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化学共沉淀制备纳米复合AgSnO2电接触材料及其电弧特性研究/Preparation of Nanocomposite AgSnO2 Contact Mater
PANI-V_2O_5纳米复合电致变色薄膜的合成、结构及性能/Synthesis,structure and properties of PANI-V_2O_5
Polypyrrole-tin (IV) oxide colloidal nanocomposites
Surface area measurements on conducting polymer-inorganic oxide nanocomposites
Crack healing and stress relaxation in Al2O3-SiC nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of nanocomposite films
Electrochemical lithium intercalation into a polyaniline/V2O5 nanocomposite
Manufacture and characterization of nanocomposite thin films of Si-SiO2 and Ag-S
Comments on physical limitations of the inherent toughness and strength in ceram
Preparation and characterization of nanocomposite thin films for optical devices
New microstructural model of polymer-ceramic nanocomposite materials
Intra-granular strengthening and toughening by brittle nanoparticles in ceramic
Nanocomposites: A revolutionary new flame retardant approach
Synthesis and properties of an aluminum nitride/polyimide nanocomposite prepared
Preparation of Pt/TiO2 nanocomposite films using co-sputtering method
New electrocatalyst consisting of a molecularly homogeneous platinum-aerogel nan
Electrochemical characterization of a polypyrrole/montmorillonite nanocomposite
Particle growth during liquid phase sintering of nanocomposite W-Cu powder
Novel ceramic matrix nanocomposite powders containing carbon nanotubes
Inorganic-organic nanocomposite materials
PZT/P(VDF/TrFE) nanocomposite hydrophones for ultrasonic measurements
Preparation of novel core-shell nanocomposite particles by controlled polymer br
Colloidal silica poly(N-vinylcarbazole) nanocomposite dispersible in aqueous and
Nanocomposite technology comes to the fore
Continuous self-assembly of organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings that mimic
Nanocomposite and monophasic synthesis routes to magnesium titanate
Small angle scattering study of dendrimer-copper sulfide nanocomposites
Thermal stability of copper reinforced by nanoscaled and microscaled alumina par
Preparation of M/TiO2 (M = Au, Pt) nanocomposite films using co-sputtering metho
Assembly of conducting polymer/metal oxide multilayer in one step
Enhanced photocorrosion stability of colloidal cadmium sulphide-silica nanocompo
Gas-sensing CoO/SiO2 nanocomposite
SAN-Na+-montmorillonite nanocomposite for electrorheological material
Nanocomposites produced by mechanical alloying of the Al50Fe25Ti25 powders mixtu
Structural properties of nanocomposite materials based on a lyotropic liquid cry
Nanocomposite ultrasonic hydrophones
Nanocomposite versus sol-gel processing of barium magnesium tantalate
Characterization of barium titanate ceramic/ceramic nanocomposite films prepared
Thermal Residual Micro-Stress Concentration and Stength of SiC-Alumina Nanocompo
Microstructure and absorption spectra of (Ag, Au)/Si nanocomposite film
Nanocomposite offers exceptional barrier
High strength, high conductivity, low radiation activation nanocomposite
Influence of coupling agents on the morphology and properties of PI/SiO2 nanocom
Nano-reinforcing and nano-compounding technique of rubber
Novel route for the preparation of nanocomposite magnets
Nanocomposite fire retardants - a review
Friction and wear characteristics of ceramic nanocomposite coatings: Titanium ca
Preparation of gold cluster/silica nanocomposite aerogel via spontaneous wet-gel
Self-assembly behavior in PS/ montmorillonite nanocomposite
Study of the SiO2-epoxy nanocomposites
A Pt-Ru/graphitic carbon nanofiber nanocomposite exhibiting high relative perfor
Enzyme immobilization in silica-hardened organogels
Electrochemical and Raman studies on a hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposite of
Hard and superhard Zr-Ni-N nanocomposite films
Combustion behaviour of EVA/fluorohectorite nanocomposites
Low-cycle fatigue strength under step loading of a Si3N4 + SiC nanocomposite at
Advanced Diamond/sp2-Bonded Carbon Nanocomposite Materials as Low Threshold Fiel
Ce-TZP/Al2O3 nanocomposite as a bearing material in total joint replacement
Hydrogen storage properties of nanocomposite Mg-Ni-Cu-CrC13 prepared by mechanic
Synthesis and characterization of nylon 1012/clay nanocomposite
Wear mechanism of alumina-silicon carbide nanocomposite
Nonlinear refraction and optical limiting in the nanocomposite based on C60 stru
Preparation of a bioactive poly(methyl methacrylate)/silica nanocomposite
Present situation and development prospect in nanocomposite ceramics techniques
Microstructure and properties of low friction TiC-C nanocomposite coatings depos
Influence of Co, Ga and Si on the microstructure and the magnetic properties for
Polyimide/Poly(Styrene-co-4-Vinylpyridine) nanocomposite films as precursors for
Improved environmental stability in poly(p-phenylene vinylene)/layered silicate
One-step synthesis of cobalt-phthalocyanine/iron nanocomposite particles with hi
Preparation and flammability of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer/montmorillonite
Study on polyimide/TiO2 nanocomposite membranes for gas separation
Photorefractive behaviors in a polymer composite including layered silicates
Barrier property of clay/acrylonitrile-butadiene copolymer nanocomposite
Lithium insertion in poly (ethylene oxide)/MoO3 xerogel nanocomposite films
Preparation and thermal properties of ABS/montmorillonite nanocomposite
In situ formation of a novel nanocomposite structure based on MCM-41 and polyeth
Interfacial toughness of diamond-like nanocomposite (DLN) thin films on silicon
Early stage quiescent and flow-induced crystallization of intercalated polypropy
A novel processing route to develop a dense nanocrystalline alumina matrix ( les
Enzymatically Synthesized Conducting Polyaniline Nanocomposites: A Solid-State N
Polyimide nanocomposites prepared with a novel aromatic surfactant
Reverse exfoliation in a polymer nanocomposite by blending with a miscible polym
Enhanced Ionic Conductivity in Poly(ethylene oxide)/Layered Double Hydroxide Nan
Preparation and characterisation of biodegradable starch-based nanocomposite mat
Intercalated polypyrrole/Na+-montmorillonite nanocomposite via an inverted emuls
Preparation and characterization of metal/ceramic nanoporous nanocomposite powde
EPR signal of nanolayer in conducting polypyrrole (PPy) nanocomposites
Investigation and simulation of hot forming of alumina based materials
Synthesis of vinyl polymer-silica colloidal nanocomposites via aqueous dispersio
Synthesis and characterization of novel copper/polyaniline nanocomposite and app
Formation of WSi2-SiC nanocomposite coating by carburizing process followed by r
Carbon nanocomposite materials as medicinal depot
Nanocomposite polymer membrane based on cation exchange polymer and nano-dispers
Synthesis of RuAl/ZrO2 nanocomposite by mechanical alloying and subsequent annea
Synthesis and characterization of organoclay nanocomposite with poly(o-ethoxyani
Fabrication and Characterization of Silver-Polyvinyl Alcohol Nanocomposites
Crystallization, morphology, and dynamic mechanical properties of poly(trimethyl
Preparation and tribological behavior of Ni/polyurethane nanocomposite coatings
Crystallization behavior and morphology of biodegradable polylactide/layered sil
Highly Filled Nano-CdS/Polystyrene Nanocomposite Film with Self-Organization Beh
Study of poly (vinyl butyral)/silica nanocomposite materials
Synthesis of poly(arylene disulfide)-vermiculite nanocomposites via in situ ring
Preparation and characterization of polystyrene/graphite oxide nanocomposite by
Photo-oxidative degradation of polyethylene/montmorillonite nanocomposite
Green nanocomposites from renewable resources: Plant oil-clay hybrid materials
Electrorheological effect of titania-coated kaolinite nanocomposite particles
Synthesis of raspberry-like PMMA/SiO2 nanocomposite particles via a surfactant-f
Structure and properties of polypyrrole/yttria nanocomposite material
Study on maleic anhydride grafted polyethylene/graphite electrically conductive
Preparation, structure and properties of stearic acid/bentonite nanocomposite ph
Novel one-step route for synthesizing CdS/polystyrene nanocomposite hollow spher
Manufacture and electrical properties of multiwalled carbon nanotube/BaTiO3nanoc
Cure behavior of epoxy resin/montmorillonite/2-ethyl-4-methyl-imidazole nanocomp
Organically modified layered titanate: A new nanofiller to improve the performan
Preparation of high-performance PrFeB/α-Fe nanocomposite magnets by direct
Photoelectrochemical behavior of the Pt/TiO2 nanocomposite electrodes prepared b
A new thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV)/organoclay nanocomposite: Preparation, cha
Kinetic analysis of the thermal degradation of polystyrene-montmorillonite nanoc
Low-temperature cyclic oxidation behavior of MoSi2/SiC nanocomposite coating for
Structure and conductive properties of poly(ethylene oxide)/layered double hydro
Characterization of polymer-layered silicate nanocomposite membranes for direct
Cross-linked nanocomposite polymer electrolytes reinforced with cellulose whiske
Exfoliated nanocomposite from polyaniline graft copolymer/clay
Manufacture and mechanical properties of nanocomposite laminates
Microstructure and properties of poly (butylene terephthalate) based nanocomposi
Carbon-13 solid state NMR study of polypropylene/clay nanocomposite
Crystalline morphology and isothermal crystallization kinetics of poly(ethylene
Corrosion behaviour of TiN/a-C superhard nanocomposite coatings prepared by a re
Highly efficient nanocrystalline titania films made from organic/inorganic nanoc
Nonisothermal crystallization of the polypropylene/organosilica nanocomposite
Degradation and relaxation kinetics of polystyrene-clay nanocomposite prepared b
Nanostructures, optical properties, and imaging application of lead-sulfide nano
Plasma synthesis of AlTi -TiC nanocomposite powders
Synthesis of polymer gel electrolyte with high molecular weight poly(methyl meth
Extrusion and Analysis of Nylon/Montmorillonite Nanocomposite Filaments
Unusual crystallization behavior of organoclay reinforced poly(L-lactic acid) na
Preparation of titanium dioxide-polymer nanocomposite films and its photocatalyt
Preparation and luminescence of CeOx/ZnO nanocomposite powders
Preparation and properties of polystyrene/graphite oxide nanocomposite
Synthesis and characterization of PPTA/MgAl-LDH nanocomposite by in situ polymer
Effecting factors on conductivity of CB/ABS conducting nanocomposite
Preparation and characterization of TiO2 nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of photo-curable polyurethane acrylate/montmori
Influence of ball milling time on the microstructure and properties of prepared
Preparation and characterization of waterborne polyurethane/silane modified mont
Titania-polyacrylate nanocomposite membrane synthesized by sol-gel method in rev
Effect of 60Co γ-ray irradiation on structure and properties of polyanilin
Polyurethane/clay nanocomposites - (II) Characterization of structure and nature
Structure, morphology and mechanical properties of nanocomposite of polyurethane
Preparation of raspberry-like SiO2/PMMA nanocomposite spheres
Preparation of core-shell structural zirconia coated alumina nanocomposite powde
The preparation and application of a nanocomposite tanning agent-mpns/sma
Preparation and properties of natural rubber/rectorite nanocomposites
Microstructure and dielectric properties of P(VDF-TrFE-CFE) with partially graft
Mechanical and corrosion-resistance performance of electrodeposited titania - Ni
Spinning and properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/ organomontmorillonite n
Investigation of the hydriding kinetic mechanism in the MgH 2/Cr2O3-nanocomposit
Silver nanocomposite layer-by-layer films based on assembled polyelectrolyte/den
Preparation, structure and properties of polyurethane/poly (methyl methacrylate)
Study on solvent permeation resistance properties of nylon6/clay nanocomposite
CO2 sorption and diffusion in polymethyl methacrylate-clay nanocomposites
Effect of polymer-particle interaction in swelling dynamics of ultrathin nanocom
Oxygen reduction on an iron-carbonized aerogel nanocomposite electrocatalyst
Nanostructure and properties of TiC/a-C:H composite coatings
Thermal properties and morphology of a poly(vinyl alcohol)/silica nanocomposite
Ag dispersed conducting polyaniline nanocomposite as a selective sensor for ammo
Ag dispersed conducting polyaniline nanocomposite as a selective sensor for ammo
Some experimental results on polyN-vinylcarbazole-buckminsterfullerene (C60) nan
Isothermal crystallisation behaviour and kinetics of polyvinylalcohol/silica nan
Synthesis, structural, magnetic, and cytotoxic properties of iron oxide coated i
Organic-vapor detection using carbon-nanotubes nanocomposite microacoustic senso
Synthesis of (all-rac)-α-tocopherol using Nafion resin/silica nanocomposit
Sonochemical synthesis of conducting polymer-metal nanoparticles nanocomposite
Nanocomposite based on poly(N-octadecyl-2-ethynylpyridinium bromide) and Mg0.04N
Preparation of higher-ordered inorganic-organic nanocomposite composed of rodlik
Microsphere of apatite-gelatin nanocomposite as bone regenerative filler
Synthesis and characterization of polysilicic acid nanoparticles/ waterborne pol
Synthesis and characterization of a clay/waterborne polyurethane nanocomposite
A polyaniline supported PtRu nanocomposite anode and a Pd-impregnated nanocompos
Industry updates: Super-tough nanocomposite coatings could improve aircraft comp
Nafion-polyfurfuryl alcohol nanocomposite membranes for direct methanol fuel cel
Magnetic nanocomposite catalysts with high activity and selectivity for selectiv
Morphology study of gold-chitosan nanocomposites
Influence of the composition of polypropylene/organoclay nanocomposite fibers on
Barrier to success
Evolution of roughness and photo-crystallization effect in ZnS-SiO 2 nanocomposi
Mechanical and creep properties of electrodeposited nickel and its particle-rein
Porphyrin inclusion into hexaniobate nanoscrolls
Synthesis and characterization of PT/PS/SiO2 nanocomposite in nonaqueous medium
Electrochemical and kinetic studies of lithium intercalation in composite nanofi
Morphological characterization of nylon-6 nanocomposite following a large-scale
CO2 foaming of polymer nanocomposite blends
Neutron reflectivity study of lipid membranes assembled on ordered nanocomposite
Single-ion conducting polymer-silicate nanocomposite electrolytes for lithium ba
Enhanced rectification through polymer-gold nanoparticle interaction
Recent advances in hard, tough, and low friction nanocomposite coatings
Explosive shock processing of Pr2Fe14B/α-Fe exchange-coupled nanocomposite
MEMS sensor material based on polypyrrole-carbon nanotube nanocomposite: Film de
A chemical sensor for chloromethanes using a nanocomposite of multiwalled carbon
Thermodynamics and proton transport in Nafion III. Proton transport in Nafion/su
Crack healing and stress relaxation in Al2O3-SiC `nanocomposites
Thermal stability of Al2O3-5 vol% SiC nanocomposite
Localized heating of nickel nitride/aluminum nitride nanocomposite films for dat
Influence of processing parameters on the formation of WC-Co nanocomposite powde
Broadband waveguide polarizers based on the anisotropic optical constants of nan
Preparation of nanocomposite working substances for room-temperature magnetic re
Magnetic entropy in nanocomposite binary gadolinium alloys
Highly ordered polymer-inorganic nanocomposites via monomer self-assembly: in si
Evaluation of subgrain formation in Al2O3-SiC nanocomposites
Microstructure study of acrylic polymer-silica nanocomposite surface by scanning
Fullerene C60-incorporated nanocomposite resist system
Investigation of the TiO2/PPV nanocomposite for gas sensing applications
Ionic self-assembly of ultrahard ZrO2/polymer nanocomposite thin films
Thermomagnetic behaviors of Nd2Fe14B/Fe3B based nanocomposite magnets
Advance on organic-inorganic nanocomposite materials
Threshold stress in creep of alumina-silicon carbide nanocomposites
Synthesis and characterization of Nd2Fe14B-25 vol% Fe nanocomposite magnets
Solid-state cavity lasing from poly(p-phenylene vinylene)-silica nanocomposite b
In situ fabrication of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposite using a commercial polymer
Computer study of magnetization in nanocomposite magnets
Mechanical properties of nanocomposite organosilicate films
Dramatic effect of a small amount of MgO addition on the sintering of Al2O3-5 vo
A colloidal silica poly(N-vinylcarbazole) nanocomposite dispersible in aqueous a
Protonic conducting properties of sol-gel derived organic/inorganic nanocomposit
Heat treatment investigations on the laser synthesized amorphous Si/C/N nanocomp
Characterization of the damage in nanocomposite materials by a.c. electrical pro
Nanocomposite ultrasonic hydrophones [fabrication for medical transducer calibra
Synthesis and characterization of PAn/clay nanocomposite with extended chain con
Fullerene-derivative nanocomposite resist for nanometer pattern fabrication
Preparation, characterization, and optical properties of the host-guest nanocomp
Microwave-assisted synthesis of Zn-Al-layered double hydroxide-sodium dodecyl su
Nickel oxide-silica and nickel-silica aerogel and xerogel nanocomposite material
Development of tough and strong ceria stabilized tetragonal zirconia nanocomposi
Field emission of electrons from laser produced silicon tip arrays
The property and formation mechanism of unsaturated polyester-layered silicate n
Probing the site-specific annihilation of positrons in a nanocomposite medium by
Ultrahard carbon nanocomposite films
Microstructure and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe-rich Fe-Nb-Nd-B all
Shear-induced ordered structure in polystyrene/clay nanocomposite
Preparation of layered nanocomposites of PEO with MnPS3, CdPS3, and MoO3 by melt
Efficient photoluminescence and electroluminescence from environmentally stable
Mechanical properties of Cu + 0.5 wt % Al2O3 nanocomposite material produced by
Interfacial interaction in Ag/polymer nanocomposite films
Optical limiting of nanocomposite based on Fullerence
Synthesis of a hydroxyapatite/collagen/chondroitin sulfate nanocomposite by a no
Organic nanocrystals grown in gel glasses for optical-power- limiting applicatio
Magnetoresistance of a ferromagnetic metal nanocomposite with nonspherical granu
Fracture behaviour of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber/clay nanocomposite
Preparation and morphological study of an exfoliated polystyrene/montmorillonite
Nanocomposite magnets and their preparation under high pressure
Novel magnetorheological suspensions based on Co-phthalocyanine/Fe nanocomposite
Synthesis and characterization of novel film-forming vinyl polymer/silica colloi
3D determination of grain shape in a FeAl-based nanocomposite by 3D FIB tomograp
Synthesis of a bicontinuous electrically conductive nanocomposite via in-situ fo
Investigation on dielectric properties of the polyetherketone nanocomposite with
Partitioning behavior and the effect of Co on the Curie temperature of nanocompo
Micropatterned silica films with ordered nanopores fabricated through photocalci
Synthesizing of nanocomposite WC-MgO powders by mechanical solid-state reduction
Nanocomposite resists for electron beam nanolithography
Wear-resistant amorphous and nanocomposite steel coatings
Stable photoluminescence of zinc oxide quantum dots in silica nanoparticles matr
Compressive mechanical properties of Mg-Ti-C nanocomposite synthesised by mechan
Study of laser action of Coumarin-153 incorporated in sol-gel made silica/poly(p
PbS-polymer nanocomposite with third-order nonlinear optical response in femtose
Nanocomposite resist systems for next generation lithography
Crystallization behavior of PA-6 clay nanocomposite hybrid
Chloroform vapour sensor based on copper/polyaniline nanocomposite
Pt supported on polyaniline-V2O5 nanocomposite as the electrode material for met
High-capacitance supercapacitor using a nanocomposite electrode of single-walled
Structural and thermal properties of the opal-epoxy resin nanocomposite
Preparation of nanocomposite thoriated tungsten cathode by swaging technique
Super-and ultrahard nanocomposite coatings: generic concept for their preparatio
Hydrogen storage properties of nanocomposite Mg-Ni-MnO2 made by mechanical milli
Improvement in coercivity by high-speed crystallization for PrFeB-Based nanocomp
Properties and stability of nanosecond optical limiting of gold nanoclusters
Corrosion resistance of nanocomposite coatings on carbon steel by using EIS meas
Hexakisadduct C60-Ag nanocomposite: fabrication and optical limiting effect
Preparation and properties of polyamide 6/polypropylene-vermiculite nanocomposit
Preparation and characterization of gelatin/montmorillonite nanocomposite
SEM study of a polystyrene/clay nanocomposite
Gelatin/montmorillonite hybrid nanocomposite. I. Preparation and properties
A thermionic tungsten cathode activated with nanothoria and prepared by swaging
Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomp
Novel method to prepare electroconductive titanium nitride-aluminum oxide nanoco
CeO2/Zn nanocomposite coating by electrodeposition
Preparation of a polycation-intercalated layered manganese oxide nanocomposite b
Transport properties of V2O5/polypyrrole nanocomposite prepared by a sol-gel alk
Synthesis of epoxy-montmorillonite nanocomposite
Phase transition in nylon 6/clay nanocomposites on annealing
Study of solid transparent nanocomposite organic/inorganic matrices and thin fil
Hard nanocomposite coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering
Preparation and characterization of nickel-polystyrene nanocomposite by ultrasou
Polymer-clay nanocomposite
Morphology and microstructure of hard and superhard Zr-Cu-N nanocomposite coatin
Multi-step crystallization evolution in nanocomposite Pr8Fe86B6 alloys
Electrodeposition of nickel/montmorillonite layered silicate nanocomposite thin
Effect of organoclay structure on nylon 6 nanocomposite morphology and propertie
Structure-property relationships in cross-linked polyester-clay nanocomposites
Intrinsic stress development in Ti-C:H ceramic nanocomposite coatings
Generation of electrospun fibers of nylon 6 and nylon 6-montmorillonite nanocomp
Origin of particle clustering in a simulated polymer nanocomposite and its impac
Nano-sized Si3N4 reinforced NiFe nanocomposites by electroplating
A novel processing route to develop a dense nanocrystalline alumina matrix (100
Formation of a self-assembled Cu-γ-Al2O3 nanocomposite
Effect of carbon substitution on the magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-(B,C) nanocomp
3D hierarchical orientation in polymer-clay nanocomposite films
Optical nanocomposite is suited for photonics packaging
Low-temperature superplasticity in a nanocomposite iron alloy derived from a met
Thermal and mechanical properties of a polypropylene nanocomposite
Yield and fatigue behavior of polypropylene and polyamide-6 nanocomposites
A quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cell based on a sol-gel nanocomposite e
Diamond-like carbon nanocomposite films
Dehydration of water-alcohol mixtures by vapor permeation through PVA/clay nanoc
Tunneling of magnetization reversal in a nanocomposite magnet
Magnetic and electrical properties of polypyrrole-coated γ-Fe2O3 nanocompo
Magnetic nanocomposite thin films of NiFe2O4/SiO2 prepared by sol-gel process
An ellipsometric investigation of Ag/SiO2 nanocomposite thin films
Nanofibers composite vanadium oxide/polyaniline: synthesis and characterization
Effect of particle shape distribution on the surface plasmon resonance of Ag-SiO
Photophysical studies on terpyridine-Eu3+ complexes in sol-gel nanocomposite mat
An EXAFS study on iron-cobalt-silica nanocomposite materials prepared by the sol
Thermal conductivity of the opal-epoxy resin nanocomposite
Formation of WSi2-SiC nanocomposite coatings by carburizing process followed by
Characterization of multiwall carbon nanotubes and influence of surfactant in th
Polyamide-12 layered silicate nanocomposites by melt blending
Progress in polypropylene nanocomposite development
Preparation of the poly(vinyl alcohol)/layered double hydroxide nanocomposite
Preparation of a translucent, conductive, porous nanocomposite
Preparation of the SnO2/SiO2 xerogel with a large specific surface area
Microstructure and mechanical properties of NdAlO3/Al2O3 nanocomposite
Controllable optical properties of Au/SiO2 nanocomposite induced by ultrasonic i
Hard magnetic properties in isotropic nanocomposite Pr2Fe14B/α-Fe ribbons
LaMnO3/CdS nanocomposite: a new photocatalyst for hydrogen production from water
Texture and magnetic domain of nanocomposite NdFeB permanent magnetic alloys
Fabrication and cutting performance of Al2O3/TiC nanocomposite tool material
Direct formation of Fe3B/Nd2Fe14B nanocomposite permanent magnets in rapid solid
Effective anisotropy and coercivity in nanocomposite permanent materials
Enhanced ionic conductivity of polymer electrolytes containing nanocomposite SiO
A review on polymer nanofibers by electrospinning and their applications in nano
Novel preparation of poly(propylene)-layered silicate nanocomposites
Synthesis and characterization of PVC/montmorillonite nanocomposite
Non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of polyamide 1010/montmorillonite nanoco
Polymorphism in nylon-11/montmorillonite nanocomposite
PbS/epoxy resin nanocomposite prepared by a novel method
The enhanced coercivity for the magnetite/silica nanocomposite at room temperatu
Pilot study of organic and inorganic nanocomposite optical fibre materials
Curing behavior of epoxy resin/tung oil anhydride exfoliated nanocomposite by di
Novel synthesis of conductive poly(arylene disulfide)/graphite nanocomposite
Preparation of nanosized TiO2 and Pt/TiO2 nanocomposite particles by laser heati
Characteristics and microstructure of high doping nanocomposite W-ThO2 thermioni
Preparation and characterization of self-assembled organic-inorganic nacre-like
Preparation and properties of polyimide-clay nanocomposite materials for anticor
Isothermal crystallization behaviors of nylon-6 and nylon-6/montmorillonite nano
Development and oxidation at 800°C of a novel electrodeposited Ni-Cr nanocom
Oxidation of a novel electrodeposited Ni-Al nanocomposite film at 1050°C
Influence of size distribution on the magnetocaloric effect of superparamagnetic
Nonlinear optical properties of the Au-SiO2 nanocomposite superresolution near-f
High-temperature properties of a silicon nitride/boron nitride nanocomposite
Structures and magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-B bulk nanocomposite magnets produce
Investigation of magnetic properties, after effect and MFM PryFe90-yB10 (y = 8-1
Preparation and insulation properties of epoxy-layered silicate nanocomposite
Thermal response of nanocomposite materials under pulsed laser excitation
Effect of surface states of layered double hydroxides on conductive and transpor
Effects of compatibilizer on the layered silicate/ethylene vinyl acetate nanocom
Self-assembly of a silica-surfactant nanocomposite in a porous alumina membrane
Mechanochemical synthesis of nanocomposite powder for ultrafine (Ti, Mo)C-Ni cer
Development of a new production method for a polypropylene-clay nanocomposite
Effect of heat treatment on the microstructural change of syndiotactic polystyre
Synthesis of CNTs/metal/Al2O3 nanocomposite powders by chemical vapor deposition
Melting behavior of the nonisothermally crystallized polypropylene/organosilica
Synthesis of bimodified carbon nanotubes - a nanocomposite material
Melt processing of SWCNT-polyimide nanocomposite fibers
Laser-assisted photothermal imprinting of nanocomposite
Bulk isotropic and anisotropic nanocomposite rare-Earth magnets
Dye-sensitized solar cells employing a highly conductive and mechanically robust
Die-upset hybrid Pr-Fe-B nanocomposite magnets
Freely suspended nanocomposite membranes as highly sensitive sensors
A novel nanocomposite from multiwalled carbon nanotubes functionalized with a co
In-situ formation of Ni-alumina nanocomposite during laser processing
Superparamagnetic Fe2O3 beads-CdSe/ZnS quantum dots core-shell nanocomposite par
Novel nanostructures in microalloyed Pr-Fe-B nanocomposite permanent magnets
Comparative rheological studies of polyamide-6 and its low loaded nanocomposite
In situ synchrotron SAXS/WAXD studies during melt spinning of modified carbon na
Bulk nanocomposite magnets produced by dynamic shock compaction
Optical characteristics and color of TiN/SiN1.3 nanocomposite coatings
Electronic conduction processes in DNA-doped polypyrrole nanocomposite films
Crystalline morphology and isothermal crystallization kinetics of poly(ethylene
Model exchange-spring nanocomposite magnetic grains
Observation of resonant energy transfer in Au:CdS nanocomposite
Morphology and conductivity in poly(ortho-anisidine)/carbon nanotubes nanocompos
Preparation and dielectric properties of polyarylene ether nitriles/TiO2 nanocom
Comparative study of the tribological behaviour of superhard nanocomposite coati
Reverse ATRP grafting from silica surface to prepare well-defined organic/inorga
Synthesis and enhanced superplasticity of the zirconia-dispersed alumina nanocom
Large two-photon absorbance of chitosan-ZnS quantum dots nanocomposite film
A novel nanocomposite Mo-4%La2O3 cathode
Synthesis and properties of clay-dispersed ABA triblock copolymer nanocomposite
Studies on CNTs-MnO2 nanocomposite for supercapacitors
The influence of irradiation on morphology evolution and flammability properties
Oxidation of a novel electrodeposited Ni-28.0 mass%Al nanocoating
Magnetic structure and magnetization reversal in nanocomposite Pr2Fe14B/α-
Synthesis and characterization of PbS/modified hyperbranched polyester nanocompo
Preparation, structure, and properties of a novel rectorite/styrene-butadiene co
Corrosion resistance and tribological properties of NiCo-SiC nanocomposite coati
Recent research and development of nanocomposite Nd-Fe-B magnet
Effects of B content on microstructure and mechanical properties of nanocomposit
Microstructure and mechanical properties of in situ produced TiC/C nanocomposite
Nanocomposite thin coatings for wear control: applications and limits
Engineering high-temperature stable nanocomposite materials
An ideal nanocomposite for gas-phase sensing with coherent anti-Stokes Raman sca
Synthesis and characterization of Ni-P-CNTs nanocomposite film for MEMS applicat
Synthesis, thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of multiwall carbon na
SFM and EFM studies on a clay-based dielectric nanocomposite
The disorderly exfoliated LDHs/PMMA nanocomposite synthesized by in situ bulk po
Mechanochemical preparation of metal/sulphide nanocomposite particles
Epoxy-layered silicate nanocomposites as matrix in glass fibre-reinforced compos
A silicon-silica nanocomposite material
Synthesis and characterization of surface-functionalized conducting polyaniline-
Lithium insertion in Si-TiC nanocomposite materials produced by high-energy mech
Pervaporation separation of water+isopropanol mixtures using novel nanocomposite
Erosive wear properties of Ti-Si-N nanocomposite coatings studied by micro-sandb
Polymer/nanoporous silica nanocomposite blue-light-emitting diodes
Synthesis and characterization of NiO-Ta 2O5 nanocomposite electrode for electro
Role of nanoparticle in PNN-PZT/Ag nanocomposite
Realization of anisotropic nanocomposite magnet in Nd2Fe14B/α-Fe thin film
Polyethylene/MMT nanocomposites prepared by in situ polymerization using support
Electrostrictive polymer nanocomposites exhibiting tunable electrical properties
Electrospun dual-porosity structure and biodegradation morphology of Montmorillo
Novel polymer-ceramic nanocomposite based on new concepts for embedded capacitor
Preparation and characterization of proton-conducting CsHSO4-SiO2 nanocomposite
Nanofiber generation of gelatin-hydroxyapatite biomimetics for guided tissue reg
Preparation of super-hard nanocomposite films by ICP assisted magnetron sputteri
Synthesis and characterization of conductive polypyrrole/montmorillonite nanocom
Colossal dielectric and electromechanical responses in self-assembled polymeric
Polymer nanocomposite foams
Bismuth fluoride nanocomposite as a positive electrode material for rechargeable
The synthesis and dielectric study of BaTiO3/polyimide nanocomposite films
A high-rate, nanocomposite LiFePO4/carbon cathode
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