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跨临界二氧化碳热泵热水器的数值模拟与实验研究/Numerical Simulation and Experimental Study of the Transc
CO2加H2制低碳烯烃合成条件及动力学模型研究/Synthesis Condition and Kinetic Model Study of Carbon Di
跨临界二氧化碳热泵热水器系统仿真及实验研究/Simulation and Experimental Study of Transcritcal CO2 Heat
钛白粉的表面处理及其在塑料色母粒中的应用/surface treatment of titanium dioxide and its application i
高比表面活性碳微球分离H2中少量CO2的研究/Separation of hydrogen and carbon dioxide on activated me
纳米微米二氧化硅球形颗粒的制备与表征/Preparation and characterization of nanometer and micrometer
表面包银的核壳粒子的制备与表征/Preparation and characterization of silver coated core-shell par
钛白粉的表面处理及其在塑料色母粒中的应用/surface treatment of titanium dioxide and its application i
高比表面活性碳微球分离H2中少量CO2的研究/Separation of hydrogen and carbon dioxide on activated me
Structural-difractional analysis of zirconium dioxide nanometric powders
Cathodic electrodeposition of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide thin films
Novel method for the preparation of nanosized TiO2 thin films
Nanofabrication in adsorbed layer of silver ions on TiO2 films by voltage pulses
Preparation of nano-sized amorphous molybdenum dioxide powders by use of γ
Nanofiltration membrane behavior in a supercritical medium
Effect of Pt and Pd surface doping on the response of nanocrystalline tin dioxid
FT-IR surface study of nanosized ceramic materials used as gas sensors
Imaging polymers with supercritical carbon dioxide
Nano-engineered materials produce passive electronic devices with improved perfo
Synthesis of Ruthenium Dioxide-Titanium Dioxide Aerogels: Redistribution of Elec
Nanoscale lithography of silicon dioxide using electron beam patterned carboxyli
Modification of semiconductor surface with ultrafine metal particles for efficie
Pollutant decomposition with simultaneous generation of hydrogen and electricity
Solubility of silicon dioxide in hydroxide melts
Reactions of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons with chlorine and chlorine dioxid
Structure and properties of hydrosols, gels, and xerogels of titanium dioxide pr
Catalytic electrochemical synthesis using nanocrystalline titanium dioxide catho
Synthesis and physicochemical properties of hydrated titanium dioxide sol
Sensitized TiO2 nanocrystalline solar cells
Preparation of a nanocrystalline titanium dioxide negative electrode for the rec
Nanocrystalline titanium dioxide-dispersed semiconducting polymer photodetectors
Titanium dioxide films made from reverse micelles and their use for the photocat
Preparation of nanometer copper borate with supercritical carbon dioxide drying
Nanocrystalline electrochromic displays
Vycor membrane with reduced size surface pores. I. Preparation and characterizat
Regeneration of nanoporous crystalline syndiotactic polystyrene by supercritical
Preparation methods and development trends of nanometer titanium dioxide powder
Effect of supercritical carbon dioxide on morphology development during polymer
Novel photocatalyst: Titania-coated magnetite. Activity and photodissolution
Stromlos abgeschiedene Nickel-Dispersionsschichten auf Kunststoffen. Teil 2: Nan
Control of defect in the gas-sensitive tin dioxide layers
Reaction of plutonium dioxide with water: Formation and properties of PuO2+x
Synthesizing nanoparticles in supercritical carbon dioxide
Preparation of aerogel beryllium borate with supercritical carbon dioxide drying
Diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide in thermally crystallized syndiotactic po
The grain size and surface hydroxyl content of super-hydrophilic TiO2/SiO2 compo
Recent developments in materials synthesis and processing using supercritical CO
Bicontinuous nanoporous polymers by carbon dioxide foaming
Nanopowder of zirconium dioxide. Explosive method of production and properties
Characterization of porous materials by gas adsorption at ambient temperatures a
Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction to produce low-k plasma enhanced chemica
Synthesis of CuS nanoparticles in water-in-carbon dioxide microemulsions
Hot-fluid annealing for crystalline titanium dioxide nanoparticles in stable sus
Desinfektions-lack: Silber-beschichtete titandioxid-nanopartikel sind hocheffizi
Influences of heat-treatment on the particle size and properties of conductive n
New ways to produce porous polymeric membranes by carbon dioxide foaming
Polymer grafting modification of the surface of nano silicon dioxide
Anomalous concentration dependences of optical density of stable nanodisperse ti
Studies of hydrophilicity of nanoscale titanium dioxide thin films prepared at r
Photoinduced ultrafast dye-to-semiconductor electron injection from nonthermaliz
Open nanoporous morphologies from polymeric blends by carbon dioxide foaming
High-pressure behavior of nano titanium dioxide
Porous monofilaments by continuous solid-state foaming
Synthesis of nanostructured titania powders via hydrolysis of titanium isopropox
The Effect of Viscosity and Filler on Electrospun Fiber Morphology
Preparation and characterization of clay mineral intercalated titanium dioxide n
Selective oxidation of single-walled carbon nanotubes using carbon dioxide
Supercritical fluid applications in polymer nanocomposites
Assembly of an Electronically Switchable Rotaxane on the Surface of a Titanium D
Self-assembly of a tripodal pseudorotaxane on the surface of a titanium dioxide
Nano titanium dioxide - Properties and application
Essential minerals
Fluorinated surfactants in supercritical CO2
Group-IV nanocluster formation by ion-beam synthesis
Preparation of thermostable highly dispersed titanium dioxide from stable hydros
Anomalous nanostructured titanium dioxide
Physical and electrochemical characterization of nanocomposites formed from poly
New perylene-substituted organotrialkynyltin compounds for the photosensitizatio
Nano titanium dioxide in catalytic applications
Nanotechnology for energy conversion in automobiles
Coagulation peculiarities and fractionation of nanodispersed titanium dioxide hy
Effect of hydrogen treatment on the performance of Cr-ZSM-5 in deep oxidative de
Photodegradation of lecithin liposomes by nanoparticulate titanium dioxide
Preparation and fluorescence properties of TiO2:Eu nano-materials
Well-controlled biodegradable nanocomposite foams: From microcellular to nanocel
Synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites of silicon dioxide and polyuret
Research progress of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide semiconductor photocatalys
ESR signal of superoxide radical anion adsorbed on TiO2 generated at room temper
Effect of silane coupling agent on the preparation and application of nano silic
Study on modified polypropylene with nanometric silicon dioxide and polyolefin e
Research on the particle-size distribution of nano-titanium dioxide by photon co
Studies of photo-induced characteristics of nanoscale titanium dioxide thin film
Effects of titanium dioxide on anti-photochemical degradation of polyacrylate co
Nano-TiO2 thin film by magnetic sputtering for photocatalyst utilization
Effects of nanoparticle titanium dioxide and ultraviolet absorbers on anti-photo
Synthesis of spherical titanium dioxide nanocrystals by O2+Ar arc plasma method
Preparation of titanium dioxide in the nano-spaces of activated carbon using car
Tunable nanocellular polymeric monoliths using fluorinated block copolymer templ
Facile fabrication of nanocellular block copolymer thin films using supercritica
Carbon and copper nanostructured materials syntheses by plasma discharge in a su
Investigation of the stability in emulsions stabilized with different surface mo
XANES and EXAFS analysis of nano-size manganese dioxide as a cathode material fo
Molecular guided catalytic hydrogenation by micelle-hosted Pd nanoparticle in su
An influence of micron and nano-particle titanium dioxides on the efficiency of
Synthesis of TiO2 Nanoparticles Utilizing Hydrated Reverse Micelles in CO2
Micelle-hosted palladium nanoparticles catalyze citral molecule hydrogenation in
Thick-film gas microsensors based on tin dioxide
Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy of rhodamine 6G in titanium dioxide nan
Anhydrous supercritical carbon dioxide method for the controlled silanization of
Determination of domain sizes in blends of poly(ethylene) and poly(styrene) form
Nano-titanium dioxide synthesis in AOT microemulsion system with salinity scan
Structural and photooxidation properties of SnO2/layer silicate nanocomposites
Magnetic characteristics of ferrimagnetic microspheres prepared by dispersion po
Metallic nanoparticle production utilizing a supercritical carbon dioxide flow p
Nano-tunable infrared thin film filters and emitters for sensing of trace gases
Nanoelectronic carbon dioxide sensors
Structure-activity relationship of organic acids in titanium dioxide nanoparticl
Charge writing in silicon-silicon dioxide for nano-assembly
Time-resolved IR studies of and alpha;-lactones
Problems in commercial production of nanometric titanium dioxide and solutions t
Gas-phase photocatalytic degradation of acetone by using nanoscale titanium diox
Preparation of Mo-doped nano-TiO2 photocatalytic material and its characteristic
Research on rutile nano-titanium dioxide for weatherability modifying of white w
Preparation of nanometer titanium dioxide powders by hydrothermal method and the
Study on nano titanium dioxide photocatalysis materials dispersion and ability o
Research progress of nano-porous TiO2 films in dye-sensitized solar cells
Study on in situ modification of nanometer silicon bioxide by sol-gel
Hemoglobin-based hydrogen peroxide biosensor tuned by the photovoltaic effect of
Nanostructure and thermal-optical properties of vanadium dioxide thin films
Preliminary study on the characteristics of isotactic polypropylene with nucleat
Complex impedance study on nano-CeO2 coating TiO2
Manufacture of titanium dioxide nanocrystalline by electrochemistry
Titanium dioxide doped polyaniline
Preparation of polystyrene/montmorillonite nanocomposites in supercritical carbo
Nanostructure and dropping phase transition temperature in vanadium dioxide thin
Aerogels with a microporous crystalline host phase
Methane and carbon dioxide storage in a porous van der Waals crystal
Super-hydrophilic amorphous titanium dioxide thin film deposited by cathodic ele
Analysis of sulfur in deposited aerosols by thermal decomposition and sulfur dio
On the morphological instability of silicon/silicon dioxide nanowires
Preparation of syndiotactic polystyrene/poly(methyl methacrylate) blend using su
Titania nanospheres from supercritical fluids
Nanosized TiO2-filled sulfonated polyethersulfone proton conducting membranes fo
Fabrication of CaCO3-biopolymer thin films using supercritical carbon dioxide
Synthesis of TiO2/SiO2 nanoparticles in a water-in-carbon-dioxide microemulsion
Laser densification of TiO2 films prepared by aerosol assisted vapour deposition
Altair Nanotechnologies, Bateman Engineering in TiO2 joint venture
Photocatalytic disinfection with titanium dioxide coated multi-wall carbon nanot
Nano-particles formation for pigment red 177 via a continuous supercritical anti
VO2 - Natures quick change artist
Titanium dioxide coating provides protection from Sun
Features of preparing nano-size powders of tetragonal zirconium dioxide stabiliz
Supercritical fluid processing of thermally stable mesoporous titania thin films
Synthesis and morphological investigation of pulsed current formed nano-structur
The catalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to carbon onion particles by platinum
Features of preparing nanosized powders of tetragonal zirconium dioxide stabiliz
Stable dispersions of silver nanoparticles in carbon dioxide with fluorine-free
Synthesis of macroporous PMMA/silica nanocomposite monoliths in supercritical ca
Nanoglued titanium dioxide aerogels for photocatalysis
Multi-scale modeling of titanium dioxide: Controlling shape with surface chemist
Synthesis of TiO2 photocatalysts in supercritical CO2 via a non-hydrolytic route
Tubular reactor synthesis of doped nanostructured titanium dioxide and its enhan
In situ polymerization of poly(methyl methacrylate)/clay nanocomposites in super
The catalytic nanodiode: Gas phase catalytic reaction generated electron flow us
Metastable cubic and tetragonal zirconium dioxide, prepared by thermal oxidation
Influence of an external electric field on the recovery of stabilized zirconium
Titanium dioxide films for photovoltaic cells derived from a sol-gel process
Nanostructured rhenium dioxide: synthesis and characterization
Technology to reduce the aperture size of microfabricated silicon dioxide apertu
Mechanism of electron-beam writing in passivated gold nanoclusters
Deposition of conformal copper and nickel films from supercritical carbon dioxid
Dye-sensitized anatase titanium dioxide nanocrystalline films with (001) preferr
Optimization of tin dioxide nanosticks faceting for the improvement of palladium
Kinetics of nonequilibrium monolayer formation: liquid carbon dioxide nanocrysta
Influence of titanium dioxide nanopowder addition on microstructural development
Silicon dioxide thin film removal using high-power nanosecond lasers
Influence of the oxidation temperature on the fabrication process of silicon dio
Lithography-free fabrication of sub-100 nm structures by self-aligned plasma etc
Biomimetic titanium dioxide film with structural color and extremely stable hydr
Study on the polishing property of silicon wafer using ultra fine cerium dioxide
Synthesis and properties of titanium dioxide/polydimethylsiloxane hybrid particl
Photocatalytic oxidation on nanostructured chalcogenide modified titanium dioxid
Formation of orthorhombic tin dioxide from mechanically milled monoxide powders
Fabrication and characterization of a trilayer germanium nanocrystal memory devi
Optical properties of controllable interferometers based on composite layers wit
Research of chain plasmochemical synthesis of superdispersed silicon dioxide by
Microstructure characterization of titanium dioxide nanodispersions and thin fil
Preparation of titanium dioxide nanocrystallite with high photocatalytic activit
Band gap narrowing of TiO2 by nitrogen doping in atmospheric microwave plasma
A new method for direct preparation of tin dioxide nanocomposite materials
Visible luminescences from thermally grown silicon dioxide thin films
Research at the laboratory for photonics and interfaces
Nano-sized TiO2 surface-modified with perfluorinated molecules: Preparation and
Preparation of nano-sized amorphous molybdenum dioxide powders by use of gamma-r