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Atomistic calculations of hydrogen loading in palladium
Atomistic calculations of hydrogen loading in palladium
Chemical synthesis and characterization of nano-crystalline palladium oxide
Microstructure, microhardness and magnetic susceptibility of submicrocrystalline
Comparisons between cationic polyelectrolytes and nonionic polymers for the prot
ESR study on palladium nanoparticles
Preparation and formation mechanism of silica-encapsulated palladium particles b
In situ scanning tunneling microscopy studies of nanometer size palladium partic
Formation and decomposition of palladium hydride particles
Adsorption of polymer-protected palladium nanoparticles on polyacrylamide gel an
Characterization of palladium nanoparticles protected with polymer as hydrogenat
Palladium nanocatalysts protected by polyacids
Adsorption of polymer-protected palladium nanoparticles on polystyrene gel and t
Formation and decomposition of palladium hydride particles imaging pictures on t
Structuring and catalytic activity of palladium thin layers deposited on the Ni(
Application of porous silicon in the membrane methane sensors
Electroactive polymer-SiO2 nanocomposites for metal uptake
Deposition of palladium inside straight mesopores of anodic alumina tube and its
Foils, films, and nanostructured surfaces: A comparative XPS and AFM study of mo
Nanoheterogeneous electrocatalysts fabricated by palladizing of platinum
Detecting palladium nanoparticles in Pd/C catalysts using x-ray Rietveld method
Catalysis by palladium nanoparticles in microemulsions
Welding of carbon nanotubes
Element spectroscopic imaging of poly(2-vinylpyridine)-block-polyisoprene microd
Hydrogen sensors and switches from electrodeposited palladium mesowire arrays
Direct preparation and size control of palladium nanoparticle hydrosols by water
Synthesis of palladium nanoparticles in water-in-oil microemulsions
Temperature-programmed reduction study on calcination of nano-palladium
Methanofullerene-based palladium bis(amino)aryl complexes and application in Lew
Catalytic investigation of quasi-two-dimensional palladium nanoparticles encapsu
Nature of hydrogenation catalysts on the basis of palladium bis-acetylacetonate
Palladium mesowire arrays for fast hydrogen sensors and hydrogen-actuated switch
Nanostructured palladium-iron membranes for hydrogen separation and membrane hyd
Preparation of alkanethiolate-protected palladium nanoparticles and their size d
Generation of oligoene species capped by palladium(II) moieties from a dinuclear
Quasitemplate synthesis of nanostructured palladium electroplates
Synthesis and property of nanosized palladium catalysts protected by chitosan/si
The influence of solvent on palladium nanoparticles formation
Poly(amidoamine)-dendrimer-stabilized Pd(0) nanoparticles as a catalyst for the
Palladium nanotubes with tailored wall morphologies
Selective palladium electrochemical deposition onto AFM-scratched silicon surfac
Acetylene polymerization on supported transition metal clusters
Nano- and microcrystalline particles of palladium formed on hydrogen-bombarded p
Synthesis and characterization of crystalline and amorphous palladium nanopartic
Preparation of noble metal nanoparticles in supercritical carbon dioxide
Synthesis of dimethyl oxalate from CO and CH3ONO on carbon nanofiber supported p
Optimal particle size for reaction rate oscillation in CO oxidation on nanometer
Characterization of palladium nanoparticles adsorpt on polyacrylic acid particle
Preparation of thin films comprising palladium nanoparticles by a solid-liquid i
Preparation and morphology of palladium oxide fibers via electrospinning
Heck reaction catalyzed by nanosized palladium on chitosan in ionic liquids
Properties of palladium catalysts on carbon supports prepared from chemically mo
Pt and Pd nanoparticles immobilized on amine-functionalized zeolite: Excellent c
Nitrile-functionalized pyridinium ionic liquids: Synthesis, characterization, an
Influence of the nanostructure of palladium mesoparticles on the kinetics of mol
Photooxidation of xylenol orange in the presence of palladium-modified TiO2 cata
Palladium nanoparticles from solvated atoms - Stability and HRTEM characterizati
Controlled growth of a single palladium nanowire between microfabricated electro
Polymer-protected palladium nanoparticles. Morphologies and catalytic selectivit
Nanoporous silica-supported nanometric palladium: Synthesis, characterization, a
Palladium nanoparticles in poly(ethyleneglycol): The efficient and recyclable ca
Gold/palladium and silver/palladium colloids as novel metallic substrates for su
On the structure of a Pd561 giant palladium cluster
A new palladium nanoparticle catalyst on mesoporous silica prepared from a molec
Palladium nanoclusters deposited on single-walled carbon nanohorns
Encapsulated Pd nanocrystals supported by xanoline-structured SrTiO 3(001)
Structure and size of bimetallic palladium - Platinum clusters in an hydrotreatm
Recyclable palladium catalyst for highly selective α alkylation of ketones
Assessment of the 3D localization of metallic nanoparticles in Pd/SiO 2 cogelled
Thermoanalytical and structural properties of metal oxide semiconductor and pall
Palladium-platinum powder catalysts manufactured by colloid synthesis: I. Prepar
Removal of palladium nanoparticles from polymer materials
Carbon-supported spherical palladium nanoparticles as potential recyclable catal
FTIR study of the mode of binding of the reactants on the Pd nanoparticle surfac
The behavior of palladium catalysts in direct formic acid fuel cells
First example of palladium-nanoparticle-catalyzed selective alcoholysis of polyh
Contactless tip-selective electrodeposition of palladium onto carbon nanotubes a
Defects in nanocrystalline palladium
A new method for dispersing palladium microparticles in conducting polymer films
Formation of metallic nanostructures on biomolecular templates
Nanoscale modification of thin palladium acetate films with scanning tunneling m
Engineering aspects of preparation of nanocrystalline particles in microemulsion
Nanoscale palladium metallization of DNA
Optically thin palladium films on silicon-based substrates and nanostructure for
Quasi-two-dimensional or hcp palladium nanoparticles with host-guest interaction
Palladium-microencapsulated graphite as the negative electrode in Li-ion cells
Powder diffraction beyond the Bragg law: study of palladium nanocrystals
Characteristics of hydride-like segregates of hydrogen at dislocations in pallad
A sonochemical approach to the confined synthesis of palladium nanoparticles in
Colloidal palladium: Photochemical production and optical properties
Reactive deposition of metal thin films within porous supports from supercritica
Hyperstoichiometric hydrogen occlusion by palladium nanoparticles included in Na
The influence of substrate defects on the growth rate of palladium nanoparticles
Interaction of metal nanoparticle surfaces with gas phase studied by X-ray diffr
Preparation of multiply twinned palladium particles with five-fold symmetry via
Self-organization of spherical aggregates of palladium nanoparticles with a cubi
Optimization of tin dioxide nanosticks faceting for the improvement of palladium
Generation of palladium clusters on Au(111) electrodes: Experiments and simulati
Fabrication of palladium-based microelectronic devices by microcontact printing
Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic applications of a palladium-nanoparti
Polyaniline-palladium composite coatings for metallization of polyethylene subst
The transition form quantum to classical electron transport in palladium films o
1H NMR study of hydrogen in palladium nanocrystals
Turn-over frequencies of catalytic reactions on nanocatalysts measured by pulsed
Crystal structure and switchable optical properties of yttrium hydride films cov
Effects of nanosized metallic palladium loading and calcination on characteristi
Studies of preparation of palladium nanoparticles protected by dendrons
Low temperature dissociation of CO at reactive step sites of Pd(112)
Shape-selective synthesis of palladium nanoparticles stabilized by highly branch
Fabrication of nanostructured palladium-doped SiO2 films with variable temperatu
Size-controlled synthesis of Pd nanoparticles from β-diketonato complexes o
Kinetics of propylene hydrogenation on nanostructured palladium clusters
Preparation of a novel Pd hydride electrode based on polymer embedded nanosized
RNA-mediated metal-metal bond formation in the synthesis of hexagonal palladium
In situ synthesis of carbon nanotubes decorated with palladium nanoparticles usi
Deposition of parallel arrays of palladium nanowires and electrical characteriza
Deposition of parallel arrays of palladium nanowires on highly oriented pyrolyti
Synthesis of palladium nanoparticles using a continuous flow polymeric micro rea
One-step synthesis of porous palladium nanostructures by H2 + He arc plasma meth
On the correlation between mechanical and TEM studies of the aging of palladium
Bridge Model of nanoparticles deposited on pores area of the substrate during a
Unexpected activity of palladium on vanadia catalysts for formic acid electro-ox
Self-assembled monolayer-enhanced hydrogen sensing with ultrathin palladium film
Microstructure and segregation behavior of palladium in silver-copper-palladium
In situ generation of palladium nanoparticles in smectite clays
Nanocrystalline palladium by pulsed electrodeposition