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Generation of nanoscale polycrystal in molecular dynamics simulation and its app
Writing and reading at nanoscale with a scanning tunneling microscope
Making stable nanoscale spheres and tubules
Structure and mechanical strength of Al-V-Fe melt-spun ribbons containing high v
Local-density approximation study of p-Si/n-Si nanoscale junctions
Nanoscale structures engineered by molecular self-assembly of functionalized mon
Development of a mesoscale/nanoscale plasma generator
Synthesizing nanoscale iron particles for rapid and complete dechlorination of T
Self-organized nanoscale structures in Si/Ge films
Effect of Cu addition on the formation of f.c.c.-Al phase in rapidly quenched Al
Formation and precipitation mechanism of nanoscale Al particles in Al-Ni base am
Nanoscale Pt powders derived from solvated Pt atoms in catalysis
Nanoscale grinding of ceramics using diamond fibres
PM3 study on fullerene isoxazoline derivatives as nanoscale connectors
Three dimensional simulation of HVOF spray deposition of nanoscale materials
Investigation on the photoluminescence mechanism of nanocrystalline silicon film
Conference on the thermal spray processing of nanoscale materials 97
Combustion aerosol synthesis of nanoscale ceramic powders
Progress toward nanoscale silicon light emitters
The integration of nanoscale porous silicon light emitters: Materials science, p
Treatment of chlorinated organic contaminants with nanoscale bimetallic particle
Nanoscale Fe and Fe/Pd particles for remediation of soils and sediments contamin
Yoctocalorimetry: Phonon counting in nanostructures
Transformation of chlorinated methanes by nanoscale iron particles
Light scattering from dipole and quadrupole nanoshell antennas
Nanoscale desorption of H-passivated Si(100)-2×1 surfaces using an ultrahi
Photooxidation of organic chemicals catalyzed by nanoscale MoS2
Nonlinear quantum capacitance
Preparation and microstructure of Al-V-Fe alloy by mechanically alloying
Tele-Nanorobotics 2-D manipulation of micro/nanoparticles using AFM
Electroluminescence from Au/(nanoscale Ge/nanoscale SiO2) superlattices/p-Si
Atomistic dynamics of nanoscale polymer particles
Preparation of Al-V-Fe nanoscale powder by mechanical alloying and its Moessbaue
A revolution of nanoscale proportions
Dinuclear platinum complexes with hydrogen-bonding functionality: Noncovalent as
Rapid reductive destruction of hazardous organic compounds by nanoscale Fe0
Nanoscale films of δ-Mn on W{001}
Preparation and properties of V+5/TiO2 nanoscale powders
A method to improve the quantitative analysis of SFM images at the nanoscale
Nanoscale patterning using self-assembled polymers for semiconductor application
Preparation of nanoscale pigment particles
Electronic band structures of carbon nanotubes with nanoscale periodic pores
Percolative model of nanoscale phase separation in high-temperature superconduct
Layer by layer removal of Au atoms from passivated Au(111) surfaces using the sc
Nanotechnology: Beyond the silicon roadmap
Thermal spraying nanoscale powder materials and coatings
Toward the rational control of nanoscale structures using chiral self-assembly:
Nanoscale design of optical materials
Power sources for nanotechnology
Fatigue studies of nanoscale structures for MEMS/NEMS applications using nanoind
Charge transfer on the nanoscale: Current status
A review of MEMS-based miroscale and nanoscale tensile and bending testing
New developments in transmission electron microscopy for nanotechnology
Prospect for minerals by nanoscale minerals: the prospecting of hidden mineral r
Measurement of the perfection of nanoscale multilayers
Nanoscale diffusion barriers for copper metallization
Coherent imaging of nanoscale plasmon patterns with a carbon nanotube optical pr
Polyol-mediated synthesis of nanoscale functional materials
Selective removal of atoms as a new method for fabrication of nanoscale patterne
Nanoscale Data Recording on an Organic Monolayer Film
Kinetics and mechanism of dechlorination of o-chlorophenol by nanoscale Pd/Fe
Characterization of modified nanoscale ZSM-5 zeolite and its application in the
Thermodynamics of diamond nucleation on the nanoscale
Film forming characteristics of nanoscale SiO2 hydrosol
Ultrathin gas film lubrication theory at nanoscale
From graphite molecules to columnar superstructures - An exercise in nanoscience
Nanoscale properties of friction and lubrication at solid interfaces with lubric
Deformation-induced synthesis of Al-based heterogeneous nanoscale microstructure
MicroDAC - A measurement technique for the determination of material properties
Destratification mechanisms in coherent multilayers
Development of nanoscale thermal properties measurement technique by using near-
Nanoscale effects on interfacial reactions
Effect of palladium on the reductive dechlorination of chlorinated ethylenes wit
Nanoscale chemical patterns fabricated by using colloidal lithography and self-a
Solid-phase mechanochemical synthesis of nanoscale cobalt particles in a polyeth
Nanoscale NMR velocimetry by means of slowly diffusing tracer particles
Magnetic modelling at nanoscale level
Chemical manipulations of nanoscale electron transfers
Nanoscale electronics based on two-dimensional dopant patterns in silicon
Nanoscale research receives funding for six tech centers
Nanoscale surface patterning of enzyme-catalyzed polymeric conducting wires
Congener-specific dechlorination of dissolved PCBs by microscale and nanoscale z
Synthesis of Well-Defined Tower-Shaped 1,3,5-Trisubstituted Adamantanes Incorpor
Catalytic Oxidation of Methanol on Nanoscale Copper Oxide and Nickel Oxide
Field-induced displacement properties of nanoscale domain structure in PZT thin
Water-soluble gold nanoscale network fabricated by host-guest interaction and se
Mechanisms for photoluminescence from nanoscale silicon/silicon oxide systems
Dyeing of cationised cotton using nanoscale pigment dispersions
Status of study on biological and toxicological effects of nanoscale materials
Fine grain tungsten produced with nanoscale powder
Effects of nano HAP on biological and structural properties of glass bone cement
Study on hydration layers near nanoscale silica dispersed in aqueous solutions t
Nanoscale tubules in uranyl selenates
Self-assembly of size- and position-controlled ultralong nanodot chains using ne
Unique nanoscale morphologies underpinning organic gel-phase materials
Nanoscale capacitors based on metal-insulator-carbon nanotube-metal structures
Degradation of aqueous carbon tetrachloride by nanoscale zerovalent copper on a
Nanoscale patterning of gold nanoparticles using an atomic force microscope
Nanoscale electron stimulated chemical vapor deposition of Au in an environmenta
Nanoscale iron colloids the maturation of the technology for field scale applica
Nanoscale progress leaps physical hurdles
Density-functional description of water condensation in proximity of nanoscale a
Nanoscale patterning of flat carbon surfaces by scanning probe lithography and e
The application of 2-D dual nanoscale liquid chromatography and triple quadrupol
A synthetic zwitterionic water channel: Characterization in the solid state by X
Parabolic vs linear interface shift on the nanoscale
Ab initio studies on nanoscale friction between graphite layers: Effect of model
Investigation of nanoscale electro machining (nano-EM) in dielectric oil
Nanoscale design and test challenges
Nanoscale electro-machining sculpts materials with nano-oil
Nanoscale friction-induced phase transformation of diamond-like carbon
Birth of a new macromolecular architecture: Dendrimers as quantized building blo
Nanoindentation behavior of ultrathin polymeric films
Commercialization of emerging nanoscale processing and characterization hardware
Dip Pen Nanolithography (DPN): Process and instrument performance with NanoInks
Strength predictions for bulk structures fabricated from nanoscale tungsten powd
High strength Al-V-M (M=Fe, Co or Ni) alloys containing high volume fraction of
Observation of crack propagation in amorphous Al88Ce2Ni9Fe containing nanoscale
Nanoscale segregation at a metal surface
Picosecond dynamic response of nanoscale low-temperature grown GaAs metal-semico
Moire pattern in scanning tunneling microscopy: mechanism in observation of subs
Organic molecular rectifiers
Modelling nanoscale fluid dynamics and transport in physiological flows
Pure carbon nanoscale devices: nanotube heterojunctions
Local magnetism in nanoscale metallic grains
Influence of surface state on the optical absorption of isolated nanoscale silve
A PM3 study on fullerene isoxazoline derivatives as nanoscale connectors
Trends in nanoscale science and technology: nanocantilever fabrication, force gr
Study on drying stage of nanoscale powder preparation
Spin-polarized photoelectron diffraction of nanoscale manganese structures
In-situ observation of formation of nanoscale carbon tubules
Theoretical analysis of write errors and number of stored electrons for ten-nano
Nontrivial response of nanoscale uniaxial magnets to an alternating field
Near-field probing of nanoscale nonlinear optical processes
Block copolymers as templates for functional materials
Nanoscale shock wave spectroscopy: A direct view of coherent ultrafast bath dyna
Self-organized growth of zero-, one-, and two-dimensional nanoscale SiC structur
Third-order nonlinear optical properties and the influence of surface state of n
Transformation of polyyne-containing carbon to nanoscale carbon tubules
2e2/h to e2/h switching of quantum conductance associated with a change in nanos
Nanoscience and engineering: the next five years
A novel nanostructured microstrip device for tunable stopband filtering applicat
Magnetic nanoscale dots on colloid crystal surfaces
Formation, stability, and breakup of nanojets
Electron transport in a model Si transistor
Quantitative nanoscale metrology study of Cu/SiO2 interconnect technology using
Molecular shape, capacitance, and chemical hardness
Nanoscale backswitched domain patterning in lithium niobate
Tailoring nanostructured powders for functional and structural applications
Forming supramolecular networks from nanoscale rods in binary, phase-separating
Tailoring advanced nanoscale materials through synthesis of composite aerogel ar
Nanophotonics: interactions, materials, and applications
Light-harvesting function of nanoscale aggregates of pigment molecules in living
Scanning nanoscale multiprobes for conductivity measurements
Investigation of nanoscale frictional contact by friction force microscopy
Al80Ni6Y8Co4Cu2 glassy alloy containing nanoscale particles by quenching
The phase behavior of multicomponent self-assembled monolayers directs the nanos
Dynamic nonlinear elasticity in geomaterials
Fermi surface nesting and nanoscale fluctuating charge/orbital ordering in colos
The grand challenges of nanotechnology
A self-assembling nanoscale camshaft: implications for nanoscale materials and d
Synthetic routes to nanoscale BxCyNz architectures
Modeling of ballistic nanoscale metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transisto
The Masters Training Package in Nanoscale Science and Technology
Nanoscale electron beam lithography and etching for fully depleted silicon-on-in
Alternating antisymmetric interaction in nanoscale iron ring
Electrical conductivity of a nanoscale periodic porous graphite by Boltzmann equ
Study on influence factors on particle size of nanoscale TiO2 by hydrolyzing of
The crystallization mechanism of MnZn ferrite nanoscale particle in hydrothermal
Synthesis of nanoscale superconducting YBCO by a novel technique
Fabrication of conductive single-crystal semiconductor nanoscale electromechanic
Magnetic domain imaging of nanoscale magnetic structures using synchrotron radia
Optical absorption of nanoscale indium particles in ordered array
Size control of the nanoscale silicon particles formed in thermally annealed a-S
Three-dimensional nanoscale analysis in physical metallurgy
Method for manufacturing nanoscale structures in transition metal layers
Thermal and electrical energy transport and conversion in nanoscale electron fie
Chaotic advection as a means to develop nanoscale structures in viscous melts
Surface stress and thermodynamic nanoscale size selection
Nanoscale thermal management
Development of wet environmental TEM (Wet-ETEM) for in situ studies of liquid-ca
A compact scattering model for the nanoscale double-gate MOSFET
The role of the nanoscale in surface reactions: CO2 on CdSe
Ferroelectric properties of individual barium titanate nanowires investigated by
Spontaneous planarization of nanoscale phase separated thin film
Growth of nanowire superlattice structures for nanoscale photonics and electroni
Biaxial testing of nanoscale films on compliant substrates: Fatigue and fracture
Single electron tunneling of nanoscale TiSi2 islands on Si
Essential physics of carrier transport in nanoscale MOSFETs
Toughness of nanoscale and multiscale polyamide-6,6 composites
Mercury-mediated synthesis of nanoscale oxide materials
The role of field coupling in nano-scale cellular nonlinear networks
Materials in nanotechnology: new structures, new properties, new complexity
Adaptive design of nanoscale dielectric structures for photonics
Orientation of self-assembled block copolymer cylinders perpendicular to electri
Evaluations of the effective material properties of carbon nanotube-based compos
Teleoperated touch feedback from the surfaces at the nanoscale: modeling and exp
The small heat shock protein cage from Methanococcus jannaschii is a versatile n
Incomplete wetting of nanoscale thin-film structures
Nanoscale molecular-switch crossbar circuits
Fabrication of nanoscale gratings with reduced line edge roughness using nanoimp
Nanoimprint lithography for hybrid plastic electronics
Nanoscale thermal transport
Nanoscale science and technology: building a big future from small things
Nanoscale gap fabrication and integration of carbon nanotubes by micromachining
Assembly of highly organized carbon nanotube architectures by chemical vapor dep
Stochastic assembly of sublithographic nanoscale interfaces
Asymmetric photoconductivity within nanoscale break junctions
A review of MEMS-based microscale and nanoscale tensile and bending testing
Atomic-level study of ion-induced nanoscale disordered domains in silicon carbid
Nanoscale stiffness of individual dendritic molecules and their aggregates
Array-based architecture for FET-based, nanoscale electronics
Processing of nanoscale materials
Accuracy of nanoscale pitch standards fabricated by laser-focused atomic deposit
Influence of temperature on tensile and fatigue behavior of nanoscale copper usi
Preparation and use of nanosized materials
Nanotechnologys impact on aircraft design and maintenance
Nanotechnology for electronic and computer applications
Preparation and thermal properties of epoxy-silica nanocomposites from nanoscale
Molecular-dynamics study of mechanical properties of nanoscale copper with vacan
dc characteristics of a nanoscale water-based transistor
The rising of a new order: genetically engineered biomolecules may be the way fo
Imaging the DNA and nanoparticle components of a self-assembled nanoscale archit
Wetting of thin liquid films at nanoscale heterogeneous surfaces
Development of SPM nanofabrication system in air
Quantum effects in nanoscale narrow-channel MOSFETs
Measurement of nanoscale porous anodic alumina by SEM and AFM
Preparation and dispersion of nanoscale Zn0.5Ni0.5Fe2O4 ferrite powders
Binary nanomaterials based on nanocarbons: a case for probing carbon nanohorns b
Preparation and electrochemical behavior of Nano β-Ni(OH)2
High-performance bulk Ti-Cu-Ni-Sn-Ta nanocomposites based on a dendrite-eutectic
Characteristics of X-ray absorption on nanoscale thin films
Electrodeposition of nanoscale silicon in a room temperature ionic liquid
Analysis on some factors influencing surface quality nanoscale ultra-precision c
The research progress in nanoscale nickel hydroxide
Surface plasmon polariton propagation in nanoscale metal gap waveguides
Devitrification of nanoscale porous silica glasses in the composite process with
Preparation and characterization of a novel bioactive bone cement: glass based n
Novel photofunctional designs through nanoscale spatial structures of an interna
Development of nanoscale thermal properties measurement by using near-field opti
Numerical study of nanoscale ferrimagnetic ring Mn6R6
Formation of nanoscale complex oxide particles in mechanically alloyed ferritic
The synthesis of In, In2O3 nanowires and In2O3 nanoparticles with shape-controll
Kinetic study of velocity distributions in nanoscale semiconductor devices under
Kinetics of quasiballistic transport in nanoscale semiconductor structures: is t
A nanoscale PNPN self-controlled-switch FeRAM architecture
Nanoscale hydrophobic interaction and nanobubble nucleation
Pattern formation on metal surfaces by ion sputtering
Laser damage properties of optical coatings with nanoscale layers grown by atomi
Transport in nanoscale systems: the microcanonical versus grand-canonical pictur
Facile, on-demand electronic nanodevice fabrication from photo- and electro-acti
Nanoscale protein patterning by imprint lithography
Direct observation of nanoscale switching centers in metal/molecule/metal struct
Nonvolatile silicon memory at the nanoscale
Formation of hollow nanocrystals through the nanoscale Kirkendall effect
Yield maps for nanoscale metallic multilayers
Nanoscale adhesion ligand organization regulates osteoblast proliferation and di
Information storage materials: nanoscale characterisation by three-dimensional a
Focused-ion-beam-based rapid prototyping of nanoscale magnetic devices
Strength of silicon containing nanoscale flaws
Nanotechnology: scientific challenges and societal benefits and risks
Nanotechnology: scientific challenges and social benefits and risks
Nickel aluminum superalloys created by the self-propagating high-temperature syn
Development of patterns for nanoscale strain measurements: I. Fabrication of imp
Computational studies of viral protein nano-actuators
Resonant Raman scattering in nanoscale pentacene films
Synthesis of single-crystalline La1-xBaxMnO3 nanocubes with adjustable doping le
Nanoscale measurements and manipulation
Nanometer scale gap made by conventional microscale fabrication: step junction
Identifying defects in nanoscale materials
Mechanical characteristics of nanoscale springs
Using the FIB to characterize nanoparticle materials
Advice on acquiring NSF funding in nanomechanics and surface engineering
Patterning nanoscale structures by surface chemistry
Equilibrium crystal shape of GaAs in nanoscale patterned growth
Stochastic dynamics of nanoscale mechanical oscillators immersed in a viscous fl
Dynamics of nanoscale self-assembly of ternary epilayers
Strain-relieved, dislocation-free InxGa1-xAs/GaAs(001) heterostructure by nanosc
Nanolasers: lasing from nanoscale quantum wires
One-step lithography for various size patterns with a hybrid mask-mold
The relationship between nanoscale structure and electrochemical properties of v
Nanoscale electrothermal co-simulation: compact dynamic models of hyperbolic hea
Cells react to nanoscale order and symmetry in their surroundings
Parallel information and computation with restitution for noise-tolerant nanosca
CNN-based trajectory analysis of flagellar bacteria for nanoscale motion control
The future of nanotechnology
Molecular devices and machines
Atom lithography with two-dimensional optical masks
Deposition of nanoscale films with fractal topography
Nanoscale microbubbles: a new kind of ultrasound contrast agents
Optical switching at ZnSe-Ga interfaces via nanoscale light-induced metallisatio
TiAlN based nanoscale multilayer coatings designed to adapt their tribological p
Exploring and engineering the cell surface interface
Synthesis and properties of nanoscale alloy structures
Field induced evolution of nanoscale structures in relaxor PLZT ceramics
Construction with macromolecules
Fabrication of micromachined fountain pen with in situ characterization possibil
Engineering nanoscale roughness on hydrophobic surface-preliminary assessment of
One-dimensional zigzag gallium nitride nanostructures
Electron wave-packet transport through nanoscale semiconductor device in time do
Nanoscale lateral epitaxial overgrowth of GaN on Si (111)
Molecular dynamics study on size-dependent elastic properties of silicon nanocan
Simulation of nanoscale property measurements
Nanoscale MSM structures show high efficiency
Self-assembly for microscale and nanoscale packaging: steps toward self-packagin
Probing the effects of nanoscale architecture on the mechanical properties of he
Radiation transfer through nanoscale apertures
Nonphotolithographic nanoscale memory density prospects
Maskless lithography
On the feasibility of nanoscale triple-gate CMOS transistors
Thermally stable, efficient polymer solar cells with nanoscale control of the in
Aluminum nanoscale order in amorphous Al92Sm8 measured by fluctuation electron m
Air flow technique for large scale dispersion and alignment of carbon nanotubes
Local electronic and chemical structure at GaN, AlGaN and SiC heterointerfaces
Quantitative elastic-property measurements at the nanoscale with atomic force ac
Method for trapping and manipulating nanoscale objects in solution
Synthesis of peapods using substrate-grown SWNTs and DWNTs: an enabling step tow
Mechanical behavior of Σ tilt grain boundaries in nanoscale Cu and Al: A q
Site-specific Raman spectroscopy and chemical dynamics of nanoscale interstitial
Simulation on nanoscale self-assembly of ternary-epilayers
Electric field-assisted deposition of nanowires on carbon nanotubes for nanoelec
Bridge-enhanced nanoscale impedance microscopy
EXAFS studies of luminescence centres in Eu3+ doped nanoscale phosphors
Structure of Cu-Au alloy nanoscale particles and the phase transformation
Crystallization of ZrO2(Y(2)O(3)3%mol) nanoscale powder prepared by precipitatio
Nanoscale segregation or precipitation in Fe-Cr alloys