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Synthesis of metal nanoclusters within microphase-separated diblock copolymers:
Self-assembly of low-dimensional molecular nanoclusters on Au(111) surfaces
Characterization of zinc sulfide nanoclusters via atomic force and scanning tunn
Characterization of zinc sulfide nanoclusters via atomic force and scanning tunn
The effect of size distributions of Si nanoclusters on photoluminescence from en
Stable blue and unstable UV photoluminescence from carbon nanoclusters embedded
Optical spectroscopy of emission from Si-SiOx nanoclusters formed by laser ablat
Polyvinylalcohol film doped with CuCl nanoclusters
Evolution of nanocluster ensembles: computer simulation of diffusion and reactio
Structural characterization of catalytically active metal nanoclusters in poly(a
Liquid chromatographic analysis and characterization of inorganic nanoclusters
STM observations of self-assembled 1D and 2D nanoclusters of aromatic cryptand m
Surface functionalization of cadmium sulfide quantum-confined nanoclusters. 4. F
Catalysts based on dendrimer-encapsulated noble metal nanoclusters
Sol-gel synthesis of metal nanoclusters-silica composite films
Combination of atomic and continuum models describing the evolution of nanoclust
Optical band gap of Si nanoclusters
Novel catalytic properties of supported metal nanoclusters
Excess Si concentration dependence of the photoluminescence of Si nanoclusters i
Applications of metal and semiconductor nanoclusters as thermal and photo-cataly
Thiol-capped CdSe and CdTe nanoclusters: synthesis by a wet chemical route, str
Light emission from ion beam induced silicon nanoclusters in silicon dioxide: Ro
Ion beam synthesis of gold nanoclusters in SiO2: computer simulations versus ex
Photocatalysis using semiconductor nanoclusters
Optical properties of interacting Si nanoclusters in SiO2 fabricated by ion impl
Ion beam synthesis of Au and Cu nanoclusters in MgO
Laser CVD of silicon nanoclusters and in-situ process chataracterization
Polymer-Protected Ni/Pd Bimetallic Nano-Clusters: Preparation, Characterization
Behind the quantum confinement and surface passivation of nanoclusters
Synthesis of alkyl-terminated silicon nanoclusters by a solution route
Temperature-dependent size-controlled nucleation and growth of gold nanoclusters
Encapsulation of neutral gold nanoclusters by resorcinarenes
Oxidation of ethylene catalyzed by colloidal dispersions of poly(sodium acrylate
Combinatorial approaches to peptide-encapsulated CdS nanoclusters
Preparation and catalysis of polymer-protected coinage metal nanoclusters
Effect of additional metal ions on catalyses of polymer-stabilized metal nanoclu
Cu(0) nanoclusters derived from poly(propylene imine) dendrimer complexes of Cu(
Monte Carlo simulation of Cu-Ni nanoclusters: Surface segregation studies
Surface chemistry of silicon nanoclusters
Electron-stimulated desorption of positive ions from methane and fluoromethane n
Spatial distribution of cobalt nanoclusters in block copolymers
Desorption of nanoclusters (2-40 nm) from nanodispersed metal and semiconductor
Structural properties of Au and Ag nanoclusters embedded in MgO
Silver nanoclusters in potassium halides obtained from Ag- -ions by electron det
A Novel Growth Approach of Ultrasmall Ge and Si Nanoclusters on a Si(100) Substr
Modeling cyclic voltammetry of electrode-immobilized gold nanoclusters
Adsorption and polymer film formation on metal nanoclusters
Circular dichroism simulated spectra of chiral gold nanoclusters: A dipole appro
Zeolite-confined nano-RuO2: A green, selective, and efficient catalyst for aerob
Nanomorphology of Polymer Frameworks and their Role as Templates for Generating
Synthesis and characterization of novel copper/polyaniline nanocomposite and app
Microgel-stabilized metal nanoclusters: Size control by microgel nanomorphology
Ultrathin Layers of Densely Packed Prussian Blue Nanoclusters Prepared from a Fe
Metal and size effects on structures and photophysical properties of porphyrin-m
Recent Progress in Applications of Ligand-Stabilized Metal Nanoclusters
Silver and copper nanoclusters in the lustre decoration of Italian Renaissance p
Controlled interlinking of Au and Ag nanoclusters using 4-aminothiophenol as mol
Dedicated global optimization search for ground state silica nanoclusters: (SiOi
Preparation and photocatalytic behavior of MoS2 and WS 2 nanocluster sensitized
Electronics of molecular nanoclusters
Surface diffusion upon oxygen isotopic exchange on oxide-supported metal nanoclu
Self-assembly of trioxyethylene-encapsulated gold nanoclusters under aqueous con
Methanol chemistry on Cu and oxygen-covered Cu nanoclusters supported on TiO2(11
Study on manganese oxide nanoclusters confined in the ordered mesoporous silica
Highly steam-stable mesoporous silica assembled from preformed zeolite precursor
Efficient self-assembly of transition metal oxide nanoclusters on silicon substr
Interface influence on the surface plasmon resonance of Ag nanocluster composite
Absorption cross section and signal enhancement in Er-doped Si nanocluster rib-l
Strong pair correlation in small metallic nanoclusters: The energy spectrum
Dodecanethiol-protected copper/silver bimetallic nanoclusters and their surface
Effect of the organic solvent on the formation and stabilization of CdS and PbS
Investigation of dislocation loops associated with As-Sb nanoclusters in GaAs
Photogeneration of fluorescent silver nanoclusters in polymer microgels
Efficient aerobic oxidation of alcohols in water catalysed by microgel-stabilise
Adsorption mechanisms of In atoms onto the Si(111)-7 × 7; clustering and s
Structures and stability of water nanoclusters in hydrophobic nanospaces
Giant strengthening of superconducting pairing in metallic nanoclusters
Palladium nanoclusters deposited on single-walled carbon nanohorns
Silicon nanoclusters selectively generated by laser ablation in supercritical fl
Light emission and charge trapping in Er-doped silicon dioxide films containing
Production of gas phase zinc oxide nanoclusters by pulsed laser ablation
Tailoring of the optical properties of Ag:Si3N4 nanocermets by changes of the cl
An investigation into the melting of silicon nanoclusters using molecular dynami
ZnO nanoclusters: Synthesis and photoluminescence
Direct imaging of quantum antidots in MgO dispersed with Au nanoclusters
Thioflavin and silver clusters improve fluorescence in tissues
Preparation and cyclic voltammetry studies on nickel-nanoclusters containing pol
Effect of annealing atmosphere on the structure and luminescence of Sn-implanted
Reactivity of monolayer-protected gold nanoclusters at dye-sensitized liquid/liq
Synthesis of crystalline Ge nanoclusters in PE-CVD-deposited SiO 2 films
Redox properties of self-assembled gold nanoclusters
X-ray-induced production of gold nanoparticles on a SiO2/Si system and in a poly
A mechanism for transition-metal nanoparticle self-assembly
Phase transitions in octanethiol-capped Ag nanocluster microfilm assemblies
First example of palladium-nanoparticle-catalyzed selective alcoholysis of polyh
Strategies for controlling the planar arrangement of block copolymer micelles an
Electron transfer dynamics in MoS2 nanoclusters: normal and inverted behavior
Tuning of the plasmon absorption frequency of silver and indium nanoclusters via
Observation of redshifts of photoluminescence from thin films assembled by CuCl
Nonlinear optical properties of silicon nanoclusters
Three-dimensional lattice of parallel-oriented tellurium nanoclusters in an opal
Formation and optical properties of metal nanoclusters formed by sequential impl
Interparticle electron transfer in metal/semiconductor composites. Picosecond dy
Magnetic properties of iron oxide nanoclusters within microdomains of block copo
Determination of structure and shape of nanoclusters obtained in sulphidation of
Visible photoluminescence from the nanophase film prepared by Ge-Al co-evaporati
Tailoring carbon nanoclusters to desired morphologies
Spectroscopy of Eu3+-doped PtS2 nanoclusters
Optical absorption of Ag nanoclusters in Ag+-implanted c-SiO2
Luminescence efficiency measurements of silicon nanoclusters
Optical properties of silicon nanoclusters fabricated by ion implantation
Photoelectrochemical behavior of Bi2S3 nanoclusters and nanostructured thin film
Optical absorption spectra of lead iodide nanoclusters
Charge storage in Co nanoclusters embedded in SiO2 by scanning force microscopy
STM study on nanostructures of Au and Al deposits on HOPG and amorphous carbon
Macroscopic quantum oscillations in antiferromagnetic nanoclusters
Structural studies of nanoporous carbon produced from silicon carbide
Deposition of passivated gold nanoclusters onto prepatterned substrates
Preparation, manipulation and characterization of building blocks for nanosystem
Aggregation kinetics of dendrimer-stabilized CdS nanoclusters
Raman scattering studies on silver nanoclusters in a silica matrix formed by ion
Local properties of Pt/Fe nanoclusters from EHT calculations
Synthesis, growing processes and physical properties of CdS nanoclusters in Y-ze
Optical properties of an ordered array of silica nanospheres embedded with silic
Atomic-scale structure of single-layer MoS2 nanoclusters
Picosecond optical nonlinearity in monolayer-protected gold, silver, and gold-si
Room temperature transmission spectrum in metal ion doped TiO2 nanoclusters
Control of the interparticle spacing in gold nanoparticle superlattices
Magneto-optical properties and the potential application of GaAs with magnetic M
Study on ZrO2 nanoclusters
Critical cluster size of metallic Cr and Mo nanoclusters
Ordered colloidal nanoalloys
Low temperature optical properties of amorphous oxide nanoclusters in polymethyl
Preparation and electrical characterisation of dodecanethiol monolayer protected
The X-ray diffraction patterns of bimetallic FexM100-x (M=Mo and W) nanoclusters
Silver-nanocluster-doped inorganic-organic hybrid coatings on polycarbonate subs
On the energy stability of carbon nanoclusters
Electrical transport studies of Ag nanoclusters embedded in glass matrix
Size-dependent melting properties of free silver nanoclusters
Magnetic properties of 6-nm iron nanoclusters
Dynamic light scattering at domains and nanoclusters in a relaxor ferroelectric
Surface segregation and surface composition in binary Fe-Mo nanoclusters
Study on gold nanoclusters and gold nanowires on the surface of highly oriented
Sub-micrometer silica spheres dissymmetrically decorated with gold nanoclusters
Gold nanoclusters supported on MgO: synthesis, characterization, and evidence of
A characterization of crystalline ice nanoclusters using transmission electron m
Photoluminescence and structural characteristics of CdS nanoclusters synthesized
Excellent magnetic properties of fullerene encapsulated ferromagnetic nanocluste
The role of nanoclusters of a crystallizing component in the bulk crystallizatio
The cluster size dependence of thermal stabilities of both molybdenum and tungst
Atomic force microscope tip nanoprinting of gold nanoclusters
Amorphous structures of Cu, Ag, and Au nanoclusters from first principles calcul
Formation of Au fractal nanoclusters during pulsed laser deposition on highly or
Luminescence from erbium-doped silicon nanocrystals in silica: Excitation mechan
Evolution, dissolution and reversible generation of gold and silver nanoclusters
Properties and stability of nanosecond optical limiting of gold nanoclusters
Structure and magnetic properties of Co nanoclusters fabricated by ion beam synt
Purity-dependent structures of Al nanoclusters on HOPG observed by STM
Discrete charging effects in gold nanoclusters grown on self-assembled monolayer
Luminescence of ordered silver iodide nanoclusters inside zeolite host
Organometallic synthesis and magnetic properties of ferromagnetic Sm-Co nanoclus
Electron-stimulated desorption of cations from dielectric matters: NaCl and H2O
Positron confinement in embedded lithium nanoclusters
Chirality in bare and passivated gold nanoclusters
Stability and phase transition of sodium nanoclusters
Passivation effects of silicon nanoclusters
Surface control of optical properties in silicon nanoclusters
Synthesis and characterization of water soluble gold nanoclusters of varied core
Size-dependent spectroscopy of MoS2 nanoclusters
Photostimulated luminescence and dynamics of AgI and Ag nanoclusters in zeolites
Structure of fullerene-containing soot at different formation stages of arc disc
Sintering of alkanethiol-capped gold and platinum nanoclusters
Phase transitions of magnetic nanoclusters in metals and semiconductors
Hydrophobic anchoring of monolayer-protected gold nanoclusters to carbon nanotub
Synthesis of germanium nanoclusters with irreversibly attached functional groups
Fabrication of Ge nanoclusters on Si with a buffer layer-assisted growth method
Asymmetric photoconductivity within nanoscale break junctions
Microstructure of precipitated Au nanoclusters in MgO
Formation of solid Kr nanoclusters in MgO
Chemistry of one-dimensional metallic edge states in MoS2 nanoclusters
Self-limiting size distribution of supported cobalt nanoclusters at room tempera
On the quasi-solid state of solid nanoclusters
Growth and characterization of ZnS and ZnCdS nanoclusters in mordenite zeolite h
Nonlinear optical properties of copper and silver nanoclusters in SiO2 sol-gel f
Effect of microstructural evolution on magnetic property of Mn-implanted p-type
Equilibrium state of C60, C70, and C72 nanoclusters and local defects of the mol
The transition from 2D to 3D nanoclusters of silicon carbide on silicon
Germanium nanoclusters in germanosilicate glass heat-treated in hydrogen
Structural and magnetic properties of bimetallic FeCo nanoclusters
Thermal stability of metal nanoclusters formed by low-pressure plasma sputtering
Ultraviolet fluorescent spectra of NaXe nanoclusters
Fabrication of Ag nanoparticle-encapsulating multilayer films based on PAMAM den
Structural and electrical characteristics of Ge nanoclusters embedded in Al2O3 g
Effect of substrate surface phase on the shape of self-organized Al nanoclusters
Characterization of diamond nanoclusters and applications to self-lubricating co
Nanomaterials: nanocluster magic
Determining measurement uncertainty in nanometrology with the example of nanoclu
Patterned nanoclusters in the indium-doped SrTiO3 films
Two- and three-membered-ring hybrid structures of silica nanoclusters
X-ray magnetic circular dichroism at L23 edge of Co nanoclusters on Si(111) surf
Nonmetallic nature of in-induced nanoclusters on Si(100)
Electrochemical potential arrangement of nanoclusters weakly coupled with metal
Matrix effect on the magnetic properties of cobalt nanoclusters
Synthesis of CdSe magic-sized nanocluster and its effect on nanocrystal preparat
New experimental observations of single electron trapping properties of Si nanoc
Influence of Cu-, Fe-, Co-, and Mn-oxide nanoclusters on sensing behavior of SnO
Electrically driven light emission from an array of Si nanoclusters
Amorphization mechanism of icosahedral metal nanoclusters
Nanocomputing with nanoclusters
Photoluminescence and local structure of Ge nanoclusters on Si without a wetting
Site specific nucleation of Ni nanoclusters on S(4×4)/W(111)
DNA-directed synthesis of generation 7 and 5 PAMAM dendrimer nanoclusters
Detection of quantum confined states in Au nanoclusters by alkali ion scattering
Tight-binding model for calcium nanoclusters: structural, electronic, and dynami
Synthesis of core-shell nanoclusters with high magnetic moment for biomedical ap
Size dependence of the coalescence and melting of iron clusters: a molecular-dyn
An equilibrium thermodynamic model of the sequestration of calcium phosphate by
Molecular dynamics of colliding nanoclusters
Tensility and compressibility of axially symmetric nanoclusters. Part I: simplif
Ab initio structural and electronic properties of hydrogenated silicon nanoclust
Electron microscopy and positron annihilation study of CdSe nanoclusters embedde
Formation and evolution of luminescent Si nanoclusters produced by thermal annea
Ge-Si system nanoclusters in Si matrix formed by solid-phase epitaxy
Comment on: The cluster size dependence of thermal stabilities of both molybdenu
Desorption of gold nanoclusters (2-150 nm) by 1GeV Pb ions
Studies of ion implantation conditions and magnetic properties of MnAs nanoparti
Photoluminescence of Er-doped SiO2 layers containing Si nanoclusters using dual
First-principles study of n- and p-doped silicon nanoclusters
Site of Er ions in Er-implanted silica containing Si nanoclusters
Structural properties of nanoclusters: Energetic, thermodynamic, and kinetic eff
Effect of annealing atmosphere on the structure and luminescence of Sn-implanted
H-ras, K-ras, and inner plasma membrane raft proteins operate in nanoclusters wi
Charge trapping in Si-implanted SiO2-Si memory devices at high electric fields a
Tensility and compressibility of axially symmetric nanoclusters II: cylindrical
CdxZn1-xS-arachidic acid composite LB films
Structural study of epitaxial tungsten oxide nanoclusters
Ferromagnetic nanoclusters formed by Mn implantation in GaAs
Self-assembly of iron nanoclusters on the Fe3O4(111) superstructured surface
Development of cluster science
Electrodeposition of flattened Cu nanoclusters on a p-GaAs(001) electrode monito
Growth and characterization of isolated nanoclusters on mixed self-assembled mon
Free energy approach to the formation of an icosahedral structure during the fre
Cobalt metallization of DNA: toward magnetic nanowires
Water-soluble hybrid nanoclusters with extra bright and photostable emissions: a
Melting and freezing characteristics and structural properties of supported and
Dynamically ordered thin film nanoclusters
Synthesis of Au nanoclusters supported upon a TiO2 nanotube array
Molecular dynamics studies of phonon spectra in mono- and bimetallic nanocluster
The stable blue and unstable UV photoluminescence from carbon nanoclusters embed
Semiconductor nanoclusters and fullerenes: A new class of sensitizing dyes for p
Optical spectroscopy of emission from Si-SiOx nanoclusters formed by laser ablat