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Perpendicular giant magnetoresistance using microlithography and substrate patte
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Superhard coatings of CNx/ZrN multilayers prepared by DC magnetron sputtering
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Experimental observations on the mechanical properties of nanoscale ceramic/Tefl
Plastic properties of nano-scale ceramic-metal multilayers
RF-sputtering deposition of Al/Al2O3 multilayers
Ag/Si multilayers with nanometer sized particles of silver during annealing proc
Preparation and characterization of ordered nanoparticle and polymer composite m
Crystallization of sputter-deposited giant-magnetostrictive TbDyFeM (M = Mo, Zr)
Direct formation of the AlNi3 phase in Al-75Ni cold rolled multilayers
Preparation and mechanical properties of TiN/AlN nano multilayers
Deposition and characterization of nanoscale CNx/HfN multilayers
Magnetic and electrical transport properties of electrodeposited Ni-Cu alloys an
Nanostructured Carbon Films
Microstructure and nanoindentation behaviour of TiN/NbN multilayers
Preparation of high strength bulk nano-scale Fe/Cu multilayers by repeated press
Chiral symmetry breaking in magnetic thin films and multilayers
Self-assembled multilayers of 4,4 prime -dimercaptobiphenyl formed by Cu(II)-cat
Thermal stress hardening of a-Si3N4/nc-TiN nanostructured multilayers
Lithographic approach to pattern self-assembled nanoparticle multilayers
Metallodielectric photonic structures based on polyelectrolyte multilayers
The structure of self-assembled multilayers with polyoxometalate nanoclusters
Mechanical and antiwear properties of TaN/NbN nano-multilayers
Mechanical strengthening in nanometric CrN/Cr multilayers measured by nanoindent
A model for dislocation behavior during deformation of Al/Al3Sc (fcc/L12) metall
Polyelectrolyte multilayers as nanocontainers for functional hydrophilic molecul
Proximity effect in Nb/Zr multilayers with variable Nb/Zr ratio
(FeCo/Co-M)n soft magnetic multilayers with uniaxial anisotropy and very high sa
Self-assembled polyelectrolyte multilayers
Structural investigations of Co/ZrO2 discontinuous multilayers by x-ray absorpti
Direct topographic measurement of multilayers on water by atomic force microscop
Survey of Metallic Multilayer Studies
Nano-multilayers with high perpendicular anisotropy for magnetic recording
Site-selective self-assembly of MPA-bridged CuHCF multilayers on APTMS-supported
Optical electron spectroscopy and electronic properties for multilayers of A1/A1
Study on micromechanical behavior of permalloy/Cu magnetic multilayers
Si3N4/CrN nanostructured multilayers grown by RF reactive magnetron sputtering
Splitting of X-ray diffraction peak in (Ge:SiO2)/SiO2 multilayers
Correlation between constitution, properties and machining performance of TiN/Zr
Destratification mechanisms in coherent multilayers
Formation of embedded Co nanoparticles by reaction in Al/Co multilayers and impa
Surface interactions during polyelectrolyte multilayer buildup. 1. Interactions
Stability of ferrimagnetic multilayers
Layer-by-layer assembly of ordinary and composite coordination multilayers
Period dependence of hardness and microstructure on nanometric Cr/CrN multilayer
Measurements of the magnetoresistance effect in Co/Pt multilayers grown on patte
Polyelectrolyte multilayer nanoreactors toward the synthesis of diverse nanostru
Wave-absorbing property and mechanism of nano-multilayers prepared with MEVVA io
Structure and magnetic properties of FePt/C multilayer film
Effects of misfit dislocations on the mechanical properties of Cu/Ni multilayers
Thermodynamic and atomistic modeling of irradiation-induced amorphization in nan
Microstructure properties of nanocrystalline silicon/SiO2 multilayers fabricated
Tailoring photonic crystals with nanometer-scale precision using polyelectrolyte
Improvement of X-ray analytics in life science using nanotechnology
Assembly and mechanical properties of phosphorus dendrimer/polyelectrolyte multi