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几类反应扩散系统的正解及其渐近行为/Positive Solution and Asymptotic Behavior of Some Kinds of Rea
几类具有扩散的流行病模型分析/The analysis of several epidemic models with diffusion
对流扩散方程的稳定有限元方法及其分析/The Stabilized Finite Element Methods and the Analysis for So
中国生育率转变中婚育观念和行为扩散机制研究:基于社会网络视角的分析/Study on Diffusion Mechanism of Marriage and C
基于小波变换的扩散滤波算法/The Diffusion Algorithm Based on The Wavelet Transform
数字全息干涉法流体质扩散系数的测量/Measurement of Mass Diffusion Coefficients using Digital Image
CDIC种植义齿用户行为分析及市场扩散对策研究/The Analysis of CDIC Implants Consumers Behavior and the
材料微结构演变和损伤微裂纹愈合过程的研究/Microstructural Evolution and Healing Processes of Damage M
分形介质上的分数次扩散方程/Fractional diffusion equations in the fractal media
技术扩散理论和实证研究:上海汽车工业/The Effect of Technology Diffusion:the case of Shanghai Autom
铜互连工艺中的铝接触块失效分析及其工艺整合优化/Al PAD failure analysis and process integration optimiza
掺杂外延层中杂质浓度分布的计算/the calculation of impurity concentration in epitaxy process
网络金融创新产品扩散的实证研究/Empirical Study on the e-Financial Innovation Diffusion
农业技术推广组织研究/An Economic Analysis of Agricultural Technology Diffusion Organizatio
沸石基吸附分离和催化反应过程模型化研究/Modeling the zeolite based separation and catalytic reaction
质子交换膜燃料电池的气场模拟与水管理/Gas field modeling and water management of proton exchange me
基于双指数跳扩散过程的期权定价及其参数估计/Pricing options and parameter estimate under double expone
沸石基吸附分离和催化反应过程模型化研究/Modeling the zeolite based separation and catalytic reaction
带干扰项的风险模型研究/Research On Risk Model By Diffusion
Blow-up Rate and Blow-up Profile for a degenerate parabolic systems coupled via
Asymptotic analysis to reaction-diffusion systems coupled via weighted localized
P-Laplace方程的能控性/The Controllability of P-Laplacian Equations
带时间空间扩散参数的拟线性各向异性退化抛物方程的重整化熵解/The renormalized entropy solutions of quasilinear
中国东部地区的技术扩散空间溢出效应分析/Analysis on the Spatial Spillover Effect of Technology Diffu
Recombination dynamics in porous silicon
Reply to `Comments on `a model for nano-indentation creep
Comments on `a model for nano-indentation creep
Effect of grain size on mechanical properties of nanocrystalline materials
Diffusion of hydrogen in nanocrystalline transition-metal alloys
Suppression of acid diffusion in chemical amplification resists by molecular con
Modeling of interfaces: atoms or continua?
Mass transfer and electrocrystallization analyses of nanocrystalline nickel prod
Hydrogen diffusion in nanocrystalline, mesoscopic, and microcrystalline heteroge
Diffusion of aerosols with in-flight formation in laminar tube flow
Mechanism underlying sintering densification of Y2O3-ZrO2 Nanometer powders
Universal ion-beam-sputtering device for diffusion studies
Hydrodynamic properties of confined fluids
Densification maps for nano-sized powders
Carrier diffusion in porous silicon studied by transient laser-induced grating s
Analysis of creep deformation in nanocrystalline materials
Binary fluids in planar nanopores: adsorptive selectivity, heat capacity and se
Mass diffusion coefficients and thermal diffusivity in concentrated NaNO3 soluti
Microstructure of Ti-B-N film-substrate interfaces
Synthesis of Nd2Fe17 by reduction-diffusion process
Order and dynamics of 9,10-diphenylanthracene in the liquid crystal ZLI-1167. A
Evolution of nanocluster ensembles: computer simulation of diffusion and reactio
Thermal diffusion of magnetic nanoparticles in ferrocolloids: Experiments on par
Sn diffusion in nanocrystalline stainless steel under `C regime
Investigation of hydrogen diffusion in nanocrystalline Pd by neutron spectroscop
Grain boundary diffusion in metallic nano and polycrystals
Diffusion in Nanostructured Materials
Correlation between Interfacial Structure, Tracer Diffusion and Crystal Growth i
Solid state phenomena
Metallic impurities diffusion in a polymer film (Kapton) under and out of irradi
Production of nanometer-sized metal oxide particles by gas phase reaction in a f
Diffusion-based extraction in a microfabricated device
Rate of intrachain diffusion of unfolded cytochrome c
Theoretical investigation into quenching of excited molecules on the surface of
Two-dimensional spin-exchange solid-state NMR studies of 13C-enriched wood
Color impedance and electrochemical impedance studies of WO3 thin films: H+ and
Reactive gas diluter for measuring nanometer-size particles
Significance of diffusional flow in ultrafine-grained materials
Monte Carlo simulation of Knudsens diffusion in ceramics
Lateral resolution in laser-patterned thermal processing of GaAs
Simulation of migration and coalescence of metal inclusions in homogeneous and i
Reexchange controlled diffusion in surfactant-mediated epitaxial growth: Si on
Computer modelling of adsorbate transport in nanospaces
RBS analysis of the diffusion of nano-size spheres in a polymer matrix
NMR observation of melting and diffusion in Al/Al-oxide nanophase composites
Mixed conductivity and lithium diffusion in poly(ethylene oxide) molybdenum disu
Nanocrystal development during primary crystallization of amorphous alloys
Grain boundary diffusion and grain boundary structure in nanocrystalline thin fi
Collective excitations of simple metal clusters by the quantum Monte Carlo metho
Correlation times of motion of deuterium oxide in polyamide 6 rods
Diffusion-@limited reaction kinetics in nanofabricated porous model catalysts
A 129Xe NMR study on an ionomeric polymer blend system
Study on the oxidation and carbon diffusion of TiC in alumina-titanium carbide c
Investigation of the dynamic and structure-related properties of ferrocolloids b
V-Ni multilayered monochromators and supermirrors for cold neutrons
Kinetics of Li insertion into polycrystalline and nanocrystalline SnSb alloys in
Analysis for contribution of triple-line diffusion to low-temperature creep of v
Anomalous surface diffusion of water in nanopores
Fe diffusion in nanocrystalline alloys and the influence of amorphous intergranu
Diffusion - induced creep of polycrystalline and nanostructured metals
Investigation of possibility to get superplastic state of nanostructured copper
Observation of heat diffusion across submicrometer metal thin films using a pico
Putting cells on biomaterials to engineer cell behavior and tissue repair, taste
Molecular dynamics simulations of the filling and decorating of carbon nanotubul
Oxygen diffusion in ultrafine grained monoclinic ZrO2
Chemical vapor deposition of refractory ternary nitrides for advanced diffusion
Intensity dependence of the electron diffusion length in dye-sensitised nanocrys
Kinetics and mechanism of gold dendrite electroformation on C(0001). Activation
Spectral diffusion in low temperature polymers: Deviation from logarithmic tempo
Microcavities containing individually addressable recessed microdisk and tubular
Defects and diffusion in silicon: An overview
Modeling the impact of varied surface topologies on irregular boron diffusion pr
Ostwald ripening of {113} defects precursors and transient enhanced diffusion
Molecular dynamics simulation of n-butane-methane mixtures in silicalite
Evidence of anisotropic self-diffusion of guest molecules in nanoporous material
Molecular dynamics simulation study of LiI-doped diglyme and poly(ethylene oxide
Ambipolar diffusion of photocarriers in electrolyte-filled, nanoporous TiO2
Computational study of molecular diffusion and dynamic flow through carbon nanot
Influence of silica fume on diffusivity in cement-based materials. I. Experiment
Preparation and characterization of platinum nanoparticles protected by alkyltri
Diffusion controlled responses to heat treatment of toughened silicon carbide
Research on the design theory of balk nanomaterials
Rate study of ice particle conversion to ammonia hemihydrate: Hydrate crust nucl
NMR diffusion spectroscopy for the characterization of multicomponent hydrogen-b
TEM characterization of PZT films prepared by a diol route on platinized silicon
Influence of adsorbates on the growth mode of gold islands electrodeposited on t
Numerical solution of hyperbolic models of transport in bidisperse solids
Molecular dynamics simulation of nanoparticles diffusion in dense gases and liqu
Changing shapes in the nanoworld
Fast diffusion of the Cl- ion in the headgroup region of an oppositely charged m
Creep of nanocrystalline metals and its connection with grain boundary diffusion
Effect of liquid phase on superplastic deformation and diffusion bonding of Cu-M
Kinetics of ice particle conversion to the hydrates of HCl
Diffusion of polymer-coated nanoparticles studied by fluorescence correlation sp
Observation of restructuring of nanoparticle soot aggregates in a diffusion flam
Electrochemical deposition of Co nanowire arrays; Quantitative consideration of
Transport in nanopores
Diffusion of hydrocarbons in confined media: Translational and rotational motion
Molecular dynamics simulation of NMR relaxation rates and slow dynamics in lipid
Grain boundary diffusion characteristics of nanostructured nickel
Self-diffusion in a fluid confined within a model nanopore structure
Study of the mass diffusion transfer in nanocrystalline materials
Diffusion-controlled grain growth in liquid-phase sintering of W-Cu nanocomposit
Monte Carlo simulation of transport diffusion in nanoporous carbon membranes
Thiol diffusion and the role of humidity in Dip Pen Nanolithography
Novel defect-related properties of silicon
Surface diffusion and size evolution of nanostructures in laser-focused atomic d
Moisture diffusion through vinyl ester nanocomposites made with montmorillonite
The role of particles in the inhibition of counterflow diffusion flames by iron
Molecular diffusion of oil/water emulsions in surfactant-free conditions
The atomistic deformation mechanics of nanomaterials
Influence of strain on diffusion at Ge(111) surfaces
Electrochemical imaging of diffusion through single nanoscale pores
The phase composition of the lithiated samples of nanoporous carbon materials pr
Investigation of diffusion kinetics by Auger electron spectroscopy
Theory of the impedance of electron diffusion and recombination in a thin layer
Theory of emanation thermal analysis. XI. Radon diffusion as the probe of micros
Diffusion-controlled annihilation and aggregation of F-centers in thermochemical
Effect of nanoparticles on gas sorption and transport in poly(1-trimethylsilyl-1
Diffusion of gold nanorods on chemically functionalized surfaces
Nanophase structure and diffusion in swollen perfluorosulfonate ionomer: An NMR
Model for anomalous moisture diffusion through a polymer-clay nanocomposite
Microporosity of bicontinuous nanoporous polymeric materials, characterized with
A tentative route toward nanofluidics: Directed diffusion of small molecules emb
Growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes in methane diffusion flames
Enhanced Viscoelasticity of Human Cystic Fibrotic Sputum Correlates with Increas
Modeling aerosol formation in opposed-flow diffusion flames
Enhancement of diffusion in a high-permeability polymer by the addition of nanop
Separation of isomeric xylenes using cyclodextrin-modified ceramic membranes
Influence of Surface Reaction Rate on the Size Dispersion of Interfacial Nanostr
Chloride penetration in nonsaturated concrete
Knudsen diffusivity of a hard sphere in a rough slit pore
Magnetite Fe3O4 nanocrystals: Spectroscopic observation of aqueous oxidation kin
Determination of the effective diffusion coefficient of nanoporous carbon by mea
The effect of ion and particle losses in a diffusion charger on reaching a stati
Restricted diffusion in silica sol-gel nanoparticles
Kinetics of morphological changes in nanoscale metallic films followed by Auger
Polyelectrolyte multilayers as nanocontainers for functional hydrophilic molecul
Dynamic Monte-Carlo simulations of diffusion limited reactions in rough nanopore
Transport processes and relaxation phenomena of nanoparticles in fluids
Electrochemical copper deposition in etched ion track membranes. Experimental re
Diffusion limitations to I3-/I- electrolyte transport through nanoporous TiO2 ne
Discussion concerning the rationalisation of diffusion
Diffusion-drift effect on grain boundary grooving
Self-diffusion behavior of nanocrystalline γ-FeNi
Contribution of convection, diffusion and migration to electrolyte transport thr
Water transport by nanodispersion droplets in a water-in-oil emulsion
Measurement of diffusion in zeolites - A never ending challenge?
Influence of Measurement Conditions on Electron Diffusion in Nanoporous TiO2 Fil
Piezoresistance measurement on single crystal silicon nanowires
Sorption and diffusion of phenols onto well-defined ordered nanoporous monolithi
Micro-structure of bentonite clay and diffusion coefficient given by multiscale
Application of nickel nano-particles in the diffusion bonding of titanium alloy
Grain boundary diffusion and segregation in compacted and sintered nanocrystalli
Application of thin nanocrystalline VN film as a high-performance diffusion barr
Laser-induced photovoltage transient studies on nanoporous TiO2 electrodes
Nanoporous alumina membranes as diffusion controlling systems
NMR study on colloidal magnetic fluids of various viscosities
Accelerated Diffusion of Long-Chain Alkanes between Nanosized Cavities
Simulating surface diffusion and surface growth in ceramics
An attempt to extract common behaviour from heterogeneous results about mechanic
Nanoscale effects on interfacial reactions
Modeling of particulate formation in a coflowing diffusion flame
Temporal variation in photoluminescence from single InGaN quantum dots
Crystallization and failure behaviors of Ta-TM (TM=Fe, Co) nanostructured/amorph
Nano-pore silicon membrane characterization by diffusion and electrical resistan
Interfacial friction and collective diffusion in nanopores
Effect of Hydrogen on Carbon Diffusiqn on Ni(111)
Solid-state diffusion under a large driving force and the sintering of nanosized
Grain boundary diffusion and segregation in nanolayered materials
Carbon Membranes for High Temperature Gas Separations: Experiment and Theory
Grain boundary diffusion in consolidated nanomaterials. Stress effect on grain b
Diffusion percolation along triple junctions in nanocrystalline materials
Grown-in lattice defects and diffusion in Czochralski-grown germanium
Reaction-diffusion approach to nanostructure formation and texture evolution in
Kinetics of primary crystallization studied by phase-field simulations
Chemical diffusion coefficient of electrons in nanostructured semiconductor elec
Nanosecond laser-induced thermal diffusion during laser ablation of epoxy from a
Ab initio study of dehydroxylation-carbonation reaction on brucite surface
Self-diffusion behaviour and microstructure of ultrafine-grained Nd 2Fe14B with
Visualizing charge transport in silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO 2 films wit
Analysis of nonequilibrium grain boundaries diffusion properties and its applica
Free Volume Diffusion and Optimisation of Soft Magnetic Properties in Amorphous
Atomic, Electron and Phonon Aspects of the Edge Dislocation in Iron
Oxygen diffusion in nanocrystalline ZrO2
Solvent molecular descriptors on poly(D, L-lactide-co-glycolide) particle size i
Diffusion of molecules confined in semipenetrable nanoscale carriers probed by p
Nanoscale effects in diffusion
Transdisciplinary aspects of diffusion and magnetocaloric effect
Salt diffusion in brick structures Part II The effect of temperature, concentrat
Distributed order fractional sub-diffusion
Self-diffusion of methane in single-walled carbon nanotubes at sub- and supercri
Agreement between analytical theory and molecular dynamics simulation for adsorp
Protein diffusion in charged nanotubes: On-Off behavior of molecular transport
Microscopic spreading characteristics of nonpolar perfluoropolyether films
Formation of deprotected fuzzy blobs in chemically amplified resists
Enhancement of epitaxial lateral overgrowth by vapor-phase diffusion
Studies on preparation of cyclosporin SLN and its physical-chemical properties
Anomalous interfacial diffusion in immiscible metallic multilayers: A size-depen
Molecular simulation of adsorption and diffusion of hydrogen in metal-organic fr
Enhanced diffusivity by triple junction networks
Deformation and diffusion modes in nanocrystalline materials
Adsorbate transport in nanopores
Molecular dynamics simulation of anomalous diffusion of one-dimensional water mo
Software for simulation of diffusion process in polycrystalline material
Anomalous vibrational energy diffusion in carbon nanotubes
Dynamic model of biomolecular diffusion through two-dimensional nanochannels
Spectroscopy and photophysics of self-organized zinc porphyrin nanolayers. 2. Tr
In-situ TEM investigation of diffusion of nano-scale liquid Pb inclusions on dis
Fractal self-assembled nanostructures on monocrystalline silicon surface
Impact of spherical diffusion on labile trace metal speciation by electrochemica
Evaluation of paper-based diffusive gradients in thin film samplers for trace me
Solute segregation studied by grain boundary diffusion
Evaluation of diffusion creep in low melting point materials by nanoindentation
Interplay of strain relaxation and chemically induced diffusion barriers: Nanost
Molecular dynamics under confinement to one dimension: Options of measurement an
Formation of metallic nanowires by utilizing electromigration
Electrical transport of tetragonal boron nanobelts
Influence of boundaries of nanoporous crystals on molecular exchange under the c
Grain-boundary diffusion of 147Nd in nanocrystalline Nd 2Fe14B
New options for measuring molecular diffusion in zeolites by MAS PFG NMR
A theoretical method to analyze diffusion of probe molecules in nanostructured f
Understanding the loading dependence of self-diffusion in carbon nanotubes
Self-diffusion in core-shell composite12CO2/ 13CO2 nanoparticles
Annexin 5 decreases the diffusion of lipid and channel molecules in an artificia
Reaction-diffusion mechanisms for the chemical shrink process of nanofabrication
Phase mixture modeling of the strain rate dependent mechanical behavior of nanos
Surface diffusion: The low activation energy path for nanotube growth
Diffusion of water and ammonia through polyimide-silica bicontinuous nanocomposi
Study of recombination and transport characteristics in strain-relaxed Si-SiGe l
Mechanism of Cu diffusion in porous low- κ dielectrics
Atomistic behaviors of Co adatom on Al (0 0 1) surface: First-principle approach
Tailoring width of microfabricated nanochannels to solute size can be used to co
Methanol and proton transport control by using layered double hydroxide nanoplat
SiGe beats boron problem
Asymmetric nanodiffusion
Hysteresis in the process of phase separation of nanopowder
Diffusion of silver in silicate glass and clustering in hydrogen atmosphere
Diffusion interaction during preparation of nanocrystalline powders in the syste
Diffusional behavior of nanoscale lead inclusions in crystalline aluminum
Diffusion as a stability - Limiting factor in FINEMET - Type materials
Non-linear effects in diffusion on nanoscale
Sorption kinetics of strontium in porous hydrous ferric oxide aggregates II. Com
Influence of burner scale-up on characteristics of flame-synthesized titania and
Polymer diffusion in gel-containing poly(vinyl acetate-co-dibutyl maleate) latex
Changing of mechanisms of self-diffusion of water molecules under nanofiltration
Parabolic vs linear interface shift on the nanoscale
Iron self-diffusion in chemically homogeneous multilayers
Self-diffusion in nanoscale structures measured by neutron reflectometry
Atomic migration on ordering and diffusion in bulk and nanostructured FePt inter
Diffusion of buffer layer assisted grown gold nanoclusters on Ru(100) and p(1 &t
Using an oxide nanoarchitecture to make or break a proton wire
Diffusion of copper in nanoporous dielectric films
Ordering of nanovoids in an anisotropic solid driven by surface misfit
Viscoelastic (non-Fickian) diffusion
Themoelastic relaxation in elastic structures, with applications to thin plates
Metal nanostructure growth on molecular buffer layers of CO2
Modeling macroscopic transport of superoxide radicals through nonoheterogeneous
Measurement of moisture diffusivity through layered-silicate nanocomposites
The diffusion-multiple approach to designing alloys
Timescales for relaxation to Boltzmann equilibrium in nanopores
Interfacial reactions and adhesion strength of metal/ceramic composites
Comments on “A model for nano-indentation creep” [and reply]
Characterization of nanocrystalline palladium for solid state gas sensor applica
Preparation of nanocrystalline yttria-stabilized zirconia
Forced Rayleigh experiment in a magnetic fluid
Thermodynamics and kinetics of nanostructure formation in soft-magnetic nanocrys
A diffusion model in nanocrystalline materials
Melting and diffusion under nanosecond laser pulse
Role of mobile hydrogen in the amorphous silicon recrystallization
Application of the transient grating method to the measurement of transport prop
Thermal diffusion of antimony into nanostructured porous silicon
Self-diffusion and dynamic behavior of atoms at step edges of iridium surfaces
Step edge diffusion and the structure of nanometer-size Ir islands on the Ir(111
Oxygen diffusion through thin Pt films on Si(100)
Diffusion of antimony in nanocrystalline copper
Nanoparticulate materials densification
Anomalous diffusion of Fe in liquid Al measured by the pulsed laser technique
Diffusion of copper in nanocrystalline Al-7.8 at%Ti-0.3 at%Fe alloy prepared by
Unidirectional and single-file diffusion in AlPO4-5: molecular dynamics investig
The growth of nanometer Si/SiGe/Si quantum well wires with local molecular beam
Two dimensional chemical pattern formation in gels. Experiments and computer sim
Comment on “Translation-rotation paradox for diffusion in fragile glass-fo
Sn diffusion in nanocrystalline stainless steel under “C” regime
Photofield migration and desorption of impurity ions
Surface diffusion growth and stability mechanism of BN nanotubes produced by las
Thermal vacancy formation and self-diffusion in intermetallic Fe3Si nanocrystall
Simulation of the formation of porous-silicon structures
Dynamical transitions in correlated driven diffusion in a periodic potential
Processing prepared Si nanofiber in vacuum arc plasma
Effect of Si in reactively sputtered Ti-Si-N films on structure and diffusion ba
Rutherford back-scattering measurements of antimony diffusion in nanocrystalline
Crystallographic and morphological characterization of reactively sputtered Ta,
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of thermal-diffusion-assisted self-organizat
A new theoretical model of a dye-sensitized nanocrystalline photoelectrochemical
Nanocrystalline state as a topological transition in an ensemble of grain-bounda
Hydrogen diffusion in nanocrystalline nickel indicating a structural change with
Structural transitions in sodium chloride nanocrystals
Applications of atomic diffusion in solids. Nanoscopic electron-affected stochas
Effects of the defect structure on hydrogen transport in amorphous silicon
Fabrication of thin film Ag/CuCl layered quantum dot composites using solid stat
One dimensional surface diffusion. II. density dependence in a corrugated potent
Molecular dynamics study of zirconia. II. Oxygen diffusion in polycrystals
Nanostructured Ta-Si-N diffusion barriers for Cu metallization
Lithium chemical diffusion coefficients in poly(ethylene oxide)-molybdenum sulfi
Particle growth during calcination of polycation oxides synthesized by the polym
Time-resolved high-resolution electron microscopy of clusters, surfaces, and int
Cu adsorption on Co films: edge decoration versus intermixing
Electrohydrodynamics of dye molecules in an isotropic liquid crystal studied by
Diffusionlike motion of-the modulation wave in incommensurate solids studied by
Discontinuous precipitation in cobalt-tungsten alloys
Formation of metal-laden ultrafine semiconductor particles by solid-state diffus
Nanoparticle sintering simulations
Effects of different core densities on the diffusibility of microspheres
On exact quasistationary solutions to a nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation
Measurement of the third-order nonlinear susceptibility of Ag nanoparticles in g
Spontaneous formation of arrays of three-dimensional islands in epitaxial layers
Spontaneous breaking of nanowires between a STM tip and the Pb(110) surface
Study of initial stage sintering of nanocrystalline α-Al2O3 powder by isot
High-temperature single-hole silicon transistors
Translational and rotational diffusion of model nanocolloidal dispersions studie
Electroless deposition of Au onto Si(111) studied by surface second harmonic gen
Formation of metallic nanophases in silica by ion-beam mixing. Part. I. Mixing m
Molecular dynamics simulation of water diffusion in atactic and amorphous isotac
Influence of the microstructure and the desorption kinetics of single- and multi
Self-diffusion coefficients and shear viscosity of model nanocolloidal dispersio
Diffusion controlled grain growth in primary crystallization: Avrami exponents r
Kinetics of gallium films confined at grain boundaries
Translational and rotational diffusion of dilute solid amorphous spherical nanoc
A study on the oxidation and carbon diffusion of TiC in alumina-titanium carbide
Diffusion along the grain boundaries in crystals with dislocations
Soret coefficient of nanoparticles in ferrofluids in the presence of a magnetic
The obstructed diffusion of the I3- ion in mesoscopic TiO2 membranes
Mechanical activation of the solid-state reaction between Al and TiO2
Exact solutions to a nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation and hyperelliptic int
Determination of the chemical diffusion coefficient of lithium in multiwall carb
Defect passivation using ultrasound treatment: fundamentals and application
Investigation of interfacial phenomena in Ag-Si multilayers during the annealing
Dynamics of step fluctuation width in a step train
Diffusion activation enthalpy of nanocrystalline metals
Interface controlled diffusional creep of nanocrystalline pure copper
Semiconductor nanocluster growth within polymer films
Nanoscale analysis of electron irradiation-enhanced diffusion process on the mul
Novel metallization technique for filling 100-nm-wide trenches and vias with ver
Thermal stability of Al-O-N PVD films and comparison with Al2O3 films as diffusi
Slip diffusion and Levy flights of an adsorbed gold nanocluster
Theory and simulation of cohesive diffusion in nanopores: Transport in subcritic
Barrier properties of oriented disk composites
Characterizing the glassy phase of a statistical copolymer monolayer
Diffusional mediation of surface electron transfer on TiO2
Optical heterodyne detected transient grating for studies of photochemical react
Deformation-induced phase instability in nanocrystalline alloys
An analysis for contribution of triple-line diffusion to low-temperature creep o
Nanotube growth by surface diffusion
Synthesis of bulk WS2 nanotube phases
A comparative study of film properties of chemical vapor deposited TiN films as
Formation of layered Ag nanocrystallites in glasses via solid state diffusion pr
Thermal expansion and hydrogen diffusion in nanocrystalline nickel
Modelling the dynamics of membrane diffusion
Profile of a decaying crystalline cone
Direct experimental observation of different diffusive transport regimes in semi
Statistical thermodynamics and transport of linear adsorbates
Single-molecule anisotropy imaging
Diffusion of gold nanoclusters on graphite
Oxygen exchange and transport in thin zirconia films on Si(100)
Low temperature inorganic chemical vapor deposition of Ti-Si-N diffusion barrier
Kinetics of alkali insertion in single wall carbon nanotubes: an electrochemical
Diffusion flame synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes
TEM annealing study of normal grain growth in silver thin films
Methane mobility in carbon nanotubes
Phase separation in nanocrystalline alloys upon generation of nonequilibrium vac
Deuterium diffusion through hexagonal boron nitride thin films
Charge diffusion noise in monocrystalline PbS nanoparticle films
Tracer diffusion of polyorganosiloxane nanoparticles in solution: Effects of tra
Cathode-induced luminescence quenching in polyfluorenes
Correlation between fluorescence intermittency and spectral diffusion in single
Determination of coupled acid catalysis-diffusion processes in a positive-tone c
Morphological stability of nanostructures
Dynamic light scattering measurement of nanometer particles in liquids
Plastic deformation behaviour of fine-grained materials
Formation of patterned, heterocolloidal nanoparticle thin films
Structure and dynamics in dense suspensions of micellar nanocolloids
In situ TEM evaluation of the growth kinetics of Au particles on highly oriented
Evolution of far-from-equilibrium nanostructures on Ag(100) surfaces: Protrusion
Self-diffusion and magnetic properties in explosion densified nanocrystalline Fe
Two-stage diffusion and nanoparticle formation in heavily implanted polycrystall
Thermal diffusion and Soret feedback of gold-doped polyorganosiloxane nanosphere
Intensity dependence of the back reaction and transport of electrons in dye-sens
Charge transport properties in the nanostructured ZnO thin film electrode-electr
A computational study of molecular diffusion and dynamic flow through carbon nan
Computer simulation on grain growth kinetics controlled by interphase diffusion
Measurements of nanometer scale interface diffusion between tungsten and niobium
Multisite-occupancy adsorption and surface diffusion of linear adsorbates in low
Isotope effect of Co diffusion in thin amorphous Co51Zr49 layers during structur
Dynamic properties of an amorphous polyethylene nanofiber
Molecular traffic control in a nanoscale system
Self-oscillatory convection caused by the Soret effect
Thermal stability of nitride thin films
Measurement of Sb diffusion using shadow profiles created by a STM tip
Excitonic funneling in extended dendrimers with nonlinear and random potentials
Indentation creep of nanocrystalline Cu-TiC alloys prepared by mechanical alloyi
STM-assisted nanostructure formation: field-induced excitation and diffusion of
Role of atomic charge transfer on sintering of TiO2 nanoparticles: Variable-char
Structures, energetics and electronic properties of complex III-V semiconductor
The influence of adsorbates on the growth mode of gold islands electrodeposited
Simulation of nano Si and Al wires growth on Si(100) surface
Atomic force microscopy study of nanoindentation creep on the (100) face of MgO
Cluster diffusion and dissociation in the kinetics of layer growth: an atomic vi
Modification of semiconductors with proton beams. A review
Spatial and temporal dependence of diffusion in polystyrene thin films on silico
On the enhancement of diffusion kinetics in nanocrystalline materials
Experimental and numerical signatures of dynamical crossover in orientationally
The electrochemical impedance measurements of carbon nanotubes
Island adsorption and adatom diffusion on 3D noncrystalline silver nanoclusters
Surfactant-enhanced control of track-etch pore morphology
Diffusivity and conductivity of a primitive model electrolyte in a nanopore
Curvature effect on surface diffusion: The nanotube
Dipolar-interaction-induced fractal pattern formation in magnetic multilayers
Investigation of nanoceramics based on aluminum and zirconium oxides using the h
Controlled synthesis of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in a modified diffusion f
Hydrogen diffusion in palladium nano-crystal film
Anisotropy of the solvent self-diffusion tensor as a probe of nematic ordering w
Amorphous Ta-nanocrystalline RuOx diffusion barrier for lower electrode of high
Nanostructured copper filaments in electrochemical deposition
Imitative model experiment for elements transportation
Diffusion of nanoparticles and macromolecules in dense gases and liquids
A reduced approach for modeling the influence of nanoclusters and {113} defects
Probing diffusion barrier integrity on porous silica low-k thin films using posi
Ethylene flame synthesis of well-aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes
A combinatorial approach for efficient mapping of phase diagrams and properties
Vacancies in solids and the stability of surface morphology
Metal homoepitaxial growth at very low temperatures: Lattice-gas models with res
Fast surface diffusion of large disk-shaped nanocrystal aggregates
Formation and diffusion of Pt nanoclusters on highly corrugated anatase TiO2(001
Spontaneous alloying in binary metal microclusters: A molecular dynamics study
Structure and dynamics of the TIP3P, SPC, and SPC/E water models at 298 K
Oxidation kinetics of nickel nanoparticles
Effects of surface roughness on self- and transport diffusion in porous media in
A molecular dynamics study of structural transitions in small water clusters in
Influence of orientational ordering transition on diffusion of carbon dioxide in
Thermal stability of sputtered tungsten carbide as diffusion barrier for copper
Scaling behavior of the giant magnetoresistance of magnetic aggregates
Diffusion and related phenomena in bulk nanostructured materials
Grain boundary diffusion and mechanisms of creep of nanostructured metals
A model for the growth of bamboo and skeletal nanotubes: catalytic capillarity
Analysis of a drift-diffusion-Schrodinger-Poisson model
Microscopic and optical investigation of Ge nanoislands on silicon substrates
Neutron scattering study and dynamic properties of hydrogen-bonded liquids in me
Participation of diffusion in the processes of mechanical alloying
Effect of the nano-oxide layer as a Mn diffusion barrier in specular spin valves
Diffusion of nanoparticles in a rarefied gas
Methods of measuring the diffusion coefficient and sizes of nanoparticles in a r
Crystal shape of a nickel particle related to carbon nanotube growth
Interdiffusion in core-shell and quantum-dot-quantum-well nanocrystals
Fragmentation, rings and coarsening: structure and transformations of nanocrysta
Weak localization and phase interference due to spin-orbit interaction in metal-
Morphological stabilization, destabilization, and open-end closure during carbon
Deposition, diffusion, and aggregation on Leath percolations: A model for nanost
Mechanical properties of Cu/In-48 Sn/Cu diffusion-soldered joints
Extremely small diffusion constant of Cs in multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Ab initio study on dynamics of Ge adatoms on H-terminated Si(001) surface
Growth mechanism of carbon nanotube forests by chemical vapor deposition
Dependence of TiO2 nanoparticle preparation methods and annealing temperature on
Numerical simulation for deformation of nano-grained metals
Nanoscopic measurements of surface recombination velocity and diffusion length i
Experimental evidence of distance-dependent diffusion constants resulting from n
Gaseous nitriding process of surface nanocrystallized (SNCed) steel
Self-organized nanostructures in surface chemical reactions: Mechanisms and meso
Miniaturization of lanthanum on silver nanoparticles in thin films
Formation mechanism of pentagonal defects and bamboo-like structures in carbon n
Anti localization due to spin-orbit interaction in metal-doped carbon nanotubes
Ge nanostructures grown by self-assembly; influence of substrate orientation
Diffusion into a nanoparticle with first-order surface reaction confined within
Near-field cathodoluminescence studies on n-doped gallium nitride films
Fidgety particles on surfaces: how do they jump, walk, group, and settle in virg
Thermal stability and microstructural evolution in ultrafine-grained nickel afte
Structure characterization and mechanism of growth of PbTe nanocrystals embedded
Atomic aspects in the epitaxial growth of metallic superlattices and nanostructu
Interface sharpening instead of broadening by diffusion in ideal binary alloys
Anomalous diffusion of defects in rutile-titanium dioxide: Correlation between a
A diffusion multiple approach for the accelerated design of structural materials
Using atomic layer deposition to prepare future-generation copper diffusion barr
Potential of thin films of Cr-Si-C type deposited by MOCVD as diffusion barriers
Diffusion on a nanoparticle surface as revealed by electrochemical NMR
Three-dimensional single molecule rotational diffusion in glassy state polymer f
Characterization of nanoporous membranes for immunoisolation: diffusion properti
Delayed phase explosion during high-power nanosecond laser ablation of silicon
Direct measurement of the reaction front in chemically amplified photoresists
Room-temperature homogeneous nucleation synthesis and thermal stability of nanom
Binding and diffusion of Pt nanoclusters on anatase TiO2(001)-(1 × 4) surf
Thermal expansion and diffusion coefficients of carbon nanotube-polymer composit
Grain-boundary diffusion creep in nanocrystalline palladium by molecular-dynamic
Formation of carbon nanotubes in counter-flow, oxy-methane diffusion flames with
Rapid transport of gases in carbon nanotubes
Temperature- and pressure-dependent transient analysis of single component perme
Additive-enhanced coarsening and smoothening of metal films: Complex mass-flow d
A diffusion-multiple approach for mapping phase diagrams, hardness, and elastic
Interactions between nanoporous silica and copper
Intensified plasma-assisted processing: science and engineering
Predictions of a spiral diffusion path for nonspherical organic molecules in car
An investigation of thermal stability and microhardness of electrodeposited nano
The nature and effects of the thermal stability of lithium hydroxide
Effect of high-temperature structure and diffusion on grain-boundary diffusion c
Theory of transport of long polymer molecules through carbon nanotube channels
How pore size and surface roughness affect diffusion barrier continuity on porou
The process modeling hierarchy: connecting atomistic calculations to nanoscale b
Nanostructure diffusion and aggregation on desorbing rare-gas solids: slip on an
Scaling during shadowing growth of isolated nanocolumns
Structure and dynamics of graphite-supported bimetallic nanoclusters
Effect of microstructure on diffusion of copper in TiN films
Surface strain effects on adatom kinetics and self-assembly
An integrated platform for surface forces measurements and fluorescence correlat
Stress-enhanced grain growth in a nanocrystalline material by molecular-dynamics
An analytical theory for diffusion of fluids in crystalline nanoporous materials
Anomalous surface diffusion in nanoscale direct deposition processes
Imaging the charge transport in arrays of CdSe nanocrystals
Internal reduction of an iron-doped magnesium aluminosilicate melt
Computer simulation of anisotropic diffusion in monolayer films in mica slit por
Two-stage crystal-growth kinetics observed during hydrothermal coarsening of nan
Diffusion of H2 adsorbed on single-walled carbon nanotubes
Self-assembled subnanolayers as interfacial adhesion enhancers and diffusion bar
Deformation mechanism and inverse Hall-Petch behavior in nanocrystalline materia
Surface diffusion and growth of patterned nanostructures on strained surfaces
Ion transport in polymer electrolytes containing nanoparticulate TiO2: The influ
Diffusion, diffusion creep and grain growth characteristics of nanocrystalline a
Surface diffusion by adsorbate density fluctuation measurements
Anisotropy of surface diffusion and quasi-epitaxy in epitaxial nucleation of nan
Recovery of the Smoluchowski-Collins-Kimball kinetics parameters from fluorescen
Solution of two-temperature thermal diffusion model of laser-metal interactions
Diffusion in nanocrystalline metals and alloys-a status report
Diffusion behavior in spin valves studied by high resolution transmission electr
Solid-phase precipitation of CdTe nanoparticles in glass
Theory of pulsed dye lasers with account of optical anisotropy and rotational di
Crystallization and failure behaviors of Ta-Co nanostructured/amorphous diffusio
Knudsen self- and Fickian diffusion in rough nanoporous media
Oxidation kinetics of metallic nanoparticles
Fractional diffusion in the multiple-trapping regime and revision of the equival
Theory of nanoindentation creep controlled by interfacial diffusion
Fabrication of microlenses in Ag-doped glasses by a focused continuous wave lase
Photodiffusion of silver in germanium-sulfur compounds studied by AFM, nanoinden
Thermal stability of ultrasoft Fe-Zr-N films
Niobium titanium superconducting wires: nanostructures by extrusion and wiredraw
Fundamental investigation of catalyst utilization at the electrode/solid polymer
Electrochemical copper deposition in etched ion track membranes
Isothermal aggregation of bi atoms embedded in a soda borate glass: coarsening o
Thermal evolution of cluster assembled Ni3Al materials modelled at the atomic sc
Grain-growth kinetics in a nanocrystalline 2 yttria-stabilized tetragonal zircon
Atom and electron dynamics at surfaces and effect on growth of nanostructures
Quantum diffusion on a cyclic one-dimensional lattice
Exciton capture by nanocrystals in a polymer matrix
Structure of electroless deposited Co0.9W0.02P0.08 thin films and their evolutio
Diffusion and ionic conduction in nanocrystalline ceramics
Motion of a probe nanoparticle in a quantum crystal with a narrow vacancy band
Ion-exchange waveguides formed in glasses using silver-containing melts
Memory effects in correlated anisotropic diffusion
Diffusion dynamics of glycine receptors revealed by single-quantum dot tracking
Interface and microstructure evolutions in synthetic ferrimagnet-based spin valv
Grain-boundary dislocations and enhanced diffusion in nanocrystalline bulk mater
Theory of nanocluster nucleation under continuous supply of monomers
Critical behavior in an atomistic model for a bistable surface reaction: CO oxid
Grain boundary diffusion in metals: recent developments
Preparation of silicon nanoaggregates by thermal activated reaction
Improvement of nanowire distributions with a STM tip: a kinetic Monte Carlo appr
Single particle dynamics of molecular hydrogen in carbon nanotubes
Transport properties of organic vapors in nanocomposites of organophilic layered
Theoretical investigations of dc and ac heat diffusion for submicroscopies and n
Transport properties of organic vapors in nanocomposites of isotactic polypropyl
Modeling of generation and growth of non-spherical nanoparticles in a co-flow fl
Confined diffusion without fences of a G-protein-coupled receptor as revealed by
Ag+-Na+ ion exchange from dilute melt: guidelines for planar waveguide fabricati
Aluminum diffusion and nitrogen sputter yield for nitrogen plasma immersion ion
Nanofaceting of LiNbO3 X-cut surface by high temperature annealing and titanium
Micro-thermal field-flow fractionation: new challenge in experimental studies of
Spontaneous structural pattern formation at the nanometre scale in kinetically r
Adsorption and diffusion on nanoclusters of C60 molecules
Grain-boundary diffusion in nanocrystals with a time-dependent diffusion coeffic
Molecular dynamics study of transport phenomena in perfluorosulfonate ionomer me
Water confined in nanopores: its molecular distribution and diffusion at lower d
Diffusion-controlled kinetics of carbon nanotube forest growth by chemical vapor
Truncated Lévy walk of a nanocluster bound weakly to an atomically flat s
Theoretical simulations of preparation of nanometal particles by flow-levitation
Effect of humidity on nano-oxidation of p-Si(001) surface
Insertion of C60 into multi-wall carbon nanotubes-a synthesis of C60@MWCNT
Mapping of process-induced dopant redistributions by electron holography
Formation of CuO nanowires on Cu foil
Diffusion-limited transport of I3- through nanoporous TiO2-polymer gel networks
Nanoscale analysis of the in and N spatial redistributions upon annealing of GaI
Interface diffusion and amorphous intergranular layers in nanocrystalline Fe90Zr
Organic nanoaggregates: a window to submicron optics
Diffusion controlled creep in nanocrystalline materials under grain growth
Effect of bias on composition and microstructure of Zr-Si-N diffusion barrier
Grain size-dependent diffusion activation energy in nanomaterials
Growth and morphology of aligned carbon nanotube layers
Self-diffusion in liquid interfaces
Modeling molecular diffusion in channel networks via displacements between the c
Kinetics of the coordination transformation for preparation of nanosized ZnS in
Pressure, dynamics, and structure of a simple particle system confined in a soft
Lithium insertion into the raw multi-walled carbon nanotubes pre-doped with lith
Monitoring surface charge movement in single elongated semiconductor nanocrystal
Mechanics modeling for deformation of nano-grained metals
Concentration-dependent self-diffusion of liquids in nanopores: a nuclear magnet
Self-diffusion of Al and Pb atoms in Al-Pb immiscible alloy system
Diffusion control of homogeneous crystallization in nanoconfined domains of bloc
Boundary effects of molecular diffusion in nanoporous materials: a pulsed field
Ag diffusion and interface segregation in nanocrystalline γ-FeNi alloy wit
Optimal structural superplasticity in metals and ceramics of microcrystalline- a
Effects of preannealing on the diffusion barrier properties for ultrathin W-Si-N
Development of CMOS devices and circuits with sub-0.1 μm gate length
Deposition, diffusion, and aggregation on small-world networks: a model for nano
Diffusion of single streptocyanine molecules in the nanoporous network of sol-ge
Proton dynamics in the perchloric acid clathrate hydrate HClO4·5.5H2O
Temperature dependence of Levy-type stick-slip diffusion of a gold nanocluster o
Diffusion of nanoclusters
Coherent microradiology directly observes a critical cathode-anode distance effe
Ab initio investigation of the early stage of nano-scale thin film growth: Al an
Characterization of atomic layer deposited WNxCy thin film as a diffusion barrie
Diffusion bonding in ultra fine-grained Al-Fe alloy indicating high-strain-rate
Diffusion and thermodiffusion studies in ferrofluids with a new two-dimensional
Adsorbed sites of individual molecules on Ag nanoparticles in single molecule se
High temperature oxidation of Ni-W coatings electroplated on steel
Copper nanocluster diffusion in carbon nanotube
Surface diffusion during decay of nano-island on Si(100) at high temperature
Atomic scale friction of nanoscale clusters
Ni grain boundary diffusion in coarse-grained Fe-40 wt.% Ni alloy and comparison
Diffusion of a liquid nanoparticle on a disordered substrate
Synthesis of ultra-fine iron-oxide nano-particles in a diffusion flame with elec
Diffusion of nanoclusters on non-ideal surfaces
Sb-surfactant-mediated growth of Si and Ge nanostructures
New approaches for the production of nano-, micro-, and polycrystalline silicon
Study of evaporative drying of treated silica gels
Reduced copper diffusion in layered silicate/fluorinated polyimide (6FDA-ODA) na
Influence of confined geometry on nuclear spin relaxation and self-diffusion in
Nanocrystallization and amorphization mechanisms in Zr-X alloys during the ARB p
Effect of hydrogen on carbon diffusion on Ni(111)
An introduction to kinetic Monte Carlo methods for nano-scale diffusion process
Determination of diffusion coefficient in gel and in aqueous solutions using sca
Lock-and-key effect in the surface diffusion of large organic molecules probed b
Lattice density functional theory of molecular diffusion
Diffusion barrier properties of carboxyl- and amine-terminated molecular nanolay
Real-time spectroscopic ellipsometry study of ultrathin diffusion barriers for i
Mesoscopic modeling of chemical reactivity
Microstructure characterization and creep deformation of an Al-10 pct Ti-2 Wt pc
Effects of grain growth on grain-boundary diffusion creep by molecular-dynamics
Formation of hollow nanocrystals through the nanoscale Kirkendall effect
Anomalous penetrant diffusion as a probe of the local structure in a blend of po
Influence of cryomilling on the morphology and composition of the oxide scales f
Distinguishability of oxygen desorption from the surface region with mobility do
Coarsening of multicomponent thin films
Characteristics of alumina diffusion barrier films on Hastelloy
Polyaniline nanofiber gas sensors: examination of response mechanisms
Spin injection, diffusion, and detection in lateral spin-valves
Molecular dynamics characterization of polymer confinement in nanocomposite cata
Diffusive separation of noble gases and noble gas abundance patterns in sediment
Nanochannel arrays on silicon platforms by electrochemistry
Synthesis of oxide nanopowders in NanoSpraySM diffusion flames
Fabrication of a carbon nanotube-embedded silicon nitride membrane for studies o
Diffusion of carbon nanotubes with single-molecule fluorescence microscopy
The effect of a large SWNT diameter distribution on cesium intercalation
Collective diffusion model for water permeation through microscopic channels
Simulating microwave-heated diffusion in zeolite nanopores
Aggregation, coarsening, and phase transformation in ZnS nanoparticles studied b
Ionic diffusion through confined geometries: from Langevin equations to partial
Some novel applications of sputtering techniques for diffusion studies in solids
Anisotropic diffusion in face-centered cubic opals
Anomalously slow diffusion of single molecules near a patterned surface
Direct observation of wetting and diffusion in the hydrophobic interior of silic
A three-dimensional dual-mechanism model of pore stability in a sintering alumin
Anomalous diffusion in a gel-fluid lipid environment: a combined solid-state NMR
The influence of the electrolyte on the electron diffusion in mesoporous nanocry
Characterization of the interface region during the agglomeration of silicon nan
Recurrence and photon statistics in fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
Iron self-diffusion in amorphous FeZr/57FeZr multilayers measured by neutron ref
Solid state sintering of red ceramics at lower temperatures
On extremity trends in advances of materials
Electron diffusion in single-walled carbon nanotubes
Size effects on diffusion processes within agarose gels
Trapping of positrons at grain boundaries in nanoparticle systems
Texture evolution in adsorbed monoatomic layers
Role of surface diffusion in chemical beam epitaxy of InAs nanowires
Solid-phase diffusion mechanism for GaAs nanowire growth
Novel exchange mechanisms in the surface diffusion of oxides
Time-dependent tunneling spectroscopy for studying surface diffusion confined in
Comparison of the oxidation behavior of nanocrystalline and coarse-grain copper
Oscillatory electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol on an Ni(OH)2 film electrode
Research on the process control and the mechanism of synthesis of barium stronti
Control of deposition channels in nanosphere templates for high-density nanodot
Molecular dynamics simulation of self- and mutual diffusion coefficients for con
Reduced Li diffusion barriers in composite BC3 nanotubes
Nucleation and reshaping thermodynamics of Ni as catalyst of carbon nanotubes
The effects of CeF3 doping on the photoluminescence of Si nanocrystals embedded
Melting evolution and diffusion behavior of vanadium nanoparticles
Microstructure and mechanical properties of in situ produced TiC/C nanocomposite
Morphological and fractal studies of silicon nanoaggregates structures prepared
Characterization of sputtered nano-crystalline zirconium carbide as a diffusion
Diffusion properties of dye molecules in nanoporous TiO2 networks
Multi-scale modeling of hydrogen isotope transport in porous graphite
Diffusion of radiation damage in Fe-P systems
SiC/Si3N4 nano-composites: crystallization kinetics of precursor-derived amorpho
Cu-alkali ion exchange in glass: a model for the copper diffusion based on XAFS
Effect of diffusion on nucleation of two-dimensional nanoislands
Self-diffusion of water and benzene molecules adsorbed in synthetic opal samples
Grain boundary diffusion and plasticity/superplasticity of polycrystalline and n
The diffusion mechanism in the formation of GaAs and AlGaAs nanowhiskers during
ITO as a diffusion barrier between Si and Cu
Synthesis and formation mechanism of gallium nitride nanotubular structure
Surface dynamics of nanoscale hex strings on Au(100) electrodes
Resonant photon absorption and hole burning in Cr7Ni antiferromagnetic rings
Diffusion-induced growth of GaAs nanowhiskers during molecular beam epitaxy: the
Anomalous heat conduction and anomalous diffusion in nonlinear lattices, single
Triplet exciton diffusion and delayed interfacial charge separation in a TiO2/Pd
Molecular understanding of diffusion in confinement
Diffusion and microstructural properties of solutions of charged nanosized prote
Dip-pen nanolithography: A simple diffusion model
Kinetics of structural and phase transformations in thin SiOx films in the cours
Measurements of diffusion coefficients in 1-D micro- and nanochannels using shea
Growth of oriented Bi nanorods at graphite step-edges
Tailoring of multilayer interfaces by pulsed laser irradiation
Pattern preserving deposition: experimental results and modeling
Fe diffusion in amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys studied using nuclear reson
The influence of substrate anisotropy on laser-focused atom deposition studied b
Effects of pore surface oxidation on electrochemical and mass-transport properti
Scanning spreading resistance microscopy of two-dimensional diffusion of boron i
Collective surface diffusion: An experimentalists view
Water absorption and hygrothermal aging study on organomontmorillonite reinforce
Rate of creep due to grain-boundary diffusion in polycrystalline solids with gra
Characteristically shaped ZnO particles produced by periodic precipitation in or
Processing of net-shaped nanocrystalline Fe-Ni material
Synthesis of silicon nanocones using rf microplasma at atmospheric pressure
Excitation dynamics in anisotropic nanostructures of star-shaped CdS
Gas diffusion and microstructural properties of ordered mesoporous silica fibers
Molecular dynamics simulations of lithium diffusion in silica-doped nanocrystall
α-repressor oligomerization kinetics at high concentrations using fluoresc
Modeling of diffusion through nanocomposite membranes
Single component gas transport through 10nm pores: Experimental data and hydrody
Thermal diffusion shock waves
Effect of interfacial reaction rate on the morphogenesis of nanostructured coati
Thermodynamic and transport properties of polyhedral oligomeric sislesquioxanes
Ab initio assisted process modeling for Si-based nanoelectronic devices
Surface diffusion and coalescence of mobile metal nanoparticles
Thermal conductance and thermopower of an individual single-wall carbon nanotube
Diffusion of gold and native defects in mercury cadmium telluride
Self-diffusion and transport diffusion of light gases in metal-organic framework
Predicting RO/NF water quality by modified solution diffusion model and artifici
Two-dimensional self-assembly in diblock copolymers
Slaved diffusion in phospholipid bilayers
Brownian dynamics study of polymer-stabilized nanoparticles
Translational dynamics of water in a nanoporous layered silicate
Kinetics of SiC formation during high P-T reaction between diamond and silicon
Exciton dynamics of GaSe nanoparticle aggregates
A three-dimensional simulation of barrier properties of nanocomposite films
Defect density and diffusion length of holes in nanocrystalline silicon devices
Engineering metal-impurity nanodefects for low-cost solar cells
Diffusion-controlled electron transfer processes and power-law statistics of flu
Mechanisms of fluorescence blinking in semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots
Identifying creep mechanisms in plastic flow
Modeling macroscopic transport of superoxide radicals through nonheterogeneous b
Modeling nanoporosity development in polymer films for low-k applications
Controlled growth of gold nanoparticles on silica nanowires
Gold nanorods as novel nonbleaching plasmon-based orientation sensors for polari
Suppression of nanoscopic shadowing during physical vapor deposition by biased d
Effect of nonideal statistics on electron diffusion in sensitized nanocrystallin
Asymmetric diffusion through synthetic nanopores
Molecular self-diffusion in nanoscale cylindrical pores and classical Ficks law
Metallic nature and surface diffusion of CO adsorbed on Ru nanoparticles in aque
Novel diffusion pathways in low temperature self-organization of nanostructures
Orientational dynamics of water confined on a nanometer length scale in reverse
Dynamics of the self-assembly of nanovoids and nanobubbles in solids
Variations in nanostructure and composition for controlling the interfacial prop
Influence of stabilizing agents and preparative variables on the formation of po
A simple new method for determining diffusion coefficients of interacting partic
Investigation of bound diffusion of ultrafine particles of Fe-III hydroxide in a
Synthesis of Nd2Fe17 by reduction-diffusion process
From the quantum random walk to classical mesoscopic diffusion in crystalline so
Change of the self-diffusion of Co-58 in Co79Nb14B7 during transition from the a