultrathin Ti film oxidation kinetics
A simple reduction-oxidation route to prepare Co3O4 nanocrystals
Oxidation of nanocrystallized Cu-Cr films under different oxygen pressures
Oxidation behavior of nanocrystalline Ni-Ag alloys
Comparative surface studies on wet and dry sacrificial thermal oxidation on sili
Synthesis of methyltriethoxysilane (MTEOS) derived SiC incorporated carbon-carbo
Synthesis and characterization of α-FeO(OH) nano-rods in situ via a soluti
Fabrication of epitaxial CoSi2 nanowires
The oxidation of SiC particles and its interfacial characteristics in Al-matrix
Field electron emission from silicon nanoprotrusions
Multimillion atom simulation of materials on parallel computers-nanopixel, inter
Direct dynamics simulations of the oxidation of a single wall carbon nanotube
Nanoclusters of iridium oxide and of rhodium oxide supported on MgO
Purification and characterization of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) obtain
Oxide nanostructures through self-assembly
Characterization of Al2O3 composites containing nano-Mo particulates. III. Atmos
Oxidation kinetics of nickel solar absorber nanoparticles
Oxidation kinetics of nickel nanoparticles
Nano-oxidation of silicon nitride films with an atomic force microscope: Chemica
Nano-oxidation of silicon surfaces: Comparison of noncontact and contact atomic-
Influence of pH on poly-(N-methylpyrrole) electrochemically synthesized in aqueo
Composite zinc/silicon nanocrystalline thin film: preparation, structures and th
Influence of electron flux on the oxidation of Ni3Al surfaces
Charge-trap memory device fabricated by oxidation of Si1-xGex
Impediment of photo-oxidation in PPV nanocomposites doped by metal-coated silica
Atomic force microscope anodic oxidation studied by spectroscopic microscopy
Physicochemical properties of TiN powder produced by arc discharge technique
Ultrafast nanostructuring oxidation of crystallized intermetallic ZrAu at 25&deg
Excellent magnetic properties of fullerene encapsulated ferromagnetic nanocluste
Porous nanocrystalline titania films by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Control of grain-boundary tunneling barriers in polycrystalline silicon
Nanoscale copper particles derived from solvated Cu atoms in the activation of m
Room-temperature metallic behavior in nanophase polypyrrole
Study of self-limiting oxidation of silicon nanoclusters by atomistic simulation
Effect of ion implantation on corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidatio
Synthesis of nanocrystalline titania films by micro-arc oxidation
Electrical and noise characterization of suspended silicon wires
Surface composition, morphology, and catalytic activity of model polycrystalline
Oxidation-resistant gold-55 clusters
Electron field emission from Si nanostructures
High-quality single-walled carbon nanotubes from arc-produced soot
Oxidation and opening of well-aligned carbon nanotube tips
Structural characterization of cup-stacked-type nanofibers with an entirely holl
Catalytic CO oxidation on nanoscale Pt facets: Effect of interfacet CO diffusion
Kinetics and mechanism of nanostructures in oxidation of Si1-xGex alloys
High-temperature oxidation behavior of sputtered IN 738 nanocrystalline coating
Field electron emission device using silicon nanoprotrusions
A specular spin valve with discontinuous nano-oxide layers
Corrosion and protection of magnesium alloys
Nano-structure control in carbon spheres by air oxidation - derivation of master
Influence of columnar microstructure of a sputtered NiAl coating on its oxidatio
Improved oxidation resistance of single-walled carbon nanotubes produced by arc
Micro-crystalline Fe-Cr-Ni-Al-Y2O3 ODS alloy coatings produced by high frequency
Preparation and photochemical properties of nanoparticles of ceria doped with zi
Defect location of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes with a thermal oxid
Nanofacet-resolved CO oxidation kinetics on alumina-supported Pd particles
Single-electron transistor and its fabrication based on SPM
Specular spin-valve films with an FeCo nano-oxide layer by ion-assisted oxidatio
Electrocatalytic oxidation of nitric oxide at multi-walled carbon nanotubes modi
Anode materials for lithium ion batteries from mild oxidation of natural graphit
Formation of protection layer during oxidation of Al-implanted TiN coating
Structure and properties characterization of ceramic coatings produced on Ti-6Al
Oxidation study of RF sputtered amorphous and polycrystalline silicon germanium
Electron beam induced oxidation of Ni3Al surfaces: electron flux effects
Characterization of nano-oxide layers fabricated by ion beam oxidation
AFM surface imaging of thermally oxidized hydrogenated crystalline silicon
Nanostructuring of aluminum-coated scanning near-field optical microscope probes
Electron beam induced oxidation of Al-Mg alloy surfaces
Thermal and microstructural characterizations of nickel nanoparticles at elevate
O2 plasma oxidation effect on magnetic properties of spin valves
Electronic properties of nanostructures defined in Ga[Al]As heterostructures by
Silicon nanostructures fabricated by scanning probe oxidation and tetra-methyl a
Linewidth determination in local oxidation nanolithography of silicon surfaces
The CO poisoning mechanism of the hydrogen oxidation reaction in proton exchange
Considerations on the metallic oxidation in nanostructured ceramic-metal materia
Oxidation behavior of HVOF sprayed nanocrystalline NiCrAlY powder
Synthesis of nanocrystalline ceria particles for high temperature oxidation resi
Transmission electron microscopy studies of the nanoscale structure and chemistr
Using three dimensions in catalytic mesoporous nanoarchitectures
Functionalization of carbon nanotubes by potassium permanganate assisted with ph
Oxidation of CO adsorbed from CO saturated solutions on the Pt(111)/Ru electrode
Retardation of oxidation in Co nanocolumns: scanning tunneling microscopy study
Nanopatterning of Si/SiGe electrical devices by atomic force microscopy oxidatio
Measuring electrocatalytic activity on a local scale with scanning differential
Surface treatments for improving the mechanical properties of carbon nanofiber/t
Photoinduced oxidation of carbon nanotubes
Hydrogen isotherms over a wide temperature range for Pd and for Pd/oxide composi
In situ TPO/Raman to characterize single-walled carbon nanotubes
Thermal oxidation of silicon nanocrystals in O2 and NO ambient
Nanoscale oxidation of zirconium surfaces: kinetics and mechanisms
Oxidation of Hf2SnC and Nb2SnC in air in the 400-600°C temperature range
Response of Fe powder, purified and as-produced HiPCo single-walled carbon nanot
Effects of Nafion as a binding agent for unsupported nanoparticle catalysts
Identification of large fullerenes formed during the growth of single-walled car
An investigation of oxidation effects on hysteresis heating of nickel particles
Effects of natural and electrochemical oxidation processes on acoustic waves in
On the mechanism of synthesis of PbTiO3 thin films by thermal annealing of Pb/Ti
Zinc oxide films formed by oxidation of zinc under low partial pressure of oxyge
Study of tip-induced Ti-film oxidation in atomic force microscopy contact and no
A study on Si nanocrystal formation in Si-implanted SiO2 films by X-ray photoele
Depth profiling of Si oxidation states in Si-implanted SiO2 films by X-ray photo
Oxidation kinetics of metallic nanoparticles
New highly magnetic and oxidation-resistant FeCo-based alloys
Formation of YSZ films by thermal annealing of Y/Zr layers in air
Electrical characterization of electrochemically grown single copper nanowires
Fabrication of nickel oxide nanostructures by atomic force microscope nano-oxida
Oxidation of carbon monoxide over nanoparticles of cobalt oxides
Giant growth rate in nano-oxidation of p-silicon surfaces by using ethyl alcohol
Electrocatalytic oxidation of cysteine at carbon nanotube powder microelectrode
NH3 interaction with catalytically modified nano-WO3 powders for gas sensing app
The effect of additional oxidation on the memory characteristics of metal-oxide-
Influence of the oxidation temperature on the fabrication process of silicon dio
Critical behavior in an atomistic model for a bistable surface reaction: CO oxid
Parallel writing by local oxidation nanolithography with submicrometer resolutio
Nonthermal plasma for diesel exhaust treatment
Low- and high-temperature corrosion of a dense nanostructured MoSi2 produced by
Oxidation of tungsten nanoclusters
The effect of Sb on the oxidation of Ge quantum dots
Thin films of amorphous and hydrated vanadium oxides: growth, properties and app
Oxidation behaviour of Fe3Al nanoparticles prepared by hydrogen plasma-metal rea
Stability and selective oxidation of aluminum in nano-laminate Ti3AIC2 upon heat
Low temperature synthesis of the spinel manganese ferrite nanoparticles MnFe2O4
Removal of some impurities from carbon nanotubes
Effect of slight surface oxidation on the dynamic magnetization of nanocrystalli
Effects of grain size on the oxidation behavior of Cu-20Ni-20-Cr alloy
Relative humidity effect on AFM anodic oxidation of metal film
Electrocatalytic oxidation property of colloidal Pt/C catalyst for methanol
Formation of aluminum nanodot array by combination of nanoindentation and anodic
A novel method for preparation of MnZn soft ferrite nanocrystalline powders -oxi
Influence of pre-oxidation treatment on nano wear properties of boron carbide ce
Character and mechanism of the film by micro-arc oxidation on titanium alloy
Morphologic investigation and growth of the alumina scale on magnetron-sputtered
Field emission from bamboo-like multiwalled carbon nanotube arrays enhanced by m
Oxidation behaviour of copper nanorods
Preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline zinc oxide by a novel solvot
Oxidation behavior of sputter-deposited NiCrAlY coating
Thermal oxidation of gallium nitride nanowires
Experimental study on the oxidation of MgB2 in air at high temperature
Gas sensing property and microstructure of SnO2 nanocrystalline prepared by soli
Transient-alumina transformations during the oxidation of magnetron-sputtered Co
Oxidation of MmNi5-based alloy exposed to water vapor
Chemical modification of titanium nitride films via ion implantation
Applied voltage dependence of nano-oxidation of ferromagnetic thin films using a
Effect of humidity on nano-oxidation of p-Si(001) surface
Hydrothermal functionalisation of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Preparation and some properties of nanocrystalline ZrB2 powders
Quantum confinement analysis of nanostructures in oxidation of SiGe alloys
Local oxidation of titanium thin films using an atomic force microscope under st
Crystal structure and superconductivity of YBa2Cu3O6+x oxidized by electrochemic
Shadow nanosphere lithography: simulation and experiment
Effect of backbond oxidation on silicon nanocrystallites
Synthesis and thermal stability of nanocrystalline chromium disilicide
Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured Li2MnO3 from nanostructured MnO
Study and optimization of CMP slurry used to tantalum barrier layer of copper in
Synthesis and characterization of nano-size manganese dioxide
Superhard nanocomposites: design concept, properties, present and future industr
Stable cobalt nanoparticles passivated with oleic acid and triphenylphosphine
AFM anode oxidation of Al2O3 nano patterns on Al/SiO2/Si
An investigation on the purification of multiwall carbon nanotubes by oxidation
A novel process from cobalt nanowire to Co3O4 nanotube
Synthesis and oxidation behavior chromium silicide (Cr3Si) nanorods
Periodate oxidation of nanoscaled magnetic dextran composites
Methanol oxidation on carbon-supported Pt-Os bimetallic nanoparticle electrocata
A novel reduction-oxidation synthetic route to cubic zirconia nanocrystallite
Study of multi-wall carbon nanotubes self-assembled electrode and its applicatio
Development and oxidation at 800°C of a novel electrodeposited Ni-Cr nanocom
Synthesis of tellurium nanorods via spontaneous oxidation of NaHTe at room tempe
Voltammetric determination of tryptophan at a single-wall carbon nanotubes modif
Ballistic magnetoresistance of electroplated nickel devices
Characteristics of photo-catalytic nano crystalline TiO2 film prepared by electr
Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of quantum confined titanium dioxide nan
SERS spectroscopy studies on the electrochemical oxidation of single-walled carb
Ferromagnetic ultra-small tunnel junction devices fabricated by scanning probe m
Morphological variation of multiwall carbon nanotubes in supercritical water oxi
MR ratio enhancement by NOL current-confined-path structures in CPP spin valves
Features of passivation, oxidation and combustion of tungsten nanopowders by air
Effect of Zr-content on the oxidation and phase transformation of Zr-base amorph
In situ detection of faradaic current in probe oxidation using a dynamic force m
High temperature oxidation of Ni-W coatings electroplated on steel
Oxidation mechanism of Mo5Si3 particle in Si3N4 matrix composite at 750°C
Abnormal oxidation of NiSi formed on arsenic-doped substrate
AFM imaging of nanostructure polypyrrole doughnuts shapes fabricated by direct e
Growth behavior and microstructure of oxide scale formed on MoSi2 coating at 773
Fabrication of highly aligned nano-hole/trench structures by atomic force micros
Oxidation resistance of multiwalled carbon nanotubes coated with silicon carbide
Kinetics and formation mechanisms of the nanocomposite powder Ag-SnO2 prepared b
Nanoparticulate gold catalysts for low-temperature CO oxidation
Surfacelike band-edge states on H-covered and oxidized ultrasmall Si quantum box
Optical and electronic characteristics of germanium quantum dots formed by selec
Chemical properties and GMR improvement of specular spin valves with nano-oxide
Study of the nanostructuration of ZrAu alloy near the ambient temperature by X-r
Fabrication of nickel oxide nanoparticles in SiO2 by metal-ion implantation comb
Characterization of high temperature oxidation properties of silicon carbide nan
Low-temperature cyclic oxidation behavior of MoSi2/SiC nanocomposite formed on M
Kinetic oscillation of carbon monoxide oxidation over nano-scaled catalyst invol
Nano-oxidation and in situ faradaic current detection using dynamic carbon nanot
Two-dimensional simulation of pattern-dependent oxidation of silicon nanostructu
Surface oxidation of Fe-48 mol%Al single crystal under a high vacuum
Role of surface instabilities in mixing and oxidation mechanisms of bilayered Y/
Size-dependent oxygen-related electronic states in silicon nanocrystals
Developments in nanoscience: polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS)-polymer
Oxidation behavior of SiCN-ZrO2 fiber prepared from alkoxide-modified silazane
Effects of surface oxidation during HVOF processing on the primary stage oxidati
Investigation of nanostructured germanium/silicon dioxide interfaces
Importance of phase change of aluminum in oxidation of aluminum nanoparticles
Photocatalytic activity of gold nanocrystals and its role in determining the sta
Carbon nanostructures in portable fuel cells: single-walled carbon nanotube elec
F-V/SMS: a new technique for studying the structure and dynamics of single molec
Nitric acid oxidation of vapor grown carbon nanofibers
Non-isothermal dynamic Monte Carlo simulations of CO oxidation on Pt supported c
Opening and closing of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Effect of oxidation on charge localization and transport in a single layer of si
Fullerene-based carbon nanostructures for methanol oxidation
A room-temperature TiO2-nanotube hydrogen sensor able to self-clean photoactivel
Nanocrystalline ceria imparts better high-temperature protection
Synthesis and oxidation of V2AlC and (Ti0.5,V0.5)2AlC in air
Au/Fe2O3 nanocatalysts for CO oxidation by a deposition-precipitation technique
Electrochemical transformation of SWNT/Nafion composites
The reaction of O2 with Al(110): a medium energy ion scattering study of nano-sc
Local oxidation of metal and metal nitride films
Atomistic modeling of morphological evolution during simultaneous etching and ox
Parallel writing on zirconium nitride thin films by local oxidation nanolithogra
Sensors for toxicity of chemicals and oxidative stress based on electrochemical
Electrochemical formation of polypyrrole nanowires
Oxidation mechanism of Si nanoparticles grown by plasma-CVD
Oxide scales growth of low-carbon steel at high temperatures
Anodic oxidation of vanadium and properties of vanadium oxide films
Computer investigation of carbon nanoclusters and their activities in reactions
Nanoscale studies of the early stages of oxidation of a TiAl-base alloy
Electrochemical genosensing properties of gold nanoparticle-carbon nanotube hybr
Development of multielement nanostructured ceramics through solution route
Boron nitride nanotubes: pronounced resistance to oxidation
Formation of nano-sized alumina by in-flight oxidation of aluminium powder in a
The influence of oxidation on the texture and the number of oxygen-containing su
Oxidation of a nano-CeO2-dispersed chromizing coating in 5%O2-0.1%SO2-N2 atmosph
Photocatalytic oxidation of nitrogen oxides by nano-TiO2 immobilized on road sur
Comparison of the oxidation behavior of nanocrystalline and coarse-grain copper
Size effect of Al particles on the oxidation of electrodeposited Ni-Al composite
Oscillatory electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol on an Ni(OH)2 film electrode
Study on oxidation of SiC/BN nanocomposites
Amorphous coatings deposited on aluminum alloy by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Optical constants of Ge nanolayers in oxidation of SiGe alloys determined by ell
Modified with carbon supported Pt nanoparticles
Layer-by-layer assembled multilayer films of redox polymers for electrocatalytic
Method to detect the property of complex oxide structure formed by AFM anodic ox
Electro-oxidation of formaldehyde on polyaniline prepared in 1-ethylimidazolium
Nanofabrication of nanostructure by induced oxidation in dynamic electrical fiel
The synthesis and characterization of nanosized orthorhombic LiMnO2by in situ ox
High activity of novel Pd/TiO2 nanotube catalysts for methanol electro-oxidation
High temperature oxidation behavior of (Ti, Al)N coating deposited by arc ion pl
Preparation of nickel nanoparticles by reducing hydrazine
Thermal oxidation treatment of B2 iron aluminide for improved wear resistance
Interaction of tungsten nanopowders with air under different conditions
Si nanocrystals by ultra-low energy ion implantation for non-volatile memory app
Colloidal synthesis of organic-capped ZnO nanocrystals via a sequential reductio
Molecular dynamics simulations of the nano-scale room-temperature oxidation of a
Electron microscopy study on the high-temperature oxidation of Si3N4-TiN ceramic
Preparation of tungsten oxide nanowires from sputter-deposited WCx films using a
Electrochemical detection of indoles at diamond electrodes
Electrochemical and vibrational properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes in
Porous tantalum oxide prepared by electrochemical anodic oxidation
Cyclic oxidation behavior of electrodeposited Ni3Al-CeO2 base coatings at 850&de
Vanadium oxide nanostructures on Rh(111): Promotion effect of CO adsorption and
Formation and oxidation of Si nanoclusters in Er-doped Si-rich SiOx
Formic acid oxidation on Pt/Ru nanoparticles: temperature effects
Silicon nanocrystal memories by LPCVD of amorphous silicon, followed by solid ph
Electrical properties of composites with tin-tin oxide core-shell nanostructure
Annealing and oxidation of silicon oxide films prepared by plasma-enhanced chemi
An approach to modeling of silicon oxidation in a wet ultra-diluted ambient
Morphosynthesis and ornamentation of 3D dendritic nanoarchitectures
Effects of pore surface oxidation on electrochemical and mass-transport properti
Spatially-directed oxidation of gold nanoparticles by Au(III)-CTAB complexes
Synthesis and characterization of nano-sized nickel ferrites from fly ash for ca
Formation mechanism and optical properties of nanocrystalline silicon in silicon
Hot corrosion, oxidation and their effects on the tensile strength of SiC fiber
Fabrication of sub-wavelength-size aperture for near-field optical probe
Cupric oxide nanoparticles in SiO2 fabricated by copper-ion implantation combine
Oxidation patterning of GaAs by nanoelectrode lithography
X-ray diffraction measurements of internal strain in Si nanowires fabricated usi
Experimental study on wet thermal and PECVD oxides for GOI fabrication
Effect of oxidation temperature on the morphology of ZnO nanowires fabricated by
Automated electrochemical synthesis and characterization of TiO2 supported Au na
Influence of pre-treatment on the formation of ordered nano-sized pores fabricat
Water-enhanced catalysis of CO oxidation on free and supported gold nanoclusters
Elimination of D-band in Raman spectra of double-wall carbon nanotubes by oxidat
Platinum/carbon nanotube nanocomposite synthesized in supercritical fluid as ele
Synthesis and oxidation behavior of nanocrystalline MCrAlY bond coatings
Electrochemical tuning of silver nanoparticles fabricated by nanosphere lithogra
Conductive atomic force microscope nanopatterning of hydrogen-passivated silicon
Controlled multistep purification of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Early-stage suppression of Cu (001) oxidation
High-voltage SPM oxidation of ZrN: materials for multiscale applications
Oxidation of iron (II) nanomolar with H2O2 in seawater
Bifunctional carbon nanotubes by sidewall protection
Structure of activity sites in perovskite-type complex oxides LaMnO3+lambda for
Novel fabrication method of Si nanostructures using atomic force microscope (AFM
Optical near-field lithography on hydrogen-passivated silicon surfaces
Optimizing properties of CeO2 sol-gel coatings for protection of metallic substr
Scanning tunnelling microscope-induced oxidation of hydrogen passivated silicon