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轴流压缩机叶栅内固体微粒沉积及性能下降的数值研究/Numerical Research of Solid Particle Deposition and Per
碱土铝酸盐稀土长余辉发光材料的合成方法和发光研究/studies on luminescence and synthesis of long afterglow
VLSI制造中物理气相淀积工艺的优化及其相关研究/PVD Process and Related Study In VLSI Fabrication
聚酯类纤维织物的表面改性及化学镀的工艺研究/Surface modification on Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Fabri
普鲁士蓝类化合物/碳纳米管修饰电极的制备及其性能研究/Fabrication of Prussian Blue/CNTs modified Electrode
聚酯类纤维织物的表面改性及化学镀的工艺研究/Surface modification on Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Fabri
普鲁士蓝类化合物/碳纳米管修饰电极的制备及其性能研究/Fabrication of Prussian Blue/CNTs modified Electrode
Laser induced deposition of nanocrystalline Si with preferred crystallographic o
Effect of temperature and ethanol on the deposition of nickel hydroxide films
Nanosized silicon powders produced by CO2 laser-induced chemical vapor depositio
Low-pressure plasma deposition of photosensitive organosilicon polymers
Artificially layered nanocomposites fabricated by jet vapor deposition
Film formation by a new chemical vapor deposition process using ionization of te
Nanocrystallized thin films of transition metal obtained by low energy cluster b
Laser chemical vapour deposition of TiN and TiC films
Visible photoluminescence from SiOx films grown by low temperature plasma enhanc
Struktur and Umwandlungsverhalten von nanokristallinen Nickel-Phosphor-Legierung
Film formation by a new chemical vapor deposition process using ionization of te
Nanocrystallized thin films of transition metal obtained by low energy cluster b
Laser chemical vapour deposition of TiN and TiC films
Visible photoluminescence from SiOx films grown by low temperature plasma enhanc
Struktur and Umwandlungsverhalten von nanokristallinen Nickel-Phosphor-Legierung
Electrochemical deposition process for the synthesis of laminated nanocomposites
Electron beam deposition of nanostructures
High synchrotron radiation durability microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition
Reactive pulsed laser deposition of CNx films
Synthesizing and processing advanced materials
Study on the preparation technology of laser-induced chemical vapor deposited na
Ni-P electroless deposition on zinc-plated steel
Microstructural aspects of nanocrystalline titanium
Electroluminescense and photoluminescense of nano-crystalline Si:H films
Thermal stability of nanocrystalline gold prepared by gas deposition method
Nanocrystalline structures prepared by neutral cluster beam deposition
New method to construct nanostructured materials of controlled morphology
Formation of polymerized thin films during laser assisted molecular beam deposit
Microcrystalline silicon thin films prepared by RF reactive magnetron sputter de
Micromechanical properties of amorphous carbon coatings deposited by different d
Nanofabrication of a two-dimensional array using laser-focused atomic deposition
Chlorine and oxygen inhibition effects in the deposition of SiC-based ceramics f
Ion bombardment as a tool for duplex surface treatment in boron nitride film dep
Morphology control of films formed by atmospheric-pressure chemical vapor deposi
Nanoparticle deposition in hydrogenated amorphous silicon films during rf plasma
Hardness evaluation of thin ceramic coatings on tool steel
Inhomogeneity in the fabrication of InGaAs/GaAs quantum wire arrays by selective
Transient creep of vapor deposited Ti-6Al-4V
Pulsed laser deposition: thin films in a flash
Pulse deposition of Au on graphite
Influence of preparation parameters on the particle size of nanosized silicon
Influence of in-process copper incorporation on the quality of diamond-like carb
Ultrathin film deposition by pulsed laser ablation using crossed beams
Einfluss der Vorbehandlung auf die PACVD-Abscheidung von Titannitrid auf Schnell
Characterization of thin film produced by quantum dot deposition process
Laser-induced chemical vapor deposited nanosized silicon nitride with double opt
Deposition of nanocrystalline silicon films (nc-Si:H) from a pure ECWR-SiH4 plas
Structure of tetrahedral amorphous carbon thin films
Crystal silicon quantum layers
Effect of hydrogen species on the electronic properties of nc-Si:H prepared in a
Proceedings of the 1995 16th International Conference on Amorphous Semiconductor
Chemical etching of ion beam deposited AlN and AlN:H
Amorphous diamond film by enhanced arc deposition
Probability distributions of energy deposition and ionization in sub-micrometer
Mechanical characterisation of titanium nitride films formed by low-energy ion b
Photoluminescence in nanosized silicon synthesized by laser chemical vapor depos
Visible luminescence from nanocrystalline silicon films produced by plasma enhan
Influence of technological parameters on the structure and properties of nanomet
Spray deposition of GdTe thin films using nanoparticle precursors
Deformation behavior of nanocrystalline gold film prepared by gas deposition met
Mechanical and physical properties of amorphous carbon-based alloys
Fabrication of metal nanocrystalline films by gas-deposition method
Electrodeposition of Ni and Co in low gravity
Si quantum dot formation with low-pressure chemical vapor deposition
Ion beam deposition of crystallographically aligned nano-crystalline silicon fil
Chemical vapor deposition of nanometer-size aluminum features on silicon surface
Multilayer vacuum plasma arc coatings on the basis of titanium and chromium carb
Direct current bias applied to hot flame diamond deposition produces smooth low
Characterization of diamond thin films by core-level photoabsorption and UV exci
AFM observation of nanocrystalline Au prepared by a gas deposition method
Preparation of nanocrystal SiC powder by chemical vapour deposition
Layered nano composites - interface characterization of Fe/AlN multilayered film
Pulsed plasma deposition of chromium oxide/chromium-cermet coatings
New forms of luminescent silicon: silicon-silica composite mesostructures
On the structural origin of the photoluminescence in silicon powder produced in
Effect of Fe layer thickness on the magnetic moment in Fe/Cr multilayers prepare
Scanning tunnelling microscopy of diamond deposition at the nanometre scale hole
Device-grade a-SiGe:H alloys prepared by nanometer deposition/H2 plasma annealin
Nanocoatings on cutting tools for dry machining
Primary events in the photocatalytic deposition of silver on nanoparticulate TiO
Study of film growth and tribological characterization of nanostructured C-N/TiN
Selective metal deposition using metal-covered scanning tunneling microscope tip
Electrophoretic deposition of compacts from clay suspensions
Particle size of Bi- and Au-2-propanol colloids
Physico-chemical properties of crystalline nanoscale enzyme-protein-metal layer
Cluster assembled materials: a novel class of nanostructured solids with origin
Electrical transporting properties of hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon diode
Investigation on the electrochemical deposition of cadmium telluride in porous s
Enhanced nucleation and growth of diamond thin films using a nanodiamond monolay
Molecular dynamics simulation of low energy cluster deposition during diffusion-
Synthesis of Mn(IV) oxide nanolayers by the successive ionic layer deposition me
Model catalysts fabricated using electron beam lithography and pulsed laser depo
Synthesis, characterization, and mechanical properties of thick, ultrahard cubic
Intense violet-blue photoluminescence in as-deposited amorphous Si:H:O films
Characterisation of thin ceramic coatings on metal substrates
Fabrication and properties of dot array using electron-beam-induced deposition
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of luminescent anodized a
Investigation of growth mechanism of nanocrystalline silicon thin films prepared
Displacement deposition of Sn from fluoride solutions on Pd predeposited (100) S
CdTe Thin Films from Nanoparticle Precursors by Spray Deposition
Combination of ion implantation and film deposition for forming an antifriction
Wall deposition of radon progeny and particles in a spherical chamber
Self-organized InAs islands on (100) InP by metallorganic vapor-phase epitaxy
Deposition of (Ti,Al)N thin films by organometallic chemical vapor deposition: T
DLC and metallic nanometer multilayers deposited by laser-arc
Vibrational spectroscopy of mixed hexagonal-cubic boron nitride thin films
Computer modeling the deposition of nanoscale thin films
Electrochemical Cu deposition on thiol covered Au(111) surfaces
Preparation of carbon nitride thin films by ion beam assisted deposition and the
Nanostructured materials production by hypersonic plasma particle deposition
Photostructural transformations in amorphous chalkogenide nanolayered films prod
Strengthening mechanism of DLC film on silicon by MPECVD
Mechanism of neutral cluster beam deposition
CO2 laser-induced plasma CVD synthesis of diamond
Low-pressure flame deposition of nanostructured oxide films
Zn nano-particle film grown by vacuum sputtering deposition
Matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization studies of metallic nanoclusters pro
Bi nanocrystals embedded in an amorphous Ge matrix grown by pulsed laser deposit
Formation of (110) oriented layered silver nano-crystallites
Hypersonic plasma particle deposition of nanostructured silicon and silicon carb
Silver nanoparticles encapsulated in carbon cages obtained by co-sputtering of t
Study of SiOx decomposition kinetics and formation of Si nanocrystals in an SiO2
Diamond films: Recent developments
Selective metal deposition on metal-semiconductor nanostructures
Silicon based multilayer structures prepared by reactive pulsed laser deposition
Structure and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Ni-P prepared by autocataly
Incorporation of cadmium sulfide into nanoporous silicon by sequential chemical
Study on the preparation techniques of nanometer-sized SiO2 powder through laser
Electroless deposition of metal nanoislands on aminothiolate-functionalized Au(1
Monodisperse aerosol particle deposition: prospects for nanoelectronics
Preparation of polycrystalline and microcrystalline germanium composite films by
Next generation V2O5 cathode materials for Li rechargeable batteries
Morphology, Chain Packing, and Conformation in Uniaxially Oriented Polymers Stud
Organized Multilayer Films of Charged Organic Latexes
Laser guided finishing
Nanograined titanium nitride thin films
Raman investigation of submicro-grained Si films obtained by incoherent UV photo
Modulation-doped silicate glass deposited by low-pressure chemical vapor deposit
Microstructural characterization of carbonaceous dust generated during the depos
Monolayer properties of amphiphilic molecules supported on nano-rough surfaces:
Produccion de materiales en lamina delgada mediante tecnicas laser
Simple and novel way to synthesize aligned nanotube bundles at low temperature
Simultaneous electrodeposition and detection of platinum on silicon surfaces
Preparation of oriented Al-N nanometer thin films by microwave plasma-enhanced c
Thin film materials with Samarium(III) for room temperature hole burning: design
Behavior of radio frequency PACVD bilayers (SiC/TiN) on steel
Tailored ceramic film growth at low temperature by reactive sputter deposition
Diamond growth by hollow cathode arc plasma chemical vapor deposition
Nanoscale polydiacetylene wire structures prepared by molecular beam deposition
Fullerene-like carbon nanoparticles generated by radio-frequency plasma-enhanced
Colloid monolayer lithography-A flexible approach for nanostructuring of surface
Fabrication of nanomagnet arrays by shadow deposition on self-organized semicond
Electrochromic properties of ZnO thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Growth of nanoscale structured iron films by glancing angle deposition
Mechanical properties and thermal stability of nanocrystalline gold prepared by
Photoluminescence from silicon nanoparticles in a diamond matrix
Thermodynamic modeling of Al-Cr-N thin film systems grown by PVD
Optical properties of chiral thin films fabricated by glancing angle deposition
Spectroscopic characterization of the surface nanostructure of Ti during deposit
Reproducibility and simplification of the preparation procedure for carbon strip
Graded EB-PVD alumina-zirconia thermal barrier coatings-an experimental approach
Deposition of diamond film on ferrous alloys substrate with Au/Cu interlayer by
Morphology of novel antimicrobial silver films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Co-sputtering C-Cu thin film synthesis: Microstructural study of copper precipit
Titanium dioxide anatase thin films produced by electrostatic spray assisted vap
Single-step preparation of activated carbon supported platinum catalysts by flui
Growth of boron nitride thin films on silicon substrates using new organoboron p
Development of tailored coating concepts for CVD and PVD deposition of multifunc
Structural change of polycrystalline silicon films with different deposition tem
Mechanical behavior of nanostructured materials
Growth characteristics of Au/SiO2 nanocomposites
Pulsed laser deposition of nanocrystalline lead zirconate titanate thin films
Thermal reactions and micro-structure of TiN-AlN layered nano-composites
Physical properties of a:DLC films and their dependence on parameters of deposit
Micro-nanomechanical and tribological characterization of ultrathin amorphous ca
Electrostatic sol-spray deposition (ESSD) and characterization of nanostructured
Electrostatic sol-spray deposition of nanostructured ceramic thin films
Catalytic synthesis of carbon nanotubes on iron - loading Y zeolites and the con
Pore structure modification by chemical vapor deposition in inorganic membrane -
Pulsed laser deposited coatings for stiction and wear reduction in MEMS devices
Thin film microstructure control using glancing angle deposition by sputtering
Application of porous silicon in the membrane methane sensors
Ultrasonic deposition of high-selectivity nanoporous carbon membranes
Dunnschichttechnik ... nanodispersionsgehartete chromschichten: Eine alternative
Microstructure and electrical properties of chemical solution deposition (Pb,La)
Supercapacitors based on nanostructured carbon electrodes grown by cluster-beam
Direct growth of nanostructures by deposition through an Si3N4 shadow mask
Mechanical and tribological studies of ultra-thin hard carbon overcoats for magn
Surface cleaning and nitridation of compound semiconductors using gas-decomposit
Evaluation of the mechanical properties of thin metal films
Size, shape anisotropy, and distribution of Cu nanocrystals prepared by pulsed l
Growth of piezoelectric thin films with fine grain microstructure by high energy
Fabrication of diamond-like films using filtered-vacuum arc deposition system
Palladium silicide/oxide formations in Pd/SiO2 complex films
Laser writing of glassy carbon features on Si from liquid toluene
Near-field nano-optics toward nano/atom deposition
Deposition of c-BN films on diamond: influence of the diamond roughness
MOCVD of SnO2 thin films from a new organometallic precursor
Influence of incorporation of Cr and Y on the wear performance of TiAlN coatings
Synthesis of diamond-like-carbon coatings by pulsed laser deposition: Optimizati
Design of a laser CVD rapid prototyping system
Process optimization of a negative-tone CVD photoresist for 193 nm lithography a
Pulsed Laser Deposition: Schicht- und Prozessuntersuchung
Agglomeration and surface morphology during pulsed laser deposition of Pb-Zr-Ti-
Modeling of aerosol-assisted chemical vapor co-deposition of NiO and carbon nano
Microdeposition technique for carbon nanotubes based on electron beam lithograph
Structuring & plating of materials with ultrashort laser pulses
Production of binary thin film by the direct deposition of Bi-Te NANO-particles
Mechanical properties of diamond-like carbon composite thin films prepared by pu
Carbon nitride films deposited on Pt substrates by microwave plasma chemical vap
Growth and characterization of hard and elastic carbon nitride thin films
On the preparation of supported nanoporous carbon membranes
Silica nanotubes and nanofiber arrays
Assembly of micropatterned colloidal gold thin films via microtransfer molding a
Electrophoretic deposition of nano-scaled zirconia powders prepared by laser eva
Deposition of ultra-nanocrystalline diamond films using a Ar/H2/CH4 microwave di
Structure definition technique for 25 nm lines of silicon and related materials
Study of nanocrystalline diamond film deposited rapidly by 500 W excimer laser
Surface modification of tin oxide ultrafine particle thin films
Application of carbon nanometre tubes in chemical deposition on diamond film
New developments in electrolytic deposition of ceramic films
Hydrogen embrittlement of titanium during microwave plasma assisted CVD diamond
Structural chemistry of self-assembled monolayers of octadecylphosphoric acid on
Synthesis and properties of Au-Pd bimetallic colloids
Nanostructural peculiarities of the morphology of the surface of a-C:H films dep
Deposition of nanosized particles in cylindrical tubes under laminar and turbule
Prevention of silica scale in membrane systems: Removal of monomer and polymer s
Deposition and structural characterization of high quality textured C60 thin fil
Welding of carbon nanotubes
Chemische Abscheidung von Silber im Nanometerbereich: Grenzen und Moeglichkeiten
Field emission properties of carbon nanotubes
Electrochemical detectors prepared by electroless deposition for microfabricated
Influence of deposition parameters on the structure of nanocrystalline silicon
Pd nanoclusters grown by plasma sputtering deposition on amorphous substrates
Low temperature growth of microcrystalline silicon and its application to solar
Field emission properties of different forms of carbon
Thermal stability of nanocrystalline gold and copper prepared by gas deposition
An insight into carbon nanotube production
Electrophoretic deposition of nanosized diamond particles
Formation of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes by dual-RF-plasma chemical vapo
Nanocrystalline silicon carbonitride thin films prepared by plasma beam-assisted
Size distribution and growth mechanism of Co3O4 nanoparticles fabricated by puls
Preparation of carbon nanotubes and nano-particles by microwave plasma-enhanced
Fabrication of nanostructures by hydroxylamine seeding of gold nanoparticle temp
Ultrathin μc-Si films deposited by PECVD
Field emission from carbon nanotubes grown by layer-by-layer deposition method u
Deposition of hydroquinone-thiosulfate on gold by means of anodic oxidation
Carbon nitride thin films and nanofibres synthesised by hot filament CVD
Growth and magnetism of epitaxial self-assembled Fe nanostructures on a Mo(110)
Ultraprazise nm-schichtstapel als grundlage moderner rontgentechnologien
Growth and morphology of cobalt nanoparticles on alumina
Synthesis of amorphous carbon nitride using reactive ion beam sputtering deposit
Control of structure, size and density of Ge dot on Si (1 0 0) through multistep
Observation of photodiode and electroluminescence effects for a-C/a-C:H multilay
Growth model for bamboolike structured carbon nanotubes synthesized using therma
Preparation of well-structured organosilane layers on silica
Electrochemical Metal Deposition on Carbon Nanotubes
Electrochromic properties of antimony tin oxide (ATO) thin films synthesized by
Versatile microwave PECVD technique for deposition of DLC and other ordered carb
Deposition rate optimization in SiH4/H2 PECVD of hydrogenated microcrystalline s
An efficient route to graphitic carbon-layer-coated gallium nitride nanorods
Synthesis and micropatterning of semiconducting polypyrrole nanofilms by a two-s
Graphitization of Fe-doped amorphous carbon pillars grown by focused-ion-beam-in
Chemical vapor deposition of carbon nanotubes. An experiment in materiais chemis
The challenges in the ITRS interconnect roadmap
Multiscale simulation of cluster growth and deposition processes by hybrid model
Flame synthesis of nanopowders via combustion chemical vapour deposition
Chemical vapor deposition of HfO2 films on Si(100)
Thiol diffusion and the role of humidity in Dip Pen Nanolithography
Low temperature deposition of α-Al2O3 thin films by sputtering using a Cr2
Atomic layer deposition of ZnSe/CdSe superlattice nanowires
Noble and coinage metal nanowires by electrochemical step edge decoration
Fabrication of carbon coated ceramic membranes by pyrolysis of methane using a m
Grafting of homo- and block co-polypeptides on solid substrates by an improved s
Surface diffusion and size evolution of nanostructures in laser-focused atomic d
Electron-beam-induced nucleation centers and selective deposition of thin zinc f
Thin film atomic layer deposition equipment for semiconductor processing
Low-temperature synthesis of single-crystal germanium nanowires by chemical vapo
Reactive deposition of silicon nanowires templated on a stepped nickel surface
Template-synthesized nanotubes for chemical separations and analysis
The controlling chemistry of surface deposition from sodium and potassium seeded
Synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbons composed of nanotubes via catalytic chem
Evolution of the surface roughness with the hydrogen partial pressure for high d
The structure of self-assembled multilayers with polyoxometalate nanoclusters
Carbon nitride-related nanomaterials from chemical vapor deposition: Structure a
Metallic conductivity in bamboo-shaped multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Lateral patterning of CdTe nanocrystal films by the electric field directed laye
A novel technique to grow Ge quantum dots on porous Si by ultrahigh vacuum chemi
Characterization of Fe-catalyzed carbon nanotubes grown by thermal chemical vapo
Feed gas dependence of the surface nanophase on HFCVD grown diamond films studie
Carbon nanotube synthesis using a magnetic fluid via thermal chemical vapor depo
The preparation of porous perovskite membranes using BaTiO3 nanopowders
Preparation and characterization of γ-Al2O3 microporous membranes by elect
Silicon nanotubes
Catalytic effects on carbon/carbon composites fabricated by a film boiling chemi
Preparation and characterization of a model bimetallic catalyst: Co-Pd nanoparti
New types of coating systems for steel sheets by high-rate evaporation in combin
Developments in PVD tribological coatings (IUVSTA highlights seminar-vacuum meta
Structural and electrical properties of polycrystalline silicon films deposited
A new approach towards an understanding of scaling in the presence of polycarbox
Initial stages of Pt deposition on Au(111) and Au(100)
The phase composition of the lithiated samples of nanoporous carbon materials pr
A novel morphology of SiOx nanowires with a modified diameter
Laser-induced nanopatterning of PET using a-SiO2 microspheres
Possibilities of aerosol technology for deposition of SnO2-based films with impr
Metal-organic chemical vapor deposition and nanoscale characterization of zircon
Preparation and characterization of nanostructured tin oxide films by electroche
Electrostatic precipitation of ultrafine particles enhanced by simultaneous diff
Tubes on tube - A novel form of aligned carbon nanotubes [1]
Raman spectroscopy and field emission measurements on catalytically grown carbon
Ti-N, Ti-C-N, Ti-Si-N coatings obtained by APCVD at 650-800 °C
Substrate bias effect on amorphous hydrogenated carbon films deposited by filter
Studies on grain boundaries in nanocrystalline silicon grown by hot-wire CVD
Deposition of ultrafine particles in human tracheobronchial airways of adults an
Growth and nanostructure of conformai ruthenium films by liquid-source metalorga
Copper penetration into porous ultra-low-κ methyl silsesquioxane during se
Supercritical fluid fabrication of metal nanowires and nanorods templated by mul
Reactor length-scale modeling of chemical vapor deposition of carbon nanotubes
Sol-gel electrophoretic deposition for the growth of oxide nanorods
Closed loop controlled deposition of BaxSr1-xTiO3 thin films in spray flames
Template-fabricated gold nanowires and nanotubes
Diameter control and emission properties of carbon nanotubes grown using chemica
Field emitter using multiwalled carbon nanotubes grown on the silicon tip region
Ion beam enhanced deposition
Plasma-surface interactions
Anodic Electrodeposition of Cerium Oxide Thin Films II. Mechanism Studies
Directed deposition of nanoparticles using diblock copolymer templates
Dynamics of stimulated emission in silicon nanocrystals
Conformal coating on ultrahigh-aspect-ratio nanopores of anodic alumina by atomi
A better way to produce thin-film protypes
Surface morphology and crystallinity control in the atomic layer deposition (ALD
Growth of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers by low-pressure inductively coupl
Influence of surfactants on an evaporating drop: Fluorescence images and particl
Open-air carbon coatings on fused quartz by laser-induced chemical vapor deposit
Ionic strength dependent kinetics of nanocolloidal gold deposition
Atomic layer deposition of CuxS for solar energy conversion
Tunnelling spectroscopy of Pt nanoparticles supported on TiO2(1 1 0) surface
Large Area Deposition of Polymorphous Silicon by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor
Superelastic fullerene-like carbon nitride coatings synthesised by reactive unba
Investigation of substrate rotation at glancing incidence on thin-film morpholog
Growth of IrO2 Films and Nanorods by Means of CVD: An Example of Compositional a
Effect of catalyst on growth behavior of carbon nanotubes synthesized by microwa
Feasibility studies of magnetic particle-embedded carbon nanotubes for perpendic
International conference on electrophoretic deposition
Nanowires built by pulsed laser deposition process
Anwendung goldbasierter Multilayersysteme als Kontaktoberflachen
Electrochemical copper deposition in etched ion track membranes. Experimental re
AFM study of the effect of direct negative Ni ion beam energy on the evolution o
Ruthenium oxide nanotube arrays fabricated by atomic layer deposition using a ca
Femtosecond pulsed laser deposition of diamond-like carbon thin films for tribol
Heteroepitaxial growth of nanostructured cerium dioxide thin films by MOCVD on a
Chemical vapor deposition of pyrolytic carbon on carbon nanotubes: Part 1. Synth
Functionalized Nanoparticle Films with Rectifying Conduction Properties
Nanodiamond thin films on titanium substrates growth and electrochemical propert
Nanostructuring by ion beam
Nanocrystalline Eu3+ doped-yttrium oxide dispersed onto silica prepared by a dep
Structural characteristics of diamond-like nanocomposite films grown by PECVD
Growth of nanowires of β-NaxV2O5 by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition carbon nanotubes/nanofibres - How uni
Smart surface dissymmetrization of microparticles driven by laser photochemical
Pulsed laser deposition of hard carbon coatings at atmospheric pressure
Selective palladium electrochemical deposition onto AFM-scratched silicon surfac
Ion-beam synthesis and growth mechanism of diamond-like materials
Glancing angle deposition to modify microstructure and properties of sputter dep
Multicomponent submicron features of biomolecules created by voltage controlled
CVD on Bacteria Networks
Self-assembled nanowire formation during Cu deposition on atomically flat Vse2 s
Preparation of methanol oxidation electrocatalysts: Ruthenium deposition on carb
Chemical vapor deposition of tungsten silicide (WSix) for high aspect ratio appl
Carbon Dispersion and Morphology in Carbon-Coated Nanocrystalline MgO
Formation of luminescent Si nanocrystals by high-temperature rapid thermal chemi
Carbon nanopillar laterally grown with electron beam-induced chemical vapor depo
High-quality ultra-fine GaN nanowires synthesized via chemical vapor deposition
A nanocrystalline Co3O4 thin film electrode for Li-ion batteries
Preparation of graphite oxide molecular deposition films and its nanotribologica
Selective formation of ZnO nanodots on nanopatterned substrates by metalorganic
Self-tailored one-dimensional ZnO nanodot arrays formed by metalorganic chemical
Electrophoretic deposition of aqueous nano-sized zinc oxide suspensions on a zin
Nanoindentation study of Ni45Nb55 amorphous films prepared by ion beam assisted
Cu fine line direct drawing using a scanning tunneling microscope-electroplating
Synthesis of ZnO nanorods by nanoparticle assisted pulsed-laser deposition
A novel method for preparing copper nanorods and nanowires
Several factors influencing nanofrictional properties of molecular deposition fi
Nickel electroless deposition process on chemically pretreated Si(100) wafers in
Photocatalytic activity of anatase TiO2 thin films prepared by direct deposition
Reversible wettability of a chemical vapor deposition prepared ZnO film between
Electrochemical deposition of lamellar platinum nanostructures from lyotropic li
Investigation of the cyclic voltammetry of electro-deposition of Pd-Ni alloy on
Molecular dynamics simulation on nanotribological properties of molecular deposi
Catalytic synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes from coal gas by chemical
Preparation of nano-particles (Pb, La)TiO3 thin films by liquid source misted ch
A general route to macroscopic hierarchical 3D nanowire networks
Change from micrometre to nanometre size for diamond grains by plasma chemical v
Deposition and electrocatalytic properties of platinum nanoparticals on carbon n
Electrochemical deposition of silver in room-temperature ionic liquids and its s
Preparation of silicon nitride nano-powder and its optical characteristics
Electrodeposition of silver telluride thin films from non-aqueous baths
Up-scaled Teer-UDP850/4 unbalanced magnetron deposition system used for mass-pro
Silicon carbon nitride films grown by hot-filament chemical vapor deposition
Thin HfO2 films grown on Si(100) by atomic oxygen assisted molecular beam epitax
Ti-Si-N coating on slit inner walls by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Uniform electrochemical deposition of copper onto self-assembled gold nanopartic
Formation and growth mechanism of dissimilar coiled carbon nanotubes by reduced-
Simple catalyst for the direct growth of carbon nanotubes onto substrate by chem
Structures of silicon films deposited by inductively coupled plasma chemical vap
Photoluminescence of amorphous Si films prepared by atmospheric pressure chemica
Formation of two-dimensional nanomaterials of boron carbides
Deposition of composite titania/vanadia thin films by chemical bath deposition
Condensation of sp3-bonded boron nitride through a highly nonequilibrium fluid s
Nanomechanical switch fabrication by focused-ion-beam chemical vapor deposition
Fabrication of ordered array of tungsten nanopartlcles on anodic porous alumina
Development of long Y-123 coated conductors by ion-beam-assisted-deposition and
Development of separated pulsed laser ablation for oxide light emitting and semi
Drastic enhancement of nanoelectromechanical-system fabrication yield using elec
Multi-Nucleation-Based Formation of Oriented Zinc Oxide Microcrystals and Films
Germanium nanowires and core-shell nanostructures by chemical vapor deposition o
Deposition mechanism of Ni on Si(100) surfaces in aqueous alkaline solution
In situ formed beta-Ti(Ta) nanorod arrays embedded in continuous matrix in a mul
Silicon heterojunction solar cells with microcrystalline emitter
Growth of highly-quality single-wall carbon nanotubes without amorphous carbon f
Optical properties of novel GaN 3D structures grown by metal-organic chemical va
Pulsed biased growth of nanocrystalline diamond by hot filament chemical vapour
Layer by layer self-assembled polyelectrolyte multilayers with embedded phosphol
Size control of ZnO nanofibril within template by electrophoretic deposition
Vacuum systems go for growth
Bimetallic clusters by underpotential deposition on layered Au nanoparticle film
Crystallisation kinetics and density profiles in ultra-thin hafnia films: Crysta
Effect of H2 pulse on pulsed MOCVD of Cu seed layers : Resistivity, conformality
CVD and CVI of pyrocarbon from various precursors
Vertically aligned sulfur-doped ZnO nanowires synthesized via chemical vapor dep
Preparation by atomic layer deposition and characterization of active sites in n
Size effect of nanosized thin-film iron dot on growth of multiwall carbon nanotu
High-yield catalytic synthesis of thin multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Substrate effects on the room-temperature ferromagnetism in Co-doped TiO2 thin f
Hydrogen storage in high surface area carbon nanotubes produced by catalytic che
Towards the deposition of tetrahedral diamond-like carbon films on hip joints by
Polymorphous silicon thin films produced in dusty plasmas: Application to solar
Growth and properties of chemical-vapor-deposited Ti-P-O films grown under the C
Spray pyrolysis for high Tc superconductors films
Photocatalysis using ZnO thin films and nanoneedles grown by metal-organic chemi
Structural transformation and field emission enhancement of carbon nanofibers by
The determining factors for the growth mode of carbon nanotubes in the chemical
A new atomic layer deposition of W-N thin films
Kinetic control of surface patterning by laser-induced photochemical deposition
Formation of TiO2 and ZrO2 nanotubes using atomic layer deposition with ultrapre
Behaviour of transition metals catalysts over laser-treated vanadium support sur
Growth mechanism of microcrystalline silicon at high pressure conditions
Electrochemical processing and characterization of nickel hydroxide-polyelectrol
Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy study of TiO2/Cu 1.8S nanocomposites obta
Colloidal gold particles adsorption onto silanized glass surfaces
Gradient-index narrow-bandpass filter fabricated with glancing-angle deposition
Tellurium nanotubes and nanorods synthesized by physical vapor deposition
PVD-Al2O3-coated cemented carbide cutting tools
Electrodeposition of composite ceria - Polyethylenimine films
Synthesis of coiled/straight carbon nanofibers by catalytic chemical vapor depos
Deposition of fractal-like aerosol aggregates in fibrous filters
Periodic structure formation by focused electron-beam-induced deposition
Control of doped layers in p-i-n microcrystalline solar cells fully deposited wi
Tandem solar cells deposited using hot-wire chemical vapor deposition
Silicon nano-asperities: Morphological evolution and electrical properties of do
Organometallic block copolymers as catalyst precursors for templated carbon nano
Effect of gas pressure on the growth of selenium thin films by pulsed laser depo
Simulation of gas-phase nanoparticle dynamics in the plasma-enhanced chemical va
UV laser chemical vapor deposition of nano-chained copolymer from carbon disulfi
Effect of potantiostatic waveforms on properties of electrodeposited NiFe alloy
Numerical study of the structure and the magnetic properties of Co clusters on A
Pyrolytic deposition of carbon on ordered mesoporous silica MCM-41
Counteranion-controlled properties of polyelectrolyte multilayers
Probing universality classes in solid-on-solid deposition
Acetylene sorption dynamics in carbon nanotubes
Structure engineering of WO3 nanoparticles for porous film applications by advan
Formation of complex Tungsten-Silica microstructures by Ar+ laser processing
KrF pulsed laser deposition of chromium oxide thin films from Cr 8O21 targets
Nanoparticle transport and deposition in bifurcating tubes with different inlet
Heterogeneous growth of metal clusters solutions of seed nanoparticles
Electric-field-driven assembly of oriented molecular-sieve films
Nanobelt-Templated Growth of Carbon Nanotube Rows
Source of anomalies in the temperature dependence of ferromagnetic resonance and
Improved surface chemistries, thin film deposition techniques, and stamp designs
Metal delocalization and surface decoration in direct-write nanolithography by e
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline zinc ferrite films prepared by
Novel nanostructured electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells fabricated by combust
Designing nanostructures for sensor applications
Effect of pulsed plasma processing on controlling nanostructure and properties o
Preparation of platinum/carbon aerogel nanocomposites using a supercritical depo
Aquasols: On the role of secondary minima
Mist deposition in semiconductor device manufacturing
Droplet heteroepitaxy of GaN quantum dots by metal-organic chemical vapor deposi
Ion deposited nanoscale permalloy and Co films generated from laser excitation
Effect of sea salt and calcium carbonate interactions with nitric acid on the di
Multiferroic materials tower up
Conformal thin-film silicon nitride deposited by hot-wire chemical vapor deposit
Deposition and Reentrainment of Brownian Particles in Porous Media under Unfavor
Nanogravimetric study of templated copper deposition in ion-channels of self-ass
Multiscale Hybrid Modeling of Film Deposition Within Porous Substrates
Photoluminescence of LPCVD Si-rich SiNx films deposited at different temperature
Study on the photoluminescence spectroscopy of silicon nanocrystal formed by pul
Enhanced performance of carbon nanotubes supercapacitors by activation and MnO2
Preparation of organic and inorganic film on aligned carbon nanotubes
Development of the nanocrystalline superhard Ti-Si-N coating
Pulsed KrF excimer laser deposition of AlN thin films
Continuous-deposition system and process of nanocrystalline diamond film for mul
Preparation of SiC/C film and its mechanical properties
Study on growth of nano-diamond under different deposition conditions
Electrophoretic deposition and its application in ceramics processing
Influence of technic process on the electrode position Ni-W alloy nanocrystallin
Deposition of Si adatom near steps and kinks on Si surface
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes using dielectric barrier discharge plasma enhanced
New method of nanosilicon preparation by pulsed-laser deposition
Orthogonal PbS nanowire arrays and networks and their Raman scattering behavior
Synthetic control of large-area, ordered bismuth nanowire arrays
Carbothermal chemical vapor deposition route to Se one-dimensional nanostructure
Structural investigation of diamond nanoplatelets grown by microwave plasma-enha
Macroscopic multi-branched carbon trees generated from chemical vapor deposition
Preferential growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes on silica spheres by chemi
A new method to prepare RuO2 [Closed Circle] xH2O/carbon nanotube composite for
A novel approach to Co/CNTs catalyst via chemical vapor deposition of organometa
Tribological behaviors of composite molecular deposition films
Combining a layer-by-layer assembling technique with electrochemical deposition
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes using a novel catalyst derived from hydrotalcite-l
Electrophoretic deposition of ceramic powders
The light-emitting properties of Ge nanocrystals grown by pulsed laser depositio
Layer uniformity of glancing angle deposition
Preparation and tribological properties of poly(methyl methacrylate)/multi- wall
Ni-Fe-Co-P coatings on coiled carbon nanofibers
Fabrication of nanometer-sized carbon electrodes by the controllable electrochem
Electrochemical deposition of one-dimensional aluminum phthalocyanine nanomateri
Nanomechanical properties of molecular deposition film
Coating of calcium phosphate on biometallic materials by electrophoretic deposit
Nanostructured CNx (0 less than or equal x less than or equal 0.2) films grown b
Hydrogen electrosorption and structural properties of nanostructured Pd-Mg thin
Sputter deposition of Pt nanoclusters and thin films on PEM fuel cell electrodes
Fabrication of silicon submicrometer ribbons by glancing angle deposition
The effects of bias polarity on diamond deposition by hot-filament chemical vapo
Auto-deposition of gold on chemically modified polystyrene beads
Synthesis and characterization of zinc bis(O-isopropylxanthate) as a single-sour
Appraisal of three-dimensional numerical simulation for sub-micron particle depo
Nanofibers in CdTe: Iodine thin films by spray deposition
Optical and microstructural properties of nanocomposite Au/SiO2 films containing
Preparation and study of thickness dependent electrical characteristics of zinc
An empirical analysis of nitrogen pressure effect on grain size development of n
Highly porous nanocluster TiO2 films deposited using APCVD in an excess of water
Characterization of the deposition of organic molecules at the surface of gold b
A new atmospheric pressure plasma deposition process for carbon and titanium thi
Corrosion protection and mechanical performance of SiO2 films deposited via PECV
Second order nonlinear optical properties of zinc oxide films deposited by low t
Biologically programmed silicon nanoparticles assembly
Towards particle size regulation of chemically deposited lead sulfide (PbS)
InAs quantum dots grown on InGaAs buffer layers by metal-organic chemical vapor
Synthesis of diamond-like carbon films by nanopulse plasma chemical vapor deposi
Preparation of palladium and silver alloy membrane on a porous α-alumina t
Raman spectra of carbon nanowalls grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposi
Electrophoretic deposition of nanocomposites formed from polythiophene and metal
Transmission electron microscopy investigations of low-pressure CVD growth and s
Fabrication of a SiSi O2 multiple-quantum-well light emitting diode using remote
Organic/inorganic hybrid nano-microstructured coatings on insulated substrates b
Fabrication of Au/titania composite nanodot arrays from au-loaded block copolyme
An oriented nanoporous membrane prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Fabrication of magnetic nanostructures using electron beam induced chemical vapo
Registered deposition of nanoscale ferroelectric grains by template-controlled g
Enzymatic control of metal deposition as key step for a low-background electrica
Influence of island-induced strain on the Si surface morphology in Ge-Si multila
New route of nanowire integration in microfabrication processes for sensor appli
Low temperature synthesis of aligned carbon nanotubes by direct current plasma c
UHV chemical vapour deposition of silicon nanowires
Metal membranes with hierarchically organized nanotube arrays
Mechanical properties of boron nitride films prepared by plasma-enhanced chemica
Nanocrystalline HF-CVD-grown diamond and its industrial applications
Metal@MOF: Loading of highly porous coordination polymers host lattices by metal
Cluster-eliminating filter for depositing cluster-free a-Si:H films by plasma ch
Metal-induced nanostructures on surfaces of layered chalcogenides
Influence of rotation speed on microstructure and thermal conductivity of nano-p
Nano-crystalline quartz prepared by AP-CVD
High-current-density electron emissions from nano-carbon films fabricated by hig
Growth of mm-long carbon nanotubes by grid-inserted plasma-enhanced chemical vap
Nonadiabatic photodissociation process using an optical near field
Electrodeposition of copper and cobalt nanostructures using self-assembled monol
Copper deposition on fullerene nanostructures
AFM scratching and metal deposition through insulating layers on silicon
Conditions for the formation of nanostructures on electrode surfaces during atom
Direct evidence for root growth of vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanot
Fabrication and structural control of Fe/Ti oxide thin films with graded composi
Applications for TiAlN- and TiO2-coatings with nanoscale surface topographies
Ultra-fast non-linear optical response of metal-nanocluster composites prepared
Antistatic technique for suppressing charging in focused ion beam systems using
Vertical growth of carbon nanowalls using rf plasma-enhanced chemical vapor depo
Magnetic multilayers on nanospheres
Nanostructure fabrication by glancing angle ion beam assisted deposition of sili
Self-organized nanostructures in hard ceramic coatings
Remote microwave PECVD for continuous, wide-area coating under atmospheric press
Grain growth in nanocrystalline Fe-Ag thin film
Nanometer-scale crystallization of thin HfO2 films studied by HF-chemical etchin
Growth mode during initial stage of chemical vapor deposition
Characterization of nanotextured AlN thin films by x-ray absorption near-edge st
Combinatorial method to prepare metal nanoparticles that catalyze the growth of
Two-component graded deposition of biomolecules with a double-barreled nanopipet
X-ray diffraction analysis of residual stresses in smooth fined-grain diamond co
Atomic layer chemical vapor deposition (ALCVD) of Hf and Zr silicate and alumina
Ultrafine platinum nanoparticles uniformly dispersed on arrayed CN x nanotubes w
Application of electrophoretic and electrolytic deposition techniques in ceramic
Application of electrophoretic and electrolytic deposition techniques in ceramic
Plasma-based ion implantation and deposition: A review of physics, technology, a
Si nanocrystal-containing SiOx (x less than or equal 2) produced by thermal anne
Chromium-based coatings by atmospheric chemical vapor deposition at low temperat
Selective growth of ZnO nanoneedles on Si substrates by metalorganic chemical va
Synthesis of well-aligned carbon nanotubes by inductively coupled plasma chemica
Microarrays of peptide fibrils created by electrostatically controlled depositio
Femtomolar immunoassay based on coupling gold nanoparticle enlargement with squa
A novel process of electroless Ni-P plating by nonisothermal method
Optical properties of silicon nanocrystalline thin films grown by pulsed laser d
Carbon nanotube-adsorbed polystyrene and poly(methyl methacrylate) microspheres
Fabrication of potential NiMoP diffusion barrier/seed layers for Cu interconnect
Single chamber PVD/PECVD process for in situ control of the catalyst activity on
Multi-walled carbon nanotube coatings using Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD)
Microstructural characterization of Al2O3-Ni composites prepared by electroless
A chemical route to room-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline TiO 2 thin fil
Effect of substrate materials in the low-pressure synthesis of diamond: Approach
The catalyst in the CCVD of carbon nanotubes-a review
A study of diamond synthesis by hot filament chemical vapour deposition on nanoc
Root growth of multi-wall carbon nanotubes by MPCVD
Nanostructured PVD coatings protect precision machinery
Nanocrystalline diamond coating of silicon nitride ceramics by microwave plasma-
Structural and electrical properties of nitrogen-doped Cr-C:H films synthesized
MOCVD of hard metallurgical coatings: Examples in the Cr-C-N system
Potentiostatic deposition and characterization of cuprous oxide films and nanowi
Ultrathick nanostructured diamond films produced
Elemental distribution in fluorinated amorphous carbon thin films
Nanoscale electron stimulated chemical vapor deposition of Au in an environmenta
Vertically aligned, catalyst-free InP nanowires grown by metalorganic chemical v
Direct nanoparticle deposition technology
Effects of deposition temperature on the mechanical and physical properties of s
Observation of in concentration variations in InGaNGaN quantum-well heterostruct
Effects of heat generation during electron-beam-induced deposition of nanostruct
Hf O2 and Al2 O3 gate dielectrics on GaAs grown by atomic layer deposition
Second Sight announces DOE partnership for artificial retina
Investigation on the temperature-dependent growth rate of carbon nanotubes using
Controlled deposition of gold nanodots using non-contact atomic force microscopy
Hydroxyapatite growth on glass/CdSe/SiOx nanostructures
Correlation between growth stress and microstructure in CoCrPt alloy thin film w
Deposition of nanocomposite Zr-ZrO2 films by reactive cathodic vacuum arc evapor
Mechanical properties of chemical vapor deposition-grown multiwalled carbon nano
Single-source routes to cobalt sulfide and manganese sulfide thin films
Nanocrystalline diamond films on high speed steel by microwave plasma chemical v
Photoluminescence of Ag-doped ZnSe nanowires synthesized by metalorganic chemica
Electrostatic-directed deposition of nanoparticles on a field generating substra
Prediction of deposition of nanoparticles produced in an industrial flame reacto
Rectification and intrinsic photocurrent of GaAs/Si photodiodes formed with puls
Multiscale modeling, simulations, and experiments of coating growth on nanofiber
Growth and simulation of high-aspect ratio nanopillars by primary and secondary
Conductive diamond/nanotubes promise ice chips
Photoemission studies of passivation of germanium nanowires
Micro and nanocrystalline diamond formation on reticulated vitreous carbon subst
Characteristics and plasmochemical deposition of coatings based on amorphous hyd
Structural and optical characterization of AlN films grown by pulsed laser depos
Properties of SnO2 coatings fabricated on polymer substrates using filtered vacu
Mechanical and optical properties of plasma-polymerized vinyltriethoxysilane
Deposition of Ti1-xAlxN using bipolar pulsed dual magnetron sputtering
A comparative study of p-type diamond films using Raman and transport measuremen
Structural and electrical characterization of Al2O 3/HfO2/Al2O3 on strained SiGe
Structural features of films obtained by the impulse plasma deposition method
Carbon nanotube synthesis on oxidized porous silicon
Auger electron spectroscopy analysis of high metal content micro-structures grow
SnO2 nanostructured films obtained by pulsed laser ablation deposition
Fabrication of high-aspect-ratio Prussian blue nanotubes using a porous alumina
Characterisation of room temperature blue emmiting Si/SiO2 multilayers
Electrocrystallization of rhodium clusters on thiolate-covered polycrystalline g
Growth of carbon nanotubes with alkaline earth carbonate as support
Composite graphitic nanolayers prepared by self-assembly between finely disperse
Towards controlled growth and applications of carbon nanotubes
Dynamic study of carbon nanotubes production by chemical vapor deposition of alc
A voltammetric and nanogravimetric study of Te underpotential deposition on Pt i
Properties of La and Nb-modified PZT thin films grown by radio frequency assiste
Elastic modulus of multi-walled carbon nanotubes produced by catalytic chemical
Thin polymer films prepared by plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition
Multi-axis retarder arrays by masked oblique deposition
Controlled co-evaporation of silanes for nanoimprint stamps
Photosensitive hetero-pairing of p-GaAs/n-Si by pulsed-laser deposition
High-flux nanofiltration membranes prepared by adsorption of multilayer polyelec
Investigations into the mechanism of adsorption of carbon nanotubes onto aminopr
Synthesis and characterization of silicon nanowires on mesophase carbon microbea
Parallel fabrication of sub-50-nm uniformly sized nanoparticles by deposition th
Evolution of the interface and metal film morphology in the vapor deposition of
Growth of Y-shaped nanorods through physical vapor deposition
Experimental evidence for nonuniform flow in a horizontal evaporation/condensati
T2-shortening of 3He gas by magnetic microspheres
Growth of sculptured polymer submicronwire assemblies by vapor deposition
Large-scale synthesis of highly aligned nitrogen doped carbon nanotubes by injec
Nanostructured component fabrication by electron beam-physical vapor deposition
Metal coatings on SiC nanowires by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Influence of deposition parameters on the composition and structure of reactivel
MEMS sensor material based on polypyrrole-carbon nanotube nanocomposite: Film de
Deposition of copper into thin ice buffer layers on MgO(1 0 0) produces uniform
Investigation of single-walled carbon nanotube growth parameters using alcohol c
Fabrication of hollow spheres composed of nanosized ZSM-5 crystals via laser abl
Supercritical fluid attachment of palladium nanoparticles on aligned carbon nano
Growth and characterization of nanocomposite yttria-stabilized zirconia with Ag
Deposition of highly hydrogenated carbon films by a modified plasma assisted che
Evaporative deposition patterns: Spatial dimensions of the deposit
An investigation of plasma chemistry for dc plasma enhanced chemical vapour depo
Study of palladium metal particle deposition on the conductive diamond surface b
Hα emission as a feedback control sensor for reactive sputter deposition o
Aggregation and deposition characteristics of fullerene nanoparticles in aqueous
Synthesis and electronic properties of individual single-walled carbon nanotube/
Hydrodesulfurization of model diesel using Pt/Al2O3 catalysts prepared by superc
Laboratory grows single-wall carbon nanotube four centimeters long
Comparison of micro- and nano-size particle depositions in a human upper airway
Matrials science: On-wire lithography
Low temperature chemical vapor deposition of Co thin films from Co 2(CO)8
Structural characterization of nanoporous Pd films grown via ballistic depositio
Template-assisted deposition of palladium nanoarrays preparation, microscopic, a
Ozone as the oxidizing precursor in atomic layer deposition
Three-dimensional interconnected nanowire networks of ZnO
Inorganic-filler chemical vapor deposition: A new approach to grow nanoporous th
Large-scale fabrication of protein nanoarrays based on nanosphere lithography
A highly sensitive and fast-responding SnO2 sensor fabricated by combustion chem
Depositions and characterizations on thin films formed by a new laser ablation f
Influences of the deposition rate on the microstructure and hardness of composit
The effect of current and nickel nitrate concentration on the deposition of nick
Pyrolytic laser-based chemical vapour deposition of TiC coatings
Langmuir-Blodgett film of glutathione S-transferase immobilised on silanized sur
Evolution of a metastable FCC solid solution during sputter deposition of Ti-Al-
Nanochannel glass replica membranes
Pulsed laser deposition (PLD)-an advanced state for technical applications
Deposition of refractory coatings by LCVD
In situ doping of a-cBN layers
Growth of carbon nanotubes: a molecular dynamics study
Diamond growth on porous silicon by hot-filament chemical vapor deposition
An electrochemical deposition process for the synthesis of laminated nanocomposi
Electron beam deposition of gold nanostructures in a reactive environment
DC arc plasma deposition of smooth nanocrystalline diamond films
Specific conditions for Ni catalyzed carbon nanotube growth by chemical vapor de
Atomic force microscope patterning on plasma deposited polyacetylene film
Pattern transfer: self-assembled monolayers as ultrathin resists
Reactive sputter deposition of chromium nitride coatings
Precipitate-hardened aluminum alloys formed using pulsed laser deposition
Nanoscale deposition from a metal-covered scanning tunneling microscope tip
Photoluminescence of chemically deposited CdSe nanocrystallites: effects of crys
Pressure dependence of photoluminescence in amorphous silicon nanopowder produce
Cubic boron nitride films grown by low energy B+ and N+ ion beam deposition
Using simultaneous deposition and rapid growth to produce nanostructured composi
Copper deposition on HF etched silicon surfaces: morphological and kinetic studi
Deposition and surface treatment with intense pulsed ion beams
Electron-beam-induced fabrication of metal-containing nanostructures
Polarized electrochemical vapor deposition (PEVD). A new technique for depositin
Synthesis of novel thin-film materials by pulsed laser deposition
Morphology and structural characterization of plasma-assisted prepared carbon fi
Formation of Ni3C nanocrystallites in codeposited Ni-C films
Nanoporosity of Al2O3 coatings obtained by impulse plasma deposition
Properties of silicon-tin alloys prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Selective area growth of metal nanostructures
Balance of graphite deposition and multishell carbon nanotube growth in the carb
Direct band gap structures on nanometer-scale, micromachined silicon tips
Electroless deposition of metals onto organosilane monolayers
Nitrogen-containing carbon nanotube growth from Ni phthalocyanine by chemical va
Growth of SiO2 at room temperature with the use of catalyzed sequential half-rea
Synthesis and characterization of cluster-assembled carbon thin films
Chemical gas-phase reactions for a-Si:H and μc-Si:H deposition
Formation of nanometer magnetic iron nitride films by ion beam enhanced depositi
Gas deposition
Field emission from amorphous diamond coated Mo tip emitters by pulsed laser dep
Dynamic pulsed plasma reactor for chemical vapor deposition of advanced material
Optical properties of composite films of Si produced by laser deposition
Direct formation of nanocrystalline silicon by electron cyclotron resonance chem
Carbon superatom thin films
MOCVD TiO2 thin-film doping with microwave PECVD TiC and ZrO2
Spiral growth of InGaN nanoscale islands on GaN
Aluminum mediated low temperature growth of crystalline silicon by plasma-enhanc
Low-temperature deposition of films from tetrakis(dimethylamido)titanium and amm
Tribology of diamond-like carbon films from generic fabrication routes investiga
Self-organization of Te clusters in nanofilm by low energy beam deposition
Chemical vapor deposition of methane for single-walled carbon nanotubes
Low temperature deposition of TaCN films using pentakis(diethylamido)tantalum
Cathodic arc titanium nitride in situ process feedback control for multi-layer d
Preparation of the nucleoside-containing nanolayered film by the layer-by-layer
Faraday effect in CdMnTe nanocrystals grown by the laser deposition method
Concentration profiles in laser-deposited Ni/C and W/C multilayers
Electroless deposition of Au onto Si(111) studied by surface second harmonic gen
WS2 thin films by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Nanostructure fabrication by reactive-ion etching of laser-focused chromium on s
Synthesis of nanocrystalline TiNi thin films by cluster beam deposition
Wafer-scale nano fabrication using single-ion-implantation and electrochemical p
Fullerene and nanotube formation in cool terrestrial “dusty plasmas”
Study of ion beam assisted deposition of Al/AlN multilayers by comparison of com
Spatially selective metal deposition into a hole-array structure of anodic porou
Plasma-assisted deposition and characterization of Ti-containing diamondlike car
Fabrication and characterization of concentric-tubular composite micro- and nano
Creating, tailoring and using one-dimensional interfaces in two-dimensional film
Laser-induced chemical vapor deposition of nanostructured silicon carbonitride t
Atomic force microscopy of platinum nanoparticles prepared on highly oriented py
Deposition and properties of germanium/carbon films deposited from tetramethylge
Multilayer periodic compositions MoSi2-Si with a large number of periods
Synthesis and characterization of metal-C60 nanostructured films
Correlation between stress profiles of cubic boron nitride thin films and the ph
Synthesis and characterization of aligned carbon nanotube arrays
Phase composition of nanocrystalline iron films deposited in a nitrogen atmosphe
Thermal plasma deposition of nanostructured films
Nanocrystalline WC and WC/a-C composite coatings produced from intersected plasm
Sculptured thin films. II. Experiments and applications
Scanning tunneling microscopy for metal deposition studies
Structural analysis of a carbon nitride film prepared by ion-beam-assisted-depos
Nanolithography by selective chemical vapor deposition with an atomic hydrogen r
Formation of metallic nanostructures on biomolecular templates
Monodispersed Cr cluster formation by plasma-gas-condensation
Novel metallization technique for filling 100-nm-wide trenches and vias with ver
Effect of oxygen gas addition on preparation of iridium and platinum films by me
Structural investigations on ultrathin Mo layers in a-Si:H with emphasis on the
Field-emission studies of smooth and nanostructured carbon films
Growth of nanostructures by cluster deposition: Experiments and simple models
Migration-coalescence of nanoparticles during deposition of Au, Ag, Cu, and GaAs
Thermal modeling of plasma spray deposition of nanostructured ceramics
Growth of carbon nanotubes on quartz plates by chemical vapor deposition using (
CVD of nanoporous silica
Model of carbon nanotube growth through chemical vapor deposition
Deposition of diamond film on ferrous alloy substrate with Au/Cu interlayer by H
Integrated nanotube circuits: Controlled growth and ohmic contacting of single-w
Non-vacuum laser deposition of buffer layers for coated conductors
Laser-induced liquid deposition of a Ni-Pd-P nano-film on the Si substrate using
Hollow cathode sputtering cluster source for low energy deposition: Deposition o
Hardness and stiffness of amorphous SiCxNy chemical vapor deposited coatings
The preparation of very long aligned carbon nanotubes
Nano-scale metal cluster deposition using STM
Optical and structural studies of Ge nanocrystals embedded in AlN matrix fabrica
Electrochemical nanostructuring of n-Si(111) single-crystal faces
Synthesis of Q-particulate CdS thin films by using surface adsorbent in electroc
Surface growth in laser-focused atomic deposition
Influence of deposition parameters on mechanical properties of sputter-deposited
Time-dependent changes in the mechanical properties of diamond-like carbon films
Step decoration during deposition of Co on Ag(001) by ultralow energy ion beams
Vanadium pentoxide thin films by XPS
New coatings by nanostructuring
Nanocrystalline CdTe films deposited by high-pressure sputtering: carrier transp
Thin films with nanometer-scale pillar microstructure
Evidence of nanometer-sized charged carbon clusters in the gas phase of the diam
Synthesis of nanocrystalline diamond by the direct ion beam deposition method
Solution deposition processing and electrical properties of Ba(Ti1-xSnx)O3 thin
Laser deposition of thin superconducting films from a nanocrystalline YBa2Cu3O7-
Growth of nanostructured carbon films by cluster assembly
Large-surface-area boron phosphide liquid junction solar cells
Review of the thermal and mechanical stability of TiN-based thin films
Amorphous carbon fibrilliform nanomaterials prepared by chemical vapor depositio
Deposition of carbon nanotubes on Si nanowires by chemical vapor deposition
Deposition of nanocrystalline cubic silicon carbide films using the hot-filament
Asymmetric ceramic membranes from Langmuir-Blodgett deposition precursors: depos
Smallest diameter carbon nanotubes
Low temperature process for nano-structure formation with Si films
Thickness dependent properties of chemically deposited As2S3 thin films from thi
Amorphous SiC films prepared by low-energy cluster beam deposition
Energy-dependent deposition processes of size-selected Ag nanoclusters on highly
Nanostructured carbon films
Bulk-quantity GaN nanowires synthesized from hot filament chemical vapor deposit
Electrochemical deposition of ZnSe and (Zn,Cd)Se films from nonaqueous solutions
Gas-flow-sputtering method and production of magnetic granular materials
Nanocrystalline nickel nanoparticles
Effect of ion impinging on DLC films deposited by ECR-PECVD
Nanostructured a-Si:H films obtained by silane decomposition in a magnetron cham
High specific surface area carbon nanotubes from catalytic chemical vapor deposi
Synthesis of bamboo-shaped multiwalled carbon nanotubes using thermal chemical v
Growth of well-aligned carbon nanotubes on a large area of Co-Ni co-deposited si
Analysis on structure and properties of diamondlike carbon films from ion beam d
Growth of nanocrystalline diamond films by biased enhanced microwave plasma chem
Formation of Si nano-structures by O2 flow during deposition
A simple method for the production of large arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes
Nanostructured composite films grown by ion beam assisted deposition in computer
Limits of ultra-thin multilayers by pulsed vacuum arc deposition
Well-aligned carbon nanotube array membrane synthesized in porous alumina templa
Metallic alloy coatings using coaxial vacuum arc deposition
Multilayer film assembly of carbon nanotubes
Fabrication of ordered arrays of multiple nanodots using anodic porous alumina a
Compositional studies of near-room-temperature thermal CVD poly(chloro-p-xylylen
Chemical bath deposition of nanocrystalline (111) textured Ag2Se thin films
Growth of silicon nanowires by chemical vapor deposition: approach by charged cl
Space weathering on airless bodies: resolving a mystery with lunar samples
Growth rate and crystallinity of nanocrystalline silicon film grown by electron
Innovative and cost effective deposition of coatings using ESAVD method
Thermal sprayed nanostructured WC/Co hardcoatings
Effect of deposition and treatment conditions on growth of nanometer PtSi hetero
Texture development in nanocrystalline hafnium dioxide thin films grown by atomi
Mimicking nanometer atomic processes on a micrometer scale via electrophoretic d
Cluster beam microfabrication of patterns of three-dimensional nanostructured ob
Template-based synthesis of nanomaterials
Yttrium oxide thin films, Y2O3, grown by ion beam sputtering on Si
Artificially nanostructured Cu:Al2O3 films produced by pulsed laser deposition
Second-harmonic generation in Ce:BaTiO3 nanocrystallites grown by pulsed laser d
Electrocrystallization of CdSe upon various substrates. Structural arrangement a
Deposition mechanism of gold by thermal evaporation: approach by charged cluster
Growth of highly purified carbon nanotubes by thermal chemical vapor deposition
Coating of carbon nanotubes with tungsten by physical vapor deposition
Ti atomic bonding environment in Ti-containing hydrocarbon coatings
Turbostratic boron carbonitride films produced by bias-assisted hot filament che
Controlled deposition of carbon nanotubes on a patterned substrate
Comparative study of Ni nanowires patterned by electron-beam lithography and fab
Role of hydrogen in the photoluminescence and the formation of nanocrystalline s
Preparation of metal or alloy sulfide nanoparticles by electrochemical depositio
Nanoscale mechanical patterning for the selective deposition of nanostructures
Inductively coupled plasma assisted deposition and mechanical properties of meta
Straight β-SiC nanorods synthesized by using C-Si-SiO2
Nanocrystalline titania films and particles by chemical vapor synthesis
Synthesis of cadmium sulphide nanoparticles
Electroless polyol deposition and magnetic properties of nanostructured Ni50Co50
Microstructure characteristics of diamond-like nanocomposite (DLN) film by therm
Pd-Ag alloy films prepared by metallorganic chemical vapor deposition process
Quantum-mechanical analysis of atom lithography
Pulsed vacuum arc deposition of multilayers in the nanometer range
Reentrant morphology transition in the growth of free silver nanoclusters
Single-fibre surface-enhanced Raman sensors with angled tips
Assembly of two-dimensional ordered monolayers of nanoparticles by electrophoret
Surface-directed deposition of platinum nanostructures on graphite by chemical v
Growth and fabrication with single-walled carbon nanotube probe microscopy tips
Production of oxide-passivated nanosized Co particles dispersed in a two-dimensi
Ordering in an ensemble of nanometer-size Au clusters on a NaCl(100) surface at
C-Ni amorphous multilayers studied by atomic force microscopy
Chemical solution method for fabrication of nanocrystalline α-Fe2O3 thin f
Effects of temperature oscillations on the growth of carbon nanotubes by chemica
Low-pressure-MOCVD LaMnO3±δ very thin films on YSZ (100) optimized
Evidence for a self-organized growth in granular Co/Al2O3 multilayers
Improved fabrication approach for carbon nanotube probe devices
Synchrotron-radiation-induced, selective-area deposition of gold on polyimide fr
Low temperature synthesis of carbon nanotubes by microwave plasma-enhanced chemi
Direct patterning of noble metal nanostructures with a scanning tunneling micros
Plasma deposition of optical films and coatings: A review
Synthesis of carbon nanostructures-focused on carbon nanotubes
DC electrochemical deposition of CdSe nanorods array using porous anodic aluminu
Correlation between homogeneous propane pyrolysis and pyrocarbon deposition
Composition, morphology and particle size control in nanocrystalline iron oxide
Carbon nanofibers grown on sodalime glass at 500°C using thermal chemical va
Structural and optical properties of silicon nanocrystals grown by plasma-enhanc
Molecular-dynamics simulations of low-energy Cu6 cluster deposition on Cu(001) a
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition for field emitters
Room temperature chemical bath deposition of Sb2Se3 thin films from alkaline med
Preparation and properties of dc-sputtered IrO2 and Ir thin films for oxygen bar
Spectroscopic ellipsometry investigation of V2O5 nanocrystalline thin films
Positioning of nanometer-sized particles on flat surfaces by direct deposition f
Ceramic coatings on carbon and metallic fibres by electrophoretic deposition
Low temperature growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes by thermal chemica
Observation of fractal nanoclusters on the pulsed laser deposition of gold
Effect of process variables on the structure, residual stress, and hardness of s
Growth of carbon nanofibers array under magnetic force by chemical vapor deposit
Deposition and characterization of nanocrystalline tetragonal zirconia films usi
Metal and oxide thin film MO CVD as a base for nanostructure and superlattice fo
X-ray reflectivity spectra of ultrathin films and nanometric multilayers: experi
Synthesis of nano-crystalline diamond film in hot filament chemical vapour depos
In situ diagnostics of plasma processes in microelectronics: the current status
Growth of amorphous silicon nanowires
Nano-Cu/Al2O3 assemblies template synthesis and optical absorption
A chemical vapour deposition process for the production of carbon nanospheres
Self-assembled patterns of iron oxide nanoparticles by hydrothermal chemical-vap
Fragmentation, coalescence and deposition of silicon clusters studied by molecul
High rate deposition and electron beam recrystallization of silicon films for so
Hardness measurements on thin IBAD CNx films-a comparative study
CNx/carbon nanotube junctions synthesized by microwave chemical vapor deposition
Nanostructured copper filaments in electrochemical deposition
Construction of highly conductive nanowires on a DNA template
Growth behavior of carbon nanotubes on Fe-deposited (001) Si substrates
Synthesis and characterization of ZnO thin films for UV laser
Synthesis of nanocrystalline material by sputtering and laser ablation at low te
Photoluminescence and ultraviolet laser emission from nanocrystalline ZnO thin f
Carbon nanotube arrays prepared by MWCVD
Synthesis and structural, electrochromic characterization of pulsed laser deposi
Kinetic modelling of gas-phase decomposition of propane: Correlation with pyroca
Thermodynamic and experimental study of low temperature ZrB2 chemical vapor depo
Growth and structure of carbon nanotubes produced by thermal chemical vapor depo
Investigations on InN whiskers grown by chemical vapour deposition
Platinum nanoparticles spontaneously formed on HOPG
Thermal plasma chemical vapor deposition of Si-based ceramic coatings from liqui
Electric field directed layer-by-layer assembly of highly fluorescent CdTe nanop
Growth process conditions of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes using plasma en
Formation of self-assembled nanocrystalline silicon dots by SiCl4/H2 RF plasma-e
Growth and characterization of Cr2N/CrN multilayer coatings
In situ observation of nanoparticle formation in an rf plasma-enhanced chemical
Plasma modification of porous structures for formation of composite materials
Immobilizing Au nanoparticles on SiO2 surfaces using octadecylsiloxane monolayer
Nucleation and growth of Cu films during the initial stage of chemical vapor dep
Multilayered metal catalysts for controlling the density of single-walled carbon
Superconducting properties of nanocrystalline MgB2 thin films made by an in situ
Ultraclean two-stage aerosol reactor for production of oxide-passivated silicon
Low-temperature growth of nanostructured diamond films
X-ray reflectivity and nanotribological study of deposition-energy-dependent thi
Metal monolayer deposition by replacement of metal adlayers on electrode surface
Low-temperature selective deposition of silicon on silicon nitride by time-modul
Effect of catalyst film thickness on carbon nanotube growth by selective area ch
Carbon nanotube-magnesium oxide cube networks
Patterned growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes on full 4-inch wafers
Fabrication of highly ordered metallic nanowire arrays by electrodeposition
Colloidal crystal templating of three-dimensionally ordered macroporous solids:
Carbon nanotubes by CVD and applications
Metal nanocrystals grown by vacuum deposition on aligned carbon nanotubes
Characterization of microstructure and mechanical behavior of sputter deposited
Sputter-deposited nanocrystalline Cr and CrN coatings on steels
Metallic nanocrystals formation from metal-oxide nanocrystals via evaporation pr
Formation of nickel oxide nanoribbons in the cavity of carbon nanotubes
Quantitative optical determination of the shape of Cu nanocrystals in a composit
Light emission from tungsten nanoparticles during laser-assisted chemical vapor
Growth and structure of hyperthin SiO2 coatings on polymers
Microsprings and microcantilevers: studies of mechanical response
Correlation between hardness and structure of carbon-nitride thin films obtained
Mass transfer models for the electrodeposition of copper with a buffering agent
Electrochemical deposition of smooth and homogeneously mesoporous ZnO films from
Thin-film regular-array structures with 10-100 nm repeat distance
Growth of carbon nanotubes on cylindrical wires by thermal chemical vapor deposi
Influence of the deposition conditions on the field emission properties of patte
Chemical vapour deposition of molybdenum carbides: aspects of nanocrystallinity
Effects of substrate pretreatments and catalyst applications on Si-C-N films and
Structural properties of CdS-doped glass nanocrystallites grown by pulsed laser
Embossed polymeric relief structures as a template for the growth of periodic in
Infrared spectroscopy study of electrochromic nanocrystalline tungsten oxide fil
Effect of the in situ Cs treatment on field emission of a multi-walled carbon na
Atomic scale characterization of nanostructured a-C:H films
Porous silicon-based ferroelectric nanostructures
Parametric study for the growth of carbon nanotubes by catalytic chemical vapor
Carbon nanotube synthesis using a magnetic chemical vapor deposition
Adhesion and tribological properties of MoS2 coatings deposited by DC magnetron
Fabrication and characterization of gated field emitter arrays with self-aligned
Effect of reaction gas on the structural and optical features of nc-Si:H thin fi
Electrical transport properties of individual gallium nitride nanowires synthesi
Structural and optical properties of nitrogen and oxygen doped a-C:H coatings
Nanostructured vacuum arc deposited titanium coatings
Instability driven fragmentation of nanoscale fractal islands
Structure and mechanical properties of low stress tetrahedral amorphous carbon f
Atomic force microscope tip nanoprinting of gold nanoclusters
SEM and Raman investigation of RF plasma assisted pulsed laser deposited carbon
Formation of Au fractal nanoclusters during pulsed laser deposition on highly or
Effect of ammonia nitridation on the microstructure of MoSi2 coatings formed by
Micropatterned vertically aligned carbon-nanotube growth on a Si surface or insi
Quantum-dot systems prepared by 2D organization of nanoclusters preformed in the
Influence of cluster-assembly parameters on the field emission properties of nan
Quasi-hexagonal self-organization of nanoparticles upon the laser-controlled dep
Electrophoretic deposition infiltration of 2-D metal fibre-reinforced cordierite
Formation of carbon nanotubes by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition: Role
High-density selective placement methods for carbon nanotubes
Organization and magnetic properties of cigar-shaped ferrite nanocrystals
Spontaneous generation of charged clusters of a few nanometers during thermal ev
Temperature selective growth of carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition
Deposition and mechanical properties of Ti-Si-N coated layer on WC-Co by RF indu
Application of electrophoretic and electrolytic deposition techniques in ceramic
Preparation of Znx(O,S)y thin films using modified chemical bath deposition meth
Molecular dynamics simulations of impact of energetic silicon clusters onto crys
Pulsed plasma deposition of super-hydrophobic nanospheres
Quartz crystal microbalance study on photoelectrochemical deposition of lead(IV)
HEMTs on LEPECVD-grown virtual SiGe substrates
Growth mechanisms of carbon nanotubes using controlled production in ultrahigh v
Photoelectrochemical behavior of Pt/TiO2 nanocomposite thin films prepared by pu
Fabrication of nanoparticles of anatase TiO2 by oxygen-supplied pulsed laser dep
Hybrid model simulation of the cluster deposition process
Youngs modulus and density of nanocrystalline cubic boron nitride films determin
Carbon nanotube arrays
Preparation of Au/SiO2 nano-composite multilayers by helicon plasma sputtering a
Intermetallic combination of lanthanum and silver nanoparticles prepared by vacu
Development of equipment for laser high speed scanning & vaporizing-depositi
Deposition of ferroelectrics LiNbO3 films with intense pulsed electron beam abla
Electron-beam-induced deposition with carbon nanotube emitters
Plasma assisted deposition of nanocrystalline BCN thin films and property charac
Selective growth of flowerlike carbon structures by Radio Frequency plasma-assis
Getting high-efficiency photoluminescence from Si nanocrystals in SiO2 matrix
Fabrication of GaN quantum dots by metalorganic chemical vapor selective deposit
Diameter control of single-wall carbon nanotubes by the catalytic chemical vapor
Field emission characteristics of carbon nanofiber improved by deposition of bor
Formation of aligned carbon nanotubes by RF-plasma-assisted pulsed-laser deposit
Deposition of high quality thin films using electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) p
Growth and transport of clusters in thermal plasma vapor deposition of silicon
Microstructure of nanocrystalline SiC films deposited by modified plasma-enhance
Nano-crystalline diamond films prepared by microwave argon plasma vapor depositi
Electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel
Fabrication of magnetic dot arrays by ion beam induced chemical vapor deposition
Diamond films grown on seeded substrates by hot-filament chemical vapour deposit
Preparation of boron nitride nanocapsules by plasma-assisted pulsed laser deposi
High-rate deposition of nanostructured SiC films by thermal plasma PVD
Fe-catalyzed in situ growth of carbon nanofibers on PAN carbon fibers
Structural and optical properties of nanocrystalline silicon films deposited by
Deposition of silver nanoparticles on montmorillonite platelets by chemical plat
Surface mass transport and island nucleation during growth of Ge on laser textur
Directional CdS nanowires fabricated by chemical bath deposition
Synthesis of Y-branching multiwalled carbon nanotubes with a bamboolike structur
Electrode modification by electron-induced patterning of self-assembled monolaye
Hydrogen storage in different carbon nanostructures
Effect of laser fluence on the deposition and hardness of boron carbide thin fil
Electrophoretic deposition of aqueous nano-γ-Al2O3 suspensions
Nanocrystalline silicon carbide films deposited by ECR chemical vapour depositio
Mechanics of the ion layer gas reaction-a preparation method of nanocrystalline
Preparation of nanometer thin films by nanosecond pseudospark beam ablation
Effects of ions and electrons in electron-beam-excited plasma assisted CVD on na
Large area PLD of nanometer-multilayers
Plasma enhanced deposition of silicon carbonitride thin films and property chara
Investigation on quick surface metallization of nano titania powder
Nanodiamond formation by hot-filament chemical vapor deposition on carbon ions b
Electrodeposition of Fe-Co alloys into nanoporous p-type silicon: Influence of t
Microstructure and phase composition evolution of nano-crystalline carbon films:
Preparation of nanosized ZnO arrays by electrophoretic deposition
Growth behavior of evaporated porous thin films
Laser deposition of thin films from La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 targets prepared by sol-gel a
Formation of island structures in the course of deposition of weakly supersatura
Controlling steps during early stages of the aligned growth of carbon nanotubes
Hot filament for in situ catalyst supply in the chemical vapor deposition growth
Template synthesis of Au/Co multilayered nanowires by electrochemical deposition
Microstructure and physical properties of nanostructured tin oxide thin films gr
Influence of the structure-phase composition of the TaSi2 thin films on their me
Mechanical and optical properties of c-BN films deposited by ECR-microwave PECVD
Analysis of nanocrystalline coatings of tin oxides on glass by atomic force micr
Stressed metal nanosprings
The effect of ammonia/dimethylamine ratio in deposition of hydrogenated CNx film
Application of Ni:SiO2 nanocomposite to control the carbon deposition on the car
Glass capillaries as a tool in nanoelectrochemical deposition
Focused-electron-beam-induced deposition of freestanding three-dimensional nanos
Microhardness characterization of superlattices formed by reactive magnetron spu
Synthesis of carbon nanoparticles by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition
In situ electrical transport during isothermal annealing of nanocrystalline gold
Field emission from well-aligned carbon nanotips grown in a gated device structu
Ammonia-free chemical bath deposition of CdS films: tailoring the nanocrystal si
Electrochemical synthesis of Ag/Co multilayered nanowires in porous polycarbonat
Thermal expansion coefficient of amorphous carbon nitride thin films deposited b
Nanostructure initiation during the early stages of thin film growth
Hydrophobic fluorinated carbon coatings on silicate glaze and aluminum
Room-temperature fabrication of hard AlN/TiN superlattice coatings by pulsed las
Properties and applications of cobalt-based material produced by electron-beam-i
Pyroelectric nanoporous films: synthesis and properties
Temperature dependence of mechanical properties of DLC/Si protective coatings pr
Anomalous electroless polyol deposition of FeNi powders and films
Evolution of tungsten film deposition induced by focused ion beam
Effect of substrate materials on tribological properties of C-N thin films synth
Growth of vertically aligned carbon-nanotube array on large area of quartz plate
Effect of substrate temperature on the formation of CdO composite in CdS-doped S
Using atomic layer deposition to prepare future-generation copper diffusion barr
Influence of iron-silicon interaction on the growth of carbon nanotubes produced
Integrally gated carbon nanotube-on-post field emitter arrays
Experiments and modeling of the deposition of nano-structured alumina-titania co
Multiwalled carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition using multilayered met
Nanocrystal nonvolatile memory devices
Nanophase films deposited from a high-rate, nanoparticle beam
Novel nano-column and nano-flower arrays by glancing angle deposition
Individually addressable vertically aligned carbon nanofiber-based electrochemic
In situ creation of nanoparticles from YBCO by pulsed laser deposition
Rapid vapor deposition of highly conformal silica nanolaminates
Preparation and preliminary property study of carbon nanotubes films by electrop
Growth of low-dimensional magnetic nanostructures on an insulator
Real-time heat capacity measurement during thin-film deposition by scanning nano
Flexible metal film with micro- and nanopatterns transferred by electrochemical
Nanoindentation and nanoscratch measurements on silicone thin films synthesized
Poly(meta-phenylene isophthalamide) nanofibers: coating and post processing
Synthesis and characterization of cross-linked silicone thin films by pulsed las
Nanostructured diamond film deposition on curved surfaces of metallic temporoman
Hot wire chemical vapor deposition of isolated carbon single-walled nanotubes
Optimization of the chemical vapor deposition process for carbon nanotubes fabri
Growth orientation of carbon nanotubes by thermal chemical vapor deposition
Controlled electroless deposition of noble metal nanoparticle films on germanium
Cracking assisted nucleation in chemical vapor deposition of silicon nanoparticl
An atomic-scale analysis of catalytically-assisted chemical vapor deposition of
Precise control of multiwall carbon nanotube diameters using thermal chemical va
Creation of submicrometer structures using polymeric nanoparticle layers and pho
Temperature dependence of the quality of silicon nanowires produced over a titan
Carbon nanotube networks by chemical vapor deposition
Kinetics of nonequilibrium monolayer formation: liquid carbon dioxide nanocrysta
Continuous hot wire chemical vapor deposition of high-density carbon multiwall n
Kinetics-limited surface structures at the nanoscale
Deposition of AuxAg1-x/AuyAg1-y multilayers and multisegment nanowires
Model based comparison of thermal and plasma chemical vapor deposition of carbon
β-phase tungsten nanorod formation by oblique-angle sputter deposition
Ion-induced chemical vapor deposition of copper films with nanocellular microstr
An arrow shaped silicon tip for polymeric nanofiber fabrication
A novel growth mode of Mo on Au(111) from a Mo(CO)6 precursor: an STM study
Nano-grained net-shaped fabrication of Re components by EB-PVD
In situ growth rate measurements and length control during chemical vapor deposi
A method for selective deposition of copper nanoparticles on silicon surfaces
Scaling during shadowing growth of isolated nanocolumns
High-rate chemical vapor deposition of nanocrystalline silicon carbide films by
Non-volatile nano-crystal computer memories
Microstructure and nanoindentation hardness of Al/Al3Sc multilayers
Nanocrystalline tin oxide thin films via liquid flow deposition
Room-temperature single-electron charging effects in an ambipolar single-walled
Coalescence of nanometer silver islands on oxides grown by filtered cathodic arc
Chemical vapor deposition of single-walled carbon nanotubes using ultrathin Ni/A
Formation of a few nanometer wide holes in membranes with a dual beam focused io
Low-temperature atomic-layer-deposition lift-off method for microelectronic and
Growth and nanostructure of conformal ruthenium films by liquid-source metalorga
Anomalous surface diffusion in nanoscale direct deposition processes
Studies of the optical properties of metal-pliable polymer composite materials
Selected-area growth of carbon nanotubes by the combination of focused ion beam
Narrow gap a-SiGe:H grown by hot-wire chemical vapor deposition
Atomic layer deposition of WxN/TiN and WNxCy/TiN nanolaminates
Synthesis of tin oxide nanocrystalline phases via use of tin(II) halide precurso
Ferric-sulfate-catalysed hot filament chemical vapour deposition carbon nanotube
Growth of carbon nanotubes: a combinatorial method to study the effects of catal
Atomic layer deposition of metal and nitride thin films: current research effort
Critical density effects in femtosecond ablation plasmas and consequences for hi
MoO3 and WO3 based thin film conductimetric sensors for automotive applications
Manipulating nanoparticle size within polyelectrolyte multilayers via electroles
Photoresist deposition without spinning
High performance nanostructured Ni-Mn alloy for microsystem applications
Growth of carbon nanotubes characterized by field emission measurements during c
Sonication assisted gold deposition on multiwall carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of multi wall carbon nanotubes over supported bimetal catalysts
Direct fabrication of nanowires in an electron microscope
Surface characteristics of electroless and sputtered Ni-P-W alloy coatings
A novel approach towards silicon nanotechnology
High quality YBa2Cu3O7 thin films grown by trifluoroacetates metalorganic deposi
Surface preparation and interfacial stability of high-k dielectrics deposited by
Capacitive characteristics of binary manganese-nickel oxides prepared by anodic
Intrinsic thermal vibrations of suspended doubly clamped single-wall carbon nano
Selective deposition of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles by electrophoretic depositi
Optimization of the deposition process of ZrN and TiN thin films on Si(100) usin
A soft X-ray absorption study of nanodiamond films prepared by hot-filament chem
Growth of bismuth sulfide nanowire using bismuth trisxanthate single source prec
Study on the luminescence of Si nanocrystallites on Si substrate fabricated by c
Screen-printed nanoparticle tin oxide films for high-yield sensor microsystems
PVD grown (Ti,Si,Al)N nanocomposite coatings and (Ti,Al)N/(Ti,Si)N multilayers:
Diamond deposition on modified silicon substrates: making diamond atomic force m
Photoluminescence from SiO2/Si/SiO2 structures
Vacuum evaporated porous silicon photonic interference filters
Effects of substrate bias on nanocrystal-(Ti,Al)Nx/amorphous-SiNy composite film
A study of Cd2SnO4 thin film deposited at low temperature using reactive magnetr
Solid gold nanostructures fabricated by electron beam deposition
Lead zirconate titanate thin films by aerosol plasma deposition: microstructure
Hydrogen content and density in nanocrystalline carbon films of a predominant di
Nano-octopus: a new form of branching carbon nanofiber
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by CO2-laser-assisted chemical vapour deposition
In situ control of the focused-electron-beam-induced deposition process
Photoelectrochemical cells based on nanocrystalline Sb2S3 thin films
Growth process and properties of silicon nitride deposited by hot-wire chemical
Electrochemical copper deposition in etched ion track membranes
Nanocrystalline diamond films deposited using a new growth regime
Cyclic voltammetric deposition of nanostructured iron-group alloys in high-aspec
Two-step oxygen injection process for growing ZnO nanorods
Pd nanoparticles as a new activator for electroless copper deposition
Quadruples of Ge dots grown on patterned Si surfaces
Direct ion beam deposited carbon films and clusters
Contact improvement of carbon nanotubes via electroless nickel deposition
Al2O3 nanotubes and nanorods fabricated by coating and filling of carbon nanotub
Atomic nanofabrication: atomic deposition and lithography by laser and magnetic
Ferroelectric nanotubes
Well-ordered arrays of pyramid-shaped ferroelectric BaTiO3 nanostructures
A new approach to the deposition of nanostructured biocatalytic films
Evidence of the reinforcement role of chemical vapour deposition multi-walled ca
Interface structure of Fe/Ag multilayers prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Nanoscale effects in focused ion beam processing
Pulsed laser deposition of nanocrystalline ZnSe:N thin films
Growth of nanotube/nanofibre coils by CVD on an alumina substrate
Growth of Si nanocrystals on alumina and integration in memory devices
Growth of calcium phosphate thin films by in situ assisted ultraviolet pulsed la
Porous GaN nanowires synthesized using thermal chemical vapor deposition
Direct growth of aligned carbon nanotube field emitter arrays onto plastic subst
Femtosecond pulsed laser deposition of diamond-like carbon thin films for tribol
Growth of graphene layers on HOPG via exposure to methyl radicals
Epitaxy of cubic boron nitride on (001)oriented diamond
Electrochemical deposition of nanostructured (H1-e) layers of two metals in whic
Chemical vapour deposition of coatings
New industrial coating technology: lateral rotating ARC cathode system
Influence of impurities on the morphology and Raman spectra of cubic boron nitri
Femtosecond pulsed-laser deposition of BaTiO3
Effect of NH3 and thickness of catalyst on growth of carbon nanotubes using ther
Laser wavelength and partial pressure effects on the formation of nanocrystallin
Synthesis of high-purity GaP nanowires using a vapor deposition method
Well-aligned carbon nanotubes synthesized by thermal chemical vapor deposition o
Gold catalyzed growth of silicon nanowires by plasma enhanced chemical vapor dep
Synthesis of ZnO nanorod on bare Si substrate using metal organic chemical vapor
Nanopatterning of Si(111) surfaces by atomic force microscope scratching of an o
Orienting tetracene and pentacene thin films onto friction-transferred poly(tetr
Tip-induced nanostructuring of Au3Cu(001) with an electrochemical scanning tunne
The synthesis by successive ionic layer deposition of SnMo0.6Oy·nH2O nano
Ultrathin amorphous carbon overcoats by filtered cathodic arc deposition
Reductive deposition of Ni-Zn nanoparticles selectively on TiO2 fine particles i
Photoluminescence and optical characterizations of nanocrystalline silicon dots
Preparation of a translucent, conductive, porous nanocomposite
Ink-jet printing of nanoparticle catalyst for site-selective carbon nanotube gro
Tellurium nanowire arrays synthesized by electrochemical and electrophoretic dep
Novel method for spatioselective electroless plating catalyzed by laser-deposite
Diagnostics of particle dynamics during optically functional thin-film depositio
Direct writing techniques in microfabrication using focused ion beams
Synthesis and structure of InP nanowires and nanotubes
Different behavior in immersion plating of nickel on porous silicon from acidic
Formation of self-assembly and the mechanism of Si nanoquantum dots prepared by
Hard and wear-resistant titanium nitride films for ceramic cutting tools by puls
Microfabrication of electro- and electroless-deposition and its application in t
Nanocrystalline β-SiC films grown on carbonized Si substrate by Cat-CVD
Surface film formation and lithium underpotential deposition on Au(111) surfaces
Preparation of SrTiO3 thin films by the liquid phase deposition method
Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes grown by plasma enhanced chemical vapor depo
Polymer light-emitting devices for artificial fingerprints
Controlled growth of composite nanowires based on coating Ni on carbon nanotubes
Surface-bound nanoparticles for initiating metal deposition
Electrochemical fabrication of one-dimensional silica nanostructures
Development of three-dimensional pattern-generating system for focused-ion-beam
Silicon quantum-wires arrays synthesized by chemical vapor deposition and its mi
Fabrication of La1-xSrxCo1-yFeyO3 thin films by electrostatic spray deposition
Nanoparticle synthesis by ionizing source gas in chemical vapor deposition
Characterization and determination of elastic property of high-density nanocryst
WO3 nanorods/nanobelts synthesized via physical vapor deposition process
Fractal aggregation structures of nanocluster deposition
Synthesis and structural characterization of rutile SnO2 nanocrystals
Dendrite-assisted growth of silicon nanowires in electroless metal deposition
Micro-mechanical properties of ion-plated carbon nitride thin films
Composite ceramic-metal coatings by means of combined electrophoretic deposition
Electrophoretic deposition from aqueous suspensions for near-shape manufacturing
Model calculations of electric forces acting on carbon nanotube tip in DC-plasma
Lateral patterning of luminescent CdSe nanocrystals by selective dewetting from
In situ monitoring of the growth of complex oxide thin films at high oxygen pres
Versatile wet deposition techniques for functional oxide coatings on glass
Electrochemical deposition of PtRu on an uncatalyzed carbon electrode for methan
Characteristics of X-ray absorption on nanoscale thin films
Sputtering technology of nano thin films
Research progress on preparing methods of nano-SnO2
Preparation and characterization of high-quality TiN films at low temperature by
Electroless deposition of open-end Cu nanotube arrays
Bias dependence and electrical breakdown of small diameter single-walled carbon
The fabrication of nanocrystalline diamond films using hot filament CVD
Chemical vapor deposition of mercury on alkanedithiolate self-assembled monolaye
The novel bicrystalline GaN nanorods
Effect of deposition voltage on the microstructure of electrochemically deposite
Growth and morphology of aligned carbon nanotube layers
Flame spray synthesis of tin dioxide nanoparticles for gas sensing
Spatially inhomogeneous impurity distribution in ZnO micropillars
Superhard nanocomposites: design concept, properties, present and future industr
Preparation, structure and ultraviolet photoluminescence of ZnO films by a novel
Electrodeposition of Pt-Ru nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes and their electroca
Improved liquid-solid-gas interface deposition of nanoparticle thin films
Novel electrochemical process for the deposition of nanocrystalline NiFe2O4 thin
Conducting nanopearl chains based on the dmit salt
Effect of purifier on silicon thin films with different structures deposited by
Structure and photoluminescence of ZnSe nanoribbons grown by metal organic chemi
Parameters determining crystallinity in β-SiC thin films prepared by cataly
Boron-doped silicon nanowires grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Conditions required for achieving superhardness of ⩾45 GPa in nc-TiN/a-Si3N4
Selective atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition route to CdS arrays, na
Atomic mobility in energetic cluster deposition
Latest developments in nanophotonics
Deposition and electrocatalytic properties of platinum nanoparticles on carbon n
Synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles at low-temperature
High-current nanotube transistors
Investigation of oxide tunnel barriers by atom probe tomography (TAP)
Fabrication of arrays of SrZrO3 nanowires by pulsed laser deposition
Investigation of internal plasma parameters in a reactor for plasma enhanced hot
Chemical vapor deposition of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes using nic
Microstructure and growth mechanism of carbon nanoribbons
Degradation of superhard nanocomposites by built-in impurities
Synthesis of straight and multiwall carbon nanotube by CVD method
Kinetic roughening of laser deposited polymer films: crossover from single parti
Kinetically controlled Pt deposition onto self-assembled Au colloids: preparatio
Self-organized nanoscale multilayer growth in hyperthermal ion deposition
Growth of nanocrystalline silicon films by helicon wave plasma chemical vapour d
Effects of CCl4 concentration on nanocrystalline diamond film deposition in a ho
Fabrication of oxide/semiconducting coaxial nanotubular materials using atomic l
In-situ optical spectroscopy of ablation plume for preparations of nanostructure
Effects of ambient gas and laser fluence on the compositional changes in iron ox
Microstructural investigations of nanostructured La(Sr)MnO3-δ films deposi
Room-temperature synthesis of ultraviolet-emitting nanocrystalline GaN films usi
Pulsed-laser deposition of LiNbO3 in low gas pressure using pure ozone
Indomethacin nanoparticles directly deposited on the fluidized particulate excip
Coherent microradiology directly observes a critical cathode-anode distance effe
Pressure-dependent ZnO nanocrsytal growth in a chemical vapor deposition process
Growth of silicon nanocrystal dots with high number density by ultra-high-vacuum
Graphitized wavy traces of iron particles observed in amorphous carbon nano-pill
Nanoparticle pattern deposition from gas phase onto charged flat surface
Purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes synthesized from alcohol by catalyt
Hole transport in conducting ultrathin films of PEDOT/PSS prepared by layer-by-l
Kinetics of electrophoretic deposition for nanocrystalline zinc oxide coatings
Growth and electrical properties of multidimensional tungsten nano-buliding bloc
Rapid growth of vertically aligned multiwall carbon nanotubes by thermal chemica
Nanomechanical structure with integrated carbon nanotube
Transmission electron microscopy observation of reaction in nanometer-scaled Au
Growth of the AlN nano-pillar crystal films by means of a halide chemical vapor
NiZnCu ferrite thick film with nano scale crystallites formed by the aerosol dep
Syntheses and properties of B-C-N and BN nanostructures
MgB2 thin films for superconducting electronics
Direct synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes on silicon and quartz-based s
Charged clusters in thin film growth
Nanocrystalline diamond film prepared by pulsed laser deposition in a hydrogen a
Quadrupole-mass-spectroscopy studies on hot-filament chemical vapor deposition o
Low-temperature growth of nanocrystalline diamond by reactive pulsed laser depos
Computer simulation of nano-pore formation in EB-PVD thermal barrier coatings
Nanofilms based on vapor deposition of polymerized polypyrrole and its character
Characteristics of nano-electrostatic actuator fabricated by focused ion beam ch
Structural and optical features of Si-rich SiO2 films prepared by magnetron sput
pH dependence of synchrotron x-ray induced electroless nickel deposition
Limitations on ultra-thin multilayers: pulsed cathodic arc and computer simulati
Nanomanipulator and actuator fabrication on glass capillary by focused-ion-beam-
Combinatorial masked deposition: simple method to control deposition flux and it
Hydroxyapatite thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition and radio-frequency m
Enhancement of energy deposition in pulsed wire discharge for synthesis of nanos
Surface characterisation of template-synthesised multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Microstructures of self-assembled PbTiO3 nanoislands prepared by metalorganic ch
Application of transmission electron microscopes to nanometre-sized fabrication
Low-temperature deposition of nanocrystalline ZnO phosphor films from neutral et
Highly sensitive NO2 gas sensor fabricated with RF induction plasma deposition m
Control of sizes and densities of nano catalysts for nanotube synthesis by plasm
Intermetallic phase formation in electrochemical alloy deposition
Mechanical and physicochemical properties of AlN thin films obtained by pulsed l
Third-harmonic generation from ZnO films deposited by MOCVD
Novel selective process via self-assembled monolayers for pattern growth of carb
Aerosol deposition of dense lead zirconate titanate thin films at room temperatu
Area-selective formation of Si nanocrystals by assisted ion-beam irradiation dur
Nanodiffraction and HRTEM imaging of diamond in the first stages of the HFCVD de
Synthesis of highly crystalline multiwalled carbon nanotubes by thermal chemical
Formation of diamond-like carbon based double-layer film on Ti-6Al-4V substrate
In situ fabrication of single-crystal Fe nanomagnet arrays
Heterostructures of ZnO nanorods with various one-dimensional nanostructures
Selective tungsten deposition into ordered nanohole arrays of anodic porous alum
Effects of focus change on the fabrication of tungsten nanowire by electron-beam
Si nanocrystals embedded in Si suboxide matrix grown by laser-assisted chemical
Fabrication of SnO2 thin films by a photochemical deposition method
Deposition of Cu and Ru thin films in deep nanotrenches/holes using supercritica
The size dependence of the nano-dots formed by electron-beam-induced deposition
Integrated electrochemical deposition of copper metallization for ultralarge-sca
Catalyst-free growth of ZnO nanowires by metal-organic chemical vapour depositio
Fabrication and application potential of ZnO nanowires grown on GaAs(002) substr
Characterization of diamond nanoplatelets
Characterization of the Ni-Zn/TiO2 nanocomposite synthesized by the liquid-phase
Electron beam-induced deposition using iron carbonyl and the effects of heat tre
Pulsed laser deposition of marine origin material: preparation and characterizat
Copper tubes prepared by electroless deposition in ion track templates
Underwater and water-assisted laser processing: part 2-etching, cutting and rare
Biocompatible nanocrystalline octacalcium phosphate thin films obtained by pulse
High-quality carbon nanotubes production using plasma-chemistry deposition metho
The structure and the corresponding mechanical properties of magnetron sputtered
Constructing, connecting and soldering nanostructures by environmental electron
Lithium insertion into anatase inverse opal
Formation of nanoquasicrystalline Al-Cu-Fe coatings at electron beam physical va
Formation of electrically conducting mesoscale wires through self-assembly of at
Silicon nano-asperities: morphological evolution and electrical properties of do
Hot-filament chemical vapour deposition of nanodiamond on silicon nitride substr
Self-assembled single-crystal ferromagnetic iron nanowires formed by decompositi
Electrodeposited nickel-manganese: an alloy for microsystem applications
Development and characterization of SERS-based immuno-nanosensors for single cel
Silicon enhanced carbon nanotube growth on nickel films by chemical vapor deposi
Direct-write patterning of microstructured porous silicon arrays by focused-ion-
Diameter control of Ti-catalyzed silicon nanowires
Effect of current rate on energy deposition into exploding metal wires in vacuum
Rapid growth of long, vertically aligned carbon nanotubes through efficient cata
Magnetron sputter pulsed laser deposition: technique and process control develop
Nanolaminates of zirconia and silica using atomic layer deposition
Ultralong single-wall carbon nanotubes
A study on the growth of TiO2 nanorods using sol electrophoresis
Coating fine nickel particles with Al2O3 utilizing an atomic layer deposition-fl
Airflow structures and nano-particle deposition in a human upper airway model
Copper foam structures with highly porous nanostructured walls
Growth of oxide nanorod arrays through sol electrophoretic deposition
Controlled electrophoretic deposition of smooth and robust films of CdSe nanocry
Enhanced photoluminescence of PPV thin film coated on a nanostructured substrate
Response signatures for nanostructured, optically-probed, functionalized microca
Pulsed laser deposition of nanocomposite α-Fe/Nd2Fe14B magnets
Carbon nanotube growth from Cu-Co alloys for field emission applications
Electrodeposition of polycrystalline InSb from aqueous electrolytes
Growth mechanism of oriented long single walled carbon nanotubes using fast-heat
Infrared absorption properties of carbon nanotubes synthesized by chemical vapor
Synthesis of carbon nanosheets by inductively coupled radio-frequency plasma enh
Nanotechnology with atom optics
Ruthenium films by digital chemical vapor deposition: selectivity, nanostructure
Rapid prototyping of site-specific nanocontacts by electron and ion beam assiste
Electrodeposition of alloys and composites with superior corrosion and electroca
A microarray approach for optimizing localized deposition of carbon nanotubes us
Metal-coated Si springs: nanoelectromechanical actuators
Synthesis of uniform GaN quantum dot arrays via electron nanolithography of D2Ga
Controlled growth of long GaN nanowires from catalyst patterns fabricated by dip
Deposition of gold films and nanostructures from supercritical carbon dioxide
(Ba, Sr) TiO3 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition with low dielectric lo
Growth of uniformly aligned nanorod arrays by oblique angle deposition with two-
Nanosized CuO encapsulated silica particles using an electrochemical deposition
Laser-assisted nanoscale deposition of diamond-like carbon films on tungsten tip
Guided self-assembly of metallic nanowires and channels
Continuum model for nanocolumn growth during oblique angle deposition
Deposition rate dependence of nanopatterning on periodically strained surfaces
Nanoscale deposition of solid inks via thermal dip pen nanolithography
Deposition and structure of chemically vapor deposited nanoscale Ti-Si islands o
Reduction and identification methods for Markovian control systems, with applica
ZnO nanocrystals synthesized by physical vapor deposition
Au/Fe2O3 nanocatalysts for CO oxidation by a deposition-precipitation technique
Ultra-low thermal conductivity in W/Al2O3 nanolaminates
Epitaxial growth of copper nanowire arrays grown on H-terminated Si(110) using g
Vacancy-mediated mechanism of nitrogen substitution in carbon nanotubes
Local gating of carbon nanotubes
Oriented growth of single-wall carbon nanotubes using alumina patterns
Pulsed laser deposition and properties of Mn+1AXn phase formulated Ti3SiC2 thin
Enhanced hardening in Cu/330 stainless steel multilayers by nanoscale twinning
Ultrahigh-density silicon nanobridges formed between two vertical silicon surfac
Automated, controlled deposition of nanoparticles on polyelectrolyte-coated sili
Atomic layer deposition to fine-tune the surface properties and diameters of fab
Role of thin Fe catalyst in the synthesis of double- and single-wall carbon nano
Physical self-assembly and the nucleation of three-dimensional nanostructures by
Growth of nanocrystalline MoO3 on Au(111) studied by in situ scanning tunneling
Thin-film metal catalyst for the production of multi-wall and single-wall carbon
Selective growth of diamond and carbon nanostructures by hot filament chemical v
Synthesis of two dimensional quasi-aligned carbon nanotube bundles by a catalyti
Erbium doped optical fibres - fabrication technology
Nanoindentation of carbon microfibers deposited by laser-assisted chemical vapor
Growth of zinc hollow nanofibers and nanotubes by thermal evaporation-condensati
Development of silicon nitride dots for nanocrystal memory cells
Coherent control in nanolithography: Rydberg atoms
Fabrication of arrays of gold islands on self-assembled monolayers using pulsed
Influence of surface treatment prior to ALD high-κ dielectrics on the perf
Redox deposition of manganese oxide on graphite for supercapacitors
Direct spinning of carbon nanotube fibers from chemical vapor deposition synthes
Investigation of deposition temperature effect on properties of PECVD SiOCH low-
Electrostatic deposition of thin layers of nanoparticles of an organic semicondu
Island growth as a growth mode in atomic layer deposition: a phenomenological mo
Optical response of mixed Ag-Cu nanocrystals produced by pulsed laser deposition
Comments on synthesis and structural characterization of rutile SnO2 nanocrystal
Tribological behavior of nanocomposite W-Se-C coatings on steel in air tests
Growth and characterization of zinc oxide nano/micro-fibers by thermal chemical
Effect of deposition parameters on different stages of diamond deposition in HFC
Analysis of hydroxyl group controlled atomic layer deposition of hafnium dioxide
Self-assembled growth of coaxial crystalline nanowires
Surface nanostructuring by implantation of cluster ions
Magnetic and morphological characteristics of nickel nanoparticles films produce
Formation of SiGe nanocrystals in HfO2 using in situ chemical vapor deposition f
Exclusion zone surrounding silicon nanoclusters formed by rapid thermal chemical
Nanocomposites of amorphous hydrogenated carbon and siloxane networks produced b
Growth of multi-wall and single-wall carbon nanotubes with in situ high vacuum c
Controlled deposition of nanoparticle clusters by electrohydrodynamic atomizatio
Ultra-thin tetrahedral amorphous carbon films with strong adhesion, as measured
A study of capacitance-voltage characteristics of amorphous carbon multilayer na
Role of spinodal decomposition in the structure of SiOx
1-D nanochannels fabricated in polyimide
Deposition of size-selected metal clusters generated by magnetron sputtering and
Growth of carbon nanotubes from C60
Relationship between the nanostructures and the optical properties of CeO2 thin
A comparative study of magnetron co-sputtered nanocrystalline titanium aluminium
Influence of different deposition potentials on morphology and structure of CdSe
Cubic boron nitride films for industrial applications
Single phase MgMoO4 as catalyst for the synthesis of bundled multi-wall carbon n
Online BET analysis of single-wall carbon nanotube growth and its effect on cata
Fabrication of gadolinium biphthalocyanine nano/microwires by electrophoretic de
Synthesis and characterization of In2O3/SnO2 hetero-junction beaded nanowires
Rapid fabrication of luminescent Eu:YVO4 films by microwave-assisted chemical so
Simultaneous deposition of Ni nanoparticles and wires on a tubular halloysite te
Synthesis of ZnO nanowires by catalysts assistant chemical vapor deposition meth
Formation and characterization of europium bisphthalocyanine nanowires by electr
Microstructural modification of nc-Si/SiOx films during plasma-enhanced chemical
Morphology observation of carbon deposition by CH4 decomposition over Ni-based c
Galvanic deposition of nanostructured noble-metal films on silicon
Investigation of diamond-like-carbon films prepared by unbalanced magnetron sput
Synthesis, characterization and optical properties of regularly shaped, single-c
Silicon nano-wires grown at low temperature
Self-organized synthesis of silver dendritic nanostructures via an electroless m
Nonlinear optical properties of thin iron films grown on MgO (100) by pulsed las
Nucleation and growth of SnO2 nanocrystallites prepared by pulsed laser depositi
Effect of deposition pressure on microstructure and properties of hydrogenated c
Residual stress in the GaN epitaxial film prepared by in situ SiNx deposition
Electrophoretic deposition and characterization of nano-sized hydroxyapatite par
Halide-transport chemical vapor deposition of luminescent ZnS:Mn2+ one-dimension
Self-organized Ge nanocrystals embedded in HfAlO fabricated by pulsed-laser depo
Synthesis of well-aligned ZnO nanowires by simple physical vapor deposition on c
Preparation of nanometer thin films with intense pulsed electron beam ablation
Iron-catalytic growth of prism-shaped single-crystal silicon nanowires by chemic
On the micro-drilling and turning performance of TiN/AlN nano-multilayer films
A study of silicon nitride nanotube synthesis at relative low temperature by the
The electrochemical performance of bias-sputter-deposited nanocrystalline nickel
Nanocrystalline silicon films grown by Low Energy Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor
Hybrid chemical vapor deposition/sol-gel route in the preparation of nanophasic
Hole-assisted energy deposition in dielectrics and clusters in the multiphoton r
Structural and functional thick ceramic coatings by electrophoretic deposition
Formation of a surface alloy in the beryllium-tungsten system
Process control and plasma modification of polymers
Nanostructured CNx (0x0.2) films grown by supersonic cluster beam deposition
Imaging of a molecular wheelbarrow by scanning tunneling microscopy
Dissymmetrization of micro-particle surface by laser-induced photochemical depos
Nanocrystalline silicon film grown by LEPECVD for photovoltaic applications
Preparation of nanocrystalline ZnS by a new chemical bath deposition route
MgxZn1-xO(0⩽x0.2) nanowire arrays on sapphire grown by high-pressure pulsed-
Dense arrays of Co nanocrystals epitaxially grown on ion-patterned Cu(110) subst
Selective deposition of gold nanoparticles on SiO2/Si nanowire
Effect of in-flight annealing and deposition method on gas-sensitive SnOx films
Some structural and optical properties of copper and copper oxide nanoparticles
Metal-doped carbon films obtained by magnetron sputtering
Reduced temperature-quenching of photoluminescence from indium nitride nanotips
Titanium fullerenoid oxides
Detailed studies of the plume deflection effect during sub-ps laser ablation of
Wet catalyst assisted growth of carbon nanofibers on complex three-dimensional s
TiN-AlN nanomultilayer films for microdrilling and machining
Fabrication of aligned TiO2 one-dimensional nanostructured arrays using a one-st
Effect of Ti interlayer on the growth of carbon nanotubes on Si by microwave-hea
Chalcogenide glass thin films and planar waveguides
Root growth of multi-wall carbon nanotubes by MPCVD1
Improved SrTiO3 thin films using oxygen relaxation technique
Excimer pulsed laser deposition and annealing of YSZ nanometric films on Si subs
Novel deposition of nano-sized silicon substituted hydroxyapatite by electrostat
Luminescence of polymorphous silicon carbon alloys
Fabrication of CdS@TiO2 coaxial composite nanocables arrays by liquid-phase depo
GaAs nanowhisker arrays grown by magnetron sputter deposition
Rectifying nanohomo contacts of W-Ga-C composite pad and nanowire fabricated by
Preparation and physical properties of carbon nanotubes-PVA nanocomposites
Investigation of a nanocrystalline silicon phase embedded in SiOx thin films gro
Kinetics of metal deposition in the Process of electroless fabrication of porous
Approaching the resolution limit of nanometer-scale electron beam-induced deposi
Electrochemical deposition of nanocrystalline PbSe layers onto p-Si (100) wafers
Competing processes during the production of metal nanoparticles by pulsed laser
Successive ionic layer deposition: possibilities for gas sensor applications
Evolution of the local structure in GaN:O thin films grown by ion-assisted depos
Ultra-thin nanocrystalline diamond detectors
Complex oxide nanostructures by pulsed laser deposition through nanostencils
Influence of pulsed laser deposition (PLD) parameters on the H2 sensing properti
Self-assembling of metal nanoparticles on patterned semiconductor surfaces (Au/G
High absorbing CuInS2 thin films growing by oblique angle incidence deposition i
Luminescent nanostructures based on Ge nanoparticles embedded in an oxide matrix
Influence of the beam scan direction during focused electron beam induced deposi
TEM and ellipsometry studies of nanolaminate oxide films prepared using atomic l
Tungsten oxide nanoparticles synthesised by laser assisted homogeneous gas-phase
Pattern preserving deposition: experimental results and modeling
Thermionic vacuum arc-new technique for high purity carbon thin film deposition
Electrodeposition of composite hydroxyapatite-chitosan films
Deposition kinetics of nanocolloidal gold particles
Modeling electrochemical deposition inside nanotubes to obtain metal-semiconduct
The influence of substrate anisotropy on laser-focused atom deposition studied b
Carbon nanotubes synthesized by biased thermal chemical vapor deposition as an e
Effect of ac electrodeposition conditions on the growth of high aspect ratio cop
The mechanism of low temperature deposition of crystalline anatase by reactive D
Inherent surface roughening as a limiting factor in epitaxial cluster deposition
Controllable growth of individual, uniform carbon nanotubes by thermal chemical
Monodisperse gold nanoparticles formed on bacterial crystalline surface layers (
IR laser-induced chemical vapor deposition of carbon-coated iron nanoparticles e
Fabrication of nano-structured materials from aqueous solution by liquid phase d
Fabrication of dense carbon nanotube films using microwave plasma-enhanced chemi
Position-controlled growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes by laser-irradiated
Parametric study on growth of carbon nanocoil by catalytic chemical vapor deposi
Formation mechanism and optical properties of nanocrystalline silicon in silicon
GaN nanostructure fabrication by focused-ion-beam-assisted chemical vapor deposi
Three-dimensional high-performance nano-tools fabricated using focused-ion-beam
Preparation of dense carbon nanotube film using microwave plasma-enhanced chemic
Density of electron-beam-induced amorphous carbon deposits
High-rate growth of films of dense, aligned double-walled carbon nanotubes using
Fabrication and photoluminescence of zinc silicate/silica modulated ZnO nanowire
Morphology of iron silicide nanorods formed by electron-beam-induced deposition
Selective electroless copper deposition on aluminum nitride substrate with patte
Importance of multiple-phonon interactions in molecular dissociation and nanofab
The influence of secondary ion beam irradiation on the formation of Si nanocryst
Nanocomposites formed by deposition of TiN nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes
Selective growth of Ag nanowires on Si(111) surfaces by electroless deposition
Fabrication and analysis of carbon films with periodic nanoarray structure
Effect of whisker diameter on field emission properties of silicon carbide whisk
Dependence on substrate topography of growth of nanosized dendritic structures i
Bicrystalline indium oxide nanobelts
Superhard nano WC-12%Co coating by cold spray deposition
Brilliant blue observation from a Morpho-butterfly-scale quasistructure
Formation of iron nano-dot arrays by electron beam-induced deposition using an u
Self-assembly ZnO nanorods by pulsed laser deposition under argon atmosphere
Formation of strained iron silicide nanodots by Fe deposition on Si nanodots on
Nanomechanical switch formed by focused-ion-beam chemical vapor deposition
Thermal barrier coatings deposited by laser CVD
N-doped double-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by chemical vapor deposition
Synthesis of well-aligned carbon nanotubes using a high-density RF inductive cou
Film growth model of atomic layer deposition for multicomponent thin films
Resolution in new nanofabrication technique combining electron-beam-induced depo
Site-selective deposition of Au nanoparticles on Au islands on highly oriented p
Area selective formation of magnetic nanodot arrays on Si wafer by electroless d
Ferromagnetic properties of (Ga,Mn)N nanowires grown by a chemical vapor deposit
Epitaxial silicon growth by load-lock low pressure chemical vapor deposition sys
Photochemical patterning of Pd with amorphous TiO2 Layer and selective electrole
Performance of nanomanipulator fabricated on glass capillary by focused-ion-beam
Nanodot and nanorod formation in electron-beam-induced deposition using iron car
Growth manner and mechanical characteristics of amorphous carbon nanopillars gro
Position-controlled carbon fiber growth catalyzed using electron beam-induced ch
Direct formation of arrays of prolate Ag nanoparticles by dynamic oblique deposi
Fabrication of nanocomposites by filling nanoholes in highly ordered anodic poro
Nanofabrication of tungsten supertip by electron-beam-induced deposition
Deposition of Cu thin films from supercritical carbon dioxide using hexafluoroac
Growth of periodic SiO2 nanostructures using a 157 nm F2 laser
Selective growth of carbon nanotubes on silicon protrusions
Synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes at temperatures below 300°C by hot
Thorn-like BN nanostructures
Synthesis of photofunctional titania nanosheets by electrophoretic deposition
Star-shaped ZnO nanostructures on silicon by cyclic feeding chemical vapor depos
Coating carbon nanotubes with inorganic materials by pulsed laser deposition
Thermal conductivities of yttria-stabilized zirconia films measured by a laser-h
Thermally driven nanomechanical deflection of hybrid nanowires
Deposition of PbS particles from a nonaqueous chemical bath at room temperature
ALD of high-κ dielectrics on suspended functionalized SWNTs
Effect of N2 flow rate on morphology and structure of ZnO nanocrystals synthesiz
Fabrication and characterization of patterned micrometre scale interpenetrating
Annealing of chemically vapor deposited nanoscale Ti-Si islands on Si
Impact of hydrogen dilution on microstructure and optoelectronic properties of s
Modeling vapor deposition of metal/semiconductor-polymer nanocomposite
Numerical simulation of nanoparticle transport during plasma-enhanced chemical v
Addition of alternate phase nanoparticle dispersions to enhance flux pinning of
Controlled deposition of nanotubes on opposing electrodes
Formation of TiO2 nanoparticles by reactive-layer-assisted deposition and charac
Hard Si-N-C films with a tunable band gap produced by pulsed glow discharge depo
Nanometer deposition processes create new challenges for cryopumps
Continuous deposition of carbon nanotubes on a moving substrate by open-air lase
Controlled placement of CdSe nanoparticles in diblock copolymer templates by ele
Rapid deposition of gold nanoparticle films with controlled thickness and struct
Gold-polymer nanocomposites: studies of their properties and their potential as
A non-covalent approach for depositing spatially selective materials on surfaces
Five-nanometer thick silicon on insulator layer
Layer-by-layer deposition of polyelectrolyte nanolayers on natural fibres: cotto
Theoretical analysis of vertical colloidal deposition
On the mechanisms of epitaxial island alignment on patterned substrates
Integrated tungsten nanofiber field emission cathodes selectively grown by nanos
Growth of carbon nanotubes by open-air laser-induced chemical vapor deposition
Direct deposition of aligned nanorod array onto cylindrical objects
Characterization of chemical vapor deposition growth yields of carbon nanotube t
Interactions of germanium atoms with silica surfaces
Pulsed galvanostatic deposition of Pt particles on microcrystalline and nanocrys
Size-selective deposition of particles combining liquid and particulate dielectr
Nanostaircases: an atomic shadowing instability during epitaxial CrN(001) layer
Hα emission as a feedback control sensor for reactive sputter deposition o
Phase-graded deposition of diamond-like carbon on nanotips by near-field induced
Characterization of molybdenum carbide nanoparticles formed on Au(111) using rea
MEMS fabrication based on nickel-nanocomposite: film deposition and characteriza
Nanohardness and fracture toughness of combustion chemical vapor deposition depo
Absorption and photoconductivity properties of ZnTe thin films formed by pulsed-
Printing microarrays of bacteria for identification by infrared microspectroscop
Suppression of nanoscopic shadowing during physical vapor deposition by biased d
A laser-deposition approach to compositional-spread discovery of materials on co
A study on the influences of processing parameters on the growth of oxide nanoro
Synthesis of aligned nanoparticles on laser-generated templates
Surface morphological evolution of epitaxial CrN(001) layers
Molecular dynamics study of nanosilver particles for low-temperature lead-free i
Nanowire coating by plasma processing
Ion-implantation-prepared catalyst nanoparticles for growth of carbon nanotubes
Controlled growth of Si nanowire arrays for device integration
Electrical transport, Meyer-Neldel rule and oxygen sensitivity of Bi2S3 nanowire
Critical height and growth mode in epitaxial copper nanowire arrays fabricated u
Uniform Si nanostructures grown by oblique angle deposition with substrate swing
Electric field-assisted deposition of nanowires on carbon nanotubes for nanoelec
In situ deposition/positioning of magnetic nanoparticles with ferroelectric nano
Pulsed laser deposition of lanthanum monosulfide thin films on silicon substrate
Crucial applications addressed via fundamental ALD advances
A novel approach to directed assembly of nanowires
Silicon surface and interface issues for nanoelectronics
Highly sensitive optical response of optical fiber long period gratings to nanom
Atomic layer deposition of ZnO on ultralow-density nanoporous silica aerogel mon
Chromium diboride thin films by low temperature chemical vapor deposition
Mechanics of hydrogenated amorphous carbon deposits from electron-beam-induced d
Microfluidic ultramicroscale deposition and patterning of quantum dots
The effect of temperature and ethanol on the deposition of nickel hydroxide film
Spray deposition of CdTe thin films using nanoparticle precursors
Microstructural comparison of YBa2Cu3O7-x thin films laser deposited in O-2 and
Nucleation and bulk film growth kinetics of nanocrystalline diamond prepared by
Mechanical properties of a-C:H and a-C:H/SiOx nanocomposite thin films prepared
Growth structure investigation of MgF2 and NdF3 films grown by molecular beam de
Kinetics of CVD of stoichiometric and Si-excess SiC in the system MTS/H-2 at med
Preparation of quantum sized CdSe nanocrystalline films by chemical solution dep
Deposition of nanocrystalline silicon films (nc-Si:H) from a pure ECWR-SiH4 plas
Nanocrystalline palladium by pulsed electrodeposition
Degenerate and non-degenerate four-wave mixing in semiconductor quantum dots.