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In-situ fabrication of tungsten nanocrystal encapsulated carbon ball in TEM
Dipole moment and spectroscopy of wurtzite CdSe nanocrystal colloids
Analysis of the structure and thermal effect of PZT nanocrystal powders prepared
Theoretical NEXAFS study on unoccupied band of crystal and nanocrystal silicon
Single-electron transistor made from a cadmium selenide nanocrystal
Parallel Processing of Nanocrystal Colloids: Light-Directed Assembly and Simple
Electrical studies of semiconductor-nanocrystal colloids
Potentiostatic modulation of the direction of light-induced electron transfer in
Effect of substrate temperature on structure and composition of Si nanocrystal S
Bundling and interdigitation of adsorbed thiolate groups in self-assembled nanoc
CdS nanocrystal/chelate polymer hybrid systems: Controls of optical and morpholo
Observation of Coulomb-blockade in a field-effect transistor with silicon nanocr
Correlation between defect structures and light emission in Si-nanocrystal doped
Electrode nanomaterials self-assembled from thiolate-encapsulated gold nanocryst
High-temperature stability of passivated silver nanocrystal superlattices
Kinetics of growth of semiconductor nanocrystals in a hot amphiphile matrix
Thermodynamics of the size and shape of nanocrystals: Epitaxial Ge on Si(001)
Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse nanocrystals and close-packed nan
Heterosupramolecular chemistry: Recognition initiated and inhibited silver nanoc
Is the template of self-colloidal assemblies the only factor that controls nanoc
Effect of ion-irradiation and annealing on the luminescence of Si nanocrystals i
Noncovalent self-assembly of silver nanocrystal aggregates in solution
Paramagnetic ion-doped nanocrystal as a voltage-controlled spin filter
Nanocrystal self-assembled superlattices
Fabrication of nanocrystal tube using peptide tubule as template and its applica
Photochemical instability of CdSe nanocrystals coated by hydrophilic thiols
Photoemission spectroscopy of germanium nanocrystal films
Preparation and self-assembly of plate-like nanocrystal of PbSO4 via microemulsi
Characteristics of silicon nanocrystal floating gate memory using amorphous carb
Electrochemical and topological characterization of gold(1 1 1) | oligo(cyclohex
Direct Growth of Shape-Controlled Nanocrystals on Nanotubes via Biological Recog
Atomic force microscopy nanomanipulation of silicon nanocrystals for nanodevice
SAXS study on the microstructure of Fe2O3 nanocrystal
Preparation and characterization of nanocrystal grain TiO2 porous microspheres
Preparation of PbTiO3 nanocrystal by sol-gel hydrothermal method
The simulation of single-charging effects in the programming characteristics of
Single nanocrystal arrays on patterned poly(ethylene glycol) copolymer microstru
Charge transport in weakly coupled CoPt3 nanocrystal assemblies
Second virial coefficient measurements of dilute gold nanocrystal dispersions us
Imaging the Photoionization of Individual CdSe/CdS Core-Shell Nanocrystals on n-
Self-Assembled In2O3 Nanocrystal Chains and Nanowire Networks
Study on the photoluminescence spectroscopy of silicon nanocrystal formed by pul
Preparation and study on performance of new zinc-aluminium base corrosion-resist
Exciton interactions in CdS nanocrystal aggregates in reverse micelle
High-performance nonvolatile HfO2 nanocrystal memory
Modelling and simulation of charging and discharging processes in nanocrystal fl
Carrier transport in PbS nanocrystal conducting polymer composites
Simultaneous control of nanocrystal size and nanocrystal-nanocrystal separation
The surface energy of nanocrystals
Energy transfer dynamics of nanocrystal-polymer composites
On the calculation of the surface free energy of nanocrystals
The variation of surface pressure in a nanocrystal as a function of temperature
The effect of nanocrystal surface structure on the luminescence properties: Phot
Unusual room-temperature compressive plasticity in nanocrystal-toughened bulk co
Synthesis of lead chalcogenide nanocrystals by sequential ion implantation in si
Hexagonal ferrite: Macro-nanocrystal transitions
Nickel nanocrystal formation on HfO2 dielectric for nonvolatile memory device ap
Traps in germanium nanocrystal memory and effect on charge retention: Modeling a
Magnetic-field-directed growth of CoPt3 nanocrystal microwires
Optoelectronic properties of polymer-nanocrystal composites active at near-infra
Analysis of charge transport in arrays of 28 kDa nanocrystal gold molecules
Electrochemical coding for multiplexed immunoassays of proteins
Enhanced radiative emission rate and quantum efficiency in coupled silicon nanoc
Asymmetric electric field enhancement in nanocrystal memories
Variation of cadmium sulfide nanoparticle size and photoluminescence intensity w
Applied physics: PbSe nanocrystal solids for n- and p-channel thin film field-ef
Enhanced infusion of gold nanocrystals into mesoporous silica with supercritical
Low temperature fabrication of diamond films with nanocrystal seeding
Analysis of nanocrystal development in Al-Y-Fe and Al-Sm glasses
Appearance of resistance minimum in nanocrystalline films prepared by gas deposi
Improved efficiencies in light emitting diodes made with CdSe(CdS) core/shell ty
Dielectric dispersion measurements of CdSe nanocrystal colloids: observation of
Size dependence of structural metastability in semiconductor nanocrystals
A single-electron transistor made from a cadmium selenide nanocrystal
Nanosuperconductor YBa2Cu3Oy
Synthesis of germanium nanocrystals in SiO2
Structural analysis of self-assembling nanocrystal superlattices
Electronic structure of passivated Au38(SCH3)24 nanocrystal
Specific features in low-frequency vibrations of nanocrystals in fluorophosphate
Study of corrosion resistance and microstructure of the 0.45 wt% C steel modifie
Dielectric properties and potential applications of nanocrystal networks
Wannier function analysis of InP nanocrystals under pressure
Two limits of melting temperatures of nanocrystals
Raman characterization of germanium nanocrystals in amorphous silicon oxide film
Small-angle X-ray-scattering study of silver-nanocrystal disorder-order phase tr
Exciton-erbium interactions in Si nanocrystal-doped SiO2
Preparation and characterization of rare earth activators doped nanocrystal phos
CdS and CdSe semiconductor nanocrystal doped glasses and their application in fi
Heat flow through an insulating nanocrystal
Nanocrystal-size control of electrodeposited nanocrystalline semiconductor films
Optical gain and stimulated emission in nanocrystal quantum dots
Strong exciton-erbium coupling in Si nanocrystal-doped SiO2
Evidence for spinodal phase separation in two dimensional nanocrystal self assem
Size dependence of second harmonic generation in CdSe nanocrystal quantum dots
Simulation of electron storage in Ge/Si hetero-nanocrystal memory
Three-dimensional simulation of nanocrystal Flash memories
Strain effect in large silicon nanocrystal quantum dots
Formation of long-range-ordered nanocrystal superlattices on silicon nitride sub
Synthesis and characterization of aerosol silicon nanocrystal nonvolatile floati
Wavelength dependence of laser-induced phase transformations in semiconductor qu
Electronic transport in metal nanocrystal arrays: the effect of structural disor
Electrochromic nanocrystal quantum dots
Nanocrystal arrested precipitation in supercritical carbon dioxide
Effect of hydrogen on the photoluminescence of Si nanocrystals embedded in a SiO
Photoluminescence characteristics of neodymium oxide nanocrystal/titania/ormosil
Effect of particle size on the photoluminescence from hydrogen passivated Si nan
Temperature-dependent electron transport through silver nanocrystal superlattice
Probabilities for dopant pair-state formation in a nanocrystal: Simulations and
Microstructural and photoluminescence studies of germanium nanocrystals in amorp
Melting temperature, Brillouin shift, and density of states of nanocrystals
Electronic structure of a KCl nanocrystal with an edge dislocation
Fragmentation, rings and coarsening: structure and transformations of nanocrysta
Synthesis and characterization of high-efficiency nanocrystal up-conversion phos
Cathodoluminescence and photoluminescence of nanocrystal phosphors
Organization of matter on different size scales: monodisperse nanocrystals and t
Control over exciton confinement versus separation in composite films of polyflu
Noncovalent self-assembly of silver and gold nanocrystal aggregates in solution
Finite element analysis of CoSi2 nanocrystals on Si(001)
Depth profiling of Si nanocrystals in Si-implanted SiO2 films by spectroscopic e
Conjugation of DNA to silanized colloidal semiconductor nanocrystalline quantum
Nanocrystal nonvolatile memory devices
On the absorption cross section of CdSe nanocrystal quantum dots
Molecular weight, osmotic second virial coefficient, and extinction coefficient
Gas-liquid-solid phase transition model for two-dimensional nanocrystal self-ass
Remote electronic control of DNA hybridization through inductive coupling to an
Metal nanocrystal memories-part II: electrical characteristics
Effects of crystallographic orientations on the charging time in silicon nanocry
Face-centered cubic and hexagonal closed-packed nanocrystal superlattices of gol
Controlling the morphology of nanocrystal-polymer composites for solar cells
Fast voltammetric and electrochromic response of semiconductor nanocrystal thin
Non-volatile nano-crystal computer memories
Hybrid silicon nanocrystal silicon nitride dynamic random access memory
Impact of crystal size and tunnel dielectric on semiconductor nanocrystal memory
N-type conducting CdSe nanocrystal solids
Ellipsometric study of silicon nanocrystal optical constants
Interface models for the photochromism and thermochromism of glasses with nanocr
Photoluminescent properties of ZnS:Mn nanocrystals prepared in inhomogeneous sys
Formation of the charge-transfer exciton in 1,3,5-triphenyl-2-pyrazoline nanocry
Modeling photoinduced fluorescence enhancement in semiconductor nanocrystal arra
Solvothermal synthesis of the ternary semiconductor AInS2 (A=Na,K) nanocrystal a
Synthesis and characteristics of ZnSe one-dimension nanocrystals
Magnetic relaxation of diluted and self-assembled cobalt nanocrystals
Charge transfer mechanism in hybrid bulk heterojunction composites
The study on mechanism of ultraviolet laser emission at room temperature from na
Synthesis and structural characteristics of high-quality tetrapodlike ZnO nanocr
Charge transfer efficiency in hybrid bulk heterojunction composites
Formation mechanism of diamond nanocrystal from catalysed carbon black
Preservation dose of helium-implanted in nanocrystal titanium films
Monte Carlo simulation of single-electron nanocrystal memories
Application of a microfluidic reaction system for CdSe nanocrystal preparation:
Van der Waals versus dipolar forces controlling mesoscopic organizations of magn
Synthesis of CdSe magic-sized nanocluster and its effect on nanocrystal preparat
Distribution of Eu3+ ions in LaPO4 nanocrystals
Insulator-to-metal transition in nanocrystal assemblies driven by in situ mild t
Charge transport in a CoPt3 nanocrystal microwire
Dynamical self-assembly of nanocrystal Superlattices during colloidal droplet ev
GaInP2 overgrowth and passivation of colloidal InP nanocrystals using metalorgan
Self-assembly of ordered, robust, three-dimensional gold nanocrystal/silica arra
Controlled electrophoretic deposition of smooth and robust films of CdSe nanocry
Inverse opal nanocrystal superlattice films
A TEM analysis of nanoparticulates in a polar ice core
Electron irradiation effects on nanocrystal quantum dots used in bio-sensing app
Radiative lifetime of excitons in ZnO nanocrystals: the dead-layer effect
Fabrication and optical properties of polymeric waveguides containing nanocrysta
Silicon nanocrystal based memory devices for NVM and DRAM applications
Assembly and transport of nanocrystal CdSe quantum dot nanocomposites using micr
The effect of annealing environment on the luminescence of silicon nanocrystals
Strength and wear resistance of nanocrystal structures on friction surfaces of s
Improving floating-gate memory reliability by nanocrystal storage and pulsed tun
Preparation of CdTe nanocrystal-polymer composite micro-spheres in aqueous solut
Multilevel charge storage in silicon nanocrystal multilayers
Growth of In2O3 nanocrystal chains by a vapor transport and condensation method
Hollow nanostructures based on the Kirkendall effect: design and stability consi
Two-dimensionally-patterned silicon nanocrystal arrays
Nanocrystallization of ferroelectric strontium bismuth vanadium niobate in lithi
Calculated structural and electronic interactions of the ruthenium dye N3 with a
A new approach to the synthesis of nanocrystal conjugated polymer composites
In situ growth of Indium nanocrystals on InP nanorods mediated by electron beam
Optical gain at 1.5 μm in nanocrystal Si-sensitized Er-doped silica waveguide
Simulation of a cobalt silicide/Si hetero-nanocrystal memory
Local charge transport in two-dimensional PbSe nanocrystal arrays studied by ele
Nanocrystal-powered nanomotor
Doping semiconductor nanocrystals
Efficient polymer-nanocrystal quantum-dot photodetectors
Probing the size and density of silicon nanocrystals in nanocrystal memory devic
Effects of heavy ion exposure on nanocrystal nonvolatile memory
Nickel nanocrystal formation on HfO2 dielectric for nonvolatile memory device ap
Enhanced radiative emission rate quantum efficiency in coupled silicon nanocryst
Influence of silicon nanocrystal size and density on the performance of non-vola