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新型宽禁带半导体ZnO材料生长与ZnO薄膜晶体管制备/Growth of the novel wide band gap semiconductor ZnO a
正交(多)滤波器组的参数化及其应用/The Parameterization of Orthogonal (Multi)Filter Banks and Its
西安电信宽带接入市场竞争分析及对策研究/Analysis and Research on Policy of Broad Band Connecting Mar
氧化锌薄膜的发光特性和非线性光学特性研究/Research on Photoluminescence Properties and Nonlinear Opti
带隙可调的Cd1-xZnxS固溶体光催化剂的制备及产氢性能研究/Study on the Synthesis and Analysing the Splitti
M带小波理论及小波信号去噪/M band wavelet and wavelet signal denoising
宽带危机中的河南网通宽带业务营销策略研究/The Study of Marketing Strategy on Broadband Business of CN
对Σ-△数据转换器的结构研究和硬件实现/Circuit design and architectures for∑-△ converter
人红细胞膜上以带3蛋白为核心的蛋白质复合体研究/The research on protein macrocomplex based on Band 3 pro
人红细胞膜葡萄糖转运蛋白特性及其相互作用蛋白质的研究/The interaction of human erythrocyte glucose transpor
一维半导体纳米线体系的光谱和光学性质研究/Study of optical and spectral properties of one-dimensional
L波段接口卫星射频设备研究与设计/L band satellite outdoor unit design
适用于短距离器件的窄带低功耗射频接收机的研究/Research of the narrow band, low power, RF Receiver used
邦迪中国市场渠道和模式研究/The study about channel&model in china market of Band-aid
非线性吸振器的响应分析及参数优化/The Resonance Analysis and Parameter Optimization of Nonlinear
溅射法制备二氧化钛薄膜的性能及其光催化机理研究/The Study on the Properties and Photocatalysis Mechanism
OFDM物理层系统性能仿真分析/OFDM PHY layer simulation
具有类钙钛矿(RNH_3)2MI_4的电子结构分析/The analysis of the electronic structure of perovskite
带式制动器有限元分析与试验研究/Finite element analysis and stress measurement on the band brake
大型锚绞机关键零部件失效机理分析与试验研究/Failure mechanism analyses and experimental research on t
多源遥感影像融合最佳波段选择及质量评价研究/A Study of Optimal Bands Selection and Evaluation Methods
一种新型的空气中直流放电特性的研究/A Study on a new DC discharge in ambient air
三种取代酞菁的合成,结构及性质研究/Sythesis,Structure and Characteristic of Three Substituted Ph
Observation of 1-nm-high structures on a Si(001) surface using a differential in
Amorphous silicon nitride nanoparticles II. Theoretical studies of electronic st
Excitation and recombination process in porous silicon
Excitation and recombination process in porous silicon
Evidence of localized luminescence centers in porous silicon
Photorecorder of the nanosecond range
Energy band diagrams of nano-size field-effect transistors
Excitation wavelength dependence of Raman and photoluminescence spectra of porou
1-D photonic-band-gap structure along photonic wire
Conduction band offsets in ordered-GaInP/GaAs heterostructures studied by ballis
Mesoscopic description of heterojunctions
Steady-state and time-resolved spectroscopy of porous silicon
Long-lived spectral-hole burning in CuBr nanocrystals embedded in glass
Influence of spin-orbit split-off band on optical properties of spherical semico
An FTIR study of the heteroepitaxy of diamond on silicon
Picosecond dynamics of colloidal nanoparticles
Observation of two-dimensional photonic band behavior in the visible
Anomalous behavior of the optical band gap of nanocrystalline zinc oxide thin fi
Theoretical NEXAFS study on unoccupied band of crystal and nanocrystal silicon
Optical and structural studies of nanocrystalline silicon thin film grown by rap
Optical characterization of free-standing porous silicon films
Band edge luminescence of surface modified CdSe nanocrystallites: probing the lu
Magnetism of nanometer-scale graphite with edge or topological defects
Photoluminescence and Raman spectral study of porous Si during F2 exposure
High-Pressure, High-Temperature Syntheses in the B-C-N-O System
Preparation and characterisation of finemet amorphous magnetic thin films with e
Electronic structure of Ag nanoparticles deposited on Si(1 0 0)
Photoluminescence from surface-capped CdS nanocrystals by selective excitation
Electrode potential-dependent acceptor images in p-MoSe2 observed by electrochem
Photoluminescence properties of alternating nanocrystalline silicon/amorphous si
Nanocrystalline silicon for optoelectronic applications
Mixed effect of phthalocyanine and porphyrin on the photoelectric conversion of
Time-dependent electrochromism of nanocrystalline TiO2 films in propylene carbon
Analysis of photoluminescence voltage quenching and band structure of nanoporous
Cathodoluminescence from nanocrystalline silicon films in the scanning electron
Blue and red photoluminescence from Ge+ implanted SiO2 films and its multiple me
Cathodoluminescence properties of silicon nanocrystallites embedded in silicon o
Preparation and characterizations of nanometer silica glass powders
Nonlinear spectroscopy of phosphate glasses containing cadmium selenide nanopart
Solution properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Optical absorption of nanoscale colloidal silver: aggregate band and adsorbate-
Impulse modulators for the EHF band oscillators
Photoluminescence of CdSe nanocrystals embedded in a SiOx thin film matrix
Efficient luminescence from GaAs nanocrystals in SiO2 matrices
Excitonic corrections and band gap renormalization in quantum wires
Instability of nanocavities in disordered and amorphous silicon under irradiatio
Simultaneous measurement of group delay and transmission of a one-dimensional ph
Preparation and catalytic effect of gold nanoparticles in water dissolving carbo
Influence of Boron Content on the Electrochemical Properties of Diamond Electrod
Photoluminescence property of nanocrystalline silicon films prepared by electron
Photooxidation of organic chemicals catalyzed by nanoscale MoS2
Behind the quantum confinement and surface passivation of nanoclusters
Temperature tuning of the stop band in transmission spectra of liquid-crystal in
Growth of straight nanotubes with a cobalt-nickel catalyst by chemical vapor dep
Two-dimensional surface band structure of operating light emitting devices
Electronic structure and the band gap of nano-sized Si particles: competition be
Formation of silver clusters in photoinduced chemical reduction of AgBr nanocrys
Noncollinear magnetic order in antiferromagnetic and weak-ferromagnetic transiti
Concept of templated lattices of semiconductor nanostructures
Kinetics of the radiative and nonradiative processes in nanocrystalline ZnO part
Power laser light-induced photoluminescence from detonation-synthesized 5 nm-siz
Photonic crystals: Semiconductors of light
Photoacoustic spectra for porous silicon using piezoelectric transducer and micr
Radical anions of polysilane derivatives studied by pulse radiolysis
Organic-capped ZnO nanocrystals: Synthesis and n-type character
Field transformation approach to photonic band structure calculations
Photoluminescence characteristics of Y2O3:Eu3+ nanophosphors prepared using sol-
Excitons in CsPbX3 (X=Cl, Br, I) ternary nanocrystallites in thin film matrices
Electronic band structures of carbon nanotubes with nanoscale periodic pores
Analysis of the nature of oxyanion adsorption on gold nanomaterial surfaces
FT-IR study for hydroxyapatite/collagen nanocomposite cross-linked by glutaralde
45 nm tunability in C-band obtained with external cavity laser including sampled
Dynamics of the absorption of pulsed laser radiation in a wide-band impurity sem
Hydrogenation of carbon grains by exposure to hydrogen atoms: Implications for t
The role of ambient ageing on porous silicon photoluminescence: Evidence of phon
Continuous-wave and time-resolved optically detected magnetic resonance studies
NO adsorption on ex-framework [Fe, X]MFI catalysts: Novel IR bands and evaluatio
Modification of Luminescent Lifetime of Quantum Dots by Photonic Crystals
Synthesis of periodic hexagonal surfactant templated platinum tin tellurides: Na
Fabrication of photonic band gap crystal using microtransfer molded templates
Dye-sensitized solar cells
Photonic band gaps based on tetragonal lattices of slanted pores
Luminescence and visible upconversion in nanocrystalline ZrO2:Er3+
Preparation of Ge/ZnO nanocomposites by radio frequency alternate sputtering
Gold nanoparticles deposited on SiO2/Si(100): Correlation between size, electron
Flatband potential of F:SnO2 in a TiO2 dye-sensitized solar cell: An interferenc
Conduction-band anisotropy effects in spherical semiconductor nanocrystals: A th
Atmospheric detection of water dimers via near-infrared absorption
Microscopic origin of surface-plasmon radiation in plasmonic band-gap nanostruct
Ultrafast stepwise electron injection from photoexcited Ru-complex into nanocrys
Zinc oxide nanorods and their photoluminescence property
Adsorption of cations onto the surfaces of silver nanoparticles
Structure and luminescent properties of co-doped nanocrystalline Y2O3:Eu
Photoluminescent properties of di(8-hydroxyquinolato) zinc impregnated in nanopo
Study of frequency band gaps in metal-dielectric composite materials
Microstructure evolution mechanism in adiabatic shear band in TA2
The photopolymerization and characterization of methyl methacrylate initiated by
Phonetic crystals: Towards ultrasmall lightwave circuits
Indication of flat-band magnetism in theoretically designed nanographite with mo
Electronic structure of single-walled carbon nanotubes under tensile deformation
Adjustment of the band gap energies of biostabilized CdS nanoparticles by applic
Electronic Band Structure of Titania Semiconductor Nanosheets Revealed by Electr
Bonding, Energies, and Band Offsets of Si-ZrO2 and HfO 2 Gate Oxide Interfaces
Coulomb oscillations based on band-to-band tunneling in a degenerately doped sil
Photoluminescence Resulting from Semiconductor-Metal Solid Solution Observed in
Optical properties of hybrid composites based on highly luminescent CdS nanocrys
Conduction band anisotropy effects on the confined electron states of SiC/SiO2 q
Electronic structure of [100]-oriented free-standing semiconductor nanowires
Synthesis of fine CdS powder from direct in-situ reduction of sulphur and cadmiu
Electron tunneling at the TiO2/substrate interface can determine dye-sensitized
Electronic and optical properties of ZnIn2Te4
Three-photon excited band edge and trap emission of CdS semiconductor nanocrysta
Starch-mediated shape-selective synthesis of Au nanoparticles with tunable longi
Quantum confinement effect in HgTe nanocrystals and visible luminescence
Thermoelectric properties of quantum Bi wire doped with Sn at electron topologic
High-order optical harmonic generation on carbon nanotubes: Quantum-mechanical a
Effect of pinning fields on the spin wave band gaps in comblike structures
Luminescence and EPR studies of defects in Si-SiO2 films
Comparison between the optical properties of Ni/AAO and Co/AAO nano-array compos
Effects of silver films with different nano-particle sizes on sers of single-wal
Photoluminescence of nano-SiC annealed by pulse laser
Experimental research on the spectra of iron-target laser-produced plasma in the
Effect of surface modification on luminescence properties of nanosized Y2O3:Eu
Syntheses and optical properties of Ge cluster-based nanofilms
Investigation of deformation behavior of Zr-Ti-Ni-Cu-Be bulk metallic glass cont
Manipulating the electronic structures of silicon carbide nanotubes by selected
F-doping effects on electrical and optical properties of ZnO nanocrystalline fil
Blueshift of optical band gap in ZnO thin films grown by metal-organic chemical-
A tunable terahertz-band oscillator based on a two-well nanostructure with a coh
Structural and optical study of SnO2 nanobelts and nanowires
Ab-initio study of doped nanostructures - Mn-doped ultrathin ZnS films
Nature and properties of ultrathin nanocrystalline gold films formed at the orga
Preparation and characterization of CdS nanoparticles in an aqueous medium using
Illumination intensity dependence of the photovoltage in nanostructured TiO2 dye
Raman spectra of carbon nanowalls grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposi
Macroscopic energy transport in ZnO monitored by spatiotemporally resolved lumin
Yellowish-white luminescence in codoped zinc oxide
Analysis of band-pass filter characteristics in a ferrite device with carbon nan
Electronic structure and electron dynamics at Si(100)
Origin of the 2450 cm-1 Raman bands in HOPG, single-wall and double-wall carbon
Photonic band-structure effects in soft X-ray spectrum for SBA-15 ordered mesopo
Highly ordered CdS nanoparticle arrays on silicon substrates and photoluminescen
Size-dependent electrochemical behavior of thiol-capped CdTe nanocrystals in aqu
Spectroscopic detection of carbon nanotube interaction with amphiphilic molecule
Photonic band gaps of two-dimensional ZnO nanorod photonic crystals
Structural and electronic properties of BAs and BxGa 1-xAs, BxIn1-xAs alloys
Growth behaviour of well-aligned ZnO nanowires on a Si substrate at low temperat
Simulation of phonon-assisted band-to-band tunneling in carbon nanotube field-ef
The exact solutions of Kane equations which have position-dependence band gap in
Systematic inclusion of defects in pure carbon single-wall nanotubes and their e
Three-dimensional confinement effects in semiconducting zinc selenide quantum do
Magnetism in BN nanotubes induced by carbon doping
Electronic spectroscopy of anthracene molecules trapped in helium nanodroplets
Geometry, phase stability, and electronic properties of isolated selenium chains
Optical and electrical characterization of the band structure of polyaniline nan
Growth, nitrogen doping and characterization of isolated single-wall carbon nano
Surface effects on capped and uncapped nanocrystals
Chemical tuning of the electronic properties in a periodic surfactant-templated
Morphological control and photoluminescence of zinc oxide nanocrystals
A new quantum state?
Microstructure in adiabatic shear bands in a pearlitic ultrahigh carbon steel
Size dependence of band gaps in silicon nanostructures
Nonharmonic electromagnetic pulses in a conducting medium
Electronic conductivity of hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon films
Conformal array controlled by photonics
Orientation effect in electronic properties of silicon wires
Persistent spectral hole burning of pseudo-isocyanine(Br) J-aggregates
Synthesis and spectroscopic properties of phthalocyanine dimers in solution
Manganese doped zinc sulphide nanoparticles by aqueous method
IR reflectance spectra on high-pressure compacted nanocrystalline La-Sr-Fe-Co ox
Third-order nonlinearity of semiconductor doped glasses at frequencies below ban
Blue photoluminescence and local structure of Si nanostructures embedded in SiO2
Thermal conductance and the Peltier coefficient of carbon nanotubes
Influence of water and alcohols on photoluminescence of porous silicon
Visible photoluminescence from Si clusters in γ-irradiated amorphous SiO2
Electronic structure of helically coiled carbon nanotubes: relation between the
High-resolution absorption cross section measurements of supersonic jet-cooled c
Resonant Raman scattering and photoluminescence studies of porous silicon membra
Na14Ba14CaN6-a nanodispersion of a salt in a metal
Effects of finite spin-orbit splitting on optical properties of spherical semico
Band-edge exciton in quantum dots of semiconductors with a degenerate valence ba
Synthesis and characterization of binary and ternary III-V quantum dots
Picosecond absorption spectroscopy of surface modified copper sulfide nanocrysta
Band theory and electronic structures of carbon nanotubes
Electronic transitions in InAs nanocrystals using Wannier function method
Electronic energy levels in semiconductor nanocrystals: a Wannier function appro
Direct band gap structures on nanometer-scale, micromachined silicon tips
Prediction of charge separation in GaAs/AlAs cylindrical nanostructures
Local conduction band offset of GaSb self assembled quantum dots on GaAs
Investigation of the change in band structure of a carbon nanotube due to a dist
Thermoelectric power properties of graphitic nanotubule bundles
Determination of band-gap in SnO2 nanoclusters at room temperature
Infrared spectroscopy of interstellar nanodiamonds from the Orgueil meteorite
Model simulations of zeolite supralattices: semiconductor Si clusters in sodalit
Optical absorption spectra of nanocrystal gold molecules
Optical properties of nanocrystalline ceria
The unrestricted Hartree-Fock self consistent field calculation for spin density
The isotopic oxygen nightglow as viewed from Mauna Kea
Diamagnetism of some quasi-two-dimensional graphites and multiwall carbon nanotu
The band edge luminescence of surface modified CdSe nanocrystallites: probing th
Electronic structure and localized states at carbon nanotube tips
Guided mode analysis, and fabrication of a 2-dimensional visible photonic band s
Optical properties of self-assembled arrays of InP quantum wires confined in nan
Assessment of electron energy-loss spectroscopy below 5 eV in semiconductor mate
Temperature dependence of visible photoluminescence from PECVD nanocrystallites
Positron irradiation: A technique for modifying the photoluminescent structures
Quantum confinement of edge states in Si crystallites
Modeling of strained quantum wires using eight-band k·p theory
Patterned substrates: making light work
Properties of strained (In,Ga,Al)As lasers with laterally modulated active regio
Nonlinear optical properties of oxidised CuS nanocrystals
Optical transient bleaching and induced absorption of surface-modified copper su
Single-quantum NMR spinning-side-band patterns for spin-3/2 system
Cubic to hexagonal phase transition in CdTe polycrystalline thin films by oxygen
FT-surface-enhanced Raman scattering of 2,2-cyanine adsorbed on silver with AFM
Electronic structure of a heterostructure of an alkylsiloxane self-assembled mon
Effects of post-growth treatment and coating with ultrathin metal layers on the
Phonon confinement effects in the Raman scattering by TiO2 nanocrystals
Effects of heat treatment on the electronic structure of nanometric Si/C/N powde
Quantum size level structure of narrow-gap semiconductor nanocrystals: Effect of
Nanotechnology-growing in a shrinking world
Changes in the electronic properties of Si nanocrystals as a function of particl
Complex nature of the UV and visible fluorescence of colloidal ZnO nanoparticles
The mixed effect of phthalocyanine and porphyrin on the photoelectric conversion
Optical absorption red shift of capped ZnFe2O4 nanoparticle
An analysis of photoluminescence voltage quenching and band structure of nanopor
Quantum confinement effect in self-assembled, nanometer silicon dots
Characterization of Si+ ion-implanted SiO2 films and silica glasses
First-principles band structures of armchair nanotubes
Initial carrier relaxation dynamics in ion-implanted Si nanocrystals: Femtosecon
Electronic band gaps in one-dimensional comb structures of simple metals
Electron spectroscopy and dynamics on the Ge(111):As 1×1 surface
Efficient solar-to-chemical conversion by one chip of n-type silicon with surfac
Low-threshold electron emission from diamond
Fabrication of 3D photonic crystals by autocloning and its applications
Pump-probe studies of photoluminescence of InP quantum wires embedded in dielect
Optical properties of nanocrystalline silicon embedded in SiO2
Spontaneous emission extraction and Purcell enhancement from thin-film 2-D photo
An essay on condensed matter physics in the twentieth century
Band structures of periodic carbon nanotube junctions and their symmetries analy
Numerical study of impurity scattering in carbon nanotubes
Degradation of the CaF2(111) surface by air exposure
Soft X-ray spectroscopy of single sized CdS nanocrystals: size confinement and e
Electron shuttling across the interface of CdSe nanoparticles monitored by femto
Fluorescence and EPR characteristics of Mn2+-doped ZnS nanocrystals prepared by
Theoretical modeling of thermoelectricity in Bi nanowires
Effect of different capping environments on the optical properties of CdS nanopa
Pseudomorphic Co/Cr(110) films investigated by magnetic dichroism in photoemissi
Roles of defects and grain sizes in photoluminescence of nanocrystalline SrTiO3
Band-gap modification by radial deformation in carbon nanotubes
Porous silicon: photoluminescence decay in the nanosecond range
Activation of the 3.4 micron band in carbon grains by exposure to atomic hydroge
The electronic band structure of Si/SiO2-superlattices: a first-principles study
Luminescence due to the indirect band-gap transition activated by the inter-vale
Model for optical absorption in porous silicon
Ballistic electron transport through magnetic domain walls
Effects of finite length on the electronic structure of carbon nanotubes
Photoelectrochemical charge transfer properties of electrodeposited CdSe quantum
Ultrafast carrier dynamics in germanium nanoparticles
Luminescence property studies of α-Al2O3 by means of nanosecond time-resol
Spectroelectrochemical investigation of surface states in nanostructured TiO2 el
Electronic properties of nanocrystalline layers of wide-band-gap materials
Electronic states and optical properties of Si/SiO2 superlattices
Stability and electronic structure of GaN nanotubes from density-functional calc
Heterodyne meter of spectral characteristics of high-power nanosecond X-band mic
A nearly diffraction limited surface emitting conjugated polymer laser utilizing
Electronic structure of carbon multilayer nanotubes
Carrier conduction in a Si-nanocrystal-based single-electron transistor. II. Eff
In situ Raman and Vis-NIR spectroelectrochemistry at single-walled carbon nanotu
Energy-resolved momentum densities for the valence band of a nanoscale Si single
Electronic states and optical properties of silicon nanocrystals terminated by d
The electronic structure and the band gap of nano-sized Si particles: competitio
Intrinsic electrical properties of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes wit
Electronic properties of germanium quantum films
Properties of CuI nanocrystallites embedded in a glass matrix: From quantum conf
Observation of pressure-induced direct-to-indirect band gap transition in InP na
Influence of sample oxidation on the nature of optical luminescence from porous
Electronic structure and dimerization of a single monatomic gold wire
Optical spectra of single-wall carbon nanotube bundles
Energy structure and fluorescence of Eu2+ in ZnS:Eu nanoparticles
Ab initio calculations for a hypothetical material: Silicon nanotubes
Study of photoluminescence and electronic states in nanophase strontium titanate
Optical transient bleaching and induced absorption of surface-oxidized CuFeS nan
Electronic structure of NaNO2 in the ferroelectric phase and paraelectric phase
Polarized Raman study of aligned multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Vacancies in SiC nanopowders
The kinetics of the radiative and nonradiative processes in nanocrystalline ZnO
Electron transport in the carbon-copper nanocluster structure
STM study of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Surface electronic states and photovoltage gas-sensitive characters of nanocryst
Intense photoluminescence and movement of optical absorption edge in alumina aer
Synthesis and optical properties of ZnS:Cu(II) nanoparticles
Synthesis of cadmium sulphide nanoparticles
Au@SnO2 core-shell nanocapacitors
Strain and band-edge alignment in single and multiple layers of self-assembled G
Strain energy and Youngs modulus of single-wall carbon nanotubes calculated from
The role of surface states in the ultrafast photoinduced electron transfer from
Polarized Raman study of single-wall semiconducting carbon nanotubes
Laser power dependence of the photoluminescence from CdSxSe1-x nanoparticles in
Metal-insulator transitions in the cyclotron resonance of periodic semiconductor
Perspectives for dye-sensitized nanocrystalline solar cells
Ultrafast measurements and modeling of electron relaxation in germanium nanopart
Zeeman effect on the electronic spectral properties of carbon nanotubes in an ax
Blue emission and Raman scattering spectrum from AlN nanocrystalline powders
Two-photon-excited luminescence and defect formation in SiO2 nanoparticles induc
A model of conduction in carbon nanopipe bundles and films
Piezoreflectance study of silicon carbon nitride nanorods
Laser-induced structural transitions in YBa2Cu3Oy amorphous films with nanocryst
Systematics in the nanoparticle band gap of ZnS and Zn1-xMxS (M=Mn, Fe, Ni) for
Study on surface energy band structures of (Ce,Ag)/TiO2 nanometer materials for
Photoluminescence of transparent strontium-barium-niobate-doped silica nanocompo
On the origin of the 1100 cm-1 Raman band in amorphous and nanocrystalline sp3 c
Photonic band-gap guidance in high-porosity luminescent porous silicon
Spectroscopic investigations of CdS nanoparticles in sol-gel derived polymeric t
Electronic structure of rhombohedral oxyanion crystals
Nano-Cu/Al2O3 assemblies template synthesis and optical absorption
Fine structure of the valence band top in a 3C BN crystal with a nanopore
Orange-green emission from porous Si coated with Ge films
Photonic band gap properties of nanoporous silicon microstructures
Magneto-transport in asymmetric serial loop structures
Two-band photoluminescence spectra from nanometre Si particle-embedded Si oxide
Photonic band-gap properties of a porous silicon periodic planar waveguide
Characteristics of p-channel Si nano-crystal memory
Electronic structure of radially deformed BN and BC3 nanotubes
Energy levels in embedded semiconductor nanoparticles and nanowires
Development of novel optoelectromechanical systems based on transparent metals P
Band structures of carbon nanotubes: the sp3s* tight-binding model
Raman and modulation spectroscopy at II-VI semiconductor interfaces
Ab initio study of quantum confined unpassivated ultrathin Si films
Three-dimensional self-assembly of metal nanoparticles: Possible photonic crysta
Observations of the D-band feature in the Raman spectra of carbon nanotubes
Optical and structural studies in InGaN quantum well structure laser diodes
Size-dependent change in parallel band absorption of Al particles
Electronic structure at carbon nanotube tips studied by photoemission spectrosco
Transport properties of Bi1-xSbx alloy nanowires synthesized by pressure injecti
Band gap variation of size- and shape-controlled colloidal CdSe quantum rods
Miniband formation in a quantum dot crystal
Electron-spin decoherence in bulk and quantum-well zinc-blende semiconductors
Origin of the Breit-Wigner-Fano lineshape of the tangential G-band feature of me
Diameter dependence of the Raman D-band in isolated single-wall carbon nanotubes
Waveguiding in surface plasmon polariton band gap structures
In situ core-level and valence-band photoelectron spectroscopy of reactively spu
Experimental investigation of band structure modification in silicon nanocrystal
An extended quantum confinement theory: surface-coordination imperfection modifi
Sol-gel processed TiO2 films for photovoltaic applications
Structural properties of CdS-doped glass nanocrystallites grown by pulsed laser
Thermoluminescent study of porous silicon
Structure and electronic properties of La(Ni,Al)5 alloys
Structural transformations and silicon nanocrystallite formation in SiOx films
Low temperature growth and photoluminescence of well-aligned zinc oxide nanowire
Photoconductivity in sputter-deposited CdS and CdS-ZnO nanocomposite thin films
C-H bond formation in carbon grains by exposure to atomic hydrogen: the evolutio
Adsorption of 4-biphenylisocyanide on gold and silver nanoparticle surfaces: sur
Raman spectra of nano-structured carbon films synthesized using ammonia-containi
Giant exciton-light coupling in ZnO quantum dots
Nano-crystalline SnO2 gas sensor response to O2 and CH4 at elevated temperature
A technique for calculation of the electronic structure of slabs with arbitrary
Frequency shift in signal and idler gain peaks due to nonlinear refractive index
G-quartet biomolecular nanowires
Electrochemical tuning of band structure of single-walled carbon nanotubes probe
Structural and optical properties of ZnO nanowires synthesized from ball-milled
Violet photoluminescence from Ge+-implanted Si-based nanoscale SiO2 islands arra
Electronic structure calculations of ultrasmall Si quantum boxes: Characteristic
GW self-energy calculations for systems with huge supercells
Light emission mechanism of Si nanoquantum dots formed by LPCVD self-assembled g
Progress of AlGaN/GaN interface characteristics research
First principles calculations for electronic band structure of single-walled car
Localization length in deformed metallic carbon nanotubes
High-resolution work function imaging of single grains of semiconductor surfaces
Multiple splitting of G-band modes from individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Geometries, electronic properties, and energetics of isolated single walled carb
Polarized absorption and anomalous temperature dependence of fluorescence depola
Optical excitations in hexagonal nanonetwork materials
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study on gold nanoparticles supported on diamon
Localized eigenstates in carbon nanotube caps
Phonons and electron-phonon scattering in carbon nanotubes
A computational design of Si-based direct band-gap materials
Real one-dimensional CDW formation assured by noise observations
Photoluminescence spectrum of highly excited single CdS nanocrystals studied by
Antiresonance scattering at defect levels in the quantum conductance of a one-di
Design, nano-fabrication and analysis of near-infrared 2D photonic crystal air-b
Fabrication and microwave absorbing abilities of nanoflakes
Valence-band structures of quasi-one-dimensional crystals C5H10NH2PbX3 [X = I, B
The competition between hydrogen bonding and chemical change in carbohydrate nan
Computational designing of graphitic silicon carbide and its tubular forms
ZnO nanobelts grown on Si substrate
Novel bismuth nanotubes
Microstructural and optical properties of ZnS:Cu nanocrystals prepared by an ion
Optical properties of 4 Å-diameter single-wall nanotubes
Raman spectroscopy of nanocrystalline GaN synthesized by arc plasma
Stochastic approach to the smart quantum confinement model in porous silicon
Double resonant Raman phenomena enhanced by van Hove singularities in single-wal
Interconnection between sensors and actuators: The nanoNET
Control over exciton confinement versus separation in composite films of polyflu
Transfer-matrix simulations of field emission from a metallic (5,5) carbon nanot
From metal cluster to metal nanowire: a topological analysis of electron density
Red and near-infrared photoluminescence from silica-based nanoscale materials: E
Determination of nanometer-scale sizes in n+-type porous silicon by the use of X
Electronic structure of nanometer-scale GaAs whiskers
Zero permittivity materials: Band gaps at the visible
Disorder induced triple resonant Raman phenomena in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotubes band assignation, topology, Bloch states, and selection rules
A detailed Raman study on thin single-wall carbon nanotubes prepared by the HiPC
Single-band envelope-function model in the full Brillouin zone for electronic st
Calculating the discrepancy between the Stokes and anti-Stokes Raman D band of c
Magnetoband structures of AB-stacked zigzag nanographite ribbons
Defect-related luminescence of Si/SiO2 layers
Synthesis of silver nanoprisms in DMF
Band filling and correlation effects in alkali metal doped carbon nanotubes
Systematic ab initio study of curvature effects in carbon nanotubes
Characteristics of nanoscopic Au band electrodes
Probing the electronic trigonal warping effect in individual single-wall carbon
G-band resonant Raman study of 62 isolated single-wall carbon nanotubes
Development of one-dimensional band structure in artificial gold chains
Near-surface electronic defects and morphology of CuIn1-xGaxSe2
Effects of surface termination on the band gap of ultrabright Si29 nanoparticles
Anomalous two-peak G-band Raman effect in one isolated single-wall carbon nanotu
Raman studies on 0.4 nm diameter single wall carbon nanotubes
Photoacoustic characterization of the mechanical properties of thin films
Synthesis and characterization of colloidal β-HgS quantum dots
Chemically dependent traps and polytypes at Pt/Ti contacts to 4H and 6H-SiC
Variations of the local electronic surface properties of TiO2(110) induced by in
Linear optical properties of a Ti-SiO2 nanoparticle composite
Microstructural evolution in adiabatic shear localization in stainless steel
Nanoscale strain and band structure engineering using epitaxial stressors on ult
Quantum transport in double-gate MOSFETs with complex band structure
Tuning carbon nanotube band gaps with strain
Band gap tailoring of Nd3+-doped TiO2 nanoparticles
Competing spring constant versus double resonance effects on the properties of d
Structural and electronic properties of coiled and curled carbon nanotubes havin
Quantum numbers and band topology of nanotubes
Magneto-optical transitions in nanoscopic rings
Monte Carlo simulation and measurement of nanoscale n-MOSFETs
Alumina capped ZnO quantum dots multilayer grown by pulsed laser deposition
Formation of quantum structures on a single nanotube by modulating hydrogen adso
The influence of hydrogen plasma on the electroreflectance spectrum and the spec
Magnetic photonic band-gap material at microwave frequencies based on ferromagne
Characterization of polypyrrole-CdSe/CdTe nanocomposite films prepared with an a
Cathodoluminescence study of GaN-infilled opal nanocomposites
Specific features of band structure in large-sized Si2-xCx (1.04⩽x1.10) nano
Band-gap dependence of field emission from one-dimensional nanostructures grown
X-ray emission spectroscopy investigation of Cu nanoclusters embedded in a C60 f
Role of excess cadmium in the electrical properties of devices made of chemicall
Temperature dependence of the optical energy gap of CdSSe nanocrystals in glass
Characteristics of confined exciton states in silicon quantum wires
Wide photonic band gaps at the visible in metallic nanowire arrays embedded in a
Influence of cation vacancy related defects on the self-assembly processes in Cd
First-principles calculation of the band offset at BaO/BaTiO3 and SrO/SrTiO3 int
k · p Hamiltonians for quantum dots in a magnetic field
A criterion for the existence of several limit cycles of the Abel equation of th
Optical properties of Ge and Si nanosheets-confinement and symmetry effects
Transpolyacetylene chains in hydrogenated amorphous carbon films free of nanocry
Modification of the spontaneous emission of CdTe nanocrystals in TiO2 inverted o
Photothermal induced variations in the optical transmission of a photonic band g
Cuprite, paramelaconite and tenorite films deposited by reactive magnetron sputt
Complex band structure with ultrasoft pseudopotentials: fcc Ni and Ni nanowire
Effect of the surface on the electron quantum size levels and electron g factor
Adsorption of 4,4-biphenyl diisocyanide on gold nanoparticle surfaces investigat
Optical absorption of nanometer-sized band-edge-modulated amorphous silicon-nitr
Stability and electronic structure of AlN nanotubes
Effects of substrate temperature on nanostructure and band structure of sputtere
Photonic band structures for three-dimensionally periodic arrays of coated spher
Magnetic nanographite
Growth and optical properties of single-crystal tubular ZnO whiskers
Optical characterization of spherical fine particles of glassy Eu3+ doped yttriu
Electroreflectance and photoluminescence studies on thermally oxidized porous si
Low-temperature route to nanoscale P3N5 hollow spheres
The photo-electronic transfer across membrane between C60 and CdS nanoparticles
Electronic structure of C60-encapsulating semiconducting carbon nanotube
Experimental and theoretical studies of the optical and electronic properties of
Electronic properties of double-walled carbon nanotube films
Blueshifts in the ultraviolet absorption spectra of cerium oxide nanocrystallite
Multiwavelength erbium-doped fiber lasers with active overlapping linear cavitie
Tunable, narrow-band light emission from size-selected Si nanoparticles produced
Onion-like carbon deposition by plasma spraying of nanodiamonds
Electronic structure of single-walled carbon nanotubes encapsulating potassium
Fabrication of one-dimensional molecular wires and evaluation of their electroni
An elastic Sieve to probe momentum space: Gd chains on W(110)
Hole storage characteristics in Ge/Si heteronanocrystal-based memories
The dielectric properties of (N-doped carbon)- and carbon-coated iron nanocrysta
Band-structure Modulation in carbon nanotube T junctions
Emission stimulation in a directional band gap of a CdTe-loaded opal photonic cr
Electronic structure of subnanometer diameter MoS2-Ix nanotubes
Optical properties of ordered Co/AAO nano-array composite structure
Photoluminescence behavior of purpose-built ZnO arrays on different growth subst
Energy band structure effect of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes on fie
Synthesis of one-dimensional ZnO nanorods by oxidating zinc films deposited with
Catalyst-assisted vapor-liquid-solid growth of single-crystal CdS nanobelts and
Effect of co-doping to structural and luminescent properties of nanocrystalline
Synthesis and characterization of hexagonal Ba-ferrite nanocrystals
Novel long-lifetime photoluminescence of nanosized ZnO included in the mesoporou
First-principles investigation of (001) surface of TiO2
Dynamics of exciton formation at the Si(100) c(4×2) surface
Highly c-oriented nanocolumn structure ZnO films on sapphire substrates by pulse
New developments in GaN HFETs
A new type of omnidirectional reflection: the one-dimensional photonic band gap
Optical properties in polyethylene oxide surface modified ZnO nanoparticles
Optical emission from silicon-based SiO2 islands fabricated by anodic alumina te
Non-linear optical effects in SiCxN1-xO large-sized nanoclusters
Temperature-dependent optical properties of B-doped nc-Si:H thin films in the in
Structure and UV photoluminescence of nanocrystalline ZnO films prepared by ther
Preparation of hydrophobic-shortwave-band antireflective film by sol-gel process
Attenuate-total-reflection surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy on
Formation and electronic properties of BC3 single-wall nanotubes upon boron subs
Photoluminescence of SiO2 films co-doped with silicon and carbon
Band gap variations in an AFM tip-deformed metallic carbon nanotube
Studies on magnetic photonic band-gap material at microwave frequency
Organic photonic crystal band edge laser fabricated by direct nanoprinting
In-situ optical spectroscopy of ablation plume for preparations of nanostructure
SERS spectroscopy studies on the electrochemical oxidation of single-walled carb
Characterizing well-ordered CuO nanofibrils synthesized through gas-solid reacti
Preparation of luminescent Si-particles chemically modified by pulsed laser abla
Observation of single-walled carbon nanotubes by photoemission microscopy
Blueshift of yellow luminescence band in self-ion-implanted n-GaN nanowire
Shape precompensation in two-photon laser nanowriting of photonic lattices
Photocurrent and photoluminescence characteristics of networked GaN nanowires
Strong luminescence from dislocation-free GaN nanopillars
Structural characterization of a-CNx:H films deposited by low-frequency (60 Hz)
Optical properties of ZnO nanocrystals synthesized by using sol-gel method
Electronic structure of ZnO nanorods studied by angle-dependent x-ray absorption
Analysis of photonic-band dispersion characteristics in photonic crystal consist
Adsorption of phenylacetylene on gold nanoparticle surfaces investigated by surf
Effect of elastic anisotropy on the strain fields and band edges in stacked InAs
Effect of wire spacing on the strain-modified band gap in laterally aligned InGa
Surfacelike band-edge states on H-covered and oxidized ultrasmall Si quantum box
First-principles calculations on boron-nitride nanotubes
Bandgap mapping for III-V quantum well by electron spectroscopy imaging
Effect of thermal heat treatment on oxygen-deficiency-associated defect centers:
Stop band tuning of three-dimensional photonic crystals through coating of semic
Band offset design with quantum-well gate insulating structures
Electronic band structure evolution as a carbon sheet rolls up to a SWCNT and a
Photoluminescence of liquid-crystal azo derivatives in nanopores
Carrier and defect dynamics in photoexcited semi-insulating epitaxial GaN layers
Physics and applications of photonic nanocrystals
First-principles calculations for the electronic band structures of small diamet
On the optical properties of micro- and nanometric size PbI2 particles
On the electronic band structure of zigzag-type single-walled carbon nanotubes
Nanoantennas for uncooled, double-band, CMOS compatible, high-speed infrared sen
Infrared absorption by sulfur-doped silicon formed by femtosecond laser irradiat
Electrochemistry and electrogenerated chemiluminescence of CdTe nanoparticles
Theoretical study of the electronic properties of narrow single-walled carbon na
Probing the electronic density of states of germanium nanoparticles: a method fo
Band alignments and quantum confinement in (111) GaAsN/InAs strain-balanced nano
MC simulation of strained-Si MOSFET with full-band structure and quantum correct
Effective masses of charge carriers in selected symmorphic and nonsymmorphic car
Investigation of nanostructured germanium/silicon dioxide interfaces
Effect of anharmonicity of the strain energy on band offsets in semiconductor na
Mechanically tunable photonic crystal structure
Optical properties of rectangular cross-sectional ZnS nanowires
Strong quantum-confinement effects in the conduction band of germanium nanocryst
Quantum transport in carbon nanotube transistors: complex band structure effects
Employing Raman spectroscopy to qualitatively evaluate the purity of carbon sing
A new addition to the aerogel community: unsupported CdS aerogels with tunable o
Ultrafast ground-state recovery of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Quantum transport through short semiconducting nanotubes: a complex band structu
Tailoring the optical excitation energies of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Nanotube wires on commensurate InAs surfaces: binding energies, band alignments,
Photocurrents in nanotube junctions
Size-dependent surface luminescence in ZnO nanowires
Structure of excited-State transitions of individual semiconductor nanocrystals
Band-to-band tunneling in carbon nanotube field-effect transistors
Electroluminescence from silicon nanowires
Prediction of barrier localization in modulated nanowires
Full-band approaches to the electronic properties of nanometer-scale MOS structu
CdSe nanocrystalline thin films: composition, structure and optical properties
Polarized photoluminescence from surface-passivated lead sulfide nanocrystals
Efficient blue organic light-emitting devices with charge carrier confining nano
Electron-hole symmetry in a semiconducting carbon nanotube quantum dot
Energy transfer from organic surface adsorbate-polyvinyl pyrrolidone molecules t
Quantum capacitance in nanoscale device modeling
Fundamental properties, localization threshold, and the Tomonaga-Luttinger behav
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline zinc sulphide by wet chemical
Giant polarization anisotropy in optical transitions of free-standing InP nanowi
Strong quantum confinement effects in polymer-based PbS nanostructures prepared
Arbitrary angle waveguiding applications of two-dimensional curvilinear-lattice
Quantum change for nanotubes
k-dependent electronic structure of the colossal magnetoresistive perovskite La0
Electronic band structure of scroll-like divanadiu, pentoxide nanotubes
Tubular structures of titanium disulfide TiS2
Highly directional emission from colloidally synthesized nanocrystals in vertica
Single- and double-resonance Raman G-band processes in carbon nanotubes
Band structure of non-stoichiometric large-sized nanocrystallites
Electron-phonon interaction assisted photoluminescence in Eu2O3 nanocrystals
Effects of passivation and ambient gases on the photoluminescence of ZnSe nanowi
Formation of quasi-aligned ZnCdO nanorods and nanoneedles
Infrared emissivity on nanometer sulfide semiconductor
Stability and electronic structure of single-walled InN nanotubes
Synthesis and characterization of quasi-aligned ZnCdO nanorods
Single-crystalline alpha silicon-nitride nanowires: Large-scale synthesis, chara
Optical properties of ZnO and ZnO:In nanorods assembled by sol-gel method
Pressure-dependent photoluminescence of ZnO nanosheets
ZnO flowers made up of thin nanosheets and their optical properties
Self-assembled growth and green emission of gold nanowhiskers
Photoreflectance of 0.4-nm single-walled carbon nanotubes
Photoluminescence properties of quasialigned ZnCdO nanorods
Crystal growth and luminescent properties of ZnO nanowires prepared by thermal v
Ab initio study of base-functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes
Effect of band structure on quantum interference in multiwall carbon nanotubes
New class of non-carbon AlP nanotubes: structure and electronic properties
Band-gap modification of defective carbon nanotubes under a transverse electric
Spin waves in a periodically layered magnetic nanowire
A candidate analog for carbonaceous interstellar dust: formation by reactive pla
Structure, stability and electronic properties of TiO2 nanostructures
Local structure dependence of the charge transfer band in nanocrystalline Y2O3:E
Atomistic spin-orbit coupling and k·p parameters in III-V semiconductors
Morphological, structural and optical study of quasi-1D SnO2 nanowires and nanob
Electronic structure of the KCl and AgCl nanocrystals edge dislocations
Extended defect related energy loss in CVD diamond revealed by spectrum imaging
Relaxation of femtosecond photoexcited electrons in a polar indirect band-gap se
Hardness and plastic deformation in a bulk metallic glass
Finite-size effects on band structure of CdS nanocrystallites studied by positro
Tight binding modeling of band gaps and band offsets in heterostructures
Lithium intercalation into single-wall carbon nanotube bundles
In situ assessment of carbon nanotube diameter distribution with photoelectron s
Atomic and electronic structure of Mo6S9-xIx nanowires
GaSb/GaAs quantum dot systems: in situ synchrotron radiation x-ray photoelectron
AlN nanocrystals by new chemical routes
S-, N- and C-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization a
A simple model for analysing the effects of band non-parabolicity in nanostructu
Quantum size effects in ZnO nanowires
Raman study of TiO2 role in SiO2-Al2O3-MgO-TiO2-ZnO glass crystallization
Enhancement of photovoltage of dye-sensitized solid-state solar cells by introdu
Stability and electronic confinement of free-standing InP nanowires: ab initio c
Poisson-Schrödinger and ab initio modeling of doped Si nanocrystals: revers
Spectroscopic studies on nanodispersions of CdS, HgS, their core-shells and comp
Electronic structure calculations of metal-nanotube contacts with or without oxy
Spectroscopic characterization of single-walled carbon nanotubes carrier-doped b
Photonic crystal templates for organic solid-state lasers
Control of injected carriers in tetracyano-p-quinodimethane encapsulated carbon
Band-gap formation in (n,0) single-walled carbon nanotubes (n=9,12,15,18): a fir
Positive magnetic susceptibility in polygonal nanotube tori
Optical band gap of barium titanate nanoparticles prepared by RF-plasma chemical
Photonic crystal structures in titanium dioxide (TiO2) and their optimal design
Characterization of atom diffusion in polycrystalline Si/SiGe/Si stacked gate
Theory of electronic states and transport in carbon nanotubes
Barrier penetration in Kane type semiconductor nanostructures
A photoemission study of the nature of the metallic state in single wall carbon
Resonant Raman spectroscopy of individual metallic and semiconducting single-wal
Elimination of D-band in Raman spectra of double-wall carbon nanotubes by oxidat
Scanning photocurrent imaging and electronic band studies in silicon nanowire fi
Hole transport in p-channel Si MOSFETs
Optical transitions in metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes
Conduction band-edge d-states in high-k dielectrics due to Jahn-Teller term spli
Conduction band-edge States associated with the removal of d-state degeneracies
Electronic properties of silicon nanowires
Photonic band gaps in nanowire superlattices
Determination of the small band gap of carbon nanotubes using the ambipolar rand
Analysis of band-gap formation in squashed armchair carbon nanotubes
Electronic structure of wurtzite quantum dots with cylindrical symmetry
Piezoresistance of carbon nanotubes on deformable thin-film membranes
Structural correlations with shifts in the extended plasma resonance of gold nan
Midinfrared sensors meet nanotechnology: trace gas sensing with quantum cascade
Simulation study of the carbon nanotube field effect transistors beyond the comp
Scalability of phononic crystal heterostructures
Spectroscopic studies of liquid solutions of R6G laser dye and Ag nanoparticle a
Synthesis and Raman characterization of boron-doped single-walled carbon nanotub
Efficient integral-equation-based method for accurate analysis of scattering fro
Phonon-assisted exciton relaxation dynamics for a (6,5)-enriched DNA-wrapped sin
Electron transport in very clean, as-grown suspended carbon nanotubes
Anomalous contraction of the C-C bond length in semiconducting carbon nanotubes
First-principles study of band-gap change in deformed nanotubes
Comparative studies of temperature dependence of G-band peak in single walled ca
Directed assembly of ZnO nanowires on a Si substrate without a metal catalyst us
Transparent photonic band in metallodielectric nanostructures
Luminescence of Mn2+ doped ZnS nanocrystallites
Visible photoluminescence from Si clusters in gamma-irradiated amorphous SiO2
Detection of ozone on Ganymede
Molecular electronic properties of fused rigid porphyrin-oligomer molecular wire
Dynamics of optical excitations in quantum dots of wide-gap semiconductors
Charge resonance and charge transfer interactions of photogenerated dicyanovinyl
Luminescence of Mn2+ doped ZnS nanocrystallites