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离子轰击对Cr-N基薄膜组织结构和性能影响研究/Study on the Effects of Ion Bombardment on Microstructur
高压直流悬式绝缘子离子迁移及其测试系统的研究/Research on Ion Migration and Measurement &Test System of
聚对苯乙炔衍生物的三阶非线性光学性能研究/Third-order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Poly (p-phenyle
电极几何参数对离子电流影响的试验研究/Experimental Research on the Influence of Electrode Geometric
血清钙离子浓度预测及预防产后出血的研究/The research of serum calcium ion concentration prognosticat
脉冲真空电弧离子镀及类金刚石薄膜的研究/Research On Pulsed Vacuum Arc Ion Deposition and Diamond-lik
宽束矩形冷阴极PIG离子源研究/Studies of a Broad Beam Rectangular Cold Cathode PIG Ion Source
200keV强流脉冲离子束产生的理论与实验研究/Theoretical and Experimental Study on the Generation of
电子束离子阱(EBIT)中离子电荷态分布及能量的演化/Ion charge state distribution and temperature evoluti
CN-作为丙烯腈雄(男)性生殖毒性接触生物标志物的研究/CN- as an exposure biomarker in male reproductive to
离子束溅射下硅表面形貌的研究/Reseach on the Si surface morphology induced by ion sputtering
FIB微细加工性能的研究/research of FIB microprocessing
硅基衬底中二次离子(簇)形成及能量分布的研究/The energy distribution of the secondary ion and ion clus
铝材料的SIMS无标样定量分析/Quantitative Analysis of aluminum alloy by SIMS without referenc
等离子体离子注入表面改性与磁控溅射成膜的计算机模拟研究/Simulation study on plasma based ion implantation an
自组织Si量子点的尺寸调控、发光特性及其它光学材料研究/Modification & photoluminescence of self-organized S
锂离子电池正极材料LiFePO4的研究/Studies on LiFePO4 cathode materials for lithium ion batteri
聚焦离子束辐照对MOS晶体管性能影响的研究/Effect of Irradiation on MOS Transistor Induced by Focused
电子全息与离子致变形貌及磁控溅射成膜机理的计算机模拟研究/off-axis electron hologram, experimental and simula
锂离子电池的热效应及其安全性能的研究 /Studies on the Thermal Effects and Safety of Lithium-ion Bat
间规聚苯乙烯基的聚酰胺塑料合金及其蒙脱土纳米复合材料研究/Studies on Structure and Properties of Syndiotactic
Fe-ZSM-5上选择性催化还原NOx的研究/selective catalytic reduction of NOx over Fe-ZSM-5
有机——无机纳米复合锂离子异体膜的制备和性能研究/The preparation and properties of organic-inorganic nan
锂离子筛分材料的制备及其性能研究/Preparation for lithium ion sieve material and its properties r
离子交换法制备钠钙硅高强单片防火玻璃的研究/Study on Na_2O-CaO-SiO_2 high intensity and fire-resistant
Fe-ZSM-5上选择性催化还原NOx的研究/selective catalytic reduction of NOx over Fe-ZSM-5
锂离子电池正极材料LiFePO4的合成与改性研究/A Study on Synthesis and Confirmation of LiFePO4 Cathod
NT50型中子管离子源放电电流研究/Characteristic of ion source discharge in NT50 neutron generat
二烷硫基亚甲基丙二酸异核配合物的合成、结构及性质研究/Synthesis, Structure and Performance of the heteronuc
Mechanism for diffusion of nanostructures and mesoscopic objects on surfaces
Nanocomposite materials with controlled ion mobility
Structure damage in reactive-ion and laser etched InP/GaInAs microstructures
Surface properties of nylon-clay hybrid materials irradiated with Ar ion
Mass spectrometric method for probing surface structure
Silver colloidal waveguides for non-linear optics: a new methodology
Ion bombardment as a technique for preparation of nanometric tips from Si-whiske
Ion beam surface treatment: A new technique for modifying surfaces using intense
Mass spectrometric method for probing surface structure
Silver colloidal waveguides for non-linear optics: a new methodology
Ion bombardment as a technique for preparation of nanometric tips from Si-whiske
Ion beam surface treatment: A new technique for modifying surfaces using intense
Hypervelocity launching and impact experiments on the Karlsruhe light ion facili
High-sensitivity channeling analysis of lattice disorder near surface using seco
Observation of 77 K Coulomb staircases in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures implanted
Growth of CdSe nanocrystals in ion-implanted SiO2 films
XRD and XPS characterization of superplastic TiO2 coatings prepared on Ti6Al4V s
Thermally activated processes in the surface of a WC-Co bombarded with high-ener
Crater formation on the surface of metals and alloys bombarded with high-power i
Topography development on selected inert gas and self-ion bombarded Si
Determination of diffusion-parameter values in K+-ion exchange waveguides made b
Ti-B-N film formed by EB-ion plating and N ion bombardment of a Ti-B film
Simulation of thermal and phase changes in the surface layers of hard-facing all
Structural modification of diamond subjected to high energy ion irradiation
Universal ion-beam-sputtering device for diffusion studies
Analysis of misoriented crystal structure by ion channeling observed using ion-i
Influence of ion beam parameters on pattern resolution
Predicting the relative toxicity of metal ions using ion characteristics: micro
High current pulsed lenses for heavy ion fusion applications
Fast scintillators as radiation resistant heavy-ion detectors
Comparison between ion exchange and nanofiltration for softening of industrial w
Pattern transfer to silicon by microcontact printing and RIE
Nanofabrication by FIB
Combined objective lens for electrons and ions
Low temperature focused ion beam system: application to in situ processing of h
Ion beam assisted recrystallization of SiC/Si structures
Penetration of ultrafine particles and ion clusters through wire screens
Modification of mechanical properties and adhesion of boron carbide sputtered fi
Ion beam synthesis of non-stoichiometric titanium carbide: composition structure
Photodissociation dynamics of nitrobenzene molecular ion on a nanosecond time sc
Section 3. Laser and amplifier glasses and glass-ceramics: Er3+ doped phosphate
Optical properties of reactive-ion-etched Si/Si1-xGex heterostructures
Tribological properties of nickel-base nanocrystalline coatings sputter-deposite
Ion beam deposition of crystallographically aligned nano-crystalline silicon fil
Effects of sequential He+ and Ar+ implantation on surface properties of polymers
Measurement of Si(100) surface morphology by low energy ion scattering spectrosc
From micro- to nanoprobes: auspices and horizons
Dye-metal oxide composite thin films for decorative applications
Evolution of nanocluster ensembles: computer simulation of diffusion and reactio
Baromembrane separation of concentrated electrolyte solutions
Self-structuring of buried SiO2 precipitate layers during IBS: A computer simula
Writing FIB implantation and subsequent anisotropic wet chemical etching for fab
Gold implanted calcium fluoride single crystals: optical properties of ion indu
Structure and composition studies for silicon nitride thin films deposited by si
Correlation between density and structure in boron nitride thin films by X-ray d
Effect of the implanter gas medium on regularities of structural phase transform
Gold nanograins deposited from a liquid metal ion source
Deposition of nanocrystalline metal films by cluster beams produced by a Pulsed
Study of ion-bombarded nanostructures on germanium surfaces by scanning probe mi
Structure of Cu-Al films prepared by unbalanced DC magnetron sputtering
Hydrophobicity of ion-plated PTFE coatings
Properties of nitrogen-implanted alloys and comparison materials
Effect of ionic conductivity of zirconia electrolytes on the polarization behavi
Hardness and modulus properties in ion-beam-modified amorphous carbon: Temperatu
High-power ion beam sources for industrial application
High-sensitivity analysis of neutral underivatized oligosaccharides by nanoelect
Comparison of the wear life of as-deposited and ion-irradiated WS2 coatings
Low-temperature dry etching of GaAs and AlGaAs using 92-MHz anode-coupled chlori
Defect-mediated multiple-photon mechanism for ion emission from ionic materials
Getting off the track
Ion trap for mass-selective production of nanoclusters
Effect of solutes on defect distributions and hardening in ion-irradiated model
Treatment of VT8M titanium alloy with power ion beams of nanosecond duration
Study of energy broadening of high-brightness ion beams from a surface plasma pe
Gettering of transition metals by cavities in silicon formed by helium ion impla
Comparison of properties of tin oxide films deposited by reactive-partially ioni
Combination of ion implantation and film deposition for forming an antifriction
Reactive plasma processes for the fabrication of nano-dimensional semiconductor
Hot nanoplasmas from intense laser irradiation of argon clusters
Effect of ion adsorption on its permeation through a nanofiltration membrane
Scale-up and testing of a novel ion exchanger for strontium
Preparation of carbon nitride thin films by ion beam assisted deposition and the
In situ STM characterization of Ga+ focused ion beam interactions with MBE grown
Synthesis of metal nanoclusters within microphase-separated diblock copolymers:
Study on nanostructural morphology of Si3N4/TiN multilayer synthesized by ion be
Electron holography study of voids in self-annealed implanted silicon
Nanodevices produced with focused ion beams
Magnetization processes in amorphous and nanocrystalline FeCuNbSiB thin films
Metal-ion implantation in glasses: Physical and chemical aspects
Nanometre-sized silver halides entrapped in SiO2 matrices
Ion assisted MBE growth of SiGe nanostructures
Iron nanohardness after single and double implantation by nitrogen and boron ion
Lithium ion conductivity of a statically and dynamically compacted nano-structur
Combination of atomic and continuum models describing the evolution of nanoclust
Synthesis of nanocomposite thin films based on the Mo-Si-C ternary system and co
Electron microscopy studies of ion implanted silicon for seeding electroless cop
Low-energy focused-ion-beam shape observation and its noise reduction for nanofa
Holographic nanopatterning of the organic semiconductor poly(p-phenylene vinylen
Quantitative liquid chromatographic-tandem mass spectrometric determination of o
Staging of Organic and Inorganic Gallery Cations in Layered Silicate Heterostruc
Energetic electron and ion beam generation in plasma opening switches
Ion-beam densification of hydroxyapatite thin films
Morphological changes of Si(100) induced by focused ion beam irradiation
Ion beam synthesis of silicon-based materials
Ion exchange properties of the sulfur-modified biotite
Research of structure of hard alloys on the base of carbides of tungsten and tit
Laser desorption/ionization of single ultrafine multicomponent aerosols
Interaction of argon ion beam with layered materials of carbon
Analysis of semiconductors by ion channelling: Applications and pitfalls
Single series peptide fragment ion spectra generated by two-stage collision-indu
Comparison between the irradiation damage response of spinel and zirconia due to
Electric properties of the IMI-O polymer complexed in metal ion
Ion exchange properties of the sodium phlogopite and biotite
Ion irradiation effect on diluted magnetic semiconductor fine particles incorpor
Multilayered SiO2/TiO2 nanosol particles in two-dimensional aluminosilicate cata
Hardening behavior of molybdenum by low energy He and D ion irradiation
Er3+ doped phosphate glasses and lasers
Non-kinetic damage on insulating materials by highly charged ion bombardment
Nanoindentation characterization of SiC coatings prepared by dynamic ion mixing
New designs in high-current ion implanters
Wave-ordered structures formed on SOI wafers by reactive ion beams
Formation of narrow nanocluster bands in Ge-implanted SiO2-layers
Focused ion-beam specimen preparation for atom probe field-ion microscopy charac
Precipitation, ripening and chemical effects during annealing of Ge+ implanted S
Effect of ion bombardment on the nucleation of CVD diamond
Boron in mesoporous Si - where have all the carriers gone?
Deposition of silicon carbon nitride films by ion beam sputtering
Ion implantation-induced nanoscale particle formation in Al2O3 and SiO2 via redu
Reflectance of the dielectric layers containing metal nanoparticles formed by io
Visible photoluminescence in ion beam mixed SiO2/Si/SiO2 layers
Oxygen ion displacement in compositionally homogeneous, nanocrystalline ZrO2-12
Diamond-like carbon nanocrystals formed by implanting fused quartz and sapphire
Interaction of oxygen with nanocrystalline metals
Ion beam synthesis of gold nanoclusters in SiO2: computer simulations versus ex
Homogeneously size distributed Ge nanoclusters embedded in SiO2 layers produced
Light particle irradiation effects in Si nanocrystals
Wear-resistant thin films of amorphous carbon nitride prepared by shielded arc i
Introduction to the Cameca SIMS instruments
Modeling of Ge nanocluster evolution in ion-implanted SiO2 layer
Bright ion beams for the nuclear microprobe
Analysis of the salt retention of nanofiltration membranes using the Donnan-ster
Circuit failure identification using focused ion beam and transmission electron
Ion source assisted pulse laser deposition of carbon nitride thin films
Application of focused ion beam (FIB) microscopy to the study of crack profiles
Palladium silicide/oxide formations in Pd/SiO2 complex films
Microstructural investigation of Cu/Co multilayer films
Superconducting multipole lens for focusing high energy ions
Ion implantation post-processing of amorphous carbon films
Single-crystalline CoSi2 layer formation by focused ion beam synthesis
Voltammetric ion transfer in the presence of a nanoporous material
Nanoscale elemental imaging of semiconductor materials using focused ion beam se
Electrically active defect centers induced by Ga+ focused ion beam irradiation o
Configuration and energetics of ion-induced embryos in nucleation
AFM and STM investigation of carbon nanotubes produced by high energy ion irradi
Finite-element modeling of nanoindentation
Effect of ionic conductivity of zirconia electrolytes on the polarization behavi
High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of pholedrine in human ser
Formation of silicon carbide in the surface layer of metals by dual high energy
Interaction of C60 fullerene and carbon nanotube with Ar ion beam
Leipzig high-energy ion nanoprobe: a report on first results
Fast and accurate position-sensitive timing detector based on secondary electron
Tuning of an electrospray ionization source for maximum peptide-ion transmission
Magnetic field effects on chemical reactions of biradical radical ion pairs in h
Studies of hexagonal diamond of nano-grain in graphite surface produced by Ar+ i
Phase and microstructure changes in 45# steel irradiated by intense pulsed ion b
Electrospray mass spectrometry of semiconductor nanoclusters: Comparative analys
Subfemtomole MS and MS/MS peptide sequence analysis using nano-HPLC micro-ESI fo
Surface damage in titanium nitride associated with lateral sputtering by argon c
Zielpraeparation von TEM-Proben mit dem fokussierten Ionenstrahl (FIB)
Identification of arsenosugars at the picogram level using nanoelectrospray quad
Damage in III-V semiconductors from very low-energy process plasmas
Adsorption of thiacyanine dyes on silver halide nanoparticles: Study of the adso
Investigation of 3D microfabrication characteristics by focused ion beam technol
Ga+ ion irradiated a-As2S3 layers
Novel room temperature electron beam ion trap for atomic physics and materials r
Atomic force microscope: A tool for studying ionophores
Influence of the redeposition effect for focused ion beam 3D micromachining in s
Identification of phosphorylation sites in proteins by nanospray quadrupole ion
Metal-ion coordinated hybrid multilayer
Focused ion beam: moving towards nanobiotechnology
Fast diffusion of the Cl- ion in the headgroup region of an oppositely charged m
Pd nanoclusters grown by plasma sputtering deposition on amorphous substrates
Helium ion implantation in SiAlON: Characterization of cavity structures using T
Paramagnetic ion-doped nanocrystal as a voltage-controlled spin filter
Surface treatment of steel by short pulsed injection of high-power ion beam
Determination of sub-2-nm SiO2 interlayer thickness using secondary ion mass spe
Formation of nanowires along ion trajectories in Si backbone polymers
Picomolar detection limits with current-polarized Pb2+ ion-selective membranes
Highly charged ions
Tribological properties of ion-implanted polyphenylene oxide (PPO)
Nitridation of silicon oxide layers studied with ion beam analysis on the nanome
NANOJET: Tool for the nanofabrication
Synthesis of amorphous carbon nitride using reactive ion beam sputtering deposit
Nanocomposite materials formed by ion implantation
Enhanced microhardness of four modern steels following nitrogen ion implantation
A single ion as a nanoscopic probe of an optical field
Fabrication of micro reaction cages with tailored properties
α - ω-phase transformation in titanium induced by power ion-beam irr
Effect of crater formation on fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of heat
ILGAR - a novel thin-film technology for sulfides
Quadrupole time-of-flight versus triple-quadrupole mass spectrometry for the det
Surface chemical structure and cell adhesion onto ion beam modified polysiloxane
Improved wear resistance of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene by plasma i
Surface rough of diamond-like carbon films prepared using various techniques
Interface chemistry of nanostructured materials: Ion adsorption on mesoporous al
Ar ion effect on mechanical properties of carbon nitride films prepared by ion-b
Investigation of the depth range through ultra-thin carbon films on magnetic lay
Changes in crystalline properties of nanosized hydroxyapatite powders prepared b
Surface mass spectrometry at the submicrometer scale
A new approach for the direct synthesis of nanocomposite thin films by ion-beam
Electron-stimulated desorption of positive ions from methane and fluoromethane n
Patterning of nanometer-scale suicide structures on silicon by direct writing fo
Synthesis and function of Novel Poly(Crown Ether)s
Modeling of multi-electrolyte transport in charged ceramic and organic nanofilte
Evaluation of dual-ion irradiated β-SiC by means of indentation methods
Ion synthesis and laser annealing of Cu nanoparticles in Al2O3
Non-destructive 3D-characterization of Zn2-2xCuxInxS2-thin films with ion beam a
Ion beam synthesis of GaN precipitates in GaAs
Ion density and energy distribution diagnose of a helicon plasma
Interaction between clusters in ion implanted and ion beam mixed SiO2:Ag films
Erbium-doped silicon-rich silicon dioxide/silicon thin films fabricated by metal
Visible-light excitated photocatalytic activity of rare earth metal-ion-doped ti
Structure and composition of Zr-based coatings on Si substrate produced by self-
Highly dispersive micropatterns in ion-exchanged glass formed by ion irradiation
Nanocavity formation processes in MgO(1 0 0) by light ion (D, He, Li) and heavy
Dichalcogenide nanotube electrodes for Li-ion batteries
Study of focused ion beam response of GaAs in the nanoscale regime
Ordered anodic alumina nanochannels on focused-ion-beam-prepatterned aluminum su
Ion exchange selectivity as a surrogate indicator of relative permeability of io
Ultrathin, multilayered polyelectrolyte films as nanofiltration membranes
A multiply charged tetracaine derivative blocks cyclic nucleotide-gated channels
Nanogeochemistry: Geochemical reactions and mass transfers in nanopores
Compositional and order patterning in driven alloys: The role of external-forcin
Detection of tyrosine phosphorylated peptides via skimmer collision-induced diss
Ion beam enhanced deposition
Triblock copolymer ionomer membranes: Part I. Methanol and proton transport
Nature: What matters in nature - DNA, light-driven ion pumps, and antimatter
Nitrogen-ion-energy dependent optical and structural properties of AlN films obt
The effect of ion and particle losses in a diffusion charger on reaching a stati
Rapid and accurate U/Th dating using parallel ion-counting multi-collector ICP-M
Critical conformational change of poly(oxypropylene)diamines in layered aluminos
Dynamic organization of inorganic nanoparticles into periodic micrometer-scale p
Nanoelectrospray-based detection and sequencing of substoichiometric amounts of
Noise filtering techniques for electrospray quadrupole time of flight mass spect
Effect of different solution flow rates on analyte ion signals in nano-ESI MS, o
AFM study of the effect of direct negative Ni ion beam energy on the evolution o
Surface patterning on nanometer scale by ion beam erosion
Influence of low energy ion implantation on mechanical properties of magnetron s
Nanostructuring by ion beam
Optical investigation of metallic colloids in ion-irradiated lithium fluoride (L
Control of carbon nanotubes shape by ion bombardment
Room-temperature electroluminescence of ion-beam-synthesized β-FeSi2 precip
Low-dose focused ion beam nanofabrication and characterization by atomic force m
Exciton-erbium coupling in SiOx suboxide films prepared by combining sol-gel che
Ion-beam synthesis and growth mechanism of diamond-like materials
Cell analysis with the new Leipzig high energy ion nanoprobe
Electrosurface and ion-selective properties of track-etched nanofilters: The eff
Elemental thin film depth profiles by ion beam analysis using simulated annealin
Ag+-Keggin ion colloidal particles as novel templates for the growth of silver n
Electro-responsive asymmetric nanopores in polyimide with stable ion-current sig
Nanocrystals by ion beam synthesis - From fundamentals to application in non-vol
Formation of metal membranes by direct duplication of etched ion-track templates
Absorption and luminescence of silver nanocomposite soda-lime glass formed by Ag
Coordination assisted molecular assemblies of perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic
Synthesis and study status of carbon nitride thin film
Carbon anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Fabrication of four-probe fine electrodes using scanning-probe nanofabrication
A Novel Hierarchical Nanozeolite Composite as Sorbent for Protein Separation in
Nano-four-point probes on microcantilever system fabricated by focused ion beam
Ion-beam-assisted hexagonal diamond formation from C60 fullerene
Fabrication of glass optical power splitter in thallium source by ion-exchange m
Preparation and characterization of hydrogenated diamond-like carbon films in a
Highly selective reactive-ion etching using CO/NH3/Xe gases for microstructuring
Electrochemical recognition of alkali metal ions at the micro-water 1,2-dichloro
Control of characteristic lengths for self-organized nanostructures of amorphous
Etched facet and semiconductor/air DBR facet of a AlGaInP laser diode prepared b
Photoionization and ion pair formation of N,N-diethyl-p-phenylenediamine in vari
First operation of ECR ion source at Kochi university of technology
Low-temperature metal ion implantation assisted deposition of hard coatings
Fabrication of nanostructured titanium thin films via N ion implantation and pos
Fabrication of nanowires using high-energy ion beams
Effects of co-ions on transport of iodide ions through a non-conventional anion
Effects of surface modification by MgO on interfacial reactions of lithium cobal
Highly charged ions tools for nanometer scale surface modifications
A broad beam ion source used for planar sputter-etching of shallow layers from f
Struktur-, Harte- und Spannungsmessung von olgeschmierten Metall-Metall Tribokon
Recovery of ammonium lactate and removal of hardness from fermentation broth by
Nanofiltration theory: An analytic approach for single salts
Editorial: MEMS and microsystems engineering
Raman spectroscopy of ion irradiated diamond
Competitive adsorption of aqueous metal ions on an oxidized nanoporous activated
Surface modification of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for joint prost
Grid-type metal ion architectures: Functional metallosupramolecular arrays
Numerical analysis of liquid metal flow in the presence of an electric field: Ap
Shaping colloidal assemblies
Advanced nanoscale material processing with focused ion beams
Micropixelated Luminescent Nanocrystal Arrays Synthesized by Ion Implantation
Ion transmission and characterization of ordered nanoporous alumina
Modification of growth mode of Ge on Si by pulsed low-energy ion-beam irradiatio
Formation of nanoscale inter-metallic phases in Ni surface layer at high intensi
Si-compatible ion selective oxide interconnects with high tunability
Triple quadrupole linear ion trap mass spectrometer for the analysis of small mo
Nanoprecipitation in transparent matrices using an energetic ion beam
Anwendung der FIB fur Materialwissenschaft und Fehleranalyse
Dynamic ion channel activation scheduling in patch clamp on a chip
An ion diode with external magnetic insulation
Iinorganic nanotubes stabilized by ion size asymmetry: Energy calculations for A
Structural and transport properties of an SPC/E electrolyte in a nanopore
Normal-Phase Nanoscale Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry of Underivatized
A polypyrrole-based solid-contact Pb2+-selective PVC-membrane electrode with a n
Synthesis and assembly of CdS nanoparticles in Keggin ion colloidal particles as
Design of an ion thruster movable grid thrust vectoring system
A novel fabrication technique for crystallite growth on a (1 0 0) InAs surface u
Optics of metal nanoparticles fabricated in organic matrix by ion implantation
Assessment of the scaling potential for sparingly soluble salts in RO and NF uni
Colour removal by ion exchange and reuse of regenerant by means of nanofiltratio
Ion beam synthesis of Mg2Si
Redistribution of indium implanted in silicon due to thermal treatment and swift
Suppression of silicon nanostructure growth by medium energy nitrogen ion implan
Probing rapid ion transfer across a nanoscopic liquid-liquid interface
Nanoscale probes encapsulated by biologically localized embedding (PEBBLEs) for
Measurements of ion concentration in gasoline and diesel engine exhaust
Submicrometric Lipobead-Based Fluorescence Sensors for Chloride Ion Measurements
Self-assembly of organic molecules on montmorillonite
Molecular dynamics simulations of polyatomic-ion beam deposition-induced chemica
Characterization of surface structure by cluster coincidental ion mass spectrome
Electron impact lonization in helium nanodroplets: Controlling fragmentation by
Nanogravimetric study of templated copper deposition in ion-channels of self-ass
Nanoelectrospray Ionization of Protein Mixtures: Solution pH and Protein pI
Physical mechanism of Ge nanocrystals formed by high-dose-ion-implantation
Development of liquid metal ion source for nanometer focused ion beam system
Composition and mechanical properties of TiN/Ti-O gradient films prepared by pla
X-ray structural study of lanthanide complexes with a p-tert- butylthiacalix[4]a
Solvothermal synthesis of nanosized CoSb2 alloy anode for Li-ion batteries
Thermodynamic stability and ultrasmall-size effect of nanodiamonds
Co3O4 nanomaterials in lithium-ion batteries and gas sensors
Ion beam synthesis of Si nanocrystals in silicon dioxide and sapphire matrices -
Application of laser driven fast high density plasma blocks for ion implantation
Improving the photoluminescence of thin films by nanostructuring the rare-earth
Controlled shift in emission wavelength from patterned porous silicon using focu
Nanostructuring polymers by soft lithography templates realized via ion sputteri
Performance of commercial nanofiltration membranes in the removal of nitrate ion
Self-organized ordering of nanostructures produced by ion-beam sputtering
Optical and microstructural properties of nanocomposite Au/SiO2 films containing
Blistering of GaAs by low keV H, D, and He ions
Ion beam lithography and nanofabrication: A review
Deep reactive ion etching for pillar type nanophotonic crystal
Quest for high brightness, monochromatic noble gas ion sources
Oxide-ion conductivity in CuxCe1-xO 2-δ (0 [less-than or equal to] x [less
Read-out of soft x-ray contact microscopy microradiographs by focused ion beam/s
Structural analysis of ion irradiated polycrystalline NiFe/FeMn exchange bias sy
Present and future perspectives for high energy density physics with intense hea
Novel fabrication method of IBICVD for FePt and CoPt particles
Nano-domain engineering in LiNbO3 by focused ion beam
Thermodynamics and kinetics of hydroxide ion formation in 12CaO·7Al4O3
Nitrogen doping of single-walled carbon nanotube by using mass-separated low-ene
Effect of ion attachment on mechanical dissipation of a resonator
Industrial and medical applications of high-energy ions
Morphological change in FePt nanogranular films induced by irradiation with 100
Modification of ceramic coatings by swift heavy ions
Effects of backbone configuration of polysilanes on nanoscale structures formed
Development of electron beam ion source for nanoprocesses
Influence of sputtering conditions and electron energy on XPS depth profiling of
N-type doping for single-walled carbon nanotubes by oxygen ion implantation with
Mesocrystals: Inorganic superstructures made by highly parallel crystallization
Focused Ion Beam-Technik (FIB): Mikro- und Nanoanalyse in Geowissenschaft und an
Influence of low energy Ar ion irradiation treatment on surface properties of de
Ion track-based nanoelectronics
Nano-structured defects in an oxide superconductor induced by Au and Fe ion irra
Recent advances in R and D of gas cluster ion beam processes and equipment
Focused-ion-beam nanofabrication of near-infrared magnetic metamaterials
Ultra-fast non-linear optical response of metal-nanocluster composites prepared
Development of a new cluster size selector
Guiding of slow Ne7+ ions through nanocapillaries in a PET polymer: Dependence o
Effects of time elapsed after preparation on photoluminescence properties of zin
Silver ion release from polymethyl methacrylate silver nanocomposites
Nanometer scale patterning using focused ion beam milling
Formation of nanostructures with a controlled size distribution in Si-based gels
A microscopic flow model based on Brownian dynamics for simulating ionic diffusi
Mechanism of nanoblister formation in Ga+ self-ion implanted GaN nanowires
Electrochemical and spectroscopic properties of electrospun PAN-based fibrous po
Fabrication of nanocrystal memories by ultra low energy ion implantation
Synthesis of lead chalcogenide nanocrystals by sequential ion implantation in si
Plasma-based ion implantation and deposition: A review of physics, technology, a
Direct writing of Si island arrays by focused ion beam milling
Exploration of the ultimate patterning potential achievable with high resolution
Adsorption of aqueous metal ions on oxygen and nitrogen functionalized nanoporou
Morphological change of multiwalled carbon nanotubes through high-energy (MeV) i
Studies of N-ion-implanted stainless steels oriented for industrial applications
Ion exchanges in apatites for biomedical application
Si nanocrystals by ultra-low-energy ion beam-synthesis for non-volatile memory a
Ion-beam nano-patterning by using porous anodic alumina as a mask
Self-organized lamellar structured tantalum-nitride by UHV unbalanced-magnetron
Fabrication of submicron size electrode via nonetching method for metal ion dete
Gold nanoclusters on amorphous carbon synthesized by ion-beam deposition
Elemental distribution in fluorinated amorphous carbon thin films
Molecular dynamics simulations of interactions of Ar and Xe ions with surface Cu
Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of nanostructures produced by Ar+ an
Injection molding, debinding and sintering of 316L stainless steel microstructur
TEM and HREM of diamond crystals grown on Si tips: Structure and results of ion-
The additive effect of zwitterion and nano-particles on ion dissociation in poly
Composition effects on ion transport in a polyelectrolyte gel with the addition
Effect of ion exchange of glazed dental glass ceramics on strength parameters
Fabrication of nano-scale optical patterns in amorphous silicon carbide with foc
Etching submicrometer trenches by using the Bosch process and its application to
The mean work function effective for positive ion emission from poly- and monocr
Real-time x-ray studies of Mo-seeded Si nanodot formation during ion bombardment
Chemical sensors using peptide-functionalized conducting polymer nanojunction ar
Nanopatterning of a thin ferromagnetic CoFe film by focused-ion-beam irradiation
Ion beam shadowing effects in SIMS depth profile analysis of MBE-grown nanostruc
Superconductivity suppression in Fe-implanted thin Al films
The influence of the ion current density on plasma nitriding process
Ion transport through nanoslits dominated by the effective surface charge
H+ conduction in solid-state electrochromic devices analyzed by transient curren
Fabrication of metal nanoparticles in sapphire by low-energy ion implantation
Controlling the cohesion of cement paste
The influence of the defect structure on the nitriding of Fe by PHI
Nanoscale silicon structures by using carbon nanotubes as reactive ion etch mask
The effect of ion implantation energy and dosage on the microstructure of the io
Influence of degree of substitution to the optical properties of chloromethylate
Controlled synthesis of near-stoichiometric cobalt ferrite nanoparticles
Nanostructured electrodes and the low-temperature performance of li-ion batterie
Hydrated electron yields in the heavy ion radiolysis of water
Preparative separation of mixtures by mass spectrometry
Electrokinetic transport in nanochannels. 1. Theory
Effect of crown ether on ion currents through synthetic membranes containing a s
Theory of structure-based carbon nanotube separations by Ion-exchange chromatogr
Complexation of Cu(II) ions with the lowest generation poly(amido-amine) -OH den
High-sensitivity ion mobility spectrometry/mass spectrometry using electrodynami
Nanometer-scale ion aggregates in aqueous electrolyte solutions: Guanidinium sul
Atmospheric pressure ionization in a miniature mass spectrometer
Generic technological platform for microfabricating silicon nitride micro- and n
Focused-ion-beam assisted fabrication of individual multiwall carbon nanotube fi
Infiltration of regioregular poly[2,2 prime -(3-hexylthiopene)] into random nano
Quantitative determination of antalarmin, a novel corticotropin-releasing hormon
Ionic propulsion based on heated Taylor cones of ionic liquids
Electrostatic adhesion of ion and triboelectric-charged particles
BioMOCA - A Boltzmann transport Monte Carlo model for ion channel simulation
Surface modification of nanofiltration membranes by ion implantation
Pulsed dual electrospray ionization for ion/ion reactions
Effects of oxygen ion implantation on wear behavior of NiTi shape memory alloy
Cadmium nanowire formation induced by ion irradiation
Ion beam assisted formation of nanolayers
Ion beam implantation and cross-sectional TEM studies of lanthanide titanate pyr
The application of HRTEM techniques and nanosims to chemically and isotopically
Nanostructured electrodes
Fifty years of progress in ion channel research
Ion-pairing kinetics investigated using nanometer-size Pt electrodes
Nanopantography: A new method for massively parallel nanopatterning over large a
Microstructure of TiN films and interfaces formed by ion-beam-enhanced depositio
Mechanism of bias-enhanced nucleation of diamond on Si
Nanochannel glass replica membranes
Synthesis of nanosize powders of alumina by ablation plasma produced by intense
Latent ion tracks in polymers for future use in nanoelectronics: an overview of
Use of a plasma jet for observation of desorption of ions from a metal surface
keV-polyatomic-ion-impact-nucleated oxidative etch pitting in highly oriented py
Soft X-ray recombination lasing by Li-like Ti XX ion
Self-assembled lipid bilayers as a smart material for nanotechnology
Contribution of ionizations and atomic displacements to the hardening of ion-irr
Influence of temperature on the structure of SiC coatings prepared by dynamic io
On the nanostructure of pure amorphous silicon
Ion bombardment effect on electronic states in CdS fine particles
Nanostructuring of the Cu(001) surface by ion bombardment: a STM study
Mechanical characterisation by nanoindentation of zirconium ion implanted alumin
Doping of 20 MeV fullerene ion tracks in polyimide
Effect of tribological wear on ultraviolet laser interactions with single crysta
The dynamics of formation, parameters, and structure of a gas-plasma flame forme
Ion-beam synthesis of amorphous SiC films: structural analysis and recrystalliza
Narrow temperature window for optimum elastic modulus in ion-beam-modified amorp
Silver nanoclusters formation in ion-exchanged waveguides by annealing in hydrog
Ion irradiation of preceramic polymer thin films
Sputtering and migration of trace quantities of transition metal atoms on silico
Selective ion sputtering and initial oxidation in Al-Pd-Mn single quasicrystals
Palladium nanoparticles grown by hydrogen and deuterium ion bombardment
Detection and size determination of Ag nanoclusters in ion-exchanged soda-lime g
Etching nanometer sized holes of variable depth from carbon cluster impact induc
Cubic boron nitride films grown by low energy B+ and N+ ion beam deposition
Mechanism of nanostructure formation with the scanning tunneling microscope
Can carbon-implanted silicon be applied as wide-bandgap emitter?
Titanium implantation into boron nitride films and ion-beam mixing of titanium-b
Surface hardness enhancement in ion-implanted amorphous carbon
Deposition and surface treatment with intense pulsed ion beams
High energy xenon ion beam assisted deposition of TiN film and its industrial ap
Focused ion beam machining and deposition for nanofabrication
Residual stresses and microstructure in tungsten thin films analyzed by X-ray di
Characterisation of ultrathin dielectric films with ion beams
Friction microprobe studies of ion implanted polymer surfaces
New method of carbon nanotube growth by ion beam irradiation
Fast heavy ion induced photon emission from organic solids and plasma desorption
Structural characterization of SiC films prepared by dynamic ion mixing
A new approach in the experimental studies of nuclear reactions at ultralow ener
c-Boron-aluminum nitride alloys prepared by ion-beam assisted deposition
High-resolution ion mobility measurements
Waveguide formation by He+ and H+ ion implantation in filter glass containing na
Optical absorption by Ag precipitates in AlGaAs
Understanding how the liquid-metal ion source works
A comparison of the wear life of as-deposited and ion-irradiated WS2 coatings
Focused ion beam nanolithography on AlF3 at a 10 nm scale
Microstructure and tribological characteristic of Ni-Mo multilayer film deposite
High-resolution ion mobility studies of sodium chloride nanocrystals
Preparation and properties of boron nitride films by sputtering
Electron-stimulated disordering in c(8×2)benzoate/Cu(110): a combined STM,
A high-current ion accelerator for short-pulse ion implantation
Self-organization in ion-containing polymer systems
Surface topography of low energy He-ion-bombarded graphite by AFM: temperature e
Modification of nanometer scale wear of nitrogen-containing carbon films due to
Structural transitions in sodium chloride nanocrystals
A combination of SFM and TOF-SIMS imaging for observing local inhomogenieties in
Tip artifacts in atomic force microscope imaging of ion bombarded nanostructures
Ion implanted nanostructures on Ge(111) surfaces observed by atomic force micros
Formation of titanium carbide by high-fluence carbon ion implantation
Heavy ion beams with an energy of 0.5-1 MeV applied to nanostructure diagnostics
Ion bombardment of MoS2 nanoplatelet coatings deposited by electrospraying
Surface spectroscopy of nano- and subnanostructures
Photoselective laser photo-ion microscopy with 5 nm resolution
Artificial dielectrics: Nonlinear properties of Si nanoclusters formed by ion im
Potential for size reduction of AlGaAs optical channel waveguide structures fabr
Synthesis of TiO2 and TiN nanosize powders by intense light ion-beam evaporation
Damage and track morphology in LiF crystals irradiated with GeV ions
Modification of aluminum properties by nitrogen ion implantation
Carbon nanotube tipped atomic force microscopy for measurement of 100 nm etch mo
Ablation of GaAs by intense, ultrafast electronic excitation from highly charged
Formation of metallic nanophases in silica by ion beam mixing. II. Cluster forma
Effect of ion dose and annealing mode on photoluminescence from SiO2 implanted w
Submicrometer shadow mask fabricated by anisotropic wet etching and focused ion
Ion-beam synthesis and structural characterization of ZnS nanocrystals in SiO2
The structure of a shock wave in an ion plasma
Effects of KrF laser irradiation on Bi nanoclusters embedded in a-SiO2 by ion im
Formation of metallic nanophases in silica by ion-beam mixing. Part. I. Mixing m
Planar thin film YBa2Cu3O7-δ Josephson junctions via nanolithography and i
The interaction of Ar ion beam with layered materials of carbon
Submicrometer transmission mask fabricated by low-temperature SF6/O2 reactive io
Initial carrier relaxation dynamics in ion-implanted Si nanocrystals: Femtosecon
Observations of virtual cathode formation and electron density profile measureme
Study of ion beam assisted deposition of Al/AlN multilayers by comparison of com
Mn-doped nanometer-size ZnS clusters in chitosan film matrix prepared by ion-coo
Application of dual-functional MoO3/WO3 bilayer resists to focused ion beam nano
Optical properties of ion-implanted polymer layers
Metal nanoclusters in glasses as non-linear photonic materials [review]
Synthesis of nanophase TiO2 by ion beam sputtering and cold condensation techniq
Influence of Ar ion addition on synthesis of carbon nitride films by ion-beam-as
Nanosecond switching, field reversal evidence of Rydberg atom desorption from su
Surface luminescence patterning of Cu+ doped β-Al2O3 single-crystal films
Characterization of ion exchanged glasses for application in integrated optics
Optical properties of nanometer silicon prepared by silicon ion implanted into S
Investigation of the interface preparation and properties of PCVD TiN film
New trends of development of carbon negative electrode in lithium ion battery
Effects of 10-MeV ion irradiation on Au/Ta studied with scanning tunneling micro
The interaction of C60 fullerene and carbon nanotube with Ar ion beam
Electrically conducting ion tracks in diamond-like carbon films for field emissi
Extreme precipitation strengthening in ion-implanted nickel
Focused ion beam patterning of diamond-like carbon films
Energy distribution of ions in plasma formed by laser ablation of metallic Nb an
Synthesis of Ti-N thin films prepared by dynamic ion mixing technique and their
Irradiation-induced growth of nanoquasicrystals from amorphous matrix in the equ
Nanostructures produced by cluster beam lithography
Decrystallization of crystallized glasses by ion exchange
Nanotomographic examinations of ion tracks in cellulose nitrate by ion energy lo
Effects of helium ion implantation on the structure of nanophase and coarse-grai
Metal modification by high-power pulsed particle beams
In-situ, analytical, high-voltage and high resolution transmission electron micr
Realization of an axially aligned Au-ion source of atomic size
Thin film analysis with nuclear methods
Electronic states in heavily Li-doped graphite nanoclusters
Photoelectrochemical properties of metal-ion-doped TiO2 nanocrystalline electrod
Postdeposition relaxation of internal stress in sputter-grown thin films caused
Formation of ordered nanoscale semiconductor dots by ion sputtering
Microstructure modification of amorphous carbon films by ion-implantation techni
Prolonged activation of mitochondrial conductances during synaptic transmission
The application of LMIS-FIB in micro/nano technology
Potential of an ionic impurity in a large 4He cluster
Sub-50 nm planar magnetic nanostructures fabricated by ion irradiation
Gold nanoparticle fabrication in single crystal SiO2 by MeV Au ion implantation
Conduction of metal-isolator-semiconductor structures with granular silicon thin
Mutually reactive elements in a glass host matrix: Ag and S ion implantation in
Preparation and characterization of chemically deposited As2S3 thin films
Step decoration during deposition of Co on Ag(001) by ultralow energy ion beams
12C5+ radiation effects in SR-86 track recording polymer
Separation of radioactive strontium from alkaline nuclear waste solutions with t
The role of oxygen on the stability of gettering of metals to cavities in silico
Patterning a surface on the nanometric scale by ion sputtering
Effect of carbon ion implantation on the structure and corrosion resistance of O
Synthesis of nanocrystalline diamond by the direct ion beam deposition method
Synthesis and characterisation of Ga2S3 semiconductor included in zeolite Y
Ion irradiation hardening of C60 thin films
Focused ion-beam structuring of Si and Si/CoSi2 heterostructures using adsorbed
A study of the interfacial structure between the TiN film and the iron nitride l
A study on the channeling effect of ultra low energy B, P and As ion implant to
Direct experimental observation of different diffusive transport regimes in semi
UV lasing on Cu+ in a Ne-CuBr pulsed longitudinal discharge
Femtosecond near-field optical spectroscopy of implantation patterned semiconduc
Ion implantation; a modern tool of surface engineering
Mechanistic study of ion-induced diamond nucleation
Negative photoconductivity in SiO2 films containing Si nanocrystals
Some effects of ion beam treatments on titanium nitride coatings of commercial q
Preparing anode material for lithium ion secondary battery by liquid-phase oxida
Biological-to-electronic interface with pores of ATP synthase subunit C in silic
Smallest diameter carbon nanotubes
Fabrication of nanometer-scale patterns by ion-milling with porous anodic alumin
Stoichiometric cBN films deposited by electron-cyclotron-wave-resonance plasma s
Recent developments in SIMS instrumentation
Structural properties of TiC/Fe nanoscale multilayers synthesized by the ion-bea
Effect of ion impinging on DLC films deposited by ECR-PECVD
Metastable phases induced by ion irradiation in the equilibrium immiscible Fe-Cu
Analysis on structure and properties of diamondlike carbon films from ion beam d
Preparation and characterization of superhard TiC/Mo multilayers
Direct measurement of ion evaporation kinetics from electrified liquid surfaces
Mixing of noble metals in oxides and formation of colloids by ion irradiation
Seed-mediated growth method to prepare cubic copper nanoparticles
Use of focused ion beam (FIB) techniques for production of diamond probe for nan
Elemental B distributions and clustering in low-energy B+ ion-implanted Si
Microstructural characterisation of metal ion implanted silicon nitride
Nonlinear amplitude evolution during spontaneous patterning of ion-bombarded Si(
Red electroluminescence in Si+-implanted sol-gel-derived SiO2 films
Formation of complex mosaic layer with nano-meter phase in Ti, C and Ti+C implan
3D simulations of ultra-small MOSFETs with real-space treatment of the electron-
Simulations of ion permeation through a potassium channel: molecular dynamics of
Yttrium oxide thin films, Y2O3, grown by ion beam sputtering on Si
Structure analysis of the complex mosaic layer with nanometer phase in W, C and
Time-delayed 2-pulse studies of MALDI matrix ionization mechanisms
Local order and magnetic behavior of amorphous and nanocrystalline yttrium iron
Raman scattering evidence of medium-range order in low fluence Se+-implanted GaA
Mechanical characterization and tribological evaluation of ion-beam-assisted spu
Study of laser-produced plasma by means of ion diagnostics at the IPPLM, Warsaw
Surface roughness of hydrogen ion cut low temperature bonded thin film layers
Nanoscale pattern formation in Pt thin films due to ion-beam-induced dewetting
Focused-ion-beam writing of electrical connections into platinum oxide films
Ion irradiation effects in nonmetals: formation of nanocrystals and novel micros
Studies of hexagonal diamond nano-grains in graphite surface produced by Ar+ ion
Desorption of positive ions from ionic crystals accompanying 248 nm laser irradi
Real time resistometric depth monitoring in the focused ion beam
Formation of metal-polymer composites by ion implantation
Impurity relaxation mechanism for dynamic magnetization reversal in a single dom
Ultra thin TiN films prepared by an advanced ion-plating method
Behaviour of a nanometric SnO2 powder under swift heavy-ion irradiation: from sp
Blue-light enhancement effect in ion implanted -nano-Si3N4 quantum dots
High energy accelerators and materials science
A fast and accurate position-sensitive timing detector based on secondary electr
Sub-nanosecond lifetime measurement using the recoil-distance method
A pulsed supersonic entrainment reactor for the rational preparation of cold ion
Cu-Ni alloy nanocluster formation by ion implantation in silicate glasses: Struc
Real-space surface crystallography from ion scattering
Surface morphology of ion-beam-irradiated rutile single crystals
Nanoparticle ejection from Au induced by single Xe ion impacts
Influence of Ar+ ion irradiation on the properties of plasma polymerized acetyle
Ultradisperse powders obtained by sputtering a target with high-power nanosecond
Nanolithography technology
Palladium-microencapsulated graphite as the negative electrode in Li-ion cells
Carbon clusters
Amorphization and recrystallization of yttrium iron garnet under swift heavy ion
A new method for measuring ion clusters produced by charged particles in nanomet
Measurement of local lattice parameter in ion-implanted silicon using HOLZ lines
Transport properties of high-Tc planar Josephson junctions fabricated by nanolit
Nanometer-scale quantum channels defined by reactive ion etching in InAs/AlSb he
Simulation-based optimization of the electrodynamic ion funnel for high sensitiv
Modification of semiconductors with proton beams. A review
Microstructural observation of a composite film of c-BN and h-BN phases
Electron delocalization in amorphous carbon by ion implantation
Photo-enhanced magnetoresistance effect in GaAs with nanoscale magnetic clusters
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of ion beam sputter deposited calcium
The current situation and development trend in research of ion-implantation in g
X-ray and luminescent analysis of finely dispersed β-FeSi2 films formed in
Cluster-size distribution effects in laser-cluster interaction experiments
Effect of cycling on the magnetization on ion exchanged magnetic nanocomposite b
Analysis of nitrogen ion beam produced in dense plasma focus device using Farada
Metastable phases formed in the immiscible Co-Ag system by ion mixing
A novel route of synthesis of aluminium nano-aggregates: an ion beam modificatio
Infrared emission from Si implanted with high Er concentration
Laser and thermal modification of silver-ion implanted glasses
On the fragment ion angular distributions arising from the tetrahedral molecule
Analysis of nanometer structure in Ti implanted polymers
Influence of nanostructure on electrical and mechanical properties for Cu implan
Formation and properties of nanometer Er-doped Si-based thin film materials
Electron transport across fractal-like nanocrystalline clusters in N+ ion-beam i
Electrical transport studies of Ag nanoclusters embedded in glass matrix
Formation and behavior of ceramic layer by ion-deposited Ti coating using FMEVAD
Superhard, conductive coatings for atomic force microscopy cantilevers
Ion-beam-directed self-organization of conducting nanowire arrays
Mechanical properties of ion-implanted polycarbonate
Field-ion microscope study of single-walled carbon nanotube
Characterization of atomic-size metal ion sources
Formation of boron nitride nanostructures by means of 60 keV N2+ ion beam bombar
Ion-beam-assisted deposition of CNx films
Patterning ferromagnetism in Ni80Fe20 films via Ga+ ion irradiation
Effect of the target surface temperature on the distribution of nanoparticles fo
A novel approach of photoluminescence from erbium-doped silicon-based materials
Electrical and optical response of lithium ion irradiated polyimide (Kapton)
Nanostructuring with a high current isotope separator and ion implanter
Formation and destruction of cube texture in MgO films using ion beam assisted p
Investigation of collision-induced fragmentation of laser desorbed ions using io
Formation of Al3Hf by Hf ion implantation into aluminum using a metal vapor vacu
Formation of metallic surface structures by ion etching using a S-layer template
Nanostructuring of tips for scanning probe microscopy by ion sputtering: Control
Quantum device circuits made of trapped ions
Surface roughness of diamond-like carbon films prepared using various techniques
Controlled ion-beam transformation of electrical, magnetic, and optical material
Annealing of europium-implanted silicon by nanosecond ion-beam pulses
Latest progress in secondary ion mass spectroscopy
Interaction of high-power laser pulses with glasses containing implanted metalli
Localized charge injection in SiO2 films containing silicon nanocrystals
Ion-beam sculpting at nanometre length scales
Pulsed power technology and its applications at extreme Energy-Density Research
Internal electric field formation in insulators under high-flux negative-ion imp
High-current heavy-ion accelerator system and its application to material modifi
Dewetting and nanopattern formation of thin Pt films on SiO2 induced by ion beam
Controlled synthesis of CdS nanoparticles inside ordered mesoporous silica using
Deep submicron microcontact printing on planar and curved substrates utilizing f
Crosslinking of polydimethylsiloxane in heavy ion tracks
Growth of palladium nanocrystallites induced by hydrogen-ion irradiation at low
Deep reactive ion etching: a promising technology for micro- and nanosatellites
Highly charged ions
Studies of low-energy electron attachment at surfaces
Sharp photoluminescence of CdS nanocrystals in Al2O3 matrices formed by sequenti
Self-organized Cu-Ag nanocomposites synthesized by intermediate temperature ion-
Spontaneous nanoscale corrugation of ion-eroded SiO2: the role of ion-irradiatio
Insertion of lithium ions into carbon nanotubes: an ab initio study
Low-temperature oxidation of CoCu films with long-term irradiation by oxygen ion
Investigation of TiC thin films synthesised by low energy IBAD from electron eva
Nanocrystals of c-diamond, n-diamond and i-carbon grown in carbon-ion implanted
Vacuum electric discharge initiated by accelerated nanoparticles
Deformation behavior of ion-beam-modified GaN
Formation of hardened surface layers in titanium under irradiation with intense
Interaction of ions and molecules with surface modes in cylindrical channels in
Large enhancement of the third-order optical susceptibility in Cu-silica composi
Ion-beam-assisted nanocrystal formation in silicon implanted with high doses of
Cerium doped soda-lime-silicate glasses: effects of silver ion-exchange on optic
Effect of a laser beam focus position on ion emission from plasmas produced by p
Theoretical study of magnetic pattern replication by He+ ion irradiation through
Ion formation upon water excitation by IR laser radiation in the range of OH str
Single-electron transistors operating at room temperature, fabricated utilizing
Molecular dynamics simulations of a K channel model: sensitivity to changes in i
Nanostructured CoSi2 layers formed on Si with high density Co+ ion beams
Irradiation induced dissolution of Cu and growth of Ag nanoclusters in Cu/Ag ion
Two stages in the kinetics of gold cluster growth in ion-implanted silica during
3-D-focused ion beam mapping of nanoindentation zones in a Cu-Ti multilayered co
Defect production and annealing in ion-irradiated Si nanocrystals
Establishing an accurate depth-scale calibration in the top few nanometers of an
Weak coercivity dispersion in magnetic nanostructures fabricated by ion irradiat
Mechanisms involved in the formation of onionlike carbon nanostructures synthesi
Photoconductivity of nanostructured hydrogenated silicon films
Optical absorption study of 100-MeV chlorine ion-irradiated hydroxyl-free ZnO se
Patterned silver nanoparticle films by an ion complexation process in thermally
Ion beam-induced enhanced adhesion of gold films deposited on glass
Nanostructuring surfaces by ion sputtering
Nanodimensional changes in the structure of ion-irradiated silicon crystals at a
Energy-dependent wavelength of the ion-induced nanoscale ripple
Effect of ion implantation on corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidatio
A new process for removal of catalyst in carbon nanotube grown by hot-filament c
XPS study of ion-beam-assisted formation of Si nanostructures in thin SiO2 layer
In situ X-ray scattering study of Ag(110) nanostructuring by ion erosion
How nanocavities in amorphous Si shrink under ion beam irradiation: An in situ s
Oxygen beam SIMS depth profiling of Si1-xGex layers: transient processes
Research progress on electrochemical energy storage with carbon nano-tubes
The nano-structure and properties of Ag-implanted PET
Coarsening dynamics and surface instability during ion-beam-assisted growth of a
Nano-scale copper-coated graphite as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Transmission of 3 keV Ne7+ ions through nanocapillaries etched in polymer foils:
Characterization of a high-intensity bipolar-mode pulsed ion source for surface
Structure and defects of vapor-phase-grown diamond nanocrystals
High concentration erbium doping of silicon-rich SiO2 thin films on silicon
Micromechanical properties of carbon nitride films deposited by radio-frequency-
Structure and magnetic properties of Co nanoclusters fabricated by ion beam synt
Direct observation of defect-mediated cluster nucleation
Field-ion microscopy observation of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Formation of oriented nanocrystals in an amorphous alloy by focused-ion-beam irr
Density estimation for amorphous carbon nanopillars grown by focused ion beam as
Formation of metallic nanoparticles in silicate glass through ion implantation
Surface property and enhancement mechanism of blue-light emission of ion injecti
Manipulation of ordered layered structures by interface-assisted ion-beam mixing
Influence of high-energy Si+ ion irradiation on microstructure and mechanical pr
Scanning force microscopy of heavy-ion induced damage in lanthanum fluoride sing
Coating hardness effect on the critical number of friction cycles for wear parti
Nanocrystallization of pure titanium surface by intense pulsed ion beam irradiat
Formation of a nano-emitter for electron field emission on a liquid metal ion so
Comparative study of as-implanted and pre-damaged ion-beam-synthesized ZnS nanoc
Laser annealing of metal-dielectric nanocomposites formed by ion implantation
Fabrication of magnetic dot arrays by ion beam induced chemical vapor deposition
Fractal pattern growth in Ti-implanted steel with high ion flux
Laser annealing of SiO2 glass with copper nanoparticles
The effects of MEVVA ion implantation on the tribological properties of PVD-TiN
NanoSIMS perspectives for nuclear astrophysics
Improvement of Ta-based thin film barriers on copper by ion implantation of nitr
Directional CdS nanowires fabricated by chemical bath deposition
Optical and structural properties of encapsulated Si nanocrystals formed in SiO2
Specular spin-valve films with an FeCo nano-oxide layer by ion-assisted oxidatio
A novel method to achieve 1.54 μm light emission from silica thin films
Copper nanoparticles synthesized in sapphire by ion implantation
Cluster ion control by simultaneous irradiations of femtosecond laser and nanose
C60 encapsulation inside single-walled carbon nanotubes using alkali-fullerene p
Enhanced ionic conductivity and mesoscopic size effects in heterostructures of B
Thermodynamic aspects and morphology of nano-structured ion conductors. Aspects
Optimum silicon ion dose for 1540 nm photoluminescence from erbium-doped silica
A study on phase transition in Mo implanted steel during annealing
Electron-stimulated ion and neutral desorption from D2O adsorbed on rare-gas-sol
Field ion microscopy of multiwall carbon nanotubes: observation of pentagons and
Peculiarities of neutron scattering by order-disorder antiferroelectrics
Characterization of nano-oxide layers fabricated by ion beam oxidation
Erosion of the field emitter surface exposed to low-energy ions
Ion dynamics in laser ablation plumes from selected metals at 355 nm
The effects of C ion implantation on the near surface microstructure and propert
Studies of plasma and craters produced by the interaction of high-energy sub-nan
Ion projection sensitized selective Cu electroplating on uncoated p-Si
Nanocrystalline zirconia can be amorphized by ion irradiation
Semiconductors for optical memories
Ion-irradiation-induced welding of carbon nanotubes
Depth profile analysis of welding fume micro- and nanoparticles
Current density profile extraction of focused ion beams based on atomic force mi
Rectification and voltage gating of ion currents in a nanofabricated pore
Carbon nanotubes as masks against ion irradiation: an insight from atomistic sim
Integrating micro- and nanoelectrodes into atomic force microscopy cantilevers u
Ultrahigh-density, nonlithographic, sub-100 nm pattern transfer by ion implantat
Evolution of structural order in germanium ion-implanted amorphous silicon layer
Nanosize cobalt oxides as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Production of defects in supported carbon nanotubes under ion irradiation
Nanoscale fabrication using single-ion impacts
Fabrication of a synthetic nanopore ion pump
Evolution of tungsten film deposition induced by focused ion beam
Selective electrodeposition of Cu nanostructures on focused ion beam sensitized
Silver as a sensitizer for erbium
The performance of a novel ion-counting nanodosimeter
Effect of ion energy on degradation of diamond-like carbon films exposed to high
Diffusion charging of aerosol nanoparticles with an excess of bipolar ions
Investigation of cobalt oxides as anode materials for Li-ion batteries
Quantitative three-dimensional reconstruction of geometrically complex structure
Nanomechanical properties of energetically treated polyethylene surfaces
Ten nanometer surface intrusions in room-temperature silicon
XPS analysis of FIB-milled Si
Scanning the controls: genomics and nanotechnology
Synthesis and characterization of Eu-doped cadmium selenide nanocrystals
Structure and ionic interactions of organic-inorganic composite polymer electrol
Direct observation of magnetization switching in focused-ion-beam-fabricated mag
Computer simulation of PEO/layered-silicate nanocomposites: 2. Lithium dynamics
Self-organized nanodot formation on MgO(100) by ion bombardment at high temperat
Large fluorocarbon ions can contribute to film growth during plasma etching of s
Patterning of nanometer-scale silicide structures on silicon by direct writing f
Burrowing of Pt nanoparticles into SiO2 during ion-beam irradiation
X-ray optics fabricated by deep reactive ion etching (invited)
Fabrication of nanomagnetic probes via focused ion beam etching and deposition
Quantum computing with quantum dots on quantum linear supports
Growing ultracold sodium clusters by using helium nanodroplets
Ion-beam sculpting time scales
Surface analysis by secondary-ion mass spectroscopy during etching with gas-clus
Microstructural evolution and nanocrystal formation in Pb+-implanted ZrSiO4 sing
Ultrarapid nanostructuring of poly(methylmethacrylate) films using Ga+ focused i
Electrolytic transport in modified carbon nanotubes
What caliber pore is like a pipe? Nanotubes as modulators of ionic gradients
Evolution of morphology in nanocrystalline thin films during ion irradiation
Patterning damage in narrow trackwidth spin-valve sensors
Ion-induced chemical vapor deposition of copper films with nanocellular microstr
Formation of a self-assembled Cu-γ-Al2O3 nanocomposite
Solid state quantum computer development in silicon with single ion implantation
Transmission electron microscopy sample preparation of tin oxide nanowire sensor
Formation of nanoscale voids and related metallic impurity gettering in high-ene
Chamber transport of foot pulses for heavy-ion fusion
Molecular simulations of ion exchange in NaA zeolite membranes
Ion transport in silica nanocomposite electrolytes
Ion concentrations and velocity profiles in nanochannel electroosmotic flows
High intensity perrhenate anion (ReO4-) emitters
Resolution improvement for a maskless microion beam reduction lithography system
Formation of a few nanometer wide holes in membranes with a dual beam focused io
Computational simulation of lithium ion transport through polymer nanocomposite
Probing nanoenvironments of peptide molecules on solid surfaces by highly charge
A technique for producing ordered arrays of metallic nanoclusters by electroless
Preparation of atomically clean and flat Si(100) surfaces by low-energy ion sput
Tailoring structure and electrical properties of carbon nanotubes using kilo-ele
Micro/nanomachining of polymer surface for promoting osteoblast cell adhesion
Atomic-level study of ion-induced nanoscale disordered domains in silicon carbid
Source of heavy molecular ions based on Taylor cones of ionic liquids operating
FIB processing of silicon in the nanoscale regime
Effective diffusivity of nanoscale ion-water clusters within ion-exchange membra
Lateral control of self-assembled island nucleation by focused-ion-beam micropat
Micro/nano machining of polymeric substrates by ion beam techniques
Effect of multivalent ions on electroosmotic flow in micro- and nanochannels
Nanoparticle formation induced by low-energy ion bombardment of island thin film
Microstructure and silver nanoparticles in ion-exchanged and deformed soda-lime
Mega-electron-volt ion beam induced anisotropic plasmon resonance of silver nano
Enhanced dynamic annealing in Ga+ ion-implanted GaN nanowires
Nanoscopic surface modification by slow ion bombardment
Energetics of surface atomic processes and effects on growth of ultrathin films
High-speed focused-ion-beam patterning for guiding the growth of anodic alumina
Optical spectroscopy of silver ion-exchanged As-doped glass
Compositional alteration of polyimide under high fluence implantation by Co+ and
Annealing-induced metallic core-shell clusterization in soda-lime glass: an opti
Effect of substrate bias on the structure and properties of ion-plated ZrN on Si
Siwy and Fulinski reply
Ion size effects on the electrokinetic flow in nanoporous membranes caused by co
Ion beam modification of surface properties of polyethylene
Interconnected nanowire clusters in polyimide for flexible circuits and magnetic
Swift heavy ion induced growth of nanocrystalline silicon in silicon oxide
Nanoengineered polyelectrolyte micro- and nano-capsules as fluorescent potassium
Focused ion beam induced surface amorphization and sputter processes
Degradation mechanisms in a dye-sensitized solar cell studied by UV-VIS and IR s
Selective area growth of aligned carbon nanotubes by ion beam surface modificati
Application of time-sliced ion velocity imaging to crossed molecular beam experi
Blue shift of plasmon resonance in Cu and Ag ion-exchanged and annealed soda-lim
Nanoscale self-affine surface smoothing by ion bombardment
Laser-induced fluorescence/ion trap as a detector for mass spectrometric analysi
Swift heavy ion induced modification of C60 thin films
Photoluminescence of embedded copper nanoclusters in soda-lime glass
Structural investigation of keV Ar-ion-induced surface ripples in Si by cross-se
Optimum tribological improvement of aluminum using oxygen plasma source ion impl
Crater formation in gold nanoislands due to MeV self-ion irradiation
Effects of cobalt-ion doping on the electrochemical properties of spinel lithium
Core-shell morphology of welding fume micro- and nanoparticles
Estimating substrate temperature from the character of the field-ion image of an
Time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry study of silicon nanoclusters emb
Ion beam synthesis of superconducting MgB2 thin films
Effect of the powerful proton-carbon beam on the metallic film-dielectric substr
Nanostructuring of solid surfaces by ion-beam erosion
Laser ion beam formation for nanotechnologies
Chemical- or radiation-assisted selective dealloying in bimetallic nanoclusters
Magic-size GeSi and Si nanocrystals created by ion bombardment of hexagonal SiC;
Quantum confinement in CdSe-nanocrystallites synthesized by ion implantation
Nanoscale effects in focused ion beam processing
Defect chemistry and ion transport in nanostructured materials. Part II. Aspects
Copper nanowires electrodeposited in etched single-ion track templates
The effects of ion irradiation on the evolution of the carrier of the 3.4 micron
Ag+-Na+ ion exchange from dilute melt: guidelines for planar waveguide fabricati
Advanced apparatus for combinatorial synthesis of buried II-VI nanocrystals by i
Effect of ion energy and dose on the positioning of 2D-arrays of Si nanocrystals
FIB process takes materials analysis into new realms
An irradiation facility for in-vacuum heavy-ion irradiation of large area superc
Nanostructure transfer in semiconductors by ion exchange
Formation of cubic silicon carbide layers on silicon under the action of continu
Ion beam synthesis of diamond-like carbon thin films containing copper nanocryst
Time evolution of the local slope during Cu(110) ion sputtering
Interfaces under ion irradiation: growth and taming of nanostructures
Pseudo-periodic nanostructuring of Ag-clad BSCCO-2223 multifilamentary tapes as
Multilayer nitride coatings by closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion pla
Comparison of simple low-energy ion sources for direct deposition of submicron s
Nanostructure and properties of corrosion resistance in C+Ti multi-ion-implanted
Room-temperature electroluminescence from H-plasma-implanted silicon
Structural change induced in TiO2 by swift heavy ions and its application to thr
Preparation of diamond-like carbon films in methane by electron cyclotron resona
Preparation and alkali-metal ion extraction/insertion reactions with nanofibrous
Nano-four-point probes on microcantilever system fabricated by focused ion beam
Highly energetic nonequilibrium microstructure fabricated by ion beam manipulati
Formation of an ordered structure by ion beam manipulation and associated struct
Encapsulation of cesium inside single-walled carbon nanotubes by plasma-ion irra
Preformed sol-gel synthesis and characterization of lanthanide ion-doped yttria-
Characterization of a high-intensity unipolar-mode pulsed ion source with improv
Magnetron-type radio-frequency plasma control yielding vertically well-aligned c
Direct writing techniques in microfabrication using focused ion beams
Effect of ion impinging on the microstructure and field emission of carbon nanot
Fabrication of nanoscale Ti honeycombs by focused ion beam
Nano-structure and tribological performance for V+C dual implantation in steel
New approach to the formation mechanism of AgCl nanoparticles in a reverse micel
Cross-linked polymer nanowires with controlled shape and orientation by high ene
Ion beam charging of silicon nanoparticles in helium background gas: design of t
Structure and properties of molybdenum implanted with high-flux carbon ion
Ion distribution, defects and magnetic property of ZnMn ferrite nano particles p
Surface modification technique of structural ceramics: ion implantation-assisted
Development of three-dimensional pattern-generating system for focused-ion-beam
Synthesis and characterization of K2Ti6O13 nanowires
Anisotropic strain relaxation of Ge nanowires on Si(113) studied by medium-energ
Wear performance of ion implanted ultra high molecular weight polyethylene
Properties of implanted PET by W ion using MEVVA implantation
Chemical modification of titanium nitride films via ion implantation
Amorphous alloys synthesized by interface-assisted ion beam mixing in the Ag-W s
Comparison in spatial spreads of secondary electron information between scanning
Micro-mechanical properties of ion-plated carbon nitride thin films
Effect of ion impinging on morphology and field emission of carbon nanotubes
Transformation of semiconducting tetrahedral carbon films to semimetal nanocompo
Research status and development of carbon negative electrode materials for lithi
Ion beam milling of optically polished CaF2 surfaces
Layer morphology and Al implant profiles after annealing of supersaturated, sing
A characterization of tribological contacts with FIB and TEM
Two-step ion-exchanged waveguides splitter with low-loss
Several new ion beam doping technologies of ultra-shallow junction for nanometer
An upper limit of concentration for erbium photoluminescence from silica-based t
Low-temperature PECVD of silicon dioxide on polymeric hydrogels
Study DNA with a nanopore
Amorphous molecular junctions produced by ion irradiation on carbon nanotubes
Tailoring magnetism by light-ion irradiation
Preparation of GaN thin film and Ga2O3 nanoribbons by plasma immersion ion impla
Self-organized textured surfaces of amorphous carbon
How do nanoislands induced by ion sputtering evolve during the early stage of gr
Filtered pulsed carbon cathodic arc: plasma and amorphous carbon properties
Secondary ion mass spectrometry analysis of implanted and rapid thermal processi
Probing ion transport at the nanoscale: time-domain electrostatic force spectros
Research progress on photocatalysis of metal ion doped nano-TiO2
Template ion exchange route to nanocrystalline MIn2S4 (M=Mn, Zn)
Application of dual-beam system in material science and technology
Investigation of oxide tunnel barriers by atom probe tomography (TAP)
Multi-dot floating-gates for nonvolatile semiconductor memories: their ion beam
Field emission studies on swift heavy ion irradiated tetrahedral amorphous carbo
Sputter-depth profiling for thin-film analysis
Using FIB for materials science and failure analysis
Application of microwave plasma technology to inertial confinement fusion target
Mechanism of etching and surface relief development of PMMA under low-energy ion
Study of heavy-ion induced modifications in BaF2 and LaF3 single crystals
Decoration of swift heavy ion tracks in nickel-oxide with gold atoms
Self-organized nanoscale multilayer growth in hyperthermal ion deposition
Subwavelength-scale tailoring of surface phonon polaritons by focused ion-beam i
Focused-ion-beam-induced deposition of superconducting nanowires
Manipulation of two-dimensional arrays of Si nanocrystals embedded in thin SiO2
Hexagonal-to-cubic phase transformation in GaN nanowires by Ga+ implantation
Formation mechanism of bubbles and holes on tungsten surface with low-energy and
Focused ion beam patterning for fabrication of periodical two-dimensional zinc o
Order-disorder transition of anodic alumina nanochannel arrays grown under the g
Large area fabrication of Co particles by ion-beam-induced chemical vapor deposi
Nanostructural characterization of the dehydrated (NIPA/SA + additive ion) gels
Blueshift of yellow luminescence band in self-ion-implanted n-GaN nanowire
Focused ion beam fabrication of field-ion microscope specimens from mechanically
Nanoparticle fabrication for micro total analysis system by using ion implantati
Residual stress relaxation and property modifications of polysilicon films by io
Effects of ultra low energy nitrogen ion irradiation on carbon nanotube channel
Nanowires with finite radii formed in operating liquid metal ion sources (LMIS)
Synergistic effect of displacement damage and helium atoms on radiation hardenin
Fabrication of magnetic tunnel junction pillars with sub-micron-dimension by dua
Synthesis of carbon nanofibers by ion beam irradiation of an aromatic compound
Ultrathin channel vertical DG MOSFET fabricated by using ion-bombardment-retarde
Characteristics of nano-electrostatic actuator fabricated by focused ion beam ch
Ion transport in nanofluidic channels
Controlled fabrication of Mo-seeded Si microcones by Ar+-ion bombardment
Nanomanipulator and actuator fabrication on glass capillary by focused-ion-beam-
Nanomachining of nanocrystalline nickel by focused ion beam
Mechanical characterization of austenitic stainless steel ion irradiated under e
Nano-scratch study of pulsed laser-deposited hydroxyapatite thin films implanted
Beam study of the Si and SiO2 etching processes by energetic fluorocarbon ions
Fabrication technique for carbon nanotube single-electron transistors using focu
Characterization of nanodome on GaN nanowires formed with Ga ion irradiation
Magnetic nanodot arrays patterned by selective ion etching using block copolymer
Highly regular nanometer-sized hexagonal pipes in 6H-SiC(0001)
High energy (MeV) ion-irradiated π-conjugated polyaniline: transition from in
Accurate in depth profiling of as and P shallow implants by secondary ion mass s
Stability of nanoparticles in LiNbO3 induced by negative Cu ions and ultrafast n
Area-selective formation of Si nanocrystals by assisted ion-beam irradiation dur
Ion implantation effects of microcrystalline and nanocrystalline diamond thin fi
A simple fabrication process using focused ion beam for deep submicron magnetic
Deposition of amorphous carbon nitride thin films and their microtribological pr
Nanoimprint mold repair by Ga+ focused-ion-beam direct etching
Nanocomposite single ion conductor based on organic-inorganic hybrid
New microelectronic engraving technique: multicharged ion radiation
Room-temperature growth of a carbon nanofiber on the tip of conical carbon protr
Fabrication of nickel oxide nanoparticles in SiO2 by metal-ion implantation comb
Ultra-low emittance beam generator using coulomb crystals
Material incorporation inside single-walled carbon nanotubes using plasma-ion ir
Synthesis and properties of polystyrene-montmorillonite nanocomposites by suspen
Kinetic roughening of ion-sputtered Pd(001) surface: beyond the Kuramoto-Sivashi
Negative resist image by dry etching as a surface imaging process using focused
Design of the NANOGUN-10B ECR ion source
Ion ranges and irradiation-induced defects in multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Copper tubes prepared by electroless deposition in ion track templates
Ion current distribution on a substrate during nanostructure formation
Ion beam sputtering for progressive reduction of nanostructures dimensions
Minimalist molecular model for nanopore selectivity
Photosensitization of ion-exchangeable titanate nanotubes by CdS nanoparticles
Role of surface instabilities in mixing and oxidation mechanisms of bilayered Y/
Characterization of Ge nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 by Raman spectroscopy
Role of beam divergence and ion-to-molecule flux ratio in ion-beam-assisted depo
Microstructural analysis of the deformation range under nano-indentation in &bet
Formation of single-layered Au nanoparticles in Au ion implanted TiO2 and SrTiO3
Nanoscale cavities in ionomer membrane for the formation of nanoparticles
Kinetics of bulk point defects in the growth of nanocavities in crystalline Ge
Application of hydrocarbon plasmas for modifying near-surface characteristics of
Feedback-controlled ion beam sculpting apparatus
Synthesis of self-assembled nanoscale structures by focused ion-beam induced dep
Manganese-doped ZnO nanobelts for spintronics
Transport properties of hectorite based nanocomposite single ion conductors
The O+ density trough at 5000 km altitude in the polar cap
Nano-oxide layer formed on ruthenium of synthetic pinned-structure spin valve by
Process-property relationship of boron carbide thin films by magnetron sputterin
Focused-ion-beam-based rapid prototyping of nanoscale magnetic devices
Characteristics of alumina diffusion barrier films on Hastelloy
Nanoparticle ejection from gold during ion irradiation
An asymmetric polymer nanopore for single molecule detection
A ligand-gated ion-channel mimetic nanopore membrane with an on-board transmembr
Rapid prototyping of site-specific nanocontacts by electron and ion beam assiste
Formation and blistering of GaAsN nanostructure layers
α-synuclein: stable compact and extended monomeric structures and pH depen
Ion-enrichment and ion-depletion effect of nanochannel structures
Poly(acrylic acid)-poly(ethylene oxide) comb polymer effects on BaTiO3 nanoparti
Ion-exchange of monovalent and bivalent cations with NaA zeolite membranes: a mo
Focused ion-beam tomography
Straightening suspended single walled carbon nanotubes by ion irradiation
Ion-beam-induced sharpening of ZnO nanotips
Directed nanostructural evolution in Ti0.8Ce0.2N layers grown as a function of l
The reaction of O2 with Al(110): a medium energy ion scattering study of nano-sc
Ion-beam synthesis of epitaxial Au nanocrystals in MgO
Power-ion battery: bridging the gap between Li-ion and supercapacitor chemistrie
Titanium boron nitride films grown by ion beam assisted deposition: chemical and
Use of the focused ion beam technique to produce a sharp spherical diamond inden
Materials modification using intense ion beams
Studies of ion fluxes emitted from picosecond and nanosecond laser-produced plas
Ion-beam mixing in an immiscible Fe/Ag multilayer film
Dry etching and sputtering
Electrochemical synthesis of metallic microstructures using etched ion tracks in
High-energy structural states of the Ni3(AlCr) alloy after severe plastic deform
Ion beam induced modification of gold thin films deposited over polymers
Polyvalent oxide doped lead crystal glasses ion exchanged with silver
Surface-charge-governed ion transport in nanofluidic channels
First evidence of tyre debris characterization at the nanoscale by focused ion b
Thin film capacitor cut from single crystals using focused ion beam milling
Optical absorption of copper nanocluster composite soda-lime glass synthesized b
Ion-beam irradiation of Co/Cu nanostructures: effects on giant magnetoresistance
Structural evolution of Co/Cu nanostructures under 1 MeV ion-beam irradiation
Tandem mass spectrometry study of protonated methanol-water aggregates
Characterising and controlling surface defects
Ruby coloured lead glasses by generation of silver nanoparticles
Self-organized formation of rhomboidal nanopyramids on fcc(110) metal surfaces
Nanoscale ion-beam mixing in Au-Si and Ag-Si eutectic systems
Alkali and alkali-earth ions in 4He systems
In situ fabrication of a cross-bridge Kelvin resistor structure by focused ion b
Surface nanostructuring by implantation of cluster ions
Supported membrane nanodevices
Near-field scanning fluorescence microscopy study of ion channel clusters in car
Electrochemical synthesis of copper nanotubules in etched ion tracks in polycarb
Surface relaxation in ion-etch nanopatterning
Self-assembled molecular nanocathodes for rechargeable energy storage modules
A comprehensive study of ion track enabled high aspect ratio microstructures in
Improvement of duplex PVD coatings for HSS cutting tools by ion mixing
A study on swift heavy ion irradiated nano-crystalline Li-Mg ferrite thin film
Detection and characterization of silicon nanocrystals embedded in thin oxide la
Interface engineering for solid-state dye-sensitized nanocrystalline solar cells
π-plasmons in ion-irradiated multiwall carbon nanotubes
Fabrication and thermal annealing behavior of nanoscale ripple fabricated by foc
Evidence for complete ion-beam mixing in thermally immiscible Fe/Ag multilayers
Potential sputtering
Characterisation of TiN and TiAlN thin films deposited on ground surfaces using
Characterization of interfaces in nanoscale semiconductor devices by optimizatio
Nano-network electronic conduction in iron and nickel olivine phosphates
SIMS depth profile analysis of nanostructures
Ion-beam-induced amorphization and recrystallization in silicon
Size and site controlled Ga nanodots on GaAs seeded by focused ion beams
Molecular dynamics study of a low energy carbon ion moving in a single-wall carb
Dynamic polarization effects in ion channeling through single-wall carbon nanotu
The study of doped DLC films by Ti ion implantation
Dissolution dynamics of NaCl nanocrystal in liquid water
Aluminum ion beam surface modification of elastic metallic-plastic pads for impr
Nanofabrication and applications of focused ion beam technology
Catalytic synthesis of carbon nanotubes under ion irradiation
Optical properties and structure characterization of sapphire after Ni ion impla
Ion bombardment in a normal-gate FED
Surface morphology evolution of Si(110) by ion sputtering as a function of sampl
Comparative study of irradiation-induced and thermally induced structural phase
Strain-induced formation of K2Ti6O13 nanowires via ion exchange
Ion-sputter-induced nanodots on Si(110): ion energy dependence
Several new ion etching technologies of fabricating deep submicron/nanometer CMO
Improvement of index distributions for GRIN lens by two-step ion-exchanging meth
Preparation and structure of nanostructured Ti-Ni-O with modified low temperatur
Nanostructuring of Si(100) by normal-incident Ar+ ion sputtering at low ion flux
Bulk-quantity synthesis and conductive properties of comb-like dendritic ZnO nan
Nanocavity shrinkage and preferential amorphization during irradiation in silico
The synthesis and characterization of nanosized orthorhombic LiMnO2by in situ ox
Optical and magnetic properties of Ni/NiO nanoparticles in YSZ by metal ion impl
High temperature oxidation behavior of (Ti, Al)N coating deposited by arc ion pl
Electronic energy loss of the latent track in heavy ion-irradiated polyimide
Improvement of high-speed turning performance of Ti-Al-N coatings by using a pre
Nanostructured proton exchange membrane for fuel cell
Desorption of gold nanoclusters (2-150 nm) by 1GeV Pb ions
Heavy-ion-induced luminescence of amorphous SiO2 during nanoparticle formation
Ion-solid interactions: current status, new perspectives
Configuration of twins in glass-embedded silver nanoparticles of various origin
Focused ion beam characterization of plasma-assisted deposition on polymer films
Heavy ion irradiated ferromagnetic films: the cases of cobalt and iron
Investigation of the initial stages of defect formation in carbon nanotubes unde
Modelling of a selforganization process leading to periodic arrays of nanometric
Ion sputtered surfaces as templates for carbon nanotubes alignment and deformati
Ge/Si quantum dot nanostructures grown with low-energy ion beam-assisted epitaxy
Argon ion beam voltage in a dual ion beam sputtering system influence on the alu
Photoluminescence of Er-doped SiO2 layers containing Si nanoclusters using dual
Structural studies on ion-implanted semiconductors using X-ray synchrotron radia
Structural properties of Ge-implanted SiO2 layers and related MOS memory effects
Focused ion beam lithography for two dimensional array structures for photonic a
Focused ion beam (FIB): applications in micro- and geosciences and applied miner
Cu-alkali ion exchange in glass: a model for the copper diffusion based on XAFS
Ion beam erosion of amorphous materials: evolution of surface morphology
Formation and in situ dynamics of metallic nanoblisters in Ga+ implanted GaN nan
Surface defects in Al2O3 and MgO irradiated with high-energy heavy ions
In situ transmission electron microscopy ion irradiation studies at Orsay
Guiding of slow neon and molecular hydrogen ions through nanocapillaries in PET
Recent trends in research activity on lithium-ion batteries in Italy
Modification of materials by irradiation of heavy ions with energies from keV to
Photoluminescence and the Raman scattering in porous GaSb produced by ion implan
Magnetic response of magnetic ion-doped nanocrystals: effects of single Mn2+ imp
Focused ion beam-based fabrication of nanostructured photonic devices
Morphological and elemental characterisation with the high-energy ion-nanoprobe
Growth of heavy ion-induced nanodots at the SiO2-Si interface: Correlation with
Measuring fracture toughness of coatings using focused-ion-beam-machined microbe
Mechanism of nanoblister formation in Ga+ self-ion implanted GaN nanowires
Vibrational spectroscopy study of Ar+-ion irradiated Si-rich oxide films grown b
Ion exchanges in apatites for biomedical applications
Formation of nanosized intermetallic phases upon high-intensity implantation of
Deposition of indium tin oxide thin films by cathodic arc ion plating
The formation of silicon nanocrystals in SiO2 Layers by the implantation of Si i
Characterization of nanolayers by sputter depth profiling
Ideally ordered 10 nm channel arrays grown by anodization of focused-ion-beam pa
Nanostructuring lithium niobate substrates by focused ion beam milling
Combinatorial ion beam synthesis of semiconductor nanoclusters
Rectifying nanohomo contacts of W-Ga-C composite pad and nanowire fabricated by
Cylindrical nanopores in NiO induced by swift heavy ions
Structure and property features of the catalyst-assisted carbon nanostructures o
High energy ion beam irradiation of polymers for electronic applications
Experimental study and computer Simulations of the implantation of laser plasma
Ion microprobe (NanoSIMS 50) Pb-isotope geochronology at 5μm scale
Nanostructured films of vanadium borides
Nonlinear stability analyses of pattern formation on solid surfaces during ion-s
Strong mass effect on ion-beam mixing in metal bilayers: A ballistic picture
Effect of ambipolar fluxes on nanoparticle charging in low-pressure glow dischar
Replicating nanostructures on silicon by low-energy ion beams
Ion channels - estimation and control at macroscopic and nano scales
Thin film resists for registration of single-ion impacts
Single atom Si nanoelectronics using controlled single-ion implantation
The mechanism of the ion beam inhibited etching formation in Gallium-FIB implant
Investigation of metal-oligonucleotide complexes by nanoelectrospray tandem mass
Lock in of magnetic stripe domains to pinning lattices produced by focused ion-b
Synthesis and characterization of ion-crafted nano/micro field ion emitters
Three computational methods for studying permeation, selectivity and dynamics in
Brownian dynamics Simulation for modeling ion permeation across bionanotubes
High-energy ion-beam-induced phase separation in SiOx films
Ion-irradiation-induced preferential amorphization of Ge nanocrystals in silica
Concentration and ion-energy-independent annealing kinetics during ion-implanted
Multiwalled carbon nanotubes as apertures and conduits for energetic ions
Nonlinear optical properties of gold nanoparticles synthesized by ion implantati
Nanostructuring by energetic ion beams
Conducting Ni nanoparticles in an ion-modified polymer
Size saturation in low energy ion beam synthesized Au nanoclusters and their siz
Microstructural and electrochromic characteristics of electrodeposited and annea
A molecular dynamics study of the clustering of implanted potassium in multiwall
Macrochannelling: Characterisation of nano-structures by ion beam analysis
Luminescence from Si nanocrystal grown in fused silica using keV and MeV beam
Nitrogen ion implantation on stainless steel: AFM study of surface modification
Effects of energetic species during the growth of nitrogenated amorphous carbon
Novel structured mixed ionic and electronic conducting cathodes of solid oxide f
Micro- and nanostructures for cryoelectronics
Simulation of guiding of highly charged projectiles through insulating nanocapil
Fabrication of a free standing resolution standard for focusing MeV ion beams to
Heavy ion induced damage in NaCl and KCl crystals
Ion-beam formation of nanopores and nanoclusters in SiO2
Calcium ion-selective electrodes under galvanostatic current control
Nanomixing: a way to synthesize surface nanoalloys
A review on new solutions, new measurements procedures and new materials for rec
Ion synthesis of copper nanoparticles in sapphire and their modification by high
Ion irradiation induced surface modification studies of polymers using SPM
Channeling of heavy ions through multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Microscopic ion fluxes in plasma-aided nanofabrication of ordered carbon nanotip
Synthesis and characterization of polyethylene-based ionomer nanocomposites
Controlled synthesis of Cu nanoparticles in fused silica and BK7 glasses using i
Diffraction grating couplers milled in Si3N4 rib waveguides with a focused ion b
Scanning spreading resistance microscopy of two-dimensional diffusion of boron i
Development of 1mA cluster ion beam source
A nanofactory by focused ion beam
GaN nanostructure fabrication by focused-ion-beam-assisted chemical vapor deposi
Optical effects in silica glass during implantation of 60keV Cu- ions
Three-dimensional high-performance nano-tools fabricated using focused-ion-beam
Ion irradiation control of ferromagnetism in (Ga,Mn)As
Diameter control of carbon nanotubes by changing the concentration of catalytic
Fabrication of versatile nanocomponents using single-crystalline Au nanoplates
TOF-SIMS analysis of ion-water interactions
The influence of secondary ion beam irradiation on the formation of Si nanocryst
Effects of ion bombardment on carbon nanotube formation in strongly magnetized g
Formation of nanoislands on conducting poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) irradia
Development of a sub-micron processing method with ion implantation
Analysis method of microstructures with focused ion beam and transmission electr
Dye-sensitized solar cells using nanocomposite ion-gel
Electronic structure modification of ZnO and Al-doped ZnO films by ions
Delta layer formation of silver nanoparticles in thin silicon dioxide film by ne
High-fluence implantation of negative metal ions into polymers for surface modif
Investigation of nanoprotrusion induced by isolated impact of Ar cluster ion bea
Depth profile analysis of the structure and composition of a metal-implanted pol
Fabrication of submicron- or nano-sized mesa electrodes via AFM oxidation: Appli
Nanometer-scale mapping of local work function with a photon-assisted STM techni
Formation of nanowires based on π-conjugated polymers by high-energy ion beam
Resolution in new nanofabrication technique combining electron-beam-induced depo
Carbon multiprobes with nanosprings integrated on Si cantilever using focused-io
SPM observation of nano-dots induced by slow highly charged ions
Molecular dynamics simulations of sequential cluster ion impacts
Blue light emission from ultrafine nanosized powder of silicon produced by inten
Control of nano-step structures on sapphire wafer surface by focused ion beam pr
Fabrication of 3-D microstructures with a catalytic surface composed of an ion-i
GaN nanodot fabrication by implant source growth
Formation of Cu precipitates by ion implantation and thermal annealing for the g
Effect of ion beam energy and polymer weight on the thickness of nanowires produ
Change in mechanical properties of ion-irradiated ceramics studied by nanoindent
Topography evolution of Si (001) substrate fabricated by Ar+ ion beam sputter-et
Nanofabrication of InGaAsP periodic 2D columns with square and hexagonal lattice
Precipitation of C, Si and metals nanoparticles in silicon-based gels induced by
2D formation of Au nanoparticles in silicon dioxide film by negative-ion implant
Chemical modification and the attending surface hardness of low alloy steel thro
Photonic crystals of titanium dioxide fabricated by swift heavy ions
Nanostructures under the microscope
Ion-nanotube terahertz oscillator
Nanostructure formation during ion-assisted growth of GaN by molecular beam epit
Highly conductive nanolayers on strontium titanate produced by preferential ion-
Fabrication of contact electrodes in Si for nanoelectronic devices using ion imp
Optical gain in different silicon nanocrystal systems
Temperature and fluence effects on the evolution of regular surface morphologies
Irradiation-induced magnetism in carbon nanostructures
Fragmentation of HCN in optically selected mass spectrometry: nonthermal ion coo
Nanometer patterning with ice
MeV ion beam induced change in the linear optical properties of MgO
Nanostructured electrodes
Carbon nanowires made on diamond surface by focused ion beam
Matrix-seeded growth of nitride semiconductor nanostructures using ion beams
Rapid detection and identification of bacteria: sensing of phage-triggered ion c
Plasma hydrogenation of strained Si/SiGe/Si heterostructure for layer transfer w
Direct electrodeposition of nanoscale solid polymer electrolytes via electropoly
Spin-resolved magnetic studies of focused ion beam etched nano-sized magnetic st
Heavy metal phosphate nanophases in silica: influence of radiolysis probed via f
Transient topographies of ion patterned Si(111)
The effects of ion irradiation on porous silicon photoluminescence
Synthesis of nearly monodisperse embedded nanoparticles by separating nucleation
Effects of heavy ion exposure on nanocrystal nonvolatile memory
Focused-ion-beam-fabricated nanoscale magnetoresistive ballistic sensors
Science and technology with nuclear tracks in solids
Atomistic simulation of KCl transport in charged silicon nanochannels: Interfaci
Lateral templating of self-organized ripple morphologies during focused ion beam
Debris characterization and mitigation from microscopic laser-plasma tin-doped d
Conductance of ion channels and nanopores with charged walls: a toy model
Geometry and magnetism of L10 nanostructures
Direct measurement of curvature-dependent ion etching of GaN
Ion-beam-induced nanosmoothening and conductivity enhancement in ultrathin metal
Catalysts by solid-state ion exchange: Iron in zeolite
Laser interferometry of flexural waves excited in thin rods by a nanosecond high
Papers based on the engineering foundation conference on ordered molecular and n
Lateral damage extension during masked ion implantation into GaAs
The modification of mechanical properties and adhesion of boron carbide sputtere
Predicting the relative toxicity of metal ions using ion characteristics: Microt
Microstructure and tribology of TiB2 and TiB2/TiN double-layer coatings
A segmented Faraday cup for two-dimensional representation of the current distri
Investigation of thin-film transistors using a combination of focused ion beam e
Electron transfer reactions and mobile holes in radiolysis of squalane. Time-res
Photoinduced electron transfer from enol silyl ethers to quinone .2. Direct obse
Nanofiltration benefit for production of spray-dried demineralized whey powder.
Utilization of nano-space-preparation, properties and application to electrochem
Optical response from the ultraviolet to the far infrared and atomic force micro
Manufacturing of nanometer structures in YBa2Cu3O7 thin films using a carbon bas