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感应烧结炉的改造与SiC晶体的制备/Modification of inductive sintering furnace and fabrication of
单轴压力下压电单晶和陶瓷的性能测试与研究/Properties of Piezoelectric Single Crystal and Ceramics Und
激光二极管泵浦的全固态激光器及其热效应的研究/Diode laser pumped all-solid-state lasers and their therm
单晶锡材热型连铸技术研究/A Study of Continuous Casting of Single-crystal Tin
SiC单晶制备工艺研究/Investigation of Fabrication Technology of SiC Single Crystal
SiC单晶制备与晶体缺陷研究/Investigation of Fabrication and Defects of SiC Single Crystal
蒸发结晶系统传热传质影响粒度分布规律的研究/study on the influence law of mass transfer and heat trans
合金化Mo-3Nb单晶力学性能及微观组织分析/Mechanical Properties and Microstructure Analyze of Alloy
乐记公司产品差异化竞争方案研究/A Research of Differentiate Competition Plan of Rice Crystal
二维正方晶格中刃型位错芯的完全离散模型研究/Study of the core of dislocation by using total dispersed
基于Pockels电光效应的光学电压传感器系统的试验研究/Study on the Optical Voltage Sensor Based on Pockel
钛氧化物的新性能、微结构和电子结构研究/Research On New Characters -. Micro-structure and Electronic
同步辐射多波长反常散射法(MAD)研究/Study the crystal structure of thermostable NPPase through
新型晶态氧化锡纳米材料的制备、表征及在锂离子电池中的应用/Synthesis and Characterization Novel Crystalline Ti
经典波在周期和准周期系统中的传播特性的研究/Study on propagation properties of classic waves in period
集成电路器件焊盘缺陷—CRYSTAL DEFECTS的形成机理及其去除与预防方法研究/Pad CRYSTAL DEFECTS elimiation
多金属氧酸盐无机有机杂化材料的水热合成和晶体结构/hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structure of inorgan
恻链型液晶高分子组成的均相电流变液及其智能阻尼器/Study on the homogenous electrorheological fluid based
侧链型液晶高分子组成的均相电流变液及其智能阻尼器的研究/Study on the homogenous electrorheological fluid bas
铸铁枝晶组织分析及数值模拟/Cast irons dendritic structures analysis and simulation
计算机模拟晶体结构及其对称性研究/Research on crystal structure and its symmetry by computer simu
高岭石基纳米TiO_2复合光催化材料研究/Study on composition photocatalytic materials of Nano-TiO2/
水泥基材料矿相粉磨机械力化学效应与分形理论研究/Study on mechanochemistry effect of mineral phases grind
微波合成ZnO晶须的工艺与电磁性能研究/Study on the microwave synthesis technique and electromagnet
透明水晶开发方法在定制软件开发中的应用研究/Research and application of crystal clear method in ordere
低压成型阻燃片状模塑料的制备与研究/Research on the manufacture of films of low pressure and flame
多金属氧酸盐无机有机杂化材料的水热合成和晶体结构/hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structure of inorgan
高硅铝比小晶粒ZSM-5沸石/Systhesis of Small Crystal Silicious ZSM-5 Zeolite with Cheap tem
苏云金芽胞杆菌BMB005的补料发酵工艺研究/Fed-batch Fermentation Technology of Bacillus thuringiens
高压下α-石英(SiO2) 晶体的布里渊散射研究/
稀土-Fe金属间化合物及其氢化物的磁晶各向异性的研究和TiO2能带结构的计算 /
On structure and stability of nanostructured materials: a two-dimensional model
Determination of the orientation of CuCl nanocrystals in a NaCl matrix
Molecular images of [M(phthalocyaninato)O]n, where M = Si and Ge: microphases a
Quartz-crystal-microbalance study of protein binding on lipid monolayers at the
Assembling nano and macrostructures and the supramolecular liquid crystal
Assembling nano and macrostructures and the supramolecular liquid crystal
Atom probe studies of nanostructured alloys
Structural and morphological changes during the mechanical activation of nano-si
NANOLITHOGRAPHY: A borderland between STM, EB, IB and X-ray lithographies
Growth of CdSe nanocrystals in ion-implanted SiO2 films
Microstructural aspects of nanocrystalline titanium
Controlled growth of microporous crystals nucleated in reverse micelles
Structural investigation of mechanically alloyed (NiAl)1-x(M)x (M = Fe, Zr) nano
Structural-difractional analysis of zirconium dioxide nanometric powders
Imaging the surfaces of nanoporous semiconductors by atomic force microscopy
Nanoscale mechanical property measurements using modified atomic force microscop
Liquid crystal fiber arrays for image transmission and all-optical switching and
Segregation control in horizontal bridgman crystal growth
Relationship between optical transmittance and microstructure of nanostructured
Structure and mechanical properties of irradiated magnesium aluminate spinel
Phason relaxation mechanisms in Al-Pd-Mn single-quasicrystals
Programmable liquid crystal waveplates in ellipsometric measurements
Study of group variants of martensite in Fe-Mn-Al-C alloy by transmission electr
Cd(II) complexes with phthalic acid: solution study and crystal structure of ca
Study of fullerenes, nanotubes and nanowires by transmission electron microscopy
Fiber-optic polarizer using birefringent crystal as a cladding
Effect of ZnO/SnO2 UPF compound technique on its topography and crystal phase
Magnetic hysteresis properties of ball-milled monodomain titanomagnetite, Fe2.4T
Numerical investigation of heat flow and interfaces in the vertical zone-melting
Model for rotation toughening in a crystal with diamond structure
Atomic force microscopy reveals details of protein crystallization
High-power fourth- and fifth-harmonic generation of a Nd:YAG laser by means of a
Carbon macrostructures obtained at AC arc discharge
Novel gray-scale method for ferroelectric liquid crystal displays utilizing ultr
Nanostructured high-temperature superconductors: Creation of strong-pinning colu
Model for the convective transport of particles in a two-dimensional cluster
Application of nanopowder to high temperature single crystal fiber sensor
Polarized Raman spectra of Se chains isolated in channels of AlPO4-5 single crys
Structure and chemical reactivity of ball-milled graphite
Influence of interfaces on crystal growth of Si in SiO2/a-Si/SiO2 layered struct
HRTEM and XRD study of the crystallization of zirconia precipitate: An explanati
Growth of silicalite films on pre-assembled layers of nanoscale seed crystals on
Encapsulation and in situ rearrangement of polycrystalline SnO inside carbon nan
Oscillations of crystal growth rates at their formation in the regime of free co
Growth of decagonal Al-Co-Ni single crystals as a function of chemical compositi
Theoretical study on luminescence spectroscopy of nano-crystal X1-Y2SiO5:Eu3+
Nanoindentation creep of single-crystal tungsten and gallium arsenide
Antifriction behaviours of C60/C70
Preparation of nanoporous molecular based-solid produced by tris-2,2 prime -biim
Nanophase separation and crystallization in PEIM-12 poly(4,4 prime -phthaloimido
Small-angle neutron-scattering studies on oriented single-crystal superalloys
Study of Pd single crystals grown by crucibleless zone melting
Combination of single crystal zeolites and microfabrication: Two applications to
Atomic process of point contact in gold studied by time-resolved high-resolution
Characterization of nanocrystalline zeolite Beta
Surface modification of CrSi2 nanocrystals with polymer coating
Electroluminescence of nanocrystal Si embedded in single-crystal CaF2/Si(111)
New crystal modification of gutta percha
Preparation of nanometer-sized alumina whiskers
Ion-induced electron emission from crystal targets with noncrystalline overlayer
New crystal structures of WS2: Microtubes, ribbons, and ropes
Crystallization in zeolite A studied by atomic force microscopy
Nano-turning of single crystal silicon
Biofilm formation controlled by quartz crystal nanobalance
Compatibility of field emitter studies of oscillating surface reactions with sin
Adsorption for noble metals of activated carbon fibre
ECD matures
Study of liquid crystal prewetting films by atomic force microscopy in tapping m
Dynamic simulation of the vertical zone-melting crystal growth
High resolution transmission electron microscopy study of nanoscale Ni-rich NiAl
Flux pinning properties in Bi2Sr2CaCu2Oy single crystals and the effect of intro
Semiconductor nanowires from oxides
Catalytically active Pd0 nanocomposites based on a liquid crystal template
Nanostructured tin for use as a negative electrode material in Li-ion batteries
Effect of composition on the morphology and electro-optical properties of physic
Orientation effects in nanometric cutting of single crystal materials: an MD si
Electrochemical deposition of nickel nanowire arrays in single-crystal mica film
Structural characterization of ultra dispersed (nano-) materials as intermediate
Formation of metastable states in nanostructured Al- and Ti-based alloys by the
Molecular dynamics study of a V2O5 crystal
Growth of PbX2 and CsPbX3 (X = Cl, Br) mesoscopic phases in alkali halide host l
Development of nanoscale rods and fibers from polymerizable lyotropic liquid cry
Oriented growth of nano-TiO2 whiskers
Formation of nanopipes caused by donor impurities in GaN: A theoretical study fo
Lecithin vesicle mediated mineralization of cadmium sulphide
Synthesis of PPV nanocomposites using lyortropic liquid crystal monomers
Optical drill for the fabrication of photonic crystals
Towards ten-nanometer diameter discotic liquid crystal dendrimers
Fabrication of photonic crystal lasers by nanomolding of solgel glasses
New all solid-state nanosecond NaBrO3 Raman laser at 1.1628 and 0.581 µm w
Surface morphology and phase behavior of flexible polymer in fluid liquid crysta
Morphology and interface of liquid crystal/polymer composite system at nano scal
High-intensity, far-field transverse effects in a 532-nm, nanosecond laser beam
Relationship between growth, structure and superconductivity of single crystal Y
Structure of carbon fibres found on carbon arc anodes
Degradation mechanism of PZT caused by H2 annealing
Molecular aggregation of acetic acid in a carbon tetrachloride solution: A molec
Atomic force microscopy of the topochemical photopolymerization of diolefin crys
Analysis of the mass response of the electrochemical quartz-crystal nanobalance
Temperature tuning of the stop band in transmission spectra of liquid-crystal in
Interaction of oxygen with threading dislocations in GaN
Nano-phase Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals
Solid-state 13C-NMR study of the mesophases of PEIM-9 (poly(4,4 prime -phthaloim
Scanning tunneling microscopy of carbon nanotubes
Linking continuum mechanics and 3D discrete dislocation simulations
Application of quartz crystal microbalance to corrosion research
In situ observation of nucleation and crystal growth in zeolite synthesis. A sm
Fabry-Perot interferometer with broadband selective fiber and liquid-crystal fil
Synthetic inorganic materials
Study of the viscoelasticity of zinc phosphate coatings using a quartz crystal i
Anisotropic shock sensitivity and detonation temperature of pentaerythritol tetr
Formation of cadmium sulfide nanowires in different liquid crystal systems
Structures and fluorescence of nanocrystallines MSO4:xSm3+ (M = Ca, Sr, Ba; x =
Effect of substrate orientation on the morphology of InAs nanostructures on (0 0
Raman scattering in (1 - x)Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3-xPbTiO3 mixed crystal system
Hydrothermal method for low-temperature growth of nanocrystalline pyrite nickel
Hierarchical modeling in the mechanics of materials
Morphology and formation mechanism of aluminum nitride nanocrystals synthesized
Study of spot field near the edge of a nanofacet on a crystal surface by scannin
Electrodeposition and properties of nanostructured platinum films studied by qua
Photocatalytic Degradation Properties Studies of a New Nanocrystalline TiO2 Coat
Surface step effects on nanoindentation
Investigation of polymer nanostructure evolution during the formation of polymer
Large-scale synthesis of monodisperse nanorods of Se/Te alloys through a homogen
Sol-gel template synthesis of an array of single crystal CdS nanowires on a poro
Graphoepitaxy of spherical domain block copolymer films
Stepwise assembly of enantiomeric poly(lactide)s on surfaces
Preparation and microstructure analysis of nano WS2 solid lubricating material
Preparation and optical properties of ZnS-microcrystals deposited in silica gels
Principles for measurement of chemical exposure based on recognition-driven anch
Preparation and properties of V+5/TiO2 nanoscale powders
Studies of copper corrosion inhibition using electrochemical quartz crystal nano
Crystal orientation changes in two-dimensionally confined nanocylinders in a pol
A method of preparing spherical nano-crystal cellulose with mixed crystalline fo
Fabrication of organic microcrystals and their optical properties
Oxide-assisted nucleation and growth of copper sulphide nanowire arrays
Ordered two-dimensional arrays of ferrite nanoparticles
Orientational order of the polyene fatty acid membrane probe trans-Parinaric aci
Nanoparticle-directed crystallization of calcium carbonate
InP 2D photonic crystal microlasers on silicon wafer: Room temperature operation
Luminescence properties of nanocrystalline Y2O3:Eu
Suppression of crystal nucleation in polydisperse colloids due to increase of th
Binding of matrix proteins to developing enamel crystals: An atomic force micros
Highly organized mesoporous titania thin films showing mono-oriented 2D hexagona
Structure and host-guest properties of the nanoporous diaquatetrakis(p-nitrobenz
Self-assembling quantum dot lattices through nucleation site engineering
Single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformation of diolefin derivatives in nanoc
Metal-coated colloidal crystal film as surface-enhanced Raman scattering substra
Nanoparticle crystal nucleation: Influence of solution conditions
Atomic structures of the Ge/Si(113)-(2×2) surface
Transport-kinetical phenomena in nanotube growth
Controlling nanometer-scale crystal growth on a model biomaterial with a scannin
Fabrication of single-crystal Si cantilever array
Investigation of polished single crystal ZnO by nanoindentation
Growth of (1 1 over-bar 0 1) GaN on a 7-degree off-oriented (0 0 1)Si substrate
Crystal engineering of a nanoscale kagome lattice
Epitaxial growth erosion on (110) crystal surfaces: Structure and dynamics of in
Nucleation and growth kinetics in synthesizing nanometer calcite
Synthesis and characterization of lanthanide hydroxide single-crystal nanowires
Crystal growth model of zeolite A
Self-assembling organic nanotubes from enantiopure cyclo-N,N prime -linked oligo
The effect of Mg vapor source on the formation of MgO whiskers and sheets
Single-crystal structures of polyphenylene dendrimers
Preparation of smooth single-crystal Mn3O4 nanowires
Sonochemical synthesis and characterizations of monodispersed PbSe nanocrystals
Ordering of atomic monolayers on a (001) cubic crystal surface
Preparation of ZnS nanorods by a liquid crystal template
Observation of uniaxial negative thermal expansion in an organic crystal
Quantum conductance properties of metal nanowires
Colloid crystal growth on mesoscopically patterned surfaces: Effect of confineme
Building an organic zeolite from a macrocyclic TADDOL derivative or how to teach
Nanorobotic manipulation of microspheres for on-chip diamond architectures
Nanoporous wire-like superstructure of silicon and silicon/germanium solid solut
Probing magnetic fields on crystals of the nanomagnet Mn 12-acetate by electron
Two-dimensional tunable photonic crystal formed in a liquid-crystal/ polymer com
Light propagation in variable-refractive-index materials with liquid-crystal-inf
Leashed ferrocenes at clay surfaces: Potential applications for environmental ca
Single-crystal gallium nitride nanotubes
Molecular-scale wear and tear
From 1D chain to 3D network: Tuning hybrid II-VI nanostructures and their optica
From a colloidal crystal to an interconnected colloidal array: A mechanism for a
Photochemically Controlled Photonic Crystals
Luminescence and stimulated emission in zinc oxide nanoearticles, films, and cry
Crystalline materials for optoelectronics
Noncontact liquid-crystal alignment by supra-molecular Amplification of nanogroo
Phase transitions of liquid crystalline polyesters: Poly(heptane-1,7-diyl-4,4 pr
Electron diffraction of 3-D defects in nanostructural II-VI semiconductors
Crystal growth in colloidal tin oxide nanocrystals induced by coalescence at roo
A stretch for strong copper
Nanomaterials by severe plastic deformation (SPD)
HRTEM study of yttrium oxide particles in ODS steels for fusion reactor applicat
Characteristics of single defect laser modes in a two-dimensional square lattice
Spatially ordered quantum dot array of indium nanoclusters in fully indium-excha
Controlled structure of gallium oxide nanowires
Atomic Scale Investigation of Impurity Segregation to Crystal Defects
Discotic liquid crystalline triblock copolymers: Interplay of liquid crystal arc
Synthesis of gallium nitride nanowires with uniform [0 0 1] growth direction
Nanoindentation tests on single crystal copper thin film with an AFM
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of hexagonal and monoclinic CePO4 si
Spontaneous Organization of Three-Dimensionalty Packed Trigonal Selenium Microsp
A novel protein tightly bound to bacterial magnetic particles in Magnetospirillu
Self-catalyzed vapor-liquid-solid growth of large-scale single crystal GaN whisk
Surfactant-Assisted Growth of Novel PbS Dendritic Nanostructures via Facile Hydr
Piezoresistance measurement on single crystal silicon nanowires
CdS Crystal Growth of Lamellar Morphology within Templates of Polyelectrolyte/Su
Molecular dynamics simulation of bending crack initiation and growth of single c
Fabrication of organic nanocrystals using microwave irradiation and their optica
Growth and optical characterization of large-scale crystal CdxZn1-xS whiskers vi
Electrochemical deposition of lamellar platinum nanostructures from lyotropic li
Nano-crystal glass-ceramics obtained by crystallization of vitrified coal fly as
Lubrication of PbS nanoparticles in lamellar liquid crystal
In situ synthesis and lubrication of PbS nanoparticles in lamellar liquid crysta
Fabrication and property research of silver nanowires ordered array with anodic
Synthesis and controlling the morphology of CdS nanocrystals via hydrothermal mi
Preparation for monodisperse nanosized strontium sulfate
Effect of heat treatment on the microstructure of nano-scale rutile-type TiO2 co
Noncritical phase matching of Nb:KTP crystal for blue light generation
Hydrothermal preparation and characterization of zeolite X powder
Preparation and characterization of n-HA/PA series biomedical composite
Polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fibre
Growth mechanism of Ag(TCNQ) nanocrystal whiskers
Study on the crystal transformation of nano-titania
Crystal growth and superhardness effect of nano-scale multilayers
Phonetic crystals: Towards ultrasmall lightwave circuits
Growth of GaN crystals from the vapor phase
Impact of misfit dislocation on the polarization instability of epitaxial nanost
Application of FIB/TEM to failure analysis of liquid crystal displays
Domain and surface engineering of ferroelectric crystal LiNbO 3 for novel device
Crystal field analysis of energy level structure of the Cr 2O3 antiferromagnet
Functional porous coordination polymers
Mesopores created by platinum nanoparticles in zeolite crystals
Nanoporous alumina membranes as diffusion controlling systems
Crystallization of dyes by directed aggregation of colloidal intermediates: A mo
Internal pressure in a molecular crystal under influence of light: The interplay
Imaging and Characterization of Molecules and One-Dimensional Crystals Formed wi
Fast adsorption of crystal violet on polyacrylic acid-bound magnetic nanoparticl
Gap maps, diffraction losses, and exciton-polaritons in photonic crystal slabs
Interplay between smectic ordering and microphase separation in a series of side
Fullerenes surface gratings for liquid crystal alignment
Chemical heterogeneity of a crystal built of nanoscale coherently twinned Yb2-x(
Use of a LiF colour centre laser for pumping an Yb : YAG active medium
Analysis of Er incorporation on GaSb substrates by diffusion
Atomic scale modelling of the primary damage state of irradiated fcc and bcc nan
Growth of good quality InGaN multiple quantum wells by MOCVD
Modeling of self-organizing processes in crystal-forming systems
Highly Directional Emission from Photonic Crystal Waveguides of Subwavelength Wi
A novel approach for direct measurement of the thickness of the liquid-like laye
Low temperature synthesis and properties of ZSM-5 aggregates formed by ultra-sma
In situ transformation of amorphous gels into spherical aggregates of kaolinite:
Sequential switch of biomineral crystal morphology using trivalentions
Modeling elastic and plastic deformations of nanocrystalline materials
Liquid-crystal displays: Fabrication and measurement of a twisted nematic liquid
Controlling light by light in a one-dimensional resonant photonic crystal
Artificial muscle technology: Physical principles and naval prospects
Study of the atomic dynamics of nanoclusters Y2SiO 5:Pr3+ by the confocal fluore
L-Isoleucyl-L-phenylalanine dihydrate
Phase transformation behavior of nanocrystalline χ-alumina powder obtained b
Enhanced dielectric response of liquid crystal ferroelectric suspension
Ultrastructure of iodine treated wood
Assembling and manipulating two-dimensional colloidal crystals with movable nano
Zinc oxide single-crystal microtubes
Electrochemical synthesis of 3D ordered ferromagnetic nickel replicas using self
Nanocarving of bulk titania crystals into oriented arrays of single-crystal nano
Microtwinning in template-synthesized single-crystal metal nanowires
Generalized synchronization of spatiotemporal chaos in a liquid crystal spatial
Electrochemically programmed, spatially selective biofunctionalization of silico
Chemical surface passivation of Ge nanowires
Plasma synthesis of single-crystal silicon nanoparticles for novel electronic de
Linear and nonlinear optical studies in photonic crystal alloys
Computational description of nanocrystalline deformation based on crystal plasti
Synthesis of mordenite nanocrystals
High contrast polymer-dispersed liquid crystal in a 90° twisted cell
Nanoscale probing of the enamel nanorod surface using polyamidoamine dendrimers
Advances in the synthesis of large-area 3D ordered macroporous titania film phot
Preparation and characterization of millimeter size Mn12-Ac nanomagnetic molecul
Preparation of nanometer crystal TiO2 block and photocatalytic activity
Preparation of single crystal CaSO4 nanotubes: a nanotube growing route for comp
Micro-mechanical properties and micro-structure of Ar+ ion implanted single-crys
Multilevel model and prediction of effective properties of crystalline polymer n
Interpromotion effect of crystal growth in TiN/SiC nanomultilayers
Calculation and design of photonic crystal fibers with broadband flattened dispe
Influence of oxygen content on the properties of crystal lattice and phase trans
Large-scale synthesis and self-assembly of monodisperse hexagon Cu 2S nanoplates
Ultrasonic-induced synthesis of CeO2 nanotubes
Synthesis of well-aligned ZnO nanowires without catalysts
Synthesis of gold nano- and microplates in hexagonal liquid crystals
Controllable two-dimensional photonic crystal patterns fabricated by nanosphere
Theoretical and experimental research on the multi-frequency Raman converter wit
Titanium dioxide nanoparticle absorbed by hepatoma cells in vitro
Preparation and structure characteristics of nano-Bi2O3 powders with mixed cryst
Hydrothermal preparation and crystal habit of X-zeolite powder
Synthesis of neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) nano-sized powders
Photonic crystal-based optical beam splitter in silicon
A soft-template-assisted hydrothermal approach to single-crystal Fe 3O4 nanorods
Surface enhanced Raman scattering effects of silver colloids with different shap
The preparation of silver sulfide nanoparticles in lamellar liquid crystal and a
Organic crystal rings formed in template polymer pores by evaporation of solvent
Near-field lithography on the azobenzene polymer liquid crystal films
Nano-crystal glass-ceramics obtained by crystallization of vitrified red mud
Preparation of magnesium hydroxide nanoflowers
Structures, growth modes and spectroscopic properties of small zirconia clusters
Synchrotron X-ray scattering from InGaN-nanostructures: Experiment and numerical
Growth of mesoporous materials within colloidal crystal films by spin-coating
Tailoring photonic crystals with nanometer-scale precision using polyelectrolyte
Strong exciton-light coupling in photonic crystal nanocavities
Waveguide-plasmon polaritons in photonic crystal slabs with metal nanowires
Compatibilization of a photochromic dithienylethene dopant and ferroelectric liq
Understanding the influence of nanoenvironment on luminescence of rare-earth ion
Design of photonic-crystal and wire waveguide interface
Organic vapor sensing with ionic liquids entrapped in alumina nanopores on quart
Three-color photonic crystal demultiplexer based on ultralow-refractive- index m
3D micro-fabrication using combination technique of nano-scale processing and ch
Fabrication and characterization of micromachined quartz-crystal cantilever for
Si-based photonic crystal components: Relationship between performance and struc
Zero-birefringence polymer doped with a nano size birefringent crystal
Large electro-optic kerr effect in nanostructured chiral liquid-crystal composit
Molecular-dynamics study on crack growth behavior relevant to crystal nucleation
Controlled fabrication of gold-coated 3D ordered colloidal crystal films and the
Synthesis of single-crystal manganese dioxide nanowires by a soft chemical proce
Photorefractive effect in nematic - Clay nanocomposites
A triple-network tricontinuous cubic liquid crystal
Highly swollen liquid crystals as new reactors for the synthesis of nanomaterial
Electrical-field effect on carbon nanotubes in a twisted nematic liquid crystal
Mechanical actions on nanocylinders in nematic liquid crystals
Optical emission from individual InGaAs quantum dots in single-defect photonic c
Evidence of surface segregation in the organization of metallic nanoparticles di
Stokes Amplification Regimes in Quasi-cw Pumped Hydrogen-Filled Hollow-Core Phot
Hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO:Zn with green emission at low temperature with red
Nanoscale pattern formation on the Fe3O4(111) surface
Fabrication of patterned liquid-crystalline nanocomposites and their novel chara
Self-assembled GaN nano-rods grown directly on (1 1 1) Si substrates: Dependence
Law-abiding industries
An FT-IR study of NO2 reduction in nanocrystalline NaY zeolite: Effect of zeolit
Phase-only modulation using a normal-mode liquid-crystal gel
Visco-elastic properties of nematic-MoS2 nanotubes mixtures
Nanoheteroepitaxial growth of GaN on Si nanopillar arrays
Enhanced catalytic activity of ceria nanorods from well-defined reactive crystal
Growth and electrochromic properties of single-crystal V2O5 nanorod arrays
Interliposomal transfer of crystal violet dye from DPPC liposomes to magnetolipo
Liquid crystal seen as Tbit storage medium
Polimerek az optikai tavkozlesben II. Aktiv komponensek
Microstructural characterization of mechanically activated ZnO-Cr2O3 system
Controlling the resonance of a photonic crystal microcavity by a near-field prob
Phase modulation of wave by a polymer dispersed liquid crystal film with nanosiz
Correlation between maximum crystal growth rate and glass transition temperature
Crystal structure and mechanical properties of SrSi7N 10
Smectic ordering in polymer liquid crystal-silica aerogel nanocomposites studies
Piezoelectric activity and phase transitions in (PMN) 0.69(PT)0.31 single crysta
Solvothermal synthesis and crystal structures of alkali molybdates
Stress-induced crystal-to-crystal transformations in high-density polyethylene-l
Enthalpy relaxation in the cooling/heating cycles of polyamide 6/ organoclay nan
Ionic liquid crystal precursors for inorganic particles: Phase diagram and therm
Oriented crystal growth model explains the formation of titania nanotubes
Crystalline textures on the Al-Ni-Co quasicrystal surface
Templating crystal growth at the nanometer-scale with a monotropic columnar meso
Crystal overgrowth on gold nanorods: Tuning the shape, facet, aspect ratio, and
Formation of spatially patterned colloidal photonic crystals through the control
Nanostructured, solid-state organic, chiral diels - Alder catalysts via acid-ind
Electric field tuning of plasmonic response of nanodot array in liquid crystal m
Protein crystals as scanned probes for recognition atomic force microscopy
Quartz crystal microbalance detection of glutathione-protected nanoclusters usin
A mathematical model for crystal growth by aggregation of precursor metastable n
Designing PbSe nanowires and nanorings through oriented attachment of nanopartic
Preparation and characterization of synthetic polypeptide single crystals with c
Carbon nanotube enhanced diffraction efficiency in dye-doped liquid crystal
Materials science: Conversion of zinc oxide nanobelts into superlattice-structur
The mechanical properties of single-crystal and ultrananocrystalline diamond: A
Thermochemical insights into refractory ceramic materials based on oxides with l
Friction-induced formation of nanocrystals on Si
Electromagnetic field structure and normal mode coupling in photonic crystal nan
Photonic crystal nanocavity array laser
Relationship between the superprism effect in one-dimensional photonic crystals
Structural hierarchy developed in injection molding of nylon 6/clay/carbon black
Porous-silicon/polymer nanocomposite photonic crystals formed by microdroplet pa
Crystal sensor enables SPM visualization of nanoscale
Optically triggered Q-switched photonic crystal laser
Combined numerical simulation and nanoindentation for determining mechanical pro
Atomistic simulation of dislocation interactions in a model crystal subjected to
Control of growth interface shape using vibroconvective stirring applied to vert
The kinetics of crystal growth and dissolution from the melt in Lennard-Jones sy
Laser longitudinal mode splitting phenomenon and its applications in laser physi
(Nb,Ta)9(S,Te)5, a metal-rich chalcogenide with a microporous metal substructure
Nano-technology and science expected from fullerenes
Magnetic properties of rapidly quenched high remanence Zr added Sm-Fe-N isotropi
Atom probe studies of nanocrystalline microstructural evolution in some amorphou
Growth and optical properties of nanometer-scale GaAs and InAs whiskers
Formation of elementary radiation defects in halide crystals with different type
Investigation of virus crystal growth mechanisms by in situ atomic force microsc
Preparation of CuCl nanocrystals in NaCl
Morphology and orientational disorder of C70 single crystals
Low-resistance electrical contacts to single crystal BSCCO whiskers
Molecular-dynamics study of the synthesis and characterization of a fully dense,
Local-density-derived semiempirical pseudopotentials
Melting and solidification of the surface layer of single-crystal silicon heated
Growth of lead tungstate single crystal scintillators
Storage of nuclear excitation energy through magnetic switching
Optical properties of nanostructures in layered metal tri-iodide crystals
Na2ZnO2, a new sodium zincate
Photoluminescence of chemically deposited CdSe nanocrystallites: effects of crys
Na10Zn4O9, a novel oxozincate with trigonal planar coordinated zinc
Synthesis of advanced lightweight metals by powder metallurgy techniques
Segregation control in vertical Bridgman crystal growth
Nano/picoindentation measurements on single-crystal aluminum using modified atom
Fast and long retention-time nano-crystal memory
Convergent beam electron diffraction and high resolution electron microscopy of
A new goniometer design for single-crystal nuclear magnetic resonance spectrosco
Mutually pumped phase conjugator with a rainbow configuration in BaTiO3:Ce cryst
First principles study of a new large-gap nanoporous silicon crystal: Hex-Si40
Structure and magnetic character of nanostructured NiAl alloy synthesized by ine
Mounting an individual submicrometer sized single crystal
Growth of nanocrystalline platinum in a zeolite host - an in situ X-ray powder d
Band-edge exciton in quantum dots of semiconductors with a degenerate valence ba
Bulk metallic glasses-a new engineering material
Effects of monomer structure on their organization and polymerization in a smect
Quantum chemistry based force fields for soft matter
Reverse micelle based formation of BaCO3 nanowires
Molecular dynamics simulation of the influence of crystal imperfection on nano-m
Nanostructured materials
Study of optical properties of manganese doped ZnS nanocrystals
Fabrication of organic microcrystals and their linear- and nonlinear-optical pro
Nanostructured crystalline TiO2 through growth control and stabilization of inte
Patterned substrates: making light work
Microstructural evolution in pulse plated nickel electrodeposits
Effect of microgravity on the crystallization of a self-assembling layered mater
Three-dimensional control of semiconductor microstructures by crystal growth of
Molecular basis for ionic strength dependence and crystal morphology in two-dime
Imperfect oriented attachment: dislocation generation in defect-free nanocrystal
Microstructure evolution of GaN buffer layer on MgAl2O4 substrate
Space-time resolved optical spectroscopy of barium fluoride
Nanoindentation measurement for a tungsten (001) single crystal
Structural evolution and characterization of BaTiO3 nanoparticles synthesized fr
Nonstoichiometric properties of nanoporous iron oxide films
A new crystal modification of gutta percha
An instrument for in situ growth rate characterization of mechanically strained
Fabrication of nano-crystal silicon on SiO2 using the agglomeration process
Evaluation of Al(Nd)-alloy films for application to thin-film-transistor liquid
First-principles study of static nanoscale friction between MoO3 and MoS2
Citrate route to Sn-doped BaTi4O9 with microwave dielectric properties
Growth of fullerene nanoparticles prepared by the gas-evaporation technique
Electromigration in single-crystal aluminum lines with fast diffusion paths made
A three-dimensional framework with accessible nanopores: RbCuSb2Se4·H2O
Direct inversion of dynamical electron diffraction patterns to structure factors
Superlattices of self-assembled tetrahedral Ag nanocrystals
Crystal growth of calcium phosphate on chemically treated titanium
Nucleation and growth of PbS nanocrystals and simulation of X-ray diffraction pa
Synthesis and characterization of nanophasic goethite
Size-induced structural changes in nanoparticles
Photorefractive gratings formed in an Fe:CdTe crystal by nanosecond laser pulses
Near-field Raman spectroscopy
Structural changes of transparent TiO2 thin films with heat treatment
Growth and characterization of boron carbide nanowires
Using carbon nanotubes for the synthesis of transition metal carbide nanoparticl
Influence of heat treatment on the film structures and magnetic properties of Fe
Oriented crystal growth induced by the LB films template
Atomic force microscopy of KH2PO4 crystallization in moist media
Refinement of crystal structural parameters using two-dimensional energy-filtere
Study of the low stress plasticity in single-crystal MgO by nanoindentation and
Creating primary defects in calcium fluoride crystals with various prehistories,
Nanostructured ceramic coatings: engineering on an atomic scale
Nanoscopic unequivocal analysis of twinned crystal structures with tetragonal or
CdS mineralization of hexagonal, lamellar, and cubic lyotropic liquid crystals
Flattening of vacancy force fields on a kinematic interface between solids
Solid state NMR of SiO2 nanotube coated ammonium tartrate crystal
Determination of mass transfer coefficients for crystal growth of nitrate salts
A two-axis goniometer for sensitivity enhancement in single-crystal nuclear magn
Anisotropic nuclear-resonance photon scattering from a single crystal of NaNO2
Formation of nanometric hard materials by cold milling
Synthesis of Sm2Co17 alloy nanoparticles by mechanochemical processing
VALMAP2.0: contour maps using bond-valence-sum method
Single crystal superconductor nanowires by electrodeposition
An exploratory study of the topography of a CdI2 single crystal using AFM
Mechanomaking of nanostructured hypereutectic white irons: powder fabrication
Agglomeration of silica nanoparticles in filled nematic liquid crystals
Polarized luminescence of CsPbBr3 nanocrystals (quantum dots) in CsBr:Pb single
Monitoring crystal dissolution at nanometer resolution using laser reflectometry
The role of dislocations, integral strain, and supersaturation on the growth rat
Raman scattering study on anatase TiO2 nanocrystals
Equilibrium nano-shape changes induced by epitaxial stress (generalised Wulf-Kai
Electro-optic effect, propagation loss, and switching speed in polymers containi
Orientation order of the molecules in interface layer analyzed by polarized micr
On a possibility of high-resolution characterization of InGaAs/GaAs multilayers
Effect of thermal oxidation on indentation and scratching of single-crystal sili
Storage of X-ray photons in a crystal resonator
Fabrication of nanoporous single crystal mica templates for electrochemical depo
STM investigation of the growth structure of Cu-phthalocyanine films with submol
Efficient Raman shifting of picosecond pulses using BaWO4 crystal
Electron holography with atomic focusers
New routes of fabricating silicon nanostructures
A study of the viscoelasticity of zinc phosphate coatings using a quartz crystal
Measurement and control of the crystal growth rate of tetragonal hen egg-white l
Processing and characterization of high-conductance bismuth wire array composite
Influence of the surface on the properties of macro- and nanocrystals
Structures of nanometre-size crystals determined from selected-area electron dif
Chemical reactions within Fe/AlN layered nanocomposites: a simulation study base
Aggregation-based crystal growth and microstructure development in natural iron
Submonolayer and single crystal film from ligand-stabilized silver nanoparticles
Nanocrystal-size control of electrodeposited nanocrystalline semiconductor films
Preparation of Mg(OH)2 nanorods
Thermoresponsive photonic crystals
Colloid crystal growth under oscillatory shear
Defect engineering of Czochralski single-crystal silicon
Short-laser-pulse-induced photoelectric phenomena and reorientation in nematics
Pressure dependence of Mn2+ fluorescence in ZnS:Mn2+ nanoparticles
MD simulation of indentation and scratching of single crystal aluminum
Simple and high-yield method for synthesizing single-crystal GaN nanowires
A visualization and computational study of horizontal Bridgman crystal growth
Optical limiting and nonlinear absorption studies in Bi12SiO20 crystal at high p
Full three-dimensional photonic bandgap crystals at near-infrared wavelengths
Nanocrystalline SnO2 synthesised by means of hydrothermal precipitation
Cerous sodium nitrate monohydrate, Na2Ce(NO3)5·H2O
Liquid crystals and carbon materials
The thermal physical formation of ZnO nanoparticles and their morphology
The synthesis of CuFeSe2 through a solventothermal process
Atomic force microscopy of reaction of ammonia gas with crystalline substituted
Point defect thermodynamics: macro- vs. nanocrystals
Discrete atom imaging of one-dimensional crystals formed within single-walled ca
Carbon nitride nanocrystals having cubic structure using pulsed laser induced li
The morphology and formation mechanism of aluminum nitride nanocrystals synthesi
Smooth and rough spherical calcium carbonate particles
Mechanism of mechanical activation synthesis of aluminum nitride
Preparation and properties of nanocrystalline Yb2O3
Specular reflection of X-rays under the conditions of grazing diffraction in a c
Structure of the polar (010) cleavage of a ferroelectric TGS crystal from the at
Mesoporous cadmium sulfide templated by hexagonal liquid crystal
Scaling parameters for gold and copper cluster growth on an alumina single cryst
Mixed phase F-doped SnO2 film and related properties deposited by ultrasonic spr
Role of praseodymium on zirconia phases stabilization
Morphology and structure of micro-fibrillar crystal of nylon 10 10
Quantum-classical crossover of the escape rate in the nano-ferromagnet with comp
Fine structure of the valence band top in a 3C BN crystal with a nanopore
Template synthesis of single-crystal Cu nanowire arrays by electrodeposition
Bloch walls in a nickel single crystal
Microstructure studies of potassium hexatitanate whiskers
Structure of nanosized zirconia centaur particles
Structural effects of monovalent anions on polymorphic lysozyme crystals
Electromigration voiding in nanoindented, single crystal Al lines
Control of nanoparticle size of fillers by polymer blend technique
Single crystal GaN nanowires
Ethanol thermal synthesis of γ-CuI nanocrystals at low temperature
Self-pumped phase conjugation in cerium-doped barium titanate crystal using nano
Evolution of defect substructure of metal alloys at microscopic and mesoscopic l
A study of nanocrystalline CdS prepared in waterglass medium
Luminescent decay of nanocrystal ZnS:Mn phosphor
Synthesis and structures of a layered and a tubular Antimony(III) phosphonate
Single-crystal aluminum nitride nanomechanical resonators
Kinetic-dependent crystal growth of size-tunable CdS nanoparticles
Scientific and engineering issues of the state-of-the-art and future multilayer
Superhardness effects of heterostructure NbN/TaN nanostructured multilayers
Morphological control of laser-synthesized silicon nanoparticles
Coherent magnetization reversal of nanoparticles with crystal and shape anisotro
C60 nanowhiskers in a mixture of lead zirconate titanate sol-C60 toluene solutio
Evaluation of electron beam broadening due to the specimen in analytical electro
Colloidal crystal templating of three-dimensionally ordered macroporous solids:
X-ray diffraction by large area organic crystalline nano-films
Miniband formation in a quantum dot crystal
Functional dynamics of the hydrophobic cleft in the N-domain of calmodulin
Magnetic and structural properties of electrochemically self-assembled Fe1-xCox
Characterization of holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal transmission gr
Control growth of PbS quantum dots doped sono-ormosil
Crystal growth and the steady-state grain size during high-energy ball-milling
Liquid-crystal phases of capped carbon nanotubes
Formation and structural properties of the amorphous-crystal interface in a nano
Atomic computer simulation: large scale calculations of defect properties by emp
Probabilities for dopant pair-state formation in a nanocrystal: Simulations and
Capillary condensation of a nematic liquid crystal observed by force spectroscop
A nanoscale model of the transformation-induced plasticity
Computer simulation of water-ice transition in hydrophobic nanopores
Spectroscopy of CsPbBr3 quantum dots in CsBr:Pb crystals
Optical data recording by laser pulses in liquid-crystal cells with an azo-modif
Formation of low dimensional electronic-conducting system of C60 ultrathin films
Crystallization of Prussian Blue analogs beneath Langmuir films
Characterizing tuning forks as nanomechanics sensors through thermal noise spect
Effect of structures and morphologies of catalyst on growth of carbon nanotubes
Maximum channel pressure of a nanosecond pulsed anode discharge in a KCl crystal
Detection of ultrathin amorphous layers by means of specular reflection under gr
Growth and characterization of single-crystal GaN nanorods by hydride vapor phas
Separation of photonic crystal waveguides modes using femtosecond time-of-flight
Nanoindentation around Vickers microindentation in MgO (100) crystal
Optical limiting behavior of congo-red and crystal-violet dyes in solid matrices
Custom crystals control photons
Coalescence of nanoclusters and formation of submicron crystallites assisted by
The crystallization of glycine polymorphs from emulsions, microemulsions, and la
From art to science in protein crystallization by means of thin-film nanotechnol
Aluminum fluoride nanohydrate
Structure and phase stability of novel twisted crystal structures in carbon nano
Nonlinear absorption and optical limiting properties of the 2-amino-5-nitropyrid
Negative crystals of silicon carbide
Conversion of the glacial state into the crystal in triphenyl phosphite
Development of synthetic crystals
Microstructural analysis on cordierite ceramics prepared by sol-gel
Low-temperature combustion synthesis of nanometer tetragonal barium titanate pow
Preparation of Co3O4 nanoparticles by a polymer combustion
Synthesis of cadmium oxide nanowires by calcining precursors prepared in a novel
Low temperature self-propagating synthesis and characterization of soft-magnetic
Improvement of piezoelectric crystal sensor with TiO2 nano/microporous films
Hydrothermal synthesis of single-crystal La0.5Sr0.5MnO3 nanowire under mild cond
Highly ordered and well-oriented single-crystal CdTe nanowire arrays by direct-c
Quasi-aligned MoO3 nanotubes grown on Ta substrate
Terahertz-wave surface-emitted difference frequency generation in slant-stripe-t
Observation of edge refraction in ultra small angle neutron scattering
Growth characteristics and controlling mechanism of nanometer CaCO3
Boron nitride nanotubes filled with zirconium oxide nanorods
Ultrafast and large third-order optical nonlinearity of porous nanosized poly-cr
Frequency modulation response of a liquid-crystal electro-optic device doped wit
Synthesis of nanocrystalline TiO2 in alcohols
Mechanical nanoprocessing of layered crystal structure materials by atomic force
A new fabrication technique for photonic crystals: nanolithography combined with
Design, nano-fabrication and analysis of near-infrared 2D photonic crystal air-b
Review on the application of quartz crystal microbalance in the research of meta
Fabrication of conductive single-crystal semiconductor nanoscale electromechanic
Three-dimensional photonic crystal by utilizing wafer fusion technique
EXAFS study on amorphous and nanocrystalline M-W (M=Fe, Ni) alloys produced by e
Theoretical calculation for optimum Mn content in ZnS:Mn nanocrystals
Growth mechanism of single crystal NaFe4P12 nanowires
Study on synthesis of the powder of nanometer crystal BaTiO3
Computer simulations of fluid flow and heat transfer in metal strip heating zone
Artificial nanocluster crystal: Lattice of identical Al clusters
Catalytic growth and photoluminescence properties of semiconductor single-crysta
Regular arrays of GaN nanorods
Role of TiN film in the fabrication of freestanding GaN wafers using hydride vap
Macroscopic alignment of silver nanoparticles in reverse hexagonal liquid crysta
Constitution of highly dispersive ferromagnetics obtained by a thermochemical me
Work functions at facet edges
Multiplexed, stack-wise, and parallel recording of near-field binary holograms
Hydrothermal synthesis of α-MoO3 nanorods via acidification of ammonium he
Anodic electrosynthesis of a thin film of Cu2S on a gold electrode. A voltammetr
Supercontinuum generation by stimulated Raman scattering and parametric four-wav
γ-alumina nanofibers prepared from aluminum hydrate with poly(ethylene oxi
Submicron liquid crystal pixels on a nanopatterned indium tin oxide surface
Thermodynamic to kinetic transition in epitaxial electrodeposition
Laser damage studies in zinc (tris) thiourea sulfate: Nonlinear optical crystal
Single crystal silver nanowires prepared by the metal amplification method
Single-crystal Si formed on amorphous substrate at low temperature by nanopatter
Polarization properties of dipolelike defect modes in photonic crystal nanocavit
Dye sensitization of natural anatase crystals with a ruthenium-based dye
Lithographic fine-tuning of vertical cavity surface emitting laser-pumped two-di
Structural compliance, misfit strain, and stripe nanostructures in cuprate super
Hierarchical ZnO nanostructures
Ordering effects on the photopolymerization of a lyotropic liquid crystal
Electrically switchable reflection holograms formed using two-photon photopolyme
Wide-field-of-view narrow-band spectral filters based on photonic crystal nanoca
Kinetics of crystallization and crystal growth of nanocrystalline anatase in nan
Pressure-induced insulator-conductor transition in a photoconducting organic liq
Ordering of quantum dots using genetically engineered viruses
In situ calorimetric study of the growth of silica TPA-MFI crystals from an init
Low-threshold photonic crystal laser
Multivariable structural characterization of semicrystalline polymer blends by s
Isolation and structure of higher diamondoids, nanometer-sized diamond molecules
Photonic crystal laser sources for chemical detection
Phase stabilization in nanocrystalline zirconia
Homogeneous, coaxial liquid crystal domain growth from carbon nanotube seeds
Effect of crystal nature on upconversion luminescence in Er3+:ZrO2 nanocrystals
Magnetization reversal by coherent rotation in single-domain magnets with arbitr
Complex and oriented ZnO nanostructures
Nanoscale faceting due to elastic interactions and crystal shapes near Si(113)
Quartz crystal thin-film monitoring forges ahead
Synthesis and characterization of superconducting single-crystal Sn nanowires
Displacement-sensitive photonic crystal structures based on guided resonance in
Tunable face-centered-cubic photonic crystal formed in holographic polymer dispe
Active photonic crystal nano-architectures
A manual nanoscale method for protein crystallization
Tunable electronic lens using a gradient polymer network liquid crystal
Structures of indium oxide nanobelts
Fluorescence upconversion properties of Er3+-doped TiO2 and BaTiO3 nanocrystalli
The role of oriented attachment crystal growth in hydrothermal coarsening of nan
Shape-selective growth, patterning, and alignment of cubic nanostructured crysta
Multiple time scale simulations of metal crystal growth reveal the importance of
Nematic anisotropic liquid-crystal gels-self-assembled nanocomposites with high
High-power laser interactions with nanostructured materials
Low-temperature water reconstruction in concanavalin A, with implications for co
Structural evolution during growth of electrodeposited Co-Cu/Cu multilayers with
Diagnostics of nanoscale microdefects in elastically-bent single crystal by a me
The latest developments in the opto-electronic world
A nanoscale model of crystal plasticity
Luminescent kinetic characteristics of CsPbCl3 aggregates dispersed in Rb1-x (x
Preparation and use of nanosized materials
Structural changes in multilayer systems containing InxGa1-xAs1-yNy quantum well
Preparation of nanometer-sized barium titanate powders by a sol-precipitation pr
The effect of the crystallographic direction on crack generation in ductile mode
Microstructure fabrication in ball semiconductor by anisotropic etching
Morphological study of magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles precipitated in dilute
Phase change of a plane wave propagating through polymer dispersed liquid crysta
The quartz crystal microbalance as a tool for the study of a liquidlike layer at
Synthesis of transition metal nitride/carbonitride nanopowders and their applica
Single-ion fluorescence spectroscopy of an Y2SiO5:Pr3+ nanocluster
Atomic mechanisms of deformation and fracture of chromium nanocrystals. I
High-resolution X-ray study of the nematic-smectic-a and smectic-a-smectic-C tra
Crystal engineering: from molecules to materials
Salt crystallization from an evaporating aqueous solution by molecular dynamics
A theory waiting for an experiment: pair-state formation in a nanocrystal
In situ synthesis of mesoporous CdS nanoparticles in ternary cubic phase lyotrop
Convergent beam electron diffraction-A novel technique for materials characteris
On the existence of superstructure in TiNx thin films
Nanocrystallization of fresnoite glass. I. Nucleation and growth kinetics
Diffraction efficiency of a holographic grating in a liquid-crystal cell compose
Fluorite M1-xRxF2+x phases (M=Ca, Sr, Ba; R=rare earth elements) as nanostructur
Effects of crystal structures on gas sensing properties of nanocrystalline ITO t
Hollow rhombohedral calcite crystals encompassing CO2 microcavities nucleated in
3D equilibrium crystal shapes in the new light of STM and AFM
Ultraviolet-emitting ZnO nanowhiskers prepared by a vapor transport process on p
Structural characterization of quantum-well layers by double-crystal X-ray diffr
Creation of a voltage controllable micro-liquid crystal domain using the atomic
Fluctuation mediated interaction and phase separation of nanoparticles in a liqu
Protein incorporation into MALDI-matrix crystals investigated by high resolution
Influence of impurities on the morphology and Raman spectra of cubic boron nitri
Crystal structure of polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxane (POSS) nano-materials:
On the polar structural fragments in glasses from dielectric spectroscopic data
A new and effective chemical reduction method for preparation of nanosized silve
Nanostructure transfer in semiconductors by ion exchange
Scanning probe microscopy and computer simulations: complementary techniques for
High-speed switching of nanoscale ferroelectric domains in congruent single-crys
Low-temperature solvent thermal synthesis of cubic AlN
Effects of annealing on gas sensing performance and microstructure of nano-grain
Photoinduced surface relief grating on polysilane thin films and its application
Orientation adhesion of nanocrystallites and formation of dendritic crystals
Preparation of Ni nanopowders by anodic arc plasma
Direct observation of nonlinear effects in a one-dimensional photonic crystal
Low-temperature conversion synthesis of M(OH)2 (M=Ni, Co, Fe) nanoflakes and nan
Molecular dynamics simulation of bending crack initiation and growth of single c
The synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline Cu- and Ag-based multinary
Transport properties of C60 ultra-thin films
Large-scale synthesis and photoluminescence of single-crystalline β-Ga2O3 n
Spectroscopic properties of Co2+:ZnAl2O4 nanocrystals in sol-gel derived glass-c
Controllable synthesis of nanocrystalline gold assembled whiskery structures via
Sol-gel preparation of Co2+:MgAl2O4 nanocrystals embedded in SiO2-based glass
Molecular dynamics simulations of bending crack initiation and growth of single
A phase retrieval method for noncrystalline layers on crystal surfaces
Growth of Bi2S3 skeleton crystals with three-dimensional network morphologies
Nanoscale domain switching at crystal surfaces of lithium niobate
Multi-morphology PbS: frame-film structures, twin nanorods, and single-crystal f
High-Q photonic nanocavity in a two-dimensional photonic crystal
Deformation behavior of Ni3Al single crystals during nanoindentation
Preparation and luminescence characteristics of nanocrystalline SnO2 particles d
Preparation, crystal structure and electrorheological performance of nano-sized
Magnetic anisotropy of cerium endohedral metallofullerenes
Primary crystallization process of rapidly solidified Al-Ni-Cu-Nd metallic glass
Synthesis of ZnO nanowhiskers by a simple method
Catalytic synthesis of aluminum borate nanowires
Influence of crystalline state on internal friction frequency spectrum of copper
Hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO crystal
Oriented single-crystal diamond cones and their arrays
Molecular alignment enhancement phenomenon of polymer formed from a liquid cryst
Size tunable synthesis of highly crystalline BaTiO3 nanoparticles using salt-ass
Low temperature combustion synthesis and its dielectric property of barium titan
Biosensor using a quartz-crystal microbalance
Aligned single crystal boron nanowires
Raman depth profile research of laser crystallized a:Si film
Synthesis of Ag dendritic nanostructures by using anisotropic nickel nanotubes
Nanoparticle array synthesized by two-dimensional colloid crystal lithography
Fabrication and characterization of ordered macroporous semiconductors CdS by co
Preparation of Bi2S3 nanowhiskers and their morphologies
Copper nanorod junctions templated by a novel polymer-surfactant aggregate
Ion distribution, defects and magnetic property of ZnMn ferrite nano particles p
Growth of crystalline Sb2S3 nanorods by hydrothermal method
Growth of GaN nanowires through nitridation Ga2O3 films deposited by electrophor
Initial growth stage of nanoscaled TiN films: formation of continuous amorphous
Large-scale synthesis of ultra-long wire-like single-crystal selenium arrays
The preparation of nano CeO2 by chemical coprecipitation and the analysis of its
Moire fringes of HOPG and mica in scanning probe microscopy
Fractal patterns of precipitates observed in boar bile
Large-scale synthesis of single-crystalline Te nanobelts by a low-temperature ch
Preparing Fe5C2 intermetallic compound by mechanical alloying method at room tem
Research on liquid crystal light valve with composite film photoconductor
Synthesis and characterization of single-crystalline BaH2SiO4 nanowires
Preparation of CdO nanoparticles by mechanochemical reaction
Preparation and characterization of LiMn2O4 nanorod by low heating solid state c
Molecular dynamics simulation for failure process of monocrystalline nickel film
Towards 3D metal-dielectric photonic crystal - optical characterization
Synthesis of CdS nanocrystals templating against liquid crystal formed by acidic
Preparation of nanocrystalline CoSb3 bulk thermoelectric material by MA-SPS
Development of biomimetic needle-like apatite nanocrystals by a simple new metho
Preparation and electrochemical behavior of Nano β-Ni(OH)2
Research on nanostructure Al3+, Zn2+ instituted Ni(OH)2 electrode materials
A novel low-temperature method to grow single-crystal ZnO nanorods
Synthesis of NiFe2O4 nanocrystallites and calcination kinetics
Synthesis, structure, and photoluminescence of Zn2SnO4 single-crystal nanobelts
Large-scale growth of porous CuInS2 microspheres
Study on multifunctional surface nanoneedle array materials
Molecular dynamics simulation of nanometric grinding-the effect of crystal aniso
Solvothermal synthesis of antimony nanowire bundles, tube-groove-like nanostruct
Growth and characterization of single-crystal ZnSe nanorods via surfactant soft-
Structure and property changes of CeO2 nanocrystalline in thermal treatment proc
Progress and future of photonic crystal devices
Growth of single-crystal magnetite nanowires from Fe3O4 nanoparticles in a surfa
A novel and low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis of SnO2 nanorods
Preparation of nanocrystalline ceramic oxide powders in the presence of anionic
Primary crystallization behaviour of rapidly solidified Al-Ni-Cu-Nd metallic gla
Nanowire arrangements of PbS-Sb2S3-compounds
Preparation and properties of nano-composite of Ag-diamond contact alloys
Synthesis and piezoresponse of highly ordered Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3 nanowire arrays
The discovery of quasi-nanometer needle-like graphite and its structural charact
A novel hydrothermal route to synthesize boron nitride nanocrystals
Solvothermal synthesis of nano-sized LaxBi(2 - x)Te3 thermoelectric powders
Crystal structure and microstructure of rapidly solidified La(Ni, Sn)5+x (x=0.1-
Study on eliminating mechanism of surface metal in nano-polishing process
Effect of organic groups and inorganic ions on crystallization of hydroxyapatite
Fabrication and magnetic properties of Co nanowire arrays of different crystal s
Nanotubular structures of zinc oxide
Synthesis of gallium borate nanowires
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of hexagonal and monoclinic neodymiu
Synthesis and characterize of trivalent chromium Cr(OH)3 and Cr2O3 microspheres
Orientation dependence of nanoindentation pile-up patterns and of nanoindentatio
Growth habit of nano-crystals - the application of growth unit model of anion co
High-power nanosecond optical parametric oscillator based on a long LiB3O5 cryst
Application of the quartz crystal microbalance for the investigation of nanotrib
Preparation of aluminum borate nanowires
An experimental and numerical effort to simulate the interface deflection of YAG
Study of indium trihydroxide In(OH)3 for ITO
Nanopillars photonic crystal waveguides
Hydrothermal synthesis of M2S3 (M=Sb, Bi) bulk single crystals and nanorods
Preparation and characterization of zinc sulfide nanoparticles under high-gravit
A crystal structure study of La1-xCaxMnO3 nanoparticles
Preparation, characterization and gas-sensing properties of rare earth mixed oxi
Preparation and characterization of ZrO2:Eu3+ phosphors
Photochemical synthesis of Bi2S3 nanoflowers on an alumina template
Formation and characterization of bone-like nanoscale hydroxyapatite in glass bo
The synthesis of ZnS:Mn2+ nano-particles by solid-state method at low temperatur
Micro- and nanostructure of (Sn1-xGex)S mixed crystals
Growth of single-crystal ZnS nanobelts through a low-temperature thermochemistry
Vaterite-type YBO3:Eu3+ crystals: hydrothermal synthesis, morphology and photolu
A simple way to prepare bismuth nanoparticles
Crystalline organic molecular thin film with electrical switching property: scan
The interface inversion process during the Czochralski growth of high melting po
A template-free route to Bi2S3 nanoribbons
Aligned single crystal MgB2 nanowires
Effects of technology parameters of anodic arc discharged plasma on preparation
Hydrothermal synthesis of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 nano-powders
Raman scattering study on formation of ErNbO4 powder
Subwavelength-scale tailoring of surface phonon polaritons by focused ion-beam i
A novel facile method to metal sulfide (metal=Cd, Ag, Hg) nanocrystallite
Synthesis of high purity silicon nanoparticles in a low pressure microwave react
Growth and nucleation of silicon nano-particle in LICVD preparation
Functioning of traditional ceramics 12CaO·7Al2O3 utilizing built-in nano-
Organisation, structure and morphology of organic thin films via electron micros
Zirconia needles synthesized inside hexagonal swollen liquid crystals
Three-dimensional porous network structure developed in hydroxyapatite-based nan
Effects of crystal structure and particle size on ethanol gas sensing characteri
A phase-contrast X-ray imaging system - with a 60 × 30 mm field of view ba
Hydrothermal synthesis of zirconia nanocrystals in supercritical water
Evolution of the morphology and optical properties of ZnO nanowires during catal
Preparation of carbon microcoils and their applications
Self-organized regular array microstructure of LiNbO3-based crystal composites
Nano-rods of single crystalline diamond
Structural changes in nanocrystalline silicon deposited by rf-magnetron sputteri
Crystal structure and nano-structure of metal hydrides during hydriding-dehydrid
Highly nonlinear dispersion-flattened polarization-maintaining photonic crystal
Ab initio calculation of piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties of NaNO2
HRTEM, TSC and broadband dielectric spectroscopy of a discotic liquid crystal
Ferroelectric single crystal recording media fabricated by polarization controll
Morphology of zigzag carbon nanofibers prepared by catalytic pyrolysis of acetyl
Interactions in self-organized nanoporous organic Crystals
Atomic force microscopy-based nano-lithography for nano-patterning: a molecular
A study of the structure and the synthesis of Ga2O3 nanomaterials
The crystal fraction determination of the nanocrystalline phase transformed from
Production of large-diameter single-wall carbon nanotubes by adding Fe to a NiCo
New method to characterize mesoscopic range and very small strain with using mul
One-dimensional transport in polymer nanofibers
Magnetic properties and crystal structures of FePt nanoparticle media
Original magnetic alignment of a nematic phase containing single-walled nanotube
Crystallographic effects in micro/nanomachining of single-crystal calcium fluori
The study of the synthesis of nano-grade cerium oxide powder
Relation between macroscopic length change and the crystal structure in heavily
Relaxation of nanopatterns on Nb-doped SrTiO3 surface
Micromechanics model concerning yield behavior of nanocrystalline materials
Rapid hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO nanorods without organics
Hollow nanoparticles of β-iron oxide synthesized by chemical vapor condensa
Single-quantum-dot strong coupling in a semiconductor photonic crystal nanocavit
Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ir-Ta coatings on nickel-base single
Vertically aligned nematic liquid crystal on anodic porous alumina
A new and simple means for self-assembled nanostructure: facilitated by buffer l
Monte Carlo simulation for the formation of a mixed crystal from two solids in c
Synthesis and characterization of copper sulfide nanoparticles in hexagonal phas
Dynamics of partially faceted melt/crystal interfaces I: computational approach
The synthesis - structure relationship in the ZnO-Cr2O3 system
Strength of Li2O-SiO2-system transparent glass-ceramics
Characterization of CdS nanocrystals embedded in KCl single crystal matrix grown
Zinc oxide nanotetrapods
Nanometer size recrystallization grain induced by applied electric field
Generation of nano-sized free standing single crystal silicon particles
On the atomistic simulation of plastic deformation and fracture in crystals
The production and electrical characterization of free-standing cubic single-cry
Monte Carlo simulation of nanometric cutting
Kinetics of oriented aggregation
Diamond heteroepitaxy: pattern formation and mechanisms
Defect nucleation during nanoindentation: an atomistic analysis
Electrodeposition of polycrystalline InSb from aqueous electrolytes
Liquid-crystal electric tuning of a photonic crystal laser
Mechanically tunable photonic crystal structure
Single-crystal calcium hexaboride nanowires: synthesis and characterization
Growth and structure of chemically vapor deposited Ge nanowires on Si substrates
Manipulation of liquid droplets using amphiphilic, magnetic one-dimensional phot
Mixed iron-manganese oxide nanoparticles
High frequency oscillation in photonic crystal nanolasers
Properties of polyvinylidene difluoride-carbon nanotube blends
Models for severe plastic deformation by equal-channel angular extrusion
Deformation-free single-crystal nanohelixes of polar nanowires
Elastic torque and the levitation of metal wires by a nematic liquid crystal
On the design of advanced metal oxide nanomaterials
The three-dimensional X-ray crystal microscope: a new tool for materials charact
Fabrication and performance of efficient blue light emitting III-nitride photoni
Nanoscale thin single-crystal silicon and its application to electronics
Structure of polypropylene crystallized in confined nanolayers
Polycrystalline Molybdenum Disulfide (2H-MoS2) nano- and microribbons by electro
Strain relaxation by directionally aligned precipitate nanoparticles in the grow
Planar photonic crystal nanolasers (II): low-threshold quantum dot lasers
Planar photonic crystal nanolasers (I): porous cavity lasers
Preparation and optical spectroscopy of Eu3+-doped GaN luminescent semiconductor
Epitaxial growth of InP nanowires on germanium
Effect of the liquid crystal occur environment on the aggregation of magnetic gr
Surface relief gratings on polymer dispersed liquid crystals by polarization hol
Orientation order in nanoparticles in composite films
Switching of optical response in fullerene-doped liquid crystal compounds
Polyvalent oxide doped lead crystal glasses ion exchanged with silver
Synthesis of nanocrystalline SnO2 powder at 100°C
Thin film capacitor cut from single crystals using focused ion beam milling
Characterising and controlling surface defects
Magnetic properties of doped Mn12-ac : a novel nanomagnet
Growing and characterizing one-dimensional crystals within single-walled carbon
Use of a LiF colour centre laser for pumping Yb:YAG active medium
A coupled atomistics and discrete dislocation plasticity simulation of nanoinden
Study of quasi-1D SnO2 nanowires
Nanovoid formation in helium-implanted single-crystal silicon studied by in situ
Studies on nonisothermal crystallization of HDPE/POSS nanocomposites
3D manipulation of particles into crystal structures using holographic optical t
Cathodoluminescence of defects in sintered tin oxide
Electron microscopy and positron annihilation study of CdSe nanoclusters embedde
Zirconia nanoparticles made in spray flames at high production rates
A novel synthesis of CdSe nanocrystals
Molecular dynamics calculation of the J-integral fracture criterion for nano-siz
The STM observations of the nano-crackings on a (110) TiO2 surface due to quench
Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering in the gas phase enhanced by hollow photon
Nanostructural ZnO fabricated by vapor-phase transport in air
The R8-BC8 phases and crystal growth in monocrystalline silicon under microinden
Wavelength dependent birefringence of surface plasmon polaritonic crystals
Synthesis of single crystal BaMoO4 nanofibers in CTAB reverse microemulsions
Preparation process of silicon nanowires for application in nanodevices
Synthesis of single-crystal BaTiO3 nanoparticles via a one-step sol-precipitatio
Open lanthanide-organic frameworks with intertwined double and triple helical st
Atomic scale deformation in the solid surface induced by nanoparticle impacts
Flowerlike ZnO nanostructures via hexamethylenetetramine-assisted thermolysis of
Preparation and characterization of rod-shaped MnO2 crystal
Structural evolution in films of alloy Zn70Al27Cu3 (ZA27)
Growth and optical property of zinc oxide thornballs
Microstructure and wear resistance of high-speed steel treated with intense puls
Semiconducting of nanocrystalline tin oxide and its influence factors
n-diamond from catalysed carbon nanotubes: synthesis and crystal structure
Synthesis and luminescence properties of nanocrystalline YVO4:Eu3+
Study on the initial electrodeposition behavior of Ni-P alloys
Rapid synthesis and photoluminescence of novel ZnO nanotetrapods
Magnetic nanocomposite thin films of BaFe12O19 and TiO2 prepared by sol-gel meth
Synthesis, characterization and optical limiting effect of nickel complexes of m
Influence of oxygen content on the properties of crystal lattice and phase trans
Solvothermal synthesis and thermoelectric properties of lanthanum contained Bi-T
Morphology-controlled synthesis, characterization and growth mechanism of PbWO4
Study on preparation of nano-sized alumina by AACH thermal decomposition
Hydrothermal synthesis of hydroxyapatite nanorods in the presence of anionic sta
Morphology development and oriented growth of single crystalline ZnO nanorod
Study of assembling ZnO nanorods into chrysanthemum-like crystals
Study of CoS2 as a novel negative electrode material for lithium ion battery
Study on hydrothermal synthesis of bismuth titanate nanopowder
Morphology-controlled synthesis of BaWO4 nanocrystals via a surfactant-assisted
Silica-sheathed pyrrotite nanowires: synthesis and mechanism
Stabilization of mesoporous nanocrystalline zirconia with Laponite
Fabrication of the nanometer Al2O3/Cu composite by internal oxidation
Preparation and photoluminescence of ZnO nanostructures by thermal evaporation g
Synthesis and characterization of single-crystal PbTiO3 nanorods
Preparation of PbS-type PbO nanocrystals in a room-temperature ionic liquid
Transmission electron microscopy study on the microstructure of Fe85Ga15 alloy
Synthesis of web-like-structured ZnO cluster with strong photoluminescence inten
Mutual promotion effect of crystal growth in TiN/SiC nanomultilayers
Structural and optical properties of highly aligned ZnS nanorods
The dependence of Co nanoparticle sizes on the ratio of surfactants and the infl
In situ templated synthesis of anatase single-crystal nanotube arrays
AlN nanorings
Displacement burst and hydrogen effect during loading and holding in nanoindenta
Titanate nanotubes and nanorods prepared from rutile powder
Influence of rare earth Y on sintering properties of nano-powder 90W-7Ni-3Fe all
Iron-catalytic growth of prism-shaped single-crystal silicon nanowires by chemic
Self-assembly and oriented organization of shape-controlled nanocrystalline TiO2
In-situ investigation and effect of additives on low temperature aqueous chemica
Detection of humidity based on quartz crystal microbalance coated with ZnO nanos
Zirconia-based nanocrystalline material synthesized by directional crystallizati
Manipulation of luminescence from CdSe nanoparticles by three-dimensional photon
Transient behaviour of polarity-reversed current in a liquid-crystal-montmorillo
Photonic crystal directional couplers formed by InAlGaAs nano-rods
Visible and near-infrared characterization and modeling of nanosized holographic
Electro-optical characteristics of a twisted nematic liquid-crystal cell doped w
Growth of single crystal α-Al2O3 nanofibers on a carbon aerogel substrate
Simultaneous determination of density and viscosity of liquids based on quartz-c
Effect of in-flight annealing and deposition method on gas-sensitive SnOx films
Local structure dependence of the charge transfer band in nanocrystalline Y2O3:E
Numerical characterization of nanopillar photonic crystal waveguides and directi
Nanostructures versus crystals in particle channeling
Effect of nanoconfinement on liquid-crystal polymer chains
Nanoionics of advanced superionic conductors
Heterogeneous nucleation and growth of crystal bubbles in aqueous solutions and
Magnetically steered liquid crystal-nanotube switch
Liquid crystal-carbon nanotube dispersions
LaI2@(18,3)SWNT: the unprecedented structure a LaI2 crystal, encapsulated within
Preparation of nanocrystalline Ti, Mn, Co, Fe, and Zn oxides via heat treatment
Nanoscale defect structures at crystal-glass interfaces
Biomimetic formation of hydroxyapatite nanorods by a single-crystal-to-single-cr
Nanoscale surface domain formation on the +z face of lithium niobate by pulsed u
High-resolution electron energy-loss spectroscopy of BaTiO3/SrTiO3 multilayers
Transparent non-linear optical composites based on glass and ferroelectric KNbSi
Morphology, texture, and properties of products obtained by annealing of porous
Exciton-polaritons and nanoscale cavities in photonic crystal slabs
Superficial colouring of lead crystal glass by sol-gel coatings
Local order in interfaces
Multiple glass transitions in the plastic crystal phase of triphenylene derivati
Control of topological defects in microstructured liquid crystal cells
A comparison between unidimensional, circular and spherical photonic crystal sta
Solvothermal synthesis of new metal organic framework structures in the zinc-ter
Radiation defects in undoped and Nd-doped LaGaO3 crystals
Blocking phenomena studies on ferronematics
Synthesis of acicular goethite with surfactants
Spontaneous emission in the near field of two-dimensional photonic crystals
2D lattice formation by YAG:Nd laser on the surface of Ge single crystal
Formation mechanism and morphology in precipitation of vaterite-nano-aggregation
Single-crystal Ti2AlN thin films
Synthesis of high quality zinc blende CdSe nanocrystals
Effect of crystal structure and dopant concentration on the luminescence of Cr3+
Optical properties of Pb-based aggregated phases in CsBr crystal
Atomic-size oscillations in conductance histograms for gold nanowires and the in
Nanoscale chemical etching of near-stoichiometric lithium tantalate
Fine-tuned high-Q photonic-crystal nanocavity
Optical bistable switching action of Si high-Q photonic-crystal nanocavities
Photonic crystal templates for organic solid-state lasers
Formation of cellular films consisting of wurtzite-type zinc oxide nanosheets by
In situ AFM observation of polymorphic transformation at crystal surface of glyc
Molecular dynamics simulation on the single particle impacts in the aerosol depo
Multiple period s-p hybridization in nano-strip embedded photonic crystal
C60 nanowhisker synthesis using a microchannel reactor
Advantages of photonic crystal optical devices
Diamond nucleation in low electron temperature CH4/H2 plasma
Nanotubes for particle channeling, radiation and electron sources
Phonon localization in periodic uniaxially nanostructured silicon
Nano-scale photonic crystal microcavity characterization with an all-fiber based
Synthesis of barium titanate (BaTiO3) nanofibers via electrospinning
Phase transformation of single crystal β-tungsten nanorods at elevated temp
Scanning transmission electron microscopy and its application to the study of na
High-performance nanowire electronics and photonics and nanoscale patterning on
A bio-inspired approach to controlled crystallization at the nanoscale
Microstructure and crystallography in microcellular injection-molded polyamide-6
Conversion of zinc oxide nanobelts into superlattice-structured nanohelices
Effect of carbon nanotubes on phase transitions of nematic liquid crystals
The controlled evolution of a polymer single crystal
Nano-scale equilibrium crystal shapes
Large-scale synthesis of single-crystal CdSe nanowires through a cation-exchange
Mechanical and electrical characterization of β-Ga2O3 nanostructures for se
Directed spatial organization of zinc oxide nanorods
Mechanics of defects in carbon nanotubes: atomistic and multiscale simulations
Evidence for quantized displacement in macroscopic nanomechanical oscillators
Quenched disorder in a liquid-crystal biosensor: Adsorbed nanoparticles at confi
Patterning lyotropic liquid crystals as precursors for carbon nanotube arrays
Fluctuations, line tensions, and correlation times of nanoscale islands on surfa
Planar degenerate substrate for micro- and nanopatterned nematic liquid-crystal
Quantum friction in nanomechanical oscillators at millikelvin temperatures
Temperature effects on luminescence properties of Cr3+ ions in alkali gallium si
Renormalization group approach to multiscale simulation of polycrystalline mater
Growth and electrochromic properties of single-crystal V2O5 nanorod arrays
Surface-enhanced plasmon splitting in a liquid-crystal-coated gold nanoparticle
Crystal sensor for microscopy applications
Nanoporous organosilicate glass films via chemical vapor deposition onto colloid
Macroscopic nanotemplating of semiconductor films with hydrogen-bonded lyotropic
Liquid crystal engineering of carbon nanofibers and nanotubes
Silver carboxylate nanostructure nucleation and growth on AgBr crystals
Nanoscale mechanical property measurements using modified atomic forte microscop
Nonlinear liquid-crystal fiber structures for passive optical limiting of short
A model for rotation toughening in a crystal with diamond structure
The self-assembly of gold and SCd nanoparticle multilayer structures studied by
Photochemical investigations of functionalised 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane li
Correlation between anomalous peak effect in magnetic hysteresis loop and nanosc
Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical investigation of single-crystal anatase
Ultra high-throughput screening - A journey into Nanoland with Gulliver and Alic
Magic angle spinning NMR: A valuable tool for monitoring the progress of reactio
Temperature dependence of luminescence intensity and decay times in C-60 single
Self-assembly in natural and unnatural systems
Synthetic cyclic oligosaccharides - Syntheses and structural properties of a cyc
Strain relaxation induced local crystal tilts at Si/SiGe interfaces in cross-sec