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Polarized neutrons in studies of films and magnetic multilayers
Perpendicular giant magnetoresistance using microlithography and substrate patte
Perpendicular giant magnetoresistance using microlithography and substrate patte
Giant magnetoresistance in magnetic nanostructures
Second harmonic generation in self-assembled alternating multilayers of hemicyan
Structure and anomalous magnetic properties in Fe-N/Ti-N nano-multilayers
Simulation of nacre with TiC/metal multilayers and a study of their toughness
Optical linear anisotropy in hemicyanine Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers
Magnetic and structural properties of nanophase Pt/Co multilayers
TEM study of electrodeposited Ni/Cu multilayers in the form of nanowires
Magnetoresistance geante dans les nanostructures magnetiques
Thermal stability of amorphous Se/CdSe multilayers
Study on photoinduced optical anisotropy in hemicyanine Langmuir-Blodgett multil
Superhard coatings of CNx/ZrN multilayers prepared by DC magnetron sputtering
Structure and interdiffusion in sputtering-deposited Ag/Bi multilayers
Periodic multilayers MoSi2/Si with a large number of periods
Morphology and tribological properties of metal (oxide)-MoS2 nanostructured mult
Experimental observations on the mechanical properties of nanoscale ceramic/Tefl
Plastic properties of nano-scale ceramic-metal multilayers
RF-sputtering deposition of Al/Al2O3 multilayers
Ag/Si multilayers with nanometer sized particles of silver during annealing proc
Preparation and characterization of ordered nanoparticle and polymer composite m
Crystallization of sputter-deposited giant-magnetostrictive TbDyFeM (M = Mo, Zr)
Direct formation of the AlNi3 phase in Al-75Ni cold rolled multilayers
Preparation and mechanical properties of TiN/AlN nano multilayers
Deposition and characterization of nanoscale CNx/HfN multilayers
Magnetic and electrical transport properties of electrodeposited Ni-Cu alloys an
Nanostructured Carbon Films
Microstructure and nanoindentation behaviour of TiN/NbN multilayers
Preparation of high strength bulk nano-scale Fe/Cu multilayers by repeated press
Chiral symmetry breaking in magnetic thin films and multilayers
Self-assembled multilayers of 4,4 prime -dimercaptobiphenyl formed by Cu(II)-cat
Thermal stress hardening of a-Si3N4/nc-TiN nanostructured multilayers
Lithographic approach to pattern self-assembled nanoparticle multilayers
Metallodielectric photonic structures based on polyelectrolyte multilayers
The structure of self-assembled multilayers with polyoxometalate nanoclusters
Mechanical and antiwear properties of TaN/NbN nano-multilayers
Mechanical strengthening in nanometric CrN/Cr multilayers measured by nanoindent
A model for dislocation behavior during deformation of Al/Al3Sc (fcc/L12) metall
Polyelectrolyte multilayers as nanocontainers for functional hydrophilic molecul
Proximity effect in Nb/Zr multilayers with variable Nb/Zr ratio
(FeCo/Co-M)n soft magnetic multilayers with uniaxial anisotropy and very high sa
Self-assembled polyelectrolyte multilayers
Structural investigations of Co/ZrO2 discontinuous multilayers by x-ray absorpti
Direct topographic measurement of multilayers on water by atomic force microscop
Survey of Metallic Multilayer Studies
Nano-multilayers with high perpendicular anisotropy for magnetic recording
Site-selective self-assembly of MPA-bridged CuHCF multilayers on APTMS-supported
Optical electron spectroscopy and electronic properties for multilayers of A1/A1
Study on micromechanical behavior of permalloy/Cu magnetic multilayers
Si3N4/CrN nanostructured multilayers grown by RF reactive magnetron sputtering
Splitting of X-ray diffraction peak in (Ge:SiO2)/SiO2 multilayers
Correlation between constitution, properties and machining performance of TiN/Zr
Destratification mechanisms in coherent multilayers
Formation of embedded Co nanoparticles by reaction in Al/Co multilayers and impa
Surface interactions during polyelectrolyte multilayer buildup. 1. Interactions
Stability of ferrimagnetic multilayers
Layer-by-layer assembly of ordinary and composite coordination multilayers
Period dependence of hardness and microstructure on nanometric Cr/CrN multilayer
Measurements of the magnetoresistance effect in Co/Pt multilayers grown on patte
Polyelectrolyte multilayer nanoreactors toward the synthesis of diverse nanostru
Wave-absorbing property and mechanism of nano-multilayers prepared with MEVVA io
Structure and magnetic properties of FePt/C multilayer film
Effects of misfit dislocations on the mechanical properties of Cu/Ni multilayers
Thermodynamic and atomistic modeling of irradiation-induced amorphization in nan
Microstructure properties of nanocrystalline silicon/SiO2 multilayers fabricated
Tailoring photonic crystals with nanometer-scale precision using polyelectrolyte
Improvement of X-ray analytics in life science using nanotechnology
Assembly and mechanical properties of phosphorus dendrimer/polyelectrolyte multi
Improved patterned media for probe-based heat assisted magnetic recording
Morphological and mechanical properties study of [WO3/W] n nanoscale multilayers
Optical properties of SiO2/nanocrystalline Si multilayers studied using spectros
Influence of the barrier thickness on the photoluminescence properties of amorph
Nanoscale neuro-integrative coatings for neural implants
Structure and magnetic properties of Fe/Zr multilayers
Optimization and thermal stability of TiAlN/Mo multilayers
Iron self-diffusion in chemically homogeneous multilayers
Electrochemical characterization of polyelectrolyte/gold nanoparticle multilayer
Spin-wave theory for the dynamics induced by direct currents in magnetic multila
Encapsulating nanoparticle arrays into layer-by-layer multilayers by capillary t
Mechanical and tribological behavior of nanocomposite multilayered Cr/a-C thin f
Granular Co/Ag multilayers: relation between nanostructure, and magnetic and tra
Structures of Fe/TiC multilayers prepared by ion beam sputtering at room tempera
Quantized electronic states in nanostructures
Magnetic properties of fcc iron in Fe-Pt nano-scale multilayers
Solid-phase reaction and magnetism in annealed [Co/Cu] multilayers
Hardness study of nanoscale TiN/Pt multilayers
Correlation of microstructure and giant magnetoresistance in electrodeposited Ni
Concentration profiles in laser-deposited Ni/C and W/C multilayers
Bulk nano-scale multilayers prepared by repeated pressing-rolling
Magnetization reversal in nanostructured Co/Pd multilayers
Self-organized structuring of W/C multilayers on Si substrate
Optimization of magnetostriction, coercive field and magnetic transition tempera
Investigation of interfacial phenomena in Ag-Si multilayers during the annealing
Face-centered-cubic titanium: an artifact in titanium/aluminum multilayers
Mossbauer-effect studies of multilayers and interfaces
Hardness anomaly, plastic deformation work and fretting wear properties of polyc
Metal modification by high-power pulsed particle beams
Some interesting behaviors observed in nanostructured magnetic multilayers with
Growth and characterization of W/SiC nanometer multilayers
Hard/soft magnetic heterostructures: model exchange-spring magnets
Structure and strength of multilayers
Charge transport in CdSe nanocrystalline sublayers of SiOx/CdSe multilayers and
Structural investigation of thin films and multilayers using X-ray scattering
Bulk nano-scale Fe/Cu multilayers produced by repeated pressing-rolling and thei
Structural properties of TiC/Fe nanoscale multilayers synthesized by the ion-bea
Preparation and characterization of superhard TiC/Mo multilayers
Limits of ultra-thin multilayers by pulsed vacuum arc deposition
Testing layered synthetic microstructures by computer processing of their digiti
Investigations on nanoscale multilayers by analytical TEM in scanning mode
Specific dislocation multiplication mechanisms and mechanical properties in nano
Nanoindentation investigation of Ti/TiN multilayers films
Deposition, microstructure and mechanical and tribological properties of magnetr
Magnetic pinning in superconductor-ferromagnet multilayers
Specific features of magneto-optical spectra of Co/SiO2 hybrid multilayers
The effect of the constituent metal layer thickness on the microstructure and ma
Nanoassemblies of sulfonated polyaniline multilayers
Characterization of laterally structured Pb/Ge multilayers
Production and structural characterization of BN/TiN multilayers
Pulsed vacuum arc deposition of multilayers in the nanometer range
Nuclear magnetic resonance investigations of the structure and magnetic properti
Enhanced interfacial roughness in metallic multilayers prepared by pulsed cathod
High-resolution scanning electron microscopy study of sputtered nanolaminated Ti
Alloying at the interface of ZnSe/CdSe multilayers and ZnSe-CdSe composite films
Evidence for a self-organized growth in granular Co/Al2O3 multilayers
Study of magnetic multilayers by RBS with nanometer resolution
Nanofabrication of organic/inorganic hybrids of TiO2 with substituted phthalocya
Nanoindentation and nanotribological behavior of Fe-N/Ti-N multilayers with diff
Mechanical properties of TiC/metal multilayers synthesized by ion beam sputterin
Mechanical properties of nanoscaled TiC/Fe multilayers deposited by ion beam spu
Deformation behavior of nanostructured metallic multilayers
Two-dimensional magnetism realized in FeF2/ZnF2 multilayers with nanoscale thick
Superhardness effects of heterostructure NbN/TaN nanostructured multilayers
Mechanisms of inert gas impact induced interlayer mixing in metal multilayers gr
Transition radiation from electrons: Application to thin film and superlattice a
Formation of a Co nanostructure revealed by 59Co nuclear magnetic resonance meas
Hardness in Ag/Ni, Au/Ni and Cu/Ni multilayers
Room temperature visible light emission from Si/SiO2 multilayers: Roles of inter
Effect of current and potential waveforms on sublayer thickness of electrodeposi
Thermal stress hardening of a-Si3N4/nc-TiN nanostructured multilayers
Nanoscale magnetic structures of magnetic thin films and multilayers determined
Microstructure and superhardness of TiN/NbN nano-multilayers
Growth of fractal patterns during irradiation-induced amorphization in nano-size
Mechanical properties and wear resistance of TaN/NbN nano-multilayers
Large area PLD of nanometer-multilayers
Process development of 6-inch EUV mask with TaBN absorber
Structural characterization of monolayer and regularly stacked multi-layers comp
Modulation structure and modulation interface of W/SiC nanometer multilayers
Ordered polyelectrolyte Multilayers. 4. Internal structure of clay-based multila
Porous membranes for the preparation of magnetic nanostructures
Submicron particles of Fe/Co multilayers: influence of interactions
Characterisation of cobalt/copper multilayers obtained by electrodeposition
Structural and mechanical properties of TiC/Ti and TiC/B4C multilayers deposited
Microstructures and strength of nanoscale Cu-Ag multilayers
Correction of figure errors on optical surfaces by laser-induced contraction of
Nanostructured artificial nacre
A model for dislocation behavior during deformation of Al/Al3Sc (fcc/Ll2) metall
Growth and magnetism of Ni nanoparticles in Ni/Al2O3/Si or Si3N4 multilayers
Phase stability of bcc Zr in Nb/Zr thin film multilayers
Tuning phase stability in nanocomposite multilayers
Alloying reactions in nanostructured multilayers during intense deformation
Manipulating nanoparticle size within polyelectrolyte multilayers via electroles
Magnetoresistance in magnetic multilayers with the nano-oxide layer
Stimulated structural transformations in amorphous semiconductor multilayers
Degradation of Ag/Si multilayers during heat treatments
Dependence of interface roughness and diffuseness of Cu-Co electrodeposited mult
AFM, TEM and nanoindentation characterizations of plastic deformation in metalli
Formation of an ordered structure by ion beam manipulation and associated struct
Cathodoluminescence study of AlGaAs/GaAs multilayers grown on ridge-type triangl
A study on the interface microstructure and superhardness effect of W/Mo multila
Structure, hardness, and elastic modulus of Pd/Ti nanostructured multilayer film
The fabrication of nc-Si/SiO2 multilayers and blue-light emission
Formation of metastable c-AlN and its effect on the mechanical properties of AlN