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Optical and morphological properties of light-emitting porous silicon prepared b
Scanning tunneling microscopy investigations of colloidal silver: Surface struct
Synthesis of metal nanoclusters within microphase-separated diblock copolymers:
Scanning probe microscopy
Formation of nanocrystalline surface layers on Cr-Ni-steel by a hypervelocity pl
Current status of high resolution electron microscopy and its applications to ma
Microscopy extends inspection to the nanometer level
Laser ablation of refractory material, cluster formation and deposition
Structure and morphology of small diameter electrospun aramid fibers
Three-dimensional quantitative analyses of brittle fracture surfaces with SEM/ST
Metrology of atomic force microscopy for Si nano-structures
Characterization of zinc sulfide nanoclusters via atomic force and scanning tunn
Struktur and Umwandlungsverhalten von nanokristallinen Nickel-Phosphor-Legierung
Comparison of domain images obtained for nanophase alloys by magnetic force micr
Thermal chemical synthesis of nanostructured chromium carbide cermets
Three-dimensional quantitative analyses of brittle fracture surfaces with SEM/ST
Metrology of atomic force microscopy for Si nano-structures
Characterization of zinc sulfide nanoclusters via atomic force and scanning tunn
Struktur and Umwandlungsverhalten von nanokristallinen Nickel-Phosphor-Legierung
Comparison of domain images obtained for nanophase alloys by magnetic force micr
Thermal chemical synthesis of nanostructured chromium carbide cermets
Optical characterization of nanosources used in scanning near-field optical micr
Nanometer-size surface features produced by single, low energy, highly charged i
Transmission electron microscopy study of amorphization of graphite by mechanica
Method for the preparation of PMMA-SiO2 nanocomposites with high homogeneity
Perturbative diffraction theory of a multilayer system: applications to near-fi
Electron microscopy study of the thermal decomposition in Ni-SiC electrodeposits
Novel probe for near field optical microscopy based on luminescent silicon
Hydroxyapatite sintering characteristics: correlation with powder morphology by
Nanoscopic structure of annealed Ge20Te80 glass: quasi-atomic-scale imaging usin
Micro/nanotribology and its applications to magnetic storage devices and MEMS
Crater formation on the surface of metals and alloys bombarded with high-power i
Microstructural investigations of CVD codeposited SiC-TiSi2 nanocomposites
Electron microscopy studies of amphiphilic self-assemblies on vitreous ice
Micro- and nanotechniques to study localized corrosion
Formation of InSb nanocrystals on Se-terminated GaAs(001)
Scanning tunnelling microscopy study of martensite in steel
Scanning tunneling microscopy of carbon nanotubes and nanocones
Nitride nanophases in a plasma-assisted surface modified steel
Near field optical latent imaging with the photon tunneling microscope
PEELS compositional profiling and mapping at nanometer spatial resolution
Transmission electron microscopy methods for the determination of void content i
Amorphous state formation and structural changes in α alumina by repeated
Microtribology of metal particle, barium ferrite and metal evaporated magnetic t
Imaging the surfaces of nanoporous semiconductors by atomic force microscopy
Microstructure and mechanical properties of macro-defect-free cements
Transformation from the amorphous to the nanocrystalline state in pure selenium
Determination of relevant size parameters for sonicated and unsonicated nanocrys
Metastable single-phase polycrystalline aluminium oxynitride films grown by MSIP
Determination of the size distribution of nanometer-sized particles
Formation of nanotubes in low pressure hydrocarbon flames
Biological applications of near-field optical microscopy
GMR behavior of nanostructured heterogeneous M-Co (M=Cu, Ag, Au) alloys
Preparation and characterization of polyethyl-2-cyanoacrylate nanocapsules conta
Ein neue Dimension der Haerte
Transmission electron microscopy studies of nanophase TiO2
Application of piezoresistive Wheatsone bridge cantilever in advanced atomic for
Synthesis of full-density nanocrystalline tungsten carbide by reduction of tungs
Techniques and new developments in high-resolution electron microscopy
Magnetic properties of nanometer-size CoPt particles
Micro through nanostructure investigations of polycrystalline CdTe: correlations
Lorentz microscopy observation of magnetic grains in Co-Sm // Cr films
Nanolithography on hydrogen-terminated silicon by scanning-probe microscopy
Purification and opening of carbon nanotubes via bromination
Effect of cluster size on phase stability in nm-sized Au-Sb alloy clusters
Scanning probe microscopies for molecular photodiodes
Optical processing by scanning near-field optical/atomic force microscopy
Fabricating nanoscale magnetic mounds using a scanning probe microscope
Differential confocal microscopy with nanometer depth resolution
Fabrication and magnetic properties of acicular magnetic nano-elements
TiC/metal nacrous structures and their fracture toughness increase
Statistical methods for the correction of tip convolution effects in STM imaging
Nanometer-scale phase separation in mixed composition self-assembled monolayers
Formation of white-etching layers on rail treads
Nanometer-scale current-voltage spectra measurement of resonant tunneling diodes
Near-field optical microscopy of single quantum wires
Atomic force microscopy observation of magnetron sputtered aluminum-silicon allo
Putting the nano finger on atoms
Precipitation of ferrites in Nafion membranes
Chemical etching of ion beam deposited AlN and AlN:H
Conduction band offsets in ordered-GaInP/GaAs heterostructures studied by ballis
Microbial floc stabilization and preparation for structural analysis by correlat
Video microscopy gains nanoscale access
Optical nanosensors - towards the development of intracellular monitoring
Synthesis of nanostructured Ni/Cr and Ni-Cr3C2 powders by an organic solution re
Novel ultrasonic resonance sample-tip distance regulation for near field optical
Alignment of single-crystal zeolites by means of microstructured surfaces
High resolution characterization of tribochemical films on alumina
Nanoscopic analysis of aqueous corrosion by scanning tunneling microscopy
High resolution microstructure analysis of the decomposition of Cu90Co10 alloys
Direct fabrication of SiGe crystallites on glass substrate: from nanocrystals t
Synthesis of nanocrystalline M50 steel powders by cryomilling
Fine structure of plastically deformed carbon nanotube
Microtribological problems of physics and mechanics in smooth surface contact
Catalytic synthesis and purification of carbon nanotubes
Effect of roughness as determined by atomic force microscopy on the wetting prop
Melting behavior of passivated nanocrystalline aluminum
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of a carbon nanotube
Nanofibrillar surface structures of gel-drawn UHMW-polyethylene tapes
Electron Nanodiffraction: Progress and Prospects Electron Microscopy
Synthesis of the NiZr2 intermetallic compound nanophase materials
Fullerenic nanostructures in flames
Production of metastable nano size materials by a combination of the rapid solid
Dynamic compaction of aluminum nanocrystals
Investigation of the nanocluster self-assembly process by scanning tunneling mic
Ordering processes at the decanethiol/Au (111) interface
Polymer viscoelastic properties measured by friction force microscopy
Application of scanning probe methods for electronic and magnetic device fabrica
Fabrication of metal nanocrystalline films by gas-deposition method
The structure of the carbon nanotube and its surface topography probed by transm
Scanning probe microscopy part 3: studies of polymer surfaces with atomic force
Structural imaging of mechanically alloyed remanence-enhanced Sm2Fe17N3/α-
Comparison of porous silicon and silicon nanocrystallite photoluminescence quenc
Probe-surface interaction in near-field optical microscopy: the nonlinear bendi
Study of solid-state amorphization in Zr-30 at.% Al by mechanical attrition
Direct-write gold and silicon ablation on a 100-nm scale
Nanometer-scale wires of monolayer height alkanethiols on AlGaAs/GaAs heterostru
Critical dimension measurement in nanometer scale by using scanning probe micros
Atomic force microscopy reveals details of protein crystallization
Hydrogenated amorphous silicon/nanodisperse metal (SIMAL) system - films of uniq
Deposited microclusters and their interaction with substrate
Nanosecond and picosecond laser-induced cracking and ignition of single crystals
Novel thin film with cylindrical nanopores that open and close depending on temp
Phase transformations in Pd40Ni40P20 alloy at heating
New Trends in STEM-Based Nano-EELS Analysis Electron Microscopy
Applications of atomic-force microscopy in environmental colloid and surface che
Morphology of carbon nanoclusters prepared by catalytic disproportionation of ca
Computational microscopy study of nanostructural evolution in irradiated pressur
Characterization of precious opals: AFM and SEM observations, photonic band gap,
AFM and STM characterization of TiO2 - ultrafiltration membranes
Spectroscopic measurements of thin organic films using near-field scanning optic
Fabrication and characterization of self-assembled spherical gold ultramicroelec
Three-dimensional metallization of microtubules
Preparation of giant magnetoresistance Co/Cu multilayers by electrodeposition
Study on nanofabrication with scanning tunneling microscopy
Structure of nanocrystalline Ni58.5Mo31.5B10 and structure evolution at heat tre
Microstructure and homogeneity of nanocrystalline Co-Cu supersaturated solid sol
Evidence for faradaic processes in scanning probe microscopy on mica in humid ai
Syntheses of SiCp/Al nanocomposites under high pressure
Synthesis and humidity sensitive properties of nanocrystalline Ba1-xSrxTiO3 thic
Hybrid electrochemical/chemical synthesis of supported, luminescent cadmium sulf
Consolidation of ball-milled (Al-TM)-SiC (TM; Ti, Mo and Cu) composite powders b
Scanning tunneling microscopy of electrodeposited CuInSe2 nanoscale multilayers
Morphology of organic-inorganic hybrid composites in thin films as multichip pac
Structure of small GaAs clusters
Direct observation of magnetic relaxation in a small permalloy disk by time-reso
Nanocrystallite titanium dioxide films made by the sol-gel method using reverse
HREM observation of cross-sectional structure of carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of nanotubes via catalytic pyrolysis of acetylene: a sem study
Nanoscale characterization of materials
Interfaces and defects in nanocrystalline oxides
Study of ion-bombarded nanostructures on germanium surfaces by scanning probe mi
Three-dimensional hexagonal close-packed superlattice of passivated Ag nanocryst
Influence of surface grown Ag particle on the optical absorption of Ag/SiO2 nano
Nanoscale characterization of gold colloid monolayers: a comparison of four tec
Lateral force microscopy - a quantitative approach
Nanostructure study by TEM and HREM of carbon fibres in Cf-SiC composites
Effect of preparation conditions on the formation of primary ZnO particles in fi
New solid and hollow, magnetic and non-magnetic, organic-inorganic monodispersed
Electrochemical deposition of quantized particle MoS[vv 2] thin films
Energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy for the characterization of po
Force modulation atomic force microscopy recording for ultrahigh density recordi
Formation of nano-dot and nano-ring structures in colloidal monolayer lithograph
Advances in cubic silicon carbide surfaces and self-organized one dimensional su
Microspectroscopy breaks the diffraction-limit barrier
Structure and property changes in spinel irradiated with heavy ions
Industrial uses of STM and AFM
Microstructural characterization of nanograin tin oxide gas sensors
In situ scanning tunneling microscopy studies of nanometer size palladium partic
Surface microstructure of a Kevlar aramid fibre studied by direct atomic force m
Atomic force microscopy for ultrafiltration membrane imaging
Transmission electron microscopy study of the microstructures present in alumina
Structural transformation of hydrogen-adsorbed Si(111)- root3 × root3-Ag
Spatial resolution in scanning pump-probe fluorescence microscopy
Fabrication of a pencil-shaped fiber probe with a nanometric protrusion from a m
Application of scanning capacitance microscopy to semiconductor devices
Laser-induced ablation through nanometer-sized tip apertures: Mechanistic aspect
Characterization of dislocations, nanopipes and inversion domains in GaN by tran
Morphological analysis of stainless steel scale like surface morphology using ST
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of luminescent anodized a
Electrochemistry of highly ordered pyrolytic graphite surface film formation obs
Combination of SFM and TOF-SIMS imaging for observing local inhomogeneities in m
Non-contact scanning probe microscopy with sub-piconewton force sensitivity
Nano- and micrometric approaches to cobalt electrodeposition on carbon substrate
Scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy investigation of organ
Far- and near-field optical spectroscopy of cleaved edge quantum wires
Ultrafast time resolution in scanning tunneling microscopy
Amplitude recovery in Fresnel projection microscopy
Combining scanning tunneling microscopy and computer simulation of humic substan
Mesostructure of evaporated porphyrin thin films: Porphyrin wheel formation
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of wear induced by false brinelling on rolli
Freeze-dried resorcinol-folmaldehyde gels
Transmission electron microscopy of 3F/PMDA-polypropylene oxide triblock copolym
Characterization of nanofiltration membranes for predictive purposes - use of sa
Immobilization inside Langmuir-Blodgett films of a fluorescent artificial recept
Photodiode performance and nanostructure of polythiophene/C60 blends
Study of the hot spot of an in-plane gate transistor by scanning Joule expansion
Conducting atomic force microscopy for nanoscale electrical characterization of
Fabrication of europium complex nanoparticles at charged monolayers and Eu compl
Nanocharacterization of semiconductors by scanning photoluminescence microscopy
Nanoscale microstructural analyses by atom probe field ion microscopy
Particle size evolution in Cu-15at%Al mechanically alloyed
Atomic process of point contact in gold studied by time-resolved high-resolution
Fabrication of colloidal gold micro-patterns using photolithographed self-assemb
Nanometer-scale, fully lamellar microstructure in an aged TiAl-based alloy
Microstructural characterization of nanocrystalline GaN prepared by detonations
Pattern formation at electrode surfaces
Silicon and zinc telluride nanoparticles synthesized by pulsed laser ablation: S
Oxidation of MoSi2/SiC nanolayered composite
Saturation magnetization of porosity-free nanocrystalline cobalt
Magnetic properties of non-interacting Fe-C nanoparticles
TEM characterization of nanodiamond thin films
Characteristics of SiO2/TiO2 nanocomposite particles formed in a premixed flat f
Plasma-induced low-temperature growth of graphitic nanofibers on nickel substrat
Evaluation of nanopipes in MOCVD grown (0 0 0 1) GaN/Al2O3 by wet chemical etchi
Mechanical properties of TiN thin films investigated using biaxial tensile testi
Direct atomic TEM observation of AFM tip-surface interaction
Solid or liquid phase sintering of nanocrystalline WC/Co hardmetals
Electron microscopy structural characterization of nano-materials: Image simulat
Preparation and observation of CdS nanometer sized particles incorporated in syn
Picking needles from nano-haystacks
Observation of surface potential at nanometer scale by electrostatic force micro
Synthesis of single- and multi-wall carbon nanotubes over supported catalysts
Electrolytic conversion of graphite to carbon nanotubes in fused salts
Mathematical modeling of particle behavior of nanocrystalline Ni during high vel
In situ scanning tunneling microscopy nanotip fabrication with field-enhanced su
Synthesis and characterization of W0.12Ru2.1Se and W0.013Ru1.27Se electrocatalys
X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy study of nanosize CeO2 as photoanode f
Dendritic nanocylinder: Shape control through implementation of steric strain
Electrode potential-dependent acceptor images in p-MoSe2 observed by electrochem
Nanostructure of superconducting Nb-Ti alloy
Characterization of CdS nanoparticles formed and aggregated in stearic acid Lang
SFM and SEM investigation of CdS layers from Langmuir-Blodgett film templates
Mesoporous organic polymers obtained by `twostep nanocasting
New view from a cold STM
Self-organization of a dinuclear metal complex in lyotropic liquid crystal: Ribb
Anisotropic elastic characterization of surfaces from 2 MHz to 20 GHz
Characterization and control of domain structure in SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films by sca
Diamond cutting of silicon with nanometric finish
Direct-nanolithography on gelatin film using scanning near-field optical microsc
Ballistic-electron-emission microscopy of semiconductor heterostructures
Fluorescence lifetime three-dimensional microscopy with picosecond precision usi
Electron microscopy and x-ray analysis of lacustrine clays from the Charo Canyon
Microstructure and interface structure studies of SiCp-reinforced Al (6061) meta
Nanomorphology of kaolinites: comparative SEM and AFM studies
Implications of high resolution to near-field optical microscopy
Nano-oxidation of vanadium thin films using atomic force microscopy
Observing magnetic nanowires by means of magnetic force microscopy
Atomic force microscopy, Part 6: recent developments in AFM of polymers
Nanomodification of polypyrrole and polyaniline on highly oriented pyrolytic gra
Role of boron nitride in graphite plasma arcs
UFM shakes out the details at the nanoscopic scale
Hydrothermal behavior of diamond
Probing nanodefects in fused silica by near-field scanning optical microscopy
Scanning force microscopy study of poly(phenol) films containing immobilized glu
Scanning probe microscopy a useful tool in leather research
Thermodynamic stability of intergranular amorphous films in bismuth-doped zinc o
Intermittent contact scanning force microscopy: the role of the liquid necks
Nanometer-scale imaging of domains in ferroelectric thin films using apertureles
Morphology of liquid crystalline epoxy composite matrices based on the diglycidy
Micro/nanotribology using atomic force microscopy/friction force microscopy: Sta
Cooperativity at the organic/inorganic interface
In-situ hot stage for temperature-dependent tapping-mode atomic force microscopy
Developments and perspectives of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) on organic mate
Localization of individual biomolecules on sensor surfaces
Atomic force microscopy of enterobacteria
Fabrication and characterization of optical-fiber nanoprobes for scanning near-f
Condensed phases of branched-chain phospholipid monolayers investigated by scann
Nanoscale phenomena in surface electrochemistry: some insights from scanning tu
Structure and interfacial interactions of thin films of amylopectin
Characterization of self-assembled Ge islands on Si(100) by atomic force microsc
Physicochemical characterization of silicalite-1 nanophase material
Atomic focusers
Vesicle-templated polymer hollow spheres
Characterization of laser-irradiated CdxHg1-xTe solid solutions by scanning micr
High resolution transmission electron microscopy study of nanoscale Ni-rich NiAl
Atomic-scale view of semiconductor heterostructures using scanning tunneling mic
Laser-fabricated glass microlens arrays
Elastic mapping of heterogeneous nanostructures with ultrasonic force microscopy
Evolution of strained Ge islands grown on Si(111): A scanning probe microscopy s
Formation of ceria partially stabilized zirconia nanocrystals by laser evaporati
Structural transformation of anatase TiO2 by high-energy vibrational ball millin
Single polymer chain elongation by atomic force microscopy
Influence of secondary tip shape on illumination-mode near-field scanning optica
Synthesis of spherical nanoparticles of Cu2L2O5 (L = Ho, Er) from W/O microemuls
Atomic force microscopy study of vapor-grown carbon fibers: evidence of nanofib
Preparation and characterization of ordered nanoparticle and polymer composite m
Fracture behavior of a nanocrystallized Zr65Cu15Al10Pd10 metallic glass
Nanostructural lithography via photo-initiated phase transformation of silica-su
Nanostructural characterization of Co-C interaction in a thin film system
Use of scanning laser microscopy to investigate microparticle flocculation perfo
Study of polyanilines by high-resolution electron microscopy
Study on MoS2 thin films electrochemically deposited in ethylene glycol at 165 &
Synthesis and characterization of submicrometer-sized polypyrrole-polystyrene co
Material factors in the decrepitation of hydrogen storage alloys
In-situ observation of melting of fine lead particles by high-resolution electro
Atom probe and transmission electron microscopy investigations of heavily drawn
Observation of multiwall fullerenes in thermally treated laser pyrolysis carbon
Corrosion behavior and microstructure of high-velocity oxy-fuel sprayed nickel-b
Will the real nanotech please stand up?
Electron microscopy investigation of the cycling-induced phase transformation in
Film formation of polymeric emulsions: Structure set-up and the pinhole effect c
Recombination in InGaAs/GaAs quantum wire lasers
Novel method for the synthesis of thin film coatings on particulate materials
Recent progress in atomic force microscopy of elastomers, TPE blockcopolymers an
Local C(U) spectroscopy on chemically bounded Au55 clusters
Growth and characterization of defective diamond films
Morphology characteristic of surface crystallization on amorphous Ni88P12 film
Near-field scanning optical microscopy of nanostructures
Nanometer-scale patterning fabricated by selecting local oxidation of silicon su
Near-field optical microscopy of fractal structures
Synthesis of mesoporous materials based on titanium(IV)oxide and titanium nitrid
Synthesis and TEM study of nanoparticles and nanocrystalline thin films of silve
Preparation of perpendicular magnetization Co/Pt nanostructures by electrodeposi
Instability of nanocavities in disordered and amorphous silicon under irradiatio
Nanostructured colloidal metal and semiconductor particles
Nanostructured probes for scanning near-field optical microscopy
Picosecond and femtosecond near-field optical spectroscopy of carrier dynamics i
High spatial resolution PEELS characterization of FeAl nanograins prepared by me
Laser-induced synthesis of nanoscaled tin oxide based powder mixtures
Polyaniline micro- and nanostructure
Characterization of AgxAuy nano particles by TEM and STEM
Polydimethylsiloxane and layered silicate nanocomposites
Nano-deformation of crystalline domains during tensile stretching studied by ato
Transmission electron microscopy characterization of nanocrystalline copper
Nanocrystalline structures of metal deposits studied by locally resolved Raman m
Methods to remove distortion artifacts in scanned projections
Nanotribological behavior of C60 films at an extremely low load
Microstructure and nanochemistry of carbide precipitates in high-speed steel S 6
Electrochemical cycling-induced spinel formation in high-charge-capacity orthorh
Characteristics of white layers formed in steels by machining
Fabrication and characterisation of nanometre-sized platinum electrodes for volt
AFM-SEM investigation of the effect of silica fume and fly ash on cement paste m
Electronic structure at carbon nanotube tips
Future of atomic resolution electron microscopy for materials science
Carbon nanotubes
Mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes
Advanced imaging for DNA analysis based on scanning near-field optical/atomic-fo
High-resolution electron microscopy of γ-TiAl irradiated with 15 keV heliu
Application of scanning force microscopy in nanotube science
Surface nanochemical studies of polymers and other organic surfaces by scanning
Nanostructuring with spatially localized femtosecond laser pulses
Characterization of defects and piezoelectric fields in InGaN/GaN layers by tran
Mess- und pruftechnik ... messen im submikrometerbereich
Carbon nanotubes produced by high energy (E100 MeV), heavy ion irradiation of gr
Inorganic fullerene-like material as additives to lubricants: Structure-function
Structural investigations of close-packed single-wall carbon nanotube material
Nanometer scale lithography on silicon, titanium and PMMA resist using scanning
Crystal growth habits of DNA fractions. 2. Low-voltage SEM and TEM examination o
Atomic force microscopy for the analysis of environmental particles
Circuit failure identification using focused ion beam and transmission electron
Magnetic force microscopy of the surface
Growth of a single-wall carbon nanotube in the gap of scanning tunneling microsc
Controlling growth and field emission property of aligned carbon nanotubes on po
Three-dimensional orientation measurements of symmetric single chromophores usin
Application of focused ion beam (FIB) microscopy to the study of crack profiles
Surface molecular structure of poly(10,12-nonacosadiynoic acid) Langmuir-Blodget
Probing the surface forces of atomic layered SrTiO3 films by atomic force micros
Membranes of poly(ether imide) and nanodispersed silica
Physicochemical characterization of diesel exhaust particles: Factors for assess
Nanometre-scale oxidation of silicon surfaces by dynamic force microscopy: Repro
Observation of nuclear track in organic material by atomic force microscopy in r
On the toughening mechanisms of SiC platelet-reinforced Al2O3/Y-TZP nano-ceramic
Characterization of ZnO-based varistors prepared from nanometre precursor powder
AFM analysis of surface textures of metal sheets caused by sliding with bulk pla
Single virus analysis by correlated optical spectroscopy and atomic force micros
Nanoscale optical imaging of chromosomes with apertureless microscopy
Applications of atomic force microscopy to the study of lightguide fibers
Comparison of scanning acoustic microscopy and nanoindentation measures of the e
Direct mapping of the far and near field optical emission of nano-sized tapered
Scanning tunnelling microscopy studies of silicides
Silicon based nanometric oscillator for scanning force microscopy operating in t
Nanometer resolution of liquid surface topography by scanning force microscopy
Doping landscapes in the nanometer range by scanning capacitance microscopy
Nanoscopic studies investigated by hybrid SNOM/STM
Scanning probe microscopy of ion-irradiated materials
Plowing on the sub-50 nm scale: Nanolithography using scanning force microscopy
Giant magnetoresistance and domain observation of Co35(SiO2)65 nano-granular fil
Long distance roughness of fracture surfaces in heterogeneous materials
Membrane filtration for microencapsulation and microcapsules fabrication by laye
Simple optical configuration for depth-resolved imaging using variable-angle eva
Morphology of carbon allotropes prepared by hydrogen arc discharge
Dependence of elastic properties on morphology in single-wall carbon nanotubes
Scanning tunneling microscopy of carbon nanotubes
Agglomeration and surface morphology during pulsed laser deposition of Pb-Zr-Ti-
Prospects of apertureless SNOM with active probes
Direct imaging of zirconia pillars in montmorillonite by analytical electron mic
Magnetotransport and domain structures in nanoscale NiFe/Cu/Co spin valve
Scanning electron microscopy study of carbon nanotubes heated at high temperatur
Interfacial reaction induced roughening in polymer blends
Structure and nanomechanical properties of solvent cast stearic acid films in li
Atomic force microscopy imaging of novel macromolecular species, nanosponges, an
Influence of tip fields on NSOM imaging
Production of binary thin film by the direct deposition of Bi-Te NANO-particles
Adhesion maps using scanning force microscopy techniques
Two-dimensional surface band structure of operating light emitting devices
Towards probing pentagons on carbon nanotube tips
Atomic force microscopy of metallic surfaces
Electrochemistry using single carbon nanotubes
Fluorescence lifetime imaging of multiple fluorophores implemented in confocal m
Fabrication and photoluminescence of GaN/sapphire submicron-scale structures wit
Morphology characterization of high-impact resistant polypropylene using AFM and
Simultaneous observation of nano-sized ferroelectric domains and surface morphol
Characterization of metallic thin film synthesized at room temperature by direct
Morphological changes of silver nanoparticle distributions in glass induced by u
Formation of Surlyn/titanate nanocomposite materials through polymer-in situ sol
Scanning force microscopy investigation of polyelectrolyte nano- and microcapsul
Hochauflosende optische Nahfeld-Mikroskopie
Pure Al thin film protective layer to prevent stress migration in Al wiring for
High-resolution Imaging of Starch Granule Structure using Atomic Force Microscop
Phase and microstructure changes in 45# steel irradiated by intense pulsed ion b
Microstructural characteristics of refractory composites
Microstructure of as-melt spun Al-7%Si-0.3%Mg alloy and its variation in continu
Stability of diblock copolymer/layered silicate nanocomposite thin films
Structure of near-spherical carbon nano-shells
Complex bonding of titanium nitride layers in C/Mg composites revealed by ELNES
Effects of amelogenin on the transforming surface microstructures of Bioglass in
Lubricious zinc oxide films grown by pulsed laser deposition: lateral force micr
Mesoscopic microwave dispersion in ferroelectric thin films
Surfactant-induced changes of morphology of J-aggregates: Superhelix-to-tubule t
Formation of carbon nanotubes from jet fuel on superalloys at moderate temperatu
Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of SiC/Si heterostructures formed by high-dose
Nano bubbles on a hydrophobic surface in water observed by tapping-mode atomic f
Near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) of micropatterned laminin substrat
Structure studies of metal electrodes by in-situ scanning tunneling microscopy
Study of precipitation reactions by X-ray microscopy: CaCO3 precipitation and th
Use of emanation thermal analysis in characterisation of nanosized hematite prep
Crystal polymer interaction with new injectable bone substitute; SEM and Hr TEM
Dynamics of vibrating atomic force microscopy
Hard chromium plating on cold swaged Cr-Mo steel using rotating cylinder electro
Role of shear forces in scanning force microscopy: A comparison between the jump
Study of the growth and mobility of Pd nanoclusters on WO3(001) by scanning tunn
Deposition and structural characterization of high quality textured C60 thin fil
Monitoring surface reactions at an AFM tip: An approach to follow reaction kinet
Localization of the polymer phase in bitumen/polymer blends by field emission cr
Carbon nanotube and polypyrrole composites: coating and doping
EFTEM provides elemental mapping at nanometer resolution
STM and TEM studies of a model catalyst: Pd/MoS2(0001)
Topology map for novel vesicle-polymer hybrid architectures
Formation and characterization of superparamagnetic cross-linked high amylose st
Polymerized ABA triblock copolymer vesicles
Deposition and photoluminescence of sol-gel derived Tb3+:Zn2SiO4 films on SiO2/S
Face centered cubic indium nano-particles studied by UHV-transmission electron m
Construction of carbon nanotube stars with dendrimers
Homogeneous precipitation synthesis and electrical properties of scandia stabili
The investigation of sized cellulose surfaces with scanning probe microscopy tec
Large-scale synthesis of single-crystalline β-Ga2O3 nanoribbons, nanosheets
Scanning acoustic microscopy study of human cortical and trabecular bone
Scanning optical microscopy with an electrogenerated chemiluminescent light sour
Effects of PVP on structure of TiO2 prepared by the sol-gel process
Superconducting MgB2 nanowires
The effect of nitrogen on the microstructure, stress, and magnetic properties of
High resolution REM studies of Si(5 5 12) surfaces and their roughening phase tr
Two-dimensional assemblies of colloidal SiO2 and TiO2 particles prepared by the
Detection of abasic sites on individual DNA molecules using atomic force microsc
The art of building small
A simple method preparing isolated encapsulated particles on a large scale
Fabrication of MgO nanobelts using a halide source and their structural characte
Fabrication of nanometer-sized electrodes and tips for scanning electrochemical
The hard magnetic properties of nanocomposite
Surface microstructure characterization of sol-gel derived porous TiO2 thin film
Precipitation of nanoscale aluminum hydroxide particles
Epoxy infiltration into nanoporous aluminum oxide
Highly stabilized nanostructures from poly(L-lactide)-block-poly(oxyethylene) ha
Nanometer distances between swimming bacteria and surfaces measured by total int
Synthesis of nanocrystalline TiC powder by mechanical alloying
Measuring particle diameter and particle - Particle gap with nanometer precision
Aging of model pressure sensitive adhesives studied with scanning probe microsco
Carbon nanotubes prepared from CO on pre-reduced La2NiO4 perovskite precursor
Ultrahigh vacuum scanning probe microscopy studies of carbon onions
Nano-precipitation in hot-pressed silicon carbide
Stability and exchange studies of alkanethiol monolayers on gold-nanoparticle-co
Monolayer grafting of organo-silica nanoparticles on poly(ethylene naphthalate)
Second-harmonic imaging microscopy of living cells
Synthesis of regular coiled carbon nanotubes by Ni-catalyzed pyrolysis of acetyl
Glass transition measurements on heterogeneous surfaces
Low-temperature deposition of highly [100]-oriented MgO films using charged liqu
Surface biology of DNA by atomic force microscopy
Ultrastructural organization of eumelanin from Sepia officinalis measured by ato
Synthetic hollow zinc oxide microparticles
High-refractive-index thin films prepared from aminoalkoxysilane-capped pyromell
New hybrid nanocomposite prepared by emulsion copolymerization of ABS in the pre
The first vanadium oxide nanotubes containing an aromatic amine as template
Chemical and microstructural changes induced by friction and wear of brakes
Imaging of conductive filler networks in heterogeneous materials by scanning Kel
Solid state amorphization in cold drawn Cu/Nb wires
Characterization of nanoscaled heterogeneities in mechanically alloyed and compa
A transmission electron microscopy study of interfaces and matrix homogeneity in
Nanoscale optical imaging on an electroluminescent polymer by conducting atomic
Correlations between surface modification and tribological performance of brake
Corrosion of granulated glassy blast furnace slags in aqueous solutions
HRTEM study of the morphology of RuS2 supported particles
Microscopy studies of nanotube-conjugated polymer interactions
Scanning near-field optical microscopy investigations on local optical switching
Atomic force microscopy: A powerful tool to study the radial gradients in mechan
Vorstoss in die nanowelt der grenzflachen bei der papierherstellung und -veredel
Carbon nanotubes and nanostructures grown from diamond-like carbon and polyethyl
Patterning polymers by micro-fluid-contact printing
Apatite films produced by electrodeposition: Characterization by TEM and AFM
Colloidal particles of Ca(OH)2: Properties and applications to restoration of fr
Novel polyelectrolyte multilayer micro- and nanocapsules as magnetic carriers
Structural investigations of the Al50Fe25Ti25 powder mixture mechanically alloye
Metallographische Untersuchung weisser Schichten auf Eisenbahnschienen
Formation of β-SiC nanocrystals on Si(1 1 1) monocrystal during the HFCVD o
Nanocrystalline zirconia surface-doped with alumina: Chemical vapor synthesis, c
Stretching cell surface macromolecules by atomic force microscopy
Nanostructured Al88Ni4SM8 alloys investigated by transmission electron and field
Research initiative nanoscience in North Rhine Westphalia
Photovoltaic performance and morphology of polyfluorene blends: A combined micro
Nanomanipulation of ligand-stabilized Au55 clusters by means of scanning tunneli
Large-scale synthesis of multi-walled carbon nanotubes by microwave CVD
Soft x-ray imaging and spectroscopy of single nanocrystals
The ultrastructure of anorganic bovine bone and selected synthetic hyroxyapatite
Self-assembling biomaterials: L-lysine-dendron-substituted cholesteryl-(L-lactic
Initiation and evolution of phase separation in heteroepitaxial InAlAs films
Synthesis of nanosized silver platelets in octylamine-water bilayer systems
Low-dimensional systems
Metal coverage dependence of local optical properties of semicontinuous metallic
Scrolls and nested tubes in multiwall carbon nanotubes
Formation of white layers in steels by machining and their characteristics
Tip-gating effect in scanning impedance microscopy of nanoelectronic devices
Tuning intermolecular attraction to create polar order and one-dimensional nanos
Edge transfer lithography of molecular and nanoparticle materials
Comparison of atomic force microscopy imaging methods and roughness determinatio
Networks for recognition of biomolecules: Molecular imprinting and micropatterni
Synthesis and explosive decomposition of organometallic dehydro[18] annulenes: A
Carbon nanotubes: Structure and transport in nanotubes
Exploratory study of RNA polymerase II using dynamic atomic force microscopy
Silver-enhanced imaging of DNA hybridization at DNA microarrays with scanning el
Chemical, electrochemical, gravimetric, and microscopic studies on antimicrobial
Electron microscopy nanoscale characterization of ball-milled Cu-Ag powders. Par
Micro- and nanostructured surface morphology on electrospun polymer fibers
Metal oxide nanoparticles as bactericidal agents
Electrosorption and catalytic properties of bare and Pt modified single crystal
A new approach for the direct synthesis of nanocomposite thin films by ion-beam
Growth of ferroelectric PbZrxTi1-xO3 thin films by metalorganic chemical vapor d
Silicon-methoxide-modified clays and their polystyrene nanocomposites
Interactions between MC3T3-E1 cells and textured Ti6Al4V surfaces
Chemoselective immobilization of gold nanoparticles onto self-assembled monolaye
Supramolecular nanostructures formed from dicationic azobenzene compounds and pe
Ultrafast scanning tunneling microscopy
High resolution atomic force microscopic imaging of the Si(111)-(7 × 7) su
Nanotechnology and manufacturing
Small protrusion used as a probe for apertureless scanning near-field optical mi
In situ stepwise surface analysis of micropatterned glass substrates in liquids
Aqueous suspensions of steroid nanotubules: Structural and rheological character
Dynamic scanning force microscopy study of self-assembled DNA-protein nanostruct
Large-scale synthesis of In2O3 nanowires
Pyrolysis in the mesophase: A chemists approach toward preparing carbon nano- an
Probing fast facilitated ion transfer across an externally polarized liquid-liqu
Sintering of nano crystalline α silicon carbide by doping with boron carbi
Organic molecules acting as templates on metal surfaces
Synthesis and characterization of a novel polyorganosiloxane having a bigger siz
Copper sample analyzed with an n-doped silicon tip using conducting probe atomic
Two- and three-dimensional alignment and patterning of carbon nanotubes
Ultrasonic synthesis of silica-alumina nanomaterials with controlled mesopore di
Using AFM to image the internal structure of starch granules
Conversion of carbon nanotubes to carbon nanofibers by sonication [2]
Sintering of nano crystalline α silicon carbide doping with aluminium nitr
Hybrid nanoparticles with hyperbranched polymer shells via self-condensing atom
Electrochemical copolymerization of pyrrole and thiophene nanofibrils using temp
Novel capsules with high stability and controlled permeability by hierarchic tem
Nanoengineering of polymeric capsules with a shell-in-shell structure
A feasibility study of scaling-up the electrolytic production of carbon nanotube
Morphology evolution and anisotropic phase formation of the maleated polyethylen
In-situ synthesis of carbon nanotubes on organic polymer substrates at atmospher
Spin-resolved spectro-microscopy of magnetic nanowire arrays
Kelvin probe force microscopy of beveled semiconductors
Bulk storage capacity of hydrogen in purified multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Fabrication of submicrometer-sized gold electrodes of controlled geometry for sc
Two-dimensional photochemical synthesis of plate-like nanoparticles
Single-wall carbon nanotubes with diameters approaching 6 nm obtained by laser v
Electron transfer of hemoglobin at electrodes modified with colloidal clay nanop
Microporosity and optical properties of some activated chars
Pit-templated synthesis and oxygen adsorption properties of gold nanostructures
An alternative route to NbS2 nanotubes
Langmuir films of thiolated gold nanoparticles transferred onto functionalized s
Controlled hydrothermal synthesis of thin single-crystal tellurium nanobelts and
Ion beam synthesis of buried CdSe nanocrystallites in SiO2 on (100) -silicon
Rastersondentechniken in der werkstoffwissenschaft: Methoden und anwendungen
Electrochemical synthesis of copper nanowires
Work function of single-walled carbon nanotubes determined by field emission mic
The use of small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) for the characterisation of lustr
Mesoporous structure and phase transition of nanocrystalline TiO2
Morphology and Raman scattering spectrum of GaN nanowires embedded in nanochanne
Fabrication, morphology and structural characterization of ordered single-crysta
Dense nanoparticulate thin films via gold nanoparticle self-assembly
Focal spots of size λ/23 open up far-field florescence microscopy at 33 n
Study on the delicate nanostructures formed on Au(1 1 1) by scanning tunneling m
Scanning probe microscopy explorations on conjugated (macro)molecular architectu
One-step synthesis of maghemite nanometric powders by ball-milling
High-resolution colocalization of single dye molecules by fluorescence lifetime
Observation of nano-particles in silica/poly(HEMA) hybrid by electron microscopy
Thermal stability of arc evaporated high aluminum-content Ti1-xAlxN thin films
Nanotubes from the self-assembly of asymmetric crystalline-coil poly(ferrocenyls
Nanomechanics from atomic resolution to molecular recognition based on atomic fo
Synthese von nanoskaligem Ni0,5Zn0,5Fe2O4 durch eine verbrennungsreaktion
Growth and characterization of well-aligned nc-Si/SiOx composite nanowires
Atomic force microscopy of height fluctuations of fibroblast cells
Solvation forces using sample-modulation atomic force microscopy
Preparation and characterization of nanostructured tin oxide films by electroche
Heterogeneous catalytic production and mechanical resistance of nanotubes prepar
Barrier and mechanical properties of montmorillonite/polyesteramide nanocomposit
Nanometer structure of carbon fibers studied by different scanning probe microsc
Self-assembled polyphenylene dendrimer nanofibers on highly oriented pyrolytic g
Size and grain-boundary effects of a gold nanowire measured by conducting atomic
Nanoporous wire-like superstructure of silicon and silicon/germanium solid solut
Electrochemical and topological characterization of gold(1 1 1) | oligo(cyclohex
The structure, composition, and chemical state of the surface of wire-like silic
Atomic force microscopy: Defining biotechnological processes
European symposium on nanomechanical testing
Selective surface migration for defect-free quantum dot ensembles using metal or
Atomic force microscopy study of clay nanoplatelets and their impurities
Scanning probe lithography using self-assembled monolayers
Atomic force microscopy of nickel dot arrays with tuning fork and nanotube probe
Micro- and nano-scale deformation processes during scratch damage in high densit
Thermal and flammability properties of a silica-poly(methylmethacrylate) nanocom
Surface and Site-Specific Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization Initiated by Di
Nanobelts, nanowires, and nanodiskettes of semiconducting oxides - From material
Single-crystalline barium titanate nanowires
Noncovalent side-wall functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Nanodroplets of polyisoprene fluid contained within poly(acrylic acid-co-acrylam
Atomic force acoustic microscopy methods to determine thin-film elastic properti
Alignment of Long DNA Molecules on Templates Generated via Dip-Pen Nanolithograp
Structure and mechanics of W-DLC coated spur gears
Distance-dependent electron hopping conductivity and nanoscale lithography of ch
Get in the mode - New scanning technique for AFMs
Adhesion study of polyimide to single-wall carbon nanotube bundles by energy-fil
Morphology Evolution in Nanoscale Light-Emitting Domains in MEH-PPV/PMMA Blends
Low-energy electron microscopy: Imaging surface dynamics
Thermoelectric microdevice fabricated by a MEMS-like electrochemical process
Epitaxial titanium silicide islands and nanowires
Chiral smectic C structures of virus-based films
Mechanical milling-induced deformation twinning in Fcc materials with high stack
In situ quantum dot growth on multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Characterization of an organic hydrogel: A cryo-transmission electron microscopy
Dispersion of carbon nanotubes in liquids
Femtosecond laser aperturless near-field nanomachining of metals assisted by sca
Growth mechanism of carbon nanotubes in methane diffusion flames
Molecular Assembly by Sequential Ionic Adsorption of Nanocrystalline TiO2 and a
Nucleation and crystallization of low-crystallinity polypropylene followed in si
Ceramic membranes derived from ferroxane nanoparticles: A new route for the fabr
Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth of Silicon-Germanium Nanowires
Microwave-assisted combustion synthesis of tantalum nitride in a fluidized bed
Protein adsorption on alkanethiolate self-assembled monolayers: Nanoscale surfac
Synthesis, self-assembly, and switching of one-dimensional nanostructures from n
Construction of a nanowell electrode array by electrochemical gold stripping and
Soft 20-nm resolution x-ray microscopy demonstrated by use of multilayer test st
Integrated AFM-SECM in tapping mode: Simultaneous topographical and electrochemi
The oblate morphology of supported PtRu5 on carbon black
Electrodeposition of metallic nanowire thin films using mesoporous silica templa
Temperature-dependent morphological evolution of HOPG graphite upon exposure to
New developments in transmission electron microscopy for nanotechnology
Microstructure and detachment mechanism of friction layers on the surface of bra
Incorporating scanning probe microscopy into the undergraduate chemistry curricu
Microwave plasma synthesis of nanostructured γ-Al2O3 powders
Its time for fabs to use XPS, SIMS, and Auger
Nanotechnology: A New Frontier in Food Science
Thermal Decomposition of Energetic Materials 86. Cryogel Synthesis of Nanocrysta
Thermodynamic argument about SnO2 nanoribbon growth
Biosensing Based on Light Absorption of Nanoscaled Gold and Silver Particles
Sol-gel derived hard optical coating via organic/inorganic composites
Magnetic force microscopy and simulations of colloidal iron nanoparticles
Looking at the nanoscale: Scanning near-field optical microscopy
Organic Semiconductor Nanowires for Field Emission
Monolithic integration of mass sensing nano-cantilevers with CMOS circuitry
The secret of early nanomaterials is revealed, thanks to transmission electron m
Observation of microtubules with scanning force microscopy in liquid
Electrochemical behaviour and physical properties of Cu/Co multilayers
Synthesis and characterization of electrocatalyst powders for application in PEM
Preparation of Epoxy Resin/Silica Hybrid Composites for Epoxy Molding Compounds
Liquid phase oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons using highly ordered Nb and NbCo
Size Effects in Zno: The Cluster to Quantum Dot Transition
Deposition of Nanostructured Fluoropolymer Films on Silicon Substrates via Plasm
Spherical silica agglomerates possessing hierarchical porosity prepared by spray
Laser assisted surface nanopatterning
Morphological features and flammability of MDI/HMDI-based segmented polyurethane
Structural and mechanical properties of the organic matrix layers of nacre
Synthesis and characterization of uniform arrays of copper sulfide nanorods coat
Magnetization reversal of individual Fe nanowires in alumites studied by magneti
Nanoblends of Incompatible Polymers by Direct Space-Confined Polymerization
Structural and Optical Characterisation of Hydrogenated Soda-Lime Silicate Glass
Polyethylene-layered silicate nanocomposites for rotational moulding
Nano-sized carbon filament formation during metal dusting of stainless steel
Synthesis of Cu(OH)2 and CuO nanoribbon arrays on a copper surface
Growth control and characterization of vertically aligned IrO2 nanorods
Growth of zinc oxide nanowires on silicon (100)
Fluorescent self-assembled polyphenylene dendrimer nanofibers
Nanoscaled metal coatings and dispersions prepared using viologen systems
Magnetic Fe2O3-Al2O3 composites prepared by a modified wet impregnation method
PicoTREC: Topography and RECognition imaging - Tools for single molecule recogni
Full of technology and a heck of a lot of fun
Focusing on microscopy
Periodische Modifizierung von Polymeroberflachen durch Laser-Interferenzstruktur
Nanotechnology: Just beginning to scratch the surface
Magnetoresistance and magnetization reversal process of Co nanowires covered wit
Nonadhesive nanotopography: Fibroblast response to poly(n-butyl methacrylate)-po
Dense and nanonostructured MAFAPAS feAl compound: Pertinent process parameter in
Dextran and albumin derivatised iron oxide nanoparticles: Influence on fibroblas
Struktur-Untersuchung uberkonsolidierter Tone mit dem Raster-Kraftmikroskop (AFM
Toward fluorescence nanoscopy
Scanning thermal microwave resonance microscopy of Ni nanodots
Picosecond and femtosecond pulsed laser ablation and deposition of quasicrystals
Gold nanoparticle/PPI-dendrimer based chemiresistors - Vapor-sensing properties
Preparation and morphology of niobium oxide fibers
Anisotropy of structure and transport properties in sulfonated polyimide membran
An investigation of the effect of fractal-matrix resonators on the structure of
Microscopy of glazed layers formed during high temperature sliding wear at 750 &
Influence of low energy ion implantation on mechanical properties of magnetron s
Functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes with (R-)oxycarbonyl nitrene
Aligned Nafion [registered trademark] nanocomposites: Preparation and morphologi
Synthesis, photophysical properties, and nanocrystal formation of a new class of
Micro and nano-structured surfaces
Understanding heterogeneous catalysis
Squeezing light through tiny holes
Polyol-mediated synthesis of nanoscale functional materials
Development and calibration of standards for the coating thickness in the range
Nanostructured silicon formations as a result of ionized N2 gas reactions on sil
Long-range electrostatic forces on the surfaces of aluminum oxide and silica oxi
Probing the morphology of laponite clay colloids by atomic force microscopy
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy studies of the oxide nanofilms on
Adsorption of thiolated oligonucleotides on gold surfaces: An atomic force micro
Low-dose focused ion beam nanofabrication and characterization by atomic force m
Ring and disk-like CdSe nanoparticles stabilized with copolymers
Caracterisations par AFM, MET et nano-indentation de la deformation plastique de
Nanomanipulation by atomic force microscopy of carbon nanotubes on a nanostructu
Protein induced morphosynthesis of calcium carbonate
Surface fracture of glassy materials as detected by real-time atomic force micro
Glancing angle deposition to modify microstructure and properties of sputter dep
Wet chemical method for synthesis of superparamagnetic alloyed Ni-Pd and Ni-Pt n
A multi-analytical study of bone diagenesis: The Neolithic site of Bercy (Paris,
Chemical force microscopy: Applications in surface characterisation of natural h
Friction force microscopy of self-assembled monolayers: Probing molecular organi
Interlamellar boundary characterization in Ni-based alloy thermally sprayed coat
Chemical and biochemical sensing with modified single walled carbon nanotubes
Crystallization of carbon nanotube and nanofiber polypropylene composites
Tin-based oxides as anode materials for lithium secondary batteries
Superparamagnetic relaxation in CoFe2O4 nanoparticles
Protein adsorption and fibroblast adhesion on irradiated polysiloxane surfaces
Nano-composite of PtRu alloy electrocatalyst and electronically conducting polym
Ultrahigh-speed scanning near-field optical microscopy capable of over 100 frame
Nanostructured surfaces
High aspect ratio nano-oxidation of silicon with noncontact atomic force microsc
Characterization of nanocrystalline anatase TiO2 thin films
Self-assembled nanowire formation during Cu deposition on atomically flat Vse2 s
Hydrothermal synthesis of vanadium oxide nanotubes from V2O5 gels
Formation of N- containing C-nanotubes and nanofibres by carbon resistive heatin
Do epoxy-amine networks become inhomogeneous at the nanometric scale?
Synthesis of protein A conjugates with silver nanoparticles
Scanning capacitance microscopy - A tool for the detection of localized charges
Electron microscopy and holography on nano structures: Nano tubes and rods, orga
High-resolution potential mapping in semiconductor nanostructures by cross-secti
Plasmon energy mapping in energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy
Catalysed growth of novel aluminium oxide nanorods
The effect of annealing on tensile deformation behavior of nanostructured SPD ti
Charakterisierung periodischer mikro-/nano-strukturierung zur verschleissminimie
Characterization of Heavy Ion Tracks in Polymers by Transmission Electron Micros
High-resolution electron microscopy of Zn- and Bi-related superlattices in ion i
AFM in Surface Finishing: Part III - Lateral force microscopy and friction measu
Direct topographic measurement of multilayers on water by atomic force microscop
Synthesis of binary polyelectrolyte/inorganic composite capsules of micron size
Metallic sub-nanometer MoS2-xIy nanotubes
Morphology of RuO2-TiO2 coatings and TEM characterization of oxide sols used for
Structure of germanium nanoparticles prepared by evaporation method
Conducting-tip atomic force microscopy for injection and probing of localized ch
Novel polyimide/silica nanohybrids from water glass
Temperature-controlled growth of α-Al2O3 nanobelts and nanosheets
Size- and shape-tailored hydrothermal synthesis of YVO4 crystals in ultra-wide p
Nanometer scale mechanical study on well defined nanostructured chain aggregatio
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of hexagonal and monoclinic CePO4 si
Terabit inch-2 ferroelectric data storage using scanning nonlinear dielectric mi
Tip production technique to form ferromagnetic nanodots
Polyaniline nanotubes doped with sulfonated carbon nanotubes made via a self-ass
Low-temperature generation of high-purity single-walled carbon nanotubes by alco
Aligned SnS2 nanotubes fabricated via a template-assisted solvent-relief process
Production of aqueous colloidal dispersions of carbon nanotubes
Nano-atomization of titanium diboride using ordered mixture and metallothermic r
High-resolution electron microscopy of individual metallofullerene molecules on
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes and nanobelts through a medial-reduction method
Formation of MoS2 inorganic fullerenes (IFs) by the reaction of MoO3 nanobelts a
Characterization and mechanical/tribological properties of nano Au-TiO2 composit
Studies on single wall carbon nanotube bundle using field emission microscopy an
Nonuniform magnetic structure in Nd2Fe14B/Fe3B nanocomposite materials
Crystallization behavior and morphology of biodegradable polylactide/layered sil
Electrodeposition of biferrocene derivative-attached gold nanoparticles: Solvent
Self-assembly of polycarbonate/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene/montmorillonite n
Facile Synthesis of Hollow Nickel Submicrometer Spheres
Atomic force microscopy study of chromosome surface structure changed by protein
AFM study on the morphological change of Zn electrodeposit
Synthesis of ordered A1 nanowire arrays
γ-irradiation route to photoluminescent CdS-CdSe with core-shell nanostruc
Surfactant-Assisted Growth of Novel PbS Dendritic Nanostructures via Facile Hydr
Synthesis of ZnS nanorods by annealing precursor ZnS nanoparticles in NaCl flux
Fabrication of large-area single crystal bismuth nanowire arrays
Preparation and fluorescent properties of Eu3+-containing core-shell nanoparticl
Silica nanobottles templated from functional polymer spheres
High-density aligned carbon nanotubes with uniform diameters
Synthesis of Copper Nanowires via a Complex-Surfactant-Assisted Hydrothermal Red
Room-temperature ultraviolet-emitting In2O3 nanowires
CdS Crystal Growth of Lamellar Morphology within Templates of Polyelectrolyte/Su
Synthesis and the performance of carbon nanotubes-(Ni-P) composites
Highly ordered carbon nanotube arrays with open ends grown in anodic alumina nan
A novel method for preparing copper nanorods and nanowires
Two-photon photopolymerization as a tool for making micro-devices
Synthesis and properties of bismaleimide-modified novolak resin/silsesquioxane n
Atomic force microscopy study of helical poly(phenylacetylene)s on a mica substr
Preparation of diamond nanocrystals from catalysed carbon black in a high magnet
Growing and welding branched-structure semiconducting In2O3 nanowires
Adhesive force on nanoindentation between tip of atomic force microscopy and sam
Effect of Mg on the microstructure and properties of TiAl alloys
Multi-wavelength intermittent photoluminescence of single CdSe quantum dots
Atomic resolution noncontact atomic force/scanning tunneling microscopy using a
Preparation and characterization of NiO nanorods by thermal decomposition of NiC
Structural analysis of the P(VDF/TrFE) copolymer film
Reversible wettability of a chemical vapor deposition prepared ZnO film between
Fabrication and characterization of nylon 6/foliated graphite electrically condu
Synthesis of titania-supported platinum catalyst: The effect of pH on morphology
Controlled growth and properties of one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures with Ce a
Uniform metal nanotube arrays by multistep template replication and electrodepos
Fabrication and microtribological behavior of poly(ethylene glycol)-carbon nanot
Nanotopographical guidance of C6 glioma cell alignment and oriented growth
Synthesis of polyaniline nanobelts
Lateral nanopatterns in thin diblock copolymer films induced by selective solven
Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of ZnMnS nanobelts
AFM and STM studies of trititanate nanotubes
Hydrothermal synthesis of single-crystalline La0.5Ca 0.5MnO3 nanowires at low te
Magnetic-field-induced growth of single-crystalline Fe3O4 nanowires
Silica-nanoparticle-based interface for the enhanced immobilization and sequence
Electrochemical Fabrication of Large-Area, Ordered Bi2Te 3 Nanowire Arrays
Selenium nanotubes synthesized by a novel solution phase approach
Synthesis of Dendritic Polyaniline Nanofibers in a Surfactant Gel
Wet Chemical Synthesis of Silver Nanowire Thin Films at Ambient Temperature
Fabrication of single-crystalline semiconductor CdS nanobelts by vapor transport
Preparation of single-walled carbon nanotubes from coal
Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic properties of nanometer zinc fe
Preparation and property characteristics of non-agglomerated nano powders by wet
High-speed and high-precision deflectors applied in electron beam lithography sy
Fabrication and property research of silver nanowires ordered array with anodic
Development of one-dimensional nanostructures through the crystallization of amo
Morphology and Fracture Behavior of Toughening-Modified Poly(vinyl chloride)/Org
Control of microscopic morphology and structure of one dimensional titanium diox
Au nanoparticle micropatterns prepared from self-assembled films
Low temperature solvothermal synthesis of crumpled carbon nanosheets
Production of novel amorphous carbon nanostructures from ferrocene in low-temper
Shape controlled synthesis and growth mechanism of one-dimensional zinc oxide na
Preparation, structure, and magnetic properties of polystyrene coated by Fe3O4 n
Epoxy/clay nanocomposites: Further exfoliation of newly modified clay induced by
From starch to metal/carbon hybrid nanostructures: Hydrothermal metal-catalyzed
Structure and formation mechanism of melt-drawn highly oriented polymer fibers
Preparation and characterization of antibacterial silver-dispersed activated car
Crystalline thin films formed by supramolecular assembly for ultrahigh-density d
Simple template-free solution route for the controlled synthesis of Cu(OH)2 and
ZnO nanorods synthesized through thermal oxidation of metal zinc thin film depos
Synthesis and catalytic properties of nickel-silica composite hollow nanospheres
A facile room-temperature chemical reduction method to TiO2@CdS core/sheath hete
Novel one-step route for synthesizing CdS/polystyrene nanocomposite hollow spher
Effect of nano-crystallization of high velocity oxy-fuel-sprayed amorphous NiCrB
High resolution electron microscopy study of a novel nanostructure of titanium d
Microstructure study of rod-like nanocrystalline rutile TiO2 synthesized by sono
Preparation of hollow CdSe nanospheres
Direct observation of the ordering and molecular folding of poly[(m-phenylenevin
Looking at nanostructured fibres in atomic force microscopes
Hydrothermal synthesis of nanocrystal FeS2 by the seed-induced method
One-step growth of silica nanotubes and simultaneous filling with indium sulfide
Structural characterization of self-assembled MnO2 nanosheets from birnessite ma
Abrasive wear mechanisms of VPS- And HVOF-sprayed TiC-Ni based nanocrystalline c
Shock synthesis of concentric shell fullerene dimers and trimers
Biological and artificial attachment devices: Lessons for materials scientist fr
Realization of InAs-based two-dimensional artificial lattice by selective area m
Silicon nanowhiskers grown on [Left Angle Bracket] 111 [Right Angle Bracket] Si
Dispersion of gold in polycarbonate by vapor-induced crystallization
Direct observation of sublimation process on a CdTe(1 1 1) surface using an ultr
Correlation between constitution, properties and machining performance of TiN/Zr
How Plants Keep Dry: A Physicists Point of View
Metal-complexed nanofiber formation in water from dicarboxylic valylvaline bolaa
Micromechanical properties in lamellar heterophase polymer systems
Towards phonon photonics: Scattering-type near-field optical microscopy reveals
Nanostructured platinum-on-carbon model electrocatalysts prepared by colloidal l
Observation of magnetic structures in Fe granular films by differential phase co
Synthesis and morphologies of carbon microsolenoid composites and double negativ
Conductivity measurement of polydiacetylene thin films by double-tip scanning tu
Domain and surface engineering of ferroelectric crystal LiNbO 3 for novel device
Nanoscopic fibrous assemblies made of metallophthalocyanine-terminated amphiphil
A Series of Highly Ordered, Super-Microporous, Lamellar Silicas Prepared by Nano
Tribonanolithography of silicon in aqueous solution based on atomic force micros
Structures and electrical properties of ferroelectric copolymer ultrathin films
Germanium nanostructures on silicon observed by scanning probe microscopy
Nano-structural observation of in situ silica in natural rubber matrix by three
MicroDAC - A measurement technique for the determination of material properties
Smallest carbon nanotube is 3 A in diameter
Aminoglycoside antibiotics aggregate to form starch-like fibers on negatively ch
Imaging optical near-fields of nanostructures
Hexagonal-structured polysiloxane material prepared by sol-gel reaction of amino
Visualizing a hybridized PNA probe on a DMA molecule with near-field optical mic
Real-time formation, accurate positioning, and fluid filling of single rolled-up
Transmission electron microscopy and transistor characteristics of the same carb
Stabilized atomic force microscopy imaging in liquids using second harmonic of c
Phase separation and magnetic properties of Nd60Fe 30Al10 thin films
Work functions of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of nanowalled polymer microtubes using glass fiber templates
Comment on luminescent nanoring structures on silicon
Arabinan-cellulose composite in Opuntia ficus-indica prickly pear spines
Atomic force microscopy imaging of hair: Correlations between surface potential
Influence of alkylene chain length on the morphology of chiral bridged silsesqui
The structural and physical properties of TiOxNy films with controlled nitrogen
Microstructure and mechanical properties evaluation of chromium nitride/tungsten
Solid state protein monolayers: Morphological, conformational, and functional pr
Thermal/Photo Conversion of Silver 4-Nitrobenzoate to Nitro/Amine- Terminated Si
Layer by layer self-assembled polyelectrolyte multilayers with embedded phosphol
Contrast mechanism of ferroelectric domains in scanning capacitance microscopy
The effect of surface chemistry and nanotopography of titanium nitride (TiN) fil
Ultralow friction and wear behaviour of Ni/Y-based single wall carbon nanotubes
Imaging and Characterization of Molecules and One-Dimensional Crystals Formed wi
Transmission electron microscopy study of the formation of FAU-type zeolite at r
Conducting atomic force microscopy study of phase transformation in silicon nano
New structural model of the high-index Si (5 5 12) 2 × 1 surface
Low-Temperature Growth of Well-Aligned β-Ga2O3 Nanowires from a Single-Sour
Structural and electrochemical characterisation of Pt and Pd nanoparticles elect
High-Resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Tomography and Elemental Analysis
Preparation, Characterization, and Photoactivity of Polycrystalline Nanostructur
Preparation of thin films comprising palladium nanoparticles by a solid-liquid i
Errors in nanometrology by SEM
High-yield catalytic synthesis of thin multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Cu-Fe interdiffusion during severe plastic deformation of a nanoscaled composite
Analysis of thermal properties by scanning thermal microscopy in nanocrystallize
Immobilization of protein molecules by size-selected metal clusters on surfaces
Growth of well aligned IrO2 nanotubes on LiTaO3(012) substrate
Nanosized electrochemical cells operated by AFM conducting probes
Atomistic simulations of the adhesion hysteresis mechanism of atomic scale dissi
High-resolution nanophotolithography in atomic force microscopy contact mode
Mesostructure of anatase thin films prepared by mesophase templating
Surface modified superparamagnetic nanoparticles for drug delivery: Interaction
Experimental aspects and modeling for quantitative measurements in scanning capa
In situ synthesis of TiN particulate/titanium silicide matrix composite powder b
Hybrid periodic mesoporous organosilica materials prepared from 1,2-bis(triethox
Novel fabrication of size-tunable silica nanotubes using a reverse-microemulsion
High-resolution imaging of gold clusters on KBr(001) surfaces investigated by dy
Ablation studies using a diode-pumped Nd:YVO4 micro-laser
Structural transformation and field emission enhancement of carbon nanofibers by
Heteroepitaxal fabrication and structural characterizations of ultrafine GaN/ZnO
Self-assembling molecular trees containing Octa-p-phenylene: From nanocrystals t
H2S-induced reorganization of mixed monolayer of carboxylic derivatives on silve
Co-catalysed VLS growth of novel ceramic nanostructures
Enhanced thermal and mechanical properties in polyurethane/Au nanocomposites
Morphological, structural and electrical characterization of nanostructured vana
The nature of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayer adsorption on sputtered gold
Nanostructured Metal Surfaces Fabricated by a Nonlithographic Template Method
The first in situ 7Li NMR study of the reversible lithium insertion mechanism in
Atomistic simulations of structural transformations of silicon surfaces under na
Self-assembly of InAs and Si/Ge quantum dots on structured surfaces
Electron tomography: A tool for 3D structural probing of heterogeneous catalysts
Quantitative nanofriction characterization of corrugated surfaces by atomic forc
Preparation of high surface area nickel electrodeposit using a liquid crystal te
Measuring optical phase singularities at subwavelength resolution
Quantum-dot-functionalized scanning probes for fluorescence-energy-transfer-base
Concentration of apple and pear juices by nanofiltration at low pressures
Statistical experimental design for quantitative atomic resolution transmission
Nanoscale magnetic hysteresis of Ni80Fe20/Au/Co trilayers using ballistic electr
Preface: Special issue on fundamental characterization techniques of diamond and
Application of microthermal analysis and pulsed force microscopy to characterize
Controlled synthesis and characterization of TiO2 nanoparticles via a sol-gel me
Stacking behavior of 2-D assemblies of octa-alkoxyl-substituted phthalocyanine s
Characterization of nanostructure of stimuli-responsive polymeric composite memb
Determination of mechanical surface characteristics of block copolymers by atomi
Influence of adsorption and diffusion rates on the growth of Pb 1-xFexS nanopart
Analysis of environmental particles by atomic force microscopy, scanning and tra
Characterization of materials at the nanoscale level using field emission scanni
Advanced nanoscale material processing with focused ion beams
Nanokompozyty polipropylenu i polietylenu z glinkami typu montmorylonit
Study of pinholes and nanotubes in AllnGaN films by cathodoluminescence and atom
Transmission electron microscopy windows for nanofabricated structures
Cantilever effects on electrostatic force gradient microscopy
Direct observation of the B-site cationic order in the ferroelectric relaxor Pb(
Influence of the atomic structure on the Raman spectra of graphite edges
Time-dependent complexation of glucose-reduced gold nanoparticles with octadecyl
New direction in nanotube science
Synthesis, characterization and gold loading of polystyrene-poly(pyridyl methacr
Organic semi-conducting architectures for supramolecular electronics
Fountain-pen-based laser microstructuring with gold nanoparticle inks
Indication of unusual pentagonal structures in atomic-size Cu namwires
Nanocomposite coatings: Structure and properties
Effects of deposition temperature and bilayer thickness on the mechanical proper
Ball milling effect on the structure of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Inverted chemical force microscopy: Following interfacial reactions on the nanom
Influence of Ni-Co catalyst composition on nitrogen content in carbon nanotubes
Lithographic patterning of a highly metallized polymer resist system and pyrolyt
Formation of nanostructured polymer surfaces from combined relaxation and crysta
Transmission electron microscopy of epitaxial PbS nanocrystals on polydiacetylen
Atomic force microscopic studies of novel arborescent block and linear triblock
Microstructural characterization of As-quenched and heat treated Al-Si-Mg melt-s
Process-phase-properties relationship in radio frequency (RF) plasma synthesized
Hydriding properties of nanocrystalline Mg2-xMxNi alloys synthesized by mechanic
Evaluating formation and growth mechanisms of silica particles using fluorescenc
Measurement of phosphorus segregation in silicon at the atomic scale using scann
Mechanical milling and field assisted sintering consolidation of nanocrystalline
Mechanical activation of aluminum: 2. Size, shape, and structure of particles
Microwave Synthesis of Core-Shell Gold/Palladium Bimetallic Nanoparticles
Self-organization in thin polycarbonate films and its optical and electro-optica
A new method for the preparation of metal nanowires by the nebulized spray pyrol
Zinc selenide nanoribbons and nanowires
Study of the crystallinity of ZnO in the Zn/ZnO nanocable heterostructures
Nanoscale electrical characterization of trap-assisted quasibreakdown fluctuatio
Collective behaviour in two-dimensional cobalt nanoparticle assemblies observed
A novel fabrication technique for crystallite growth on a (1 0 0) InAs surface u
Nanobiomaterials; early commercialisation opportunities
Characterization of biological materials on the nano/meso-scale by force microsc
Spontaneous resolution of racemic hydrogen-bonded nanoassemblies on graphite rev
Formation of boron carbide nanofibers and nanobelts from heated by microwave
Microstructural evolution via planar interface migration in nanocrystalline Ni
Nanostructural evolution in films of alloy Zn90Al 7Cu3
Structural study of zirconia nanoclusters by high-resolution transmission electr
Chemical functionalization of carbon nanotubes with 3-methacryloxypropyltrimetho
Ta-C micro-composite material formed by heat treatment of plasma carburized laye
Electrical measurements of structural defects in Cd0.9Zn 0.1Te by atomic force m
X-ray study of strain and composition of Si/Ge0.85Si 0.15 (111) islands grown in
Aided Self-Assembly of Porphyrin Nanoaggregates into Ring-Shaped Architectures
Fabrication of nanoscale antidot arrays and magnetic observations using x-ray ph
Scanning probe microscopy in materials science
Aligned TiO2 nanorod arrays synthesized by oxidizing titanium with acetone
Nanostructured oxides in chemistry: Characterization and properties
Polymer nanocomposites using urchin-shaped carbon nanotube-silica hybrids as rei
Oriented sexiphenyl single crystal nanoneedles on TiO2 (110)
Self-Assembly of a Hexagonal Phase of Wormlike Micelles Containing Metal Nanoclu
Aligned biodegradable nanofibrous structure: A potential scaffold for blood vess
Silver nanoparticles as antimicrobial agent: A case study on E. coli as a model
Influence of the nanostructure of palladium mesoparticles on the kinetics of mol
Structural and photooxidation properties of SnO2/layer silicate nanocomposites
Fractal dimension determination of sol-gel powders using transmission electron m
Controlled hydrophobic/hydrophilic chitosan: Colloidal phenomena and nanosphere
Synthesis and characterization of Poly(glycidyl methacrylate)/Na-montmorillonite
Hairy Plates: Poly(ethylene oxide)-b-polyisoprene Copolymers in the Presence of
Material investigations and optical properties of phthalocyanine nanoparticles
Measurements of the magnetoresistance effect in Co/Pt multilayers grown on patte
Magnetic nanostructures obtained by colloidal crystallization onto patterned sub
Ultrastructure of iodine treated wood
Probing Nanoscale Domains of J-Aggregates Deposited on a Mica Surface
Observation of cluster formation of rare earth ions in wide band gap fluorine di
General, room-temperature method for the synthesis of isolated as well as arrays
Assembly and electrical characterization of DMA-wrapped carbon nanotube devices
Analytical electron microscopy of reactiuon ball-milled Y-Ni-O nanostructures
Mechanically-induced surface deformation and associated stress whitening in clay
Sidewall functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes with hydroxyl group
Preparation of indium nitride micro- and nanostructures by ammonolysis of indium
Horseradish peroxidase catalyzed polymerization of tyrosine derivatives for nano
Template-directed formation of hemispherical cavities of varying depth and diame
Nanotubes: A step in synthesis
Deformation twinning in nanocrystalline stainless steel within adiabatic shear b
Plasma spray formed near-net-shape MoSi2-Si3N4 nanocomposites
Study on the thermal stability of polystyryl surfactants and their modified clay
Size analysis of single fullerene molecules by electron microscopy
Plasticity and strength of nanocrystalline Ni and Ni-W alloys
Magnetic nanotubes produced by hydrogen reduction
Synthesis and manipulation of high aspect ratio gold nanorods grown directly on
Dynamic behaviour of dagger-shaped cantilevers for atomic force microscopy
Determination of the bioavailability of biotin conjugated onto shell cross-linke
Fabrication of magnetic FePt patterns from Langmuir-Blodgett films of platinum-i
Synthesis of hierarchical titanium carbide from titania-coated cellulose paper
Three-Dimensional Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy
Nanostructure of native pectin sugar acid gels visualized by atomic force micros
Multiple-walled nanotubes made of metals
Preparation and characterization of individual peptide-wrapped single-walled car
Reinforcement and rupture behavior of carbon nanotubes-polymer nanofibers
Polyoxometalates on cationic silica nanoparticles. Physicochemical properties of
Ferroelectric lithography of multicomponent nanostructures
Molecular-level approach to inhibit degradations of alkanethiol self-assembled m
Antenna effects in terahertz apertureless near-field optical microscopy
Fluorescence microscopy visualization of single-walled carbon nanotubes using se
Electrochemically programmed, spatially selective biofunctionalization of silico
Green nanocomposites from cellulose acetate bioplastic and clay: Effect of eco-f
Bone cell adhesion on titanium implants with nanoscale surface features
Self-assembled growth of DySi2 nanowires and nanostructures on Si(100)
Debundling and Dissolution of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Amide Solvents
Microscopy and spectroscopy open new vistas in the emerging world of nanotechnol
Single-electron tunneling to insulator surfaces measured by frequency detection
Growth, structure, and mechanical response of abalone shells
High-Resolution Three-Dimensional X-Ray Microscopy
Direct laser writing on electrolessly deposited thin metal films for application
Synthesis of micrometer to nanometer CaCO3 particles via mass restriction method
Preparation of α-alumina-supported mesoporous bentonite membranes for reve
Total interference contrast aids thin-film engineering
Nanoscale compression of polymer microspheres by atomic force microscopy
Synthesis, characterization, and bioavailability of mannosylated shell cross-lin
Effect of chemistry and morphology on the biofunctionality of self-assembling di
Focus on microscopy - Elasticity imaging: New views for polymers, proteins, cera
Electron microscopy of mechanically alloyed oxide-dispersion-strengthened 14YWT
Electrodeposition of mesoporous semimetal and magnetic metal films from lyotropi
Analytical chemistry and portland cement-based concrete
Atom-resolved scanning tunneling microscopy of (In,Ga)As quantum wires on GaAs(3
Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Conjugated Diblock Copolymers
Investigation of Transversal Conductance in Semiconductor CdTe Nanowires with an
Near-Field Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy of a Thin Film Polystyrene/Poly(eth
High-sensitivity laser-based acoustic microscopy using a modulated excitation so
Controlling surface morphology of electrospun polystyrene fibers: Effect of humi
Toward industrial nanotechnology using a nanoscale patterning technique
Effects of temperature on the morphology and structure of AlN films deposited by
Preparation and tribological properties of graphite nanosheets as additive in li
Progress in nanoscale piezoresponse force microscopy on ferroelectrics
Effects of gas composition on the synthesis of boron-doped carbon nanotubes
Nano-scale fluid inclusions in quarts of jadeite quartzite at Shuanghe, Dabie Mo
Preparation of B-C-N nanotube and its characterization
Synthesis of ZnO nanorods by wet-chemical method at low temperature
Formation of nano-grains in amorphous Co-Nb-Zr films and its magnetic properties
Silicon carbide nanowires synthesized by arc discharge
Magnetic properties of metal Ni nanoparticles prepared by ion implantation in ru
Microstructure evolution of oxide films formed on zircaloy-4 during autoclave te
Production and character of Al3O3N nanowires
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes using dielectric barrier discharge plasma enhanced
Synthesis and microstructure of K2Ti6O13 nanowires
Solvent controlled multi-morphological self-assembly of amphiphilic graft copoly
Growth and characterization of high-quality GaN nanowires by ammonification tech
The synthesis of ZnS hollow nanospheres with nanoporous shell
Biopolymer and carbon nanotubes interface prepared by self-assembly for studying
Development nano-Moire method with high-resolution microscopy at FML
Synthesis, characterization and application of SnSx (x = 1, 2) nanoparticles
Preparation of single-crystal α-MnO2 nanorods and nanoneedles from aqueous
Electrochemical synthesis of selenium nanotubes by using CTAB soft-template
Facile route to synthesize multiwalled carbon nanotube/zinc sulfide heterostruct
Synthesis of MnWO4 nanofibres by a surfactant-assisted complexation-precipitatio
Preparation and characterization of dendritic silver nanoparticles
Organic montmorillonite as a substitute for aerosilica in addition-type liquid s
Synthetic control of large-area, ordered bismuth nanowire arrays
Large-area Sb2Te3 nanowire arrays
Facile synthesis of polyaniline nanofibers using chloroaurate acid as the oxidan
Surface modification of polymer nanofibres by plasma treatment
Talbot-SNOM method for non-contact evaluation of high-density gratings
Morphology investigation of Ag(TCNQ) synthesized by the vapor-transport reaction
Surface morphology and structure of two-pole sputtered iron nitrogen oxide thin
Synthesis and characterization of cadmium selenide nanorods via surfactant-assis
Synthesis and optical properties of Pb-doped ZnO nanowires
A multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) relocation technique for atomic force micro
Beaded cobalt oxide nanoparticles along carbon nanotubes: Towards more highly in
Structural characterization of Zn3N2 nanowires prepared by nitridation technique
Study on preparation and tribological properties of epoxy resin/SiO 2 hybrid thi
Bulk-quantity synthesis and photoluminescence properties of chain-like GeO2/ZnGe
Epoxy nanocomposites with octa(propylglycidyl ether) polyhedral oligomeric silse
Planar nanogrinding of a fine grained WC-Co composite for an optical surface fin
Template synthesis of well-aligned titanium dioxide nanotubes
Structural investigation of diamond nanoplatelets grown by microwave plasma-enha
Synthesis of a novel nanostructure of rutile titania by sonochemical method
Synthesis and characterization of large area well-aligned carbon nanotubes by EC
Large-scale array of highly oriented silicon-rich micro/nanowires induced by gas
A versatile solution route for oxide/sulfide core-shell nanostructures and nonla
Controlled growth of large-scale silver nanowires
Preparation of large-pore mesoporous nanocrystalline TiO2 thin films with tailor
Template-free solution approach to synthesize ZnSe hollow microspheres
Interfacial reaction between Cu and Ti2SnC during processing of Cu - Ti2SnC comp
Roles of TiO2 nanoparticles in the formation of monolithic silica gels via bulk
Microemulsion-mediated solvothermal synthesis of SrCO3 nanostructures
Fabrication of ruthenium-carbon nanotube nanocomposites in supercritical water
Construction and photoluminescence of In2O3 nanotube array by CVD-template metho
A new routine to fabricate Bi single crystalline tapering junction nanowire arra
Ag@C core/shell structured nanoparticles: Controlled synthesis, characterization
Preparation and upconversion properties of Yb3+, Ho 3+: Lu2O3 nanocrystalline po
Mineralization of calcium phosphate in reverse microemulsion
In-plane aligned Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3 microbelts fabricated by near migration and rest
Tensile properties of long aligned double-walled carbon nanotube strands
Monodispersed hard carbon spherules as a catalyst support for the electrooxidati
Synthesis of high quality CdS nanorods by solvothermal process and their photolu
Nonhydrolytic sol-gel synthesis of Ba1-xSrxTiO 3 nanopowder
Template Synthesis of Sc@C82(I) Nanowires and Nanotubes at Room Temperature
Synthesis and field emission properties of TiSi2 nanowires
Fe3O4 nanocrystals with novel fractal
Novel multilamellar mesostructured molybdenum oxide nanofibers and nanobelts: Sy
Preparation and characterization of straight and zigzag AlN nanowires
Preparation of nanodiamonds by laser irradiation of graphite
Synthesis of bimetallic nanoshells by an improved electroless plating method
Fabrication of flowerlike polymer superstructures using polymer/zeolite composit
Superconductivity near 35 K in aligned amorphous magnesium-doped BMgx nanowires
A novel route to prepare and characterize Sn-Bi nanoparticles
A novel simplified method for preparing ZnO nanoneedles via H 2O2 pre-oxidation
Synthesis and characterization of large scale potassium titanate nanowires with
β-Ga2O3 nanowires and nanobelts synthesized by thermal evaporation
One-dimensional rice-like Mn-doped Zn2SiO4: Preparation, characterization, lumin
A one-pot approach to the preparation of organic core-shell nanoobjects with dif
Mechanism for nanometer-sized tic synthesizing by mechanical and thermal activat
Microstructure properties of nanocrystalline silicon/SiO2 multilayers fabricated
Self-catalytic synthesis and light-emitting property of highly aligned Mn-doped
Nanostructures and self-catalyzed growth of SnO2
Preparation and properties of ternary ZnMgO nanowires
Chromizing behaviors of a low carbon steel processed by means of surface mechani
γ - ε martensite transformation and twinning deformation in fcc co
Pulsed laser deposition of nano-glassy carbon films
Displacement superstructure that precedes the B2 - B19 martensitic transformatio
Structural investigation of zeolite-templated, ordered microporous carbon by sca
Optimization of high-yield biological synthesis of single-crystalline gold nanop
Quasi-isotropic 3-D resolution in two-photon scanning microscopy
Surface nanocrystallization by sandblasting and annealing for improved mechanica
Copper-silica nanocomposites tailored by the sol-gel route
Gold nanotubules arrays as new materials for sensing and biosensing: Synthesis a
Structural modification of silicon during the formation process of porous silico
Nano-sized cobalt cluster films: Structure and functionality
From coordination polymer macrocrystals to nanometric individual chains
Pathological mineralization of cardiac valves: Causes and mechanism
Nanomechanics of silicon surfaces with atomic force microscopy: An insight to th
Surface control of cooperative phenomena in nanostructured materials with quantu
Auto-deposition of gold on chemically modified polystyrene beads
Connecting carbon fibers by means of catalytically grown nanofilaments: Formatio
Biocompatibility of gold nanoparticles and their endocytotic fate inside the cel
Scanning probe microscopy for silicon device fabrication
Si/SiO2 core shell clusters probed by Raman spectroscopy
Tailoring of epitaxial CoSi2/Si nanostructures by low temperature wet oxidation
The role of coupling agents in the formation of polypropylene nanocomposites
Use of low-temperature nanostructured CuO thin films deposited by spray-pyrolysi
From micro to nano: Recent advances in high-resolution microscopy
Pushing the limits of SPM
Introducing open films of nanosized cellulose - Atomic force microscopy and quan
Control of localized nanorod formation and patterns of semiconducting CuTCNQ pha
Quantitative electrostatic force microscopy on heterogeneous nanoscale samples
Thermal evolution and photoluminescence properties of nanometric Si layers
Nature and properties of ultrathin nanocrystalline gold films formed at the orga
Surface characterisation of nano-structured carbon films deposited by Nd:YAG pul
Catalytic growth of carbon nanotubes over Ni/Cr hydrotalcite-type anionic clay a
Catalytic growth of carbon nanotubes over Ni/Cr hydrotalcite-type anionic clay a
Interferometric measurement of the tip oscillation amplitude in apertureless nea
Synthesis of nanocrystalline rutile
Cathodic electrolytic deposition of zirconia films
Influence of silicon-nanocrystal distribution in SiO2 matrix on charge injection
Nanofluidics: What is it and what can we expect from it?
Synthesis of wustite nanowires by carbon plasma pulse assisted method
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by ECR plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition
Behavior of SiO2 nanostructures under intense extreme ultraviolet illumination
Observation of tip-to-sample heat transfer in near-field optical microscopy usin
Template synthesis and characterization of well-aligned nitrogen containing carb
Structure of single-wall carbon nanotubes synthesized in stationary acetylene at
Electron microscopy and photoelectron spectromicroscopy study of catalyst-free t
Nanoscale morphological features in the structural evolution of HTSC films of or
Structural and compositional changes during mechanical milling of the Fe-Cr syst
Characterization of a protein-based adhesive elastomer secreted by the Australia
Fabrication of three-dimensional stamps for embossing techniques by lithographic
Spatial and temporal resolution in cryo-electron microscopy - A scope for nano-c
Oxidation, deformation, and destruction of carbon nanotubes in aqueous ceric sul
Epoxy nanocomposites with highly exfoliated clay: Mechanical properties and frac
Model experiments of superlubricity of graphite
Role of the microstructure on the magnetic properties of Co-doped ZnO nanopartic
Magnetic nanowire arrays in anodic alumina membranes: Rutherford backscattering
Surface confined self-assembled fullerene nanoclusters: A microscopic study
Synthesis of Ce0.75Zr0.25O2 at 100 °C
Investigation on the stability of a Au-Sn electroplating solution
Cathodic electrodeposition of cobalt oxide films using polyelectrolytes
Electric field enhanced nanocrystal formation in thermally poled optical fibres
Advanced Scanning Probes for Innovative Nanoscience and Technology (ASPRINT)
Preparation of SrFeO [similar to] 2.85 perovskite using a citric acid assisted P
Focused ion beam-nanomachined probes for improved electric force microscopy
Quantitative analysis of electrodeposited tin film morphologies by atomic force
Influence of the Al source and synthesis of ordered Al-SBA-15 hexagonal particle
Silica-supported silver nanoparticles: Tailoring of structure-property relations
Synthesis of highly oriented iron sulfide nanowires through solvothermal process
Read-out of soft x-ray contact microscopy microradiographs by focused ion beam/s
Scanning force microspy study of biogenic nanoparticles for medical applications
Polymer-induced alignment of DL-alanine nanocrystals to crystalline mesostructur
Growth and magnetism of Fe on Cr(001): A spin-polarized scanning tunneling spect
Stimulated emission depletion microscopy on lithographic nanostructures
Nanoscale analysis of polymer interfaces by energy-filtering transmission electr
Templated growth of metal-organic coordination chains at surfaces
Nanoscale-resolved subsurface imaging by scattering-type near-field optical micr
Morphosynthesis of strontianite nanowires using polyacrylate templates tethered
A novel method for synthesis of silica nanoparticles
Non-contact scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy
Size-dependent morphology of gold clusters grown on nanostructured graphite
Synthesis and evolution of novel hollow ZnO urchins by a simple thermal evaporat
The impact of nanoindentation at room temperature upon the real structure of dec
Nanorheology mapping by atomic force microscopy
Simple, one-step synthesis of gold nanowires in aqueous solution
Novel structural analyses of polymeric materials by three-dimensional microscopy
Synthesis and characterization of glycomethacrylate hybrid stars from silsesquio
Direct observation of field emission sites in a single multiwalled carbon nanotu
Self-assembly of Co nanoplatelets into spheres: Synthesis and characterization
The chemistry of organic nanomaterials
Difference in self-assembling morphology of peptide nanorings
Ionic conduction in zirconia films of nanometer thickness
Electrochemical preparation of silver and gold nanoparticles: Characterization b
Surface and bulk structure of carbon black studied by scanning tunneling microsc
Preparation of fluorescent carboxyl and amino functionalized polystyrene particl
Metal-induced nanostructures on surfaces of layered chalcogenides
Surface adsorption of PEG and Cl- additives for copper damascene electrodepositi
Single-crystalline, submicrometer-sized ZnSe tubes
Preparation of monolithic carbon aerogels and investigation of their pore interc
Fe nanowire encapsulated in boron nitride nanotubes
Alloy formation of supported gold nanoparticles at their transition from cluster
Effects of shock compression on powder mixtures of nickel and boron
Corrosion behaviour of a Ti-base nanostructure-dendrite composite
High-precision SMI microscopy size measurements by simultaneous frequency domain
Biological behavior of hat-stacked carbon nanofibers in the subcutaneous tissue
Very high yield growth of vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes by p
New dimension in nano-imaging: Breaking through the diffraction limit with scann
Self-assembly of gold nanoparticles utilizing a charge-transfer interaction betw
Nanostructure analysis of friction welded Pd-Ni-P/Pd-Cu-Ni-P metallic glass inte
Giant meso-meso-linked porphyrin arrays of micrometer molecular length and their
Iron oxide pillared graphite
Nonaqueous synthesis of amorphous powder precursors for nanocrystalline PbTiO3,
Structural and magnetic properties of Ni2MnIn Heusler alloy films
Micellar aggregates of amylose-block-polystyrene rod-coil block copolymers in wa
A Si nanopillar grown on a Si tip by atomic force microscopy in ultrahigh vacuum
Quater-, quinque-, and sexithiophene organogelators: Unique thermochromism and h
Cerium oxide nanotubes prepared from cerium hydroxide nanotubes
Real-time low-energy electron microscopy study of Ga adsorption and facet array
Structural characterization of artificial self-assembling porphyrins that mimic
Nanoscopic netted structure of compositional modulation in (Sm0.33 Eu0.33 Gd0.33
Effective precursor for high yield synthesis of pure BN nanotubes
Formation of a metal/epoxy resin interface
TEM-characterization of magnetic samarium- and cobalt-rich-nanocrystals formed i
Manipulating genetic material
Organization of rigid wedge-flexible coil block copolymers into liquid crystalli
Characterization of lead-bismuth eutectic nanowires
Synthesis of zeolite nanocrystals at room temperature
Mechanism of nanoblister formation in Ga+ self-ion implanted GaN nanowires
Fabrication of polypyrrole-poly(N-vinylcarbazole) core-shell nanoparticles with
Electrophoretic response of poly(methyl methacrylate) coated TiO 2 nanoparticles
Tribologically transformed structure of titanium alloy (TiAl6V4) in surface fati
Polyethylene multiwalled carbon nanotube composites
Supramolecular conjugates of carbon nanotubes and DNA by a solid-state reaction
Structure and deformations of Pd-Ni core-shell nanoparticles
Stress heterogeneity of thermally grown polycrystalline nickel oxide layers
Formation of β-Ga2O3-TiO2 nanobarcodes from core-shell nanowires
Characterisation of nanofiltration membranes using atomic force microscopy
Growth of β-Ga2O3 nanobelts on Ir-coated substrates
Formation, structure, and stability of titanate nanotubes and their proton condu
The morphology and topography of polymer surfaces and interfaces exposed by ultr
Effect of thermal annealing on the structural and the optical properties of ZnO/
Self-assembly and magnetism of Mn12 nanomagnets on native and functionalized gol
Magnetic separation of Fe catalyst from single-walled carbon nanotubes in an aqu
Nanowire probes for high resolution combined scanning electrochemical microscopy
Synthesis of a long strand of single-wall carbon nanotubes
Sol-gel based YAG : TTTTb3+ orEu3+ phosphors for application in lighting sources
Starch nanocrystal fillers in an acrylic polymer matrix
Elaboration of SiC, TiC, and ZrC nanopowders by laser pyrolysis: From nanopartic
Near-field magneto-optical microscopy using surface-plasmon waves and the transv
Preparation and characterization of titania nanotubes and hybrid materials deriv
Fabrication of hollow silver spheres by MPTMS-functionalized hollow silica spher
A chemical route to room-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline TiO 2 thin fil
Distribution of CdSe quantum dots within swollen polystyrene microgel particles
Gelation of misfolded proteins
Macroscopic fibers of oriented vanadium oxide ribbons and their application as h
Nanoscale pattern formation on the Fe3O4(111) surface
Assessment of cross-flow filtration for the size fractionation of freshwater col
Purification of multi-walled carbon nanotubes through microwave heating of nitri
Correlation of membrane structure and transport activity using combined scanning
Optical properties of neodymium oxides at the nanometer scale
On observation of freeze-dried smectite plane views of nanolayers
Fabrication of metal nanowires by atomic force microscopy nanoscratching and lif
Microscopes reveal nanoscale secrets
Wavelet-based analysis of FRET microscopy
Electron microscopy characterization of mechanically alloyed and hot consolidate
Use of natural monomer in the synthesis of nano- And microparticles of polyureth
Growth of non-regular a-CNx:H cluster arrays on pulse plasma nitrided hot work s
Well-aligned Mn-doped ZnO nanowires synthesized by a chemical vapor deposition m
Synthesis and postgrowth doping of silicon nanowires
Probe brings higher throughput, resolution to near-field microscopy
Sample heating in near-field scanning optical microscopy
Characterization study of the Co-Ag system obtained by mechanical alloying
Modified mirror reaction metals apertureless probes
Observation of injection and pinning of domain walls in magnetic nanowires using
Fabrication of gold nanorod arrays by templating from porous alumina
Optical characterization of porous alumina from vacuum ultraviolet to midinfrare
Copper nanowires broken into nanospheres by Rayleigh instability
Nanoheteroepitaxial growth of GaN on Si nanopillar arrays
Well-aligned zinc oxide nanorods and nanowires prepared without catalyst
Controlled synthesis of branched SnO2 nanowhiskers
Studying biophysical barriers to DNA delivery by advanced light microscopy
Fluorescence microscopy to follow the targeting of liposomes and micelles to cel
Controlled deposition of gold nanodots using non-contact atomic force microscopy
Mechanical strength of nanocrystalline/amorphous Al90Fe 5 Gd5 composites produce
Sizing up conformational changes in proteins shrunk as a result of microcontact
Photon emission in CuIn Se2 thin films observed by scanning tunneling microscopy
Advanced analytical techniques: Platform for nano materials science
Visualization of nano-precipitate in low-alloy steel by using energy-filtered tr
Morphology study of gold-chitosan nanocomposites
Large-scale fabrication and characterization of Cd-doped ZnO nanocantilever arra
Pinpoint microstructure characterization technique by transmission electron micr
Near-IR microscopy images nanotubes
Atomic force microscopy acquisition rates accelerate
Carbon-assisted synthesis of aligned ZnO nanowires
Role of hydrogen bonding interactions in directing one-dimensional thiol-assiste
Germanium nanoparticles from solvated atoms: Synthesis and characterization
Morphology of adsorption anionic polyelectrolytes to mica substrate in different
Fluence dependence of the surface roughness of InP after N2 + bombardment
Single-electron manipulation to and from a SiO2 surface by electrostatic force m
Highest-resolution to study atoms
Near-field scanning optical microscopy of ZnO nanopatterns fabricated by micromo
When push comes to shove
Advanced electron microscopy needs for nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing
A simple way to make super-tough bamboo-like polymer/silicon nanocomposites
Characterization of cellulose whiskers and their nanocomposites by atomic force
Study of Ce-Zr-Co fluorite-type oxide as catalysts for hydrogen production by st
Observation of nanoindentation rosettes on {0001}ZnO using scanning Kelvin probe
Superconducting NbSe2 nanowires and nanoribbons converted from NbSe 3 nanostruct
Formation of Al2O-3 during heating of an Al/TiO2 nanocomposite powder
Tin-doped indium oxide nanobelts grown by carbothermal reduction method
Frequency modulation atomic force microscopy: A dynamic measurement technique fo
Carbon nitride films prepared at different N2/Ar ratios by closed field unbalanc
Wavelength-controlled lasing in ZnxCd1-xS single-crystal nanoribbons
Microstructure and properties of hard layers formed by duplex surface treatment
The influence of surface steps on the formation of Ag-induced reconstructions on
Microstructure and thermal change of texture of calcite crystals in ostrich eggs
Synthesis of tin nanorods via a sonochemical method combined with a polyol proce
Zno nanoshells: Synthesis, structure, and optical properties
Optical microscopy via spectral modifications of a nanoantenna
Multiple-walled BN nanotubes obtained with a mechanical alloying technique
Synthesis and characterization of RuS2 nanostructures
Effect of sintering temperature on structure and properties of Al 2O3/Ni-P compo
Influence of shear flow on the preparation of polymer layered silicate nanocompo
Near-field optics and control of photonic crystals
In situ deposition of poly(1,8-diaminonaphthalene): From thin films to nanometer
Fabrication of high-aspect-ratio Prussian blue nanotubes using a porous alumina
Morphological study of the organization behavior of rod-coil copolymers and thei
Micromachining by Focused Ion Beam (FIB) for materials characterization
Effects of cosurfactant on ZnS nanoparticle synthesis in microemulsion
Transmission electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy characterisation of
Self-organization of ferroelectric grains in self-supported nanocrystalline film
Towards controlled growth and applications of carbon nanotubes
Nanoscale morphological and electrical homogeneity of HfO2 and ZrO2 thin films s
On the synthesis and characterization of biodegradable dextran nanogels with tun
Charge trapping in carbon nanotube loops demonstrated by electrostatic force mic
Kelvin probe force microscopy study on conjugated polymer/fullerene bulk heteroj
Direct large-scale synthesis of perovskite barium strontium titanate nano-partic
Catalyst assisted synthesis of carbon nanotubes using the oxy-acetylene combusti
Properties of polypropylene/aluminum trihydroxide composites containing nanosize
Perpendicular domains in poly(styrene-b-methyl methacrylate) block copolymer fil
Structure, stress and hardness of sputter deposited nanocomposite W-Si-N coating
Templating nanostructures by mesoporous materials with an emphasis on room tempe
Birefringence and transmission electron microscopy of maghemite-based biocompati
Structure analysis of PVC nanocomposites
Nanostructure influence on DLC-Ag tribological coatings
Ferroelectric domain engineering using atomic force microscopy tip arrays in the
Microscopic investigation of surface layers on rails
Nanoscale potential distribution across multiquantum well structures: Kelvin pro
Stabilization of the nanomorphology of polymer-fullerene bulk heterojunction ble
All-in-one static and dynamic nanostencil atomic force microscopy/scanning tunne
Enhanced corrosioon resistance by sol-gel-based ZrO2-CeO 2 coatings on magnesium
Composite polymer nanofibers with carbon nanotubes and titanium dioxide particle
Room-temperature synthesis of Mn3O4 nanorods
Self-assembled FePt nanodot arrays with mono-dispersion and -orientation
Structural identification of single and double-walled carbon nanotubes by high-r
Direct observations of dislocation substructures formed by nano-indentation of t
PbTe nanorods by sonoelectrochemistry
A new model for nanoscale enamel dissolution
Many-particle tracking with nanometer resolution in three dimensions by reflecti
High frequency scanning gate microscopy and local memory effect of carbon nanotu
Nanoscale conformation and compressibility of cartilage aggrecan using microcont
Geophysical imaging of stimulated microbial biomineralization
Etching of carbon nanotubes by ozone-a surface area study
Core-shell polymer nanoparticles for baroplastic processing
Spatially anisotropie etching of graphite by hyperthermal atomic oxygen
Aerogel synthesis of yttria-stabilized zirconia by a non-alkoxide sol-gel route
Nanofabricated carbon-based detector
Self-assembly and luminescence of oligo(p-phenylene vinylene) amphiphiles
Spontaneous and self-assembled line formations on silicon substrates with vanadi
Synthesis and characterization of silicon nanowires on mesophase carbon microbea
Preparation of highly uniform Ag/TiO2 and Au/TiO2 supported nanoparticle catalys
Folate-receptor-mediated delivery of InP quantum dots for bioimaging using confo
Dielectrophoretic force microscopy of aqueous interfaces
Photosystem I patterning imaged by scanning electrochemical microscopy
Particle size control of cryptomelane nanomaterials by use of H 2O2 in acidic co
Role of Ni/Fe nanoparticle composition on the degradation of trichloroethylene f
Synthesis and catalytic activity of cryptomelane-type manganese dioxide nanomate
Self-assembled silane monolayers: Fabrication with nanoscale uniformity
Sub-micrometer-sized metal tubes from electrospun fiber templates
Directed growth of pure phosphatidylcholine nanotubes in microfluidic channels
Semiconductor nanoparticle/polystyrene latex composite materials
High-resolution electron microscopy of montmorillonite and montmorillonite/epoxy
Carbon nanotubes and human cells?
Magnetic resonance force microscopy
Chalcogenide nanowires by evaporation-condensation
Synthesis of nanostructured spherical aluminum oxide powders by plasma engineeri
Nanotube-based ultrafast electrochromic display
Effect of diborane on the microstructure of boron-doped silicon nanowires
Characterization of individual L10 FePt nanoparticles
Hydroxyapatite/diamondlike carbon nanocomposites: A novel surface modification t
Elastic backscattering spectroscopic microscopy
Microstructure and property analysis of DC magnetron sputtered NiAl-0.6Hf coatin
Nanoparticle self-assembly of hierarchically ordered microcapsule structures
Infusion of SiC nanoparticles into SC-15 epoxy: An investigation of thermal and
Growth of individual vertical germanium nanowires
Investigation of ionomers as dispersants for single wall carbon nanotubes
Straight single-crystalline germanium nanowires and their patterns grown on sol-
Formation of palladium nanoparticles and other structures from molecular precurs
Reverse micellar synthesis of cerium oxide nanoparticles
Phase-based cell imaging techniques for microbeam irradiations
In-situ electrochemical synthesis of 1-dimensional alumina nanostructures
Cantilever tilt compensation for variable-load atomic force microscopy
Characterization of ambient airborne particles by energy-filtered transmission e
Micro- and nano-structural analyses of damage in bone
Predation, death, and survival in a biofilm: Bdellovibrio investigated by atomic
Three-point bending of electrospun TiO2 nanofibers
In-situ mask removal in selective area epitaxy using metal organic chemical vapo
Nested self-similar wrinkling patterns in skins
Progress in liquid crystalline dispersions: Cubosomes
Template-assisted deposition of palladium nanoarrays preparation, microscopic, a
Room temperature gas sensor based on metallic nanowires
Fabrication and evaluation of nanoporous alumina membranes for osteoblast cultur
A FM-tip-integrated amperometric microbiosensors: High-resolution imaging of mem
Characterization and 2D self-assembly of CdSe quantum dots at the air-water inte
Self-assembly of photofunctional cylindrical nanostructures based on perylene-3,
Imaging purple membranes in aqueous solutions at sub-nanometer resolution by ato
Nanomagnetic planar magnetic resonance microscopy lens
Scanning probe microscopy of diffraction gratings induced by laser radiation
Scanning probe microscopy of organic and polymeric films: from self-assembled mo
Nanoscale visualization of microcrystalline chlorophyll a investigated with scan
On the evolution of structure and composition in sol-gel-derived lead zirconate
Complex branching phenomena in the growth of carbon nanotubes
Synthesis and atomic force microscopy characterization of GeFe nanophase materia
Microscope studies of the morphology and structure of carbon nanotubes
Thermochemical synthesis and characterization of nanostructured chromium silicid
Pitting corrosion of passivated β-tin monocrystals
Pyrolytic laser-based chemical vapour deposition of TiC coatings
Advanced characterization of nanoparticles: experimental evidence of surface rou
Synthesis of BxCyNz nanotubules
Nanoscale complexity of phospholipid monolayers investigated by near-field scann
Onion-like graphitic particles
Structure of the alloy Al-22 at.% Fe quenched from liquid state
Optimization of experiment in scanning force microscopy of polymers
Microstructural properties of silicon powder produced in a low pressure silane d
Mechanical alloying of Nb5Si3 compound and Nb-Nb5Si3 alloys
Phonons and fractons in sol-gel alumina: Raman study
Carbon nanostructures in silica aerogel composites
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of the one-dimensional organic conductor TTF
Epitaxial growth of PbTiO3 thin films on (001) SrTiO3 from solution precursors
High-resolution electron microscopy studies of nanophases in Nd-Fe-B alloys
Recent advances in nanostructural investigations and modifications of solid surf
Imaging domains in Co/Pt multilayers by magnetic force microscopy
Oblique growth of iron thin films on glass: a cross-sectional transmission elect
Direct measurements of magnetostrictive process in amorphous wires using scannin
Scanning tunneling microscopy of ferritin nanostructures
Study of carbon nanocapsules (onions) and spherulitic graphite by STM and other
Organic-inorganic hetero nanosystems as an approach to molecular optoelectronics
Cross-sectional high-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of the st
Contact mode atomic force microscopy imaging of nanometer-sized particles
Atomic force microscopy study of fine structures of the entire surface of red bl
Scanning probe microscope gigahertz measurements on 200 nanometer wave guides
Nanostructure refinement in mechanically alloyed copper powders by co-milling wi
Structure of rapidly quenched and mechanically alloyed AgCuCd alloys
Open-core screw dislocations in GaN epilayers observed by scanning force microsc
Synthesis of carbon nitride films by magnetically rotated arc-plasma jet chemica
Evidence for glide and rotation defects observed in well-ordered graphite fibers
Scanning near-field optical microscopy
Mechanically assisted solid state hydrogenation for formation of nanocrystalline
Imaging and nano-dissection of tobacco mosaic virus by atomic force microscopy
An inexpensive STM conversion to a BEEM
New carbon tubelite-ordered film structure of multilayer nanotubes
Macro and microtribological studies of CrO2 video tapes
Direct observation of surface morphology and surface viscoelastic properties of
Comment on “Nanoscale visualization and control of ferroelectric domains b
Initiation and formation of porous GaAs
Scanning-tunneling-microscopy modification of nitrogen-passivated GaAs (001) sur
Structural study of nanocrystallized Cu83Co17 ribbons by scanning friction force
Nanofabrication of sensors on cantilever probe tips for scanning multiprobe micr
Sonochemical preparation of amorphous nickel
On accretion of nanosize carbon spheres
Quantitative analysis of scanning force microscopy images of nickel-based supera
Nanoscale characterization of semiconductor materials and devices using scanning
Direct observation of fullerene-adsorbed tips by scanning tunneling microscopy
Phase transformation and grain coarsening of zirconia/mullite composites
Direct observation of C3N4 single crystal by scanning electron microscopy
Moire pattern in scanning tunneling microscopy: mechanism in observation of subs
High-resolution lithography with near-field optical microscopy
A novel method to prepare nanocrystalline (7 nm) ceria
Glancing-incidence and -take-off X-ray fluorescence and scanning tunnelling micr
Tribological characterization of smooth diamond films grown in Ar-C60 and Ar-CH4
New techniques and developments in high-resolution electron microscopy
High resolution characterisation of tribochemical films on alumina
Oxygen diffusion through thin Pt films on Si(100)
A study of solid-state amorphization in Zr-30 at.% Al by mechanical attrition
Nanotribology and nanofabrication of MoO3 structures by atomic force microscopy
Visualization of nanostructured porous silicon by a combination of transmission
Laser-induced graphitization of fullerite
Surface modification and patterning of conjugated polymers with near-field optic
Deformation, recovery, and recrystallization behavior of nanocrystalline copper
Principles for structure analysis of carbon nanotubes by high-resolution transmi
Quantitative two-dimensional dopant profile measurement and inverse modeling by
Observation of subcellular nanostructure of single neurons with an illumination
Atomic force microscopy silicon tips as photon tunneling sensors: a resonant eva
Nanocrystalline structural evolution in Fe90Zr7B3 soft magnetic material
Nanotubes as nanoprobes in scanning probe microscopy
Two-dimensional needle growth of electrodeposited Ni on reconstructed Au(111)
Formation and thermal stability of nanocrystalline Cu-Ti-Ni prepared by mechanic
Nanometer-scale absorption spectroscopy by near-field photodetection optical mic
Mechanical properties and microstructural analysis of a diamond-like carbon coat
Effect of pretreatment process parameters on diamond nucleation on unscratched s
Study of the surface microrelief of TGS and Rb2ZnCl4 ferroelectrics by the metho
Controlling CMP with atomic force microscopy
Structure of nanocrystalline palladium and copper studied by small angle neutron
Comparison of Au contacts to Si, GaAs, InxGa1-xP, and ZnSe measured by ballistic
Probing the superconducting proximity effect in NbSe2 by scanning tunneling micr
Nanomechanical basis for imaging soft materials with tapping mode atomic force m
Attempted hydrothermal synthesis of diamond by hydrolysis of β-SiC powder
Morphology and structural characterization of plasma-assisted prepared carbon fi
Microstructure and tribological characteristics of multilayer films deposited by
Synthesis and structure of nanocrystalline NiTi alloy
Nanoscale ductile grinding of glass by diamond fibres
Structural, morphological, and magnetic study of nanocrystalline cobalt-copper p
Cross-sectional atomic force microscopy of semiconductor nanostructures
Lock-in technique for measuring friction on a nanometer scale
Mechanical alloying processing and rapid plasma activated sintering consolidatio
Scanning probe microscopy for nanometer inspections and industrial applications
Continuous microscopy of ceramic materials with atomic force microscopy
STM and AFM of bio/organic molecules and structures
New electrochemical cell for in situ tunneling microscopy, cyclovoltammetry, and
Studying fatigue deformation using scanning probe microscopy
Structure and hardness of nanocrystalline silver
A hybrid electrochemical/chemical synthesis of supported, luminescent cadmium su
Carbon-carbon composites prepared by a rapid densification process. II: structur
Imaging nanometer-thick patterned self-assembled monolayers via second-harmonic
Confocal scanning optical microscopy of BaxSr1-xTiO3 thin films
Direct observation of helical polysilane nanostructures by atomic force microsco
Role of defect distributions and mobility on ferroelectric phase transformations
Nanometer-scale lithography in thin carbon layers using electric field assisted
Growth and defects of diamond facets under negative biasing conditions in a micr
Purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes by microfiltration
Formation and photoluminescence spectrum of w-GaN powder
Nano-material processing with laser radiation in the near field of a scanning pr
Structure and physicomechanical properties of nanocrystalline boride-nitride fil
Initial stages of cubic GaN growth on the GaAs(001) surface studied by scanning
Microstructure and mechanical properties of Y2O3/SiC nanocomposites
Probing the microelastic properties of nanobiological particles with tapping mod
Scanning capacitance microscopy for carrier profiling in semiconductors
Atomic force microscopy for metrology of micro- and nanostructures
Porous silicon photoluminescence and quantum confinement
Missing rows on oxygen-covered Cu(100) vicinal surfaces: a scanning tunnelling m
Supercritical drying preparation and fractal structure of blue luminescent silic
Fabrication of nano-tips by carbon contamination in a scanning electron microsco
Stranski-Krastanov growth mode during the molecular beam epitaxy of highly strai
Microstructure and photoluminescence of porous Si formed on n-type substrates in
Purification procedure for single-walled nanotubes
Structural and electrical properties of sputtered vanadium oxide thin films for
The influence of surface grown Ag particle on the optical absorption of Ag/SiO2
Carbon onions thin film formation and characterization
Effects of hydrostatic pressure on solid-state reaction in binary nanostructured
Scanning probe (tunneling and force) microscopy in metrological problems of nano
Nanostructure and local chemical composition of AlN-Si3N4 layers grown by LPCVD
Electron fringes on a quantum wedge
Isolation of smaller nanocrystal Au molecules: robust quantum effects in optical
Electron microscopy of Mg2Ni-H alloy synthesized by reactive mechanical grinding
Nitrogen-containing carbon nanotube growth from Ni phthalocyanine by chemical va
Tribological properties of carbon- and nitrogen-implanted Si(100)
Crystallographic and morphological characterization of reactively sputtered Ta,
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of thermal-diffusion-assisted self-organizat
Atomic force microscopy of heavy metal fluoride glasses
Preparation of ultrafine SiO2 with high surface area by the chemical precipitati
Preparation of nanocrystalline Fe3O4 by γ-ray radiation
X-ray microscopy and imaging of Escherichia coli, LPS and DNA
Preparation and microstructure of nanometer-sized Mn2O3
Material contrast in scanning near-field optical microscopy at 1-10 nm resolutio
Non-contact scanning probe microscopy with sub-piconewton force sensitivity [bio
Nano-chemical analysis of a dislocation core in NiAl
Polarization-dependent contrast in near-field optical microscopy
Magnetically induced decomposition in Co-Cr thin-film and bulk alloys
Carbon nanotubes: Novel architecture in nanometer space
Deposition and atomic force microscopy of individual phthalocyanine polymers bet
Characterization of Permalloy thin films electrodeposited on Si(111) surfaces
Particle size and morphology of hydrothermally processed MnZn ferrites observed
A transmission electron microscopy study of the microstructures present in alumi
Ordering behavior of nanocrystalline FeAl
Tridimension structural characterization of porous silicon by transmission elect
Structural properties of c-axis oriented epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin films
Well-aligned graphitic nanofibers synthesized by plasma-assisted chemical vapor
Thiol-derivatized nanocrystalline arrays of gold, silver, and platinum
Formation and crystallization of amorphous structure in the laser-cladding plasm
Microstructural characteristics of chemically processed manganese oxide nanofibr
Nanocontact and nanowire formation between macroscopic metallic contacts observe
Atomic force microscopy study of surface morphology of zinc-iron electrodeposits
Ballistic electron emission microscopy and its applications
Characterization of the induced plastic zone in a single crystal TiN(001) film b
Crystalline structure and orientation of gold clusters grown in preformed nanome
Time evolution of nanocontact structure between macroscopic metallic wires leadi
Near-field scanning optical microscopy studies of materials and devices
Investigation of growth conditions of fibrous deposits in carbon arc
Conductance quantization in nanowires formed between micro and macroscopic metal
Purification and size-selection of carbon nanotubes
High-resolution imaging of liquid structures: wetting and capillary phenomena at
Correlation between nanoscale structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of
Effects of elastic and inelastic interactions on phase contrast images in tappin
Time-resolved high-resolution electron microscopy of clusters, surfaces, and int
Local spectroscopy of electrons confined in less than two dimensions
Characterization of the interfaces formed during the silicidation process of Ti
Observation of Cd26As74 and Zn32P68 by atomic force microscopy
Observation of CuCl clusters in NaCl by scanning near-field optical microscopy
Morphology of liquid crystalline epoxy composite matrices based on the diglycidy
Transmission electron microscopy study of Si nanowires
Photoselective laser photo-ion microscopy with 5 nm resolution
Preparation and formation mechanism of silicon nanorods
Surface morphology of nitrogen doped tetrahedral amorphous carbon films on silic
Quantitative comparison of transmission electron microscopy techniques for the s
Polymer composites of nano-sized particles isolated in matrix
Dynamic behavior of carbon ultrathin film formation
Carbon nanotube tipped atomic force microscopy for measurement of 100 nm etch mo
Effect of substrate strain on adsorption
Electron microscopy structural characterisation of nano-materials: image simulat
Microstructures of nanocrystalline materials synthesized by amorphous crystalliz
Characterization of biomolecule immobilization by scanning force microscopy usin
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy studies of single wall carbon nan
Are boron-doped carbon nanotubes metallic?
A novel synthesis of cadmium phosphide nanoparticles using the single-source pre
Metal clusters and colloids
On the nature of nanometer-scale islands formed by cadmium selenide deposition o
A simple and novel way to synthesize aligned nanotube bundles at low temperature
A novel organothermal reduction process for producing nanocrystalline Ni2P with
Self-organized chain of crystalline-silicon nanospheres
A new crystal modification of gutta percha
Manipulation of nanoparticles using dynamic force microscopy: simulation and exp
Application of scanning probe microscopy to research in fatigue
A novel pathway for synthesis of submicrometer-size solid core/mesoporous shell
Tip characterization from AFM images of nanometric spherical particles
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by arc discharge in CF4 gas atmosphere
Nanoengineering of inorganic and hybrid hollow spheres by colloidal templating
Photochemical generation of gold nanoparticles in Langmuir-Blodgett films
Self-assembly and scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of cyanine fibers
Microstructural studies of sol-gel processed Sm-modified lead titanate thin film
Elastic magnets: template-controlled mineralization of iron oxide colloids in a
WS2 thin films by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Nanoscale hardening precipitation in AlMgSi alloys: a transmission electron micr
Microstructure of molybdenum disilicide-silicon carbide nanocomposite thin films
Probing quantum nanostructures with near-field optical microscopy and vice versa
Synthesis of nanocrystalline Al60Ni40 alloy produced by rod milling
Growth, structure and morphology of supported metal clusters studied by surface
Stretch and align virus in nanometer scale on an atomically flat surface
Formation of carbon nanotubes in the graphite surface by Ar ion sputtering
Physics of frictional-force microscopy-mechanics of nanotribology
How to measure the nanoscale physical properties of materials?
Large-area synthesis of carbon nanofiber films
Sintering of nanostructured W-Cu alloys prepared by mechanical alloying
Structural analysis of self-assembling nanocrystal superlattices
Characterization of tips for conducting atomic force microscopy in ultrahigh vac
Synthesis of a nanocrystalline W-25 wt.% Re alloy by mechanical alloying
Damage creation in α-Al2O3 by MeV fullerene impacts
Local oxidation of silicon surfaces by dynamic force microscopy: Nanofabrication
Preparation of polymer-protected semiconductor nanoparticles through the rapid e
Fabrication and characterisation of optical-fiber nanoprobes for scanning near-f
Thermal spraying of nanocrystalline Ni coatings
Atomic force microscopy imaging of fragments from the Martian meteorite ALH84001
Characterization of zirconium nitride coatings deposited by cathodic arc sputter
Synthesis of mixed ferrite with spinel-type structure from a stainless steelmaki
Magnetic force microscopy of nanocrystalline NdFeB ribbons: A study of tip-sampl
Alumina/silicon carbide nanocomposites by hybrid polymer/powder processing: micr
Yield strength predictions from the plastic zone around nanocontacts
Preparation of nano-crystalline diamonds using pulsed laser induced reactive que
Atomic force microscopy of platinum nanoparticles prepared on highly oriented py
Bromine etching of mesoscopic structures on Cu(210): a scanning tunneling micros
Atomic force microscopy of gibbsite
Transmission electron microscopy observations of fracture of single-wall carbon
Nucleation and growth of PbS nanocrystals and simulation of X-ray diffraction pa
Influence of tunneling voltage on the imaging of carbon nanotube rafts by scanni
Preparation and characterization of sub-micron spherical particles of Al2O3, SiO
Microwave synthesis of solid solutions of urania and thoria-a comparative study
Manipulation of Ag nanoparticles utilizing noncontact atomic force microscopy
Hillocks formation during the molecular beam epitaxial growth of ZnSe on GaAs su
Characterization of r.f.-sputtered iron oxide films for modeling passive films
A study of high velocity oxy-fuel thermally sprayed tungsten carbide based coati
Production method and physical properties of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Production of carbon nanotubes by the solar route
Self-organized structuring of W/C multilayers on Si substrate
Tapping mode scanning force microscopy in water using a carbon nanotube probe
Titania nanotubes prepared by chemical processing
Composites of carbon nanotubes and conjugated polymers for photovoltaic devices
A chemical synthesis of periodic macroporous NiO and metallic Ni
Two-dimensional sol-gel synthesis of hetero-layered nanostructure composed of ul
High spatial resolution imaging and spectroscopy in nanostructures
Nanocrystalline structure and phase transformation of the intermetallic compound
Study of BiSb-SiO2 nanocomposite powders produced by an arc plasma processing
Solvent-thermal preparation of nanocrystalline pyrite nickel disulphide
Fabrication of nanoscale structures of InGaN by MOCVD lateral overgrowth
Combined electric field and near-field scanning optical microscopy: modification
Self-organization of wire-like InAs nanostructures on InP
Growth dynamics of single-wall carbon nanotubes synthesized by CO2 laser vaporiz
Characterization of laser ablated silicon thin films
Growth morphology and micro-structural aspects of Si nanowires synthesized by la
The co-reduction route to TiC nanocrystallites at low temperature
Surface modification of silicon nanocrystallites by alcohols
Selective cell killing by microparticle absorption of pulsed laser radiation
Advanced microscopy techniques resolving complex precipitates in steels
Mechanical properties of icosahedral AlPdMn probed by indentation at variable te
Near-field probing of vibrational absorption for chemical microscopy
Square, pentagon, and heptagon rings at BN nanotube tips
Atomic force microscopy for fabricating micro- and nanoelectronic devices. I
Scanning tunneling microscopy for metal deposition studies
Fabrication of co-planar metal-insulator-metal solid state nanojunctions down to
Gel tips for atomic force microscopy
Microtribology and direct force measurement of WS2 nested fullerene-like nanostr
Atomic force microscopy study of silica nanopowder compacts
Atomic force microscopy of work functions on the nanometer scale
Nanoscale modification of thin palladium acetate films with scanning tunneling m
Different aspects of the microstructure of nanometer-sized Mn2O3
Magnetic nanowires
Nanometer-scale variations in interface potential by scanning probe microscopy
Correlation of diffuse scattering with nanocrystallite size in porous silicon us
Characterization of electrostatically self-assembled nanocomposite thin films
Nitrogen-incorporated distorted nanocrystalline diamond films: Structure and fie
A transmission electron microscopy investigation of sulfide nanocrystals formed
Calorimetric and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of nanoc
Large-scale synthesis of single crystalline gallium nitride nanowires
Correlation between tip-apex shape and surface modification by scanning tunnelin
Atomic force microscopy study of small-size nanotubular polymer thin films
A comparative study of colloidal particles as imaging standards for microscopy
Wear behavior of Pb-Mo-S solid lubricating coatings
Study on crystallized mechanism of amorphous Fe-7Zr-3B alloy
Fabrication of ordered nanopore arrays of alumina on silicon substrate
Wafer bonding across surface steps in the nanometer range
Vacuum shear force microscopy application to high resolution work
Assembly of nanoparticles into opaline structures over large areas
A low temperature route to nanocrystalline Co9S8
The future of atomic resolution electron microscopy for materials science
Carotene as a molecular wire: conducting atomic force microscopy
The structure and property of the nanometer Si-C-N reinforced Si3N4 composites
Synthesis, structure and field emission of carbon nanotubes
Atomic-scale electron beam processing
SEM and HREM study of the internal structure of nanotube rich carbon arc cathodi
Fragmentation of graphite crystals by electron irradiation at elevated temperatu
In-situ, analytical, high-voltage and high resolution transmission electron micr
Hi-Nicalon/SiC minicomposites with (pyrocarbon/SiC)n nanoscale multilayered inte
Microstructure and nanochemistry or carbide precipitates in high-speed steel S 6
Fabrication and microstructuring of hexagonally ordered two-dimensional nanopore
Template-assisted self-assembly and cobalt doping of ordered mesoporous titania
Particle size distribution inferred from small-angle X-ray scattering and transm
Charge storage in Co nanoclusters embedded in SiO2 by scanning force microscopy
The PLM/microprobe: an electron microprobe for use on a light microscope stage d
Application and calibration of a quartz needle sensor for high resolution scanni
Insight into the mechanism of sidewall functionalization of single-walled nanotu
Fullerene-structured nanowires of silicon
Subdiffraction resolution in far-field fluorescence microscopy
Synthesis of orderly nanostructure of crystalline GaN nanoparticles on anodic po
Formation of gold nanowires through self-assembly during scanning force microsco
Polybenzimidazole nanofiber produced by electrospinning
A combination study of conductivity and contact potential in low-field-emission
Advances in the study of nanoscale surface structures by scanning probe microsco
Scanning probe microscopy (STM/AFM) and applications in biology
Present and future developments of SPM systems as mass storage devices
Microstructure characterization of oxidized nanocrystalline Si:H film by transmi
Atomic force microscopy of Au deposition from aqueous HF onto Si(111)
Template synthesis of bismuth telluride nanowires
Materials in nanopipes of undoped GaN
Field emission microscopy of carbon nanotube caps
Conducting probe atomic force microscopy: a characterization tool for molecular
Formation of self-aligned carbon nanotube films by surface decomposition of sili
Transmission electron microscopy observations of low-load indents in GaAs
Nano-wetting of micellar structures on graphite: in situ investigations by scann
Direct observation of mesoporous silica by high resolution scanning electron mic
Effect of Pb(II) on the morphology of platinum electrodeposited on highly orient
Substrate effects on nanoindentation mechanical property measurement of soft fil
Nanofaceting of the LiNbO3 surface studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
Electron-induced gasification reactions in the fabrication process on graphite s
Fabrication of a metal nanostructure on the Si(111) surface
Si nanowires grown from silicon oxide
Organometallic chemical vapor deposition of V-groove InGaAs/GaAs quantum wires i
The structural transformation of anatase TiO2 by high-energy vibrational ball mi
Particle-size, size distribution and dislocations in nanocrystalline tungsten-ca
Multiply twinned C60 and C70 nanoparticles
The corrosion behavior and microstructure of high-velocity oxy-fuel sprayed nick
The effect of the starting solution on the physico-chemical properties of zinc f
A new CVD route for the synthesis of composite diamond-based materials
Synthesis of conducting fibers, nanotubes, and thin films of carbon from commerc
An SEM and STM investigation of surface smoothing in 130 MeV Si-irradiated metgl
Analysis of failure mechanisms in electrically stressed Au nanowires
Mechanochemical synthesis of gadolinium oxide nanoparticles
Patterning of silicon surfaces with noncontact atomic force microscopy: Field-in
Supramolecular polymeric materials with hierarchical structure-within-structure
Electron diffraction and microscopy of nanotubes
Microstructural aspects related to carriers transport properties of nanocrystall
Crystallization by post-treatment of reactive r.f.-magnetron-sputtered carbon ni
Deep levels in GaN grown by nitridation of GaAs(110) surface in a electron cyclo
Self-assembly of monolayers of cadmium selenide nanocrystals with dual color emi
A simple route to silicon-based nanostructures
Ultra-thin zeolite films through simple self-assembled processes
Parallel nanodevice fabrication using a combination of shadow mask and scanning
Mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes
Nanomechanical measurements on polymers using contact mode atomic force microsco
Morphokinetics: growth of mesoporous silica curved shapes
Temperature-graded InAlAs buffers applied on InGaAs/InAlAs/InP high electron mob
Formation and field-emission of carbon nanofiber films on metallic nanowire arra
Nanocomposites glass/conductive polymers
Photoelectrochemical effect in dye sensitized, sputter deposited Ti oxide films:
Nanocrystallisation mechanisms in FeCuNbSiB-type alloys from comparative HREM, S
Electronic structure at carbon nanotube tips
Photothermal FT-IR spectroscopy: a step towards FT-IR microscopy at a resolution
Deconvolution of local surface response from topography in nanometer profilometr
On the nature of carbon nitride nanocrystals formed by plasma enhanced chemical
Self-assembled germanium-dot multilayers embedded in silicon
Polymerization of Langmuir-Blodgett films of diacetylenes
Magnetization pattern of ferromagnetic nanodisks
Computational Fresnel images of magnetic nanoparticles
Dark-field surface plasmon resonance microscopy
Atomic structure of carbon nanotubes from scanning tunneling microscopy
High throughput aperture near-field scanning optical microscopy
Preparation and characterization of ultrathin films layer-by-layer self-assemble
Deposition of the platinum crystals on the carbon nanotubes
Anisotropic tribological properties of the coating on a magnetic recording disk
Nanometer-scale data storage on 3-phenyl-1-ureidonitrile thin film using scannin
Imaging the elastic properties of coiled carbon nanotubes with atomic force micr
Ultrafast scanning tunneling microscopy with 1 nm resolution
Synthesis of lead zirconate titanate from an amorphous precursor by mechanical a
Fabrication of nanometer-scale patterns by ion-milling with porous anodic alumin
Characterization of supported nanoporous carbon membranes
Growth of heteroepitaxial ZnO thin films by femtosecond pulsed-laser deposition
Y-branching of single walled carbon nanotubes
Production of fullerenes and single-wall carbon nanotubes by high-temperature pu
An electron microscopy study of the growth of Ge nanoparticles in SiO2
Optical microscopy using a single-molecule light source
Scanned probe microscopy of electronic transport in carbon nanotubes
Hydrogen atoms cause long-range electronic effects on graphite
Dislocation structures in Si:C films: generating “plateau-like” surf
Structures of clusters
Studies on chemically deposited nanocrystalline Bi2S3 thin films
Fabrication of highly ordered ZnO nanowire arrays in anodic alumina membranes
Amorphous SiC films prepared by low-energy cluster beam deposition
Nanoscale palladium metallization of DNA
Polymer-gel templating of porous inorganic macro-structures using nanoparticle b
Production of WS2 nanotubes by an activation method
Wet-etching fabrication of multilayer GaAlAs/GaAs microtips for scanning near-fi
Image potential in scanning transmission electron microscopy
Porous silicon thermal conductivity by scanning probe microscopy
Structural and magnetic properties of Fex-C1-x nanocomposite thin films
Improved tip performance for scanning near-field optical microscopy by the attac
Selective nucleation and growth of carbon nanotubes at the CoSi2/Si interface
Mechanical properties of biocompatible protein polymer thin films
Catalytic growth of β-Ga2O3 nanowires by arc discharge
Nanocrystalline nickel nanoparticles
Preparation and characterization of CdS nanowire arrays by DC electrodeposit in
Fabrication of semiconductor nanostructures by nanoindentation of photoresist la
Density variations in scanned probe oxidation
The microstructure of as-melt spun Al-7%Si-0.3%Mg alloy and its variation in con
High-resolution transmission and scanning electron microscopy of boride-nitride
Microstructural evolution in lubricious ZnO films grown by pulsed laser depositi
Preparation of monolayers of nanoparticles for transmission electron microscopy
MnO2/polyimide hybrid materials prepared with a convenient ultraviolet irradiati
Characterization and nonlinear optical properties of a poly(acrylic acid)-surfac
Formation of Si nano-structures by O2 flow during deposition
Interfacial shear force microscopy
Features of the structure of the thin layer of aluminides obtained by fast cooli
Limits of ultra-thin multilayers by pulsed vacuum arc deposition
Surface morphology and crystallinity of biaxially stretched PET films on the nan
A preferentially ordered accumulation of bromine on multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Study of molecular-beam epitaxy growth on patterned GaAs (311)A substrates with
Percolation behaviour in intergrowth BiSrCaCuO structures grown by molecular bea
Electron field emission from amorphous carbon nitride nanotips
Measurements of stiff-material compliance on the nanoscale using ultrasonic forc
Ferroelectric polarization imaging using apertureless near-field scanning optica
Formation of anion-vacancy clusters and nanocavities in thermochemically reduced
Panoscopic silicon-a material for “all” length scales
Photosensitive polyimide/silica hybrids
Mass production of single-wall carbon nanotubes by the arc plasma jet method
Electrosynthesis and microstructural characterization of anodic VOx films
Field emission and electron microscopy
Direct conversion to diamond and BN nanotube growth in nitrogen fluid: nanoscopi
Carbon aerogel: a new nonreflective material for the infrared
Visualization of artificial lignin supramolecular structures
Characterizing the structure and properties of individual wire-like nanoentities
Self-assembling dendritic supramolecule of molecular nanotubes and starpolymers
Structure, hardness, and fracture characteristics of nanostructured materials
Deposition and photoluminescence of sol-gel derived Tb3+:Zn2SiO4 films on SiO2/S
Visualization techniques related to scanning probe microscopy
Effect of gold addition on the nanostructure of amorphous Fe-Zr-B alloy
Orientational and translational ordering of sub-monolayer films of passivated mu
Synthesis of silicon nanoclusters by solid-gas reaction
Cathodoluminescent properties at nanometer resolution through Z-contrast scannin
X-ray spectro-microscopy of complex materials and surfaces
Hot electron effects and oxide degradation in MOS structures studied with ballis
Atomic resolution on Si(111)-(7×7) by noncontact atomic force microscopy w
Calculation of optical fields in the near field of nanoparticles using the finit
Oriented silicon carbide nanowires: synthesis and field emission properties
The microstructural analysis of SiC nanorods by high-resolution electron microsc
Synthesis of macroscopically long ropes of well-aligned single-walled carbon nan
Dense arrays of ordered GaAs nanostructures by selective area growth on substrat
Adatom condensation and quantum dot sizes in InGaAs/GaAs (001)
Discrete and continuous deformation during nanoindentation of thin films
In situ imaging of threading dislocation terminations at the surface of GaN(0001
Formation of rare earth hydroxide nanotubes and whiskers as corrosion product of
Quantitative nanoscale metrology study of Cu/SiO2 interconnect technology using
Scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy studies of laser irrad
Large-scale synthesis of β-SiC nanowires by using mesoporous silica embedde
Preparation of ordered array of nanoscopic gold rods by template method and its
Semi-coherent zirconia inclusions in a ceramic matrix
Light scattering microscopy from monolayers and nanoparticles at the air/water i
Carbon nanorods
Wet etching of GaN grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Si(111)
Photoemission with the STM
Nanoscopic templates from oriented block copolymer films
Aerosol-gel preparation of optically active layers in the system Er/SiO2-TiO2
Scanning tunneling microscopy of films of amorphous carbon doped with copper
Waveguide ultrasonic force microscopy at 60 MHz
Synthesis of GeO2 nanorods by carbon nanotubes template
High-resolution lenses for sub-100 nm X-ray fluorescence microscopy
The microstructure and tribological properties of copper surfaces implanted with
Deposition, microstructure and mechanical and tribological properties of magnetr
Visualization of 180° domain structures in uniaxial ferroelectrics using con
MoSe2 nanocrystallites synthesized at low temperature
Deposition mechanism of gold by thermal evaporation: approach by charged cluster
Observation of dendritic growth with colloidal Au particles
Fabrication of regularly arranged nanocolumns on diamond(100) using micellar mas
Near-field fluorescence microscopy of tris-8-hydroxyquinoline aluminum films
A novel route to aligned nanotubes and nanofibres using laser-patterned catalyti
Solar production of single-wall carbon nanotubes: growth mechanisms studied by e
Monolayers of nanosized Au55-clusters: preparation and characterization
Metrology for nanostructures using atomic force microscopy
Plastic deformation of quartz at room temperature: a Vickers nano-indentation te
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of topological defects in carbon
Vapor-grown atomic filaments of graphite
Laser ablation synthesis and optical characterization of silicon carbide nanowir
Synthesis of metastable silver-nickel alloys by a novel laser-liquid-solid inter
Structural stabilization of new compounds: MoS2 and WS2 micro- and nanotubes all
In-situ source-template-interface reaction route to semiconductor CdS submicrome
Enhancement of flux pinning in (Bi,Pb)-2223/Ag tapes doped with MgO nanorods
Deposition of aligned bamboo-like carbon nanotubes via microwave plasma enhanced
Raman imaging of single carbon nanotubes
Understanding the creep behavior of a 2.5D Cf-SiC composite-I.. Morphology and m
Structure of rice starch granules in nanometre scale as revealed by atomic force
Pd and Pt nucleated nano Ni-particles: evidence for heterogeneous nucleation and
Fluorescence microscopy study of heterogeneity in polymer-supported luminescence
Quantitative measurement of the mechanical contribution to tapping-mode atomic f
Tuning surface reactivity by in situ surface nanostructuring
The internal architecture of mesoporous silica fibers
Distortion of crystal lattice and abnormal infrared behavior in nanocrystalline
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study on the anomalous structur
Energy filtered transmission electron microscopy of Ti(C,N) based cermet materia
Proximal probe characterization of nanoscale charge transport properties in Co/S
Quenching and enhancement of single-molecule fluorescence under metallic and die
Material contrast by combined scanning tunneling and force microscopy imaging of
Nano-mechanical cutting and opening of single wall carbon nanotubes
Interlayer structure of carbon fibre reinforced aluminium wires
Nanodissection and noncontact imaging of plasmid DNA with an atomic force micros
Self-assemblies of silver sulfide nanocrystals on various substrates
The mono-crystalline state of polyvinylidene fluoride/trifluoroethylene on nano-
Porous metals from colloidal templates
Enhancement of resolution of DNA on silylated mica using atomic force microscopy
Synthesis of large areas of highly oriented, very long silicon nanowires
Local elasticity imaging of nano bundle structure of polycarbonate surface using
Nanoscopic switching behavior of epitaxial SrBi2Ta2O9 films deposited by pulsed
Characterization of laterally structured Pb/Ge multilayers
Nanomeasurements in transmission electron microscopy
Microstructure and growth modes of stoichiometric NiAl and Ni3Al thin films depo
Nanocrystalline titania films and particles by chemical vapor synthesis
First observation of mechanochromism at the nanometer scale
Strain and composition in SiGe nanoscale islands studied by X-ray scattering
Self-assembled Ge nanostructures on polymer-coated silicon: Growth and character
Stable integration of isolated cell membrane patches in a nanomachined aperture
Lorentz microscopy of circular ferromagnetic permalloy nanodisks
Formation of mesoporous silica nanotubes
Adsorption of water on solid surfaces studied by scanning force microscopy
Electrochemical preparation of CdSe nanowire arrays
Experimental and simulated analysis of Cu nanoparticles produced by cooled sampl
Growth of large-scale GaN nanowires and tubes by direct reaction of Ga with NH3
Quantification of polyimide carbonization after laser ablation
The electron microscope: The materials characterization tool of the millennium
Pulsed vacuum arc deposition of multilayers in the nanometer range
Side-by-side silicon carbide-silica biaxial nanowires: Synthesis, structure, and
Progress in scanning probe microscopy
Effects of heat treatment on the microstructure and properties of HVOF-sprayed N
The complex bonding of titanium nitride layers in C/Mg composites revealed by EL
Synthesis and hydrogenation behaviour of graphitic nanofibres
Visualization of photoexcited free carriers by scanning near-field millimeter-wa
Formation of GaN nanorods by a sublimation method
Magnetic anisotropy in the radula of chiton
Ordered nanostructure of single-crystalline GaN nanowires in a honeycomb structu
Characterization of corrosion products of AB5-type hydrogen storage alloys for n
Early crystallisation stages in a heavy metal fluoride glass prepared under norm
Coherent near field optical microscopy
Scanning tunneling microscopy observation of tightly wound, single-wall coiled c
The microscopic morphology of highly sulfonated polyaniline
Water-dispersible conducting nanocomposites of polyaniline and poly(N-vinylcarba
Scanning tunneling microscopy of chromium-filled carbon nanotubes: Tip effects a
Pattern formation and quasicrystal structure in azobenzene polymer film
Characterization and nanometer-scale modifications of Bi2Te3 surface via atomic
Mechanically induced solid state carburization for fabrication of nanocrystallin
Overview of methods for analysing single ultrafine particles
Laser microscopy opens a new dimension
Carbon nanotube RLC circuits
Growth and fabrication with single-walled carbon nanotube probe microscopy tips
Silicon nanowires grown on iron-patterned silicon substrates
A novel form of carbon nitrides: well-aligned carbon nitride nanotubes and their
Electronic and structural properties of carbon nanohorns
Study of field electron emission from nanocrystalline diamond thin films grown f
Nucleation and growth of carbon nanotubes by microwave plasma chemical vapor dep
Probing thermomechanical behavior of polymers at the nanometer scale with single
A novel technique by the citrate pyrolysis for preparation of iron oxide nanopar
Characterisation of fine polycrystals of metastable η-alumina obtained throu
Enhanced interfacial roughness in metallic multilayers prepared by pulsed cathod
InAs self-assembled nanostructures grown on InP(001)
Carbon nanotubes as probes for atomic force microscopy
Carbon nanotubes on highly orientated pyrolytic graphite
Planar ordering of InP quantum dots on (100)In0.48Ga0.52P
Morphology of multiwall WS2 nanotubes
Organic solvent dispersions of single-walled carbon nanotubes: toward solutions
Atomic force microscopy for designing micro- and nanoelectronic devices. Part 2
Surface morphology and structural observation of laser interference crystallized
Polymer, metal and hybrid nano- and mesotubes by coating degradable polymer temp
Electron transport properties of nanocrystals. Isolated and supra-crystalline ph
Multiply twinned particles beyond the icosahedron
Microstructure and properties of zirconia-alumina nanolaminate sol-gel coatings
Synthesis and field-emission behavior of highly oriented boron carbonitride nano
Discrete atom imaging of one-dimensional crystals formed within single-walled ca
Highly oriented rich boron B-C-N nanotubes by bias-assisted hot filament chemica
Real-space imaging of two-dimensional antiferromagnetism on the atomic scale
Morphology and texture of nanocrystalline copper prepared electrochemically from
Honeycomb-like alignments of carbon nanotubes synthesized by pyrolysis of a meta
Carbon nitride nanocrystals having cubic structure using pulsed laser induced li
Structure of antimony ultrafine particles and spontaneous crystallization proces
AuPd catalytic nanoparticle size effect on the formation of amorphous silicon na
Amorphous carbon nitride films: structure and electrical properties
Synthesis and optical properties of gallium arsenide nanowires
High-contrast topography-free sample for near-field optical microscopy
Does carbyne really exist?-carbynes in expanded graphite
Nano-oxidation of silicon surfaces by noncontact atomic-force microscopy: Size d
Apertureless scanning near-field second-harmonic microscopy
Synthesis of β-Ga2O3 nanorods
Effect of an organic polymer in purification and cutting of single-wall carbon n
On the imaging mechanism of monatomic steps in graphite
Metal surface investigation by scanning probe microscopy
Ti-W-O sputtered thin film as n- or p-type gas sensors
Electron microscopy studies of TiO2 micelles
Roughness exponent of the fracture surface of an Al-Si alloy
Nanobubbles on solid surface imaged by atomic force microscopy
Single-walled carbon nanotubes formation with a continuous CO2-laser: experiment
General synthesis of compound semiconductor nanowires
Structure and properties of nanocrystalline TiC full-density bulk alloy consolid
Development and new application of near-field optical microscope
Mapping surface elastic properties of stiff and compliant materials on the nanos
Creating nanoscale pits on solid surfaces in aqueous environment with scanning t
TiN coatings in C/Mg-Al composites: microstructure, nanochemistry and function
Nanosized barium titanate powder by mechanical activation
Synthesis and characterization of the aligned hydrogenated amorphous carbon nano
Surface reactivity of Si nanowires
Microstructure of nanocrystalline CdS powders and thin films by electrostatic as
Low-frequency Raman modes and atomic force microscopy for the size determination
Large-scale synthesis of single-crystalline ß-Ga2O3 nanoribbons, nanosheet
Catalytic synthesis of straight silicon nanowires over Fe containing silica gel
Carbonaceous contaminants on support films for transmission electron microscopy
Carbon nanotube growth on Ni-particles prepared in situ by reduction of La2NiO4
Macromolecular nanoplatelet of aurivillius-type layered perovskite oxide, Bi4Ti3
Fractal aggregates of lanthanide-doped Y2O3 nanoparticles obtained by propellant
Photoemission spectroscopy of size selected zinc sulfide nanocrystallites
The structure of Si nanocrystals on SiC
Polyimide nanocomposites: comparison of their properties with precursor polymer
Preparation of silver nanorods by electrochemical methods
The strength and peculiarities of the destruction of nanostructure materials
Is plastic flow always controlled by dislocation mobility? An answer from in sit
Spatially resolved femtosecond spectroscopy beyond the diffraction limit
Realization of different carbon nanostructures by a microwave plasma enhanced ch
Ordered indium-oxide nanowire arrays and their photoluminescence properties
Fabrication of zinc oxide nanorods
Element-specific imaging of magnetic domains at 25 nm spatial resolution using s
Properties of CdS nanoparticles dispersed zirconia films
Preparation of Bi2S3 nanorods by microwave irradiation
Shape of a liquid front upon dewetting
Interfacial microstructure evolution in aluminium matrix composites reinforced w
The possibility of ESCA microscopy with laser femtosecond EUV X-ray pulses
Reaction of Ti with BN during high energy ball milling process
Chemical alignment of oxidatively shortened single-walled carbon nanotubes on si
Mechanism of improvement of TiN-coated tool life by nitrogen implantation
Magnetic characteristic of Mn+ ion implanted GaN epilayer
Scanning tunneling microscopy observation of formation procedure of nano-Ti film
Preparation, morphology and microstructure of segmented graphite nanofibers
Synthesis of α-SiO2 nanowires using Au nanoparticle catalysts on a silicon
Conformation and microstructure of carbon nanofibers deposited on foam Ni
Total-reflection X-ray microscopy
STM lithography in an organic self-assembled monolayer
Lock-in technique for concurrent measurement of adhesion and friction with the s
Differential interference contrast X-ray microscopy with submicron resolution
Micro- and nanostructure of the carbon matrix of infiltrated carbon fiber felts
Magnetization and Mossbauer study of cobalt ferrite particles from nanophase cob
The roles of argon addition in the hot filament chemical vapor deposition system
Atomic force microscopy of photochemistry and the Baeyer-Villiger reaction of 4,
Surfactant-assisted synthesis of semiconductor nanotubes and nanowires
Nanocrystalline silver particulate films by liquid-liquid interface reaction tec
Low-temperature scanning probe microscopy of surface and subsurface charges
Combustion synthesis of Eu3+ activated Y3Al5O12 phosphor nanoparticles
Synthesis, structure, mechanical properties, and thermal stability of some polys
Growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes from microcontact-printed catalyst patt
Superhard, conductive coatings for atomic force microscopy cantilevers
Electrochemical fabrication of single-crystalline anatase TiO2 nanowire arrays
Preparation of ternary I-IV-VI nanocrystallines via a mild solution route
High rate deposition and electron beam recrystallization of silicon films for so
Depth-sensitive analysis of a degraded tin oxide electrode surface in a plasma d
Hydrogen diffusion in palladium nano-crystal film
Electron microscopy of carbon nanotubes
SiC nanowires grown on silicon (100) wafer by MPCVD method
Study on microstructure of pulse electroplated buck nanocrystalline Co-Ni alloy
Gallium arsenide crystalline nanorods grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
Boron carbonitride nanofibers: synthesis, characterization, and photoluminescenc
STM induced luminescence in carbon nanotubes
Some structural studies on successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR
Gallium nitride nano-ribbon rings
High-resolution and conventional electron microscopy study of a Σ=3, [101]
The surface morphology of pyrolytic graphite irradiated by hydrogen atoms
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes below room temperature
Domain wall pinning on strain relaxation defects in FePt(001)/Pt thin films
Atomic force microscopy, a powerful tool to study blend morphologies based on po
Interfacial reaction between the oxidized SiC particles and Al-Mg alloys
Effect of experimental conditions on the structure and properties of nano-porous
Microstructure of bulk nanocrystalline Ag50Ni50 alloy prepared by hot pressing o
Interfacial phenomena in the plasma spraying Al2O3+13 wt.% TiO2 ceramic coating
Oxide thickness mapping of ultrathin Al2O3 at nanometer scale with conducting at
Pyrolytic production of aligned carbon nanotubes from homogeneously dispersed be
Nano-optical reversible switching of organic photochromes
Sensitivity of single-wall carbon nanotubes to chemical processing: an electron
Homogeneity of lanthanide doped ceria nanocrystal dispersions using high-resolut
Characterization of the core structure of growth defects in CVD diamond films by
Formation of metallic surface structures by ion etching using a S-layer template
Characterisation of aluminium oxynitride gas barrier films
Growth of multilayer Bi2Se3-Sb2Se3 thin films by SILAR technique
Imaging of sub-surface nano particles by tapping-mode atomic force microscopy
Microstructure of bulk PMP YBCO with submicrometre Y2BaCuO5 particles
Dislocation-related pop-in effect in gallium arsenide
Properties of zinc sulphide nanoparticles stabilized in silica
Synthesis and properties of ZrO2 films dispersed with Au nanoparticles
Synthesis and characterization of antimony oxide nanoparticles
A novel and simple one-step solid-state reaction for the synthesis of PbS nanopa
The oxidation of SiC particles and its interfacial characteristics in Al-matrix
High-resolution electron microscopy observations of microplastic fracture in SiC
Surface segregation of hexagonal boron nitride and its surface properties
Monodispersed hard carbon spherules with uniform nanopores
Thermal plasma chemical vapor deposition of Si-based ceramic coatings from liqui
Growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes from discrete catalytic nanoparticles o
Characterization of nanopipes/dislocations in silicon carbide using ballistic el
Structural analysis of collapsed, and twisted and collapsed, multiwalled carbon
Scanning tunneling microscopy of gold clusters on TiO2(110): CO oxidation at ele
Formation mechanisms for carbon onions and nanocapsules in C+-ion implanted copp
High-yield assembly of individual single-walled carbon nanotube tips for scannin
Magnetic alignment of fluorescent nanowires
The impact of synchrotron radiation on nanoscience
Structure and mechanical flexibility of carbon nanotube ribbons: An atomic-force
Nanoscopic measurements of the electrostriction responses in P(VDF/TrFE) ultra-t
Electrochemical observation of a metal/insulator transition by scanning electroc
Corrosion properties of nanocrystalline Co-Cr coatings
Directional shear force microscopy
Quantitative analysis of the magnetic properties of a carbon nanotube probe in m
Spin injection into carbon nanotubes and a possible application in spin-resolved
Process of nanocrystallization and partial amorphization by cold rolling in TiNi
Nanofractography of shocked RDX explosive crystals with atomic force microscopy
Using atomic force microscopy for deep submicron failure analysis
Electrochemical synthesis of polypyrrole films over each of well-aligned carbon
Structure of unepitaxial crystallites in a homoepitaxial diamond film
Near-field scanning optical microscopy studies of electronic and photonic materi
Nanoelectromechanical systems face the future
TEM/AFM observation of crack tip plasticity in silicon single crystals
Direct analysis of atomic structures of advanced ceramics by high-resolution ele
Characterization of electrical conduction in silicon nanowire by scanning Maxwel
Diameter-controlled synthesis of single-crystal silicon nanowires
Scanning tunneling microscopy of aligned coaxial nanowires of polyaniline passiv
C60 nanowhiskers in a mixture of lead zirconate titanate sol-C60 toluene solutio
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline bismuth telluride
Control of dewetting dynamics by adding nanoparticle fillers
Quantitative metrology study of Cu/SiO2 interconnect structures using fluorescen
Bundle structure and sliding of single-walled carbon nanotubes observed by frict
Three-dimensional imaging of carbon nanotubes
Charging of single Si nanocrystals by atomic force microscopy
Interference pattern of a coherent electron beam by localized leakage magnetic f
Formation of nanosized martensite particles in stainless steels
Confinement-enhanced electron transport across a metal-semiconductor interface
Ultra-long single crystalline nanoribbons of tin oxide
Evaluation of electron beam broadening due to the specimen in analytical electro
High-resolution analysis of engineered type I collagen nanofibers by electron mi
Development of a nanoindenter for in situ transmission electron microscopy
Ultra-high-resolution electron microscopy of carbon nanotube walls
Hybrid near-field optical memory and photofabrication in dye-doped polymer film
Comment on Reversible, nanometer-scale conductance transitions in an organic com
Pyrolytically grown arrays of highly aligned BxCyNz nanotubes
Surface chemistry of copper nanoparticles and direct spray printing of hybrid pa
Silver nanoshells: variations in morphologies and optical properties
Temperature-controlled growth of silicon-based nanostructures by thermal evapora
Cross-sectional TEM study of unepitaxial crystallites in a homoepitaxial diamond
Imaging the interlayer interactions of multiwall carbon nanotubes using scanning
Preparation of nanometer-sized manganese oxides by intercalation of organic ammo
Monolayer-protected clusters: molecular precursors to metal films
Photoinduced conversion of silver nanospheres to nanoprisms
Nanocomposite films derived from exfoliated functional aluminosilicate through e
Nanoscale electrical conductivity and surface spectroscopic studies of indium-ti
Nanotechnology using scanning probe microscopy
Study of elementary surface acoustic wave phenomena
Production of ordered silicon nanocrystals by low-energy ion sputtering
Methods for characterising the precipitation of nanometer-sized secondary harden
Synthesis and sintering of ZrO2-CeO2 powder by use of polymeric precursor based
Low dielectric polyimide/poly(silsesquioxane)-like nanocomposite material
Characterization investigations of melt-spun ternary Al-xSi-3.3Fe (x=10, 20 wt.%
Phase transitions in Co nanoclusters grown by pulsed laser deposition
Development of cermet microstructures during sintering
Tailoring the diameter of decorated C-N nanotubes by temperature variations usin
Surface characterization of submicron vapor grown carbon fibers by scanning tunn
Cathodoluminescence of electron irradiated opal-based nanocomposites
Hydrothermal synthesis of nanosized titania powders: influence of tetraalkyl amm
Scanning probe microscopy characterisation of masked low energy implanted nanome
Nano-oxidation of silicon nitride films with an atomic force microscope: Chemica
Advances in magnetic microscopy
The formation of dimensionally ordered germanium nanowires within mesoporous sil
Nano-oxidation of silicon surfaces: Comparison of noncontact and contact atomic-
Electron beam induced formation of carbon nanorods
Electron beam pre-patterning for site-control of self-assembled InAs quantum dot
Preparation and characterization of carbon nanotubes encapsulated GaN nanowires
Nanostructure and hardness of titanium aluminum nitride prepared by plasma enhan
Theoretical modelling of scanning tunnelling microscopy, scanning tunnelling spe
Mechanical and tribological aspects on a-C films deposited by lamp assisted chem
Nanostructure formation on amorphous WO3 thin films in air by scanning tunneling
Nanocrystallization in a Zr57Ti5Cu20Al10Ni8 bulk metallic glass
Chemical vapor deposition of Ti-W-C thin films
Oriented growth of n-alkanes crystals on nanostructured poly(tetrafluoroethylene
Automated detection of particles, clusters and islands in scanning probe microsc
Core-shell structures in pressureless-sintered undoped Pb(Fe2/3W1/3)O3 ceramics
Evolution and properties of nanodiamond films deposited by direct current glow d
Resolution enhancement and improved data interpretation in electrostatic force m
Preparation and characterization of CdTe nanoparticles in zirconia films prepare
Influence of electron flux on the oxidation of Ni3Al surfaces
Preparation and crystallization behavior of syndiotactic polystyrene-clay nanoco
Images of nanobubbles on hydrophobic surfaces and their interactions
Fundamentals and model of photonic-force microscopy
A simple and effective method of evaluating atomic force microscopy tip performa
Nanometer spot allocation for Raman spectroscopy on ferroelectrics by polarizati
Temperature-dependent growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes in the range
XRD, SEM, AFM, HRTEM, EDAX and RBS studies of chemically deposited Sb2S3 and Sb2
Formation and structure of polyacrylamide-silica nanocomposites by sol-gel proce
Microwave sintering of nanosized hydroxyapatite powder compacts
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline SnO2 and fabrication of lithiu
Fabrication and magnetic properties of prepatterned epitaxial nanodots
Nucleation control of CVD growth silicon nanocrystals for quantum devices
Reactive ion etching of quartz and Pyrex for microelectronic applications
A study of the interaction of rhodamine 6G with DNA by spectrophotometry and pro
Atomic force microscope anodic oxidation studied by spectroscopic microscopy
Atom probe tomography investigation of the microstructure of superalloys N18
Gas sensing characteristics of SnO2 thin film fabricated by thermal oxidation of
Modern methods of scanning-probe microscopy and spectroscopy
Sintering of nano crystalline a silicon carbide doping with aluminium nitride
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of the stability of nanostructures on Si(111
Synthesis of nanoparticles of barium lanthanum hafnium oxide by a modified combu
Determination of elastic modulus of nanocrystalline iron and titanium by means o
Two mechanisms of the fragmentation of thin coatings on rubber substrates
Carbon-nanofibre-reinforced poly(ether ether ketone) composites
Transmission electron microscopy investigation of boron-doped polycrystalline ch
Zero-dimensional excitons in CdTe/ZnTe nanostructures
Two-dimensional synthesis of anisotropic nanoparticles
Steps toward a model nanotopography
Preparation of silver nanoparticles in hexagonal phase formed by nonionic Triton
Barkhausen jumps and related magnetic properties of iron nanowires encapsulated
Large area, high resolution analysis of surface roughness of semiconductors usin
Localized deformation of multicomponent thin films
Field enhanced fabrication of metallic nanostructures using millisecond-pulsed s
Growth and characterization of single-crystal GaN nanorods by hydride vapor phas
Production of aligned carbon nanotubes by the CVD injection method
Properties of carbon onions produced by an arc discharge in water
Production of multiwalled carbon nanotubes using the aerosol method
Ga2O3 nanomaterials synthesized from ball-milled GaN powders
An STM study of the nanocrystalline structure of the passive film on iron
Characteristics of field emission from nanocrystalline metals
Synthesis and characterization of lanthanum carbide nanotubes
Modelling of surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures
Transport and vibrational properties of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanofib
Nanoscale engineering of aluminium surfaces
Measurement of debonding in cracked nanocomposite films by ultrasonic force micr
Chondrule thermal history from unequilibrated H chondrites: a transmission and a
Exploring grain size as a cause for dead-layer effects in thin film capacitors
Synthesis and structure of Ga2O3 nanosheets
Effects of Fe film thickness and pretreatments on the growth behaviours of carbo
Ultrahigh resolution of lead zirconate titanate 30/70 domains as imaged by piezo
Electrochemical microscopy of platinum clusters
Tungsten disulphide coated multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of bamboo-shaped carbon-nitrogen nanotubes using C2H2-NH3-Fe(CO)5 syst
Conditions for imaging emulsions in the environmental scanning electron microsco
Ball-milled carbon and hydrogen storage
Self-assembling and ordering of Ge/Si(111) quantum dots: scanning microscopy pro
Elastic recovery measurements performed by atomic force microscopy and standard
Features of defect formation on a deformed Si(111) surface
Nanoscale surface characterization of conducting and non-conducting materials wi
Novel Sn powder preparation by spark processing and luminescence properties
Correlation between the microstructures and the cycling performance of RuO2 elec
β-Ga2O3 nanowires synthesized from milled GaN powders
Investigation of the structure of zirconia nanoparticles by high-resolution tran
Comparison of heat-affected zones due to nanosecond and femtosecond laser pulses
Surface nanotextures on aluminium
Chemical synthesis of Co nanoparticles by chemical vapor condensation
Nanometer-scale characterization and manipulation of ferroelectric films using s
Structural and optical properties of ZnO nanowires synthesized from ball-milled
Magnetization and Mossbauer study of nanosize ZnFe2O4 particles synthesized by u
Plasticity and fracture of nanostructured materials
Sequentially grown carbon nanotubes
Structural features, strength, and mechanisms of deformation of nanocrystalline
Triode-type field emission array using carbon nanotubes and a conducting polymer
Structural characterization of chemically deposited Bi2S3 and Bi2Se3 thin films
Atomic force microscopy: observation of biological macromolecules and related ta
Patterning and visualizing self-assembled monolayers with low-energy electrons
Hardening mechanism of MP159 alloy induced by aging
Fabrication of semiconducting ZnO nanobelts using a halide source and their phot
A simple route to prepare nanocrystalline titanium carbonitride
Silicon nanoneedles grown by a simple thermal treatment using metal-sulfur catal
Preparation, characterization and applications of free-standing single walled ca
High-quality single-walled carbon nanotubes from arc-produced soot
Preparation and characterization of uniform polyaniline nano-fibrils using the a
In situ formation of Au/Pt bimetallic colloids on polystyrene microspheres: cont
Silicon nanowires wrapped with Au film
Influence of silicon dioxide doping on morphology of silicon nanowires grown by
Fabrication and magnetic properties of highly ordered Co16Ag84 alloy nanowire ar
Large-scale synthesis of GaN nanorods and their photoluminescence
Refinement mechanism of CeO2 addition on Y2BaCuO5 particles in PMP YBCO bulks
Precipitates in AlGaN epilayers grown by metallorganic vapor phase epitaxy
β-Ga2O3 nanowires on unpatterned and patterned MgO single crystal substrate
Structure and defects of vapor-phase-grown diamond nanocrystals
Structural properties of carbon materials from the electrochemical reduction of
Characterisation of polypyrrole nano-films for membrane-based sensors
Solvothermal preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline Bi2Te3 powder w
Properties of ferrofluid nanoparticles prepared by coprecipitation and acid trea
Spatially modulated illumination microscopy allows axial distance resolution in
Liquid phase deposition templates synthesis of nanostructures of anatase titania
Electric-field-enhanced growth of carbon nanotubes for scanning probe microscopy
Irradiation of single-walled carbon nanotubes with high-energy protons
Photochromic behavior and mechanism of thin films in H3PW12O40/polyacrylamide sy
Preparation and tribological properties of sol-gel zirconia thin films stabilize
Fundamentals of dislocation nucleation at nanoindentation
AFM study of gold nanowire array electrodeposited within anodic aluminum oxide t
Field-ion microscopy observation of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Microstructures and mechanical behavior of bulk nanocrystalline γ-Ni-Fe pr
A simple wet chemical route for large-scale synthesis of Cu(OH)2 nanowires
Fabrication of CoO nanorods via thermal decomposition of CoC2O4 precursor
Selective synthesis of zigzag-type aligned carbon nanotubes on SiC (000-1) wafer
Synthesis of boron nitride nanotubes by using YB6 powder
Development of laser assisted nanometric resolution scanning tunneling microscop
Towards new transmission electron microscopy in advanced ceramics
Scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy with super-high resolution
Synthesis, Raman scattering, and infrared spectra of large-scale GaN nanorods
Strong enhancement of the Breit-Wigner-Fano Raman line in carbon nanotube bundle
Diamond turning of soft semiconductors to obtain nanometric mirror surfaces
Compression behaviour of bulk nanocrystalline Ni-Fe
Improved oxidation resistance of single-walled carbon nanotubes produced by arc
Oxide-assisted catalytic growth of MgO nanowires with uniform diameter distribut
Microstructure and evolution of mechanically-induced ultrafine grain in surface
The surface potential of the Si nanostructure on a Si (111) 7×7 surface ge
Effects of H2 annealing on silicon carbide films grown on Si(111) by magnetron s
Characterization of the surface roughness and nanoindentation hardness of Au/NiC
SiC nanorods prepared from SiO and activated carbon
Novel BN tassel-like and tree-like nanostructures
Microstructural investigation on the mechanism to extract indium from wasted mat
Microstructure and interface fracture of LPPS Ni/Fe and Cu/Ni sprayed materials
CuGaSe2 solar cell cross section studied by Kelvin probe force microscopy in ult
Highly ordered and well-oriented single-crystal CdTe nanowire arrays by direct-c
Carbon nanotube as a probe for friction force microscopy
Formation of TiB2/TiN nanocomposite powder by high energy ball milling and subse
Co-synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes and carbon fibers
Magnetic properties and microstructural characteristics of bulk Nd-Al-Fe-Co glas
Formation of large nanostructured Pd82Si18 alloy rods
Preparation and mechanical properties of Fe3Al nanostructured intermetallics
Adhesion of neural cells on silicon wafer with nano-topographic surface
A study of activated carbon nanotubes as electrochemical super capacitors electr
Friction of thin water films: a nanotribological study
Morphology and photoluminescent properties of poly(p-phenylene) nanofibre arrays
Distinct growth phenomena observed on zinc cadmium thiocyanate crystals by atomi
Direct growth of β-SiC nanowires from SiOx thin films deposited on Si(100)
Catalytic growth of semiconducting zinc oxide nanowires and their photoluminesce
Sonochemical synthesis of copper selenides nanocrystals with different phases
Fluorescence spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy of the same isola
Defects in III-V semiconductor surfaces
Synthesis, morphologies and Raman-scattering spectra of crystalline stannic oxid
Morphology and Raman scattering spectrum of GaN nanowires embedded in nanochanne
Fabrication of magnetic dot arrays by ion beam induced chemical vapor deposition
Synthesis of NiO nanorods by a novel simple precursor thermal decomposition appr
Combination of confocal Raman spectroscopy and electron microscopy on the same i
Scanning near-field optical microscopy characterizing nanostructures
Bi20TiO32 nanocones prepared from Bi-Ti-O mixture by metalorganic decomposition
Culture of neural cells on silicon wafers with nano-scale surface topograph
Microstructural characterization of Fe-N thin films
Preparation of nanocrystalline ceria particles by sonochemical and microwave ass
Microstructures of patterned nc-Si superlattices made by pulsed laser interferen
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of NiTe alloy nanocrystallites
Electron microscopy and spectroscopy with the single-atom sensitivity on metallo
In situ growth of isotopically enriched 28Si nanowires using the floating-zone (
Effect of acetylene in buffer gas on the microstructures of carbon nanotubes in
Nanoimprint lithography for organic electronics
Experimental study on synthesis of NiO nano-particles
Aligned silica nanofibres
Optimization of purification and selective burning of single-wall carbon nanotub
Visualization of 0.1-μm-metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors by
Large-scale rapid oxidation synthesis of SnO2 nanoribbons
Hydrogen storage in different carbon nanostructures
Study on nanocrystalline Fe-based soft-magnetic materials
Nanoscaled ceramic powders produced by laser ablation
Selective growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition
Magnetic properties and microstructures of α-Fe/Nd2Fe14B nanocomposite mic
Comparative study of a block copolymer morphology by transmission electron micro
Synthesis of oxygen-deficient indium-tin-oxide (ITO) nanofibers
Dielectric properties of composite diamond films
Synthesis and microstructure of antimony oxide nanorods
The structure of trititanate nanotubes
Uniformity tests of individual segments of interband cascade diode laser Nanosta
Focal spots of size λ/23 open up far-field fluorescence microscopy at 33
Stress effects in laser-pulsed chromium films tracked by nanosecond transmission
A simple and novel route for the preparation of ZnO nanorods
Study of magnetic domains by magnetic soft X-ray transmission microscopy
Nanotube-like structures naturally formed on HOPG surface
Colloidal processing of carbon nanotube/alumina composites
Catalytic growth of boron nitride nanotubes
Synthesis and optical properties of tetrapod-like zinc oxide nanorods
Nano-magnetic material in the radula teeth of chiton Acanthochiton rubrolinestus
Low-temperature synthesis of large-scale single-crystal molybdenum trioxide (MoO
Novel method synthesis of CdO nanowires
Fabrication of nanoparticle pattern through atomic force microscopy tip-induced
Structure characteristics of phosphorus-doped hydrogenated nano-crystalline sili
Preparation and properties of nano-sized SnO2 powder
Fabrication of nc-Si array made by pulsed laser constrained interference crystal
Effect of surface pretreatment on the electrochemical activity of a glass-formin
Field emission from flexible arrays of carbon nanotubes
Synthesis of nanostructured silicon carbide through an integrated mechanical and
Magnetic domain imaging of nanoscale magnetic structures using synchrotron radia
Recent advances in near-field scanning optical microscopy
Fabrication and optical properties of large-scale uniform zinc oxide nanowire ar
Control of ZnO morphology via a simple solution route
Growth orientation of one-dimensional silicon nanowires prepared by thermal evap
Synthesis and microstructural analysis of Si3N4 nanorods
Synthesis and characterization of conducting copolymer nanofibrils of pyrrole an
Bamboo-shaped carbon tubes from coal
Effect of amines on single-walled carbon nanotubes in organic solvents: control
Photoluminescence properties of silicon nanowires and carbon nanotube-silicon na
Effect of heat treatment on the properties of nano-diamond under oxygen and argo
Composite diamond films with smooth surface and the structural influence on diel
Time-resolved two photon photoemission electron microscopy
Catalytic growth and photoluminescence properties of semiconductor single-crysta
Preparation of Y2O3 thin films deposited by pulse ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
Field ion microscopy of multiwall carbon nanotubes: observation of pentagons and
Semiconducting B-C-N nanotubes with few layers
Analysis of the white emission from ion beam synthesised layers by in-depth reso
Pulsed-laser assisted nanopatterning of metallic layers combined with atomic for
Role of group V exchange on the shape and size of InAs/InP self-assembled nanost
Micro- and nanomorphologies of isotactic polystyrene revealed by PLM, AFM, and T
Influence of substrate bias voltage on surface morphology and nanocluster arrang
Synthesis of europium oxide nanorods by ultrasound irradiation
Comparison of catalytically grown and arc-discharge carbon nanotube tips
Nonlinear bio-photonic crystal effects revealed with multimodal nonlinear micros
Erosion of the field emitter surface exposed to low-energy ions
Effect of bias voltage on the formation of a-C:N nanostructures in ECR plasmas
Crystallization behavior of syndiotactic polystyrene nanocomposites for melt- an
Columnar structure of reactively sputtered aluminium nitride films
Microstructure and magnetic properties of metal-nonmetal nanogranular films
Ablation of polyethylene terephthalate at 266 nm
Formation of island structures in the course of deposition of weakly supersatura
Studies of plasma and craters produced by the interaction of high-energy sub-nan
Morphology, thermal relaxations and mechanical properties of layered silicate na
Atomic description of elementary surface processes: diffusion and dynamics
Breakdown-induced negative charge in ultrathin SiO2 films measured by atomic for
Detachment of nanotubes from a polymer matrix
Morphological and mechanical properties of bone structural units: a two-case stu
Electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction study of AlN layers
Dynamic atomic force microscopy methods
Second-harmonic scanning optical microscopy of individual nanostructures
Pulsed-laser deposition of NiMnSb thin films at moderate temperatures
Atomic force microscopy imaging and cutting of beaded carbon nanotubes deposited
Combined XPS, AFM, TEM and ellipsometric studies on nanoscale layers in organic
Analysis of nanocrystalline coatings of tin oxides on glass by atomic force micr
Determination of a translocation chromosome by atomic force microscopy
Sonochemical synthesis and optical properties of europium oxide nanolayer coated
Visible cathodoluminescence from mechanically milled germanium
Fluorescence quantum yield of CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals investigated by correlated a
Arc-grown Y-branched carbon nanotubes observed by scanning tunneling microscopy
Titanium oxide nanoribbons
Structural and cathodoluminescence study of mechanically milled silicon
Growth front roughening of room-temperature deposited copper nanocluster films
Composition, structure, and electrochemical behavior of sol-gel derived nanopart
Nanopatterned surfaces obtained with semicrystalline ABC triblock copolymers
Effect of nanotube inclusions on polymer morphology in composite systems
Modeling photonic force microscopy with metallic particles under plasmon eigenmo
SNOM/AFM microprobe integrated with piezoresistive cantilever beam for multifunc
Evolution and control of the structure of a SiO2/semiconductor nanoelectronics m
Transport and magnetic properties of isolated cobalt nanowires
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of WS2 nanotubes
Microstructural study of the initiation and formation of immersion tin coating o
Biointerface analysis on a molecular level. New tools for biosensor research
Adsorption behavior of Lander molecules on Cu(110) studied by scanning tunneling
Hydrophobic fluorinated carbon coatings on silicate glaze and aluminum
Room-temperature fabrication of hard AlN/TiN superlattice coatings by pulsed las
Fracture mechanisms in nanoscale layered hard thin films
Analytic-technological probe microscopy
Crystalline forms in melt-crystallized syndiotactic polystyrene/clay nanocomposi
Electronic structure of the carbon nanotube tips studied by x-ray-absorption spe
Preparation of zinc oxide nanopowder by freeze-drying
Non-diffraction-limited light transport by gold nanowires
Preparation and electron field emission properties of nano-diamond films
Selective-area growth of indium nitride nanowires on gold-patterned Si(100) subs
Synthesis of selenium nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation
Morphology and electrical properties of template-synthesized polypyrrole nanocyl
Visualization of compositional fluctuations in complex oxides using energy-filte
Sub-50 nm nanopatterning of metallic layers by green pulsed laser combined with
Structural evolution in amorphous silicon and germanium thin films
Piezoelectric nonlinearity of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films probed by scanning force mi
Observations on the uniformity of immersion tin coatings on copper
Preparation and characterization of TiN-Ag nanocomposite films
Electronic properties of functional biomolecules at metal/aqueous solution inter
Combined effects of argon addition and substrate bias on the formation of nanocr
Pulsed laser-induced micro- and nanosized morphology and composition of titanium
Plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition of titanium aluminum carbonitride/amor
Shadow-mask evaporation through monolayer-modified nanostencils
Synthesis and characterization of poly(styrene-maleic anhydride)-montmorillonite
Mechanical behaviour of yttria tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline nanoceramics:
Colloquium: Optical simulations of electron diffraction by carbon nanotubes
Morphological evolution and surface and interface structure of aluminum on polyi
Growth dynamics of titanium silicide nanowires observed with low-energy electron
Fabrication of Cu-induced networks of linear nanostructures on different length
Mass spectrometric analysis of water-soluble gold nanoclusters
Nearly space-filling fractal networks of carbon nanopores
Evolution and microstructure of shear bands in nanostructured Fe
Gallium oxide nanoribbons and nanosheets
Low-dimensional systems
Erbium surface-enriched silicon nanowires
Optical properties of nanophase films measured by variable-angle spectroscopic e
Microstructural evolution in nanocrystalline Ni coatings
Nanoscale morphology of polyelectrolyte self-assembled films probed by scanning
Magnetic force microscopy of ferromagnetic nanoparticles formed in Al2O3 and SiO
High resolution 3D X-ray diffraction microscopy
Multicolor and electron microscopic imaging of connexin trafficking
Single crystal silver nanowires prepared by the metal amplification method
Indentation deformation and fracture of thin polystyrene films
Growth of high-density Si nanoparticles on Si3N4 and SiO2 thin films by hot-wire
Bismuth nanowires for potential applications in nanoscale electronics technology
Transmission electron microscopy studies of the nanoscale structure and chemistr
Investigation of electrochromic properties of nanocrystalline tungsten oxide thi
Fabrication of Si nanocolumns and Si square spirals on self-assembled monolayer
Piezoresponse force microscopy for polarity imaging of GaN
Design of near-field optical probes with optimal field enhancement by finite dif
Nanochemistry: synthesis and characterization of multifunctional nanoclinics for
Exfoliated and intercalated polyamide-imide nanocomposites with montmorillonite
Observation of two- and three-dimensional magnesium oxide nanostructures formed
Large-scale synthesis of multi-walled microwave carbon nanotubes by CVD
Electrical measurements of a dithiolated electronic molecule via conducting atom
Immersion lens microscopy of photonic nanostructures and quantum dots
Rapid imaging of nanotubes on insulating substrates
Construction and characterization of a nanowell electrode array
Microstructure and nanomechanical properties of Al-Mg-B-Ti films synthesized by
Tribological behavior of alumina doped zinc oxide films grown by pulsed laser de
Burrowing of Pt nanoparticles into SiO2 during ion-beam irradiation
Scanned conductance microscopy of carbon nanotubes and λ-DNA
Fluctuation microscopy in the STEM
Catalyst-free growth of ordered single-walled carbon nanotube networks
Microstructural characteristics of cold-sprayed nanostructured WC-Co coatings
Structural and transport properties of CdS films deposited on flexible substrate
CoPt and FePt nanowires by electrodeposition
Single-molecule spectroscopy and microscopy
Highly ordered arrays of organic-inorganic nanophotonic composites
Shape effects in plasmon resonance of individual colloidal silver nanoparticles
Silver nanodisks: synthesis, characterization, and self-assembly
Purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes by selective microwave heating of c
Retardation of oxidation in Co nanocolumns: scanning tunneling microscopy study
Functionalizing multiple-walled carbon nanotubes with aminopolymers
Role of single defects in electronic transport through carbon nanotube field-eff
Nanocrystallization during nanoindentation of a bulk amorphous metal alloy at ro
In-plane control of morphology and tunable photoluminescence in porous silicon p
Optimization of flame synthesis for carbon nanotubes using supported catalyst
Applications of cryo-analytical electron microscopy for characterization of AgX-
Material anisotropy revealed by phase contrast in intermittent contact atomic fo
Nanoscience and its relationship to the AVS
A scanning tunneling microscopy study of dysprosium silicide nanowire growth on
Nanometer precision metrology of submicron Cu/SiO2 interconnects using fluoresce
Fracture behavior of core-shell rubber-modified clay-epoxy nanocomposites
Extinction near-field optical microscopy
Soft 20-nm resolution x-ray microscopy demonstrated by use of multiplayer test s
Electron microscopy studies on platinum-ceramics nanocomposites synthesized by s
Preparation and structure investigation of nanoparticle-assembled titanium dioxi
Synthesis and characterization of sol-gel derived nanocrystalline tin oxide thin
Adhesion and coalescence of ductile metal surfaces and nanoparticles
Novel interparticle spatial properties of hydrogen-bonding mediated nanoparticle
The influence of structural defects on intra-granular critical currents of bulk
Microstructural evolution in adiabatic shear localization in stainless steel
Face-centered cubic and hexagonal closed-packed nanocrystal superlattices of gol
Magnetic properties of gadolinium and terbium nanoparticles produced via multila
Dense medium plasma synthesis of carbon/iron-based magnetic nanoparticle system
Deposition of AuxAg1-x/AuyAg1-y multilayers and multisegment nanowires
Atomic force microscopy observations of tumour cell invadopodia: Novel cellular
Electrostatic assembly of polymer/single walled carbon nanotube multilayer films
Preparation and characterization of some unusually transparent poly(dimethylsilo
TEM study of aerosol particles from clean and polluted marine boundary layers ov
Fabrication and electrical characterization of polyaniline-based nanofibers with
Microscale electrospinning of polymer nanofiber interconnections
Characteristics of plasma processed SiC nanocrystallites and nanorods
Synthesis of nanocrystalline nickel and zinc ferrites by microemulsion technique
Effects of process-control agents on mechanical alloying of nanostructured alumi
Plastic deformations in mechanically strained single-walled carbon nanotubes
Fast characterization of magnetic impurities in single-walled carbon nanotubes
Combined scanning electrochemical atomic force microscopy for tapping mode imagi
Physical and optical properties of sol-gel nano-silver doped silica film on glas
Palladium nanoparticle arrays using template-assisted electrodeposition
Optical measurements of structure and orientation in sheared carbon-nanotube sus
Combined force and photonic probe microscope with single molecule sensitivity
Formation of self-assembled epitaxial nickel nanostructures
A method for selective deposition of copper nanoparticles on silicon surfaces
Covalent coupling of quantum dots to multiwalled carbon nanotubes for electronic
Nanopillar arrays of glassy carbon by anodic aluminum oxide nanoporous templates
Plasma torch production of macroscopic carbon nanotube structures
Phase retrieval and induction mapping of artificially structured micromagnetic a
Simultaneous atomic force microscopy measurement of topography and contact resis
Filling single-wall carbon nanotubes with d- and f-metal chloride and metal nano
Structural and morphological characteristics of planar (112¯0) a-plane gall
Laser-assisted synthesis of ultra small metal nanoparticles
Measuring the work function at a nanobelt tip and at a nanoparticle surface
Stacking fault energy and dynamic recovery: do they impact the indentation size
Finite element method simulation of the field distribution for AFM tip-enhanced
Assembly of CdSe nanocrystals into well-ordered monolayers with a strong crystal
Catalytic chemical vapor deposition synthesis and electron microscopy observatio
Medium-range order in amorphous silicon measured by fluctuation electron microsc
Local impedance imaging and spectroscopy of polycrystalline ZnO using contact at
High-pressure phase transformation of silicon nitride
Toward nanometer-scale resolution in fluorescence microscopy using spectral self
Characterization of weathering degradation in aircraft polymeric coatings using
Giant field amplification in tungsten nanowires
InAs nanowires and whiskers grown by reaction of indium with GaAs
Surface energy maps of nanostructures: atomic force microscopy and numerical sim
Metal oxide-coated polymer nanofibers
Microstructure and tensile properties of nanostructured Cu-25 wt% Ag
STEM provides the answers to some difficult questions [scanning transmission ele
Use of nanosize reactants in SHS processes
A quantitative measure of medium-range order in amorphous materials from transmi
Hydrothermal synthesis of quartz nanocrystals
Avalanche ballistic electron emission microscopy with single hot-electron sensit
Hydrogen and deformation: Nano- and microindentation studies
Characterization and electrochemical responsiveness of boron-doped nanocrystalli
Scanning probe microscopy with integrated biosensors
Engineered microsphere contrast agents for optical coherence tomography
Nanopatterning of hard magnetic nanostructures via dip-pen nanolithography and a
Atomic force microscopy characterisation of mechanically induced surface damage
Microstructure characterization of oxide coatings deposited by pulsed excimer la
Synthesis and thermoelectric power of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes
Electrostatic nanolithography in polymers using atomic force microscopy
Microstructural evolution and deformation of cryomilled nanocrystalline Al-Ti-Cu
Characterization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes prepared by carbon arc cathode
Use of functionalized WS2 nanotubes to produce new polystyrene/polymethylmethacr
Synthesis of ternary SiGeSn semiconductors on Si(100) via SnxGe1-x buffer layers
Dual-mode mechanical resonance of individual ZnO nanobelts
Direct thermal patterning of self-assembled nanoparticles
Polymer surfactant incorporated ceramic oxide nanoparticles
Growth and characteristics of TaN/TiN superlattice structures
Synthesis, characterization, and manipulation of helical SiO2 nanosprings
Surface theory moves into the real world
Evolution of texture in electrodeposited Ni/Cu layered nanostructures
Methods of single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy
Fabrication, characterization, and dynamic behavior of polyester/TiO2 nanocompos
Nanobelts as nanocantilevers
Magnetic properties of Co nanocolumns fabricated by oblique-angle deposition
Far-field photothermal microscopy beyond the diffraction limit
Nanoparticle beam formation and investigation of gold nanostructured films
Dynamic microscopy of nanoscale cluster growth at the solid-liquid interface
Self-organized titanium oxide nanodot arrays by electrochemical anodization
Ti3SiC2: A damage tolerant ceramic studied with nano-indentations and transmissi
Characterization of CdS clusters in zeolite-A grown in alkaline solution
Analytical electron microscopy and focused ion beam: complementary tool for the
Synthesis of well-ordered CuO nanofibers by a self-catalytic growth mechanism
Two-photon fluorescence scanning near-field microscopy based on a focused evanes
Ion-beam-induced surface modification and nanostructuring of AIIIBV semiconducto
Free volume in nanostructured Ni
Surface characteristics of electroless and sputtered Ni-P-W alloy coatings
Multiphoton plasmon-resonance microscopy
Pulsed plasma-assisted PVD sputter-deposited alumina thin films
Effects of nitrogen plasma treatment on tantalum diffusion barriers in copper me
Formation of nanofibers in thin layers of amorphous W alloys with Ni, Co, and Fe
Synthesis and characterization of superparamagnetic Ni-Pt nanoalloy
Photoelectric work function determination for the nanostructural carbonaceous fi
Atomic force microscopy study of living diatoms in ambient conditions
Preparation of KHSO4/SiO2 nanocomposites and their physical properties
Superconducting NbSe2 nanostructures
Effects of topography on the local variation in the magnetization of ultrasoft m
Primary and secondary carbides in high-speed steels after conventional heat trea
Photoelectron microscopy projects at SRRC
Domain structure study of SrBi2Ta2O9 ferroelectric thin films by scanning capaci
Impedance spectral studies of sol-gel alumina-silver nanocomposites
Biomimetic fabrication of nanoengineered hydroxyapatite/polyelectrolyte composit
Mechanical properties of ZrO2-Al2O3 nanostructured PVD coatings evaluated by nan
Growth of self-assembled nanostructures by molecular beam epitaxy
Self-assembled formation of vertical silicon-rich quantum wells and Ge/SiGe quan
Compositional alteration of polyimide under high fluence implantation by Co+ and
Structural characterization of Fe(110) islands grown on α-Al2O3(0001)
Homogeneity and activity characterization of iron sulfide films after immersion
Rubber-clay nanocomposite by solution blending
Catalytic growth and characterization of Ga2O3 nanowires
Nanosized spinel NiFe2O4: a novel material for the detection of liquefied petrol
Morphological study of magnesium hydroxide nanoparticles precipitated in dilute
Excitonic absorption of spherical PbS nanoparticles in zeolite A
Self-assembled vertical GaN nanorods grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
Effect of topography in nano-structured thin films: a Lorentz transmission elect
Competition between microphase separation and crystallization in self-assembly s
Synthesis and morphology of nanostructures via microwave heating
Characterization of electroplated Ni/SiC and Ni/Al2O3 composite coatings bearing
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes over Fe catalyst on aluminium and suggested growth
Preparation and morphology of niobium oxide fibres by electrospinning
Diamond deposition on modified silicon substrates: making diamond atomic force m
Niobium nanoclusters studied with in situ transmission electron microscopy
Microstructure of ball-milled NiA130 powder
The Cu(100)-c(2×2) N structure studied by combined nc-AFM/STM
Mechanistic investigation on salt-mediated formation of free-standing Co3O4 nano
Getting the low down on nanomaterials
Simplified sedimentaion process for 3D photonic thick layers/bulk crystals with
Microstructure of rapidly solidified high strength Al94V4Fe2 alloy
Apertureless near-field scanning Raman microscopy using reflection scattering ge
Thickness-dependent properties of chemically deposited Sb2S3 thin films
Structural studies of bismuth nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 or GeO2 matrices
Nanocrystallite formation in Pd capped PrH3-δ films
Nanotribology and fractal analysis of ZnO thin films using scanning probe micros
Characterization of tungsten oxide films of different crystallinity prepared by
Formation of YSZ films by thermal annealing of Y/Zr layers in air
Magnesium oxide nanoparticles prepared by ultrasound enhanced hydrolysis of Mg-a
Nanocomposites based on a combination of epoxy resin, hyperbranched epoxy and a
Atomic force microscopy-a visual probe to characterize nanodosimetric devices
Synthesis of novel nanostructures by metal-polytetrafluoroethene thermolysis
Regularity of structure formation of condensates of weakly-supersaturated vapour
Carbon nanowires with new microstructures
Magnetoresistance and magnetostriction in magnetic contacts
Study on development of scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy and its applica
Nano-octopus: a new form of branching carbon nanofiber
Electrochemical synthesis of nanocrystalline CuFe2O4 thin films from non-aqueous
CARS microscopy with dark field excitation
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by CO2-laser-assisted chemical vapour deposition
Nanostructured fragments in a coating of an amorphous Ni63.5Cr25Mo8B3.5 alloy
Electron-microscopy study of structure of the calcium hydroxyapatite nanopowders
Homogeneous precipitation synthesis and characterization of BaTi5O11 Powders
A nanocomposite of poly(N-vinylcarbazole) with nanodimensional alumina
Characterization investigations of a melt-spun ternary Al-8Si-5.1Cu (in wt.%) al
Electron-microscopy investigation on nanocrystal formation in pure Fe and carbon
Study on ferroelectric storage using scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy
Crater formation in gold nanoislands due to MeV self-ion irradiation
Annealing and morphology effects on the Fe0.39Co0.61 nanowire arrays
Control of domain patterns in square shaped nickel rings
Solventless acid-free synthesis of mesostructured titania: nanovessels for metal
Electronic structure of GaN nanowire studied by x-ray-absorption spectroscopy an
Electron microscopy study of the microstructure of nanosize MoO3 powders
The crystalline properties of carbon nitride nanotubes synthesized by electron c
Effects of high dose nitrogen implantation into aluminum
Direct evidence for grain-boundary depletion in polycrystalline CdTe from nanosc
Measurement of carbon nanotube-polymer interfacial strength
Preparation and properties of poly(vinyl alcohol)-clay nanocomposite materials
Electrochemical synthesis of ordered CdTe nanowire arrays
Vanadium pentoxide nanofibers by electrospinning
Electrochemically deposited nickel membranes; process-microstructure-property re
Surface topographical characterization of silver-plated film on the wedge bondab
Nanoindentation and AFM studies of PECVD DLC and reactively sputtered Ti contain
Effect of Bi2S3 nanoparticles in the protection mechanism of polypyrrole thin fi
Atom and electron dynamics at surfaces and effect on growth of nanostructures
Rings of double-walled carbon nanotube bundles
HRTEM, SEM and XRD characterization of nanocrystalline Sb2S3 thin films deposite
Quantitative topographical analysis of nuclear pore complex function using scann
Tribological studies of Zr-implanted PVD TiN coatings deposited on stainless ste
Radio frequency (RF) suspension plasma sprayed ultra-fine hydroxyapatite (HA)/zi
Depth resolved nonlinear optical nanoscopy
Infiltration of glassy bodies with zirconia nanoparticles
Growth of carbon nanotubes using microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposi
The combined application of nanoindentation and scanning probe microscopy to mat
Tailored Si3N4 ceramic substrates for CVD diamond coating
Nanoparticle-enhanced thermoluminescence in silica gels
Microstructure of Monoplacophora (Mollusca) shell examined by low-voltage field
Application of electrostatic force microscopy in nanosystem diagnostics
Combined SNOM/AFM microscopy with micromachined nanoapertures
Imaging the DNA and nanoparticle components of a self-assembled nanoscale archit
Ferroelectric epitaxial nanocrystals obtained by a self-patterning method
Electron-beam-induced segregation in InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum wells
Kinetics and mechanism of in situ simultaneous formation of metal nanoparticles
Optical nanowriting on azobenzene side-chain polymethacrylate thin films by near
Study of Ag/SiO2 nanosystems by XPS
Analytical electron microscopy study of nanometre-scale oxide formed in contact-
Nanostructuration with visible-light-emitting silicon nanocrystals
Well-ordered arrays of pyramid-shaped ferroelectric BaTiO3 nanostructures
Preparation and organization of nanoscale polyelectrolyte-coated gold nanopartic
Silica nanocasting of simple cellulose derivatives: towards chiral pore systems
In situ formation of SiC-Si2ON2 micro-composite materials from preceramic polyme
Patterned arrays of porous InP from photolithography and electrochemical etching
Multi-scale scanning tunneling microscopy imaging of self-organized regioregular
Characterization of nano-sized crystallites of mechanically alloyed high silicon
Receptor-mediated targeting of magnetic nanoparticles using insulin as a surface
Imaging and writing at the nanoscale with focused visible light through saturabl
Preparation and morphology of germanium oxide nanofibers
Vanadium oxide nanofibers by electrospinning
Nonreactive rf treatment of multiwall carbon nanotube with inert argon plasma fo
Growth of calcium phosphate thin films by in situ assisted ultraviolet pulsed la
Preparation of dendritic tin nanoaggregates by electrodeposition
Spherical silicon nanoparticles formed in aluminum melt
High-resolution three-dimensional imaging using multiple nanometric probes
Nanocrystalline TiO2 thin films on soda-lime-silica glass by using a titanium na
Effect of fractal-matrix resonators on the structure of copper films
Transparent titanium dioxide film with nanocrystalline structure by using a tita
The nanostructure and mechanical properties of PVD CrCu (N) coatings
Optical micro-characterization of group-III-nitrides: correlation of structural,
Ultraviolet laser treatment of multiwall carbon nanotubes grown at low temperatu
Nanocrystalline SnO2-based thin films obtained by sol-gel route: a morphological
Selective thiolation of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Electrochemically controlled preparation of platinum-poly(amidoamine) dendrimer
Application of microanalytical techniques to the study of aqueous ion sorption p
Characterization of periodic micro-/nano-patterns for wear minimization of elect
Modification of single-walled carbon nanotubes by hydrothermal treatment
Characteristics of polyvinylpyrrolidone-layered silicate nanocomposites prepared
Imaging of micro-and nanomagnetic structures
Atomic force microscopy of bamboo-shaped multiwalled carbon nanotube structures
Nanoscale investigation of longitudinal surface acoustic waves
A novel diode-pumped tunable system for multiphoton microscopy
Transmission electron microscopy porometry of etched pore channels in track memb
Interpenetrating vinylester/epoxy resins modified with organophilic layered sili
Investigation of the correlation between texture and microstructure on a submicr
Application of metal nanoparticles in confocal laser scanning microscopy: improv
Effects of N2 on the growth of multiwalled carbon nanotubes synthesized by plasm
SPM investigation of diamond-like carbon and carbon nitride films
Deposition of titania nanoparticles on spherical silica
Transmission electron microscopy measurements of the injection distances in nano
Growth of Ag nanostructures on TiO2(110)
FIB process takes materials analysis into new realms
Production of gold nanoparticles by laser ablation in liquid alkanes
Microindentation hardness of SB-block copolymers relating to nano-mechanical mec
Modeling recent experiments of apertureless near-field optical microscopy using
Europium-doped bioapatite: a new photostable biological probe, internalizable by
Growth of iron films on MgO(100) substrates at 560-600 K
A periodic modification of polymer surfaces by laser interference structuring
Powerful microscopy techniques available for resolving complex microstructure in
Microelectronic devices analysis by high resolution transmission electron micros
Electrochemical growth of poly(3-dodecylthiophene) into porous silicon: a nanoco
Characteristics and origin of clusters in submicron WC-Co cermets
Measurement of the displacement field of dislocations to 00.3 Å by electro
Microscopic study of failure mechanisms in infiltrated carbon fiber felts
Oxygen plasma modification of pitch-based isotropic carbon fibres
Lateral resolution of 28 nm (Λ/25) in far-field fluorescence microscopy
Extending energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) into three di
Laser-crystallized microcrystalline SiGe alloys for thin film solar cells
Orienting tetracene and pentacene thin films onto friction-transferred poly(tetr
Interference microscopy for nanometric surface microstructure analysis in excime
Nanoscale imaging of elastic and piezoelectric properties of nanocrystalline lea
Polyamide-12 layered silicate nanocomposites by melt blending
Atomic force microscopy and scanning near-field optical microscopy studies on th
Al2O3 coating of ZnO nanorods by atomic layer deposition
Vanadium oxide: from gels to nanotubes
Growth of thin ZnO films from aqueous solutions in the presence of PMAA-graft-PE
Fabrication of nano-sized Si powders with a narrow size distribution by two-step
Preparation and properties of GaN nanostructures by post-nitridation technique
Growth characteristics of carbon nanotubes via aluminum nanopore template on Si
Local surface potential of GaN nanostructures probed by Kelvin force microscopy
Luminescent and structural properties of ZnO nanorods prepared under different c
Predicted spatial resolution of super-resolving fluorescence microscopy using tw
Characterization and mechanical properties of in situ synthesized Ti5Si3/TiAl co
Preparation of ZnS nanocrystals in network of hydrogel
Stabilization and fine control of Ge dot structure on Si (100) by C cover layer
Nylon 10 10-montmorillonite nanocomposite made by intercalating polymerization
Micropolarizer of ordered Ni nanowire arrays embedded in porous anodic alumina m
TiO2 tubes synthesized by using ammonium sulfate and carbon nanotubes as templat
Nanocrystalline silicon films prepared by laser-induced crystallization
Atom probe characterization of plate-like precipitates in a Mg-RE-Zn-Zr casting
Phase-controlled synthesis and characterization of nickel sulfides nanorods
Polymer-controlled growth of Sb2Se3 nanoribbons via a hydrothermal process
Large-scale synthesis of CuO shuttle-like crystals via a convenient hydrothermal
Temporal fluctuation and its power law in the crystalline-to-glass transition du
General synthesis of metal sulfides nanocrystallines via a simple polyol route
Formation process of sheets and helical forms consisting of strontium carbonate
Fabrication of copper film on aluminum nitride by novel electroless plating
Water-soluble multi-walled nanotube and its film characteristics
Fabrication and characterization of pure and well-aligned carbon nanotubes using
Preparation and characterization of GaN nanowires
Far-infrared absorption spectra and properties of SnO2 nanorods
Gallium nitride nanowires doped with silicon
Bicrystalline zinc oxide nanowires
A simple large-scale synthesis of coaxial nanocables: silicon carbide sheathed w
Preparation of one dimension, two dimension and three dimension Si-based nanowir
Orthopedic treatment of multiwalled carbon nanotube probes
Relation between delamination of thin films and backward deviation of load-displ
Studies on inclined nuclei as a cause of crystallinity deterioration in epitaxia
Preparation and characterizations of nanoparticles from graphite via an electroc
Low-temperature plasma nitriding of AISI 304 stainless steel with nano-structure
Microstructure changes of a polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposite in a sin
Catalytic synthesis of single-crystalline gallium nitride nanobelts
Formation of ultrafine particles in heat treated plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite c
Growth and optical properties of single-crystal tubular ZnO whiskers
Cables of BN-insulated B-C-N nanotubes
Encapsulation of cesium inside single-walled carbon nanotubes by plasma-ion irra
Effect of C60 molecular rotation on nanotribology
Magnetic force microscopy images of a nanometer-sized, purely organic high-spin
Patterned distribution of silicon nanocrystals prepared by pulsed laser interfer
Solution route to SexTe1-x/Te/SexTe1-x heterojunction nanorods
Fabrication and thermal property of carbon nanotube/SiO2 composites
A treatment method to give separated multi-walled carbon nanotubes with high pur
Shape control of CeO2 nano-particles and synthesis of nano-metric solid acid SO4
Preparation and characterization of oriented silica nanowires
Large-scale synthesis of rutile SnO2 nanorods
Subsurface mapping of thermal properties with optical heterodyne force microscop
Boron nanowires synthesized by laser ablation at high temperature
Reduction-nitridation synthesis of titanium nitride nanocrystals
Preparation and sintering behavior of nanocrystaline W-La2O3 electrode materials
Template-directed synthesis of carbon nanowires using pulsed corona plasma at at
Catalytic growth of Ga2O3 nanowires by physical evaporation and their photolumin
Nanometrology of Si nanostructures embedded in SiO2 using scanning electron micr
Formation of nanostructured surface layer on AISI 304 stainless steel by means o
Large scale preparation of zinc nanosheets by thermochemical reduction of ZnS po
Sodium flux-assisted low-temperature high-pressure synthesis of carbon nitride w
Characterization and measurement of nanobiological structure with atomic force m
Structure and electrical properties of grafted polypropylene/graphite nanocompos
Thermal reduction route to the fabrication of coaxial Zn/ZnO nanocables and ZnO
Novel nanostructures: hole-patterned nanowires and nanotubes of silicon oxide
Silicon carbide hollow nanospheres, nanowires and coaxial nanowires
In situ polymerization and characterization of polyester-based polyurethane/nano
Electrochemical fabrication of polythiophene film coated metallic nanowire array
Growth and morphologies of large-scale SnO2 nanowires, nanobelts and nanodendrit
Large-scale synthesis of SnO2 nanobelts
Synthesis and photoluminescence of aligned SiOx nanowire arrays
In situ synthesis of CdS/PVK nanocomposites and their optical properties
Micelle-assisted fabrication of necklace-shaped assembly of inorganic fullerene-
Molten alkali metal nitrate flux to well-crystallized and homogeneous La0.7Sr0.3
Silver nanowire array infrared polarizers
Synthesis, microstructure, and growth mechanism of dendrite ZnO nanowires
Imaging helical potassium hexaniobate nanotubes
Metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxial growth and characterization of vertical InP n
In situ joining of dissimilar nanocrystalline materials by spark plasma sinterin
Pressure effects on nanotubes formation using the submerged arc in water method
Large-scale synthesis of ZnO nanowires using a low-temperature chemical route an
Size tunable synthesis of highly crystalline BaTiO3 nanoparticles using salt-ass
Synthesis of ordered Al nanowire arrays
Electronic properties and field emission of carbon nanotube films treated by hyd
Transmission electron microscopy study of single-walled 0.4 nm carbon nanotubes
Well-aligned heterojunctions of carbon nanotubes and silicon nanowires synthesiz
Synthesis of ZnO nanorods by a simple method for two different orientations (TL
Plasma breaking of thin films into nano-sized catalysts for carbon nanotube synt
Wafer-scale strain engineering on silicon for fabrication of ultimately controll
Preparation and properties of barium titanate nanopowder by conventional and hig
Optical properties and structure analyses of zinc sulfide nanorods
Fabrication and photoluminescence characteristics of single crystalline In2O3 na
99.9% purity multi-walled carbon nanotubes by vacuum high-temperature annealing
Synthesis and characterization of Cu/SiO2-x composite nanowires
Nanostructures of pyrolytic carbon from a polyacetylene thin film
Disulfide nanotube and its development
Synthesis and characterization of SnS nanowires in cetyltrimethylammoniumbromide
Solvothermal synthesis of Sb2S3 nanowires on a large scale
Hydrothermal synthesis of rare earth (Tb, Y) hydroxide and oxide nanotubes
Shear-induced change of exfoliation and orientation in polypropylene/montmorillo
Characterization of zinc oxide crystal nanowires grown by thermal evaporation of
Copper nanorod junctions templated by a novel polymer-surfactant aggregate
Copolymerization of pyrrole and aniline nanofibrils and field emission property
Surface and interface characterization of polyester-based polyurethane/nano-sili
Synthesis of SnO2 nanobelts and their structural characterization
Measurement of nanoscale porous anodic alumina by SEM and AFM
Characterization of tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum (Alq3) by energy-filterin
Green emission from c-axis oriented AlN nanorods doped with Tb
Self-ordering of nanofacets on vicinal SiC surfaces
Microstructure of alumina-3wt.% titania coatings by plasma spraying with nanostr
H2-assisted control growth of Si nanowires
Formation of ZnS nanostructures by a simple way of thermal evaporation
Near-field infrared microspectroscopy for chemical imaging
Preparation of semiconductor CuS nanoparticles by microwave irradiation
Flat-panel luminescent lamp using carbon nanotube cathodes
Synthesis, characterization and self-assembly of silver nanowires
Mo doped vanadium oxide nanotubes: microstructure and electrochemistry
Growth and luminescence of zinc-blende-structured ZnSe nanowires by metal-organi
Novel preparation of poly(propylene)-layered silicate nanocomposites
Synthesis of GaN nanorods with herringbone morphology
A simple wet-chemical synthesis and characterization of CuO nanorods
Structure- and size-controlled ultrafine ZnS nanowires
Moire fringes of HOPG and mica in scanning probe microscopy
Synthesis of semicrystallized mesoporous TiO2 thin films using triblock copolyme
Synthesis and structural characterization of rutile SnO2 nanocrystals
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy study of epitaxial passive film
Simultaneous gold deposition and formation of silicon nanowire arrays
Formation of graphite layers during carbon nanotubes growth
Fabrication of one-dimensional molecular wires and evaluation of their electroni
Microstructure and magnetization of single-crystal perovskite manganites nanowir
Mapping nanoscale domains in a sol-gel-derived (Pb, La) (Zr, Ti)O3 thin film usi
DNA assembly on 2-dimensional array of colloidal gold
Morphology of platinum nanowire array electrodeposited within anodic aluminium o
Amorphous feather-like boron nanowires
Formation of nanostructured TiO2 by flame spraying with liquid feedstock
Novel method for synthesis of silicon carbide nanowires
Arrays of ZnO nanowires fabricated by a simple chemical solution route
The synthesis of Cu3BiS3 nanorods via a simple ethanol-thermal route
A novel sonication route to prepare anthracene nanoparticles
The synthesis of highly oriented GaN nanowire arrays
Morphologies and optical properties of poly(2,5-diethoxyphenylene) nanofibril ar
Catalytic synthesis of long NbS2 nanowire strands
The characteristics and photocatalytic activities of silver doped ZnO nanocrysta
Structure and properties of Ti-B-N coatings prepared by radio-frequency plasma-e
Chemistry-mediated two-dimensional to three-dimensional transition of in thin fi
Research on microstructure of nanocrystalling nickel electroforming layers
Coating Gd2O3:Eu phosphors with silica by solid-state reaction at room temperatu
Large scale and high purity synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes by arc d
Observation of single-wall carbon nanotube rings by scanning tunneling microscop
Chains of semiconductor nanoparticles templated on DNA
Effects of single-walled carbon nanotubes on the polymerase chain reaction
Fabrication, morphology and structure of carbon nanotube arrays and bundles fabr
Facile synthesis and characterization of the copolymers and their pure nanoparti
Growth of nanostructures on composition-modulated InAlAs surfaces
Fabrication, structural characterization and optical properties of semiconductin
Fabrication and optical characterization of poly(2,5-di-n-butoxyphenylene) nanof
A convenient co-reduction route to nanocrystalline neodymium disilicide
In situ synthesis of bone-like apatite/collagen nano-composite at low temperatur
Synthesis of aligned zinc sulfide nanostructures and the influence of experiment
Fabrication of oriented FePt nanoparticles embedded in a carbon film made by pyr
Fabrication of multi-wall carbon nanotube film on glassy carbon electrode surfac
Bipolar absolute differential confocal approach to higher spatial resolution
Selective self-propagating combustion synthesis of hexagonal and orthorhombic na
A novel low-temperature method to grow single-crystal ZnO nanorods
Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline/graphite conducting nanocomposites
Novel route to prepare TiO2-coated ceramic and its photocatalytic function
Realisation and metrological characterisation of thickness standards below 100 n
Scanning-tunneling-microscopy-based nanolithography of diamond-like carbon films
Fabrication of bulk Al-Ni-Y alloy with amorphous nanocrystalline structure
Preparation of polystyrene core-mesoporous silica nanoparticles shell composite
Magnetic properties of Mn doped ZnO tetrapod structures
Research of the microstructure of nanometer metal/polymer composite
Patterned uniformly orientated silicon nanocrystallite films and efficient field
AOT-microemulsions-based formation and evolution of PbWO4 crystals
Synthesized by ball milling Al-Pb-Si-Sn-Cu nanocrystalline powder
Surface nanocomposites prepared by electroless plating
Low-temperature preparation of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 nanowhiskers by a sol-gel-hydrothe
Synthesis and photoluminescence of α-Al2O3 nanowires
Encapsulation of nanosized magnetic iron oxide by polyacrylamide via inverse min
The study on the microstructure of TiN and Ti1-xSixNy coatings
Nanocomposite Ti-Si-N films deposited by reactive unbalanced magnetron sputterin
A novel synthesis route to Y2O3:Eu nanotubes
Structure and properties of regenerated cellulose/tourmaline nanocrystal composi
Nanoscale polymer recognition by spectral signature in scattering infrared near-
Growth and morphologies of one- and three-dimensional MgO nanostructures
Synthesis of tin-doped indium oxide nanowires by self-catalytic VLS growth
Characterization of alumina-3 wt.% titania coating prepared by plasma spraying o
High aspect ratio CdS nanowires synthesized in microemulsion system
Synthesis, structure observation and low field emission of CNx nanotubes
Analysis of silicon nanowires grown by combining SiO evaporation with the VLS me
Rapidly sintering nanosized SiC particle reinforced TiC composites by the spark
Transmission-electron-microscopy study on fivefold twinned silver nanorods
Large-scale and catalyst-free synthesis of zinc nanotubes and nanowires
Morphological evolution of Ag nano-wires via thermal evaporation
Co-templating synthesis of highly dispersed 1D ZnO nanostructures in amorphous S
Facile solvent-free synthesis of pure-phased AlN nanowhiskers at a low temperatu
Two-dimensional patterned nc-Si arrays in nanometer thick a-Si:H single layer
Synthesis and purification of single-walled carbon nanotubes in the cottonlike s
On nanophase stability in eutectoid Zn-Al based alloy films
Surprising arching sheet-like dendrites growing from BaF2 nanocubes
Controlled synthesis of monodispersed CuO nanocrystals
Production of copper nanoparticles by the flow-levitation method
Synthesis of one-dimensional ZnO nanorods by oxidating zinc films deposited with
Confocal microscopy and spectroscopy of nanocrystals on a high-Q microsphere res
Optically induced mass transport studied by scanning near-field opticaland atomi
Photoinduced processes in silicon nanoparticles
The novel bicrystalline GaN nanorods
Preparation of Mg1-xFexMoO4 catalyst and its application to grow MWNTs with high
Nanowire arrangements of PbS-Sb2S3-compounds
A room-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline vanadium nitride
Sonochemical synthesis taper shaped HgSe nanorods in polyol solvent
Sol-gel electrophoretic deposition and optical properties of Fe2O3 nanowire arra
AFM and ESEM characterisation of functionally nanostructured fibres
Synthesis and piezoresponse of highly ordered Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3 nanowire arrays
Light and electron microscopy studies on highly deformed nickel with a submicroc
Preparation of nano sized copper powder by supercritical drying technique
Synthesis of Nd2O3 nanopowders by sol-gel auto-combustion and their catalytic es
Influence of crystal quality on the electronic properties of n-type 3C-SiC grown
Growth and optical properties of quadrangular zinc oxide nanorods on copper-fill
Embedding and self-organization of nanoparticles in phospholipid multilayers
Investigation of nanostructured surface layer of pure titanium
Controlled growth of three morphological structures of magnesium hydroxide nanop
Single crystal Fe nanowire arrays encapsulated by SiO2 nanotubes
Self-assembled magnetic nanostripes by organic patterning
Preparation of large-scale cupric oxide nanowires by thermal evaporation method
Solvo-thermal synthesis of crystalline dinickel phosphide
Surfactant-free route to hexagonal CdS nanotubes under ultrasonic irradiation in
Synthesis of TiO2/SiO2 core/shell nanocable arrays
Synthesis of single crystalline GaN nanoribbons on sapphire (0001) substrates
Study on preparation of In2O3 superfine powder via polymer-network process
Synthesis of resol-layered silicate nanocomposites by reaction exfoliation with
Synthesis of one-dimensional GaN nanowires by ammoniating
Controlled cleavage of single semiconducting nanowires and study on the suitabil
Pilot study of organic and inorganic nanocomposite optical fibre materials
Single crystalline YBa2Cu3O7-δ nanowires from a template-directed sol-gel
Study of nanocomposite silver-based contact materials
Hydrothermal preparation and characterization of Cd0.9Mn0.1S nanorods
Room temperature synthesis of Cu2O nanocubes and nanoboxes
Change of surface morphology and field emission property of carbon nanotube film
Microstructure of varistors prepared with zinc oxide nanoparticles coated with B
Corrosion and passivation in nanoscopic and microscopic dimensions: the influenc
The nanosizing of fluorescent objects by 458 nm spatially modulated illumination
Synthesis and characterization of copper selenide nanocrystallite in a reverse m
Microstructural characterization of C-SiC-carbon nanotube composite flakes
Single DNA molecular manipulation with atomic force microscopy
Growth and formation mechanism of c-oriented ZnO nanorod arrays deposited on gla
Photochemical synthesis of CdSe and PbSe nanowire arrays on a porous aluminum ox
Synthesis and characterization of lead chromate uniform nanorods
Synthesis of (Y,Gd)2O3:Eu nanopowder by a novel co-precipitation processing
Self-assembly of CuS nanoparticles to solid, hollow, spherical and tubular struc
Large-scale synthesis of aligned hexagonal ZnO nanorods using chemical vapor dep
Controlled self-assembled nanoaeroplanes, nanocombs, and tetrapod-like networks
Hydrothermal synthesis of novel sandwich-like structured ZnS/octylamine hybrid n
Formation of carbon nanotubes and cubic and spherical nanocages
Scanning force microscopy study of the morphology of spin-cast molecular-imprint
Polypropylene-clay nanocomposites prepared by in situ grafting-intercalating in
Template synthesis of CeO2 ordered nanowire arrays
Large-scale synthesis of ZnS nanosheets by the evaporation of ZnS nanopowders
Nanocrystallization of cementite prior to that of ferrite in 40Cr steel in surfa
Selective atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition route to CdS arrays, na
Zinc oxide ribbon and comb structures: synthesis and optical properties
Tiny silicon nano-wires synthesis on silicon wafers
Preparation of SiO2/TiO2 composite particles hydrolysis
The preparation of nano-scale plate silver powders by visible light induction me
Low-temperature growth and properties of ZnO nanowires
Novel morphologies of nickel sulfides: nanotubes and nanoneedles derived from ro
Electrochemically assembled p-type Bi2Te3 nanowire arrays
Luminescence of ZnSe nanowires grown by metalorganic vapor phase deposition unde
Nanooptics and the detection of biological single molecules
Electrochemical performances of nanosized intermetallic compound CoSb2 prepared
Branched carbon nanofibers synthesized by an improved floating catalytic method
Synthesis and characterization of chiral mesoporous silica
Growth of SnO2 nanowires with uniform branched structures
Synthesis of porous silica structures with hollow interiors by templating nanosi
A facile method to prepare PbS nanorods
Epitaxial lead zirconate titanate nanocrystals obtained by a self-patterning met
Self-assembly of carbon nanohelices: Characteristics and field electron emission
Synthesis of novel copper sulfide hollow spheres generated from copper (II)-thio
Synthesis and luminescent property of single-crystal ZnO nanobelts by a simple l
Chain-length dependent para-phenylene film- and needle-growth on dielectrics
A simple mixed surfactant route for the preparation of noble metal dendrites
Fabrication and field emission of silicon nano-crystalline film
Catalyst microstructure examination of PEMFC membrane electrode assemblies vs. t
Low temperature and high strain rate superplasticity of Ni-1 mass%SiC nanocompos
Investigation of oxide tunnel barriers by atom probe tomography (TAP)
Synthesis and characterization of crystalline gallium nitride nanoribbon rings
Investigation of slip transmission behavior across grain boundaries in polycryst
A new colloidal precursor cooperative conversion route to nanocrystalline quater
Low-temperature preparation of titania nanorods through direct oxidation of tita
Origin of the green photoluminescence from zinc sulfide nanobelts
Structure study of nickel nanoparticles
Long bundles of aligned carbon nanofibers obtained by vertical floating catalyst
Nanofabrication with atomic force microscopy
Pulsed electrodeposition of large-area, ordered Bi1-xSbx nanowire arrays from aq
Chemical vapor deposition of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes using nic
Crystalline organic molecular thin film with electrical switching property: scan
A template-free route to Bi2S3 nanoribbons
Crystallization of amorphous Si films by pulsed laser annealing and their struct
Seed-mediated synthesis of silver with skeleton structures
The fabrication of La(OH)3 nanospheres by a controllable-hydrothermal method wit
Morphology and conductivity of PEDOT/PSS films studied by scanning-tunneling mic
Nanophase decomposition in eutectoid Zn-Al based alloy films
Optical properties of metallic nanoparticles in Ni-ion-implanted α-Al2O3 s
Second-harmonic efficiency of ZnO nanolayers
Seed-mediated synthesis of uniform ZnO nanorods in the presence of polyethylene
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by detonation of 2,4,6-triazido-1,3,5-triazine in
Recording of single-particle hysteresis loops with differential phase contrast m
Synthesis and tribological behavior of surface modified (NH4)3PMo12O40 nanoparti
Impact of misfit dislocations on the polarization instability of epitaxial nanos
Shape-controlled synthesis of yttria nanocrystals under hydrothermal conditions
Scattering-type near-field optical microscopy
Rapid fabrication and optical properties of zinc sulfide nanocrystallines in a h
Preparation of superparamagnetic immunomicrospheres and application for antibody
High-quality CdS nanoribbons with lasing cavity
Kinetically controlled Pt deposition onto self-assembled Au colloids: preparatio
Nanoparticles of the superconductor MgB2: structural characterization and in sit
Synthesis and characterization of tungsten oxide nanorods
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of vanadium oxide/titanate composite
Fabrication of high-strength continuous zirconia fibers and their formation mech
The fabrication and optical properties of highly crystalline ultra-long Cu-doped
Morphology evolution of SnS nanocrystals: from 3D urchin-like architectures to 1
Sonochemical synthesis of bismuth selenide nanobelts at room temperature
Soluble carbon nanotube films treated using a hydrogen plasma for uniform electr
Synthesis of CdS nanotubes by chemical bath deposition
Room temperature solid-state reaction-a convenient novel route to nanotubes of z
Silicon nanowires fabricated by thermal evaporation of silicon monoxide
Characteristics and optical properties of Cd1-xMnxS nanorods prepared through hy
Effects of catalyst and substrate on the preparation of carbon nanotubes by ECR-
Efficient load transfer to polymer-grafted multiwalled carbon nanotubes in polym
Step-and-repeat photo-nanoimprint system using active orientation head
Apertureless near field optical microscopy: a contribution to the understanding
Versatile synthesis of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes from nickel nan
Microstructural study of TiC formed during initial stages of combustion synthesi
Study of Si nanostructure in SiO2 layer by Si+ implantation and rapid thermal an
Detailed observation of cell junction in anodic porous alumina with square cells
Formation of non-equilibrium phase by leaching of rod-milled Al0.6(Co50Cu50)0.4
Material properties of electroformed micro mold inserts via scanning probe micro
Low-temperature orientation-selective growth and ultraviolet emission of single-
Hybridization of surface-modified metal nanoparticles and a resin
Imaging a dense nanodot assembly by phase retrieval from TEM images
Formation of platelet structure carbon nanofilaments by a template method
High growth rate of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes using a plasma shield in
Surface degradation of polyamide nanocomposites caused by partial discharges usi
Electric force microscopy of individually charged nanoparticles on conductors: a
HAADF-STEM study on the early stage of precipitation in aged Al-Ag alloys
Fabrication and characterization of magnetic media deposited on top or side edge
Poly(N-vinylcarbazole)-clay nanocomposite materials prepared by photoinitiated p
Thermodynamics and structure of hydrogen, methane, argon, oxygen, and carbon dio
Growth of ZnO nanowires without catalyst on porous silicon
Freestanding individual single-walled carbon nanotube synthesis based on plasma
Batch bulk-micromachined high-precision metal-on-insulator microspires and their
Observation of iron silicide formation by plan-view transmission electron micros
Nanopatterned magnetic metal via colloidal lithography with reactive ion etching
Observation of single-walled carbon nanotubes by photoemission microscopy
Microscopic observation of nanofibers and helical nanoribbons composed of tetrae
Large birefringence of single J aggregate nanosheets of thiacyanine dye in solut
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline mercury telluride by sonochemi
Synthesis of well-aligned carbon nanotubes by radio frequency plasma enhanced CV
Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline SnO2 coatings with two-layer microstructure
Nanolithography and nanoindentation of tantalum-oxide nanowires and nanodots usi
Structural study of bimetallic CoxRh1-x nanoparticles: size and composition effe
Imaging magnetic vortices by magnetic force microscopy: experiments and modellin
Preparation and corrosion studies of self-healing multi-layered nano coatings of
Macroscopic crystallization of nanocrystals into supercrystals
Preparation of b-axis-oriented MFI zeolite thin films using slow dissolution of
Titanium oxide nanotubes for bone regeneration
Synthesis and physico-chemical characterization of networks based on methacrylox
Cation distribution and spin-canted structure in cobalt ferrite particles from a
A hydrothermally deposited epitaxial lead titanate thin film on strontium ruthen
Diagnostics of laser-induced plasma with soft X-ray (13.9 nm) bimirror interfere
Carbon nano-rod as a structural unit of carbon nanofibers
Conducting atomic force microscopy study of phase transformation in silicon nano
Low dielectric constant nanoporous poly(methyl silsesquioxane) using poly(styren
Cathodic electrodeposition of RuO2 thin films from Ru(III)Cl3 solution
Synthesis of sheathed carbon nanotube tips by the sol-gel technique
Long-range ordering of III-V semiconductor nanostructures by shallowly buried di
Characterization of electrolytic TiO2 coating on Ti for biomedical applications
Atomic force microscopy-based nano-lithography for nano-patterning: a molecular
Growth behavior and microstructure of oxide scale formed on MoSi2 coating at 773
Comparative study on the growth characteristics of ZnO nanowires and thin films
Microstructure and electrical properties of sputter-deposited Zn0.87Fe2.13O4 thi
Effect of substrate biasing on structural and field-emissive properties of carbo
Recent advances in nanomagnetism and spin electronics
Effect of surface oxide properties on corrosion resistance of 316L stainless ste
Shear banding in strained semicrystalline polyamide 6 films as revealed by atomi
Growth and characterization of vertically aligned self-assembled IrO2 nanotubes
Motion stage design with scanning-by-probe AFM for imaging nanocrystals on sapph
Fabrication of silver nanotubes using functionalized silica rod as templates
Probing nanoscale dipole-dipole interactions by electric force microscopy
Visualizing a hybridized PNA probe on a DNA molecule with near-field optical mic
The effect of electric current on the processing of nanofibers formed from poly(
Design of atomic step networks on Si(111) through strain distribution control
Highly regular nanometer-sized hexagonal pipes in 6H-SiC(0001)
Electrical conductivity and electromagnetic interference shielding of multiwalle
Effect of substrate surface state on the crystal quality of homoepitaxially grow
Electrodeposition of Cu2O nanowires using nanoporous alumina template
Fabrication of well-aligned carbon nanofiber array and its gaseous-phase adsorpt
In situ diagnostics of the Crystalline nature of single organic nanocrystals by
Comprehensive failure analysis of leakage faults in bipolar transistors
Self-assembled growth of CeO2 nanostructures on sapphire
Corn-shape carbon nanofibers with dense graphite synthesized by microwave plasma
Selective tungsten deposition into ordered nanohole arrays of anodic porous alum
Analysis of coercive force distribution in patterned and granular perpendicular
A method for assembling nano-electromechanical devices on microcantilevers using
Silicate layer exfoliation in polyolefin/clay nanocomposites based on maleic anh
Deposition of Cu and Ru thin films in deep nanotrenches/holes using supercritica
Preparation of monodispersed and nano-sized spherical SiO2 particles by emulsion
Influence of ambient gases on the morphology and photoluminescence of ZnO nanost
Kinesin step without external force takes less than 70 microseconds
Polyaromatic luminescent nanocrystals for chemical and biological sensors
Structural and optoelectronic properties of SnO2 nanowires synthesized from ball
Near-field optical microscope observation of dye-containing nano-domains
Direct observation of metal complex nanoparticles doped in sol-gel silica glasse
Formation of amorphous and crystalline gallium oxide nanowires by metalorganic c
Microscope observation of MoS2 nanoparticles synthesized on rutile TiO2 single c
Amplification of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering by a metallic nanostructu
Size- and shape-controlled GaN nanocrystals grown on Si(111) substrate by reacti
Effects of layered silicate on nanoscopic internal structure and morphology in p
Fingerprint patterning of solid nanoparticles embedded in a cholesteric liquid c
Low-temperature cyclic oxidation behavior of MoSi2/SiC nanocomposite formed on M
The growth and characterization of well aligned RuO2 nanorods on sapphire substr
In situ formed two-phase metallic glass with surface fractal microstructure
In situ observation of field emissions from an individual carbon nanotube by Lor
Mechanochemical synthesis of nanocrystalline Al2O3 dispersed copper
Lateral averaging effects on surface potential measurements on InAs dots studied
A comparative study of microstructure of RuO2 nanorods via Raman scattering and
Mechanisms of nanooxidation of Si(100) from atomic force microscopy
Reactive hot pressing of alumina-silicon carbide nanocomposites
Microstructural and optical properties of multiple closely stacked InAs/GaAs sel
Pulsed laser deposition of marine origin material: preparation and characterizat
Step melting of crystalline and amorphous lead foils due to irradiation by UV la
Zinc sulfide nanocoating of silica submicron spheres using a single-source metho
Morphological and magnetic characterization of manganites oxide-based nanowires
The formation of Ge nanocrystals in a metal-insulator-semiconductor structure an
Organized structures obtained from urethane/urea elastomers
Magnetic domain states in nano-sized Co nuclei electrodeposited onto monocrystal
Synthesis of crystalline YCoO3 perovskite via sol-gel method
Microwave assisted synthesis of manganese mixed oxide nanostructures using plast
Ferroelectric domain reversal in LiNbO3 crystals using high-voltage atomic force
The effect of organoclay on the mechanical properties and morphology of injectio
Synthesis of nanoparticles with femtosecond laser pulses
The structure and the corresponding mechanical properties of magnetron sputtered
Atomic force microscopy of the intense slip localization causing fatigue crack i
Effect of silicon on the microstructure and mechanical properties of TiAlSiN har
Microstructure characteristics in Al-C system after mechanical alloying and high
Role of surface instabilities in mixing and oxidation mechanisms of bilayered Y/
Efficient encapsulation of gaseous nitrogen inside carbon nanotubes with bamboo-
Kelvin probe force microscopy of semiconductor surface defects
Scanning near-field optical microscopy in semiconductor research
Lithium insertion into anatase inverse opal
The dominant role of adsorbed fluid layers on the polar surfaces of ZnO in ambie
Characterization of porous poly-silicon as a gas sensor
Synthesis and characterization of iron oxide nanostructured particles in Na-Y ze
Layered silicate/epoxy nanocomposites: synthesis, characterization and propertie
Bistable nanoelectromechanical devices
Micro and nano-indentation of MoSi2
Transport and charging in single semiconductor nanocrystals studied by conductan
Synthesis and characterization of high-energy nanoparticles
Transmission electron microscopy for analysis of sp3-bonded carbon and boron nit
Nanopillar growth mode by vapor-liquid-solid epitaxy
Nonlinear transport imaging by scanning impedance microscopy
Tip-enhanced fluorescence microscopy at 10 nanometer resolution
Microelectroplating silver on sharp edges toward the fabrication of solid-State
Synthesis and characterization of plasma spray formed carbon nanotube reinforced
Controlled growth and structures of molecular-scale silicon nanowires
Kelvin probe force microscopy as a tool for characterizing chemical sensors
Complementary TEM and AFM force spectroscopy to characterize the nanomechanical
Aberration-corrected Z-contrast scanning transmission electron microscopy of CdS
A convenient route to functionalized carbon nanotubes
Observation of Si nanocrystals in a/nc-Si:H films by spherical-aberration correc
Quantitative analysis of scanning conductance microscopy
The effect of chemical modification on the fracture toughness of montmorillonite
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes on amorphous carbon films
In situ synthesis of carbon nanotubes decorated with palladium nanoparticles usi
Self-assembly via adsorbate-driven dislocation reactions
Synthesis of nanocrystalline Zn-22 pct Al using cryomilling
Aging effect and nitrogen distribution in diamond nanoparticles
Mechanical properties of nanocomposite metal-ceramic thin films
Metal-coated carbon nanotube tips for magnetic force microscopy
Deposition of parallel arrays of palladium nanowires on highly oriented pyrolyti
Nanocrystalline TiAl powders synthesized by high-energy ball milling: effects of
Overpressure contact printing
Investigation of twin-wall structure at the nanometre scale using atomic force m
In situ electron microscopy investigation of Fe(III)-doped TiO2 nanoparticles in
Nanoprobing of semiconductor heterointerfaces: quantum dots, alloys and diffusio
L10 ordered FePt:C composite films with (001) texture
Influence of elastic deformation on single-wall carbon nanotube atomic force mic
Properties of nanobelts and nanotubes measured by in situ TEM
Femtosecond pulsed laser ablation of GaAs
Polymers with palladium nanoparticles as active membrane materials
In2O3 nanowires, nanobouquets and nanotrees
Origin of room-temperature ferromagnetism in cobalt-doped ZnO
A simple large-scale synthesis of monodisperse gold and silver nanoparticles wit
Zn0.9Co0.1O-based diluted magnetic semiconducting thin films
High-resolution and analytical TEM investigation of metastable-tetragonal phase
High-resolution Raman microscopy of curled carbon nanotubes
Plasma-enhanced deposition of silver nanoparticles onto polymer and metal surfac
A practical guide to transmission electron microscopy of aerogels
Magnetic manipulation of copper-tin nanowires capped with nickel ends
Screening phenomena on oxide surfaces and its implications for local electrostat
Rod-rod and rod-coil self-assembly and phase behavior of polypeptide diblock cop
Low temperature growth of ultrananocrystalline diamond
Effect of the polar surface on GaN nanostructure morphology and growth orientati
Growth and morphology of 0.80 eV photoemitting indium nitride nanowires
In situ electrochemical fabrication of natural contacts on single nanowires
Structure and morphology of electrospun silk nanofibers
GMR multilayers on a new embossed surface
Deconvolution processing for increasing the resolution of magnetic force microsc
Growth of amorphous SiO2 nanowires on Si using a Pd/Au thin film as a catalyst
Room temperature hydrogen gas sensitivity of nanocrystalline pure tin oxide
Mechanical wear behavior of nanocrystalline and multilayer diamond coatings on t
Nanoscale measurements and manipulation
A parametric study of single-wall carbon nanotube growth by laser ablation
Initial growth of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers
Identifying defects in nanoscale materials
Near-field scanning optical microscopy and spectroscopy advance
Femtosecond pulsed laser ablation and deposition of thin films of polytetrafluor
Femtosecond pulsed laser deposition of amorphous, ultrahard boride thin films
Using the FIB to characterize nanoparticle materials
Carbon-assisted growth of SiOx nanowires
Nanomechanical defect imaging in premetal dielectrics for integrated circuits
Structure and optical properties of cored wurtzite (Zn,Mg)O heteroepitaxial nano
Quantitative analysis of electronic properties of carbon nanotubes by scanning p
Interactions of lanthanide complexes with oxidized single-walled carbon nanotube
Plasticity in pentacene thin films
Humidity effects on the determination of elastic properties by atomic force acou
Polydiacetylene films: a review of recent investigations into chromogenic transi
Electrical measurements in molecular electronics
Observation of dust stream formation produced by low current, high voltage catho
Synthesis of dual phase bronze alloys from elemental nanoparticle constituents
Low-voltage electron microscopy of polymer and organic molecular thin films
Enhanced functionality of nanotube atomic force microscopy tips by polymer coati
Scanning probes of nonlinear properties in complex materials
Epitaxial growth of copper nanowire arrays grown on H-terminated Si(110) using g
Application of valence electron energy-loss spectroscopy and plasmon energy mapp
Polyaniline/carbon nanotube composite Schottky contacts
Pulsed laser deposition and properties of Mn+1AXn phase formulated Ti3SiC2 thin
Microstructure and surface topography evolution of Ti and Ni thin structures
Fabrication of nanostructured Al2CuMg thin film by femtosecond pulsed laser abla
Organization of designed nanofibrils assembled from α-helical peptides as
Controllable excimer-laser fabrication of conical nano-tips on silicon thin film
Correlating AFM probe morphology to image resolution for single-wall carbon nano
Processing and structure of gallium nitride-gallium oxide platelet nanostructure
Effects of microstructure on the mechanical properties of copper films for high
Functionalization of nanoscale diamond powder: fluoro, alkyl-, amino-, and amino
Kinetics for the synthesis reaction of aligned carbon nanotubes: a study based o
Spontaneous assembly of subnanometre-ordered domains in the ligand shell of mono
Evanescent wave vibrational microscopy
Advanced electron microscopy characterization of nanostructured heterogeneous ca
Shock compression response of magnetic nanocomposite powders
Synthesis and characterization of boron carbide nanoparticles
Vertically aligned carbon nanotube heterojunctions
Synthesis and characterization of micro/nanoscopic Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 fibers by
Structure of polypropylene crystallized in confined nanolayers
Biphasic calcium phosphate nanocomposite porous scaffolds for load-bearing bone
Scanning probe microscopy with inherent disturbance suppression
Porous nanotubes of Co3O4: synthesis, characterization, and magnetic properties
Processing and characterization of yttrium-stabilized zirconia thin films on pol
Characterization of chromate conversion coating on AA7075-T6 aluminum alloy
Formation and kinetics study of cuprous oxide nanodots on LaAlO3 (001)
Rational growth of branched and hyperbranched nanowire structures
Ordered domains and boundary structure in Ba(Cd1/3Ta2/3)O3 perovskite dielectric
Formation of nanocrystals in Ti78Fe15Si7 amorphous alloy with a wide supercooled
Scanning voltage microscopy on buried heterostructure multiquantum-well lasers:
Investigation of dopant profiles in nanosized materials by scanning transmission
Effect of urea on sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate thin films on solid su
Structural, electrical and electromechanical sensing properties of Bi-modified P
Changes in fibroblast morphology in response to nano-columns produced by colloid
GeO2 fibers: preparation, morphology and photoluminescence property
Synthesis of gold nanoparticles in solid state by thermal decomposition of an or
Hydrothermal synthesis of precursors of neodymium oxide nanoparticles
Layer-by-layer assembled composites from multiwall carbon nanotubes with differe
Wear behaviour of CrN coatings MEVVA ion implanted with Zr
Synthesis of two dimensional quasi-aligned carbon nanotube bundles by a catalyti
The effect of growth parameters on the aspect ratio and number density of CuO na
Using microtechnology to get to nanotechnology
On the role of characterization in the design of interfaces in nanoscale materia
Dip-pen nanolithography with magnetic Fe2O3 nanocrystals
Carbon nanoparticles based nonlinear optical liquid
Scaffold for metal-containing nanostructures: from zero to two dimensions
Encapsulated nanowires formed by nanotube-assisted oriented attachment
Influence of process parameters on the morphology of Au/SiO2 nanocomposites synt
Probing chemical reactions on the nanometer scale: inverted chemical force micro
First evidence of tyre debris characterization at the nanoscale by focused ion b
Effect of sintering conditions on the grain size and phase composition distribut
Magnetic force microscopy to determine vorticity direction in elliptical Co nano
Novel SPM imaging modes: torsional resonance mode imaging and scanning electroch
Surface-modified superparamagnetic nanoparticles for drug delivery: preparation,
Characterization of neural stem cells on electrospun poly(L-lactic acid) nanofib
Gold-nickel hydroxide multi-layers with selective absorption in the visible rang
Experimental determination of optimum parameters for nano-grinding of optical fi
Morphology effects in nanocrystalline CuInSe2-conjugated polymer hybrid systems
Highly efficient second-harmonic nanosource for near-field optics and microscopy
X-ray diffraction methodology for the microstructural analysis of nanocrystallin
X-ray diffraction analysis of a severely plastically deformed aluminum alloy
An AFM study of the morphology and local mechanical properties of superconductin
Mechanical alloying of FeCo nanocrystalline magnetic powders
Mechanical properties of Al based amorphous and devitrified alloys containing di
Electron emissive properties of CNT films grown by catalytic method on different
A processing-induced clay dispersion and its effect on the structure and propert
Microstructure and PTCR effect of La-doped BaPbO3 ceramics
Low temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline As2S3 thin films using novel chemic
Synthesis of pyrene-containing polymers and noncovalent sidewall functionalizati
Real-time scanning tunneling microscopy observation of the evolution of Ge quant
Hydriding properties of nanocrystalline Mg2-xMxNi alloys synthesized by mechanic
Au/TiO2 nanosystems: a combined RF-sputtering/sol-gel approach
Reversal mechanisms and metastable states in magnetic nanoelements
Enhanced resolution electric force microscopy with single-wall carbon nanotube t
Preparation of Ni-filled carbon nanotubes for key potential applications in nano
Nanocapsules: coating for living cells
Low temperature synthesis of spherical lanthanum aluminate nanoparticles
How mesoscopic objects localized in a layered structure affect the light-field d
The role of C2 in nanocrystalline diamond growth
Apertureless near-field optical microscopy
Comprehensive spectroscopic study of nitrogenated carbon nanotubes
Synthetic melanin thin films: structural and electrical properties
The role of molybdenum in the hard-phase grains of (Ti, Mo)(C, N)-Co cermets
Electrospraying of a nano-hydroxyapatite suspension
Optical spectroscopy of single trapped metal nanoparticles in solution
Electronic superstructures observed by scanning tunneling microscopy on graphene
Detection and spectroscopy of gold nanoparticles using supercontinuum white ligh
Magnetization reversal via single and double vortex states in submicron permallo
Electrochemical reactivity of TiO2 nanoparticles adsorbed onto boron-doped diamo
Near-field scanning fluorescence microscopy study of ion channel clusters in car
Study of pinholes and nanotubes in AlInGaN films by cathodoluminescence and atom
Electron-beam-induced current study of electrically active defects in 4H-SiC
Carbonate co-precipitation of Gd2O3-doped CeO2 solid solution nano-particles
Preparation of PbS and PbSe nanocrystals by a new solvothermal route
Natural nano-structures on insects - possible functions of ordered arrays charac
Investigation into the influence of fractal-matrix structurizers on the formatio
Implant isolation in an indium phosphide optoelectronic device: a scanning sprea
Synthesis and exfoliation of bismaleimide-organoclay nanocomposites
The structural and mechanical property characterisation of thermal oxidation tre
Relating the morphology of poly(p-phenylene vinylene)/methanofullerene blends to
Morphology and fracture behavior of intercalated epoxy/clay nanocomposites
Characterization of hydroxyapatite/nano-zirconia composite coatings deposited by
Electron microscopy and positron annihilation study of CdSe nanoclusters embedde
Modelling topographical artifacts in scanning near-field optical microscopy
Hydrocarbon decomposition in alumina membrane: an effective way to produce carbo
Atomic force microscopy and transmission electron microscopy of biocompatible ma
Ultralow-energy excitations and prospects for spatially resolved spectroscopy
Practical method for high-resolution imaging of polymers by low-voltage scanning
Cell response to dextran-derivatised iron oxide nanoparticles post internalisati
Magnetic versus structural properties of Co nanocluster thin films: a magnetic f
Grain growth in a nanocrystalline Al-Sc alloy
Synthesis and characterization of high-energy ball milled Ni-15%Fe-5%Mo
Structural evolution in Ti-Si alloy synthesized by mechanical alloying
Luminescence properties of mechanically milled ZnSe
Influence of microstructure on ultraprecision grinding of cemented carbides
Formation and evolution of luminescent Si nanoclusters produced by thermal annea
Characterization of nanocarbons produced by CVD of ethylene in alumina or alumin
Imaging at the picoscale
Preparation and characterization of (3-aminopropyl) triethoxysilane-coated magne
Layered H2K2Nb6O17 exfoliation promoted by n-butylamine
Synthesis of nanocrystalline ytterbium modified PbTiO3
Combustion synthesis of nanocrystalline yttria-doped ceria
Scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy of titanium dioxide nanoparticulate f
Thermally induced sp2 clustering in tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C) films
Network films composed of conducting polymer-linked and polyoxometalate-stabiliz
The role of atomic scale investigation in the development of nanoscale materials
Application of new control method of measuring process in contact mode atomic fo
Nickel titanate nanofibers by electrospinning
Deposition of nanoscale films with fractal topography
Defect-free InP nanowires grown in [001] direction on InP (001)
Identification of a third phase in Cu-Al2O3 nanocomposites prepared by chemical
Thermal behavior of indium nanoclusters in ion-implanted silica
Optical properties of nanocolumnar ZnO crystals
Toward atomic-scale device fabrication in silicon using scanning probe microscop
Nanoscale morphology of conjugated polymer/fullerene-based bulk-heterojunction s
Morphology and dielectric properties of an epoxy network modified by end-functio
Wide-field coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy
Nanostructured organic pn junctions towards 3D photovoltaics
Probing of individual semiconductor nanowhiskers by TEM-STM
Relationship between the nanostructures and the optical properties of CeO2 thin
The interface model of photoluminescence of carbonized porous silicon
Synthesis of 1D Cu2S with tailored morphology via single and mixed ionic surfact
Synthesis of GaN nanotip triangle pyramids on 3C-SiC epilayer/Si substrates via
Transmission electron microscopy study of pseudoperiodically twinned Zn2SnO4 nan
Aligned carbon nanotubes by catalytic decomposition of C2H2 over Ni-Cr alloy
Fabrication of CNx nanotubes films using different nitrogen sources and their lo
Wear-resistance comparison of carbon nanotubes and conventional silicon-probes f
Template induced sol-gel synthesis of highly ordered LaNiO3 nanowires
Controlled growth of highly ordered CdSe one-dimensional nanostructures
Structural properties and photoluminescence of zinc nitride nanowires
Synthesis of single-crystal BaTiO3 nanoparticles via a one-step sol-precipitatio
Self-catalytic growth and photoluminescence properties of ZnS nanostructures
Electrochemical characteristics of surface of titanium formed by electrolytic po
Synthesis and field emission properties of carbon nanotubes/nanofibers grown on
Well-dispersed multi-walled carbon nanotube/polyaniline composite films
Synthesis, characterization and application of SnSx (x=1, 2) nanoparticles
ZnO nanorods prepared by magnetron sputtering and thermal oxidation and their ph
Fabrication and structural characterization of large-scale uniform SnO2 nanotube
A new method for preparing V2O3 nanopowder
Carbon scrolls produced by high energy ball milling of graphite
Structure and properties of the graphitic and dymonic coatings
Field-emission properties of TiO2 nanowire arrays
Non-catalytic synthesis of ZnO nanocolumns with different cross-sections
Nanoscale piezoelectric and elastic phenomena of ferroelectric domain
CuO nanostructures prepared by a chemical method
TiO2-based composite nanotube arrays prepared via layer-by-layer assembly
Synthesis, characterization and low field emission of CNx nanotubes
Preparation and characterization of rod-shaped MnO2 crystal
Low-threshold random laser with one mirror and feedbacks in PMMA nano-composite
Synthesis and ferroelectric properties of multiferroic BiFeO3 nanotube arrays
Humidity and temperature dependences of oxide lines fabricated by atomic force m
Nanodissection of single- and double-stranded DNA by atomic force microscopy
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes using alumina template and its thermal annealing e
Sonochemical synthesis of mass single-crystal PbS nanobelts
Bulk-quantity synthesis of single-crystalline indium nitride nanobelts
Preparation and characterization of hydrogenated carbon nitride films synthesize
Templateless and surfactantless route to the synthesis of polyaniline nanofibers
Novel nanostructures of β-Ga2O3 synthesized by thermal evaporation
AlN+MnS inclusions in oriented electrical steels
Sonochemical method for the preparation of ZnO nanorods and trigonal-shaped ultr
Non-aqueous cathodic electrodeposition of large-scale uniform ZnO nanowire array
Field emission properties of carbon coated Si nanocone arrays on porous silicon
Formation of metastable phases in cold-sprayed soft metallic deposit
Investigation of an anisotropic plate model to evaluate the interface adhesion o
Self-organization and luminescent properties of nanostructured europium (III)-bl
Controlled synthesis of europium-doped lutetium compounds: nanoflakes, nanoquadr
Effects of HPC on the microstructure and hydrophilicity of sol-gel-derived TiO2
Sequential occurrence of ZnO nanopaticles, nanorods, and nanotips during hydroth
Gel casting and properties of porous silicon carbide/silicon nitride composite c
Study on the structure and properties of cyanate ester/bentonite nanocomposites
A precursor decomposition route to polycrystalline CuS nanorods
Photoelectric effect and transport properties of a single CdS nanoribbon
Nanocrystalline silicon thin films deposited by high-frequency sputtering at low
Study on preparation and tribological properties of resin/SiO2 hybrid thin film
Synthesis and characterization of Dy(OH)3 and Dy2O3 nanotubes
Cu nanoparticles derived from CuO electrodes in lithium cells
Preparation and electrochemical hydrogen storage of boron nitride nanotubes
Bicrystalline hematite nanowires
Synthesis and characterization of multipod, flower-like, and shuttle-like ZnO fr
Fabrication and characterization of magnetic carbon nanotube composites
Fabrication of organic copper phthalocyanine nanowire arrays via a simple AAO te
Fabrication of core-shell latex spheres with CdS/polyelectrolyte composite multi
A facile surfactant-assisted approach to the synthesis of urchin-shaped aragonit
Polyol-mediated synthesis of single-crystal tellurium nanowires directly from po
Synthesis of beta-gallium oxide nanobelts through microwave plasma chemical vapo
Crystallization, mechanical, and fracture behaviors of spherical alumina-filled
Property variations in the prism and the organic sheath within enamel by nanoind
Thermal evaporation synthesis of zinc oxide nanowires
Controllable synthesis of ZnO nanorod and prism arrays in a large area
Effect of gas pressure on nanocrystalline diamond films prepared by electron-ass
Aligned structures of Fe3O4 nanoparticles in a curable polymer carrier induced b
A template-free oxide reduction route to silver nanowires
Effects of in surfactant on the crystalline and photoluminescence properties of
Synthesis and photoluminescence of gallium oxide ultra-long nanowires and thin n
Effect of boron-doping on morphology and microstructure of carbon nanotube
Synthesis and field-electron-emission behavior of aligned GaAs nanowires
Submicrometer-sized hollow nickel spheres synthesized by autocatalytic reduction
Microwave synthesis of CdSe nanoparticles
Crystallization behavior of nanometer-sized Al2O3 composite coatings prepared by
Electrochemical deposition and characterization of Cu2O nanowires
The Raman spectrum of nano-structured onion-like fullerenes
Crystalline boron oxide nanowires on silicon substrate
An approach to control the tip shapes and properties of ZnO nanorods
Shape-controlled synthesis of Cu2O nanocrystals assisted by Triton X-100
Single crystal Ag7Te4 nanowire arrays prepared by DC electrodeposition from aque
Heating behavior and crystal growth mechanism in microwave field
Fabrication and characterization of single-crystalline ZnTe nanowire arrays
Nature of oxide layer formed on NiTi by anodic oxidation in methanol
A facile route to synthesize uniform single-crystalline α-MnO2 nanowires
Fabrication and optical properties of highly ordered ZnO nanodot arrays
Hydrothermal synthesis of SnO2 hollow microspheres
Polyethylene/grafted polyethylene/graphite nanocomposites: preparation, structur
Growth and optical properties of ultra-long single-crystalline α-Si3N4 nan
Necklace-shaped assembly of single-crystal NiFe2O4 nanospheres under magnetic fi
Fabrication and structural characterization of porous tungsten oxide nanowires
Controlled growth of well-faceted zigzag tin oxide mesostructures
Catalytic CVD synthesis of double-walled carbon nanotubes with a narrow distribu
Gas sensing properties of ZnO nanorods prepared by hydrothermal method
Template synthesis of heterostructured polyaniline/Bi2Te3 nanowires
Shape-controlled synthesis of ZnO nano- and micro-structures
Production of amorphous tin oxide thin films and microstructural transformation
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of silicon nanotubes
Ultrasonic-assisted synthesis of poly(3-hexylthiophene)/TiO2 nanocomposite and i
Catalytic synthesis of carbon nanotubes and carbon spheres using Kaolin supporte
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes via toluene-thermal reduction process at moderate
Structural evolution of turbostratic carbon nitride after being treated with a p
Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotube/polypyrrole core-shell nanocom
Solution route to inorganic nanobelt-conducting organic polymer core-shell nanoc
Effect of nano addition on the microstructures and mechanical properties of Ti(C
Laurionite nanowires and nanoribbons: rapid mechanochemical solution synthesis a
Hydrophilic modification of poly(ether sulfone) ultrafiltration membrane surface
Hydrothermal growth of perpendicularly oriented ZnO nanorod array film and its p
Synthesis and characterization of sulfonated poly(ethylene terephthalate)/montmo
Self-template route to Ni3Bi2S2 (parkerite) nanoribbons at mild condition
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes over rare earth zeolites at low temperature
Preparation of hollow silica nanospheres by surface-initiated atom transfer radi
Effects of B content on microstructure and mechanical properties of nanocomposit
A γ-ray irradiation route to fabricate monodisperse zinc sulfide hollow sp
Particle size and morphology of poly[styrene-co-(butyl acrylate)]/nano-silica co
Fabrication of well-aligned CdS nanotubes by CVD-template method
Observation of two-photon-induced photoluminescence in ZnO microtubes
Preparation and photoluminescence of Sc-doped ZnO nanowires
Nano-laminated ZrO2-Al2O3 films prepared by electrochemical deposition
Two-dimensional patterned nc-Si arrays prepared by the method of laser interfere
Fabrication of carbon nanotube rings
Core-shell structure and magnetic properties of magnetite magnetic fluids stabil
A novel hydrothermal synthesis of single crystalline PbS nanorods and their char
Synthesis of ZnO nanostructures on CuO catalyzed porous silicon substrate
Controlled morphology synthesis of β-FeOOH and the phase transition to Fe2O
Fabrication and structural properties of LaFeO3 nanowires by an ethanol-ammonia-
Individual alumina nanotubes coaxially wrapping carbon nanotubes and nanowires
Uniform-diameter, aligned carbon nanotubes from microwave plasma-enhanced chemic
Controllable method for the preparation of metalized probes for efficient scanni
Needle-like calcium carbonate assisted self-assembly of mesostructured hollow si
Structures of Fe nano-particle films fabricated with MEVVA magnetically filtered
A novel method for preparing carbon-coated germanium nanowires
Single-crystalline ZnS tubular structures: preparation and characterization
Preparation of single crystalline nano-tantalum powders by arc plasma method
A facile route to preparation of sea-urchinlike cadmium sulfide nanorod-based ma
Synthesis of single crystalline cadmium nanosheets by a thermal decomposition me
Surface characterization of thin titania films prepared at low temperatures
Optical properties of ZnS nanowires synthesized via simple physical evaporation
Peculiar ZnO nanopushpins and nanotubes synthesized via simple thermal evaporati
Hydrothermal fabrication of copper sulfide nanocones and nanobelts
Electrochemical synthesis and electrochemical behavior of highly ordered polyani
Selective-controlled synthesis of one-dimensional strontium phosphates
Synthesis of GaN nanowires and nano-pyramids in a two-hot-boat chemical vapor de
Fabrication and microstructures of Si composite nanocone arrays
AlN nanorings
Influence of fuels and substrates on the flame synthesis of one-dimensional carb
Growth of N,N-di(naphthalene-1-yl)-N,N-diphenyl-benzidine dome structures
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of nickel and cobalt sulfides nanocr
Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of novel SnO2 asterisk-like nanostruc
Hollow Al2O3 microspheres derived from Al/AlOOH·nH2O core-shell particles
Self-assembly of a novel β-In2S3 nanostructure exhibiting strong quantum co
Synthesis of SiO2-coated ZnMnFe2O4 nanospheres with improved magnetic properties
Preparation of polyaniline microspheres with nanostructured surfaces by a solids
Nano-composite of poly(l-lactide) and surface grafted hydroxyapatite: Mechanical
Influence of rare earth Y on sintering properties of nano-powder 90W-7Ni-3Fe all
Hydrothermal synthesis of spindle-like ZnS hollow nanostructures
Incontinuous grain growth in pure Co nanocrystalline powders prepared by mechani
Wettability of bionic nanopapilla particles and their high electrorheological ac
Preparation and properties of new EPDM/vermiculite nanocomposites
Structure evolution of silicon nanocrystals under electron irradiation
ZnS-epoxy resin nanocomposite prepared by a novel method
BaTiO3 nanocrystals: Hydrothermal synthesis and structural characterization
Large-scale fabrication of uniform gold nanoparticles in ultrahigh vacuum
Influence of filler dispersion on thin film composites sensing properties
Manipulating plasmon modes in tip-enhanced Raman microscopy
Nano-indentation of scratched poly(methyl methacrylate) surfaces
Vibrational properties of nanometric AB2 ionic clusters
Electrostatics of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes investigated by elec
Silver particles tailoring of shapes and sizes
Nanoscale multilayer WC/C coatings developed for nanopositioning: Part I. Micros
Oxide charge measurements in EEPROM devices
Preparation of gold nanoparticles on silica substrate by radio frequency sputter
Nanostructured CNx (0x0.2) films grown by supersonic cluster beam deposition
Unusual morphologies of carbon nanoparticles obtained by arc discharge in deioni
Substrate effect on the growth of well-aligned ZnO nanorod arrays from aqueous s
Imaging of a molecular wheelbarrow by scanning tunneling microscopy
Growth and physical properties of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes
Structure and atoms mixing in electrodeposited Sn(Au) nanoaggregates
Fabrication of copper oxide nanofluid using submerged arc nanoparticle synthesis
Monomolecular polymeric films with incorporated Au101 clusters
Thermal evaporation growth and the luminescence property of TiO2 nanowires
Focused ion beam characterization of plasma-assisted deposition on polymer films
Optimization of gold nanoparticle-based DNA detection for microarrays
Constitution and microstructure of magnetron sputtered nanocomposite coatings in
Preparation and magnetic properties of Ni0.36Zn0.64 ferrite from microwave-induc
Bulk synthesis of carbon-filled silicon carbide nanotubes with a narrow diameter
Microstructure evolution and reaction mechanism of biomorphous SiSiC ceramics
Nature of disclination cores in liquid crystals
STM carbon nanotube tips fabrication for critical dimension measurements
The electron field emission properties of ion beam synthesised metal-dielectric
Few electrons injection in silicon nanocrystals probed by ultrahigh vacuum atomi
Effect of nitrogen flow rate on structure and properties of nanocrystalline TiN
CdSe single-nanoparticle based active tips for near-field optical microscopy
Nanomechanical characteristics of SnO2:F thin films deposited by chemical vapor
A study of resist flow during nanoimprint lithography
Optical and morphological investigation of backward-deposited layer induced by l
Preparation of large area sub-50 nm polymer nanoring arrays
Investigations of microstructures and defect structures in wear affected region
Tribological properties of Mo-S-I nanowires as additive in oil
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by arc discharge in sodium chloride solution
In-vivo short- and long-term evaluation of the interaction material-blood
Characterization of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well nanorods fabricated by plasm
Nano-sizing of specific gene domains in intact human cell nuclei by spatially mo
Well-aligned silicon nanograss fabricated by hydrogen plasma dry etching
Orientational imaging and tracking of single CdSe nanocrystals by defocused micr
Preparation of nanostructured organometallic polymer/palladium hybrids by metal
HTS SQUID microscopy for measuring the magnetization relaxation of magnetic nano
Effect of tip geometry on local indentation modulus measurement via atomic force
Comparing the chemical properties of evaporated and sputtered niobium films on o
Process and characteristics of the large area well-aligned CNTs with open ends b
Electron microscopy study on the high-temperature oxidation of Si3N4-TiN ceramic
Surface defects in Al2O3 and MgO irradiated with high-energy heavy ions
Nano and macro tribology of elastomers
Wet STEM: A new development in environmental SEM for imaging nano-objects includ
CaMn4O8, a mixed valence manganite with an original tunnel structure
Nanoscaled multilayers for magnetoelectronics - characterised by analytical TEM
Real-time monitoring of microfluidic lithography
Nanopowder and microwave dielectric properties of sol-gel-derived Zr0.8Sn0.2TiO4
Crystallization behavior of supercooled smectic cholesteryl myristate nanopartic
SFM and EFM studies on a clay-based dielectric nanocomposite
Photoluminescence from In0.3Ga0.7N/GaN multiple-quantum-well nanorods
Carrier distribution in quantum nanostructures by scanning capacitance microscop
Nanoscaled structure of a Cu-Fe composite processed by high-pressure torsion
Biomimetic formation of hydroxyapatite nanorods by a single-crystal-to-single-cr
Synthesis and microstructure of bulk nanocrystalline copper
Self-organized structure formation on the bottom of femtosecond laser ablation c
Surface characterization and properties of plasma-modified cyclic olefin copolym
Synthesis and characterization of anatase-TiO2 thin films
Morphological and chemical/physical characterization of Fe-doped synthetic chrys
Requirements for microstructural investigations of steels used in modern power p
Shear force microscopy with a nanoscale resolution
Formation of nanostructures in a Ga2Se3/GaAs system
Observation of large-scale features on graphite by scanning tunnelling microscop
Principle of apertureless scanning near-field optical microscopy: on the way to
Optical Bloch waves studied by near optical field microscopy
Novel deposition of nano-sized silicon substituted hydroxyapatite by electrostat
ITO as a diffusion barrier between Si and Cu
Fabrication of CdS@TiO2 coaxial composite nanocables arrays by liquid-phase depo
Synthesis of gold nanoparticles coated onto polyurethane microspheres
Nanometre spaced electrodes on a cleaved AlGaAs surface
Confocal microscopy of electrostatic properties of Si quantum dots and silica su
Nanoalloys based on clays: intercalated semicrystalline blends of syndiotactic p
Formation and atomic structure of GaSb nanostructures in GaAs studied by cross-s
Combined surface and volume templating of highly porous nanocast carbon monolith
Microwave plasma synthesis of silver nanopowders
Characterization of prototype silicon pitch artifacts fabricated by scanning pro
Characterization of 193-nm resist layers by critical dimension-scanning electron
Microstructural investigation of ternary alloyed magnetic nanoparticles
Ultra-fast laser ablation applied to deep-drilling of metals
Synthesis and characterization of lead-free solders with Sn-3.5Ag-xCu (x=0.2, 0.
Morphology and elastic modulus of novel poly[oligo(ethylene glycol) diacrylate]-
Setup for environment conditions control in measuring chamber of NC-AFM
Epitaxial nanostructures assembled on InSb(001) by submonolayer deposition of go
Assemblies of TPPS4 porphyrin investigated by TEM, SPM and UV-vis spectroscopy
The investigation of micro mechanic membranes with functional piezoelectric film
High tunnel magnetoresistance in spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy of
Composition and morphology of metal-containing diamond-like carbon films obtaine
Effect of stabilizer on structural, optical and electrochemical properties of so
Towards nanoprobes for conduction in molecular crystals: Dibenzoterrylene in ant
Ordered coalescence of Si nanocrystals in SiO2
Production and characterization of single-crystal FeCo nanowires inside carbon n
On the performance analysis of flexible magnetic abrasive brush
Ballistic hole magnetic microscopy
Flame-coating of titania particles with silica
Effect of molecular weight heterogeneity on drug encapsulation efficiency of gel
The nanostructure and microstructure of steels: Electrochemical Tafel behaviour
Long-period martensitic structures of Ni-Mn-Ga alloys studied by high-resolution
Fluoro-apatite and calcium phosphate nanoparticles by flame synthesis
Imaging of magnetic nanodots on self-organized semiconductor substrates
Structural analysis and growing mechanisms for long SnO2 nanorods synthesized by
Synthesis and state of art characterization of BN bamboo-like nanotubes: Evidenc
Ceramic particles obtained using W/O nano-emulsions as reaction media
Formic acid oxidation on Pt/Ru nanoparticles: temperature effects
Enhanced corrosion resistance by sol-gel-based ZrO2-CeO2 coatings on magnesium a
Raman-scattering and structure investigations on porous SiC layers
Preparation of AlFe nanoparticles by mechanical alloyed technique
Hybrid zinc oxide conjugated polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells
Formation of ordered arrays of oriented polyaniline nanoparticle nanorods
Electro-mechanical patterning of self-assembled monolayers on insulating substra
On the tensile strength distribution of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Pulse duration dependence of femtosecond-laser-fabricated nanogratings in fused
A composite coating by electrolysis-induced collagen self-assembly and calcium p
Thin nanodiamond membranes and their microstructural, optical and photoelectrica
Preparation of SrFeO~2.85 perovskite using a citric acid assisted Pechini-type m
Macrochannelling: Characterisation of nano-structures by ion beam analysis
Characterization of novel acid-stable NF membranes before and after exposure to
Development of a high velocity accessory for atomic force microscopy-based frict
A versatile instrument for in situ combination of scanning probe microscopy and
Nanoscale fretting wear study by scanning probe microscopy
Application of atomic force spectroscopy (AFS) to studies of adhesion phenomena:
Deposition of nanostructured metal coatings on the modified silicon surfaces in
Indentation mechanics of Cu-Be quantified by an in situ transmission electron mi
Preparation of Al2O3-SiO2 fine particles by CVD method in tube flow reactor
Fabrication of a free standing resolution standard for focusing MeV ion beams to
Recent advances in electron tomography: TEM and HAADF-STEM tomography for materi
Synthesis and photoluminescence property of nanostructured sol-gel indium tin ox
Fabrication and physical properties of SiC-GaAs nano-composites
Arc plasma route to carbon-encapsulated magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical ap
Nanoparticle thin films of nanocrystalline YAG by pulsed laser deposition
Positron annihilation lifetime and coincidence-gated Doppler broadening studies
Growth of vacuum evaporated ultraporous silicon studied with spectroscopic ellip
Solar-energy conversion in TiO2/CuInS2 nanocomposites
Template electrochemical growth of polypyrrole and gold-polypyrrole-gold nanowir
Nanoscale characterization of carbazole-indole copolymers modified carbon fiber
Ion irradiation induced surface modification studies of polymers using SPM
Sensitivity of styrene oxidation reaction to the catalyst structure of silver na
Interface study of AlN grown on Si substrates by radio-frequency magnetron react
Influence of mechanoactivation on the adhesion and mechanical properties of meta
Tuning diffusion and friction in microscopic contacts by mechanical excitations
Shear and extensional rheology of EVA/layered silicate-nanocomposites
Growth of nanocrystalline TiO2 films by MOCVD using a novel precursor
Scanning capacitance microscopy of nanostructures
Nano@micro: general method for entrapment of nanocrystals in sol-gel-derived com
Determination of the atomic structure of scanning probe microscopy tungsten tips
Rectangular structure of manganese oxide nanowires
Growth of PbS nanopyramidal particulate films for potential applications in quan
Thermal behaviour of ultra-thin Co overlayers on rutile TiO2(100) surface
Effect of carbon nanotubes on the crystallization and properties of polypropylen
Visualization of single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) networks in conductive polys
Structural investigation and anti-Stokes emission of scandium oxide nanocrystals
Water absorption and hygrothermal aging study on organomontmorillonite reinforce
Atom inlays performed at room temperature using atomic force microscopy
Field-emission Characteristics of electrochemically synthesized polypyrrole nano
Nanoscale operation of a living cell using an atomic force microscope with a nan
True molecular resolution in liquid by frequency-modulation atomic force microsc
Synthesis and characteristics of SnO2 nanorods on Pd-coated substrates
Preparation of plated β-tricalcium phosphate containing hydroxyapatite for
Peculiarities of Fe-Ni alloy crystallization and stability inside C nanotubes as
Large-scale fabrication of boron nitride nanohorn
Agglomeration behavior of chromia nanoparticles prepared by amorphous complex me
Mechanochemical synthesis of Cu-Al2O3 nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of self-assembled polyelectrolyte multilayered
Microstructure of MoSi2-base nanocomposite coatings formed on Mo substrates by c
Fabrication and analysis of carbon films with periodic nanoarray structure
Image formation in a transmission electron microscope equipped with an environme
Formation of nanoislands on conducting poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) irradia
Accuracy improvement of protrusion angle of carbon nanotube tips by precision mu
Collection of high purity gold from wastewater using ZnO nanopowders synthesized
Morphology of conducting filler-reinforced nitrile rubber composites by electros
Significant stiffness reduction at ferroelectric domain boundary evaluated by ul
Phase transformation of titania domains in the titania/PDMS hybrid particles by
Two-dimensional patterns of ultra-fine particles prepared by self-organization
C60 nanowhisker synthesis using a microchannel reactor
Growth of β-Ga2O3 nanocolumns crossing perpendicularly each other on MgO (1
Formation of wedge-shaped carbon film by chemical vapor deposition method and ob
Field emission from cone-like single crystalline indium tin oxide nanorods
Low-temperature, solvent-free solid-state synthesis of single-crystalline titani
Electrostatic force microscopy of as-grown (001)-oriented Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 nanolayers
Band-edge exciton transitions temperature in multiple stacked self-assembled (In
Nucleation and growth of hydroxyapatite nanocrystals for nondestructive repair o
Formation of carbon nanotubes by ultraviolet laser ablation
Atom tracking for reproducible force spectroscopy at room temperature with non-c
Effect of distorted illumination waves on coherent diffraction microscopy
Preparation of carbon nanotubes by centrifugal spinning of coreshell polymer par
Synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes using C14H10O7W catalyst
Step control of vicinal 6H-SiC(0001) surface by H2 etching
Measurements of the atomistic mechanics of single crystalline silicon wires of n
Lateral manipulation of single atoms at semiconductor surfaces using atomic forc
Electrical properties of connected multiwall carbon nanotubes
Helical superstructures of fullerene peapods and empty single-walled carbon nano
Growth of pillarlike GaN nanostructures
Nanodot and nanorod formation in electron-beam-induced deposition using iron car
Polymethyl methacrylate/montmorillonite nanocomposite beads through a suspension
Characterization on polystyrene/zinc oxide nanocomposites prepared from solution
Nanodispersion of single-walled carbon nanotubes using dichloroethane
Enhanced plasticity in a bulk amorphous matrix composite: macroscopic and micros
Directed assembly of nanostructured carbon materials on to patterned polymer sur
Molecular dynamic study for nanopatterning using atomic force microscopy
Sensitivity-enhanced atomic force acoustic microscopy with concentrated-mass can
Rapid growth of nanocrystalline CuInS2 thin films in alkaline medium at room tem
Crystallinity, surface morphology and optical properties of nanocrystalline ZnO
Ruthenium-functionalised hybrid periodic mesoporous organosilicas: synthesis and
Analysis of mixed ternary LREBa2Cu3Oy nano-structures by STM and TEM
Synthesis of tin-oxide one-dimensional nanomaterials and their characteristics
Imaging of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite corrosion accelerated by Pt partic
Interwall support in double-walled carbon nanotubes studied by scanning tunnelin
Non-contact surface force microscopy for molecular interaction study
Two-photon lithography of nanorods in SU-8 photoresist
Synthesis of aligned GaN nanorods on Si(111) by molecular beam epitaxy
Centrifugal purification of chemically modified single-walled carbon nanotubes
Photoemission electron microscopy of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes
Modification of electrical properties and magnetic domain structures in magnetic
Hydrogen termination for the growth of carbon nanotubes on silicon
Adsorption of 90Sr on nanoscale particles of hydroxylapatite
Imaging of ferroelectric thin films by X-ray photoemission electron microscopy (
A novel route to synthesizing monoclinic tungsten oxide nanostructures
Void formation during early stages of passivation: initial oxidation of iron nan
Superconducting NbSe2 nanowires and nanoribbons converted from NbSe3 nanostructu
Biphasic Janus particles with nanoscale anisotropy
Quantitative measure of nanoscale adhesion hysteresis by ultrasonic force micros
Impure carbon nanotubes as reinforcements for acrylated epoxidized soy oil compo
A microelectromechanical load sensor for in situ electron and x-ray microscopy t
Near-field Raman microscopy
Template-assisted deposition of palladium nanoarrays
Spontaneous electrochemical deposition of gold coatings from organic solutions
Probing the effects of nanoscale architecture on the mechanical properties of he
Electronic transport imaging in a multiwire SnO2 chemical field-effect transisto
Scanning transmission electron microscopy and its application to the study of na
Fluctuation microscopy: a probe of medium range order
Local charge transport in two-dimensional PbSe nanocrystal arrays studied by ele
Structural characteristics of carbon nanofibers for on-chip interconnect applica
Application of luminescent Eu:Gd2O3 nanoparticles to the visualization of protei
Low temperature solvothermal synthesis of multiwall carbon nanotubes
Precision cutting of nanotubes with a low-energy electron beam
Atomic force microscopy nanotribology study of oligothiophene self-assembled fil
Atomic force microscopy studies of cubic BC2N, a new superhard phase
Electric field-induced magnetization switching in epitaxial columnar nanostructu
Single-particle light microscopy of bacteriophages
Scanned probe microscopy-mediated patterning of metallic nanostructures
Optoelectronically automated system for carbon nanotubes synthesis via arc-disch
Multiphoton laser direct writing of two- dimensional silver structures
Conformal nanocoating of zirconia nanoparticles by atomic layer deposition in a
Investigation of femtosecond laser assisted nano and microscale modifications in
Synthesis of Si-Ge nanoscale structures via deposition of single-source (GeH3)4-
Nano-imaging with compact extreme ultraviolet lasers
Peptide-immobilized nanoporous alumina membranes for enhanced osteoblast adhesio
Gold nanoparticle mediated formation of aligned nanotube composite films
Electron microscopy study of exotic nanostructures of cadmium sulfide
Synthesis and characterization of submicron single-crystalline Bi2Fe4O9 cubes
Sol-gel synthesis of highly dispersed cobalt nanoparticles on silica thin films
Hierarchical morphology of carbon single-walled nanotubes during sonication in a
Electrical properties of ZnO nanowire field effect transistors characterized wit
Radial elasticity of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Elastic-property measurements of ultrathin films using atomic force acoustic mic
Giant traps associated with extended defects in GaN and SiC
Formation of epitaxial oxide nanodots on oxide substrate: Cu2O on SrTiO3(100)
Valence electron energy-loss spectroscopy in monochromated scanning transmission
On the failure of NiAl bicrystals during laser-induced shock compression
Galactosylated polymeric nanoparticles: synthesis and adhesion interactions with
Magnetic alignment of carbon nanofibers in polymer composites and anisotropy of
EFTEM imaging of ultra fine scaled γ precipitates in Ni-based superalloys
High performance resist for EUV lithography
Self-assembly and dynamics of oxide nanorods on NiAl(110)
Self-organized perylene diimide nanofibers
TPO based nanocomposites. Part 1. Morphology and mechanical properties
Spectroellipsometric characterization of Au-Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2 nanocomposite f
A transmission electron microscopy study of mineralization in age-induced transp
Cold spray deposition of nanocrystalline aluminum alloys
Growth of carbon nanotubes by open-air laser-induced chemical vapor deposition
Variable incidence angle fluorescence interference contrast microscopy for Z-ima
Quantitative elastic-property measurements at the nanoscale with atomic force ac
Small-amplitude atomic force microscopy
Probing the size and density of silicon nanocrystals in nanocrystal memory devic
Nanowires and nanoribbons of charge-density-wave conductor NbSe3
A Simple Approach to Control the Growth of Polyaniline Nanofibers
Atomic force-multi-optical imaging integrated microscope for monitoring molecula
A novel MEMS nano-tribometer for dynamic testing in-situ in SEM and TEM
Molecularly inherent voltage-controlled conductance switching
Carbon nanotube synthesis, characteristics, and microbattery applications
Nanoelectromechanics of piezoelectric indentation and applications to scanning p
High temperature self-assembly of Ag nanowires on vicinal Si(001)
Hollow to bamboolike internal structure transition observed in carbon nanotube f
Physical properties of nanostructures grown by oblique angle deposition
Growth of high quality Ge/Si1-xGex on nano-scale patterned Si structures
Deformation twinning during nanoindentation of nanocrystalline Ta
Magnetic wires with DNA cores: a magnetic force microscopy study
Self-assembly of faceted Ni nanodots on Si(111)
Zinc blende GaAs films grown on wurtzite GaN/sapphire templates
Quantitative analysis of electric force microscopy: The role of sample geometry
Synthesis of Au nanoclusters supported upon a TiO2 nanotube array
Mechanically activated synthesis of PZT and its electromechanical properties
Electrospun fine-textured scaffolds for heart tissue constructs
Kinetics of voiding and agglomeration of copper nanolayers on silica
Patterning lyotropic liquid crystals as precursors for carbon nanotube arrays
Guided self-assembly growth of epitaxial Co dots on lithographically patterned R
Nanowell device for the electrical characterization of metal-molecule-metal junc
Transparent poly(methyl methacrylate)/single-walled carbon nanotube (PMMA/SWNT)
Selective growth of Co nanoislands on an oxygen-patterned Ru(0001) surface
Interpretation of the Raman spectra of ultrananocrystalline diamond
Nucleation time of nanoscale water bridges
Structural and mechanical characterization of nanoclay-reinforced agarose nanoco
Mechanical behavior of shear bands and the effect of their relaxation in a rolle
Synthesis of bulk nanostructured aluminum alloy component through vacuum plasma
Comparison of intensity distributions in tomograms from BF TEM, ADF STEM, HAADF
Carbon nanotubes and other fullerenes produced from tire powder injected into an
Fabrication of positively and negatively charged polyelectrolyte structures by d
Synthesis of metallic iridium oxide nanowires via metal organic chemical vapor d
Design and fabrication of a hybrid nanofluidic channel
Synthesis of assembled copper nanoparticles from copper-chelating glycolipid nan
An amphiphilic poly(phenylene ethynylene) as the structure-directing agent for p
Nanoscale elastic-property measurements and mapping using atomic force acoustic
Mechanical properties and failure surface morphology of amine-cured epoxy/clay n
Interaction of oxide surfaces with water: environmental transmission electron mi
Spectral-domain phase microscopy
Near-field optical spectroscopy and microscopy of self-assembled GaN/AlN nanostr
Scanning transmission electron microscopy of ErAs nanoparticles embedded in epit
Easy growth of undoped and doped tungsten oxide nanowires with high purity and o
Surface coating of particles by nanospray process and CCVD in circulating fluidi
Three-dimensional modeling of nanoscale Seebeck measurements by scanning thermoe
Nanofabrication by scanning probe microscope lithography: a review
Bridge-enhanced nanoscale impedance microscopy
Laser-induced production of large carbon-based toroids
Controlling the location and spatial extent of nanobubbles using hydrophobically
Nanoscale visualization and characterization of Myxococcus xanthus cells with at
Nucleation of β-FeSi2 nanostructures at pinned step bunches on the Si(111)
Nanoscale impedance microscopy-a characterization tool for nanoelectronic device
Biological assembly of nanocircuit prototypes from protein-modified CdTe nanowir
Formation of dendritic nanotubes under an electric field
Synthesis of nanotabular barium titanate via a hydrothermal route
Chemiluminescent methods for the investigation of corrosion in metals
New and emerging techniques for imaging surfaces
Effect of KTa1-xNbxO3 crystal orientation on the nonlinear optical response in t
Attrition of precipitated iron Fischer-Tropsch catalysts
Microstructural evolution of 304 stainless steel during mechanical milling
The coaxial tip as a nano-antenna for scanning near-field microwave transmission
Nanometric visualization of localized damage by scanning probe microscopy
Oscillatory zoning in minerals: A common phenomenon
Cryothecomonas aestivalis sp nov, a colourless nanoflagellate feeding on the mar
Nanostructured GaN: Microstructure and optical properties
New molecules for molecular electronics and nanotechnologies
Nanotechnology and surface analysis using scanning probe microscopy
Coprecipitated Ni-alumina and Ni-Cu-alumina catalysts of methane decomposition a
Fabrication of a fiber probe with a nanometric protrusion for near-field optical
Near-field optical microscopy in Jerusalem
Similar architectures of native and transformed human alpha(2)-macroglobulin sug
Nanocluster materials .2. Clusters in a Langmuir monolayer on graphite surface
Nanocluster materials .1. Isolated clusters on graphite surface
Scanning tunneling microscopy study on the initial adsorption behavior of C-60 m
Growth and scanning probe microscopy of buckytubes and buckycones
Investigation of thin-film transistors using a combination of focused ion beam e
Brewster angle microscopy study of a magnetic nanoparticle/polymer complex at th
Building nanostructures the laser way
Attraction and orientation phenomena of bucky onions formed in a transmission el
Microspectrofluorometry, fluorescence imaging and confocal microscopy of an endo
Imaging nanosized gold colloids by atomic force microscopy: A direct comparison
Growth structure investigation of MgF2 and NdF3 films grown by molecular beam de
Magnetic refinement of tips for magnetic force microscopy
Nanochannel glass replica membranes fabricated
Immunogold labelling of neuroendocrine peptides with special reference to antibo
Cell surface organization by the membrane skeleton
Imaging of thick sections of nervous tissue with energy-filtering transmission e
Surface characterization of fluorinated polymers (PTFE, PVDF, PFA) for use in ul
Atomic (scanning) force microscopy in cardiovascular research
Nanotubes shown to be strong and flexible
Functional colloids: Structure formation and chemistry on a nanometer scale
Characterization of silicon-implanted SiO2 layers using positron annihilation sp
The ultrastructure of starch from ultrathin sectioning in melamine resin
Issues of atomic-resolution structure and chemical analysis by scanning probe mi
Scanning probe microscopy with chemical sensitivity
High resolution microstructure analysis of the decomposition of Cu90Co10 alloys
Chemiluminescent methods for the investigation of corrosion in metals
New and emerging techniques for imaging surfaces
Characterization of alpha-Fe nanostructures in eutectic spherulites