IR 相关文章

PPARγ2基因Pro12Ala多态性与PCOS-IR的相关性研究/Study of the association of Pro12Ala polymorph
基于ColdFire嵌入式的分光型低浓度CO气体探测仪的研制/Development of Dispersive Infrared Low-Concentrat
核因子-κB在多囊卵巢综合征发病机制中的作用/A research on role of nuclear factor-κB in pathogenesis o
己酮可可碱预处理对再灌注损伤后残肝(大鼠)再生影响的实验研究/An Experimental Study for the Influence of Pentox
智能脱扣器的研究与设计/Research and Design on the Intelligent Releaser
新型非致冷型微纳结构红外探测器关键技术研究/Key technology on a new uncooled Infrared Detector with Mi
IGF-IR,p53,bFGF在膀胱移行细胞癌中的表达及其意义/Expression of IGF-IR,p53,bFGF in bladder transti
个性化的智能中文信息检索系统的研究与实现/Research and Developement of Personalized and Intelligent I
英汉双向跨语言信息检索的关键技术研究/Research of English-Chinese Cross-language Information Retrie
新型红外伪装涂层的研究/Study on a New Type of Camouflage Coatings for IR Band
二维红外相关光谱在聚合物体系中的应用/The Application of Two-Dimensional Infrared Correlation Spect
树枝状配合物发光材料的研究/study of luminescence demdrimer
含硫族元素有机金属碳硼烷多核配合物的合成与结构研究/Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Organomet
离子型小分子与高分子铱配合物的设计、合成、表征与光电性能研究/design, synthesis, characterization and photoelec
青春期月经状况、雄激素水平、胰岛素抵抗状态及相关因素的研究/Investigation of the menstruation state, the level
脉冲体制超宽带系统(IR-UWB)及其同步技术研究/Research on IR-UWB system and synchronization
本体的构建及其在数字图书馆中的应用/Research on Construction of Ontology and Application for Digit
投资者关系的三种研究角度/the three approachs of IR
含离子型铱配合物聚合物发光材料的设计、合成、表征及发光性能研究/the design,synthesis,characterization and lumine
低温对水稻光合作用有关酶活性的影响及调控机理初探/Preliminary Studies on Chilling Altered Photosynthesis-
双官能化笼型倍半硅氧烷的合成研究/the synthesize of di-functional polyhedral oligosilsesquioxane
胰岛素抵抗与冠心病及其中医辨证分型的相关性研究/Study on relationship between insulin resistance and TCM
信息资源理论研究/Theoretical research on information resources
聚乳酸合成过程中废液的回收与纯化工艺研究/Research on the reclaiming and purifying of waste liquid fr
双官能化笼型倍半硅氧烷的合成研究/the synthesize of di-functional polyhedral oligosilsesquioxane
新型均二苯乙烯化合物的合成及光电性能研究/Synthesis of Stilbenes Containing Triphenylamine and Their
胰岛素受体亲合短肽的筛选、合成及量子点荧光标记的研究/Screening, Synthesis and Quantum Dot Labeling of Shor
Electrochemically polymerizable self-assembled monolayers
Electrochemically polymerizable self-assembled monolayers
Synthesis and characterization of nanoscale metal oxides and carbides: II. Mic
Molecular reaction mechanisms of proteins monitored by nanosecond step-scan FT-I
Characterization of surface contaminants by a silver film-enhanced IR-Johnson me
Electrochemical infrared studies of monocrystalline iridium surfaces. Part 2: Ca
Oriented self-assembly of cyclic peptide nanotubes in lipid membranes
Electrochemical characterization of sol-gel formed Ir metal nanoparticles
Synthesis of monodisperse Au, Pt, Pd, Ru and Ir nanoparticles in ethylene glycol
Comparison of the ablation behavior of polymer films in the IR and UV with nanos
Corneal ablation with short pulse mid-IR laser radiation
Labile hydrido complexes of iridium(III): Synthesis, dynamic behavior in solutio
Extension of capabilities of the instrument KIT-2F in recording low-intensity fl
In situ FT-IR and photoluminescence study of porous silicon during exposure to F
Infrared spectroscopy of resonantly ionized (phenol)(H2O)n+
Electrochemical properties of amorphous carbon/nano-granular iridium films prepa
FTIR Spectra of SO2-4/Fe2O3 Nanosolid Superacid
IR and Raman Studies of Inorganic Nano Giant Cluster Compounds
Composition-structure correlations in strained FexMn1-x/Ir superlattices
Effects of different gases on the morphology of Ir nanoparticles supported on th
Protein on cloths: evaluation of analytical techniques
Enhancement of IR absorption of CO adsorbed on palladium-loading zeolite thin fi
Comparison of Ir oxide film redox kinetics in sulfuric and p-toluene sulfonic ac
Zastosowanie metody FT-IR i pomiaru twardosci metoda nanoindentacji do badania p
Synthesis of nanocrystalline B2 structured (Ru, Ir) Al in the ternary Ru-Al-Ir s
Preparation and Photochromic Properties of Tungstosilicate Acid/Organoamino-modi
Preparation of Co3O4 nanoparticles by a polymer combustion route
Hydrothermal synthesis of nanocrystalline MxZn1-xFe2O4 (M = Ni, Mn, Co; x = 0.40
Structure and molecular dynamics of alkane monolayers self-assembled on mica pla
Tunable Near-Infrared Optical Gain and Amplified Spontaneous Emission Using PbSe
Adsorption and decomposition of acetylene on planar and faceted Ir(210)
Growth of IrO2 Films and Nanorods by Means of CVD: An Example of Compositional a
Hydrogen-Induced Self-Organized Nanostructuring of the Ir(100) Surface
Photophysics and electron dynamics in dye-sensitized semiconductor film studied
Surface combinatorial studies of IR properties of nanostructured Ru film electro
IR Optical Properties of Pt Nanoparticles and their Agglomerates Investigated by
Anti-infrared/ultraviolet property of fullerene-containing polyacrylate film
An attenuated total reflection FT-IR spectroscopic study of polyamide 6/clay nan
Local barrier height of Ir/TiO2 model catalysts
Remote activation of capsules containing Ag nanoparticles and IR dye by laser li
Nanowire formation without surface steps
Sol-gel derived Pt-Ir mixed catalysts for DMFC applications
On the durability of low-density polyethylene nanocomposites
Optical Limiting of Near-IR Radiation in a System Based on Magnesium Phthalocyan
Preparation of nanostructured films on surface of Pd microelectrode array by squ
In situ STM studies of electrochemical growth of nanostructured Ni films and the
Remarkable hydrogen occlusion ability of hollow Ir-SiO2 nanoparticles prepared b
FT-IR study of the interlamellar water confined in glycolipid nanotube walls
Density functional theory study of the origin of IR and Raman band shifts in H-b
Effect of the brush structure on the degradation mechanism of polystyrene-clay n
Infrared-active vibrational modes of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Analysis of laser/IR-assisted microembossing
Raman and IR spectroscopy of chemically processed single-walled carbon nanotubes
Covalent cross-linked polymer/single-wall carbon nanotube multilayer films
Step edge diffusion and the structure of nanometer-size Ir islands on the Ir(111
Relaxation effect of IR reflectance spectra of nanocrystalline composite oxides
Be stars with small discs: structure and dynamics
Density-functional-based predictions of Raman and IR spectra for small Si cluste
IR spectroscopic studies of periodic columnar nanostructures of anodic titanium
Surface enhanced vibrational spectra of NTCDA on metal island films
Infrared vision using uncooled micro-optomechanical camera
Effect of oxygen gas addition on preparation of iridium and platinum films by me
Planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging of carbon monoxide using vibrational (
Photothermal FT-IR spectroscopy: a step towards FT-IR microscopy at a resolution
High-resolution infrared absorption spectroscopy of C60 molecules and clusters i
Nanofilms with clusters of boron suboxide and their infrared absorption
Broadband optical amplifier of IR pulses based on a F2+:LiF crystal
Preparation and properties of dc-sputtered IrO2 and Ir thin films for oxygen bar
Solvothermal synthesis of α-Fe2O3 particles with different morphologies
Preparation and characterization of VO2 nanopowders
New near-IR effect due to an amorphized substructure inserted in a c-Si solar-ce
Characterization of iridium film as a stimulating neural electrode
Nanosecond time-resolved step-scan FT-IR spectroscopy in conventional and superc
Solid state amorphization at the room temperature deposited Ir/Si interface
Glucose detection based on electrochemically formed Ir oxide films
Identifying IR drop in high performance nanometer design
Spectroscopic study of the Fermi level electronic structure of single-walled car
A mild transamination route to [EtGaNEt]6: a twelve-vertex gallium-nitrogen clus
Femtosecond electron ejection in liquid acetonitrile: Evidence for cavity electr
Frontiers in infrared spectroscopy at surfaces and interfaces
The pump power dependence of the femtosecond relaxation of CdSe nanoparticles ob
Functionalization of carbon nanotubes with a metal-containing molecular complex
Thermal recovery behavior of fluorinated single-walled carbon nanotubes
Characteristics of nano-scale composites at THz and IR spectral regions
Small-core As-Se fiber for Raman amplification
Detection of anthrax simulants with microcalorimetric spectroscopy: Bacillus sub
Reconstruction and de-reconstruction of the Ir(100) surface and ultrathin Fe/Ir(
Thermochemical formation of IrO2 and Ir
The influence of Ir and Pt addition on the synthesis of fullerenes at atmospheri
Analytical TEM observation of Au and Ir deposited on rutile TiO2
Photoinduced electron transfer between dye IR-140 and TiO2 colloids by femtoseco
Near-field infrared microspectroscopy for chemical imaging
High energy and narrow bandwidth mid IR nanosecond laser system
Hydrogen-induced and defect-mediated structural transition (5 × 1)-hex &ra
Enhanced IR absorption of CO adsorbed on Pd nanoparticles embedded in the mesopo
The application of FT-IR technology on the curing behavior of UP-montmorillonite
Strong pyramidal growth of metal films studied with IR transmittance and surface
Special IR properties of palladium nanoparticles and their aggregations in CO mo
Nanowires for spintronics: a study of transition-metal elements of groups 8-10
Magnetic properties of ferrihydrite nanoparticles doped with Ni, Mo, and Ir
Infrared absorption properties of carbon nanotubes synthesized by chemical vapor
Laser writing of semiconductor nanoparticles and quantum dots
Oxygen-induced nano-faceting of Ir(210)
Vibrational dynamics of 9-fluorenemethanol using infrared-ultraviolet double-res
Electronic superstructures observed by scanning tunneling microscopy on graphene
Studies on the abnormal IR effects for CO adsorption on nanostructured Pt thin f
IR spectroscopy of adsorbates on ultrathin metal films
Behaviour of Ir-24 at.-%Ta films on Ni based single crystal superalloys
Ir-YSZ nano-composite electrodes for oxygen sensors
IR study on stacking manner of peptide nanorings in peptide nanotubes
Formation of nano iridium oxide: material properties and neural cell culture
Nucleation and coexistence of nanometer-scale facet domains on O/Ir(210)
Midinfrared resonant magnetic nanostructures exhibiting a negative permeability
Atomic structure of O/Ir(210) nanofacets
Research propels quantum dots forward
Physical, chemical, theoretical aspects of conducting polymer electrochromics in
Synthesis and characterization of nanoscale metal oxides and carbides .2. Micro-
A perspective on nanocluster catalysis: Polyoxoanion and (n-C4H9N+ stabilized Ir
Synthesis and characterization of nanoscale metal oxides and carbides .2. Micro-