Capsule 相关文章

济心胶囊治疗充血性心力衰竭的实验研究/Experiment research about therapeutic effect of Jixin Capsule
现代中药克栓灵胶囊制备工艺及质量标准的研究/Studies on the Preparation and Quality Control
复脉灵胶囊防治缓慢性心律失常的实验研究/The study of preventive and therapeutic effect of Fumailing
济心胶囊对CHF家兔血流动力学及凋亡表达的实验研究/Experiment research about haemodynamics and apoptosis
平消胶囊方剂的活性筛选及工艺优化研究/The activity screen and technology optimizing study of Pingxi
吉西他滨眼内应用抑制兔后囊膜混浊的实验研究/Research on inhibiting posterior capsule opacification by
白川降压胶囊的药效及毒性研究/Effects and toxicity of Baichuan hypotensive capsule
自动视觉检测技术的研究/Research on the technology for automated visual inspection
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Nanometre-sized hexahedral coordination capsule assembled from 24 components
Entrapment of α-Chymotrypsin into Hollow Polyelectrolyte Microcapsules
Fabrication of micro reaction cages with tailored properties
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Engineering of Layer-by-Layer Coated Capsules with the Prospect of Materials for
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Dynamic equilibrium between a supramolecular capsule and bowl generated by inter
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Magnetic switch of permeability for polyelectrolyte microcapsules embedded with
Carbon nanocapsules grown on carbon fibers
Cross polarization induced by temporary adsorption: NMR investigations on nanoca
Equation of state measurements for beryllium in the ICF capsule regime
Modeling and characterization of a valved glaucoma drainage device with implicat