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论中庸哲学的现代意义/Some Ideas on The Modern Significance of The Doctrine of The Golden M
一些算术函数的均值和单叶调和映射的极值问题/The Mean Value of Some Arithmetical Functions and the Ext
基于Mean Shift和粒子滤波的视觉跟踪算法研究/Research of Visual Tracking Algorithms Based on Mean
动脉转位术的临床应用和术后随访研究/Clinical Application and Follow-up Outcome of Arterial Switch
Mean-shift跟踪算法鲁棒性的研究/Study of the robustness of Mean-shift tracking
基于灰色理论的投资组合模型的改进及其实证研究/The improvements and empirical research of the portfolio
音乐创作中的黄金分割比例研究/The Research of Golden Proportion in Music Composition
中庸思想及其现代德育价值研究/The Golden Mean Thought and its Moral Value in Modern Times
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